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Fauzia Faizi confirms that the Mirza family is full of incest and rapists

The Mirza family are a group of sick people. MGA’s son, the famous Musleh Maud preyed on boys and girls. The British Government allowed him to do whatever he wanted.  A few years ago, Fauzia Faizi did an interview wherein she described the inner workings of the Mirza family, Samina Khan, a German politician also weighed in. Fauzia Faizi also discussed how Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad was raping his own daughter and etc. Fauzia Faizi is the great grand daughter of a companion of MGA, Dr. Syed Abdus Sattar Shah. She is also the niece of Abd u Rehman Khadim (Author of Ahmadiyya Pocket Book).
The family of Fauzia Faizi

Her father was Professor Faizi (Faiz-ur-Rehman), he taught at T.I. College in Rabwah, Pakistan for many years. He seems to be related Maulvi Barkat Ali. Her father had 3 brothers and 3 sisters, 7 in total. On her mom’s side she is directly and closely related to Mirza Tahir Ahmad.  Her mom (Seema) was the eldest daughter of to Syed Wali Ullah, who was a son Dr. Syed Abdus Sattar Shah. Seema had 6 siblings, 5 sisters in total and 2 brothers. Fauzia Faizi’s uncle was Malik Aziz-ur-Rehman.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________When Syeda Maryam died in 1944

Fauzia Faizi was told that her aunty, Syeda Maryam was physically and mentally tortured by the Khalifa. They said that she died of depression, however, there were other reasons. As soon as she died, the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, who was 55 years old at the time, began frequenting the house of Fauzia Faizi’s mother. Fauzia Faizi’s mother was barely 14 years old at the time. The Khalifa even proposed marriage with her. However, Fauzia Faizi’s grandmother said NO, and was very upset by this proposal.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Khalifa forces Fauzia Faizi’s mother to marry Professor Faizi

Fauzia Faizi’s mother was forcibly married to Professor Faizi, per the order of the Khalifa.


_____________________________________________________________________________________________Links and related Essays

My Maryam – Part I


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Questions for Ak Shaikh, via Keekee

Keekee is running wild. Here are some questions.

1. He doesn’t understand why Akber c asked why Keekee removed those videos? Its about Keekee’s tajweed, its not good. Its about Keekee’s arrogance and rudeness. MGA didn’t know arabic and was challenged by Pir Mehr Ali Shah. MGA didn’t show up to Lahore. MGA couldnt say the letters Duad, Ain, Ghain, Qaaf and many others. MGA was not fluent in arabic. MGA didnt learn 40,000 roots in one night. The Lahori-Ahmadi’s dont believe this. My experiences at Rabwah.

2. He says he won a court case in 2020 vs. his brother. That’s a lie. He didn’t win anything. The restraining order was not approved. But what about in 2018? In 2018, keekee did the same, I saw him in public, I tried to say salaam..he screamed police and took me to court and his restraining order wasn’t approved. Did I celebrate? The problem is that Ahmadiyya teaches over competitive behaviors and Ahmadi’s get hurt as a result of this. See the case of Amjad Khan and his teeth.

3. he says he only removed the videos because it hurt me. Not true…I removed my videos about his wife and asked him to remove his videos about me through a cousin. Keekee was also supposed to stop saying my name…which he has reneged on. he is just too competitive and won’t admit to it.

4. Khurram’s tajweed is below average, severely. He was the local president for 9 years via a fraudulent election. What is his position now? Any national positions? regional?

5. Does Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad know about Razi and Keekee and their online behaviors? Have they approved of them?

6. Ahmadi’s are all atheist. Ahmadi’s disrespect Muhammad (saw) all the time. What about them?

7. He says that every person on zaitoon fm is an atheist. Is this takfir? But why do Ahmadi’s cry persecution then? Why do Ahmadi’s do open takfir in america/Canada/Africa/the UK, Germany and India but cry about not being lawful Muslims in Pakistan?

8. Ahmadi’s crank calling? My experiences in Rabwah. Porn at the internet cafe’s. Ahmadi’s crank call and harrass people. even the sons of Noorudin were harrassed.

9.  He’s mad that we laugh at Ahmadi’s and their behaviors. Even Fauzia Faizi was ill treated.

10.  Ahmadiyya causes people to hate Islam. Easily and quickly.

11. then he accuses ex-ahmadis of crank calling? He is happy that he told on his brothers for questioning and threatening a local president. He is happy to have beat us. He told on us. We didnt quit because of crank calling. We quit because of the prophethood of MGA. Khurram wanted the family business and his wife. the jamaat doesnt punish crank callers, Khadim Shah and Khurram try to kill their family for threatening Jamaat Presidents. Love for all, hatred for none? It wasnt me…calling. Khurram snitched. How did Khurram kiss up to his children after that? didnt all of those children marry non-Ahmadi’s? Are they fake ahmadi’s now? he bought them shoes, food and totally kissed up. Keekee is a kiss up.

12. keekee thinks that khatam in 2:7 is different than in 33:40. He wont answer. He also wont answer as to why MGA claimed to be the second coming of Muhammad (saw)(nauzobillah) via 108:1 and 62:3. he wont answer. He wont answer whether MGA claimed to be superior to Yusuf (as) and Esa (as) and many others.

13. He keeps asking akber C to teach him Quran.

14.  He admits to corruption at Rabwah and Qadian.

15. Chanda aik keera hai humaary thumag mayne—kee kee says. What is Zakat vs. Sadaqa? Why doesn’t keekee know?

16. Momin asked about Chanda’s. This was my issue. I was forced to work 7 days a week. Keekee didnt care, as long as he controlled the money.

17. He is rude again…”can I speak?”. He says its his program, and he can behave as he wishes. Jootee say juwab karna? May vee kerra?

18. he tells momin to go and give a lecture. hahahah. He doesnt want to hear us.

19. they accuse us of disrespecting Muhammad (saw).

20.  Excessive chanda. Why? My house leaked water when I was growing up. we were poor. the mullahs would come and steal money from us. Keekee didnt care, in 2003, he made a deal with my father and father did tabligh and abandoned his responsbilities. Keekee then lvoed to give loans…he wanted prestige and respect. My teeth were messed up as a kid, i got no help..I got married, I had to pay the bill.

21. Why did Muhammad (Saw) collect money. The wars. Not a non-profit corporation. Zakat is not monthly. Sadaqa is the category of Ahmadiyya chanda. Muhammad (Saw) needed money during war time. During peace time, the requirements are much less.

22. Muslims gave excessive amounts of money during war. In fact, during Ww-2, Nizam e nau was published and the Khalifa was scared. During war, rules can change. Marrying more than one wife is only during dire circumstances like war and other scenarios.

23. He says poor people in Ahmadiyya give more. This is my life story. Keekee is in mounds of debt, his business is bankrupt, he has refinances his home 2-3 times. Islam teaches to take care of your family first, even after death. Giving money to non-profit global corporations doesnt exist. Islam teaches us to feed our neighbors after our family. In the USA, we pay taxes, in Pakistan, Zia instituted Zakat. A Muslim has a responsibilty to his own city first where he/she may live then the world.

24. He says only Ahmadi’s are sacrficing their lives and money. this is where the Mirza family is guilty of human trafficking, they are just as bad as the Catholic Church.

