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The Fazl E Omar Hospital at Rabwah is a private business of the Mirza family, and a sex house

The Fazl E Omar Hospital at Rabwah is a private business of the Mirza family. The Chief Medical Officer was the son of the 2nd Khalifa, Dr. Mirza Munawar Ahmad, and then when he died, his son, Dr. Mirza Mubashir Ahmad took over. He seems to be retired these days. Nevertheless, new developments and testimonies from ex-Ahmadi’s life Affaf Azhar and Najma Yousaf. Dr. Mirza Mubashir Ahmad was raping Nida Al-Nasser for many years and was most likely raping many other women as well. The Tahir Heart Institute is also connected to the Fazl E Omar Hospital. 

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Ahmadiyya violation of Child Labor laws in America and Islam, and another exposure of Theodore Williams, Khurram Shah and Khadim Shah

In this video I explain the stupidity of Theodore Williams, whom I exposed before herein. I also explained how in Islam children have rights to food, clothing and respect. Even in America, there are child labor laws that my father, Khadim Shah and his eldest son Khurram Shah broke just for their own benefit. In Islam, Muslims are allowed to disobey their parents if they are asked to do un-islamic things, morally questionable things and etc, and that is exactly what I did in 1991. I stood up for justice, which is a major theme of the quran. As a result of my private questions, Khurram Shah told on me (and my other brother), just to get brownie points with his father and secure the family business for himself, he is that competitive. In 1995, Khurram married his cousin (Qanta Shah) and she encouraged him to quickly make the business their’s and thus totally rob his family.

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Mirza Masroor Ahmad knows that Qadiani-Ahmadi’s don’t pray

The Ahmadiyya Movement has already been openly reporting how Qadiani-Ahmadi’s don’t pray, however, Mirza Masroor Ahmad is now joking about it, since he knows that Ahmadiyya is family business and these silly Qadiani-Ahmadi’s are stuck in it. This comes from a meeting that the 5th Khalifa had on Feb 26, 2022 (see at the 51:25 mark). Mirza Ghulam Ahmad never read prayers in a masjid until he was like 40+. Mirza Masroor Ahmad telling a story of a young Ahmadi (in rabwah) who hated reading prayers and told a lie to his father about a dream he had. In this dream, he alleged that the 2nd Khalifa came to him and told him to never read prayers. Mirza Masroor Ahmad explained that this was an old man (70+) who knew his son hated and prayers and dismissed the dream altogether. This proves that Ahmadi’s are the atheist type of humans and this disregard for Islam is indirectly taught by Ahmadi murrabi’s.

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Akber Choudhry explains how the Mirza family is using asylum cases to fuel their family business

Our beloved friend Akber Chaudhry has just written an excellent article on the Mirza family and its modus operandi.  Check it out.

The link

The full essay


Shrill Religious Cult Digs a Deeper Political Hole

The leadership of the Ahmadiyya (Qadiani group) has a penchant for exaggeration and shrillness when it comes to their country of origin – Pakistan.  To replenish the dwindling stock of tithe-payers in Western currencies, the family (Mirza) leadership of the cult resorts to controversy that can underline a claim of persecution and thus move poor Pakistani Qadianis to the West, where many educated ones will eventually leave the outlandish teachings of the cult.  And so the refugee-provocation cycle continues and ends up in riches for the Mirza family that has run this religious outfit for more than a century.

Meanwhile, poor Ahmadis remains marginalized in Pakistani society and much can be done by a sincere Qadiani leadership to help any incoming Pakistani government to relieve any discrimination that the group believes that it faces.  Instead, the Qadiani leadership welcomes every government with verbal jabs and slaps based on  half-truths.  This only makes the life of the common Ahmadi in Pakistan harder and only serves to increase the wealth of the Mirza family.

Once again with the July 2018 election of Imran Khan, the official spokesperson of the Ahmadiyya goes all out to provoke the incoming government, and it falls on us to dismantle the fallacies one by one and to convince the new government that the frantic tone should not be taken seriously and the followers of the cult be protected from the political miscalculations of their leadership.

