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Maulvi Abdul Karim lived exclusively with MGA on the 3rd floor of MGA’s house

MGA knew Maulvi Abdul Karim since his days at Sialkot in the early 1860’s. Further, he knew Nooruddin and Mufti Sadiq and worked for Nooruddin as an employee in Jammu. Nevertheless, when he moved to Qadian in 1891, he lived on the 3rd floor with his wife in MGA’s house. Further, I am sure that his wife, as well as Noorudin’s wife and MGA’s wife all ate together and raised their kids together, hence, there seem to be 20 people living in MGA’s house by 1892.
Here are some names of the main ghost writing team, Maulvi Abdul Karim, Maulvi Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, Maulvi Sher Ali and Hakim Fazl Din of Bhera. Some other people who came independently, yet still joined MGA’s team was Maulvi Muhammad Ahsan Amrohi, who was also a member of the Ahl-e-Hadith sect, in fact, uptil his job with MGA, he worked for the founder of the Ahl-e-Hadith sect, Syed Nazeer Husain from Delhi and Siddiq Hasan Khan of Bhopal. Ahsan Amrohi was an imam under Siddiq Hassan Khan until he died in roughly 1890, he was immediately hired by MGA. Maulvi Muhammad Ali was another, however, he came via Khwaja Kamaluddin and the prominent Ahmadi’s of Lahore.

The Quotes

“”””When in May 1899 Maulana Muhammad Ali arrived in Qadian, the Promised Messiah gave him accommodation on the third storey of his own house. The ground floor was for guests, while he and his family occupied the middle storey. This storey was adjacent to the Masjid-i-Mubarak and there was a hatch from one room into this mosque through which Hazrat Mirza sahib used to enter the mosque. On one side of the same floor lived Maulana Nur-ud-Din. It was above his room, on the third storey, that Hazrat Mirza sahib made space for Maulana Muhammad Ali.

He had a room and a small courtyard. There was a stairway in the room which went down to the Promised Messiah’s courtyard and the other door opened into the small courtyard. The door of the small courtyard opened on the roof of the Masjid-i-Mubarak. This roof was used in the summer for maghrib and isha prayers, and it was here also that Hazrat Mirza sahib used to sit for his evening gatherings. Next to his room was Maulana Abdul Karim’s room, and his courtyard was also adjacent to the roof of the Masjid-i-Mubarak. From the courtyard next to Maulana Muhammad Ali’s room there was a little stairway going down into a tiny room, and this place served as his office. It was in there that he produced those invaluable English writings for the magazine the Review of Religions,whose language was so perfect that it was alleged that the Promised Messiah must be keeping an Englishman to do the writing!””””  (See “A Mighty Striving” aka “Mujahid-e-Kabir”, written by Mr. Muhammad Ahmad and Mr. Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqui, english translation by Mrs. Akhtar Aziz and Dr. Zahid Aziz).  

MGA and his team planned every single move.  They all lived in the same house and hence knew each other closely.  They seem to have concocted the business of Ahmadiyya and launched it and thus made lots of money.

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Muhammad Ali lived exclusively within Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s house for almost 10 years, 1899–1909

As we all know, MGA employed many ghost writers.  They were, Nooruddin, Mufti Sadiq, Muhammad Ali, Maulvi Abdul Kareem, The Amrohi, and many many more.  All of these people lived with MGA, and thus knew of all of MGA’s habits.  They were all employees and were promised many fortunes.  Muhammad Ali lived in close-quarters with MGA and his sons and his entire family, in-fact, Muhammad Ali’s wife also lived with him and she must have interacted with the family of Nooruddin, Abdul Kareem and many others who were also living there.

The Quotes

“”””When in May 1899 Maulana Muhammad Ali arrived in Qadian, the Promised Messiah gave him accommodation on the third storey of his own house. The ground floor was for guests, while he and his family occupied the middle storey. This storey was adjacent to the Masjid-i-Mubarak and there was a hatch from one room into this mosque through which Hazrat Mirza sahib used to enter the mosque. On one side of the same floor lived Maulana Nur-ud-Din. It was above his room, on the third storey, that Hazrat Mirza sahib made space for Maulana Muhammad Ali.

He had a room and a small courtyard. There was a stairway in the room which went down to the Promised Messiah’s courtyard and the other door opened into the small courtyard. The door of the small courtyard opened on the roof of the Masjid-i-Mubarak. This roof was used in the summer for maghrib and isha prayers, and it was here also that Hazrat Mirza sahib used to sit for his evening gatherings. Next to his room was Maulana Abdul Karim’s room, and his courtyard was also adjacent to the roof of the Masjid-i-Mubarak. From the courtyard next to Maulana Muhammad Ali’s room there was a little stairway going down into a tiny room, and this place served as his office. It was in there that he produced those invaluable English writings for the magazine the Review of Religions,whose language was so perfect that it was alleged that the Promised Messiah must be keeping an Englishman to do the writing!””””  (See “A Mighty Striving” aka “Mujahid-e-Kabir”, written by Mr. Muhammad Ahmad and Mr. Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqui, english translation by Mrs. Akhtar Aziz and Dr. Zahid Aziz).    

Muhammad Ali moved out of MGA’s house in the early–1909
“””For some time after the death of the Promised Messiah, Maulana Muhammad Ali continued living in his house, and he lived there altogether for eight to nine years. Probably at the beginning of 1909 he moved to a house adjoining the Promised Messiah’s house which was known as the old guest house. Here he stayed for four to five months. After that, he was given a new house by the Anjuman in the Dar-ul-Ulum area where the Anjuman’s school, boarding house, the Nur mosque and a dispensary were under construction. This house consisted of three rooms, one of which was not of solid construction.  Here he stayed till April 1914. Two of his nephews also lived with him, whom he had called to Qadian for their schooling. It was after moving to this house that he started the work on the English translation of the Quran, and he continued doing it for the last four years of his life in Qadian in addition to his other duties.””””(See “A Mighty Striving” aka “Mujahid-e-Kabir”, written by Mr. Muhammad Ahmad and Mr. Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqui, english translation by Mrs. Akhtar Aziz and Dr. Zahid Aziz).

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his team of writers/readers/editors/researchers/imams

MIrza Ghulam Ahmad was not capable of reading (since he was blind by age 40-50) and writing (since his right arm was broken), nor was he capable of leading prayers (salaat), he never led a Khutbah Juma or an Eid Khutbah (a few times, after the main Eid speech, MGA made comments, these were mostly unintelligible ramblings, which were edited and created into books). His main ghost writer and manager was Noorudin, who was a capable imam, Noorudin was a member of the Ahl-e-Hadith and his followers of his own before he met MGA. Another Ahl-e-hadith imam that MGA hired was Syed Muhammad Ahsan Amrohi, who moved to Qadian in 1891, he edited most of MGA’s books and newspapers, he was not a student of Noorudin, however, he knew MGA from MGA’s relationship with the Ahl-e-Hadith imam’s of Bhopal. Maulvi Abdul Karim was a student of Noorudin and he was at Ludhiana for the bait ceremony of 1889, he moved to Qadian in 1890-1891 and became the main imam at Masjid Mubarak and Masjid Aqsa. Mufti Muhammad Sadiq was another inside man, he worked in the letters department and became the editor of the Al-Badr in 1905, when the owner died of plague. Another inside worker was MIrza Khuda Bakhsh, another pupil of Noorudin. The final point is that all of these “insiders” lived together in MGA’s house, they were thus able to plan the mission of Ahmadiyya, while MGA did nothing all day.

