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In 1976, during his USA tour and at the USA Jalsa, Mirza Nasir Ahmad claimed 10 million Ahmadi’s

We have shown how the Mirza family has falsely claimed millions of converts and etc over the years.  As we continue to do research, we will continue to post more information.  We recently found newspaper articles from 1976, wherein the Khalifa, Mirza Nasir Ahmad gave information about his Ahmadiyya Community, since he was in the USA for the annual Jalsa.  In both instances, Mirza Nasir Ahmad repeated the Ahmadiyya census number as 10 million.  In fact, at the Rabwah Jalsa of 1969/1970, just 7 years earlier, Mirza Nasir Ahmad had also claimed 10 million.  Furthermore, at the National Assembly questioning in 1974, Mirza Nasir Ahmad gave the number of Ahmadi’s as 10 million.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad tried to rectify this mistake by Mirza Nasir Ahmad, however, it was a smoke screen, Mirza Tahir Ahmad continued along the same line of deception, by 1993, he was asking Ahmadi’s to pray for the number of converts to double and to continue to double.  By 2002, Mirza Tahir Ahmad claiming a Jamaat of almost 200 million people.

Nevertheless, in the below, you will find 2 newspaper reports, one by the New York Post (aug-9th) and the other is from the The Daily Record of Aug 8th, 1976 (see page 26).  In both instances, the Khalifa tells newspapers that there are 10 million Ahmadi’s in the world, which is a total lie.  Mirza Nasir Ahmad also claims that the literacy in Rabwah is 100%, whereas the rest of Pakistan is at 1%.


The news report from the Daily Record of New Jersey
Mirza Nasir Ahmad tells JOHN MUELLER of the Daily record that there are 10 million Ahmadi’s in the world (See page 26).

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Mirza Nasir Ahmad married his first cousin in 1934

Mirza Nasir Ahmad was the 3rd Ahmadiyya Khalifa.  The Mirza family has been inbreeding for years and years, in fact, MGA had married his first cousin back in the early 1850’s.  They only had 2 children, furthermore most of MGA’s cousins married each other, hence, the seed of the Mirza family was dying off as a direct result of “cousin-marriage”.  MGA’s second marriage wasn’t to a girl that he was even closely related to.

The data

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#ahmadiyya #ahmadiyyatrueislam #ahmadiapartheid #Ahmadiyyat #rabwah #qadian #meetthekhalifa #muslimsforpeace #ahmadiyyafactcheckblog #nolifewithoutkhalifa #AhmadiMosqueattack #AhmadiyyaPersecution #Mosqueattack #trueislam #atifmian


Mirza Nasir Ahmad claims that he was not in Rabwah during the train attacks of May 29th, 1974

The Mirza family planned the Rabwah Train attacks perfectly.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad is totally missing from the scene.  They did this as a first step to moving out of Pakistan.  Mirza Nasir Ahmad claims that he was 12 miles away and didn’t even ask any Ahmadi about the attack.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad doesn’t have an alibi in terms of his whereabouts.

Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s explanation as given to the Samdani Commission
“””Mirza Nasir Ahmed, head of the Ahmadiyya Community, told the tribunal holding inquiry into the Rabwah Railway Station Incident during his statement that on May 29, when the incident took place he was not present in Rabwah and had gone to his lands about 12 miles away.  On his return the same day, he received reports of the incident and from the them came to believe that the Jamaat-i-Ahmadiyya had no hand in the incident.

The statement of Mirza Nasir Ahmad and that of Agha Shorish Kashmiri, chief of the Anjuman-i-Tahafuz-i-Khatmi-Nubuwwat, which were recorded in camera by the Tribunal were later, allowed to be published.

Mirza Nasir Ahmad said that the Jamaat-i-Ahmadiya’s involvement in such an incident was impossible.  He said neither Jamaat-i-Ahmadiya, nor any of its sub-organization or some group of persons attached to them could plan such an incident.  He felt that the plan of the incident might have been prepared by the united opposition parties or by a group of opportunist elements of the ruling party.

According to witness (Mirza Nasir Ahmad), the responsibility of the incident lay with the Provincial government and not the federal government.  The witness added that certain persons of Rabwah were also involved in the May 29 incident.  However, they had not done so under the directions from any party of organization.

