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Maulvi Sher Ali told the world that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad would send his Arabic writings to Noorudin and Ahsan Amrohi for editing

MGA hired many people to help him.  Noorudin was the most famous, as was Maulvi Syed Muhammad Ahsan Amrohi.

Summary, Seertul Mahdi Quotation number 104 Book By By Mirza basheer M.A .
Molvi sher Ali sahb says that Mirza Qadyani calls his arabic writings sort of revelation but Mirza use to get his Arabic revelation checked and corrected from First khalifa ( Hakeem Nooruddin) and Molvi Mohammad Ahsan and get them rectified. After Rectification they use to return it back.

Seertul Mahdi Quotation number 104 Book By By Mirza basheer M.A .


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Ahmadiyya leadership is always editing books on Ahmadiyya and MGA’s so-called ilhams

My team and I have found countless instances of academic dishonesty by Ahmadiyya leadership.  This is the proof that Ahmadiyya is a business, and their mullahs know fully about the fraud of Ahmadiyya, they are shareholders and thus remain quiet, they will never tell on their masters, i.e., the Mirza family.  If they did ever tell, they would be out of a job and homeless.  In the below, I have shown how MGA had a sick and vile “fake-ilham” about his cousin (his brother in village terms) and his wife.  MGA hated his cousin so much, he openly cursed his wife, who would be considered MGA’s sister (in village environment).  Further, this woman that he is calling a prostitute, she eventually became the great grandmother of Mirza Tahir Ahmad‘s wife.  Mirza Tahir ahmad married her in 1957.  Her name was Asifa Begum, she died in 1992.

Mirza Imam Din was dead by 1904, this ilham was 1906
It’s important to note, Mirza imam ud din died in 1904, his widow was still alive and still lived in Qadian, MGA still attacked her and hated her with a passion.   Later on, Ahmadiyya leadership forged many documents to prove that she converted to Ahmadiyya.  However this is most likely a lie.

Who was Asifa Begum?
She was mother of Khursheed Begum who was Daughter in law of MGAQ and wife of Mirza Sultan.

The Mirza Tahir Ahmad connection?
“”””On 14 October 1957, Hadhrat Sahibzada Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib returned to Pakistan and on 5 December 1957, his Nikah was announced with Hadhrat Syeda Asifa Begum Sahiba, the daughter of Amatul Salam Sahiba and Sahibzada Mirza Rashid Ahmad Sahib.”””


Page 22

Download it here: The life of Mirza Tahir Ahmad

Tadhkirah, 2004 online english edition, MGA called his cousins wife as a Hooker

“On Monday morning I saw in my dream that Imamud Din’s wife, who had been a prostitute, had fallen down.” (Diary of the Promised Messiah p. 12).  Quoted in Tadhkirah, 2004 online edition.

Tadhkirah, 2004 online english edition, MGA called his cousins wife as a Hooker–SCAN

Previous editions of Urdu Tadhkirah, showing the quotes

Read my additional entries on Ahmadis editing the writings of MGA

What is the Diary of MGA?
I haave found references to this diary as early as the 1915-era, as the newly crowned Khalifa, Mirza Bashir-uddin Mahmud Ahmad quoting it vs. the Lahori ceders.  However, it seemed to have magically appeared to the Khalifa, it was missing for many years.  It is most likely a fraud, concocted by the family of MGA.

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Ahmadis editing their books on Piggot

This video which was made by Akber and AK describes how Ahmadis have been editing their books for years and years and years.

The video


Ahmadi mullahs like Muhammad Ali and Noorudin were working day and night to cover-up the falsity of MGA.  They simply lied about everything and were in full callusion.

Hani Tahir catches Ahmadi-clerics/employees editing the writings of MGA

As we all know, Hani Tahir recently left Ahmadiyya and began a string of videos wherein he exposes how Ahmadi-Mullahs have been lying for the past 100+ years.  There was a video wherein he found an Ahmadi (a co-worker of his) that purposely erased a portion of a prophecy by MGA.

Which Prophecy?
Its from 1905, MGA was claiming that an Earthquake would occur that was similar to the final Earthquake before judgement day as described in the Quran.  In the original prophecy, it was written that this prophecy would indeed happen during MGA’s lifetime, however, since it didn’t happen, his editing team began working on a solution.  They simply erased the portion that mentioned, “in my lifetime” and then added it to tadkhirah in 1935 and all proceeding editions.


