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Republican Congressman Peter King hates Muslims, but likes Ahmadi’s


Ahmadiyya leaders have been ordered by their Khalifa to continue to grease politicians, whether they are democrat or republican, to the Mirza family, it doesn’t matter. In this picture, Peter King, who hates Muslims in America and hates CAIR, is seen hugging two Ahmadis, one of the Ahmadi’s is Muhammad Ahmad Chaudhry, who works in Silicon valley as CEO of the Silicon Valley Educational Foundation. Pete King is also the co-chair for the Ahmadiyya caucus.
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Qasim Rashid hates Muslims

Qasim Rashid is a fanatical Ahmadi who is the son of an Ahmadi mullah.  He recently tried to take credit wherein some Sunni-Muslims helped to secure a Jewish cemetary.  A sunni-Muslim who was involved in the situation tells us as follows:

“””Even though Sikhs are getting killed due to being mistaken for Muslims, they have never said, “Hey! We’re not Muslims!” Instead they have spoken out against Islamophobia. The Sikhs are a brave and principled people. They did not make this about them.

Then there is the issue of the Ahmadis. JK Rowling, author of Harry Potter, recently tweeted about Muslims rallying to help the vandalized Jewish cemeteries. And Qasim Rashid, an Ahmadi leader, tried to take credit for the Ahmadis saying that the cause was championed by THEM. So leaving it at Muslims rallying to help Jews stuck in his craw. So he had to hijack it for himself. It is true that one of people cited in the Independent’s article who said he wanted to stand guard over the cemetery was an Ahmadi. Perhaps, there were many more. Those Ahmadis should be praised for that. But this cause was championed by Celebrate Mercy and LaunchGood who are both orthodox SUNNI affiliated and raised nearly $160,000 of their $20,000 goal! Rashid then went on at length about how Sunni Muslims are so terrible to Ahmadis. He made this all about them. And now, due to his misrepresentation, Islamophobes are FALSELY claiming that the efforts to help the Jewish cemeteries are NOT Muslim, they are Ahmadi, and, therefore, Muslims should NOT be credited for helping their Jewish brethren in humanity. Good job (sarcasm).

I am absolutely against the marginalization and social injustices that happen to Ahmadis (primarily in Pakistan where they are most concentrated). But according to conservative estimates, there are only 10 million Ahmadis WORLDWIDE. There are 5 million Muslims in North America ALONE. Don’t hijack the very imminent crisis that North American Muslims face regarding Islamophobia right now. All Muslims are facing discrimination and very real hate crimes right now. Don’t you dare hijack the outrage against that for your own purposes.

Yes, Muslim orthodoxy has to do more to protest the injustices that Ahmadis face (primarily in Pakistan). So, I’m all for social justice for Ahmadis, but IN THAT CONTEXT. Let the point also not be lost that there’s a problem with injustice, corruption and violence in Pakistan IN GENERAL. What are the Shi`ah facing in Pakistan? Should someone hijack outrage against Shi`as being persecuted saying “Well, Ahmadis…”? That’s disingenuous. Each matter must be addressed independently and, if coalesced, must not be at the EXPENSE OF ANY OTHER GROUP. That is precisely what was wrong with #AllLivesMatter and even #MuslimLivesMatter.

And it is also important to add that Sunni Muslim orthodoxy does not accept Ismailis as being Muslim. Yet, they are largely untouched (with very few exceptions such as the bus attack in 2015) in Pakistan. Ismailis are actually rich, affluent and privileged in Pakistani society. So citing a direct relationship between Muslim orthodoxy rejecting a sect and persecuting it is NOT necessarily valid.