He admitted that in his congregational address on May 31, he had said that the May 29 incident was pre-planned.  He said, he said so in view of some subsequent happenings specially the disturbances that took place at Lyallpur.

On a question from the Tribunal as to why he did not bother to get information about the incident, the witness (Mirza Nasir Ahmad) said because he did not attach much importance to it as such happenings had become common during the last three years.

According to the witness (mirza nasir Ahmad), the police had made indiscriminate arrests in connection with the Rabwah incident and even some Non-Ahmadi’s had also been arrested.  He said he could not say if some foreign power also was behind the incident.

Asked about his interview to correspondent of the Associated Press of America, the Ahmadiyya Chief said his interview had been somewhat misreported.  He said it was not true that the Pakistan Air Force planes had given a salute at the last annual convention of the Jamaat-i-Ahmadiyya at Rabwah.

Mirza Nasir Ahmed said it was not true that he wanted to purchase a Canadian radio transmitter having a range from 2500 to 3000 miles.

However, he said the Jamaat-i-Ahmadiyya intended to install a broadcasting station in Nigeria and for this purpose the Ahmadi’s all over the world had made contributions.

Agha Shorish Kashmiri, in his statement, said said that on May 29, Mr. Afzal Saeed, Private Secretary to the Prime Minister had contacted him on telephone to give a message from the Prime Minister.  In his message Mr. Bhutto had told the witness (agha shorish) that some foreign powers were out to disintegrate the country.  The Premier expressed the desire that the opposition leaders should help the Government maintain law and order situation so as to foil the evil designs of the enemies—PPI.””””

Newspaper scan, From the Pakistan Times, Aug-1st, 1974

Full newspaper

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Mirza Nasir Ahmad discussed his father’s and uncle’s statements on Takfir in 1974 at the National Assembly hearings

Ahmadis are trained to lie about everything.  I mean everything.  Mirza Nasir Ahmad was forced to talk about his father’s, grandfathers and uncles statements wherein they did Takfir on the whole Muslim community.  This happened in 1974, at the NA hearings on Ahmadiyya.  In the below, my team and I have translated and collected an interesting exchange wherein Mirza Nasir Ahmad goes to call all Muslims as Kafirs.

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The exchange
Yahya Bakhtiar. Mirza sb reply to my question has not been clear yet. I asked about a man to whom the message of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani sb has been conveyed but he is not convinced,in which category would you place him? Is he a kafir.?

Mirza Nasir . In what sense?

Yahya Bakhtiar. In the sense that he do not believe in a prophet. Although he says he is Ummati of Muhammad saw and says i have complete faith in Him (pbuh). For such person U said yesterday that he is a kafir but not out of the circle of islam.

Mirza Nasir. Yes I stated that today with references of hadis.

Yahya Bakhtar. Those who did not hear of Mirza, are they kafir and of which category or not kafir according to your teaching and writings.?

Mirza Nasir. In which category would u place those who do not believe in Moosa and Eissa a.s ?

Yahya Bakhtiar. Mirza sb I am asking to u about this?

Mirza Nasir. He would fall in the same category as that of the one who do not believe in Moosa and Essa a.s.

Yahya Bakhtiar. Because Mirza Bashir had said he is kafir even if he has not heard of Mirza sahib. So U are saying both are in same category of kufar, the one to whome Mirza sb,s message reached and the one who has not heard of him.

Mirza Nasir . Category is not the same. But decree will be issued on prima facie. We say kafir in limited sense.
Yahaya Bakhtiyar . Even if he is not aware of the name of Mirza sb.?

Mirza Nasir . If a man born in Moscow 7 years ago he is not aware of the name of Moosa Essa a,s and Muhammad s.a.w. He has no Iman.

Yahya Bakhtiar. Mirza sb you have just said that when i say I am a musalman, it is not for Mufti Mahmood and Molana Modoodi, to say that I am not.

Mirza Nasir. I am saying this too now.

Yahya Bakhtiar . Then why do U say if i decide then no body has to interfere . Mirza sb.

Mirza Nasir . No no i have to decide it for myself and others would have to decide for themselves.

Yahya Bakhtiar. But the point is this that you are deciding for others
Mirza Nasir. No I am not.

