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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his team of writers/readers/editors/researchers/imams

MIrza Ghulam Ahmad was not capable of reading (since he was blind by age 40-50) and writing (since his right arm was broken), nor was he capable of leading prayers (salaat), he never led a Khutbah Juma or an Eid Khutbah (a few times, after the main Eid speech, MGA made comments, these were mostly unintelligible ramblings, which were edited and created into books). His main ghost writer and manager was Noorudin, who was a capable imam, Noorudin was a member of the Ahl-e-Hadith and his followers of his own before he met MGA. Another Ahl-e-hadith imam that MGA hired was Syed Muhammad Ahsan Amrohi, who moved to Qadian in 1891, he edited most of MGA’s books and newspapers, he was not a student of Noorudin, however, he knew MGA from MGA’s relationship with the Ahl-e-Hadith imam’s of Bhopal. Maulvi Abdul Karim was a student of Noorudin and he was at Ludhiana for the bait ceremony of 1889, he moved to Qadian in 1890-1891 and became the main imam at Masjid Mubarak and Masjid Aqsa. Mufti Muhammad Sadiq was another inside man, he worked in the letters department and became the editor of the Al-Badr in 1905, when the owner died of plague. Another inside worker was MIrza Khuda Bakhsh, another pupil of Noorudin. The final point is that all of these “insiders” lived together in MGA’s house, they were thus able to plan the mission of Ahmadiyya, while MGA did nothing all day.
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Mufti Muhammad Sadiq and other Ahmadi editors lied about white converts to Ahmadiyya from Europe and America

Ahmadi’s are trained to lie and exaggerate. They learned it from MGA. As Ahmadiyya propoganda spread via the British government during WW-2, Ahmadiyya maulvi’s were under intense pressure from the Mirza family to get converts. Thus, they lied about converts many times, they published many news reports claiming that European women/men and American’s had joined Ahmadiyya, they even lied about Russell Webb and his conversion to Ahmadiyya. The list is endless. Nevertheless, today we found the case of Anthony George Baker (he is mentioned as giving speech in ROR of May-1913). See his wikipedia entry herein. Interestingly, he refused to sign Bait in 1916 and died in 1918, nevertheless, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq still listed him as an Ahmadi convert. John Webster is another fake convert that they were presenting. Professor Clement Lindley Wragge is yet another fake-Ahmadi convert as is Alexander Russell Webb.
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Ahmadiyya leadership admitted (in the 1930’s) that MGA used lots of editors and ghost writers

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and Maulvi Noorudin created Ahmadiyya as their collective brainchild.  MGA would have the dreams and make the wild claims and Noorudin would defend MGA and build a team of writers, imams and language scholars. MGA knew Noorudin from the 1870’s, they both had correspondance with Sir Syed in this era also, they were both also members of the famous Ahl-e-Hadith sect of Northern India, this sect never numbered more than 100,000 in British India in the late 1890’s, thus, almost everyone knew each other.  Here are some names of the main ghost writing team, Maulvi Abdul Karim, Maulvi Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, Maulvi Sher Ali and Hakim Fazl Din of Bhera. Some other people who came independently, yet still joined MGA’s team was Maulvi Muhammad Ahsan Amrohi, who was also a member of the Ahl-e-Hadith sect, in fact, uptil his job with MGA, he worked for the founder of the Ahl-e-Hadith sect, Syed Nazeer Husain from Delhi and Siddiq Hasan Khan of Bhopal. Maulvi Muhammad Ali was another, however, he came via Khwaja Kamaluddin and the prominent Ahmadi’s of Lahore.
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed that the city of Zion would suffer great calamities

John Alexander Dowie never responded to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s request for a Mubahila challenge, and thus, cause it to be null and void. In 1903, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq (and MGA’s team of writers) spammed all newspapers in New York, Chicago and as many as he could find with a new announcement from MGA wherein if Dowie didn’t accept the Mubahila the city of Zion would suffer a calamity. (See the Commercial Advertiser of 26 Oct. 1903 via “Fulfilment of a Grand Prophecy” by Anwar Mahmood Khan, page 51). Again, after Dowie died in 1907, in “Haqiqatul Wahy”, MGA and his team of writers told the world that since Dowie denied MGA’s request, the city of Zion would suffer a calamity (See pages 638-639). This was disproven, in 2022, Zion is a successful city of 25,000. One more note, MGA and his team of writers lied to the newspaper in America and claimed that MGA was 70 years old in 1903. That is a total lie, just 3 years prior to this, MGA and his team of writers claimed that MGA was 60.

