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The Malaysian government has requested the Pakistan government to stop #Ahmadis from coming over on visit visa’s and then claiming asylum

As we all know, Ahmadi’s are fast at getting visit visa’s to Malaysia and then refusing to leave Malaysia and returning to Pakistan. This is an asylum scam that we have exposed many times before. Further, there is no Ahmadi persecution in Pakistan, it is all a big lie, the Mirza family has created this just to get people to join Ahmadiyya and then leave Pakistan for greener pastures. Many Pakistani-Christian groups have complained of this before.

Malaysian govt has requested Pakistan govt to stop qadianis from coming to Malaysia in great number. They do not go back to Pakistan and disappear in Malaysia to apply for political asylum. They are also found involved in crimes. They do so in the hope that they would get asylum in Europe through UNHCR.

On receipt of this letter from Malaysia, the govt of Pakistan has issued a letter directing the FIA Immigration to take action against travel agents involved in this business. They are involved in human trafficking they fabricate false stories of persecution on these Qadianis so as to get the attention of UNHCR.

In this regard, sources in FIA has disclosed the names of Lahore and Chunabnagar based Qadiani agents Zaeem Ahmad Bhutta,Malik Basharat and Abdul Aziz But from Gujrat and M Tariq from Kharian. These human traffickers charge Rs 1 Million to 2 million for their services in this regard.

(Daily Ummat Karachi 25 December 2019)

Some history
In the 1920s, a number of Ahmadi Muslim journals and books published in India were known to be widely circulated in a number of South East Asian countries, including Singapore.[3] Ahmadiyya influences reached such heights that a protest held at the Victoria Memorial Hall attracted over two thousand people.[4]

On 13 July 1925, over two thousand people gathered at the Victoria Memorial Hall in Singapore to protest against the influx of Ahmadiyya influences into Malaya. The protestors asserted that under no circumstances should Muslims possess any books published by the Ahmadiyya, and called on the government to enforce a ban on the admission of Ahmadiyya literature into Malaya. The Ahmadiyya responded to this call for the curtailment of their publications by arguing that the protestors had failed to realize the important role played by their publications in propagating the message of “true” Islam to the far corners of the world.1 Indeed, the Ahmadiyya were among the earliest Muslim groups to realize the utility of print media both to respond to criticisms levelled against Islam, and to transmit Islam globally. It was in the light of
this that H.A.R. Gibb in his 1932 survey of modern Muslim movements credited the development of the modern Muslim apologetic to this group.2 Apart from winning adherents to their association (jama‘at), their effective use of the print media enabled the Ahmadiyya to play an important role in shaping modern Muslim thought in early twentieth-century Southeast Asia.
Their tracts, journals, and books proved to be important models for a host of modern publications by Islamic organizations such as the Muhamadiyyah and Sarekat Islam.

However, the formal history of the Ahmadiyya movement in Singapore begins 1935, when the second caliph of the Community, Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmood Ahmad sent Ghulam Ahmad Ayyaz as a missionary to a number of British territories in the Malay Peninsula.[5] Singapore, along with modern-day Malaysian states of Malacca and Penang, were part of the Straits Settlements, a number of British territories within the peninsula. Ayyaz was among the first batch of missionaries sent all over the world by the caliph.[5]

According to the recorded history of the Ahmadiyya movement, the first person to become an Ahmadi Muslim was Haji Jaafar, who embraced his new faith in 1938, three years following the arrival of Ayyaz in Singapore.[5] The first president of the movement in Singapore was Engku Ismail bin Abdul Rahman, a descendant of the Johor royal family. His successor was Hamid Salikin who took office in 1955.[5]

In 1966 Muhammad Osman Chou, an Ahmadi Muslim missionary who grew up in AnhuiChina, was transferred to Singapore in April 1966. During his term, which lasted 3 years, he translated a number of Ahmadiyya books into Mandarin, including, The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam and Ahmadiyyat, the True Islam.[5]