Yahya Bakhtiar. U r deciding that so and so class is a kafir of this category and so and so is a kafir of that category. In that case U have to give this right to others too.

Mirza Nasir. I did not say that.

Yahya Bakhtiar. I am talking of a criteria you laid down. What i said yesterday was, if we acquire certain right for us we have to concede the same for others too.

Mirza Nasir , of course I am not a man of superior race. I am a humble person.

Yahya Bakhtiar. Mirza sb If u claim to be muslim u have the right to claim that . Similarly if Mufti Mahmood says he is a Muslim he has the right to say that. U have no right to stop him from claiming to be muslim.

Mirza Nasir. Yes absolutely.

Yahya Bukhtiar Now here a question arises as to which category u place Mufti Mahmood as per your writings and teachings. U say he falls under that category of Kufar.

Mirza Nasir. No no i don,t say that. I said muslim of a certain category.

Yahya Bakhtiar. Kafir of a certain category. So in that case they have the right to call u muslim of certain category. Or not muslim at all.

Mirza Nasir. Yes absolutely. But they do not have the right to negate our claim of being muslims

Yahya Bakhtiar . See you have made three categories.
Certain category of people are out of islam and ummat,

Mirza Nasir. Yes like the category of Abu jahal and many more.

Yahya Bakhtiar. The other category is un-sincere who will get more punishment than other and they are kafir too.

Mirza Nasir . I did not say they will get more punishment, it is upto Allah swt.

Yahya Bakhtiar. Words like Sinful and hell bound were used.

Mirza Nasir . That has been said with reference to Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab and Ibn e Temiya. I had said this has been said in earlier books like “Mufridat e Raghib” which tell us that there are different kinds of Iman and different types of Kufar.

Yahya Bakhtiar. Mirza sb plz tell us again what you said is that word kufar was used for few sinners. Do the words out of Islam has also been used for such persons?

Mirza Nasir Ahmad. “Kharaja minal islam”( he went out of Islam)was used .

Yahya Bahtiar. And still u think they r muslims

Mirza Nasir . Those who said like this are also of this opinion.

Yahya Bakhtiar. Of course we need the reference which says such class of person is muslim and still out of fold of Islam.

Mirza Nasir. U can not understand this until u have deep study of Quraan and Ahadis.

Yahya Bakhtiar. Here i am saying that Mirza sb (Mgaq) saying out of fold of Islam and Kafir. And u say!

Mirza Nasir. I say Nabi Pak saw saying that.

Yahya Bakhtiyar. Mirza sb (mgaq) using both kafir and out of fold of islam at a time what does that mean? He is using these words intentionally not superfluous.

Mirza Nasir. No.

Yahya Bakhtiar. One way he says kafir and out of fold of islam!

Mirza Nasir. Who says that?

Yahya Bakhtiar. Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood.

Mirza Nasir. Both words have been used in same sense.
Yahya Bakhtiar. In that case one part has become superfluous.

Mirza Nasir. All right take it as superfluous.

Yahya Bakhtiar. I would not take it as superfluous because I think he is very carefully using these words. He would not use a superfluous word.

Mirza Nasir. Even if it is against your faith.

Yahay Bakhtiar. No i want interpretation of your faith when  Mirza sb says for non ahmadi muslims that they are kafir and out of fold of islam. And still you say that they are Muslim.

Mirza Nasir . Of course I say that.

Yahya Bakhtiar. Well my understanding is that he (MBM)is clearly declaring non Ahmadi muslims are kafir and out of fold of islam.

Mirza Nasir. I have been raised and part of that family i say he never took that meaning.

Yahya Bakhtiyar. Didn,t he (mbm) say kafir.?
Session adjourned.



The scans

Some additional data about Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s forced marriage with Dr. Tahira

A friend of mine has been reading  further into this entire situation and he has uncovered the following data.  Read our other essays here:

Summary from Dr. Tahira’s book, “Kahlifatul Masih Alsalis”

Dr. TAHIRA KHAN, second wife of Mirza Nasir writes in her book “Kahlifatul Masih Alsalis” at page 75 onwards that once before marriage she requested Mirza Nasir for an autograph, mirza Nasir under his signature wrote on my auto graph book “may Allah give u the knowledge of reality of commodities.”