Here is the opinion piece by the official spokesperson:

Derogatory Introduction

  1. ‘athlete-turned-politician Imran Khan’ – not the most accurate way to describe the former cricket captain of Pakistan who retired from sports 26 years ago and has been a philanthropist and politician for longer than he ever was a sportsman.
  2. ‘the Khan regime foreshadows immense hardship and violence for Pakistan’s religious minorities’ – the words ‘regime’, ‘immense’ and ‘violence’ should be used for India, where the partner of the ruling government has vowed to ‘eradicate Islam and Christianity from India by 2021.’

Stroke of a Pen?

a feat literally a pen stroke away . . . .  Thus, Khan can prove his commitment to justice by demanding a repeal of Pakistan’s second [constitutional] amendment . . . , the 1984 anti-Ahmadi ordinance mandating fines and arrest for Ahmadis identifying as Muslim, and the 1986 blasphemy law . . . .

Perhaps conditioned within a totalitarian cult, the author does not recognize the complexity and political will required to amend the Constitution (repeal means a new Act and a new constitutional amendment) or the frameworks built upon the Constitution.  These measures are neither popular nor required so the political will does not exit.  For purposes of the Constitution of Pakistan, Ahmadis of both Qadiani and Lahori groups are non-Muslim.  They can label themselves whatever they want within their private communications, but cannot self-advertise as Muslims in a Muslim-majority country and any laws based on the Constitution will not recognize them as Muslims – and that is how it is in many other Muslim countries in the world.  How naive to think that a stroke of the pen can change that!

The status of Ahmadis in many Muslim countries is similar to the differing status of Mormons and Scientologists in various Western jurisdictions.

History of Qadiani Political Misadventures

Pakistan witnessed an unprecedented monolithic political manipulation in the 1971 elections by the Ahmadi leadership, engineered by their future leader, Mirza Tahir Ahmad.  The group voted en bloc for the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and later became embittered with the party when it won and would not accede to their unreasonable demands.

A misguided show of strength by the cult, that turned violent at a train station, resulted in the judicial finding that the Qadiani leadership ran a ‘state-within-a-state’.  After Parliamentary hearings where the Qadiani Ahmadi leader presented for days, the constitutional amendment that declared them non-Muslim was passed – a direct result of the political misadventures of the Mirza family.

Separate Voter List on Challenge

The Ahmadis are respectable first-class Pakistani citizens, but it appear from the hasty executive order of 2002 that the electoral stipulation for a separate list is to prevent future political shenanigans by the Qadiani leadership.  Thus, it empowers an Ahmadi Pakistani citizen to vote with their conscience and not by the whim and whip of their leader.  The separate list is not mandatory and does not bar an Ahmadi from voting for any candidate or party.  However, it can be useful to detect manipulation of the vote of an Ahmadi citizen by a religious cult leader as has happened in the past.

The current electoral rules regarding Ahmadi voters (not candidates) are not perfect and can be improved upon.  Any constructive ideas are welcome and we will advocate them if they address the concerns of the majority as well as the minority.  For starters, the Qadiani leadership can make a genuine commitment to allowing their followers freedom of conscience when it comes to elections.  Asking for a ‘stroke of the pen’ is too naive a request for the author and again reeks of political provocation.

Peculiar or a ‘Cult Miracle’?

Peculiar but significant is that every Pakistani prime minister or president, from Benazir Bhutto to Nawaz Sharif, persecuted Ahmadi Muslims — and each ultimately succumbed to the extremism or corruption they enabled.

This statement gives a glimpse into the oft-spoken but never-written cult belief that every ruler of Pakistan will meet with ignominy until the legal status of the Ahmadis in Pakistan is reversed.  The author could not put it cogently so he lumped prime ministers and presidents together – whose respective powers have changed considerably – and Bhutto and Sharif were both prime ministers.

Extremism and corruption are steadily on the decline in Pakistan according to accepted international benchmarks.  This statement is nothing but political provocation that does not help the cause of the common Ahmadi in Pakistan.

On the other hand, accountability for the offshore companies and money laundering enabled by the Mirza family is nowhere to be seen, and the Qadiani leadership has been very silent about it.