On June 23, 1969, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore issued a fatwa declaring the Ahmadiyya movement a group falling outside the fold of Islam.[6][7][8]

During the 1980s, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Singapore built their first purpose-built mosque, on Onan Road, Geylang, in central Singapore. The site previously consisted of a building, which was already used as a place of worship by Ahmadi Muslims, until a storm brought sufficient damage to the structure to demand a reconstruction.[5

The first Annual Convention in Singapore was held on 26 and 27 December 1987, after more than 50 years following the introduction of the movement in Singapore. The convention, which had 121 members in attendance, was held joint with its neighboring country of Malaysia.[5]

The fourth caliph of the community, Mirza Tahir Ahmad paid a visit to Singapore on September 8, 1984. During his visit, which lasted a week, he laid the foundation stone for the Community’s first mosque in Singapore to which he gave the name Taha Mosque.[5]

Taha Mosque, the only Ahmadiyya Muslim mosque in Singapore

The new mosque was opened in 1985. Observing the development, a number of Muslims, showing particular concern of the building’s appearance, urged the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore to take urgent action on the spread of Ahmadiyya, whose teachings they considered “un-Islamic”.[9] Othman Haron Eusofe forwarded this “concern” at the Community Development Ministry. Ahmad Mattar, the then Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs reinforced Eusofe’s view, stating that the Ahmadi Muslims were intentionally being provocative by calling their mosque, a mosque.[10] Throughout the year Mattar was vocal in his opposition to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, warning of the “dangers” posed by the Community.[11][12] As a consequence, the Council attempted to produce “comprehensive” measures in an attempt to tackle the spread of the Community’s teachings in Singapore.[13] A committee with members representing 11 different Muslim Singaporean organizations was set up by the Council.[14]

In 1989 Ahmadi Muslims posted religious pamphlets in letterboxes, including those belonging to mainstream Muslims. This provoked mainstream Muslims throughout the country, expressing concern that this would “mislead and confuse” young Muslims.[15]

On January 27, 2008, about a dozen graves belonging to members of the Community were desecrated at the Choa Chu Kang Cemetery, on the western portion of the island. The cemetery is the largest in the country, and comprises cemeteries of various religious denominations, including about 30 graves of Ahmadi Muslims.[16]

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In order for Ahmadi’s to get asylum, they must prove “state-sponsored” violence

Ahmadiyya persecution is fake.  We have recently obtained the full PDF version of “””The Precarious Diasporas of Sikh and Ahmadiyya Generations, Violence, Memory, and Agency””,  Authors: Nijhawan, Michael.  The author shows how Ahmadi’s on Asylum in Germany, the UK and Belgium are forced to pay chanda and humiliated as such.  The Ahmadiyya movement was found guilty of extracting high-membership fees from asylumees.   There was also the case of an Ahmadiyya honor killing from Germany, which proves further how Ahmadi’s are just as bad as the average desi-person.  Furthermore, we now understand why Ahmadiyya leadership is always crying that the Pakistani government is engaged “state-sanctioned”

The quotation from this book
“”””It is still required that those seeking protection under newer legislation must prove that they have been affected by severe or cumulative effects of state- condoned violence as a consequence of the way in which the religious identity as Ahmadi is publicly conveyed. The courts have accordingly set new guidelines for courtroom interviewing. In the five cases of Ahmadi appellants reviewed by a ruling of the Upper Tribunal, it was affirmed that in order to establish indisputable credibility, asylum seekers had to demonstrate the personal threats they faced beyond proof of identity as Ahmadi. So the burden to prove the seriousness of the violation remains on the claimant and, implicitly, on the judges’ “inquisitorial methods” (Soennecken 2009 , 106).”””””