25. If a man doesnt pay his employees (his children), he needs to pay them. Keekee’s dad owes one of his sons $250,000 dollars. When will that be paid? at his death? How will the jamaat get that money?

26. Why werent the victims of 2010 attack buried in Bahishti Maqbara? Werent they deserving of it.

27. Wasiyyat is even spent on investments. See the Panama Papers.

28. Ahmadiyya is a business. A global non-profit corporation.

29. Keekee illegally went for Hajj. He refinanced a fake-Ahmadi’s house and helped them start businesses.

30. He says that anyone can not pay chanda. But they can make it up later.

31. he says he’s not a Jamaat official. He was president for 9 years.

32. To get asylum, an Ahmadi has to pay chanda for 3-4 years in London, Canada, Germany.

33. Shias have it worse in Pakistan as do Christians, Hindus and Sikhs.

34. he says Shias are also against Ahmadis in Pakistan.

35. Ahmadiyya persecution? But in 1987,

36. But I couldnt confess that i wasn’t an ahmadi to them…they would have killed me. They would have fired me. And they did. they forced my wife to hate me.

37. Keekee gave Ahmadi’s so many opportunities. Younus Mirza, Sohaib Yunus, Umair Yunus, Waqar Bajwa, Chris Komari, Ahmadi’s could steal from him, and not even show up to work…Keekee didnt care.

38. Ahmadis got better jobs than the average Pakistani from 1947 to at least 2005. Sohaib Yunus almost killed himself. Most Ahmadis are unqualified. My dad got a job at Wabda. My dad hired Karl. My dad always tried to get employees to convert.

39. Ahmadi’s are the most qualified people in Pakistan? Yunus Mirza? Umair and Sohaib?

40. Mirza Muzzafar Ahmad. So many Ahmadi officers in 1947?  Then keekee admits that there is a preference issue. However, in America, its illegal.

41. What about the Shezan company? Zafrullah Khan getting jobs? Muzaffar Ahmad job at the World bank>?

42. Not everyone can drive a tow truck. Its hard work. He is trying to justify his hiring of Ahmadi’s. He helped Yunus Mirza start his own business.  he wouldnt help me at all.

43. There are barely 40,000 Ahmadi’s in Pakistan and shrinking fast. In India it is much less. Dr. Abdus Salam would call the professors of Ahmadi students and beg them for special treatment. Khurram let his brother in law borrow $3500 in 2004, he gave me the money. He does this to earn sway and buy friends.

44. He claims that Ahmadi’s dont get jobs because they are Ahmadi’s. but there arent any jobs in Rabwah. Only jamaati jobs.

45. In America, if an ahmadi is working in an ahmadi company and he doesnt go to Juma, how will they treat him? IN America…keekee paid Ahmadis cash under the table, and avoided sales taxes.

46. No one who is an ahmadi and who isnt. Do people know that Khurram’s cousins are Ahmadi? In the I-10?

47. But in 2003-2006, my dad went to his village and everyone knew he was an ahmadi. he was never touched.

48. He says that Ahmadis are forced to read prayers at home. that s a lie. I went to the Ahmadiyya place of worship in 2004 in Lala Musa, in the heart of the city. Nothing happened. Belize is much more dangerous than Pakistan.

49. he claims that they are afraid in Pakistan…however, in America/Canada/the Uk and outside, Ahmadis are bold and arrogant and do takfir. they call us murtadeen, they call us atheist and etc.

50. He says again..only Ahmadis are sacrficing their lives and property. NO one else. That’s bold and arrogant.

51. When did Wasiyyat become a monthly payment? Was it 2005?

52.  Did keekee do Wasiyyat? Is he a munafiq? Did Noorudin do wasiyyat?

53. Why did MGA say that paying doesnt get someone into Ahmadi heaven? why the double speak? Didnt he do this with Prophethood and the his claim of being the messiah?

54. If a person doesnt pay chanda…they doubt that he even prays. This is how they felt about me.

55. Qurbani? New world order? The Mirza famiyl wanted to contrl the land of Ahmadi’s. Like they did in Rabwah and Qadian. This is how they control peopple. In fact, in Qadian, the majority of Ahmadis live in poverty.

56. Sadaqa doesnt get anyone into heaven. When someone dies, their debts must be paid first in Islam. My dad owes me 250k. But the Ahmadiyya mvoemetn will force us to sell his house.

57. Keekee doesn’t understand that Zakat is yearly…not monthly. He doesnt understand…poor people are exempt from Zakat and Sadaqa. Sadaqa is only allowed via smiling. However, chanda is mandatory no matter what. Even from welfare money.

58. Abu Bakr brought half his wealth during war. Not during peace and for a non-profit global corporation.

59. But Ahmadis are not Mutaqeen. Ahmadis are anti-islam murtadeen, confirmed by the entire worlds ulema, even Professor johnathan Brown.


60. He hated me since 1992 and my other brother.
Unchanged: 61. Keekee quotes 89:15-16. However, he doesn’t quote MGA. What money did MGA ever give? When was this revealed? Keekee is aggressively accusing ex-Ahmadi’s of refusing to pay chanda. What about the man who steals from his family? This ayat has nothing to do with Chanda. Keekee robbed both of his brothers. This doesnt just apply to the orphan. When my dad died, he wants all of that too. Refinancing? Bankruptcies? Is this how? He says Pakistani’s behave like this normally…however, Keekee tries to blame Pakistani’s and not Ahmadi’s. That punishment is not written in the quran..the quran says, when the day of judgement will approach.
Unchanged: 62. keekee then fumbles and can’t answer as to why Bashishit Maqbara exists in the first place.
Unchanged: 63. He goes back to his debate tactics. He can’t be honest, that’s the issue.
Unchanged: 64. He doesn’t like when we give examples. When we give parallels.
Unchanged: 65. Keekee hated me since I was 11-12.
Unchanged: 66. Jamaat Ahmadiyya does force people to pay chanda. They embarass people, and keep asking and keep asking.
Unchanged: 67. They hated me, since I didn’t pay.
Added: 68. excessive begging for chanda.
Added: 69. He doesnt even want to hear us…he called it a lecture.  Hilarious!!!
Added: 70. In America…we dont burn down the houses of those who dont pray…in fact, we dont even ask. Keekee didn’t read the whole hadith. He is being arrogant again.
Added: 71. What masjid did MGA go to for daily prayers from 1840–1876?
Added: 72. Keekee says its his program, he can go whatever he wants.
Added: 73. Abu Bakr only gave during a maj

74. Keekee says he doesnt care where the Ahmadiyya INC uses his money.

75. MGA refused to show accounts.


AHMAQON KI JANNAT (Fools paradise) by G.R. Awan

AN INTRODUCTION TO BOOK “AHMAQON KI JANNAT” (FOOLS PARADISE). In this book, the author confirms what Fauzia Faizi has said about the Mirza family and the story of Affaf Azhar. Rabwah is not a holy place. The full book can also be found here on this website. Who is G.R. Awan?

G.R.AWAN is Born in Lahore and Belong to Muhallah Islami Bagh, Behra District Sargodha. G.R.Awan Journalist , Researcher , Scholr and Author,

Lived in Chiniot from 1969–1978 and from 1979 to date living at Lahore.