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Who is Mir Muhammad Ishaq (1890–1944)? The brother-in-law of MGA

Mir Muhammad Ishaq was the son of Mir Nasir Nawab, and younger brother of Nusrat Jehan Begum and Dr. Mir Muhammad Isma’il. His date of birth is Sept 8th, 1890 in Ludhiana. Which is recorded in Nuzul ul Masih (published in 1909). Per Ahmadiyya sources, he had totally moved to Qadian by 1894. He lived with MGA until MGA died in 1908, he even claims to have watched MGA lead prayers for the women of the house many times, whilst standing on MGA’s side, women weren’t allowed in the mosques in Qadian in those days, he lived in this very mansion until he died in 1944. He even accompanied MGA on his tours of Delhi, Ludhiana, Lahore and Gurdaspur in the era of 1903–1905.  At times, he even acted as MGA’s scribe, as he helped to write responses to letters and other various administrative tasks around the house at Qadian.  Ahmadiyya sources tell us that he was never scared to fight non-Ahmadi’s.  In fact, in the 1920–1930’s, he was involved in many fist-fights between Ahmadi’s and Non-Ahmadi’s (see 18:00 of this video). He died on March 17, 1944 at age 54(see Tadhkirah, 2009 online edition, page 721).

His children
His eldest daughter was Sahibzadi Naseerah Begum. His maternal great grand son was Sahibzada Mirza Ghulam Ahmad aka Mirza Sa’eed Ahmad. Sahibzada Mirza Ghulam Ahmad aka Mirza Sa’eed Ahmad married Mirza Masroor Ahmad’s sister. He had another son named Syed Mir Mahmud Ahmad Nasir Sahib, he recently shared some recollections of his past on the al-hakam archives. Syed Mir Mahmud Ahmad Nasir married a daughter of Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad, Amtul Matin. Amtul Matin passed away around midnight on 14 October 2013 at the age of 76. Mir Mahmood Ahmad Nasir Sahib is a Waqfe Zindagi and has served as missionary in Spain and USA.  She also had the opportunity to stay there (spain) and fulfil her obligations as wife of a missionary. When Masjid Basharat was constructed in Spain the family was there and worked extremely hard for the inauguration ceremony. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (may Allah have mercy on him) related that during those days if the family had the chance to retire at 3 am they would be happy to get some sleep.  She leaves behind four sons and a daughter. Her two sons are Waqfe Zindagi. Dr Ghulam Ahmad Farrukh Sahib who did PhD in Computer Science from USA but is now working in the offices of Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya, Rabwah and the other Waqfe Zindagi left his employment in USA and came to London and works with Hazrat Khalifatul Masih, Muhammad Ahmad Sahib. She has one daughter who lives in Holland. One son is a doctor in Dubai and another is in USA.

It is unclear whether or not he attended the Talim ul Islam Kids school at Qadian.  No Ahmadiyya sources give this indication.  However, he was living with MGA, and both of his siblings and his father.  The whereabouts of his mother are unknown.

In 1909, Nuzul ul Masih is published and mentions a terrible dream that MGA saw about Mir Muhammad Ishaq and his mother (see Tadhkirah, page 264).  Ahmadiyya sources claim that this book was written in 1902.  This exact story was initially published in Haqiqatul Wahy, (see online english edition).

He accompanied MGA on his tours of Delhi, Ludhiana, Lahore and Gurdaspur.  Ishaq remembers how MGA was denied a chair in the court of this Hindu judge.

Mir Muhammad Ishaq’s name is mentioned in the Ahmadiyya newspaper, Al-Badr.  He is referred to as Miyyan Muhammad Ishaq and he was sick, wherein MGA claims to have prayed for him and cured him miraculously (See 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, pages 720-722), (see also, [al-Hakam, vol. 9, no. 18, May 24, 1905, p. 1; Badr, vol. 1, no. 7, May 18, 1905, p. 5] and [al-Hakam, vol. 9, no. 18, May 24, 1905, p. 1; Badr, vol. 1, no. 7, May 18, 1905, p. 1]).  

February of 1906
He is married at age 16 to Salihah Bibi, daughter of Sahibzadah Pir Manzur Muhammad (see the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah english, pages 789-790.  Noorudin read the wedding ceremony.  Al-Badr and Al-Hakam also published this news.  Pir Manzur Muhammad was the son of Sufi Ahmad Jan.  Noorudin and him were brother-in-laws.

He helped MGA in writing down many signs which appeared in Haqiqatul Wahy.  He also walked with MGA around Qadian whenever needed.  In Haqiqatul Wahy, Sign #143 is about MIr Muhammad Ishaq, MGA also disgraced or talked bad about Ishaq’s mother (MGA’s mother-in-law), MGA accused her of allowing an enemy into MGA’s house (the enemy was Dr. Abdul Hakim Khan of Patiala.  MGA also claims that Tumours appeared on his groin on both
sides, and it became certain that it was plague, as plague had broken out in some villages of this district (see Haqiqatul Wahy, online english edition, pages 411-413).

1906–The Sadr Anjuman is created
In the lifetime of MGA, Mir Muhammad Ishaq’s elder brother is placed into the Sadr Anjuman as a voting member, even though he is busy working as an assistant Surgeon.  Mir Nasir Nawab is not made a member.

May 26th, 1908
He supported the Khilafat of Noorudin.

Early January of 1909
After the first Jalsa without MGA present, rumblings were coming from the members of the Sadr Anjuman to the effect that the “Khalifa” position was equal to the body of the Sadr Anjuman (a 14 member body).  However, Noorudin was the Khalifa and the President of the Sadr Anjuman.  Mir Muhammad Ishaq and the family of MGA posed several questions on this topic to Noorudin in an attempt for clarification.  Noorudin sent those questions to Maulvi Muhammad Ali (and remember, all of these people lived together in MGA’s house at Qadian) and (see “truth about the split”, pages 230-240, online english edition).  Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad claims to have seen a dream with Mir Muhammad Ishaq in it, wherein Mir Muhammad Ishaq is lighting a house on fire symbolically.

31st January 1909
Mir Muhammad Ishaq was present on this day and supported the Noorudin’s Khilafat and the family of MGA.  This was the famous day wherein Nooruddin tried to solve the issues of the Sadr Anjuman, i.e. the powers of the Khalifa.

Ahmadiyya sources tell us that he passed the “Maulvi-Fazil” course and became an Ahmadiyya imam-proper.  However, there was no madrassa at Qadian which was qualified to produce imam’s, he was most likely grandfathered in via Noorudin.  Ishaq also claims to have learned the Quran from Noorudin.

Ahmadiyya sources tell us that he became a member, however, that would only be possible if Maulvi Noorudin would have retired from the Anjuman and named a replacement.

March of 1914
Noorudin had died and Mir Muhammad Ishaq was given the job of Hospitality.