Here is the full video by Hani Tahir

Ahmadis have been editing and adding and erasing to the work of MGA for years and years and years.  See my other essays here for more on the topic. 

Ahmadis keep editing MGA’s writings

As we all know, Ahmadi-mullahs keep editing the writings of MGA in an attempt to cover-up his errors and omissions.  In fact, the entire book of announcements that the AMI published is exactly that… attempt at backdating and forward-dating.  Further, the collection of Ruhani Khuzain is an attempt to edit MGA’s writings and etc.

2009 edition Tadkirah vs. 2004 edition Tadhkirah

In the old version of Tadhkirah (2004 edition) there was an ilham on page 346:

God almighty has conveyed it to me that every person to whom my call is conveyed and who does not accept me is not a Muslim and is accountable to God for his defult (Letter addressed to Dr. Abdul Hakeem)(April 1906).

In the new version of the Tadhkirah this revelation does not exist!!! It seems that Masroor is at again, he has purposely re-published a new version of this book so that some controversial revelations might be suppressed.

On a side note, MGA had denied ever making this statement.

In Haqiqatul Wahy(1907) p. 178 he writes:

Dr. Abdul Hakim in his pamphlet MASIH AL-DAJJAL and other writings accuses me of having written that anyone who does not believe in me, even if he has not heard my name or is living in a country beyond the reach of my call, is an unbeliever and shall go to hell. This is a patent fabrication by the Doctor. I have never said so in any book or poster of mine. It is binding on him to produce such writings of mine in which I have said so!

MGA must have forgot what he wrote in that letter to Dr. Hakeem Khan, a year after writing the letter he totally denied it.

Who collected Tadhkirah??

The first edition (of Tadhkirah) was compiled by a committee, headed by Mirza Bashir Ahmad, appointed by Khalifatul Masih II and was published in 1935 (see the preface of the current edition).

The Ahmadiyya editing team is notorious in their attempts to clean out the controversial writings of MGA.  This is how Ahmadis begin to delete data.  However, this data is still available on the Ahmadi website under “Essense of Islam” Vol. 4 (see page 87).  And it is mentioned in the writings of Mahmud Ahmad.  Interestingly enough, this quote was also quoted in 1935, in the Al-Fazl.  Thus, this quote was approved by the sons of MGA for over 70 years.


Who ordered for its removal?  Why?  What is the real reason for removal?


Kashif activates the A-Team trolls and takes the Bullying of Cynthia D Ritchie to the next Level! No More Love for Cynthia D Ritchie from Ahmadis

Ahmadi’s have been harassing people since 1879, as MGA published the first volume of his Braheen series.  Kashif Chaudhry is the number 1 Ahmadi troll for the past 4-5 years.

The story

Cynthia D Ritchie is popular on social media for portraying Pakistan’s soft image. While many admire the fact that a foreigner—a woman at that too– cycles freely in an otherwise conservative society, there are others who have taken exception to her hard-hitting tweets at ‘pseudo-liberals’ and those who mock her.

Cynthia took to Twitter and slammed Yasir Latif Hamdani, a lawyer who wrote an opinion piece in The Daily Times against her. In his piece, Hamdani referred to Cynthia as a ‘shady operative’ who arrived in Pakistan and declared herself as resident expert on Islam by making a negative statement against Ahmadis.

The piece got Cynthia’s attention (not in a good way) and she took to task Hamdani (understandably) but also Raza Rumi, editor of The Daily Times.

Cynthia D. Ritchie


I am now looking to hire an attorney for a defamation suit against @theRealYLH.

Hamdani, your lies will be your undoing. If you think I’m going to sit by while you & Daily Times et alia, spit venom, you’ve got another thing coming. CC: @StateDept @shehryar_taseer @Razarumi

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There were some who took her threat lightly, prompting her to tweet this.

The controversy grabbed eyeballs on micro-blogging site Twitter with many siding with Cynthia and spawning the hashtag #ISupportCynthia. Cynthia’s name was subsequently removed from the opinion piece but she was still infuriated.



Qayamat ki Nishani: When two master trolls are unable to turn people against @CynthiaDRitchie because she has a lot of goodwill. PS, trend is actually doing much better.