Worked as Journalist, Feature, Story, Fiction, Column Writer in Monthly “Sayyara Digest”, Urdu Digesi Hikayet.

Char diwari, Weekly Zindagi, Daily Imrozfrom 01-01-1983 to 31-12-1989.

Worked as Senior Sub Editor “Daily Nawa-i-Waqt” from 1st Jan-1990 to 30 March-1990.

Worked as Senior Sub Editor “Daily Mashriq” from 1 April -1990 to 31st Dec-1990.

Worked as Senior Sub Editor “Daily Pakistan” from 1st Jan-1991 to 30 June-1994.

Worked as Senior Sub Editor Daily Khabrian” from 1 July-1994 to 31st Dec-1996.

Working as Senior Sub Editor in “Daily Jang Lahore” from 1st Jan-1997 to date. Meanwhile worked as “Editor Jang Foreign Desk” & now working as “City Editor ”


Ahmakon ki Jannat ,

Sheeshon Ka Maseeha

Asan Kashaf-ul-Mahjoob ,

Benae leila

Tasheel-i- Nahaj-ul-Balagha (Under Publication) ,

Kaisy Kaisy Log (under Publication).

GR Awan is the Author of Book AHMAQON KI JANNAT. His family belonged to Chota Sahiwal district Sargodha, Punjab Pakistan. He was born in Lahore. His Father Sufi Fazal Karim was an officer of Agriculture Department Government of Pakistan. because of his father,s posting to Rabwah, GR Awan has to move there and get admission in Taleemul Islam in class 5, in 1965. He remained there till he graduated from TI College Rabwah. GR Awan authored this book based on his personal observations and memories of Rabwah. He is a journalist and has served with renowned newspapers Jang and Nawai Waqt in Pakistan. Since the book sheds light to the life and behaviour of Jamaat ahmadiyya and its handlers Mirza Family particlularly the time of Mirza Nasir. we have attempted a summary of few chapters of the book in english language here.

On arrival at Rabwah, father held a meeting with Mirza Nasir, and told him that he will shift his office and residence in city as the official accommodation was far away from the city. He assured him to extend all cooperation as far as his department is concerned but he will not tolerate with any intervention in his religious matters. Mirza Nasir told my father that the former Officers did not cooperate with them so they had to hire their own staff to look after their lands, gardens and crops. Mirza Nasir then helped in acquiring a a vast house and sufficient accommodation for my father,s office in the city of Rabwah.

I arrived at Rabwah in 1965 along with my family. Abbaji (father) received us at bus stand and put our baggage in an old tonga pulled by a wavering horse. The road was broken and bumpy. We reached at Ameen Manzil situated in the western side of city in a lane called Alfazl wali gali. I found strange kind of writings on the city walls, all the way from bus stand like Ghulam Ahmad ki Jai, King would seek blessing from your dress.etc. Rehmat Bazar Ghalla Mandi was nearby, on one side of our house was the house of Mistri Fazal Din of Siberia, Noor Ahmad Abid the Sadr Town committee lived on the other side of our house. Ibrahim Pehelwan was another neighbour. The house faced a vast ground and Chacha Muhammad Hussain , Ch Sarbuland Khan and Baba HILJUL lived across the ground. Another personality, worthy of mention, lived there called Sufi Basharatul Rehman who was a Professor in Arabic and later became the Principal Taleemul Islam College.

At every big road in Rabwa there were big sign boards with the warning that smoking is banned in Rabwah. So every stranger in the city has to hide his cigarettes but there were many shops selling cigarettes openly. Selling Cigarrettes was allowed but smoking was not. However, I saw many teachers of TI School and elders of Jamaat smoking openly. Dr. Parwazi, Mirza Majeed aka Mojoo were one of them. This proves that Jamaat has duplicity in its policy.

All the houses in Rabwah were constructed in L shape. Each house has a tree. Telephone exchange was installed recently in Rabwah so every house has a telephone connection in it. Gas connection was provided to Rabwah as early as in 1965 when the rest of the country did not have this facility.

It is generally observed that beard makes one,s face full of blessings but it made the faces of Qadianis uglier. Every Qadiani in Rabwah has a strange kind of beard on his chin only. Later I came to know it was called french cut beard. Every young and old wore a cap on his head under the instructions of Ghulam Ahmad. These caps were Rampuri Cap, Jinnah cap and Liaqat cap.

I made some shopping from Bazar in Rabwah along with father. Big shops in Rehmat Bazar were Lahore House, Shahid cloth House, Naeem Pumpy House and DarulKhair Gen Store. Darul khair and Shahid cloth were looting the customers with both hands and there used to be the herds of Houris in the shop whole day. Noor Kajal and Rings having insignia of “Alaisallahu bi kafin abdah” were sold at all the shops. When asked, we were told that Rings have the Ilham of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani and the Kajal was made according to the chemical formula of Hakim Nuruddin.

At the corner of our lane was the office of daily Alfazl it was only a qadiani Jamaat preaching circular. It has the news of performance of Qadiani missions, old sermons of Mirza Qadiani and Ishtihar of Noor Kajal and medicine for digestion. It propagates that Qadiani religion is progressing fast across the world. Roshan Din Tanvir, a frustrated kind of a man was editor of this newspaper. The printing press of this newspaper was installed at some unknown place where some Qadiani propaganda books were also printed and published secretly. All the Qadianis were bound to purchase this paper.

Before we reached Rabwah some ahmadi Families in our maternal town Bhera has informed their ahmadi relative in Rabwah about us so they started to invite us on meal. Among the families which gave us very best protocol was the family of Atau rehman. This Bhera origin family was called Physics family as the Father Mian Atau rehman was a professor in Physics at Degree college Rabwah and four sons were all master degree holder in Physics. Mian Ataurrehman, the father had three daughters two of them were teachers at Nusrat High School and one being my class fellow.

They offered to teach us after school time so I along-with my sisters started to attend tuition classes from the girls. They teach us in a gentle manner they offer us a drink of cold milk daily during the class. The girl did not talk us on religion but their mother used to tell us that she recites the poetry from Durre Samin, when asked what was Durre Samin, she told that this is the poetry of their Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. One of the girls used to ask me , have you seen Hazrat Masih e Maoud I would say no. So she would say OK I will show you. One day I said lets show me your Masih e Moud. She was very pleased to listen to this. So she went inside and brought a photograph of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani which I saw for the first time. It looked very bad to me so much so that I could not control my emotions and said is he a prophet ? Prophets are not so ugly. The girl’s face got pale to listen to this blunt remark. From that day, the behaviour of the family got changed and they lost interest in us. Abbaji told us that they will not teach us anymore. So we decided not to go their any more.

Saleha Khatoon an Ahmadi lady of Bhera origin, came to see us. Her visit was intended to try her luck regarding our conversion to ahmadiyyat. She found my mother speaking native language of Bhera and said Bhen ji tusi apni boli nai badli? meaning sister you did not change your native language in this city. Mother due to her witty nature has guessed that she has come for tableegh purpose, so she said “Sister neither we change our language nor our religion”. Saleha Begum saw her trick failed so she fired another arrow saying Bhen ji there is a meeting in our locality on each Thursday where useful religious informations are shared. You may come to that meeting this will help you knowing about others. Mother again thwarted this attempt by saying that she has a lot of work at home and secondly there is a big difference between my religion and your’s so she do not consider this meeting to be of any use.