Qadiani Jalsa of 1918
The annual Qadiani-Jalsa was supposed to be held in December of 1918, however, the Khalifa was sick and it was postponed and held in March of 1919.  Many Lahori-Ahmadi’s were invited to this Jalsa and even had an opportunity to speak.  After they spoke, Mir Muhammad Ishaq gave a refutation of their arguments (see “truth about the split”, pages 210-211, online english edition).

He became headmaster at Jamia Ahmadiyya at Qadian.

He contracts a mystery illness, he is taken to Lahore and other places for treatment.  However, none is found, he died 4 years later.  At this point, he signed up for Wasiyyat.

He dies at age 54.

He wrote a Tafsir of the Quran

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Who is Dr. Mir Muhammad Isma‘il (1877–1943/1947)? The brother-in-law of MGA

Dr. Sayyad Mir Muhammad Isma’il or spelled Syed Meer Muhammad Ismail was the younger brother of MGA’s second wife Nusrat Jehan, and the elder son of Mir Nasir Nawab. He had a younger brother named Muhammad Ishaq. Per MGA, Dr. Mir Muhammad Isma’il was roughly 10 years old in 1887. Thus he was born in 1877 and only 7-years old when his elder sister got married to MGA, Ahmadiyya sources are conflicted on his date of birth, some sources give 18 July 1881 as his DOB (see the Al-hakam archives, online via twitter). He also narrated some famous traditions about MGA which were recorded into Seeratul Mahdi. He died on July 18th, 1943, just a year before his younger brother, he was aged 61, which is relatively young, there are conflicting reports on this, some sources claim that he died in July of 1947. He had 2 wives, his first wife of Syed Shaukhat Sultana, who was a close relative, most likely a cousin, however, there were no children from this marriage.  He married again to the daughter of Mirza Muhammad Shafi (a member of the Sadr Anjuman in Qadian), his daughter’s name was Amtul Latif. They had 10 children together, 7 girls and 3 boys. She was born in 1902 and died on 16 September 1964.  On the instigation/arrangement of Hazrat Amaan Jan (nusrat Jehan) Mir M Ismaeel married her in 1917 at the time when he was assistant surgeon in Civil Hospital of Paniput.

He is born.

He writes a letter to MGA that is full of embarrassing lies, for example, he claims that his mother has died and his younger brother has died, he is thus all alone and only 10 years old. This story is archived in an early biography on the life of MGA, entitled, Al-Bushra.

After MGA’s famous debate with Abdullah Athim, ahmadiyya sources report that Mir Muhammad Ismail left Ahmadiyya. However, this is strange since he lived at Qadian and inside MGA’s house and was barely 11 years old.

He claims that MGA used to lead prayers inside of their house (they all lived together, he claims that MGA would lead prayers for the ladies of the house and the small kids.

He was sent to study medicine in 1900
Ahmadiyya sources tell us that his sister (the wife of MGA) bore the full expenses of his education. However, its likely that chanda money was used to pay for his education, since his father was unemployed and received no pension. His sister had no money either, in those days, women weren’t given money to spend at their own whims.

1900–Khutbah Ilhamiya
Ahmadiyya sources tell us that he was present in Qadian during Khutbah Ilhamiya and even memorized the material, which seems to be a lie.

Oct 2 1902–Oct 5th, 1902
He traveled from Qadian to District Saharanpur (UP) with Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad, his father (Mir Nasir Nawab) and Noorudin to perform the marriage ceremony of Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud’s Ahmad’s only sister-law from his first marriage. Dr. Rasheed ud Din  received them at the train station (See Fazl-e-Omar, online english edition). He had only 2 daughters, no sons, the elder daughter had married off to Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad earlier in the year.

He was appointed as 1 of only 14 senior ranking Ahmadi’s to the newly formed Sadr Anjuman.

He began working as an assistant surgeon.

May 25, 1908
MGA died and Dr. Mir Muhammad Ismail was not able to make it to Qadian.  He must have been in an area that was experiencing flooding and plague and was thus unable to leave.  Instead, he wrote a letter to his sister (MGA’s wife).

He gets married a second time.
Daughter–Syeda Maryam Siddiqua–married to the Khalifa in 1935
Daughter–Amtul Sahiba—married to Pir Salaud deen marhoum
Daughter—Tayyabba Sahiba—married to Nawab Mansoor Ahmad Khan Marhoum
Daughter–Amtul Qadooos—married Mirza Wasim Ahmad (her first cousin, a son of the Khalifa)
Daughter–Amtul Rafiq Sahiba–married to Hazratullah Pasha Sahib
Daughter–Amtul Sami Sahiba—married to Mirza Rafi Ahmad
Daughter–Amtul Hadi Sahiba—-married to Pir Zia ud Din
Son—Syed Muhammad Ahmad—
Son—Syed Tahir Ahmad Nasir—
Son—Syed Amin Ahmad—-

His eldest child, Syeda Maryam Siddiqua is born.

Seeratul Mahdi is published and claims that MGA did lead prayers a few times (which is a lie).

1935–His daughter
She was married off to the Khalifa on September 30th, 1935 (see Fazle Omar, online english edition, see pages 221–223). Her age at the time of marriage is unknown, the Khalifa was 46 years old, and this was a replacement wife, the Khalifa already had 4 wives, however, one of them had died in 1934, so there was an opening. Again in 1944, another wife of the Khalifa died, the Khalifa married again in just a few months. Ahmadiyya sources tell us that she was the main scribe for the Khalifa as he dictated his famous Urdu-only commentaries of the Quran.

1933 29 January, page 9–Dr. Sayyed Muhammad Isma’il’s comments on his life before Ahmadiyya

Title: My Condition before becoming Ahmadi

“”””At the time, that I was not ahmadi, I do not want to reveal all the details, but my NATURE was:

I was displeased from Salat, mutinous from Holy Quran, disgusted with Fasting, foul mouth, (bud zabaan), shameless (bud Lagaam), corrupt with immoral behavior, (bud chalan), sinful (bud kaar).  I did not refrain from alcohol, or stayed away from bad (gandi) gatherings, was miser without boundaries. Never gave a penny in the name of Allah apart from spending money on self, wife and children, and on personal entertainments and enjoyments (khail tamasha).  Apart from frightening and pointless dreams, never saw a good dream.

Never sat in the company of pious person and always joined in with bad, immoral and faithless people.  I was very hard hearted, selfish, cruel natured, bad tempered, rude, bitter, rebellious and arrogant person.  Never sat in the company of pious people.  The talk in our meetings used to be, of the beauty of “Non Mehram women”, backbiting, making mischief, and creating conflicts.

Purpose of our life was to eat, sleep and sexual acts. Never remembered God. Discussions about deen, was reduced to making jokes and laughed about. Respect for my elders and parents set aside, they all were afraid and trembled from me.  Concerning the employment and the earnings, squeezed very last penny earned by unfair means (he would grab every single penny). Never slept peacefully at night, until I received bribes.  Stealing, I would acquire/confiscate any expensive, precious and of top quality, available from the government property. If those were already noted in a register, I would replace those with my old, broken and tattered things of the same name.  I would mingle and keep friends, with cruel natured, influential and powerful people, and arranged and inflicted huge cruelties on innocent people.