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Engr.Saad Kaleem🇵🇰@ZarbeKaleemi

I strongly condemn the conspiracies on social media against @CynthiaDRitchie
Her contributions for highlighting positive & soft image of Pakistan are immensly appriciable

Cynthia!We are indebted to u,keep doing ur bit for peace&Pakistan
Stay strong & committed

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View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Waseem Khan@aqu_a_rius

A planned game is started against. @CynthiaDRitchie

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View image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Mudasar Ch™🇵🇰@Mudasser_Pk

Cynthia are representing Pak 🇵🇰 positive image to the world.
Who recommended to world to visit Pak.
He is realized after being hospitalized by Pakistanis that there people are peaceful and loveable careable .
Thank You so much more.
God bless@CynthiaDRitchie

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Cynthia D. Ritchie


I expect more from the owners of this paper. They know how to remedy the situation.

Otherwise I am preparing for action, including the writer, Hamdani.

Mawish Moulvi@mawish_m

@CynthiaDRitchie your name has been removed.

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter
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In between the Twitter jibes and ‘You’ve messed with the wrong bi**h shots, Cynthia continued to portray a positive side of Pakistan.

Cynthia D. Ritchie



MOON KHAN 🇵🇰@moonkhanpaki

The Kalash region is an amazing sight-seeing place for the tourists. Visit the place during their festivities and you, like Cynthia, will fall in love with it too. She always supports us as #WeSupportCynthia thank you madam @CynthiaDRitchie @peaceforchange

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She ended up abusing Raza Rumi as well in a tweet (which she has now deleted).

“F**k you Raza Rumi, you t**t,” she wrote in a tweet and all bets were off.

Here’s why she did it though.

Yes, part of the irony is that I’d apologized to Rumi a day or two before, for sharing a picture of him with @theRealYLH & KashifMD (YLH & Kashif both cyber bullies). And then I find out he edits the heinous article about me, written by YLH who is no Pakistani Patriot. Upsetting.

— Cynthia D. Ritchie (@CynthiaDRitchie) January 1, 2019

Cynthia D. Ritchie


2/ me and others for months. I apologized to Raza, because I did not intend to show him (I don’t know him) as a cyberbully. My intent was to show YLH and Kashif are friends; & they both gang up on people to try and push their narratives. Both YLH & Kashif have shown themselves…

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Cynthia D. Ritchie


2/ me and others for months. I apologized to Raza, because I did not intend to show him (I don’t know him) as a cyberbully. My intent was to show YLH and Kashif are friends; & they both gang up on people to try and push their narratives. Both YLH & Kashif have shown themselves…

Cynthia D. Ritchie


3/ to be vile creatures who write libelous materials, attempting to defame character, with lies.

So it hurt me, when I learned @Razarumi edited the write-up from YLH, defaming me. I received the original copy, with my name “shady operative” in it. And it was impression Raza…

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She even gave props to the people who were instrumental in trending #WeSupportCynthia

Cynthia D. Ritchie


Thank you all, including @IK_Force and @foto_masters – it’s a lovely surprise to see trending in Pakistan. Big hugs. And Happy New year!

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The apology

A couple of hours later, Cynthia realized she had made a mistake by abusing Raza Rumi and in a mature way, apologized to him in a tweet.

Cynthia D. Ritchie


Agreed. Thank you. Sometimes my patience runs out. No excuse however, and apologies to @Razarumi for the abuse.

We should each do our best to set the example of civil discourse and respect for differences of opinion.


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Raza Rumi, who had demonstrated maturity by being silent all the time, finally responded to calm the Twitter storm. He appreciated Cynthia’s offer to reconcile over a cup of coffee sometime and in turn, informed Twitterati about his first day of the new year.

Raza Ahmad Rumi


Dear @CynthiaDRitchie: thanks. V gracious. I didn’t respond earlier because when we are angry we tend to say things which we might regret. I appreciate your concerns and have asked colleagues to be more vigilant. Yes, coffee is appreciated. On me.

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Raza Ahmad Rumi


My first day of 2019 was not that joyful. Full of online abuse and hate. But I thank all the friends and well-wishers who defended me & gave me strength. I don’t wish to prolong Twitter duels. Just want a peaceful evening in real time with friends I haven’t seen in years.