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Ahmadi’s get exploited by the Mirza family after asylum to the West (Germany, Canada, the Uk and the USA

We have written in detail how the Mirza family purposely generated “persecution” in 1974 and then got Ord-XX passed in 1984.  The Mirza family did this to expand their business capacity, in the same era, they stored money overseas in tax-free havens.  By 1974, they were stuck in Pakistan with their headquarters and had less opportunities to expand to additional countries and etc.  Mirza Nasir Ahmad and Mirza Tahir Ahmad hatched a plan of “self-generated-cases-of-persecution”, as they successfully moved their headquarters to London in 1984.  They have recently moved the residence of the Khalifa again, this time to Surrey, UK from the old Fazl-Mosque facility.  The location in Surrey is called “Islamabad” by Ahmadi’s and it has been the location of the annual Jalsa for over 20 years, Mirza Tahir Ahmad seems to have bought it with the idea to move their eventually.  They have also named a mosque as “Masjid Mubarak” as they mimic MGA’s first mosque.  Islamabad, off Sheephatch Lane about a mile north of Tilford, has been a significant site of religious and educational instruction for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association (AMA) for decades. Since moving in during 1985, however, the association has made do with a series of hut-like buildings dating back to 1939 and which are deemed no longer fit for purpose.  Roughly 130 people currently live at Islamabad, which is the regional centre for the AMA, serving centres from Tilford to Oxford.  Since moving in during 1985, however, the association has made do with a series of hut-like buildings dating back to 1939 and which are deemed no longer fit for purpose.  Roughly 130 people currently live at Islamabad, which is the regional centre for the AMA, serving centres from Tilford to Oxford.  Under the current plans, nearly all the buildings currently standing at Islamabad, which are mainly one-storey high, will be replaced by one and two-storey buildings.  These include structures for administration, classrooms, a sports hall, and guest accommodation, including for guests.  A Horse den is also in working condition.  Two minarets, capable of generating energy, are also planned.

Ahmadi’s in German court
In a recent book entitled, “””The Precarious Diasporas of Sikh and Ahmadiyya Generations, Violence, Memory, and Agency””,  Authors: Nijhawan, Michael.  The author shows how Ahmadi’s on Asylum in Germany, the UK and Belgium are forced to pay chanda and humiliated as such.  The Ahmadiyya movement was found guilty of extracting high-membership fees from asylumees.   There was also the case of an Ahmadiyya honor killing from Germany, which proves further how Ahmadi’s are just as bad as the average desi-person.

Download the full book here
Diasporas of Ahmadiyya and Sikhs

The scans


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Historic moment – Huzoor moves to new Markaz in Islamabad

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Akber Choudhry explains how the Mirza family is using asylum cases to fuel their family business

Our beloved friend Akber Chaudhry has just written an excellent article on the Mirza family and its modus operandi.  Check it out.

The link

The full essay


Shrill Religious Cult Digs a Deeper Political Hole

The leadership of the Ahmadiyya (Qadiani group) has a penchant for exaggeration and shrillness when it comes to their country of origin – Pakistan.  To replenish the dwindling stock of tithe-payers in Western currencies, the family (Mirza) leadership of the cult resorts to controversy that can underline a claim of persecution and thus move poor Pakistani Qadianis to the West, where many educated ones will eventually leave the outlandish teachings of the cult.  And so the refugee-provocation cycle continues and ends up in riches for the Mirza family that has run this religious outfit for more than a century.

Meanwhile, poor Ahmadis remains marginalized in Pakistani society and much can be done by a sincere Qadiani leadership to help any incoming Pakistani government to relieve any discrimination that the group believes that it faces.  Instead, the Qadiani leadership welcomes every government with verbal jabs and slaps based on  half-truths.  This only makes the life of the common Ahmadi in Pakistan harder and only serves to increase the wealth of the Mirza family.

Once again with the July 2018 election of Imran Khan, the official spokesperson of the Ahmadiyya goes all out to provoke the incoming government, and it falls on us to dismantle the fallacies one by one and to convince the new government that the frantic tone should not be taken seriously and the followers of the cult be protected from the political miscalculations of their leadership.