Forced poor people to sell their houses to pay for bribes.  Got the innocent girls/women raped.  Inflicted injuries on physically weak people and innocent children with poles (danda)and cain.  Conspired, instigate and arranged with greedy, vagabonds and scoundrels of the local area, and incited them to inflict the thefts in the local town (mahala).

The scan


He writes about the Khalifa as follows:

“””One major allegation is that Khalifa [MMA] is promiscuous. About this I would say that I am a physician, and I know that those people who are promiscuous and indulge in promiscuity even for few days, their condition becomes what is called in English language ‘wreck’. Such person’s brain does not work. His intelligence is messed up. His movements are not normal. In short his all powers are destroyed. By observing him from his head to toe, immediately makes it clear that this man has destroyed himself by indulging himself in to promiscuity. Therefore it is said, “Adultery uproots the person from his foundation (Quote from Holy Quran)”””” “. Reference: Al-Fazil. July 10, 1937

Scan about his marriage
Tarikh e Ahmadiyyat Vol 22 655 (1)

He dies and is buried in Qadian (See this video, at the 48:16 mark specifically—  However, Tarikh-e-Ahmadiyya claims that he died on July 18th, 1947.  Nevertheless, he is buried in Qadian and was forced to do Wasiyyat before he died just so that he could be buried in Bahishti Maqbara, he wasn’t exempt, since only the children of MGA were exempt.

The scan about his death from Tarikh-e-Ahmadiyya
Tarikh e Ahmadiyyat Vol 22 655

After he died, the Qadiani jamaat at Rabwah, published a letter of his to the Lahori-Ahmadi’s. These were probably made up…no one really knows. Muhammad Ismaeel (Ahmadi Qadiani) Response to the Letter of Dr. Hasan Ali (Lahori Qadiani) letter starts from page 40. Translation from a Topic ‘Aik Khas Daleel From the Letter)

Furqaan 1965. May-June edition:


Muhammad Ismaeel (Ahmadi Qadiani) Response to the Letter of Dr. Hasan Ali (Lahori Qadiani) letter starts from page 40. Translation from a Topic ‘Aik Khas Daleel From the Letter) Recently I met with Mulvi Abu al Athar and had conversation with him on these topics ( MGQ is Wali, Muhadis not Prophet) but he couldn’t present any logical proof. Now I want to present you a specific Logic with new angle to solve the issue. We both (Lahori and Ahmadi) are followers of MGQ, we believe he is truthful and honest. One Place Hazor(MGQ) says Maseeh Nasri (Jesus As ) is alive then he says Maseeh Nasri( Jesus AS) is dead. Then MGQ says Maseeh Nasri( Issa AS) will decend from skies(heaven) but then in another place MGQ says Issa As will not descend from Heaven (MGQ ) Says Maseeh and Mahdi are two different personalities then he says Maseeh and Mahdi is one person. Sometimes he (MGQ) says Mahdi will be Fathmi (from The race of Fatima and Ali RZA) but then says I (MGQ) am Mahdi. Somewhere he (MGQ) says I have no resemblance with Maseeh Nasri( Issa AS) he is a glorious Prophet but he (MGQ) also says I am superior and more glorified to Isaa AS . Somewhere he (MGQ) says he is not Prophet but only Mujadid and Muhadis but also Claims to be Nabi and Rasool. Somewhere he says those who refute me (MGQ) don’t become Non-believer of Islam (Kafir) but also says those who refutes me (MGQ) are N0n-Beliver (Kafirs) . He was offering Prayers behind Non-Ahmadis (Muslims) but then he called him Haram too and ordered not to make relationships (especially Marriages) with them. He translated Mutawifika as “will give you full blessings” and the announced 1000 Rupees prize if someone if anyone will prove it in meaning other than DEATH. He (MGQ) say one Prophet is not subordinate of the other Prophet but then says one Prophet can be subordinate of other Prophet. He did completely opposite definitions of Nabi (Prophet) in different books. Somewhere he says he is Maseel Maseeh (like Jesus AS), not Jesus AS. Jesus AS will definitely come but then says I am Maseeh none will come after me. Thus if you can show from the ten similar references from the books of Hazoor (MGQ), we can show you Hundred references apposite to your Ten references BUT we are clear that Hazoor ( MGQ) kept on changing his statements as per revelations but then again it becomes very difficult for a stranger to understand the contradictions in his claims. We presented you HAQIQAT-UL-WAHI but you presented AZALA-E-AWHAM and then debate on contradictions, arguments becomes unpleasant, it becomes difficult to understand the true logics. It does not become tough time for Pious and Wise but insult for Stubborn and denier. I am presenting you a way-out for the difference and opposite opinion in Hazoor (MGQ) writings which is UNDENIABLE FACT. Either this is the Prophet Hood (of MGQ) but also in the death and Life of ISSA AS. Anyway you (LAHORI QADIANSI) also accept that Prophets can do IJTIHADI Mistakes (Mistakes with consent from ALLAH), some mistakes are due to the translations or understanding of Prophet (MGQ). Sometimes Prophets do mistakes due to HUMAN-NATURE or MENTAL-CONDITION, when Prophet (MGQ) say “it was revealed to me” (this may not be revealed to them but they assumed). These all factors makes Prophet (MGQ) prone to mistakes. He (MGQ) can do mistakes to various factors but he (MGQ) cannot do mistake in God’s Kalam (Revelations) descended on him (MGQ) because in this case his (MGQ) Humanity is not involved. This revelations are free from Mistakes. The disputes and quarrels are as, for example Hazoor (MGQ) says about Maseeh Nasri (Issa AS) that he is alive and will descend but then says he (Issa AS) has died and I (MGQ) is Maseeh. Page 45 Though a wise man will conclude the facts but people like Maulana Sanaullah will make a dispute out of it (these conflictive statements and contradictions) and then fights. Why you (Lahori Qadianis) ignore (Mulvi Sanaullah) and look into all revelations of Hazoor(MGQ), you will get many signs that Maseeh Nasri ( Issa AS) is not alive but we made you (MGQ) you Maseeh ibne Maryam and promised messiah etc. So then we (Qadianis) decide the Prophet Hood of MGQ from the God’s revelations. You have published MGQ revelations in three Volumes as ‘AL-Mubashira” and we published it as “Thadkira” Please don’t divert your attention to Hazoor (MGQ) statement when according to his (MGQ) understanding stated or wrote what? Because you will get varying statements which will cause differences and quarrels between us (Ahmadi Qadianis and Lahori Qadiani) BUT you read all the revelations and then ask us you won’t find a single revelation in which stated that MGQ is not Nabi and Rasool. Allah who cannot do mistake and Knows Ilm-e-Ghaib , knows the future differences and delusion would have definitely revealed that MGQ is not Prophet to protect people from Fitna ( deceive) but we do not find anywhere that he is refuted and not called Nabi, instead we find it from the start till end he(MGQ) is called Nabi, Mursil and Rasool, so we ( Ahmadi Qadianis) have no choice to accept him as Prophet as per God’s saying. So as Per God’s revelations, whose words are without doubt call Hazoor (MGQ) prophet without any doubt ,to overcome differences by IGNORING the DIFERRENCES in his (MGQ) WRITINGS/STATEMENTS. We have to Judge his (MGQ) writing/Statements by Muhkamat (Orders) as per Gods Orders in revelations, so thus if you will Publish ONLY those revelations which states that Maseeh Maood (MGQ) is not NABI but MUJDID, not RASOOL but MUHADIS, not MURSIL but a MOMIN and SIDDIQUE we will in response publish those revelations in which Hazorr MGQ is proclaimed Nabi and Rasool, we will support our published articles by various references then our ( Lahori and Ahmadi Qadianis) position will be clear to everyone. Page 46 Author presents Various Quranic verses to support his arguments. “I Maseeh E Muhammad is better than Maseeh E Musvi” These revelation from God cannot be rejected (after providing verses from Quran), then we (Ahmadi Qadianis) will ask you (Lahori Qadianis) to present revelations of GOD but we and you know the revelations for rejection of Prophet Hood. This is the simple and easiest way to sort out differences. What you have written about Khilafat-e- Jmaat-e-Ahmadia , a sensible person can guess easily that this is the same state which was enforced By Sahaba ( Friends Of MGQ) By collective decision and Collective IJMAA after death of Hazoor (MGQ), which was most suitable and right decision. ‘IF SOMEONE THINK OF NEW PLAN, GETS HIMSELF SEPARATED FROM THE IJMA, HE MUST RETHINK ON HIS POSITION AND STATUS” At the end I want to bring in your Notice about indecent sentence in your letter where you state that “if the beliefs of Jamaat-e-Qadian would have correct, I would have joined you long ago”. I (Muhammad Ismail) believe this is self-Praise which you will regret or this may be the reason that you an old and sincere got deluded. ( Allah Knows Better) Wsalam. Muhammad Ismaeel




