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Judy Sgro, immigration fraud and the Ahmadiyya Movement and Naseem Mahdi

Per the Hill times (2004), Judy Sgro openly admitted to taking $5000 in donations from the Ahmadiyya Movement and thus handed out ministerial permits and 8 travel permits to members of the Ahmadiyya Movement (Naseem Mahdi). Judy Sgro is a canadian politician that was greased by the Ahmadiyya Movement in their attempt to gain government support for their asylum business. Even in 2016, she was still showing favoritism towards the Ahmadiyya Movement. Back in 2005, the Ahmadiyya Movement donated heavily towards her campaigns. Mr. Naseer Sadiq donated $5000 Canadian dollars to her, and got lots of perks. She might have even attended the 2004 Ahmadiyya Jalsa in Canada. She did attend the 2014 at the UK Jalsa. We have posted data on the 2004-5 scandal, Akber Chaudhary and Mushtaq Malik have comments there too. See in the below. It seems that while at the 2004 Ahmadiyya Jalsa in Canada, Just Sgro claimed that there were 500,000 Ahmadi’s at the Jalsa, which was a lie that was told to her. Naseem Mahdi was heavily involved with this whole situation. John Ibbitson of globe and mail also wrote about Ahmadiyya jamaat’s involvement in Politics, which is illegal … a religious charity is not allowed to take part in politics , ……and it is illegal to spend religious donations on dirty politics, ( The Liberals did damage control by taking the insignificant case of Brampton pizza-store owner (proven liar and opportunist and since deported) as the last straw – but that was not the case: it was two National Post reporters in Ottawa hot on the case of the Ahmadiyya-Sadiq-permits angle that prompted the immigration minister to resign. Sgro’s chief of staff has taken the blame but that is just to fool the gullible — the signature was that of the honourable Minister and chief-of-staff is another name for private secretary — and such people are hired for loyalty. The Ahmadiyya Movement was breaking the law by funnelling money to London through the Earth station in US and through other personal channels. Canadian law requires charities that spend money outside Canada to have personnel stationed there. (like work in Africa) Jama’at took care of that loophole by reserving a spot for the satellite earth station on American territory in Canada’s name – and appointing a Canadian – Maulana Munir Ahmad – to be the full-time employee there. There are TWO sets of budget – one official and one under the table with “hissa markaz” (Centre’s share) on one but not the other. The only way to reconcile the two is through money laundering.

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his team of writers fraudulently claimed that Eisa (as) was a travelling prophet, and thus, made it to India

We have posted some scans in the below wherein it is stated that Eisa (as) was a travelling prophet, however, this refers to his life before the crucifixtion, and not after it. Watch Bro Haji’s video on this for a clearer explanation (towards the end). Qurtubi gives a good explanation also (see the scans in the below), he says that Eisa (as) would sometimes be in Egypt (Misr) and sometimes in Syria and sometimes by sea.

MGA and his team of writers also quoted Kanzul Ummul via Jesus in India for similar hadith.
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Khalifa Abdul Aziz, Naib Amir of Canada “participated in a dishonest, fraudulent, criminal or illegal scheme” when obtaining loans of Ahmadiyya Village in Vaughn, Canada

A highly respected national chair holder in Canada once committed fraud around 4 years ago with Chanda, MMA appointed 3 of his close companions to go to Canada and see if the fraud did occur, just 1 week later the chairholder was asked to pay back the fraudulent amount and leave his position, he did not pay back the Chanda but left his position. A new chairholder was appointed. In 1 week, swiftly and effectively the chair holder was removed, no one had to be shamed and the problem was solved. The jamaat is effective and does not publicly shame anyone… however I can’t say the same for the people.

There is a lot of conservative desi members in the Jamaat where the shaming comes from, not the jamaat its self.

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#Ahmadi’s fraudulently claim that #Mirzaghulamahmad was mentioned in 43:57 of the Quran

As we all know, 43:57 to 43:67 is about Esa (as) and how he is a sign of the final hour. #Ahmadis assert that 43:61 doesn’t refer to Esa (as), however, some of their later Tafsir’s (by the 2nd Khalifa) seem to contradict the Qadiani position. It seems that MGA never commented on 43:57. in 1917, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s didnt use this either. However, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s asserted 43:57 was an indication of the return of Esa (as)(astagfarullah, naozobillah)(see Malik Ghulam Farid’s 1988 and 2018 commentary of the Quran).
43:57 of the Quran

“””When the son of Mary was cited as an example ˹in argument˺, your people ˹O Prophet˺ broke into ˹joyful˺ applause.”””