At the same evening the younger brother of Saleha’s husband came to Abba ji and said my sister in law came to your house for tableegh but she ran away after listening to the befitting reply of your wife. Then he said they don’t take care of me. I am an educated person but having no job. Can’t they arrange a job for me? Then he abused Mirza Qadiani and his family and said I have no option otherwise I would have send curse upon this religion.

Once Rashida begum from neighbourhood came to mother and said now when our hazrat sb has visited your house, you may accept ahmadiat. Mother said we are already ahmadi but not Mirzai. As regard the visit of Mirza Nasir to our house is concerned, he is a friend of my husband, Before partition many hindu and Sikh elder used to visit us but we did not accept their religion so why would we accept your religion. We are rather the ummat of our beloved prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of god almighty be upon him and do not need any other religion.

Hidayatullah Khan a Pathan from Charsadda became friend of Abbaji. Telling his story of how he became ahmadi, he said before partition, once he went to a friend in Gurdaspur where he met a man who took him to Qadian. He took me to the house of one of his relatives who had a beautiful girl. I myself was a young handsome guy at that time and got fascinated to see the girl, they offered me to accept ahmadiyyat and get marry to the girl. So I accepted ahmadiyyat without any hesitation. They married the girl to me. Since my parents were dead against Qadianis so I could not go back to them ever since. He said he moved to Rabwah after partition and now after spending long time in Qadianism, I came to the conclusion that it is a false religion and now my wife is also convinced to this belief and both of us wants to repent from this religion. Abba ji sent them to Sufi Barkat sahib of Salarwala where the Khan sahib reverted to Islam and left Rabwah for his native town for ever.

Talib Hussain was a Baildar (Canal worker) with Abbaji. His neighbour a Qadiani couple Zafar and Zubaida trapped him. Zubaida acted in a manner as if she has fallen in love with him. Both husband and wife did their best efforts to convert him to the ahmadiyyat. He was about to accept ahmadiyyat when Abbaji came to know of it. Abbaji did his counselling and threatened him that if he did not mend his ways, he would get him transferred to some far flung area. Abbaji took him to Sufi Muhammad Ali of wadi e Aziz where he did baiyat. When Zubaida and Zafar came to know that Talib took baiyat with some other pir instead of Mirza Nasir, they closed their doors to him for ever.

Mirza Nasir the then Khalif permits common Qadianis to have meeting with him twice a week. Poor ahmadis have to face lot of hard ship for getting appointment. They used to come and say Huzur Assalamo Alaikum huzur make dua for me. Then they put cash, prize bond, jewellery and other valuable items in that box. When I met Mirza Nasir along-with Abbaji, I saw that magic box and watched how poor people put their hard earned money and valuables in that box. The income from that box goes to khalifa,s personal account.

In 1972 flooding caused great damage to almost all part of the country. The river streams also damaged nearby city of Chiniot but Rabwah remained intact because of its height and mountains surrounding it. My ahmadi class fellow would say to us muslims see this is the miracle of ahmadiyya that all parts of country was hit by flood except one place and that was Rabwah. Now you people have left with the only option to accept ahmadiyya otherwise the flood would sweep you one day. Once I said there are two places, you forgot to mention one more place that has not been hit by flood. Curious to know the other place the ahmadi immediately asked about other place. I said one is Rabwah and the other is Heera Mandi of Lahore. A place known for prostitution, music and singing. This reply silenced qadianis. I said these two places do not deserve flooding but they deserve to be hit by Azab.

Once I was sitting at the shop of Saleem Mochi (a shoe mender) I saw an old man with wavering legs and shivering hands came to the shop. Suddenly the shop was surrounded by large gathering and every one was looking at that old man lovingly. They all wanted to listen from him the happenings at MGAQ,s time. After a little pause he started to tell strange kind of stories of Mirza time. He also narrated a joke which was vulgar and obnoxious. I felt it very awkward to see an old person using such filthy language. When he left, I asked about him. I was told that this was a sahabi of their fake prophet. I kept quite thinking about the level of prophet whose sahabi was like this.

I happened to meet another Sahabi like this who was in his eighties. All his conversation would end at the topic of sex. He would say people in Rabwah think I was an impotent ox so young women used to sit beside me in a tonga or bus thinking that I am a harmless person for them but only I know that it becomes very difficult for me to control my sex desires when their body touch with mine.

In Rabwah I happend to see another Fake Sahabi of fake prophet who was about to complete a century of his age. He was fond of getting married to a young beautiful girl. He was known as Arey arey tere ghar te Minarey in punjabi phraseology. He was a short heighted, black complexioned with a stereotype qadiani turban. I found him supplicating in the middle of the market at the roar of Ameen Ameen by gathering. His supplications was as under :-
“O Allah give me a hill of wealth that I get buried under it. I could not find a way to come out of this wealth heap. People to come get me out of this. Give to me a large villa having gardens and army of slaves and concubines. If I call one of them they all come running to me.
O Allah once all this is done then send a cute young aged and frail body wife who fell in love with me and i get married to her. We live there in that house a happy and peaceful life after our marriage. Then we sing this song Arey Arey terey ghar te minarey. “

After the end of supplication Baba starts singing and dancing. He danced too much that young people could not match his stamina of dancing. Once the show was over I asked some body as to who was this baba, the answer was Sahahbi of Hazrat sb. MGAQ.

The author has narrated so many things about homosexuality in Rabwah and the loose characters of Mirza Family youth but we do not touch them for the sake of brevity and decency. Author has also included some articles in his book about word Rabwah, Qadiani Jamaat hate for Allama Iqbal, a renowned philosopher poet. And ahmadis who are sick of ahmadiat but can’t break the shackle of system. etc etc. Any urdu knowing person can read the whole book available on internet.
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Affaf Azhar is also an Ex-Ahmadi

Another Ex-Ahmadi has came out and gave her story to AK Shaikh on Zaitoon FM. Towards, the end of the podcast, the famous Ahmadi troll, Muhammad Yahya Khan came on and complained that Affaf was doing proper purdah and etc, so shameful. You can see additional interviews of Affaf Azhar here.

Summary of her comments in english

 This is a good podcast if you want to hear that beginning at about the 13th minute mark.

Throughout she mentions that she does not agree ideologically/religiously with AK Shaikh. Also goes on to mention a couple of times that she came on this platform because she believes that audience of AK Shaikh needs to hear about human rights and humanity [alluding that she things religious, conservative crowd does not have any idea of human rights]. Some of the points I found interesting in her statements:

  1. She says that the use of religion as an oppressive force and the culture around that in Rabwah is not very different from any other town or village of Pakistan [I am assuming that she is talking of areas of a comparable size and socioeconomic status]. The only difference for her is that Ahmadis are often silenced in the name of “Nizaam-e-Jamaat” when others are open to seek remedies like courts etcetera.

  2. Her experience of seeing Mirza family girls treated in a special way at school… but that is more or less expected after so much that I have heard of already from trusted sources.

  3. Men oogling schoolgirls in Rabwah with their hands moving between their legs. She goes on to say that this is prevalent in Pakistani society not just Rabwah.