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Yusuf Khan (an Ex-Ahmadi) testified vs. MGA in the case brought by Dr. Clarke in 1897

In August of 1897, the case of Dr. Clarke and the British government vs. MGA was in full effect.  Lekh Ram had died just a few months earlier, and it seemed like some fanatical Ahmadi’s had planned the murder.  Nevertheless, a few months later, Abdul Hameed showed up at Dr. Clarke’s location in Amritsar in the guise of wanting to convert to Christianity.  Soon after showing up, he confessed that MGA had sent him to murder Dr. Clarke.  However, after the case started, and trial began, Abdul Hameed seemed to have totally recanted the story and blamed the Christians at Amritsar and Beas for scaring him into such a testimony, i.e. that MGA sent him to commit murder.  In the below, we have extracted Yusuf Khan’s testimony in this case to Abdul Hameed via Ahmadi sources.  We found this testimony in MGA’s book,. “kitab ul Barriya” (1897), in a Lahori-Ahmadi translation, pages 197-198.  After Abdul Hameed recanted, Yusuf Khan gave this specific testimony.  Furthermore, Yusuf Khan was a worker in Qadian until MGA lost his debate with Athim.

20th August 1897.  Yusuf Khan witness on solemn affirmation
Son of Akhhund Ahmad Shah Khan, caste Afghan Christian, resident of Gujrat, Tehsil Mardan, age 36 years, stated:  I am a farmer. I was formerly a Muslim and remained a Muslim till the age of 33 years. I had become a follower of Mirza sahib. I was the assistant of Muhammad Saeed who was incharge of the library.  After Muhammad Saeed left, I had taken charge. I had gone to
Jandiala before the debate of 1893, so that the Muslim people select Mirza sahib for the debate. On 5th June 1893, at the end of the debate, Mirza sahib made the prophecy, exhibit ‘A’. He said that the party which was in the wrong would be punished by death and thrown in
hell within a period of fifteen months. Note: The witness read the prophecy and said: “The party which is in the wrong will be defeated, that is, will be destroyed”. I had understood at that time that the prophecy was in respect of Abdullah Atham. But afterwards, Mirza sahib had explained orally that the prophecy was in respect of every man belonging to the opponents. Reaching Qadian eight or nine days later, I enquired. When Dr. Clarke fell ill, Mirza sahib said that he must also be punished, that is, with the death penalty. The witness presented the notification dated 15th October 1894, exhibit ‘W’. Also he presented notification dated 5th September 1894, exhibit ‘H’. At that time Mirza sahib was grossly displeased with Doctor sahib. One day in July 1893 Mirza sahib narrated his dream before many persons as follows: “A snake bit me on the right hand and I went to my father.  My father began incising this wound with a razor and incised it up to the breast”. On the strength of this Mirza sahib prophesied that Atham would be bitten by a snake. People were informed about this in Sialkot and elsewhere by post. I became a Christian a year after the debate. I parted ways with Mirza sahib in March 1894. I have known Maulvi Burhan-ud-Din since 1869. Note: The witness read the prophecy exhibit ‘A’ and interpreted it just as Dr. Clarke had done. (On a question from the lawyer of the defendant) I have not passed any examination in Arabic, Persian or English. Yuraddu il-an-Nasa¯ra¯ means that “we returned him towards the Christians”. Mirza sahib interprets this prophecy to refer to Abdullah Atham, I do not. I was a Christian when the term of the prophecy passed. Muhammad Saeed and myself had lived together at Qadian. After me, Muhammad Saeed left Qadian. He also is a Christian. I do not like Mirza sahib’s teachings.
Yusuf Khan with own pen. Read out. Is correct. Accepted.
Signature of the Judge.

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad married off his daughter when she was barely 11-12 years old

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had 2 daughters that made it to adulthood and procreated further. They are Mubarika Begum (born 1896, died on May 23rd, 1977) and Amtul Hafiz (born 25th January 1904, died ). MGA was known to marry off his children before reaching the age of 12. To our memory, none of MGA’s children made it past that age. MGA was already receiving fake revelations to the effect that he should marry off his eldest daughter (Mubarika) to Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan, who was a rich aristocrat from the Malerkotla state. Mubarika was only 10 years when she married a man of 40 years, and her new husband already had another wife, hence, MGA’s daughter became a 2nd wife to a much older man. Muhammad Ali Khan lived exclusively within MGA’s home every time he came to Qadian. He built a separate house in Qadian after his marriage however, it was connected to the new Nur-Masjid, which was named after Noorudin, and was right next to the Talim-ul-Islam High School, which seems to be 50-100 yards from the house of MGA. In 1910 Nooruddin was at the house of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan and was returning to the home of MGA, he fell off of his pony and was dragged mercilessly, he almost died and had to have a leg amputated. Further, Nooruddin seemed to continue to live with MGA’s family until early 1914, wherein he moved out, he thus moved into this new house. He also had him (Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan) as the executor of his (noorudin’s) will. Noorudin thus died in the Nawab’s house and his will was read out by the Nawab (see page 334). They then elected Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad in a make-shift election.

MGA hints via a revelation that his daughter will eventually become a Nawab.  Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan was living in MGA’s house in those days. (See, the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah and also [al-Hakam, vol. 5, no. 44, November 30, 1901, p. 3])[Amin of Bashir Ahmad, Sharif Ahmad and Mubarakah Begum,
November 27, 1901, al-Hakam, vol. 5, no. 45, December 10, 1901, pp. 3–4]

MGA’s letters with Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan

(Maktoobat e Ahmad Volume 2 Page No.97.-98) 
Note:- Non relevant portion of letter is omitted.