The Sunni and Shi`ah Muslim orthodoxy will NEVER accept Ahmadiyyah as a correct and valid form of Islam, just as the Protestants will NEVER accept the Mormons as a correct and valid form of Christianity. The Ahmadis believe Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to be a Prophet after Muhammad (‎ﷺ) just as the Mormons believe Joseph Smith to be a prophet after Jesus (‎ﷺ). That is the best analogy. Protestants have every right to believe that Mormons are not real Christians but they have absolutely no right to persecute them because of it. Orthodox Muslims (Sunni and Shi`ah) have every right to believe that Ahmadis are not real Muslims but they have absolutely no right to persecute them because of it.

But imagine if Mormons went on a campaign to force Protestants to believe that they were true Christians? I hope anyone of any religion would call that out for the nonsense that it is.

Now to the Muslim orthodoxy who do not believe that Ahmadis are Muslims: When the Islamophobes come for you, they aren’t going to ask if you’re Sunni, Shi`i, Ismaili, Ahmadi or whatever. They’re going to see what you look like, and even the Sikh, Hindu, Middle Eastern Christian or Sephardic Jew are going to be attacked (even killed) for being “Muslim”. Anyone “brown” is automatically “Muslim”. So based on our shared phenotypes and physical characteristics and appearances, WE ARE ALL IN THIS STRUGGLE TOGETHER, whether we like it or not. So this is not a time to divide and, thereby, detract from our collective and mutually shared pursuits of SOCIAL JUSTICE due to our THEOLOGICAL differences. You can politely point out that you don’t believe Ahmadis are Muslims —and you arguably should— but you better make sure you’re not stating that in a hostile, prejudicial or discriminatory manner, and you better make sure you’re doing it in a context, time and place that is A) Constructive and informative, and B) Doesn’t marginalize Ahmadis and their human rights.

Islamophobia is at a fever pitch. Everyone, KNOCK IT OFF and find ways to respect each other and work together for social justice. If you want to combat Islamophobia then you must fight social injustice that impacts Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, Ahmadis, and people of all races and creeds. Bigotry is a cancer that spreads to all cells indiscriminately. If you discriminate in favor of your liver for your pancreas, cancer won’t.

May God protect us all and bring peace to all of planet earth. Amin.”””””



Mirza Ghulam Ahmad said that Hindus need to testify to the truth of Muhammad (Saw), only then should Muslims stop eating Cows

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s books are full of hate towards Hindu’s and all other religions. He disrespected every single religion in India and with British protection. MGA also denigrates the hindu God Permeshwar. In 1908, MGA even writes that Permeshwar is 10 finger beneath the navel, which means something very grotesque. In the same year, MGA wrote that if Hindu’s need to testify to the truth of Muhammad (Saw), only then should Muslims stop eating Cows (See page 30). The ROR of Jan-1944 discusses this issue also and alleges that MGA wanted 10,000 Hindu’s to believe in Muhammad (saw) like they believe in RamChadra and Krishna, then, 10,000 Muslims should sign a contract that they won’t kill cows. MGA is alleged to have even said that if anyone breaks the contract, they should have to pay 300,000 rupees. Factually, in the early 1950’s and late 1940’s, the government of India banned the killing of cows, even in Kashmir, which is 98% Muslim.

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#Ahmadis are celebrating the death of Muslims via earthquake in #Syria and #Turkey

We have covered this before, Ahmadi’s are sick people and believe that Muslims are being punished all around the world for their rejection of Ahmadiyya. These beliefs are held by ALL Ahmadi’s, however, in the english language, they won’t say this openly, however, on the urdu channels, they say things like this regularly. One such channel is Taryaq Ul Qulub, the owner seems to be a fanatical Ahmadi living abroad who hates Pakistan and Muslims, he uses the fake name Jerry-Ullah. Nevertheless, as soon as the earthquakes happened in #Syria and #Turkey, he began quoting MGA’s famous prediction of Earthquakes back in 1906. And in his video he was asserting that Muslims are being punished for rejecting #Ahmadiyya and he specifically mentioned how the Pakistani government recently removed a bunch of minarets on Ahmadiyya temples in Pakistan. He quoted 17:15 of the Quran (17:16 in the Qadiani Quran) and started his speech explaining how Allah doesn’t send punishment until he sends a Messenger (MGA also quoted 17:15 in Haqiqatul Wahy). The ROR of July-1941 also tells the world that since they rejected MGA as the messiah, the Ahmadiyya God is about to send lots of punishment. The ROR of Sep-1941 tells the world that since MGA was rejected, earthquakes and other calamaties will continue to happen until MGA is accepted as a prophet.