  4. Taboo around sex education and safety of minors from sexual assault.

  5. Threats of divorce around not openly voicing or pursuing cases of sexual harassment or assault.

  6. Nonseriousness and irresponsibility around women’s issues. She relates a story here about her own experience for which she claims the file would still be with Amoor-e-Ammah, Rabwah. After severe sexual harassment via phone and physical threats, she filed a letter to Amoor-e-Ammah. The chief visited their home and said that it is probably the girls of the house who have bad character. Affaf collected audio evidence after which Amoor-e-Ammah told them to stay silent. Another Ahmadi, Lateef Ghaznavi, lobbied with news outlets to release the news which got police involved and the harassment stopped, but the society at large looked and said about them weird. Amoor-e-Ammah even wrote a letter to her dad, who was outside of the country, that his daughters are of a bad character. When he called back, Lateef Ghaznavi clarified the situation to him. After this, her father asked them to be silent until he relocates them to Canada with him.

  7. She mentions Jamaat politics being used to malign domestic issues. Rabwah people would use Jamaat as a reason or tool to conflate domestic issues with disobedience of Jamaat and such. She also relates this to Western countries where till some time ago Ahmadis were not allowed to go to courts for resolution of domestic issues. Probably alluding that both have the same thinking behind them.

  8. She mentions that domestic abuse statistics are not released or discussed in Rabwah. She says she has some data on this.

  9. She talked about abusers becoming high ranking/respected members of Jamaat.

  10. Policing of beauty parlor services in Rabwah. She mentions a few cases where that is oppressive to differently abled women for example.

  11. She concludes with saying of Socrates that “I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think”. She insists that women rights are critical to the progress of every community and for all humanity. Goes on to say that the problems of Khalifa, Khatme-Nabuwwat are all secondary to human rights. That hatred is a bigger problem than theological debates. At this she quoted Rumi that “I saw many humans on whom there were no clothes, I saw many clothes in which there were no humans.”. AK Shaikh presented the message of Quran as message of humanity. Affaf insisted through Ibne-Khuldoon and Sheikh Saadi that religion must outgrow old traditions.

Final few words of Affaf at around 1:11:00 mark of the video are worthy of being translated as is: “When our knowledge, arguments and stories stand helplessly bowing in front of obedience and reverence then we need to understand that decisions about truth are not done by time but by future generations. Our standards of truth and veracity are also in the hands of future generations and we don’t see good signs for them.

She closed her remarks with this poem of Faiz Ahmed Faiz


Summary of Question/Answer session:

First question was by u/BashirAhmadShah about Fauzia Faizi. Affaf said she doesn’t know about her. Second question from him was about the age difference between KM3 and his wife. Affaf said that it is a personal matter. At some length, however, she talks about how people won’t voice any concern about it due to their obedience and reverence.

A caller named Naveed asked about women are being motivated/socially coerced to donate their jewellery and what is the impact of that? Affaf said that she does not view Ahmadiyya as Jamaat or sect, but as business so this question becomes a nonquestion for her in this way.

Ahmadi pk asked if Affaf had proof and said that Quran says to never discuss something without proof. A moderator named Amir Haq told the reference for the ayat. Affaf said that her personal experience is 30 year old and that all the people involved are proof including her parents, her relatives and other residents of Rabwah. Further she insists that she has said the exact year of her case which should have a file in Amoor-e-Ammah still.

Dr. Muhammad Yahya called and commented about the program that it is not a religious program, his call was cut off for this. When his voice was resumed he started to talk about how Affaf is creating an atmosphere as if her experience was very bad. His call was again cut on this. Affaf said that she is used to such tactics and that she is not here to gain sympathy. She didn’t take sympathy back when she faced this, and she is fighting for the rights and voice of women.

Najma Yousaf called and congratulated Affaf on coming live, expressing herself and asked her to continue her efforts. Affaf said that she met Najma when her father was killed. Najma felt harassed in Rabwah and that is when Affaf and Najma met. Affaf didn’t go into the details of their coordination because she said that isn’t the purpose of the program.

Muhammad Ilyas called and commented about questions. Nothing about the topic as such.

Tahir Ahmed Dar called and called Dr Muhammad Yahya as Pansaar. This generated some discussion between AK Shaikh, Tahir and Amir. AK requested to call Yahya with respect and not make fun of him regardless. Eventually Tahir Ahmed Dar requested Dr Muhammad Yahya to appear on his program.

Caller named Engineer asked about which sect Affaf belonged to. Affaf said that, not just sect, the real religion is humanity. She concludes by saying that we live in a human society and humanity is critical to all our decisions.

Muhammad Akhtar congratulated Affaf on coming into the folds of Islam and pleaded AK Shaikh and participants into exposing “Qadiani”s as they don’t represent Islam. AK Shaikh said that the people who appear in the program are not necessarily a part of some sect. Affaf said that the problems she is discussing are a part of the entire society [of human beings/Pakistan], not just Ahmadiyyat. She further said that the problem she is here to highlight is that these problems are not acknowledged or discussed in Ahmadiyyat which is why she is here, otherwise the entire society is rife with these problems.

Mr. Saba called and asked why Affaf left Ahmadiyya and inquired if it was because Affaf did not want to do Niqaab/Purdah. Amir Haq went about discussing an event from Sirat-ul-Mahdi where the wife of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed did not want strict purdah for his wife. Affaf Azhar said that in the book “Orhni waliyon ke liye Phool” [Flowers for the draped women] Mirza Bashiruddin Ahmed sahab praised Western women a lot. Like he praised them for working very hard and fast, and a great thinker who worked for her society at large. She questioned if the Western women did all this under purdah restrictions. She ended by stating that Ahmadis don’t allow women to practice law and one of the excuses they give is that it involves interactions with criminals. She questions how women who can give birth to criminals cannot make criminals better humans. She states that Ahmadis don’t let women be women so in the end women have to choose either to be women or Ahmadi.

After this Affaf went off the call.


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Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad’s 3rd wife was only 14–17 when he married her

We have covered the life and times of the playboy of the Mirza family herein, he had 7 wives in total and 23+ children. He had a few wives who died mysteriously and in the prime of their youth. The mother of Mirza Tahir Ahmad is another. She was also the grand-aunty of Fauzia Faizi, who revealed many internal facts about the sexually abusive lifestyle of the Mirza family. In this story, notice how the Khalifa saw the shape of her body and became infatuated, he also remembered her as an infant. In this same way, MGA was infatuated with Muhammadi Begum and tried his best to marry her.

The story from “Meri Maryam”, Anwar-ul-Ulum, Vol. 17, pp. 347-372; Al Fazl, 12 July 1944, pp. 1-8; Translated to English by Al Hakam

Syeda Umm-e-Tahir’s youth

Approximately 36 years ago, the Promised Messiah, peace be upon him, settled the nikah of our younger brother, the late Mubarak Ahmad, with Maryam Begum, daughter of Dr Syed Abdus Sattar Shah Sahibra. The purpose behind the nikah was probably to see the practical fulfilment of some dreams and eliminate any subsequent cautionary aspects. However, Allah’s decree came to pass and Mubarak Ahmad returned to his Lord.