Here is the opinion piece by the official spokesperson:

Derogatory Introduction

  1. ‘athlete-turned-politician Imran Khan’ – not the most accurate way to describe the former cricket captain of Pakistan who retired from sports 26 years ago and has been a philanthropist and politician for longer than he ever was a sportsman.
  2. ‘the Khan regime foreshadows immense hardship and violence for Pakistan’s religious minorities’ – the words ‘regime’, ‘immense’ and ‘violence’ should be used for India, where the partner of the ruling government has vowed to ‘eradicate Islam and Christianity from India by 2021.’

Stroke of a Pen?

a feat literally a pen stroke away . . . .  Thus, Khan can prove his commitment to justice by demanding a repeal of Pakistan’s second [constitutional] amendment . . . , the 1984 anti-Ahmadi ordinance mandating fines and arrest for Ahmadis identifying as Muslim, and the 1986 blasphemy law . . . .

Perhaps conditioned within a totalitarian cult, the author does not recognize the complexity and political will required to amend the Constitution (repeal means a new Act and a new constitutional amendment) or the frameworks built upon the Constitution.  These measures are neither popular nor required so the political will does not exit.  For purposes of the Constitution of Pakistan, Ahmadis of both Qadiani and Lahori groups are non-Muslim.  They can label themselves whatever they want within their private communications, but cannot self-advertise as Muslims in a Muslim-majority country and any laws based on the Constitution will not recognize them as Muslims – and that is how it is in many other Muslim countries in the world.  How naive to think that a stroke of the pen can change that!

The status of Ahmadis in many Muslim countries is similar to the differing status of Mormons and Scientologists in various Western jurisdictions.

History of Qadiani Political Misadventures

Pakistan witnessed an unprecedented monolithic political manipulation in the 1971 elections by the Ahmadi leadership, engineered by their future leader, Mirza Tahir Ahmad.  The group voted en bloc for the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and later became embittered with the party when it won and would not accede to their unreasonable demands.

A misguided show of strength by the cult, that turned violent at a train station, resulted in the judicial finding that the Qadiani leadership ran a ‘state-within-a-state’.  After Parliamentary hearings where the Qadiani Ahmadi leader presented for days, the constitutional amendment that declared them non-Muslim was passed – a direct result of the political misadventures of the Mirza family.

Separate Voter List on Challenge

The Ahmadis are respectable first-class Pakistani citizens, but it appear from the hasty executive order of 2002 that the electoral stipulation for a separate list is to prevent future political shenanigans by the Qadiani leadership.  Thus, it empowers an Ahmadi Pakistani citizen to vote with their conscience and not by the whim and whip of their leader.  The separate list is not mandatory and does not bar an Ahmadi from voting for any candidate or party.  However, it can be useful to detect manipulation of the vote of an Ahmadi citizen by a religious cult leader as has happened in the past.

The current electoral rules regarding Ahmadi voters (not candidates) are not perfect and can be improved upon.  Any constructive ideas are welcome and we will advocate them if they address the concerns of the majority as well as the minority.  For starters, the Qadiani leadership can make a genuine commitment to allowing their followers freedom of conscience when it comes to elections.  Asking for a ‘stroke of the pen’ is too naive a request for the author and again reeks of political provocation.

Peculiar or a ‘Cult Miracle’?

Peculiar but significant is that every Pakistani prime minister or president, from Benazir Bhutto to Nawaz Sharif, persecuted Ahmadi Muslims — and each ultimately succumbed to the extremism or corruption they enabled.

This statement gives a glimpse into the oft-spoken but never-written cult belief that every ruler of Pakistan will meet with ignominy until the legal status of the Ahmadis in Pakistan is reversed.  The author could not put it cogently so he lumped prime ministers and presidents together – whose respective powers have changed considerably – and Bhutto and Sharif were both prime ministers.

Extremism and corruption are steadily on the decline in Pakistan according to accepted international benchmarks.  This statement is nothing but political provocation that does not help the cause of the common Ahmadi in Pakistan.