My dear Nawab sb Assalam o alaikum wrwb, 

Yesterday, I heard that you have asked the hand of my daughter Mubaraka for marriage. However, there are two problems in this matter. No. 1. she has just completed 11 years of her age. No.2, She is weak by birth and permanently suffering from cough and cold.She is not fit for marriage. In case If she is married, she would die.

(Letter dated 20 December, 1907.)

Next Letter of MGA to Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan dated 12th February 1908.

My dear Nawab sb,

I have given serious thought to your marriage proposal with my dearest daughter Mubaraka and God has put it in my heart that I won,t have any issue to accept your proposal subject to certain conditions and hope that you would not hesitate to accept these conditions.

First Condition is that you will pay amount equal to two years of your whole property income that would be Rs.50,000/- as dower. (Meher).

You would sign an affidavit in writing as per Shariah, to affirm this.

Whatever the conditions are, these are not beyond your status secondly these have been put in my heart by Allah. The reason for placing such conditions is not that I have some kind of mistrust about you but it is based on the fact that no body knows of life and death and as per your family traditions your women are deprived of the inheritance.

There is no harm if such an arrangement is made to support a woman financially in case if her husband is dead. May Allah bless long life to your sons but they would only pursue their own desires after you. Therefore, this decision of HAQ MEHER(dower) is categorical and final.

This is the right of women which has been fixed by Allah for helpless women. So that in case if your age is not long enough and she remains alive after you, she can live peacefully and protect herself from the bad behaviour of relatives.

This is the condition which is definite and I would not even give you the time to give it second thought. This is my un changeable decision, if you agree to and fulfil this I would fix the NIKAH to be held on Monday and girl would be sent to you after a year. There can be no amendment in the conditions as laid down by me. I have asked my dear Syed Ismail , who is here on leave, to stay few days more. However, in case if you refuse he will proceed to resume his service tomorrow.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

What happened next?
Nawab sb agreed to the harsh conditions as laid down by MGAQ and the 11 year old Mubaraka was married to 50 years old Nawab sb and she was dropped off at Nawab’s home in one year by Nusrat Jehan.

SCANS of these letters

Image may contain: text
Image may contain: text

On 17 Feb 1908, Ahmadiyya sources announce the Nikkah of MGA’s eldest surviving daughter with the Nawab. However, she doesn’t seem to have went to live with the Nawab quite yet.

Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan and Nawab Mubaraka Begum’s children
They seem to have had children immediately after the Nikah of 1908. Ahmadiyya sources tell us that on 14th March, 1909, when she had just turned 12 years old, she was dropped off by her mother at the newly built house of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan in Qadian (see Amma Jan, online english edition, page 107). Later on, they also lived together in Malerkotla.

1.  Eldest Daughter—Syeda Mansoora Begum, she married Mirza Nasir Ahmad, she was born on 27 Sept 1911 (according to hayat e nasir). She married at the age of 23, on August 5th 1934, she died on 3rd December 1981.

2.  Muhammad Ahmad Khan, born in 1910, he was the father of Captain Mahmood Ahmad Khan (Chief Pilot of Pakistan International Airlines PIA).

3.  Masud Ahmad Khan was born in 1913.

4.  Mahmooda Begum, her DOB is unknown, she was married to her first cousin, Dr. Mirza Munawar Ahmad in 1940.

MGA’s family married off his other daughter at age 11
MGA had already died in 1908. His wife and other people must have arranged for the marriage of Amtul Hafiz (also spelled Amatul Hafeez) (the other daughter of MGA) to the other son of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan (his son from a previous marriage), his name was Nawab Abdullah Khan. The marriage was announced on June 7th, 1915 by Maulvi Ghulam Rasul Rajeki and announced in the Al-Hakam, it was also mentioned by MGA’e enemy, Maulvi Sanullah in his newspaper entitled, “Muraqa Qadiani”. It is unclear when she moved in and lived with this older man.

Amatul Hafeez and Nawab Abdullah Khan’s children
1—-Daughter—-Sahibzadi Qudsiyah Begum Sahiba, she was married to Mirza Majeed Ahmad, who was a first cousin, they  were marred in 1950. Their eldest daughter is Nusrat Jehan who is the wife of Mirza Naseer Ahmad Tariq, grandson of Mirza Bashir Ahmad. They have a son, Mirza Mahmood Ahmad, and another daughter named Durre Sameen, who is the daughter in law of Mir Mahmood Ahmad Sahib. Then there is another son named Mirza Ghulam Qadir Sahib Shaheed who was married to Amatun Nasir Sahiba, daughter of Mir Daud Sahib. He also has a fifth child, a daughter named Faiza Sahiba who is married to Syed Mudassar Ahmad Sahib, who is also a life-devotee.

Did they move to Pakistan in 1947?
They seem to have both moved to Rabwah, Pakistan in 1948.

English Translation of Monthly “Muraqa Qadiani” 1908

Muraqa Qadiani was a Monthly Magazine started by Abul Wafa Sana Ullah Amritsari.

At the time of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the communication and recording of the information was through printed daily newspapers, Ishtiharat, booklets and magazines weekly and monthly, (Mirza Ghulam used the printed media to his best advantage). The same rule applied to Muslim scholars, who replied via the same method. Muslims owned many newspapers and weekly and monthly magazines too and they printed news about Qadian, Mirza Ghulam and his newly started religion, qadianism.

Here is a piece of news printed by Sana Ullah Amritsari, at the occasion of the marriage of Mirza Ghulam first daughter Amtul Hafeez.

Muraqa Qadiani April 1908 Sana Ullah Amratsari printed a piece of information which has just happened, he prints “ Krishan Jee (Mirza Ghulam (as he claimed to be krishana for Hindus) has just got his daughter Nikah done at the age of 11 years to Mian Muhammad Ali Khan, mahajar at qadian, raees of Mahler Kotla, huq mehr agreed at 56 thousand rupees. Jamaat Qadiani is very happy with this connection (Mahler Kotla family) but we are not only concerned with the health of this girl but also her life”.

The scan of the Monthly “Muraqa Qadiani” 1908
Monthly Magazine Muraqa Qadiani April 1908

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1-7 June

Sahibzada Mirza Majeed Ahmad Sahib

Some Notable Personalities


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Ahmadiyya leadership admitted (in the 1930’s) that MGA used lots of editors and ghost writers

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and Maulvi Noorudin created Ahmadiyya as their collective brainchild.  MGA would have the dreams and make the wild claims and Noorudin would defend MGA and build a team of writers, imams and language scholars. MGA knew Noorudin from the 1870’s, they both had correspondance with Sir Syed in this era also, they were both also members of the famous Ahl-e-Hadith sect of Northern India, this sect never numbered more than 100,000 in British India in the late 1890’s, thus, almost everyone knew each other.  Here are some names of the main ghost writing team, Maulvi Abdul Karim, Maulvi Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, Maulvi Sher Ali and Hakim Fazl Din of Bhera. Some other people who came independently, yet still joined MGA’s team was Maulvi Muhammad Ahsan Amrohi, who was also a member of the Ahl-e-Hadith sect, in fact, uptil his job with MGA, he worked for the founder of the Ahl-e-Hadith sect, Syed Nazeer Husain from Delhi and Siddiq Hasan Khan of Bhopal. Maulvi Muhammad Ali was another, however, he came via Khwaja Kamaluddin and the prominent Ahmadi’s of Lahore.