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Enters the idiot

Farhan Virk, a social media celebrity (of sorts) in Pakistan known for operating various fake accounts, trolling the PTI’s opponents and harbouring jingoistic opinions, saw fit to involve himself in the dispute. He claimed that Cynthia had no right to abuse Raza Rumi as he had gotten shot for his views against the Taliban.

Not only that, he recorded a ridiculous video in which he urged Pakistanis to dissociate themselves from Cynthia as ‘We (Pakistanis) despite our difference of opinion with each other, should not allow a foreigner to abuse one of us.”

Hain? Why, Virk, why?

Cynthia responds to the troll by telling him to make a sandwich

Cynthia D. Ritchie


Virk beta, my apology to Raza came for using language I normally don’t and shouldn’t use.

You and your ‘buddy’ had nothing to do with it, so please, go make a sandwich. Your blood sugar is low.

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She proceeded to say she didn’t even know who Virk was. Ouch.

Cynthia D. Ritchie


Frankly, I don’t know who Virk is. I didn’t know there was a ‘spat’. I just told him to “make a sandwich”, since he was poking his nose into my affairs (which stemmed from bad editing & YLH slandering me in @Dailytimes).

Just realized I am sounding more Pakistani every day. 😃

Maleeha Hashmey@MaleehaHashmey

Who are you siding with, in Cynthia VS Virk Twitter Spat?

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The troll apologizes

It was then that Farhan Virk came across ‘thousands of documentaries’ that Cynthia had done to highlight and promote the positive side of Pakistan and apologized to her in a tweet. He took his words back and deleted all his tweets against her. Sigh.

Dr Farhan K Virk@FarhanKVirk

I have made quite a research on your work inside Pak @CynthiaDRitchie I have noticed that you have made thousands of documentaries and millions of UK and US citizens have watched them. I am sorry. I will explain my apology in a vlog today 🙏🙏 I never knew you contributed so much

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So, that was all. And Cynthia went back to celebrating the new year.

Cynthia D. Ritchie


Yes, – let’s start this new year right.

No one likes to be falsely/wrongly accused of anything, be it individual or state level, by intent or mistake. Prefer conversation over conflict any day.

Peace to you and yours.

Raza Ahmad Rumi


Thanks @CynthiaDRitchie#HappyNewYear2019 

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Cynthia D. Ritchie


Good morning everyone. And thank you, Ali. We’re all doing our bit to start the new year off right.

Pakistan Zindabad! ❤️🇵🇰

Ali Malik@AliHasnainMalik
Replying to @CynthiaDRitchie

Cynthia, you’re wasting your time on a ateention seeker. Ignore him and he will commit suicide lol. You’re a hero of Pakistan. God bless you and attached friendly reminder for him and everyone

View image on Twitter
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View image on TwitterView image on Twitter

Cynthia D. Ritchie


Picture One: my face when I see fake accounts run by desperate, mentally diseased trolls.

Picture Two: how I feel after receiving so much love from Pakistan. ❤️🇵🇰

Let’s move on and make it a great 2019 & focus on positive stories in the country!

Pakistan Zindabad!

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The only good thing to come out of the Twitter spat—hilarious tweets

Stray observations—why does Cynthia love to tag the State Department in her every tweet? Why did she say ‘You all are fuc***g with the wrong b**ch?

Well, as usual, Twitter doesn’t let such things slide. And it didn’t.

Manal Faheem Khan@ManalFaheemKhan

KFC: Ma’am we are out of diet 7up so we’re sending you regular 7up instead. Okay?

Me: You all are fucking with the wrong bitch.

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Imtiaz Haidery@imhaidery

I am fucking with the wrong bitch 😦

See Imtiaz Haidery’s other Tweets

Maham Ali@Mahamali05

Cynthia walks into a store and asks for Coke. The shopkeeper tells her they don’t have coke – only pepsi.


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The Uber Driver: Madam, please put the exact pin location.

Me: you all are fucking with the wrong bitch.

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Ali Warsi@thealiwarsi

“Yeh aansu ponchh dou Pushpa. I hate tears” ~ Rajesh Khanna

“Paro meri maa mer gaee” ~ Dilip Kumar

“I love you, K-k-k-kiran” ~ Shah Rukh Khan

“You all are fucking with the wrong bitch” ~ Cynthia D Ritchie

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It is 1st day of 2019 & it already give us this powerful line.

