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The Mirza family loves the persecution, they call it free press

I have written in many essays that Ahmadiyya leadership aka the Mirza family purposely got themselves declared as non-Muslim in 1974.  As we all know, Ahmadis were basically declared as Muslim in 1954, since the govt. of Pakistan observed that there is no clear definition of a “Muslim” in the Quran or any hadith.  All definitions from the hadith were found to be “confusing” and “unclear”.  The truth is….every hadith report has a context, and that context is rarely ever discussed, most people, especially Ahmadis, they use hadith and “create-a-context”, and then present their queer views.

Masroor’s Friday sermon today
In his friday sermon of today, he mentioned how in Algeria, Ahmadis were worried about marketing aka Tabligh and they wondered in terms of how they would create a “marketing-plan” that would be effective.  Then, all of a sudden, the govt. banned Ahmadiyya, this was the press that they needed…..this was the press that they were seeking, aka free press.

Masroor loves persecution
In his Khutbah, Masroor goes on to say that persecution is a blessing, in fact, the title of the sermon is “”Ahmadiyya Persecution – A Sign of Truth””.  This isn’t new, MGA and his sons have been radicalizing Ahmadis to be “suicidal” since 1889.  Most Ahmadi’s are willing to kill their children for Ahmadiyya, especially in Pakistan.

Its all a lie…..Ahmadis live well in Pakistan, in Rabwah, they have full police protection, there are rarely any incidents, plus, the Chenab Nagar police are paid off by Ahmadiyya leaders.

Lahori-Ahmadis should not have been declared non-Muslim in 1974
This is the proof that Mirza Nasir Ahmad worked in collusion with Bhutto to get himself declared as non-Muslim.  Lahori-Ahmadis dont believe that MGA was a prophet, so why were they declared non-Muslim in 1974?  It makes no sense…the only logical conclusion is that they were purposely declared non-Muslim per the request of Mirza Nasir Ahmad.  Further, even the famous cleric Maudoodi had written that Lahoris were Muslim.

MGA’s comments asserting that the persecution is necessary
“”””Benefit of opposition It is in no way difficult for God the Almighty to bring someone to naught but the more powerful has the greater courage. Moreover, it is very essential that such people should also be there. The enemies benefit the Prophets a lot. Most of the thirty Parts of the Holy Quran were revealed because of the opponents. Had everyone been like Abu Bakr to say “Amanna wa saddaqna” (we believe and we testify the truth) only a few verses of the Holy Quran would have been revealed – and that would have been total revelation, in the case of the Holy Quran.

Just as a tree needs clean water so also it needs manure. There is none who did not have people to oppose him. A lot of divine action is based on the mischief of the opponents. It is good for a prophet to have some opponents, for, they make him pray the more and more of the mistakes are shown to the world. This is also good for his followers, for, it gives them strength of faith.

As for God the Almighty, it does not take time for Him to bring millions of people to naught but he lets the opponents exist as a matter of necessity. Wherever there is silence (no opposition) the Jamaat there does not make progress. It is not easy for every body to understand the expedient ways of God.”””

(Malfoozat Vol. 7, pg. 368)

We need a class-action lawsuit from the UK wherein the Mirza family is arrested and forced to pay reparations to all of the families that it stole money from.  And Mirza Masroor Ahmad should be arrested and made to do manual labor for the rest of his life.

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The 1976, English edition of Tadhkirah, now available for free download

We have located, found and fully scanned the 1976 English edition of Tadhkirah.  This was the first ever English edition and translated by Muhammad Zafrullah Khan.  We have taken a keen interest to look up and find these older Ahmadiyya books and then compare them and then point out cases of Ahmadiyya editing.

The free download
Tazkira 1976 Zafrullah Khan

Takfir in 1906 is still there
See page 346

MGA called his sister-in-law a prostitute
See page 338

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Review of Religions, June 1947 edition, free download

We have found an old edition of the ROR-english from June of 1947.  This mostly relates to the conversion of Bashir Ahmad Orchard to Ahmadiyya.  This proves that he only joined Ahmadiyya based on the respect that was shown to him.

Review of Religions, June 1947, Bashir Ahmad Orchard

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“Kashful-Ikhtilaf” by Maulvi Sayyed Sarwar Shah (published February 1920), free download

Dear readers, we have obtained a rare book in the history of Ahmadiyya.  It’s called “Kashful-Ikhtilaf” by Maulvi Sayyed Sarwar Shah (published February 1920).  This is a book wherein two letters of Muhammad Sarwar shah are presented which explain the true account of the split.