The young girl, who was completely oblivious to the concept of marriage owing to her age, began to be referred to as a widow. At the time, Maryam was two and a half years old. She would often leave the Gol Kamra [the round room – best known for being a guest room in the life of the Promised Messiahas] where the late Dr Syed Abdus Sattar Shah Sahibra would reside, and along with her niece, Naseera, she would come upstairs [to the main part of the house] and play. At times, they would become somewhat perturbed and start crying and thus, I would sometimes pick up Maryam or Naseera and take them back to the Gol Kamra.

On such occasions, it was unimaginable that the girl I had picked up to take back downstairs would one day become my wife. What was even more unimaginable was that I would one day have to pick her up and lower her, not towards the Gol Kamra, but towards her final resting place; not with the thought that I would see her face again, but with the certainty that the face I saw before me in the coffin would be the last time I would see it with my physical eyes and that I would never be able to speak to her again.

1907 to 1917

The young Mubarak Ahmad passed away and Dr [Syed Abdus Sattar Shah] Sahib’s leave had come to an end. He returned to his work in Raya, District Sialkot. Syed Waliullah Shah Sahib and Dr Syed Habibullah Shah Sahib were studying at school at the time. Both were my friends, but Dr Habib was closer than most friends. We were both very similar and inseparable as peers, but I had never imagined that their sister would again be a part of our family.

My friendship with him was only because of him and not because their sister and our brother were, for a short period, married. Many days and many years had passed and Maryam’s name was erased from our memories.

One day – either in 1917 or 1918, after the demise of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Ira – I was in the house of my late wife Amatul Hayy. As I left the washroom and approached our room, at the edge of the courtyard that was in between both rooms I noticed a very thin girl dressed in white and, after seeing me, move back against a wooden wall and wrapping herself [as if to hide]. As I entered our room, I asked my late wife, “Amatul Hayy, who is that girl standing outside?” to which she replied, “Did you not recognise her? She is Maryam, daughter of Dr Syed Abdus Sattar Shah Sahib.”

I was surprised and said that she had covered herself and that even if she had been in front of me, I would not have been able to recognise her. After 1907, that was the first time when Maryam came into my thoughts.

Nikah with Maryam

Now, I began enquiring whether her marriage had been settled anywhere, but I received the response, “We are Sadat [belonging to the Syed family – the lineage of Hazrat Fatima and Hazrat Ali, Allah be pleased with them]; our widows do not remarry. If she is to marry in the
household of the Promised Messiahas then we will allow it, otherwise she will spend her entire life as a widow.”

This came as a shock to me. Therefore, I tried my utmost to arrange Maryam’s Nikah elsewhere, but it came to no avail. Eventually, I attempted to convince my brothers through various means. I would tell them, “Her life should not go to waste in this manner,” and would urge them to consider marrying her, but I always received a negative response.

It was at that point that the thought occurred to me: No action of the Promised Messiahas should prove damaging to a person. Thus, it was for this reason (and because I had a cordial friendship with Syed Habibullah Shah Sahib and Syed Mahmudullah Shah Sahib) that I decided to marry Maryam myself.

Early photo of Masjid Mubarak, Qadian, where Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad’sra Nikah was announced with Hazrat Umm-e-Tahir, Maryam Begumra 

Thus, in 1920, I sent my proposal through the late Dr Syed Abdus Sattar Shah Sahib, which was accepted and on 7 February 1921 our nikah took place in the old part of Masjid Mubarak [Qadian]. It was more of a house of mourning than a nikah ceremony; all that could be heard was the wailing of worshippers; tears streamed down all faces.

Eventually, I brought Maryam to our home in a very simple manner and left her at the house of Hazrat Ummul Momineen [wife of the Promised Messiahas, Hazrat (Amma Jan) Nusrat Jehan Begum Sahibara]. She allocated a room for her where I would stay with her frequently. The room where Maryam Siddiqa now resides was the same room where she resided for five years and where her first child was born – Tahir Ahmad (the first, who died at a young age).

It was after his birth that she fell extremely ill and this illness eventually led to her demise.

Early days of marriage

In the early days of our marriage, [Maryam] was extremely thin and had certain facial features that were not very pleasant to me. Similarly, she had a strong Punjabi accent and I detest the usage of Punjabi in our home. She was somewhat facetious in nature and while speaking in Urdu, she would often deliberately mix Punjabi words in her sentences to irritate me.

As she was her parent’s favourite child, if she did not like something, it would irritate her and make her cry profusely, causing a stream of tears. At times, she would cry incessantly for a couple of days. Perhaps this was due to traces of hysteria. When I travelled to England, there was some sort of friction between her and the late Amatul Hayy and as a result, I became somewhat displeased with her. Upon my return, I found that most of the fault actually lay with Amatul Hayy. Due to that displeasure, in the initial part of the journey, I did not write to Maryam but, Alhamdolillah, Allah soon enabled me to realise the reality and I saved her from any further hurt.

I wrote a loving letter to her from Italy, which she preserved. I wrote a couplet in it also, the gist of which is that Rome is a beautiful city, but without you, it appears in ruins. One day, that couplet was mentioned in 1930, seven years after my journey to Europe. As soon as she heard the couplet, she shot up and brought the letter to me saying, “I have kept that letter ever since!” I sent the same couplet to Amatul Hayy. It is strange that God’s will had it that they would both pass away, leaving me alone not just in Rome but to live in this world.

Final promise to Syeda Amatul Hayy

A few days after returning from England, Amatul Hayy passed away. I could not find anyone to care for her young children. Right before her demise, Amatul Hayy expressed great concern for her children’s upbringing. She would express her concern especially for Amatul Qayum Begum [along with the rest of the children] by saying, “[Amatur] Rashid, being brought up by a wet-nurse, will not remember me after I am gone. Khalil is only a month-old and will never know me. Amatul Qayum is the eldest; What will become of her?”

She would glance at each of her children one after the other, but on this subject, she never glanced at me. Perhaps she thought to herself, “What does a man know about raising children?” I would repeatedly look towards her to say something but would supress my feelings in the presence of other people.

Eventually, when we got a moment of privacy, I said to her, “Amatul Hayy, why do you worry so much? If I live, I will look after your children and Insha-Allah will not let any harm come their way.” For her solace I uttered those words, but in reality, I hadn’t a clue what to do.

Fulfilment of a promise

The night after Amatul Hayy’s demise, I asked Maryam, “A heavy burden has been placed on my shoulders. Can you help me?” Allah bless her soul a thousand times over for she immediately replied, “Yes, I will take care of them! Just as a mother brings up her children, I will raise them.”

The following day, I brought [Amatul] Qayum and [Amatur] Rashid to Maryam as a way of passing them on to her. Both of us were oblivious that we were, in fact, giving consent to her death, because as a consequence of this responsibility, both of us endured many hardships. However, it was a result of those hardships that we remained hopeful of Allah’s blessings.

Amatul Hayy was very dear to me and still is to this day. But I cannot truthfully say for sure that if she remained alive, she would have attended to her children when they fell ill in the same way as Maryam attended to them. May Allah raise her soul to the closest possible station to His threshold and may Allah show mercy upon me too. It was no ordinary thing for a 19-year old girl to suddenly become a mother of three. However, she readily and enthusiastically took up the responsibility and helped me in a time when nobody in the world could. She relieved me of a promise I had made at a time when I saw no way of fulfilling it. That moment is still before my eyes when I took Qayum and Rashid to Maryam and she embraced them with tearful eyes, saying, “From now on, I am your mother.” The girls, who were still weeping and scared, immediately jumped into her arms.

