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“Qadiyaniat: an analytical survey” by Ehsan Elahi Zaheer (1984) 21st edition free download

My team and I have found an older book from Pakistan on the Ahmadiyya Movement.  This book has lots of old references and information, we will slowly extract all relevant data.

The book
“Qadiyaniat an analytical survey” by Ehsan Elahi Zaheer (1984) 21st edition free download

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The 1976, English edition of Tadhkirah, now available for free download

We have located, found and fully scanned the 1976 English edition of Tadhkirah.  This was the first ever English edition and translated by Muhammad Zafrullah Khan.  We have taken a keen interest to look up and find these older Ahmadiyya books and then compare them and then point out cases of Ahmadiyya editing.

The free download
Tazkira 1976 Zafrullah Khan

Takfir in 1906 is still there
See page 346

MGA called his sister-in-law a prostitute
See page 338

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The first ever Al-Fazl edition published from Lahore in 1947, Ahmadiyya Khalifa asks for 50% of your earnings

Dear readers, as we continue to research Ahmadiyya newspapers, we have came across a rare Al-Fazl edition which was published from Lahore, Pakistan, Edition No. 1., 15th September, 1947.  In 1954, Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, the Khalifa claimed that Al-Fazl wasn’t an official “Ahmadiyya” newspaper.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had also denied that Al-Hakam was an “official” newspaper back in 1898.  In this same era, the Khalifa prophecied that he would eventually return to Qadian, this prophecy is still pending.

Full translation
“Alfazl Lahore, Serial No 1 , 15th September 1947.

News. 1
Lahore 15 September. A news received that till 1 PM, Khalifa 2 (MBM) is not feeling well due to weakness. Further the Gout (joints pain caused by excessive uric acid ) is also present. Despite illness huzur is busy encountering religious tasks.Friends to pray for huzur,z health.
Hazrat Ummulmomineen (NJ) is also unwell due to backache and palpitation. Friends also pray for her good-self.

News 2.
Hazrat Amirulmomineen said:
If you are a true ahmadi you change yourself. Emphasise on prayers if your wife is weak in prayer advise her, if she does not mend her ways, divorce her, if your child is weak in prayer boycott him till he or she come to terms. Do your fasting, complete them if previously not completed. Help the rioting affected muslims.

Promise yourself in your heart that you would safe guard Qadian. The scheme made out in this regard is to be strictly followed. Scheme has already been framed and mentioned in other place. God forbid If we have to vacate Qadian under pressure of Indian Govt then every ahmadi must swear that he would take it back. If the reclaim of Qadian is delayed then every ahmadi child when gets adult, should be given oath that he would take back the Qadian. Remember Qadian is the Centre designated by Allah. It should remain with you, it would remain with you. We should always keep it in mind even if some temporary hindrance occurs. In this time of trouble, you peoples earn more and spend less. Pay more Chanda, more-than 50% of your income. Every ahmadi should help ahmadi and non ahmadi alike.etc.

The scan

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad walked around Qadian at times with 10-15 ladies and another case of Ahmadiyya editing

As we all know, MGA enjoyed the company of men and women in private quarters and always got the Punjabee styled massages from both genders.  In the 1930’s, the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad admitted that his father was a bon-vivant and thus so was he.  Ahmadi’s would happily send their daughters to Qadian to massage MGA and were even willing to do it themselves.  In 1907, MGA’s son who was soon-to-be the Promised Son had an incident wherein he was harrassing some of the local women in Qadian, MGA was forced to have a commission formed and had these allegations investigated, however, it was a fake investigation and MGA’s son was acquitted by other fanatical Ahmadi’s who were willing to absolve the Mirza family and all of their discretions, even Noorudni bowed out of this commission.  Nevertheless, we have produced 3 versions of a story from the life of MGA wherein he would walk around Qadian with 10-15 women as normal.  Ahmadiyya editors purposely omitted the part about the number of women that MGA would surround himself with, and thus have proven that they are full of deception.

The Urdu version of Tadhkirah tells us
English translation:
“”””Aleha Bibi Sahiba, wife of Qazi Abdul Rahim, states that once Huzur (MGAQ) was passing through Hindu’s Bazaar as they  went toward north for a walk, close to athe place where Molvi Sher Ali resides now a days.   Huzur  (MGA) was accompanied by about 10 – 15 ladies (“HUM DAS PANDRA AURTEN HUZUR K HAMRAH THE”). While returning to home through this Hindu’s Bazar, huzur stopped near a well beside Masjid Aqsa, pegged his stick on ground at a place and said this would be Ahmadi Bazar soon and there would be Ahmadis all around. ( Urdu TAZKIRAH PAGE 694).