Additionally, we have archived a video herein where Mirza Tahir Ahmad is claiming that ever since 1984 (and the passage of Ord-XX), he warned Pakistanis about their impending punishment from the God of Ahmadiyya. In 2022, Ahmadi’s shared this audio on tik tok and were bragging. This all goes back to MGA and his prophecy of the “doomsday-earthquake”, which was supposed to kill off non-Ahmadi’s (as a punishment) and increase the number of Ahmadi’s in the world until Ahmadi’s became the majority. In 2022, Qadiani-Ahmadi’s celebrated the floods and deaths in Pakistan–they called it punishment from God

Translation:: “”The One deity had stayed quiet for some time but those acts happened in front of His eyes and he stayed quiet. But now he will show His face with violence. Whoever has ears that are able to listen, listen that that time is not far! I tried to gather people under God’s peace but it was necessary that the requirements of fate be fulfilled!””
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Abu Hurairah warned Muslims about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad hated Abu Hurairah and even called him a ghabi, since MGA couldn’t accept his commentary on 4:159 and the physical return of Eisa (As). Abu Hurairah was a companion of Muhammad (saw), a very famous companion indeed. He narrated more hadith than anyone in the history of Islam. It should be noted that Abu Hurayrah spent 2 years 3 months approximately in the company of Muhammad and went on expeditions and journeys with him. He is credited with narrating at least 5,374 Ahadith (see the noted of Imam Bukhari in his famous collection). In fact, most of the sahih hadith in terms of the return of Eisa (As) come from Abu Hurairah. In contrast to Hurairah, Prophet Muhammad’s closest companions are credited with far less hadith; Abu Bakr is credited with 142 hadith, Uthman ibn Affan with 146, Umar ibn Khattab with 537, Aisha with 2210, and Ali ibn Abi Talib with no more than 586 hadith.
MGA proved this to be true in 1891 as he claimed that sahih hadith told that the Messiah/Mahdi would come in the 14th century.

MGA and his team of writers had also written in 1900-1902, via Tuhfa-e-Ghaznaviyyah, that all the companions were fools (nadaan), even Umar (ra)(astagfarullah), and this was because they all believed that Eisa (as) was alive in heaven (see Al-Milal wa al-Nihal) until Abu Bakr made his famous comment. It should also be noted that in Braheen e Ahmadiyya Vol. 5 (published after MGA died in 1908), MGA claimed that the beliefs of Abu Hurraira (ra) would lead Muslims to shirk.

Nevertheless, in the below, we have posted hadith from Abu Hurrairah wherein he relates that Muhammad (Saw) said to Muslims that in the latter days, many liars will appear who will quote hadith that have never been quoted before or simply don’t exist.

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Even Ahmadi’s hate Tarik Chaudhary on twitter as @Tarik_Chaudhary

He is the son of Khalil Chaudhary, who was connected to Naseem Mahdi. In 2022, when Naseem Mahdi died (5-24-22) he admitted that Naseem Mahdi gave him money and helped him immensely even though he was an idiot. The reason was….he was an ahmadi and his father was an important ahmadi. He married a white lady and fake converted her.

@Tarik_Chaudhary is a snake, a totally brainwashed cult member. He seems to have married a non-Ahmadi woman a few years ago. He has recently been tweeting about the hate that #ahmadis have been giving him. He barely knows any Quran or hadith and reads off of the Ahmadi script. He barely knows about the writings of MGA also, we have tried to engage him on twitter, however, he just curses at people, calls them ignorant and runs off. A few days ago, he began arguing with #ahmadis over twitter spaces and how he doesn’t like doing them, whereas many #ahmadis wanted to keep doing them. We have posted the tweets in the below, @Tarik_Chaudhary also beefed with @ehzan about 3-4 months ago on homeopathic medicine.