On the other hand, accountability for the offshore companies and money laundering enabled by the Mirza family is nowhere to be seen, and the Qadiani leadership has been very silent about it.

The proverbial charity, especially for a religious organization, should begin at home.

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Ahmadis keep faking Asylum and clashing with Christians in Thailand

Pakistani-Christians continue to speak out against Ahmadiyya.  Here is another video.

The speaker tells us about Pakistani-Christians and how some of them have fled to Thailand and are awaiting refugee status, so that they can then move to the USA and Canada.  There seem to be refugee camps in Thailand.  Ahmadis have also joined the party.  Thailand seems to be a haven for any Pakistani, who is trying to leave Pakistan for America/Canada.  Many Ahmadis are accused of fake–converting to Christianity, as the interviewer tells us in this video.

My personal experience
4-5 years ago, I worked with an Ahmadi, who was born a Sunni-Muslim and converted to Ahmadiyya and was so desperate to leave Pakistan, that he bought a visit-visa to Thailand and took his whole family, once at Thailand, they refused to return to Pakistan, and joined refugee camps, wherein many Christians are also living.  This Ahmadi was then sent to the USA and received a full furnished apartment and a job in an Ahmadi company.

Ahmadi-asylum=human trafficking
Ahmadiyya leadership needs to be arrested.  They are moving humans around just so that they can generate tax free dollars.  That’s what this is all about.  The money stream….

The video

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Some Pakistani General’s who may have been Qadiani’s

We have already shown how Zia Ul Haq seems to have converted to Qadian-ism in 1941, he may have done this so as to become an officer in the British Army. Our friend, Mr. Agha Mohammad Waseem seems to have recently made a list of undercover Ahmadi’s who worked in the Pakistani Army as officers. We already know how many Ahmadi officer’s were close friends with General’s like Ayub Khan and etc.

Their names are as follows, from right to left, top to bottom, for archival purposes
—-General Iqbal Khan
—-General Rahim ud Din Khan
—-General Khalid Mahmood Arif
—-General Zia Ul Haq

2nd line
—Major Tufail from Hoshiarpur
—General Gul Hasan
—General Tikka Khan
—Air Marshal Nur Khan

3rd line
—General Sahibzada Yaqub Ali Khan
—Air Chief Marshal Shamim Anwar
—Colonel Zia Ahmad Suleri
—General Ghulam Jilani Khan

Scan from Aga Waseem

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On July 5th, 1977, Zia said in a speech that only Allah can decide as to who is a Muslim or not

Zia was born an Ahmadi. He also seems to have converted to Ahmadiyya in late 1941, just to join the British-Indian Army as an officer. Following civil disorder, Zia deposed Bhutto in a military coup and declared martial law on 5 July 1977. Bhutto was controversially tried by the Supreme Court and executed less than two years later, for allegedly authorizing the murder of Nawab Muhammad Ahmed Khan Kasuri, a political opponent. It seems that Zia immediately made pro-Qadiani statements, in this speech, he forcefully argued that only Allah can decide as to who is a Muslim. Thus, bemoaning the 2nd amendment wherein Ahmadi’s (of all sects) are declared as non-Muslim. Saqib Zeervi who was a famous Pakistani poet and a Qadiani. He claims to have met Zia (on the 25th/26th of July in Lahore) while the press was also invited. He explains how Zia called on him during this session and asked him why he hadn’t asked any questions. Saqib Zeervi claims that he questioned Zia specifically about his statements from 7-5-1977 in terms of him being a Muslim or not (at the 36:50 mark). Zia also said that he doesn’t need a PNA (Pakistan National Alliance) certificate either proving that he was a Muslim. Saqib Zeervi then asked Zia as to why he (Saqib Zeervi) would need a certificate from Zia proving that he was a Muslim. Zia immediately closed the session and left. Saqib Zeervi claims that he was never invited to another press conference again in his life. By 1982, Ahmadi’s were still dominating the job scene in the civil service of Pakistan.