The scan work

But the 2004 edition of Tadhkirah omits the 10-15 girls part

“””Translation: (87) On one occasion in passing through the bazaar, the Promised Messiah stopped near the well in the bazaar to the north of the big mosque and said: This will soon be called: Ahmadi Bazaar; and will be owned by the Ahmadis.””” (Ashab Ahmad, Vol. VI, pp. 123-124)(See Also the 2004 edition of Tadhkirah, page 969).

And then the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah omits the 10-15 girls part

“””(87) (Salihah Bibira wife of Qadi ‘Abdur-Rahimra narrates that):

Once during the morning walk while passing through the bazaar of the Hindus, which is called the Bigger Bazar now, but was small at that time, the Promised Messiahas stopped near the well in the bazaar to the north of the big mosque near the House of Maulavi Sher ‘Ali. About ten to fifteen of us women were with him. On his return he stopped in the same bazaar near the well at the crossing to the north of the Bigger Mosque and pointing at a point on the earth with his staff he said: This will soon be called: Ahmadi Bazar; and there will be many many Ahmadis
here. “”“[Ashab-e-Ahmad, vol. 6, pp. 123–124](See also the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, page 1091).

The key urdu words that they missed

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What is the “Ishaat-us-Sunnah”–the Ahle hadith newspaper edited Muhammad Hussain Batlavi

This was a newspaper started by the famous Maulvi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi in 1878.  Upal quotes Vol. 3 of it which corresponds to 1881.  It was the main newspaper of the Ahl-e-hadith aka Wahabbi’s of the Punjab.  Furthermore, MGA was heavily involved with the Ahl-e-Hadith, in fact, they helped him get married in 1884 and performed all the islamic rituals.  This newspaper seems to have went defunct by 1900, since there are no quotes to it after Vol. 22, which would correspond to 1900.  The Ahl-e-Hadith then seem to have started another newspaper entitled, as ‘Ahl-i-Hadis.  In fact, much of the beef between Maulvi Sanuallah and MGA seems to have began at this moment.  Furthermore, it is important to note that Batalvi was not even allowed to insult MGA legally, hence, he never did after the court case of 1899.

Some quotes
We have collected many of the quotes from this newspaper and posted them in the below, they are mostly from Dard.

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“The Punjab Chiefs”, 1909 edition, officially states that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was born in 1839

If you are watching the age-controversy of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad prophecy then this info is refreshing.  Even though we have proved that MGA and his followers always believed that MGA was born in late 1839 or early 1840, per MGA’s own writings and the ROR of June 1906.  Even all the newspapers reported that MGA was born in 1839 or 1840 upon his death (see ROR, June-July 1908).  Nevertheless, we have also found the 1909 edition of the “Punjab Chiefs”, which was essentially an official report given to the British government by an employee, Sir Lepel Griffin.  Furthermore, Griffin indicates that the Mirza family only moved back to Qadian in 1839 after the death of Ranjit Singh.  Moreover, MGA isn’t even mentioned in the first 2 editions of the Punjab Chiefs.

MGA’s math ability
It is also important to know that MGA’s math was terrible, he was thus never able to calculate his age.  Remember, it was common for village people to be terrible at basic math and computing.  Ahmadi’s refer to a few MGA’s estimates of his age as they back peddle on the failure of the age prophecy.

The scan

Some minor errors in this edition
It is erroneously written that Mirza Sultan Ahmad was born in 1876.  That’s totally wrong, he was most likely 1856.  The error being in 5 instead of the 7.

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Review of Religions, June 1947 edition, free download

We have found an old edition of the ROR-english from June of 1947.  This mostly relates to the conversion of Bashir Ahmad Orchard to Ahmadiyya.  This proves that he only joined Ahmadiyya based on the respect that was shown to him.

Review of Religions, June 1947, Bashir Ahmad Orchard

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“Our Foreign Missions” 1961 edition, by Mirza Mubarak Ahmad, grandson of MGA

This is the 3rd edition (1961) of a speech that was given by the son of the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad.  The first two editions are 1958 and 1959, it is unclear why there was a need for new editions so quickly, it seems like an editing job.  Mirza Mubarak Ahmad was the secretary of Ahmadiyya Muslim Foreign Missions.  This book was a speech that he gave at the 1957 Jalsa-Rabwah.

The Book
Our Foreign Missions, 1961 edition, Mirza Mubarak Ahmad

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Maulvi Sher Ali told the world that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad would send his Arabic writings to Noorudin and Ahsan Amrohi for editing

MGA hired many people to help him.  Noorudin was the most famous, as was Maulvi Syed Muhammad Ahsan Amrohi.

Summary, Seertul Mahdi Quotation number 104 Book By By Mirza basheer M.A .
Molvi sher Ali sahb says that Mirza Qadyani calls his arabic writings sort of revelation but Mirza use to get his Arabic revelation checked and corrected from First khalifa ( Hakeem Nooruddin) and Molvi Mohammad Ahsan and get them rectified. After Rectification they use to return it back.

Seertul Mahdi Quotation number 104 Book By By Mirza basheer M.A .


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