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Ahmadi’s are totally brainwashed by their clerics, to the point that they never even double check sources

Per MGA, the quran uses harsh words towards stupid people.  So why do Ahmadi’s cry on social media when we call them stupid?  It’s very ironic.  Nonetheless, Ahmadi’s classically don’t even acknowledge our counter-arguments on a variety of issues.  The problem here is that Ahmadi’s have been taught to be stubborn and never open minded.  Its a desi-type problem, since they are raised in a world where critical thinking is never used.  We have already responded to this one-liner here:

I recently came across yet another brainwashed-idiot of an Ahmadi from Rabwah.  He didn’t know about Sir Syed and how Sir Syed invented the argument that Esa (As) was dead and never returning.  He won’t admit to anything…he tried to disagree later on, however, he forget that even Ahmadiyya literature tells us that Sir Syed influenced Noorudin and Abdul Karim.  Nonetheless, he goes on to present some other references in terms of the end of prophethood.  He quotes from B.A. Rafiq’s book on Ahmadiyya, which can be found here:  However, he doesn’t know that BA Rafiq took this from Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad and his line of argumentation after the split.

The quote

Hazrat Imam Muhammad Tahir has stated in his book, Majmaul Bihar:

“””The saying of Hazrat Ayesha that Muslims should call the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, Khataman Nabiyyeen, but should not say that there would be no prophet after him, had reference to the advent of the Promised Messiah. The direction given by Hazrat Ayesha is not in contradiction with the hadees: ‘There will be no prophet after me’; for the meaning of the Holy Prophet was that there would be no prophet after him who would abrogate his law.”””

But Ahmadi’s purposely overlook the context
Who is Muhammad Tahir and what is this book Majmaul Bihar?  Why have’t Ahmadi’s went back and researched all of this?  The answer…stupidity.  What were the full beliefs of Muhammad Tahir?  What did he write in terms of 33:40?  4:69?  4:157–159?

Will Ahmadi’s ever answer these questions?
Before we proceed, we need answers to these questions.

We have responded in the past here

Ahmadis are sooooo brainwashed, they think their Khalifa’s medicines will work during a nuclear fallout

We have written over and over that Ahmadis suffer from being systematically brainwashed.  The villager-type-Ahmadis are the worst, they are ready to die for Ahmadiyya immediately.  This is what we are dealing with in terms of Ahmadiyya.  Most people who have entered in this Ahmadiyya-Awareness game don’t fully realize the stupidity of Ahmadiyya, nor do they seem to care, we however, understand it very well and out goal is make the world aware of the dangers of the Ahmadiyya movement, aka the Mirza family.

The tweet

Ahmadis are systematically brainwashed

Ahmadis are working around the clock…they educate their children only so that they may grow older and pay chanda to Ahmadiyya, they volunteer so that the Mirza family gets free labor at their masjids, they learn western education only so that Ahmadiyya may benefit, they go to work, only so that Ahmadiyya may benefit.  These people are all sick and twisted and in reality they worship the Mirza family, not any god.

In the video posted below, this Ahmadi mullah, Mubashir Ahmad Kahloon (Head of Dar Al-Ifta Rabwah, Pakistan) is giving a speech, this is an exerpt from Jalsa Salana Qadian 2015, 5th Speech of Day 1.  He basically lies and tells Ahmadis some colossal lies.  Muslims will not be asked any of the questions that he presents, its a total lie.  However, he is following the orders of the Mirza family, and the standing order is to squeeze all the money out of Ahmadis and make them work for free and sell Ahmadiyya.  Sell sell sell!!!!!

The video

Muhammad Ali, the eventual Lahori-Ahmadi was always against Takfir, whereas the family of MGA was not (1914)

Ahmadi’s are trained to misrepresent the truth, plus they are brainwashed.  I have been engaging Ahmadi’s for 10+ years and they all play dumb when it comes to Ahmadiyya Takfir.
We have always argued that MGA and his family did open Takfir from 1906 to 1923, then they began to do silent Takfir, as they invented the term “true-islam” and began to outwardly call Muslims as kafirs only in the literal sense, however, hiding their true beliefs, which are that Muslims and the Lahori-Ahmadi’s are Kafirs.  Nonetheless, we have found a quote from Muhammad Ali, which is quoted in the Pagham e Sulh of March 1914.  This quote is from March 19, 1914, the Khalifa had died less then a week prior.