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Humanity First Exposed!!!!!!!!! Its a fraudulent organization that colludes with the Ahmadiyya INC

When it was first started, one of the principles of Humanity First (HF) was that it always tried to stay separate from the Jama’at (at least I felt so). But recently, the Khalifa took the matters into his own hands and made it extremely clear that HF is very much linked to the Jama’at & Ahmadiyya faith. Now this is problematic as it is against the foundation & identity of the Humanity First. It should be noted that in 2018, HF raised 4.1 million dollars. The Khalifa’s brother, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad is the Chairman of the Board, Munum Naeem is the fixer, aka President and Executive Director.

Let’s take a look at HF’s “About Us” page. The very first sentence:

Humanity First is a non-political, non-religious and impartial international relief and development agency that focuses on protecting human life and dignity.

Humanity First seems to invest most in areas where there is substantial Tabligh infrastructure and high potential like certain African countries and Guetemala. It’s a subtle way to win hearts of people towards Ahmadiyyat. It wouldn’t be so wrong if they didn’t pretend to genuinely help Humanity keeping beautiful principle of Humanity First.

There is big conflict in Humanity First’s mission statement and Khalifa’s proposed mission statement interjecting Ahmadiyya needlessly and scolding his members who strived to make Humanity First into a secular, humanist organization.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________When Mirza Masroor insist it is part of Ahmadiyya & it is very much related to faith, he’s essentially denying the statement that HF is a non-religious organisation.
Let’s take a look at the statement of Mirza Masroor:

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih said that some time ago he felt that the workers and management of Humanity First had the idea that if they gave their services unconnected with faith, perhaps the world would appreciate them more. Huzoor explained to the central management here that their significance was in being connected to faith and the Jama’at is mentioned in their works somehow or the other. And there was nothing wrong to, if need be, mention the Jama’at in some instances. What should be in sight is that we have to serve humanity to gain God’s pleasure. And we serve humanity because it is God’s commandment to pay the dues of mankind. We also need to have a connection with God and need to safeguard our worship because without this, there is no benefit in serving humanity either.
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The Ahmadiyya Conversion Fraud in Albania

The Ahmadiyya movement constantly lies about its membership, we have exposed the whole thing here. Albania was a communist country after WW-2. Ahmadi’s don’t seem to have gotten access to Albania until the 1990’s. Albania is roughly 50% Sunni Muslim. Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims 45,000 Albanian converts in 1995, the largest indigenous European Jamaat at the time. However, the Albania Jalsa of 2018 had only 332 total guests.
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The #muslehmaud prophecy is a total fraud

In the 1880’s, after MGA’s second marriage and his claim to receive Quranic revelations as his own, he also prophesied the birth of a son who would carry on his legacy. Ironically, he already had 2 fully grown adult sons, who he barely he even spoke to, he even boycotted their funeral. Nevertheless, in the early part of 1886, he publicized the prophecy. A few months later, a girl was born to him, she ended up dying of cholera just 5 years later, MGA had published an announcement just a week before her birth wherein he totally backpeddled, he assume that the girl as already born in MGA’s house and he was now egregiously lying. What’s interesting here is that MGA had guaranteed a son from that pregnancy, he was now walking-back that prediction. In 1887, Bashir-1 was born, MGA began to celebrate.
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Ahmadiyya “President” for Canada Abdul Aziz Khalifa is a former Lawyer banned to work as an lawyer in Canada for beeing part in a scheme for defrauding mortgage companies in granting Mortgages for the Ahmadiyya “Peace Village” housing complex in Vaughan Ontario

Ahmadiyya in peace village is a scam, we have written about it many times.  We found this article on reddit and have copied it in total.

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As a standard propaganda measure, Ahmadis claim to hold very high moral standards. And their members can be publicly humiliated with expulsion for failings such as attending a wedding or the funeral of someone.

This however is just the case for Ahmadi footsoldiers. When it comes to highranking Ahmadis who bring benefit to the Ahmadiyya sect even through criminal means, they can get away with anything and are even awarded with high positions within the sect.