A prayer for love that God accepted

At that moment, I made a pledge to her:

“Maryam, if you raise these children, I promise that I will love you immeasurably”. I cried and cried before God, praying that Allah developed love in my heart for her, which He heard. From that day onwards, I had great love for her. Any reservations I ever had were removed and she won my heart over. A face that was unpleasant for me became the most beautiful face in the world and her carefree attitude which once offended me became her birth right.

Astonishing intelligence

Maryam was not very literate, and her handwriting was very untidy. She could not read or write very fluently. She would take lessons for a few days before dropping them, however she was remarkably intelligent. She could take a hint through the subtlest of facial expressions and body language. One would think that she had her very own way of acquiring knowledge of the unseen. She possessed a very sensitive temperament. Where sarcasm was not the motive, she knew how to extract it; where displeasure was not intended, she would still sense it. If she was treated better than others, even then she would feel as though she was being subjected to injustice.

This was all something that I was the prime subject of, and this was where her intelligence would be rendered useless.

Her pure faith in Ahmadiyyat

Maryam had true faith in Ahmadiyyat. She had a deep love and dedication for the Promised Messiah, peace be upon him. She loved the Holy Quran and would recite it melodiously. She learnt the recitation of the Quran from a hafiz and for that reason – albeit with slight overemphasis – she could pronounce the Arabic t’s and q’s very well. She was not capable of initiating intellectual discussions but would thoroughly enjoy thought-provoking talks.

On Fridays, if the sermon was on a special subject, after the sermon, I would enter our house with the certainty that Maryam’s face would be beaming with pleasure and that she would immediately overwhelm me with compliments, saying that she had really enjoyed it. This certainty would very rarely be proven wrong. I would always find her waiting for me at the door. Her whole being would be buzzing with ecstasy at such moments.

(To be continued)

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My Maryam – Part I

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My Maryam – Part I

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Mirza Ghulam loved to have multiple women on his bed

MGA was a bon-vivant, so was his promised son, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, this exactly how MGA was presented by the same son in court in the 1930’s. As we all know, MGA kept many female night attendants, who were required to massage MGA’s legs as well as care for his other needs. In fact, we have found that one of the female relatives of Fauzia Faizi was used a night-worker for MGA, massaging his legs and taking care of all of his needs. Later on, the same people would infiltrate Fauzia Faizi’s home and begin raping her. The relative of Fauzia that connects her to Ahmadiyya is Dr. Abdul Sattar Shah. Remember, only MGA’s inner circle was allowed into his house, and those people were mostly tight lipped about the “goings-on” in the Mirza household. Nevetheless, in the below, we show a scenario wherein MGA had 2 women on his bed, and thus invited more to come and sit on his bed. Remember, these are the old charpais, they aren’t very big, for 4 people to sit on it is remarkable, they must have all squeezed in and been in a situation wherein legs are over legs and etc.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The quote
Quotation ref 1524 seertul mahdi (part 5)

Rough english translation 
On authority of rasool Bibi, that a Lady came while she was wearing gold ornaments and sat on the bed on which Mirza and his wife was sitting. The Other “young-ladies” started laughing and said that if they had Gold rings and ornaments, they could have also sit on his bed . The wife of Mirza related that the Girls had such a conversation. MGA (on getting knowledge of this scenario) laughed and called those ladies to sit on his bed.


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Who is Dr. Abdus Sattar Shah?

Dr. Abdus Sattar Shah was a British government official employee, he worked as some type of doctor, he seems to have been a student of the famous Syed Abdul Latif. By 1907, he was living in Qadian and tending to Mirza Mubarak Ahmad. He was chosen to give his infant daughter in marriage for MGA’s dying son, Mirza Mubarak Ahmad. They were married per some weird desi custom wherein marrying off a dying kid might somehow save his life.  He sided with the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s and remained loyal to the Mirza family after 1914. In the 1917-1921 era, he agreed to marry off the same daughter (who had already married Mirza Mubarak Ahmad) to the Khalifa. She was very young, barely 10-11 years old.  She is the famous mother of Mirza Tahir Ahmad, she was affectionately called Umme-Tahir by her inner circle and outer circle of Ahmadi’s. Syeda Maryam was dead by 1944, her cause of death is unknown, she was roughly 37. A great-grand-daughter of Dr. Abdus Sattar Shah is Fauzia Faizi, she recently gave an interview wherein she exposed the level of incest and rape that existed in the household of Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad. Fauzia Faizi is the niece of Mirza Tahir Ahmad, her mom’s female cousin is married to Mirza Tahir Ahmad. Fauzia Faizi is also a second or third cousin of Mirza Masroor Ahmad’s wife (Subuhee or Amatul Sabooh).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The children of Dr. Syed Abdus Sattar Shah, he had 8 children, 5 boys and 3 girls

1—Syed Wali-Ullah Shah, he married a woman was half turkish and half Syrian (the grandfather of Fauzia Faizi), Fauzia Faizi’s mother was Seema, his eldest daughter, he had 7 children in total.
2—Syeda Maryam (married to the 4th Khalifa, Mirza Tahir Ahmad)(died 1944)(Fauzia Faizi’s mom’s first cousin was Mirza Tahir Ahmad)
3—Hafiz Syed Mahmood Ullah
———————Grandson–Syed Dawood Muzaffer married the sister of Mirza Tahir Ahmad
4— Dr Syed Habibullah Shah Sahib

The Khalifa, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad see’s Maryam walking in Qadian, he soon asks to marry her (1917)

Maryam was barely 10 years old, the Khalifa saw her walking in Qadian and seems to have fell in love. He married her officially 4 years later in 1921 (see Fazl e Omar, page 215). We think she was 14 at the time that she was taken home by the Khalifa.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________She seems to be the same age as Amtul Hai

Syeda Maryam became the 3rd wife of the Khalifa. We are not sure if she was given a separate house or not. Amtul Hai must have been close by, we are also unclear on her living arrangements. Amtul Hai was roughly 17-18 in this era. In Fazl-e-Omar we are told that Syeda Maryam famously didn’t get along with both of her husbands wives. The Khalifa left British-India for the UK in 1924, while he was gone, both of his young wives seem to have written letters begging for help, they claimed that the Khalifa was raping their daughters and etc.
Amtul Hai dies mysteriously in 1924, after the Khalifa returns from London
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Syeda Maryam dies in 1944, Mirza Tahir Ahmad is 17 years old

The cause of death is not officially given. Nor are the details given. A few weeks after she died, the Khalifa married another woman, thus bringing his current wife count to 4. WIFE #7
Bushra Begum aka Mehar Appa, married on 24 July 1944, daughter of Syed Aziz Ahmad Shah

NO children.
______________________________________________________________________________________________Random Stories from Ahmadiyya literature

MGA told Dr. Syed Abdus Sattar Shah about a revelation (roughly after 1902)

“”Dr. Sayyed ‘Abdus-Sattar Shah narrates that the Promised Messiahas said:

Very close to this Minaret, two angels appeared before me [in a vision]. They had with them two sweet loaves of bread. They gave those loaves to me, saying: One is for you and the other is for your followers.””1274 [Siratul-Mahdi, part 3, Riwayat no. 885, p. 263]

1274 note—Note by Hadrat Maulana Jalal-ud-Din Shamsra: This dream is published under About 1874, page 23, where one angel and a nan is mentioned; and word dervishes is used instead of followers. If it is the same dream, there may be some lapse in the memory of the narrator. Or it may be a different vision. [Allah knows best.]