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Ahmadi Murabbi Rizwan Khan hates Ahmadi’s who are afraid to leave Ahmadiyya out of respect for their parents

Recently, the #exahmadimovement has been gaining lots of steam. The Ahmadiyya movement has taken notice and worried. Their gang of murrabi’s, which are their employees will be soon out of work if #ahmadis start leaving #Ahmadiyyat en-masse. Because of this, Ahmadi Murabbi Rizwan Khan has recently lashed out against Ahmadi’s in the west who disbelieve in #Ahmadiyya but remain as #Ahmadis out of fear of familial boycott. For this Murahbi to call people spineless when they don’t do that is absurd and morally wrong, not everyone has easygoing parents and unbiased outlets for questions like I had.

Calling people cowards for not leaving due to social pressure is crazy disrespectful. Again, I agree that you should leave regardless of the pressure, Prophet Muhammad PBUH spent years in persecution from virtually everyone save a few for something he believed in. But calling someone cowardice is just wrong, not everyone is Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Everyone has their own capacities and honestly, disrespecting someone for hiding it is just making them want to hide more.
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Ahmadi’s are “excessively-certain” and enemies of Muslims, by Nicholas H. A. Evans, “Far from the Caliph’s Gaze: Being Ahmadi Muslim in the Holy City of Qadian”

Nicholas H. A. Evans has recently published a book about Qadian and Ahmadis in 2020, this is based on ethnographic research that he conducted in 2011-2012 in and around Qadian (field work). “Far from the Caliph’s Gaze: Being Ahmadi Muslim in the Holy City of Qadian” by Nicholas H. A. Evans. Evan’s is a research professor at London School of Economics and Political Science, he works in the Department of Anthropology.

He called Ahmadiyya conversion rates from the 90’s and early 2000’s as a total fraud (fanciful)(see page 129 of his book).

Free book download—–Far from the Caliphs Gaze Being Ahmadi Muslim in the Holy City of Qadian by Nicholas H. A. Evans
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The Ahmadi Khalifa (Noorudin) supported the British government when they shot 20-30 Muslims who were rioting (1913)

We are reporting an incident from August 3rd, 1913, wherein the Ahmadi Khalifa (Maulvi Noorudin, who was living with one leg and immobile) supported the governments actions in shooting 20-30 Muslims who were rioting the decision to tear down a portion of a mosque (the famous Cawnpore [also spelled Kanpur] mosque shootings)(See the ROR of Jan-1940 also). Nowadays, Ahmadi’s cry when their mosque’s are torn down or partially demolished, however, when the British were in India, Ahmadi’s benefited and always took the side of the British government. The British government seems to have torn down this small portion of a mosque for a road, in the USA, we would call this as the concept of “Eminent domain”. The “Pagham-e-Sulh” magazine (Lahori-Ahmadi centric) supported Muslims and their agitation against the govt. Whereas, Noorudin wrote to the effect that “a bathroom forms no part of a mosque” and he reprimanded Ahmadis from supporting the rioters in the Pagham-e-Sulh. Eventually, Noorudin called this newspaper as “pagham-e-jang”, as a result of the publishing of “Izaharal Haq”. Whatever his comments were, it is obvious that he was displeased.

Furthermore, after 1914, Qadiani-Ahmadis as led by Khalifa 2 didn’t play a role in supporting Muslim ambitions in the sub-continent, whereas the Lahoris were trying to build bridges with the Muslim community and were even satisfied by converting people to Islam and not Ahmadiyyat. The tabligh work of Kamalludin sahib in England highlights that concept. Khalifa 2 was more concerned with preserving the uniqueness of the Ahmadiyya movement.
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