The quote
“””“I have an urge in my heart that compels me to speak out even if I have to accept all manner of tribulation. Calling the followers of the Qibla as being kafir is the crime which Hazrat Mirza
Ghulam Ahmad bitterly accused his opponent Maulvis of committing. But alas! Today we
ourselves are doing what we accused others of. I shudder at the thought of calling those who
recite the Kalima, ‘There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah’, as
being kafirs and excluded from the fold of Islam. … I am prepared to face whatever consequences I may have to bear, and I pray to Allah to give me the strength to be steadfast
upon the truth and grant me patience in adversity.””””
— Paigham Sulh, 19 March 1914.

This was quoted in the Light magazine as of 2007

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Republican Congressman Peter King hates Muslims, but likes Ahmadi’s


Ahmadiyya leaders have been ordered by their Khalifa to continue to grease politicians, whether they are democrat or republican, to the Mirza family, it doesn’t matter.  In this picture, Peter King, who hates Muslims in America and hates CAIR, he is hugging two Ahmadis, one of the Ahmadi’s is Muhammad Ahmad Chaudhry, who works in Silicon valley as CEO of the Silicon Valley Educational Foundation.  Silicon Valley Educational Foundation is another non-profit, Muhammad Ahmad Chaudhry runs with the same ideology that Ahmadiyya taught him.

This is in terms of the Ahmadiyya caucus
We have explained the role of the Ahmadiyya caucus here:

Peter King tweeted this photo
As Co-Chairman of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Caucus I met with two Long Island representatives of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community. Ahmadiyya Muslims are strongly anti-terrorism and pro-American.

Does Peter King know about Ahmadiyya storing money overseas?

Does Peter King know that Ahmadiyya megadonor, Kareem Ahmad is under investigation?

Jacki Malec also spoke at an Ahmadiyya mosque in Chino


In their desperation, Ahmadi’s are now claiming that MGA came after 30 Dajjals


Ahmadi’s are inventing arguments all the time.  They are radicalized by the Mirza family and can’t simply just work, provide for their families and enjoy their lives, NOOOO, they are forced to do Jihad for the Mirza family.  This is a Jihad wherein you give your life to the Mirza family through free labor, donations, and ultimately your children’s lives.

An Ahmadi claims that MGA came after the 30 DAJJALS, hence, he is true
From our FB-Forum on Ahmadiyya


Musailma kaazab
Sajah kahena
Saf son of sayyad
Tulayha son of khalid
Aswad anse
Muhammad jaunpuri
Muhammad ahmad
Arnold potter

John nichols thom
Bernhard muller
Ann lee
Muhammad son of Said
Al harith son of said
Abu Mansoor eessa
Saleh son of Tarif Burghwati
Shabbatai Zevi
Al mizra Abbas
Mahmud son of al-Faraj

Al-Mukhtar Al-Thaqafi
Jacob Joseph frank
Lobele prossnitz
Miguel cardoso
Jacob querido
Sabbatai zevi
Solomon molcho
Asher lammlein
David alroy
Abu ‘Isa (also known as Ovadiah, Ishaq ibn Ya’qub al-Isfahani, Isaac ibn Jacob al-Isfahani)

Here’s your list. Therefore Mirza Ghulam ahmad is true 🙂

Error’s in this Ahmadi’s theory
1.  Firstly, he claims that after 30 DAJJALS, then MGA appeared.  He made the argument that since 30 Dajjals had appeared before MGA, then MGA can never be a DAJJAL, or a false claimant to prophethood.

2.  However, he forgets that Bahaullah was alive when MGA made his initial claim of divine revelation, which is 1882.  Bahaullah died 10 years later.   Based on this fact, his list is wrong, since MGA was there on the scene, while a DAJJAL was just 1000 miles away from him.

3.  The hadith on DAJJAL’s specifically states that they will claim prophethood/messengership.  However, the list that this ahmadi gives has many christians on it.  Hence, the list doesn’t even reach 30.

4.  MGA claimed that the Christian clergy were DAJJAL, not any person, or any claimant.  This Ahmadi contradicts his own prophet in this regard.

This Ahmadi doesn’t care about the implications of his stupid arguments
Most Ahmadi’s are sooo brainwashed that they don’t care about what they say or do, they simply exist to annoy others and thus continue to make silly and stupid arguments, as they give their life away to the Mirza family.

The hadith on DAJJALS
“…Verily by God, the Last Hour will not come until 30 liars of prophecy will appear and the final one will be the One-eyed False Messiah.” (Narrated by Imam Ahmad as a sound Hadeeth).