“You all are fucking with the wrong bitch” ~ Cynthia D Bitchie

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Naila Inayat


Raza Rumi: Happy New Year everyone
Cynthia: You’re fucking with the wrong bitch

15 people are talking about this

The saga seems to be over. For now. Toning it down a notch, we’d like to end with the question–did they really mess with the wrong woman, though?

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Ruhani Khazain, the breakdown

Ruhani Khuzain is an attempt at editing the writings of MGA and his team.  Its heavily edited, the original books have been checked by our team and we have seen many issues.  In the below, we have given the breakdown of what books fall into whichever category of RK.

The list

Home > The Promised Messiah > Ruhani Khazain
Ruhani Khazain
Books of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, The Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi

Ruhani Khazain – Books of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, The Promised Messiah and Mahdi (peace be on him)

Originally written in Arabic, Persian and Urdu. New Computerized Edition Published in 23 Volumes.

Message by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V(at) on the occasion of publication of Ruhani Khazain: English | Urdu

Ruhani Khazain

Read Online with Search — Available in English and Urdu

Ruhani Khazain Online (Computerized)
Google-based Search in Urdu

Available English Translations
English Search in Translations

Topic based Subject Index – Urdu

Subject Index
Ruhani Khazain, Malfuzat and Majmua Ishtiharat
Urdu Index of Ruhani Khazain | (PDF) (PDF) | مفتاح الخزائن

Download PDF files:

Ruhani Khazain Volume 1 1 
Braheen-i-Ahmadiyya (Vol. 1 to 4)

Ruhani Khazain Volume 2 2 
Purani Tahreerain, Surma Chashm Ariya, Shuhna Haq, Sabz Ishthar  _  _  _ 

Ruhani Khazain Volume 3 3 
Fateh Islam, Tauzeeh Maram, Izala Auham  _  _ 

Ruhani Khazain Volume 4 4 
Al-Haq Ludhiana, Al-Haq Dehli, Asmani Faisla, Nishan-e-Asmani, Aik Esai Ke Teen Sawal Aur Un Ke Jawabat  _  _  _  _ 

Ruhani Khazain Volume 5 5 
A’ina Kamalat Islam

Ruhani Khazain Volume 6 6 
Barakat-uddua’, Hujja-tul-Islam, Suchhai-ka-Izhar, Jang-e-Moqaddas, Shahadat-ul-Quran  _  _  _  _ 

Ruhani Khazain Volume 7 7 
Tuhfa Bughdad, Karamat-us-Sadiqeen, Hamama-tul-Bushra
Hamama-tul-Bushra (Urdu translation)
Tuhfa Bughdad, Karamat-us-Sadiqeen, Targheeb-ul-Momineen (Urdu translation)
 _  _ 
حَمامۃُ البشریٰ (اُردو ترجمہ)
تحفہ بغداد، کرامات الصادقین، ترغیب المؤمنین فی اعلاء کملۃ الدین (اُردو ترجمہ)

Ruhani Khazain Volume 8 8 
Nur-ul-Haq (1 & 2), Ittemam-ul-Hujjat, Sirrul Khalafa
Ittemam-ul-Hujjat (Urdu translation)
Sirrul Khalafa (Urdu translation)
 _  _ 
اِتمام الحُجَّۃ (اُردو ترجمہ)
سرّ الخلافۃ (اُردو ترجمہ)

Ruhani Khazain Volume 9 9 
Anwarul-Islam, Minan-ur-Rehman, Zia-ul-Haq, Noor-ul-Quran (1 & 2), Ma’yar-al-Mazahib  _  _  _  _ 

Ruhani Khazain Volume 10 10 
Ariya Dharam, Satt-Bachan, Islami-Asool-ki-Philosphy  _  _ 

Ruhani Khazain Volume 11 11 
Anjaam Aatham

Ruhani Khazain Volume 12 12 
Siraj-e-Munir, Istafta, Hujjatullah, Tauhfa Qaisiria, Mahmood-ki-Amin, Sirajuddin Esai-ke-Char Sawalon-ka-Jawab  _  _  _  _  _ 