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad attacked Dr. Alexander Dowie for no good reason at all

It all started in the late summer of 1902, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq read some newspapers from around the world and read about John Alexander Dowie. He immediately alerted MGA and the rest of the team about the possibility of going viral over a new prayer duel (Mubahila). They immediately wrote an article in the ROR of Sep-1902 and accused Dowie of threatening Muslims with destruction. However, the British Government had legally disallowed MGA’s from doing these prayer duels just 3 years earlier in 1899. Nevertheless, the Mubahila was issued via the ROR of Sep-1902 (see page 337). They also quoted the writings of John Alexander Dowie (but didn’t give references), in these quotes, John Alexander Dowie is predicting hellish conditions for Christians who don’t accept him and all other religions (See “Fulfilment of a Grand Prophecy” by Anwar Mahmood Khan, published in 2000). We found quotes from his magazine, “Leaves of Healing” of Vol. VII, No.5, 26 May 1900 wherein John Alexander Dowie criticized Islam and a quote from Aug-25-1900 (See page 555) wherein John Alexander Dowie is praising Muslims (Ottoman Empire) for fighting off the Greeks. He praised Muslims for not drinking alcohol and eating pork (full quote in the below). In fact, he warned the Christians of the world that Islam was not dead and was strong (see page 555). This specific quote was cut off and even quoted in 2000 by Ahmadi’s in America (see “Fulfilment of a Grand Prophecy” by Anwar Mahmood Khan, page 28).

Nevertheless, in clear words, MGA and his team of writers dared Dowie to have a (See ROR of Sep-1902. They urged Dowie to pray to his God that of MGA vs. John Alexander Dowie, the liar may perish first. They insisted that Dowie publish this prayer (in his newspaper) with the signatures of 1000 men affixed to it. MGA and his team promised to do the same as soon as John Alexander Dowie did it. MGA and his team of writers go on and discredit John Alexander Dowie’s miraculous healing, since Ahmadi’s deny all miracles. In the ROR of Sep-1902, MGA and his team of writers called Jesus (as) as a weak human being (See page 344), MGA was known for insulting the God of the Christians as such. MGA even claimed in Haqiqatul Wahy that the famous Alexander Webb had wrote to him about John Alexander Dowie.

John Alexander Dowie ignored the challenge of MGA, however, he did start throwing jabs at Mirza Ghulam Ahmad for insulting Christianity as such. In the Leaves of Healing of Dec-27-1902 (see page 306), John Alexander Dowie directly addressed MGA and called him a foolish man from India who believes that Jesus died in Kashmir. He calls MGA as ignorant and raging about the false that Jesus died in India (full quote in the below). Meanwhile, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his team of writers and editors sent their prayer duel request to over 40 newspapers in America, of which half ran the story, since they hated Dowie. The ROR of Sep-1903 carried most of these newspaper clippings, it also revealed how Mufti Muhammad Sadiq was busy writing letters to newspaper trying to get them to pickup the Dowie prophecy as a story. As a result of this, on Aug-1-1903, see page 474 (Leaves of Healing), John Alexander Dowie attacked the islamic concept of heaven and again on Sep-12-1903, see page 662.

It should be noted that a few of the references that Qadiani-Ahmadi’s give have not been found, for example, (See here also and here page 10). they quote the Leaves of Healing, December 27th, 1903 and this quote:

“Can you imagine me answering to these gnats, and flies. If I were to put my foot on them, I could crush them to Death.”

After 1903, the Ahmadiyya Movement went totally silent on John Alexander Dowie until he died in 1907. In 1902-1904, through the pages of the Leaves of Healing, it become clear that there was financial incompetence at Zion which would lead to an eventual bankruptcy. John Alexander Dowie was a great man who tried to help people, in fact, in 1900, Dowie was arrested 100 times for trying to heal the sick (16:46 time stamp)(similar to Ahmadiyya use of homeopathy). Because of Dowie, this law was changed (See the testimony of Pastor Roberts Liardon herein). Also check out how Robert Pears explains how Dr. Alexander Dowie declared a holy war on Doctor’s, Devil’s and Drug’s in this era. The biggest mistake that John Alexander Dowie made was the creation of Zion, since this caused him to go almost bankrupt and stuck in the courts as his followers objected to his strange financial decisions. In 1904, his wife and children left him, which prompted him to travel to Australia (See Arthur Newcomb, “Anointed of the Lord) and seek to open a new mission, which failed, he then returned to Chicago and suffered a stroke (1905)(See Arthur Newcomb, “Anointed of the Lord) wherein different parts of his body were paralyzed, he still travelled to Mexico(See Arthur Newcomb, “Anointed of the Lord). While absent from Chicago, he was deposed from his business affairs by Wilbur G. Voliva, his chief lieutenant (See R. Harlan, John Alexander Dowie and the Christian Catholic Apostolic Church in Zion, (PhD Dissertation, University of Chicago, 1906). In this era, Dowie repented from his claims of being Elijah-3 and the first Apostle (See Arthur Newcomb, “Anointed of the Lord).