The proverbial charity, especially for a religious organization, should begin at home.

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“The Ahmadiyya Khilafat (Qadiani), the misguided and the misguiding”—By Abdurrahman Puthiyavalapp (2020)

“The Ahmadiyya Khilafat (Qadiani), the misguided and the misguiding”—By Abdurrahman Puthiyavalapp (2020) is a detailed nooklet exposing the Qadiani-Khalifa System made by another Jamaat Ahmadiyya Islah Pasand, their website can be found here.
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Mrs. Amtul Wakeel Ahmad has been kicked out of the Ahmadiyya just a few days ago, Feb-2021

The Ahmadiyya Movement has no right to cry persecution. They have been exploiting and persecuting Ahmadi’s for over 100 years. Nevertheless, we intercepted an official letter dated, Feb 12th, 2021, wherein a member of the Mirza family, Mrs. Amtul Wakeel Ahmad has been kicked out of Ahmadiyya for refusing to listen to the Ahmadiyya internal court system. Her husband (Mirza Mahmood Ahmad) seems to have quit Ahmadiyya soon thereafter. She is the daughter of Mirza Rafiq Ahmad (listen to AK Shaikh’s explanation herein, at the 5:00 mark). In fact, Ak Shaikh interviewed Mirza Rafiq Ahmad many years ago and he asked for 50,000 dollars for inside information on the Mirza family. Continue reading “Mrs. Amtul Wakeel Ahmad has been kicked out of the Ahmadiyya just a few days ago, Feb-2021”

Who is Shajar Ahmad Farooqi? The #qadiani bookmaker?

We continue to catalog the inside workers of the Mirza family. We have found yet another inside man who works directly for the Mirza family, his name is Shajar Ahmad Farooqi. Akber Chaudhary mentioned him 10 years ago via his financial analysis of the jamaat. He seems to be a major player in the Ahmadiyya global business model. He is one of 9 trustees on the roster for the The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat International (AMJI). He is also a trustee for the Mirza Sharif Ahmad Foundation (1 of 5). It should be noted that Mirza Masroor Ahmad’s name isn’t on any legal documents in terms of ownership of the Ahmadiyya movement.
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Waqar Zaka and Akber Choudhry discuss how the Mirza family conducts money laundering!!!

Akber Choudhry and Waqar Zaka discussed the Ahmadiyya Movement INC and money laundering. Our brother Akber Choudhry had written a new essay on the Ahmadiyya non-profit global business model. Also check out Akber’s previous amazing work on Ahmadiyya and how they stored money illegally overseas. Akber and AK Shaikh have made videos about all of this too. They proved that Mirza Masroor Ahmad owned companies that held money tax-free in Panama.
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Why does the Khalifa have a $1,500+ Herman Miller chair and a Dyson fan? And MULTIPLE Mercedes Maybach ($200K cars)???

As we all know, Mirza Masroor Ahmad doesn’t legally control the Ahmadiyya Movement. Mirza Masroor Ahmad doesn’t legally control Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat International, nor does he legally control the Mirza Sharif Foundation. In his weekly program, “this week with Huzoor”, he is seen sitting in an expensive $1500+ Herman Miller chair and a super expensive Dyson fan.

In my opinion there are other chairs to get if it’s using chanda money and other fans to get instead of the highest brand name version. I’m only aware on the tech aspects, I do not no other lavish brands huzoor probably uses and if you know you can talk about it. But getting a 1.5K+ chair (at least in Canadian $) is absolutely ridiculous. What are your thoughts? He could’ve gotten a cheaper and more powerful fan, but I guess a Dyson works out. Also his entrance with Mercedes Maybach (probably rental but still) to events such as jalsa is lavish spending, not even the PM of Pakistan Imran Khan does this type of thing.

See this video for an example of him arriving to events using MULTIPLE Mercedes Maybach ($200K cars).

r/islam_ahmadiyya - Thoughts on Huzoor having a $1,500+ Herman Miller chair and a Dyson fan?

Screen capture from the video posted of the Mercedes Maybach(s)
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