One of the highest ranking Ahmadi individual, the Ahmadiyya “President” for Canada Abdul Aziz Khalifa for example has been banned from practicing as a lawyer in Canada after it apparently emerged that he was part of a scheme to fraudulently obtain loans for the Ahmadiyya-Only housing complex in Vaughan Ontario. This however did not bar him from holding the highest Ahmadiyya Position in Ahmadiyya Canada.

Read the details here:

Call out Hypocrisy: Shamed Lawyer Abdul Aziz Khalifa, Canada Jamaat! on |


This is going to be the last post from me for a few weeks now. I have some matters that need my urgent attention and I must take a couple of weeks away from my duties here. I do not intend to be away for more than a few weeks however, if I have to be away longer than I have planned, I will let you all know. Yes yes before you start, no there are no issues and the Jamaat hasn’t scared me off and no one is in trouble, I just have other things that need seeing to. These ‘things’ are mostly work related. I have slacked off for far too long before and after the Christmas period and as the financial year is coming to an end, the pressure is on to get things in order and wrapped up. I would also advise that I will not be checking emails, so if you do need to contact me, please hold off for a few weeks. That said, I plan to change my email address and find one that works better with proxies as hotmail is an absolute nightmare. When it is set up I will then be able to reply to those that do email more often and more promptly. insha’Allah. Comments for all posts will now be locked to relieve my friend from her moderation duties, but I will allow comments for this particular piece so we can hear from our Canadian readers in particular.

As I don’t have the time to scan or censor any documents so in this instance, I will leave you with something that ties in nicely with the post I put up on Sunday RE: Canadian Expulsion Checklist.

A revert to Islam from Ahmadiyya in Canada emailed me a few months back and alerted me to the shady character of the Canadian branch of the Ahmadiyya Cult, Deputy President (Naib Ameer) Khalifa Abdul Aziz. His position within the Cult, for the benefit of those not in Canada and those not familiar with him, can be confirmed by clicking on this link. He requested that I write something up about this Khalifa character, to elucidate the very apparent hypocrisy and mistreatment of ordinary Ahmadis in the Canadian Jamaat.

Khalifa Abdul Aziz is a disbarred and convicted lawyer who lost his license to practise law in Canada due to financial fraud and misconduct, involving mortgages of more than 30 properties in Ontario. On doing some research and on asking around some contacts here in London, I am under the impression that this fraud allegedly involved the Ahamadiyya housing complex in Maple known as ‘Peace Village’. However, I must emphasise that I am unable to verify this, but this was told to me by a couple of sources here in London and a cross check with a relative in Canada seemed to confirm this.

A quick search of ‘Khalifa Abdul Aziz Canada’ on Google returned this:

Abdul Aziz Khalifa (1971), of the Town of Vaughan, was found guilty of professional misconduct for: participating in a dishonest, fraudulent, criminal or illegal scheme to obtain mortgage financing based on inflated purchase prices concerning 30 properties; failing to serve his mortgagee clients; acting for all the parties, namely the vendors, purchasers/mortgagors and the lenders/mortgagees, to several real estate transactions, where there was a conflicting interest without providing adequate disclosure to or obtaining the consent of his mortgagee clients and without advising all his clients that no information received in connection with these transactions could be treated as confidential vis-à-vis the other parties; and failing to disclose to his mortgagee clients his ongoing relationship with 8 individuals/companies and recommend that they obtain independent legal advice.
By Decision and Order dated June 20, 2006, the Hearing Panel ordered that:

     The Member be granted permission to resign his membership in the Law Society within 30 days, failing which he is disbarred.

     The Member pay costs of $1,000 within 30 days. 

(Counsel for the Society, Naomi Overend/ Member not present and not represented) 

(The Member's resignation became effective June 29, 2006)

The Ahmadiyya Jamaat Canada is co-run by a dodgy lawyer found guilty of financial fraud, involving a significant number of properties back in 2006, and he stills holds this position today! If you note from the above extract taken from the LSUC website, it states that ‘the member’s resignation became effective June 29 2006’, and so it seems Abdul Aziz Khalifa accepted his guilt and handed in his resignation. If he was not guilty and it was a misunderstanding, he would have fought the ruling to save his career and reputation but obviously not, because the odds were stacked up against him. For those Ahmadis that will say ‘but he wasn’t even Vice President in those days but was given the job afterwards, once he had repented’ please click here where you will be able to confirm that Abdul Aziz Khalifa held this position at the time of his conviction. He still holds this position today.