Maulvi Abdul Kareem, Maulvi Ahsan Amrohi and Maulvi Noorudin were the imams at Qadian
MGA never led any prayers in any mosque in his whole life. He needed some imams to do this job for him. They led the prayers at Masjid Mubarak and Masjid Aqsa on Friday’s for Juma or for Eid. Their imamate was mostly via the Masjid Mubarak, Maulvi Abdul Kareem was the main imam.

They all lived together
MGA and his whole family, Noorudin and his whole family, Maulvi Ahsan Amrohi and his whole family. Later on, roughly 1899-1903, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq and his whole family moved in, Maulvi Muhammad Ali and his whole family also moved in. We estimate that 50-60 people lived with MGA in his mansion at Qadian by 1907.

MGA had a broken right arm from his youth
MGA could not be a serious writer, his arm just didn’t have the strength required to write all day, he thus had his team write and advise him accordingly, he would have his scribes send all writings to Noorudin, Amrohi and Abdul Karim for final approval. In fact, MGA needed toilet attendants to help him relieve himself.

MGA spoke with a huge stutter and thus couldn’t be an Imam
The main issue was that MGA spoke with a terrible stutter his entire life. Thus, he could never give a proper speech, give adhan, or lead prayers.

MGA was high on opium and indulged in massages
Ahmadiyya literature is filled with data which proves that MGA was taking opium everyday just to alleviate his pain from his many ailments. Thus, MGA could not be a writer and come up with these claims, Noorudin managed all of this for MGA. MGA got massages from men and women, and sometimes all night.

Amrohi didn’t want MGA to claim prophethood
MGA’s son tells us that there was a huge argument on this topic in 1900. Ahsan Amrohi had no idea that MGA was about to claim prophethood and was shocked, whereas, Maulvi Abdul Kareem knew the inside story. After initially following the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s and supporting the prophethood of MGA, Amrohi recanted and seems to have joined the Lahori-Ahmadi’s, he was dead by 1919 nevertheless.

Noorudin wrote BA5 after MGA died and published it
After MGA died, many old books were being published, “Jesus in India” was published, BA5 was published and many others. The intro to BA5 is a dead give off that someone is an editor here, it mentions the famous 50=5 argument, Noorudin was obviously the editor.

Some quotes

“His holiness, the Promised Messiah, wrote his book of Tabligh, which is included in his book Aina-e-Kalamat-e-Islam in Arabic. During the course of its writing, he used to send the manuscript to the philosopher of the community, Nuruddin, for proof reading. After this, he used to send it to ustad Abdul Karim so that he may translate it in Persian.”  (Al-Fadl, January 15, 1929). 

“His holiness (Mirza) used to send manuscripts of his Arabic books to his first Caliph (Nuruddin) and also to Ustad Mohammad Ahsan. The first caliph used to return the manuscripts after reading them, mostly as he took them. As for Ustad Muhammad Ahsan, he exerted his utmost effort and at some places used to change words for correction.” (Seerat-ul-Mahdi, Vol. 1, P. 91).


Mirza Ghulam Ahmad even asked others to submit articles to be included in his book. Here is a letter Mirza composed to Chiragh Ali:

“I have been much pleased to receive your letter. From the very beginning, it has been my desire to serve Islam. Your book has encouraged me tremendously… If you have any articles, send them over to me… Your article about confirmation of prophethood has not reached me so far, although I have waited for it long. Therefore, I bother you once again to send me your article without delay. I would like you to write another article for me about affirmation of the reality of Quran, so that I may be able to include it in my book Baraheen-e-Ahmadiyyah.”
(Seyar-ul-Musannifin, Letter to Chiragh Ali;)(As reported in Qadiyaniat-An Analytical Survey).  

The scans


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Even in 1907, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was still lusting for his niece, Muhammadi Begum

Firstly, the prophecy about the death of Ahmad Baig (Beg) failed, it was originally for 4 1/2 months, however, Ahmad Baig was still alive, in fact, he died a few weeks after the prophecy expired.  In later editions of this same book, Ahmadiyya editors have changed this prophecy to 6 months and thus claim it was fulfilled, we have however, found the first edition of “Aina Kamalat-e-Islam”.  MGA thus lusted and stalked his niece (Muhammadi Begum) for 20 years+, we have found what seems to be his final utterance on this topic.   In fact, in the Urdu-ROR of June and July of 1908, Noorudin made many excuses as to why MGA didn’t marry his niece, since it was a glaring false prophecy.  However, MGA was calling this marriage as “TAQDIR E MUBRAM” which means the fate that is inevitable, MGA made these claims in announcements and etc, however, Ahmadi’s normally ignore all of this.  In 1888, MGA was trying to bribe people to help him get Muhammadi Begum.  Muhammadi Begum eventually married and lived happily ever after.  However, MGA kept asserting that her husband would be killed and thus, the girl would be married to MGA.  Mirza Sultan Muhammad (the husband of Muhammadi Begum) even served in the British military during WW-1 and was shot, however, he lived on.  Ahmadi’s even went to the extent of falsifying lies about Mirza Sultan Muhammad, they asserted that he respected MGA and was afraid and etc, however, these are all lies.  Nevertheless, Muhammadi Begum and Mirza Sultan Muhammad had 5 children.  Muhammadi Begum’s son, Mirza Ishaq did convert to Ahmadiyya (per Ahmadiyya sources only), his mom and dad lived together with him in an extended family situation after partition.  They seem to have lived until 1965 in Pakistan, wherein Muhammadi finally died, she was roughly 90 years old, which means that she was born in roughly 1875.

It all started with the announcements of July 1888
Shortly after MGA’s cousins gave MGA’s private letters to Christians and had them published in newspapers, MGA published his own announcement vs. Mirza Ahmad Baig and his other family.

MGA mentions the Muhammadi Begum and Mirza Ahmad Baig prophecy in his book Izala Auham.

The quote:

By way of prophecy the Exalted God revealed it to this humble one that ultimately the elder daughter of Mirza Ahmad Beg, son of Mirza Ghulam Beg of Hoshiarpur would be married to me. These people would resort to great hostility and would place obstacles in the way, but in the end, it would surely take place. The Exalted God would, by all possible means, bring her to me, whether as a virgin or a widow, and would remove all impediments, and would, of necessity, fulfil this task, and none would be able to prevent it. (Izala Auham, p. 198.)(see also, B.A. Rafiq, “Truth About Ahmadiyya, online version,, Retrieved on 6-7-19).

Muhammadi Begum got married in April of 1892 and her father died in September of 1892.  In February of 1893, Ainah Kamalate Islam is published by MGA, Muhammadi Begum is heavily mentioned.

1893 in a book called Hujjatullah
We found this interesting quote from the ahmadi.answers website, however, we haven’t found it in the new english online version of the book.  