Zia’s first speech on 7-5-1977, wherein he said that only Allah can decide as to who is a Muslim
Zia ul Haq’s first ever speech on Pakistani-national-television (and radio) as the leader of Pakistan, he claims that only Allah can decided as to who is a Muslim, no assembly and no country could ever decide that. This seems to be a sign that he was sympathizing with Ahmadi’s and was working with Ahmadi’s in his new government. We have been told by Ahmadi’s that by 1975, Bhutto was restricting the advancement of Ahmadi officer’s in all branches of the Pakistani military. This seems to have struck a nerve with the Khalifa. Zia immediately changed this policy, in fact, he hired a Lahori-Ahmadi and re-instated his rank of General, his name was Major General Abdullah Saeed Khan.

The speech of 7-5-1977
He announced his cabinet as follows:

—Sir Fazl Elahi Chaudhry–military counsel, as well as Chief Martial Law Administrator
—Ghulam Ishaq –Secretary Defense

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Major General (r) Nasir Ahmad Chaudhary shaheed, Lahore Pakistan (28 May 2010)

Why followers of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib have not governed Pakistan?

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Who is AK Shaikh?

Ak Shaikh is a pioneering Ex-Ahmadi. He began his work in roughly 2000 with a website called, then he started the famous discussion forum,  Ak Shaikh was born in Qadian in the 1940’s and moved to Pakistan in 1947. In 1984, after Ord-XX was passed, he was one of the first few refugees who got asylum in Canada. From 2000-2012, he produced the most videos and data on Ahmadiyya from any ex-Ahmadi ever. Ahmadiyya leadership is so sick and twisted that they had Ak Shaikh investigated by the Canadian police for alleged hate crimes.

Pic from the 1970’s in Germany

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What Pakistani Generals who were involved in the coup of 1977?

Operation Fair Play was the code name for the 5 July 1977 coup by Pakistan Chief of Army Staff General Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, overthrowing the government of Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.[1] The coup itself was bloodless, and was preceded by social unrest and political conflict between the ruling leftist Pakistan Peoples Party government of Bhutto, and the right-wing Islamist opposition Pakistan National Alliance which accused Bhutto of rigging the 1977 general elections. In announcing the coup, Zia promised “free and fair elections” within 90 days, but these were repeatedly postponed on the excuse of accountability and it was not until 1985 that (“party-less”) general elections were held. Zia himself stayed in power for eleven years until his death in a plane crash. It is rumored that ALL Ahmadi Generals were involved in this coup.  There names are Rahimuddin Khan, Sarwar khan, K M Arif, Akhter Reman Khan, General Mohammad Iqbal Khan, Ghulam Jilani Khan, Abdul Saeed and few more army officers.  Lt Gen Chishti, Maj. Gen. Riaz Mahmood, Gen. Khalid Mahmood Arif are some others. Gen Zia installed provincial Martial Law administrators too: Lt Gen Jehanzeb Arbab in Sindh, Gen Iqbal Khan in Punjab, Gen Abdullah Saeed in Balochistan, and Gen Sawar Khan in the erstwhile North West Frontier Province (NWFP).

Zafrullah Khan presented a list of 177 Ahmadi’s (see Qasmi, pages 45-46) who served as officers in the British military to the Boundary Commission.

The list of Ahmadi officers was published in the daily Azad of May 9th, 1950. General Nazir Ahmad, yet another Ahmadi General, is said to have tried to stage a coup, he was a relative of Zafrullah Khan.

While in court, the Ahmadiyya Khalifa claimed that he couldn’t remember the exact number of Ahmadi’s in the Pakistani military as officers, however, he did claim that 1-2% of the Army were Ahmadi officers, 5% of the Air Force and 1% of the Navy (see Qasmi, page 46).

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Why followers of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib have not governed Pakistan?

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