Free download
Al Kushful Ikhtilaaf

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad said that “women’s freedom’s” is the cause of all evil and disobedience in the world


We have covered how in the Qadiani-branch of Ahmadiyya, women’s rights are trampled on, we have also showed how Ahmadi’s lie about this all the time Reasononfaith, in his recent video wherein he exposed this particular Ahmadiyya position, he quoted MGA from Malfuzat.  Which was collected after MGA died.  In this quote, MGA clearly said: “it is this very freedom (the freedom of women) which is root cause of all evil and dis-obedience”.  Anyone who can understand Urdu knows that this is an accurate translation.  However, we have found the Ahmadiyya editing team guilty of purposely mis-translating MGA’s writings, since they see the controversy.

The official Ahmadiyya translation of Malfuzat, vol. 7, pp. 134-136
“”””Many people urge the adoption of permissiveness like that prevalent in Europe, but this would be most unwise. Such unbridled freedom of sexes is the root of all immorality. Look at the moral situation in countries that have adopted this freedom. If freedom of sexes has helped increase their chastity and virtue, we will readily confess that we were mistaken. But it is crystal clear that when men and women are young, and have the licence to mix freely, their relationship will be most dangerous. It is but human to exchange glances and be overwhelmed by lustful desires. As there is intemperance and vice, despite the observance of the veil, it may be imagined what the situation will be like in case of unrestricted freedom. Look at men, how unbridled their behaviour is! They have neither fear of God nor faith in the hereafter. They only worship mundane pleasures. It is necessary therefore, that before granting such freedom as is being advocated, the moral condition of men should be improved and rectified. After men have developed enough self-temperance to restrain control their passions, you may consider whether the veil is necessary or not. To insist upon unrestricted freedom in the present circumstances would be like putting sheep at the mercy of lions.

What ails our people that they do not reflect upon the consequences of things? Let them at least take counsel with their consciences whether the condition of men is so much improved that women may go about among them unveiled. The Holy Qur’an, which lays down appropriate
directions consistent with the natural desires and weaknesses of men, adopts an excellent position in this regard:

Al-Nur, 24:31

‘Tell the believing men to restrain their looks and to guard their private parts. This is the act through which they will attain purification….’

The Islamic injunction that men and women should both restrain themselves in certain ways, aims at safeguarding them against slipping and stumbling; for, in the early stages human beings are inclined towards vice, and, at the slightest provocation, fall upon it as a starving person falls on delicious food. It is every one’s duty to safeguard himself.
[Malfuzat, vol. 7, pp. 134-136] (see Also Essence of Islam, Vol. 3, pages 329-330)

Do you see the difference?  
Ahmadiyya editors wrote “””Such unbridled freedom of sexes is the root of all immorality”””.  However, this is blatantly incorrect, MGA said,  “it is this very freedom (the freedom of women) which is root cause of all evil and dis-obedience”

The scans

A Laboratory of Modernity—The Ahmadiyya Mission in Inter-war Europe by Dr. Gerdien Jonker, Ph.D—free download

Also see here:

The free PDF download

Review of Religions, October and November of 1922–Free download

My team and I have found some of rare editions of the Review of Religions, which have never posted online.  Enjoy.

Free download
Ahmad Of Qadian


Review of Religions, March, April and May 1922–free download

My team and I have found some of rare editions of the Review of Religions, which have never posted online.  Enjoy.

Free download
Ahmadi Mother of Promised Messiah

Ahmadis attack a peaceful Muslim groups fundraiser through the press, and call them Nazi’s!!!

I have covered this story before here:

Ahmadis have now taken their propaganda a step further, they are feeding false information through their political contacts in an attempt to discredit all of their critics.  Ahmadis hate Sunni and Shia Muslims.  They have personally attacked all Muslim leaders in America and have called them terrorists and falsely reported them to the FBI.  Even Professor Johnathan Brown has called out Ahmadis for their generalized hate of Muslims.

Qasim Rashid and Kashif Chaudhry are Ahmadiyya spokesman in America
These two people are sons of Ahmadi Mullahs and behave as such.  They have been trained to hate and ridicule Muslims in America and abroad.  They have been trained to make connections with politicians and the media and to use any opportunity to defame their critics.  Its a never ending cycle.  These two were radicalized by Mirza Tahir Ahmad.

Other screenshots

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