(((See 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, page 1063)))

Dr. Syed Abdus Sattar Shah gets beat up for the cause of Ahmadiyya, but converts someone in the process

In this book, compiled by Ahmadi’s, it is written how Dr. Shah argued with a Non-Ahmadi Muslim, until his head was busted open. The person who busted his head open feared that he was going to get arrested and given 20+ years in jail. That person then converted to Ahmadiyya and NO crime was ever reported. Its a fishy story.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________From (Ashab e Ahmad by Malik Salahuddin. Nazir-Taleem-o-Tarbiyat, Secretary-Bahishti-Maqbara-Anjuman-Ahmadiyyah-Qadian, Vol-1 page 60). Ashab e Ahmad is quoted herein quite a bit.  

Mirza Mubarak, the son of MGAQ was born in 1899. He was suffering from a fatal disease since his birth. Dr. Khalifa Rashiduddin and Dr. Syed Abdul Sattar Shah were his physicians.

One day somebody watched a dream that Marriage ceremony of Mubarak Ahmad has taken place. The dream expert was consulted who told that the dream indicates of the death of Mubarak Ahmad. However Somebody advised that Mubarak may be married to a girl to avoid the death.

In those days Dr. Abdul Sattar Shah and his family were staying in Qadian. MGAQ asked Mrs. Abdul Sattar Shah to marry their 2 years old girl Maryam to Mubarak. Although Dr. Abdul Sattar Shah knew that Mubarak is suffering from a dangerous disease, yet he agreed to the proposal due to his affection with his Peer. However this superstitious move did not work and eventually Mubarak Ahmad died at the tender age of 9 years. This gave a blow to the superstitions of Mirza Qadiani .

A pic of Dr. Abdul Sattar Shah

The scan work from (Ashab e Ahmad Vol-1 page 60)

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Hadrat Doctor ‘Abdus Sattar Shah Sahib, Compiled by Ahmad Tahir Mirza, p. 63, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyyah, Pakistan


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Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad was raping his own daughter, Amtul Rasheed, in the early 1920’s

We have covered how Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad forcibly married the daughter of Noorudin. The Khalifa eventually killed her after she wrote several letters and sent them to important people in the Punjab in terms of Kings who take advantage of common people. She wrote these letters while Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad was away on his tour of the UK. She died shortly after the Khalifa returned.  In his reminisces, the Khalifa described this women as ugly and etc.

Noorudin’s eldest son was also murdered mysteriously in this era.  His 2 younger sons would eventually be kicked out of Ahmadiyya in the 1950’s.  Hence, the entire family of Noorudin has left Ahmadiyya one way or the other.

Amtul Rasheed
She was being raped by her father, the Khalifa.  He raped her extensively, she was barely 10 years old.  Her mother was so disturbed by all of this that she wrote letters to high ranking people in the Punjab and was killed.

Fauzia Faizi confirms all of this

The video

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The Establishment of Lajna Ima’illah and the Sacrifices of Early Ahmadi Muslim Women

The Establishment of Lajna Ima’illah and the Sacrifices of Early Ahmadi Muslim Women

Audio Player

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The Haqiqat Pasand Party founded in 1956 by Chaudhry Ghulam Rasool

Founded in 1956 by Chaudhry Ghulam Rasool, this was an offshoot of the Qadianis that focused on publishing books about the character of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad and the ‘tyranny’ of the Khilafat.  They published a book called Tarikh-e-Mahmudiat. In this they collected eye-witness accounts of twenty-eight Qadiani men and women who left Qadianism because of Mirza Mahmud’s immorality. All the narrations in the book are given on oath before Allah that they are not lies. Evidences therein prove that Mirza Mahmud was a very immoral person. Although Mirza Mahmud was alive those days when the book was published he dared not disprove any of those acts of his, to the extent that when they were repeated in subsequent writings none of his progeny challenged them.

Chaudhry Ghulam Rasool sahib of village # 35 near Sargodha had only 10th grade/ high school education when he questioned Qadiani Khalifa 2 Mirza Mehmud Ahmad. He had to leave comfort of family, support of relatives and security of jamaat in Rabwah. He faced extreme economic hardships. It is amazing how he survived. It only proves Allah SWT is great protector to those who stand for right cause in His service. Besides getting degrees of higher level in formal education (mentioned in first post in this thread) he authored numerous books. Some of them are:

Four volume book on life of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWS ‘Syed Al-Bashar’

Good size book on History of Islam ‘Tarikh-i-Islam’

Book on Comparative Study of Religions ‘Mazahib-i-Alam Ka Itaqabli Jaiza’

Book on Economic System of Islam ‘Islam Ka Muashi Nizam’

Book on Political System of Islam ‘Islam Ka Siyasi Nizam’

Book on Social System of Islam ‘Islam Ka Imrani Nizam’.

And many more as text books etc.

His next project is on Dictionary of Holy Quran in Urdu.

Professor Ghulam Rasool sahib has two sons. Older one recently earned his Ph.D in parasitology from University of Calgary, Canada. Younger one is doing his MS in Computer Science here in USA. Similarly, his daughters are physicians in Pakistan and USA.

Professor Chaudhary Ghulam Rasool sahib, M.A. (Arabic), M.A. (Islamic Studies), L.L.B. of Chak #35, Sargodha, Pakistan was the first person to question QK2. The HPP movements started with a single sentence, in a personal letter, that Professor C.G. Rasool sahib wrote to QK2 in reply to his (QK2) Friday sermon and in defense of Maulana Noor Ud Din sahib. Later Professor sahib got so much on the nerves of QK2 that even in last speech of his life on Annual Jalsa, in 1956 (available on Qadiani Jamaat official website ‘Khilafat-e-Haqa-Islamia’) QK2 mentioned Professor sahib name 3 times. Professor sahib is also mentioned in ‘Tarikh-I-Ahmadiyyat’ (History of Qadiani Jamaat), volume 19, authored by their historian Doost Muhammad Shahid.

Malik Aziz-ur-Rehman’s niece,  Prof. Chaudhry Ghulam Rasool’s sister in-law Fauzia Faizi (daughter of Faiz-ur-Rehman)

The Haqiqat Pasand Party was also mentioned in 1965 by Ahmadi authors

Although the Qadiani organisation had always been very authoritarian since the Organisations in 1914, the post-independence atmosphere in Pakistan was one in which the old deference to authority was being replaced by a confident class that wanted answers. This movement was coinciding with a global revolution in thinking – something that led to Vatican II. With the paralysis of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad as a result of an assassin’s attack, the Qadiani organisation never understood the need for re-calibration, thus developing many cult-like tendencies.

Link to an old letter from a Qadiani scholar to one of the Party’s leaders: Letter from Abul Ata

In October 2010, Chaudhry Ghulam Rasool declared that he was a part of ‘mainstream Islam’ and that he did not believe that it was necessary for a Muslim to accept any of the claims of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Since his offshoot was from the Qadiani branch, this is essentially repudiation of the Ahmadiyya.

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