John Alexander Dowie died on March-9-1907 (See Arthur Newcomb, “Anointed of the Lord), the April-1907 edition of the ROR immediately ran to the press and proclaimed victory. The story was covered again in “Haqiqatul Wahy”, which was published on May-15-1907, MGA even drew a caricature of Dowie, this was not included in the english translation. The City of Zion continued to operate, his city was taken over by his chief lieutenant, Wilbur G. Voliva. By the 1930’s Wilbur G. Voliva had lost control of the town altogether. By the 1950’s it seems that they changed their name to the “Christ Community Church” and lost control of Zion. The Ahmadiyya Movement saw this and tried to buy property in Zion, which they finally did after the 2000’s (it took 25 years of planning). As of 2008, the “Christ Community Church” has about 3,000 members in the United States and Canada. Missionary work is conducted in Japan, Philippines, Guyana, Palestine, Indonesia, and the Navajo Nation. Missionary work continues among the African Zionists under the banner of Zion Evangelical Ministries of Africa (ZEMA). ZEMA’s goal is to convert the African Zionists from syncretism to mainstream Christian theology.

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The history of #Ahmadiyya in #SouthKorea

In 2022, there are barely 20 #Ahmadis in South Korea. There is some activity in 2019 herein a man named Dr. Tariq Shamim Khwaja, is the National Sadr of South Korea. South Korea is under the financial management umbrella of the AMJI. We have posted MGA’s alleged revelations about Korea in the below (See ROR of Jan-1912), MGA was allegedly predicting the humiliation of Korea. Ahmadi editors claim that MGA was predicting the victory of Japan.

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claims to have prophecied the partition of Bengal in 1906

The partition of Bengal was announced on 19 July 1905 by Lord Curzon, the then Viceroy of India, and implemented on 16 October 1905. In a classic way, MGA and his team of writers claim to have prophecied about the partition of Bengal in 1906, a few months after the partition happened (See ROR-Feb-1906). This is another after-the-fact prophecy by MGA and his team. We have covered the full history of Ahmadiyya in Bangladesh herein.

In this famous revelation, MGA was claiming that Bengalis would be conciliated. Meaning that the Bengali people would be given concession, given compensation. MGA mentions this exact revelation in 1907 via Haqiqatul Wahy, he again writes the same. However, by 1911, the Bengal was re-united by the British. Ahmadiyya editors at Qadian began to assert that this was the true purport of MGA’s revelation, which was a lie(see ROR of May-1916), this alleged prophecy was mentioned again in the ROR of Feb-1936. In 1947, the Bengal was split up again, the majority of it 85% of land mass went to Pakistan, and 15% was given to India. Furthermore, by 1971, Bangladesh was invented. Thus, MGA’s fake revelation was totally disproven.

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Did MGA’s team steal from Al-Ghazali when they presented “The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam” in 1896?

It seems that MGA and his team of ghost writers stole from the famous Imam Al-Ghazali as they presented “The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam” in 1896. You can read academic studies on the connection of Nafs and Imam Ghazali herein. Or, you can go straight to the source and read “Book of the Explanation of the Mysteries of the Heart” by Imam Al-Ghazali. You can also read a summary of this book herein. You can also read how the difference in human concepts, according to Al-Ghazali and Sigmund Freud, lies in the workings of the three terms of human personality. MGA and his team of writers also combined the Sir Syed Ahmad rationalism into this speech.

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Mirza Tahir Ahmad changed the meanings of 33:59 in comparison to what Mirza Nasir Ahmad thought

Mirza Nasir Ahmad rarely ever wrote anything in his life, he had maulvi’s (teams of writers)writing for him all the time, just like MGA and his sons. In 1979, under the auspices of KM3, the official translation of 33:59 (33:60 in the Qadiani Quran) was “they should draw close to them portions of their loose outer coverings” (see the full ref in the below). However, KM4 changed this translation to “they should pull down upon them of their outer cloaks from their heads over their faces” (see the 1997 edition of Maulvi Sher Ali’s english translation, in the below). As is evident here, KM4’s translation is radically different from KM3’s, to say the least. KM4 had no qualms with adding to and misrepresenting the words of the Quran. This entire entry was posted in the islam_ahmadiyya reddit forum.

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