It’s funny when Ahmadi propagandists swear blindly that no senior member of the Ahmadiyya Cult has ever had run in with the law, let alone be convicted for fraud, and boast that all AhmadisAziz Khalifa, where it is alleged that the financial fraud in which he was found guilty of involved the world famous Ahmadiyya owned Peace Village. Er Hello, did this not set off alarm bells for the Canadian members? Why is it that the Canadian Cult Jamaat did not take action against him, and why was he allowed to continue in such a prominent position? His character is questionable but he has been given the authority to lead the Ahmadi people in Canada, how does that figure?

In the UK, we have Nasser Khan for example, whose wife was convicted of Perjury and no action has been taken against him but at least his wife’s misdemeanour did not involve the Jamaat as such! Canada is one of the biggest communities of the Ahmadiyya Cult worldwide, yet one of its most senior administrative leaders is a disbarred lawyer, found guilty of fraud and misconduct? Is that the best you can do? Does Mas know about Abdul Aziz Khalifa’s case? If so, why is the ‘Khalifa’ turning a blind eye and letting this man continue to lord it over the Canadian Ahmadis? Does Mas have any principles? Clearly not but you insist on selling him as the ‘Man of the Muslims’ and expecting people to buy it? Please! What an insult! You Ahmadis need to understand just because Mas ‘bhoot pyar karne waley hain’ (he is so loving) it doesn’t make him a Khalifa. Drop the love and pick up some reality because not only is he the worst leader of any group of people but he isn’t as loving as you think….

Abdul Aziz Khalifa, you pathetic hypocrite and nasty little man, you have absolutely no qualms in participating in the very public expulsion of members from the community for ‘participating in a marriage against the teachings of Nizaame Jamaat’, but you present a different face to western leaders of the State you live in. Abdul Aziz Khalifa, you are beyond contempt and a man with no integrity and morals, where you participate in the financial fraud involving 30 properties, but you present an image of being one where you are a member of an international community that boasts ‘loyalty to State’. Abdul Aziz Khalifa, you were found guilty of misconduct and were banned from practising law but you very proudly stamp your name on letters authorising the expulsion of innocent and law abiding citizens?!

You were banned in 2006 but in 2011 you kindly authorised this:

You should have expelled yourself while you were at it. Why is it that there is one rule for the likes of you whereas for ordinary Ahmadis with absolutely no power, are treated like lepers and are subjected to public expulsions, resulting in social boycotting and the like? Why is it that there is such a system in place in the first place, if it doesn’t apply to everyone? Why do you advocate such treatment of your fellow members but no action was taken against you, for a crime that resulted in you losing your job? This is serious! Why are you still in the Jamaat, let alone in such a position? Why was no action taken against you? Why did you not stand down, if you were a man of any principle? You are a disgrace and a hypocritical despot.

It is shocking to see just how many Ahmadis are accepting of such blatant hypocrisy. What is wrong with you? Forget what I believe, but if you believe this is Allah’s Jamaat and you love it so dearly, then why do you insist on turning a blind eye? It is up to you to keep your Jamaat clean because you quite clearly cannot rely on your administration to do it, because they need a good wash down themselves!Do the right thing. This is a disgrace. Shame on you all who allowed this man to continue while he shamelessly helps run your Jamaat with an iron fist. And you have the nerve to poke fun at the Muslim world for it’s fair share of tyrants and dictators but the difference is that this Muslims don’t claim to belong to a divine sect.

For those Canadians who have access to similar Jamaat documents or anything that the Jamaat would rather not go public, I suggest you set up something similar and start exposing these scumbags for what they really are. It is not that difficult and it would be a great shame and an utter injustice against your fellow people if you kept quiet about it. Your State should know exactly what kind of spiritual thugs they are wining and dining with. They are disgusting and Abdul Aziz Khalifa is probably not an exception.

That’s all from me for next few weeks. Try not to miss me too much!

The Ahmadiyya fraud on Eclipses and the Mahdi

This entire entry was taken from here: Read our detailed essay on MGA’s claim of being the Mahdi herein. Also read how Fatih Masih told/urged MGA to make his claim of being the Mahdi based on the recent double eclipses in the month of Ramadhan in 1894.
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