Ruhani Khazain Volume 13 13 
Kitab-ul-Bariyyah, Al-Balagh, Zarurat-ul-Imam  _  _ 

Ruhani Khazain Volume 14 14 
Najm-ul-Huda’, Raz-i-Haqiqat, Kashful-Ghita’, Ayyam-us-Sulh, Haqiqatul-Mehdi  _  _  _  _ 

Ruhani Khazain Volume 15 15 
Maseeh Hindustan Mein, Sitara Qaisra, Teryaqul-Qoloob, Tauhfa-Ghaznivia, Ruadad-Jalsa-Dua’  _  _  _ 

Ruhani Khazain Volume 16 16 
Khutba-Ilhamia, Lujja-tun-Noor
Khutba-Ilhamia (Urdu translation)
Lujja-tun-Noor (Urdu translation)
خطبۃ الہامیۃ (اُردو ترجمہ)
لُجَّۃُ النُّور (اُردو ترجمہ)

Ruhani Khazain Volume 17 17 
Government Angrezi Aur Jihad, Toufah-Golravea’, Arbaeen  _  _ 

Ruhani Khazain Volume 18 18 
Ijazul-Masih, Aik Ghalati Ka Azala, Dafi-ul-Bala, Al-Huda, Nuzul-ul-Masih, Gunah Say Nijat Kionkar Mil Sakti Hay? Ismat-e-Anbiya

Ijazul-Masih (Urdu translation)
Al-Huda (Urdu translation)

 _  _  _  _  _  _ 
اعجاز المسیح (اُردو ترجمہ)
الہدیٰ (اُردو ترجمہ)

Ruhani Khazain Volume 19 19 
Kashti Nooh, Tuhfat-un-Nadwa, Ijaz-e-Ahmadi, Review Mubahasa Batalvi-Chakralwi, Muwahib-ur-Rehman, Naseem-e-Dawat, Sanatan Dharam
Muwahib-ur-Rehman (Urdu translation)
 _  _  _  _  _  _ 
مواھب الرحمن (اُردو ترجمہ)

Ruhani Khazain Volume 20 20 
Tadhkirat-ush-Shahadatain, Seerat-ul-Abdal, Lecture Lahore, Islam (Lecture Sialkot), Lecture Ludhiana, Al-Wasiyat, Chashma Masihi, Tajalliyyat-i-Ilahiyyah, Qadian-ke-Ariya Aur Hum, Ahmadi or Ghair Ahmadi Main Kia Faraq Hay?
Tadhkirat-ush-Shahadatain (Urdu translation)
Seerat-ul-Abdal (Urdu translation)
 _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _ 
تذکرۃ الشھادتین مع علامات المقربین (اُردو ترجمہ)
سیرۃ الابدال (اُردو ترجمہ)

Ruhani Khazain Volume 21 21 
Braheen Ahmadiyya – Vol. 5

Ruhani Khazain Volume 22 22 
Al-Istifta (Urdu translation)

الاستفتاٴ اردو ترجمہ

Ruhani Khazain Volume 23 23 
Chashma Ma’rafat, Paigham-i-Sulh  _ 


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In the early 1890’s, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed that the British Government’s control of India would end in 8 years

MGA made many strange predictions about the future.  Another weird one is his prediction about the British Government.  He had a revelation in Persian which indicated that the British government would end its rule in India in 8 years.  Later on, this revelation was deleted by the Ahmadiyya editing team.  In Seeratul Mahdi,  Volume 1 page 68,  Mirza Bashir Ahmad mentioned three names Haji Abdul Majeed, Haifz Hamid Ali and Mian Abdullah Sanwari as witnessed that MGA received a revelation in which it was mentioned that rule British Government will end in 8 years. One out of these three witness (Mian Abdullah Sanauri) says that he remembers this revelation like it was etched in stone.  As time passed British Rule became stronger and stronger day by day. Mirza realized that he has fired a wrong bullet so in Roohani Khazain Volume 14 page 216 (Kashful Ghita) he denied this ILHAM altogether (see the scan in the below), it can also be found on pages 38-39 of the 1898 english edition of Kashf-ul-Ghita).  MGA denied this prophecy mainly because one of his friends informed of this prophesy to Molana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi and he published it in his magazine Ishaat us sunnah. Mirza got scared that his masters, the Britishers would not like this so he denied it.  We don’t have the original scan from that newspaper as of yet.  Nevertheless, Ahmadi’s archived this revelation of MGA after the Khalifa authenticated it in 1929.