“And when Ahmad Baig died the back of his widowed wife and remaining relatives was broken as it were. They became focussed on prayer and supplication. As we have heard that the mother of Ahmad Baig’s son in law has still not come to terms with this shock.” (Hujjatullah, Page 11)


In September 1894, when the period of two and a half years expired within which whoever married Muhammadi Begum was to have died according to the prophecy, Hazrat Mirza sahib wrote in a published announcement:

“”””See all this evidence [i.e. their repentance] I became sure that the date of death of Sultan Muhammad could not be maintained because such dates, which are among the type of signs which convey fear and warning, are always an avertable fate. Sultan Muhammad and his relatives were guilty of committing the sin that, although I let them know very clearly through other persons and through letters that this prophecy was from God the Most High for a rebellious people, and they should not take their side and needlessly become deservant of punishment, but because they also were hardhearted and materialistic they did not accept this, and they mocked and ridiculed and through their audacity they did not turn away from entering into the marriage. … But the death of Ahmad Beg broke their backs, and this was why they sent me letters of apology and regret. As they were struck by fear and terror in their hearts, it was essential that God the Most High, according to His ancient way, pospone the date of punishment to some later time, that is, to the time when those people again turn back fully to their state of audacity, arrogance and neglect, because the date of punishment is an avertable fate which is moved to another time if fear and turning to God is displayed, as is proved by the whole of the Quran.”””””(Public Announcement dated 6 September 1894; Majmu`a Ishtiharat, 1986 edition, vol. 2, pages 42-43)


“”””But the essence of the prophecy, that this woman will enter into marriage with me, is an absolute fate which cannot at all be averted … So after these days, when God the Most High sees thatthese people’s hearts have hardened, and they have not valued the few days of respite and relaxation given to them, then He will turn to the fulfilment of the prophecy of His holy word.””””” (ibid.,page 43)

1897 in Anjam e Athim

“””I have in earlier announcements mentioned some of the letters which reached me from these people [relatives of Muhammadi Begum], expressing repentance, fear and turning to truth. If this principle is not true according to the Quran and the Bible that the period specified in a prophecy of threatened punishment can be delayed, then the objection of every critic is right and justified. But if from the Quran and the Bible it is repeatedly proved that the time of punishment can be postponed if repentance and fear is shown then it is the height of dishonesty for anyone calling himself a Muslim or a Christian to object to this which is proved from the Holy Quran and earlier scriptures….


The matter can be easily decided. Persuade Sultan Muhammad to publish an announcement charging me with falsehood. Then if he should survive whatever term is appointed by God the Most High, I may be condemned as a liar. … It is essential that the threatened death be withheld from him until that time comes which makes him bold and audacious. If you want to make it come quickly, then go and embolden him and make him a denier and bring an announcement from him, and then see the spectacle of Divine power.”””  (Anjam Atham, pp. 29 and 32).

“”””The actual purport was destruction, and my marriage to the girl would follow their death, and that was only to highlight the greatness of this sign in the eyes of the people””””


1. On 7 April 1892, Mirza Ahmad Baig married his daughter Muhammadi Begum to Mirza Sultan Muhammad

2. Mirza Ahmad Baig, the father of Muhammadi Begum, did not benefit from the condition of repentance which was present in the prophecy. He died on 30 September 1892, exactly 5 months and 24 days after the marriage of Muhammadi Begum to Mirza Sultan Muhammad. He therefore fulfilled the word “Yamutu” that one man shall die

3. Mirza Sultan Ahmad decided to repent and benefited from the condition of repentance and further fulfilled the prophecy of “Yamutu” that only one man would die, rather than both

4. Since Sultan Muhammad repented, and as such did not die, Muhammadi Begum also did not become a widow

5. Since Muhammadi Begum did not become a widow, she did not marry Hadhrat Ahmad(as).  
(Anjam-e-Atham, Page 216)


In 1901, MGA talking about Muhammadi Begum

“”””It is true that that woman has not been married to me. But she will certainly be married to me as has been stated in the prophecy. She has been married to Sultan Muhammad, I, say truly that in this court (i. e. the world) where people have laughed at things which were not from me, but from God, a time will come when the events will take a strange turn and the heads of all will be downcast with remorse.

The woman is still alive. She will inevitably come to my wedlock. I expect this to happen, rather, I have full faith in this. These are divinely-ordained matters and are bound to-occur. (Al-Hakam, 10 August 1901, also cited in Qadiani Mazhab and Tahqiq-i-Lathani)


The scan work

1905, MGA talking about Muhammadi, scans


See “Haqiqatul Wahy” or “Reality of Revelation” (1907), pages 233-234

“”””As for Ahmad Baig’s son-in-law, I have pointed out again and again, as well, that this prophecy, too, was conditional. The wording of the condition, already published in my announcements, was as follows:    

These are revealed words and the addressee therein is the maternal grandmother of the woman with whom the prophecy is concerned. Once at Hoshiarpur I read out this revelation to a member of Maulawi ‘Abdullah’s children. Perhaps the person’s name was ‘Abdur-Rahim or ‘Abdul-Wahid. The translation of these revealed words is: ‘Woman, be penitent, be penitent, for the calamity is about to befall your daughter and the daughter’s daughter.’ This prophecy contained a warning regarding Ahmad Baig and his son-in-law. Accordingly, Ahmad Baig died within the [stipulated] time frame1٭ and that woman’s daughter was overtaken by the calamity for she was Ahmad Baig’s wife and her relatives were overwhelmed by great fear due to the death of Ahmad Baig; so much so that some of them even wrote letters to me with humility and earnestness requesting prayer. God, therefore, on account of that fear, and so much humility and earnestness of theirs, delayed the fulfilment of the prophecy.””””

Footnote by MGA–It is surprising that those who repeatedly talk of Ahmad Baig’s son-in-law never mention that a part of this prophecy has already been fulfilled, because Ahmad Baig had died within the prescribed time frame. Had they even an ounce of honesty, they would have admitted that of the two parts of the prophecy, one part had been fulfilled and of the two legs, one had been broken. But bigotry is a strange curse that does not allow the word of justice to
utter forth from the tongue! (Author)

The scan work

Other quotes from Haqiqatul Wahy about Ahmad Baig and the Muhammadi Begum prophecy
Also see pages 220, 233, 237, 280, 492, 576, 577, 696, 697, 710, and 715.

When MGA died, Nooruddin commented…

Now, I would like to remind all the Muslims who have had and still have faith in the Noble Qur’an that since those addressed in it include also their offsprings, successors and those like them, then, can this prophecy not include the daughter, of Ahmad Beg, or the daughter of that daughter ? Does your law of inheritance not apply the regulations regarding daughters to their daughters ? And are the offsprings of the Mirza not his agnates ? I had often told dear Mian Mahmood (Mian Bashiruddin Mahmood, a son of the Mirza and the second head of the Qadiani movement after Hakim Nuruddin. ) that even if the Mirza were to die and this girl did hot enter into his wedlock, my adoration of him would remain unshaken. (Review of Religions, Vol. VII, no. 726, June and July, 1908, p. 279 (cited from Qadiani Mazhab).

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