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Why do Ahmadi’s lie about Ibn Kathir and his comment “””If Moses and Jesus were alive, they would have no alternative but to follow me”””

Ahmadi’s have been brainwashed to purposely mi-interpret the Quran, hadith and the classic Tafsir’s.  Hence, they have went through lots of hadith, classical commentary and cherry-picked and refuse to give a context, and refuse to properly reference as refuse to be academically honest.  We have caught them lying and mis-representing the writings of Ibn Kathir, Suyuti and a specific hadith given by Aisha (ra)and many other topics.

The quote

لَوْ كَانَ مُوسَى وَعِيسَى حَيَّينِ لَمَا وَسِعَهُما إلا اتِّباعِي

“”””Holy Prophet saw, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him has said:- If Moses
and Jesus were alive, they would have no alternative but to follow me.”””
(Ibn Kathir: Tafseer ul Quran vol 1 page 378)

Other online sources for this quote
1-  This quote can be found in “Beacon of Truth”, see pages 85-86
2-  Life of Ahmad, (1948,but see the 2008, online edition, page 308.
3-  “Second Coming of Jesus” by Maulvi Muhammad Ali (1917, but this is from the online english edition of 2002, see page 93.

These Ahmadi’s purposely ignore the superfluous statements from Ibn Kathir on how Esa (As) hasn’t died yet

Ibn Kathir was commenting on 3:81

See also, 33:7 and Ibn Kathir’s comments

Why do Ahmadi’s lie as such?

A large percentage of Ahmadees (at least those in India and Pakistan) are descended from someone who converted to the Ahmadiyya Movement during Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s life. These early converts are very much respected in the Ahmadiyya Movement and are generally considered pious and saintly. Their descendants are usually very proud of them and the Ahmadiyya Movement makes sure (by various means) that the families of these early converts take pride in them. It would be very difficult for an Ahmadee to believe that such a pious
and respected ancestor was wrong in his judgment of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Therefore, even if an Ahmadee is presented with proofs of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s falsehood, he/she does not open his/her mind to this possibility because that would mean believing that his/her early convert ancestor was befooled.

Feel free to search a PDF here


Imam Suyuti on the physical descent of Esa (as)

Ahmadi’s are brainwashed and stubborn.  Here is a 65 page treatment of the return of Esa (as) by Al-Suyuti:

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was considered a fanatical person by the Civil and Military Gazette

Ahmadis lie all the time.  They present MGA as some type of scholar and etc, he wasn’t, he had a team of writersIt’s not their fault, Ahmadi’s are trained and conditioned to lie, the Ahmadi mullahs lie based on job security, they need money and continue to officially lie on behalf of the Mirza family, this is why the Mirza family picks from the poorest families when it is selecting Mullahs.  Today, we present our readers with an authentic scan from the most prestigious newspaper in British India, the Civil and Military Gazette.  In this edition, which is Wednesday, October 24th, 1894, MGA’s death prediction vs. Abdullah Athim is mentioned.  MGA’s prediction that Athim would die in 15 months is the biggest proof that MGA was a stupid mullah and should not be a Messiah.  You can read more about MGA’s failure here:

Summary of this report


Under the caption of “ a dangerous fanatic” The Civil and Military Gazette Lahore, in his publication dated October, 24 1894, carried out a report about Mirza Gulam Qadiani which states that there is a well known fanatic in Gurdaspur Punjab. He calls himself Muslim and Messiah. His followers are no less fanatical than himself.

His prophesy regarding the death of a native christian of Amritsar has miserabley failed and the doomed man is still alive. A man of Such fanatic vision must be under police surveillance. His speeches create disturbance to law and order.
He is “anthema Maranatha” (a cursed new god) among orthodox muslims.
The newspaper (C&MG) gave an extract of article published in english daily “Muhammadan” as under:-

“Religious zeal by the curse sayers of Kadian is no matter but this shows the mental health of these peoples.They are of narrow vision and this renders them crude reactionist. His (Mirza),s writing reflect his hostile attitude to modern civilisation. He continue to fight with all around him. A railway train is a hateful conveyance for him. He thinks Christians have made all this modern machines with magic.

C&MG says they endorse the above report of the “Mohammadan”. Mirza,s such activities are under their observation for last many years and he is gaining strength. We should watch him more carefully in future.

Screen shots of Newspaper attached

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