2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah, see page, 1017
[Persian] [The British Empire will last for eight years; thereafter there will be weakness, disturbance and decline.]

[al-Fadl, vol. 16, no. 78, April 5, 1929, p. 5]

Jalal ud Din Shams’ commentary on this persian revelation
Shams was an employee of the Mirza family and a major editor, you will see his notes all over the literature of the Ahmadiyya Movement.  He claims that this revelation was fulfilled via the death of Queen Victoria in 1901.  Shams doesn’t mention that this book was published in English in 1898.

Additional references from the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah, see page 1018

Hafiz Hamid ‘Ali narrated to me (((Refers to Haji ‘Abdul-Majid))), …that Hadrat Sahib [the Promised Messiah] received the revelation:

[Persian] [The British Empire will last for eight years, thereafter there will be the days of
weakness, and decline.]

[Siratul-Mahdi, part 1, p. 75, no. 96, 2nd ed]

Sahibzadah Pir Sirajul-Haqq Nu‘mani narrates that he has heard this revelation as following:

[Persian] [The power of the British will last for eight years, thereafter there will be the days of weakness, and decline.]

[Siratul-Mahdi, vol. 2, p. 9, Riwayat no. 314]

The scans

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Glaring errors in the translation of “Taudih-e-Maram” or “Elucidation of Objectives” (1890)

As we all know, when Ahmadi’s translate any book of MGA, they soften the translations and thus create ridiculous translations.  We recently saw one such issue in the newly translated “Haqiqatul Wahy” (1907).  We also know that they are always editing Tadhkirah and have destroyed most of its older editions.  The publish date of this book is unknown, in fact, this book was the second in a series of books that MGA and his team published in the 1889-1891 era.  We think it was written in early part of 1890 and many pieces of evidence to back up that assertion.  Nevertheless, in this book, MGA and his team wrote about Allah having arms and organs and etc in this book, this is very strange, we are still mulling over the words here and working on a response. This book was re-published in Urdu many times, most likely by the Lahori-Ahmadis in 1917 and 1946.  The Lahori-Ahmadi’s translated it into english in 1966 (see the first few pages).  You will notice the difference in the translation of the word “tendwa”.  In Hindi, “Tendwa” means Leopard.  The Lahori-Ahmadi’s translated this word as spiders web, whereas the Qadianis translated it as octopus.

Is Allah an octopus?  Or a Leopard?  Or a Spider’s web?
In the Qadiani-Ahmadi translation it is written (see pages 61 and 62) :

“”””In order to pictorially visualize the implications of the foregoing statement, let us imagine that the Supreme Sustainer of the universe is indeed the Supreme Being who has an infinite number of hands and feet; their number is uncountable, and their breadth and width limitless. Like an ‘octopus’, as it were, the Supreme Being has tentacles reaching out to all corners of the 
universe and functioning as its gravitational pull. Indeed, these are the self same organs also known as the universe. Whenever the Sustainer of the universe wills a movement in part or in full, these so called organs are also bound to move accordingly; indeed He carries out all His commands and intentions through these organs, without using any other means. “”””

In urdu, this word is “TENDWA”
Why did the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s translate “Tendwa” as octopus?  Tendwa means leopard in hindi, urdu doesn’t use this word.  Here’s a screenshot with the highlighted portion. I can’t figure out what he meant by ‘tendwe ki tarah is wujood-e-aazam ki taare’. I thought he may be alluding to countless spots on the surface of the leopard, so I looked up Farhang-e-Asifia dictionary to see if the word ‘taarein’ can be used to mean spots/stripes, as ‘taar’ leads itself to ‘tareek’ i.e. dark, but found no such reference.

Spider web?
The Lahori-Ahmadi’s translated this phrase (Tendwa) as a “Spiders web”.

The Lahori translation

See page 55

“””To illustrate the above description still further, the ever-living force of this universe can be imagined as a great being with many hands and feet; these limbs stretch to eternity and, like a spider’s web, this Great being stretched to all the limits of existence and forms the nucleus of the entire creation.”””

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