She further writes that Mansoora Begum first wife of Mirza Nasir, died on 3rd December 1981. In February 1982, MIRZA Nasir, called my elder brother Col Ayaz Mehmood Ahmad Khan who was residing in Rawalpindi, at his home in Islamabad and said that he wanted to talk to him on a very important matter and intends to have two sittings with him.

In these sittings first thing he said to my brother was that the concept of sacrifice in Christianity is that women become NUNs. But Islam gives different concept of sacrifice. Then he stated the circumstances under which Holy prophet Muhammad s.a.w. married to Aysha r.a. after the death of Hazrat Khadija r.a. In this background Nasir stated about all marriages of Masleh e Moud ( Mirza Mehmood) and the purpose behind these marriages. After this, he said if I ask for the hand of your sister Tahira for me what would be the expected reply of your sister and parents. Then he Mirza Nasir said he intends to make a 40 days ISTIKHARA FROM ALLAH and if Allah permits I would send a formal request to your family for my marriage with your sister Tahira.

Mirza Nasir further said she,Tahira, should shift to home from hostel and start prayers for this relationship. So i shifted to Rabwah on 22nd February 1982. Then huzur Mirza Nasir said to my brother that You are my representative, you and me are one party and Tahira and your parents are the other party.

The evening, when 40 days time line of Istikhara completed Mirza Nasir sent a formal request to my father for his marriage with me in the following words:-

Respected Abdul Majeed Khan Sahib.


In my personal capacity I can spend rest of my life without getting remarried but the responsibilities of Jamaat on my shoulders require an energetic , sincere, and sacrificing partner who could be helpful for me in carrying out my khilafat works. Prayers were made in this regard. Allah accorded his permission and many glad tidings of special blessings for “would be partner” were also received from Allah. My son Luqman has also received permission of his mother in dream that Tahira is a good proposal for me.
Keeping in view of all this, I ask for the hand of Tahira from you with absolute confidence and good conscious and hope you and mother of Tahira would be pleased to accept this proposal with the same gesture.
Khalifatul masih assalis
Dated: 05.04.1982.

The book also contain an affirmative letter from Dr. Tahira addressed to his father giving her assent to the proposal.

Dr. Tahira continues, we were married on 11April and walima reception was held at the Lawn of Qasr e Khilafat Rabwah on 12 April 1982. The whole function was kept simple only 10 people came as marriage party. we were allowed to invite guests from among our family only.

The scan work

Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s first marriage—1934

This entry is about the first wife of Mirza Nasir Ahmad.  Which he married in 1934.


Mirza Mahmood second khalifa of Qadiyani jamaat married his son Mirza Nasir, who eventually became the third khalifa, to Syeda Mansoora Begum daughter of Mubarika Begum and Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan of Malir kotla. Nikah was held in July 1934 and Barat proceeded to Malir Kotla on 4 August and returned with bride on 6 August 1934 to Qadiyan. Mirza Mehmood sent his son Mirza Nasir to England for higher studies next month. Mirza Nasir returned to Qadiyan in November 1938. Mansoora Begum died in December 1981. Mirza Nasir remarried to 24 year old Syeda Tahira Siddiqa in April 1982 at an age of 73 years.

The children of Mirza Nasir Ahmad and Syeda Mansoora Begum
1—son Mirza Anas Ahmad, born in 1937(died in 2018 at age 81).
2—daughter Amatul Shakoor
3—daughter Amatul Haleem
4—son Mirza Fareed Ahmad
5–son Mirza Luqman Ahmad (In 1981, married his first cousin, the eldest daughter of Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Shaukhat).

Syeda Tahira Siddiqa Nasir the second wife of Mirza Nasir in her Book KHALIFATUL MASIH SALIS writes:-

“””After one month of marriage Mirza Mehmood sent his son Mirza Nasir to England for higher studies. During this period newly wed Mansoora Begum has faced the situation with great patience and courage. She did not mention of her pain to anyone else.
Once she did not receive money from Mirza Mahmood for his daily expenditures. She wanted to send a letter to her husband in England but had no money to pay postal charges. She was so self honoured a lady that she did not ask for the money even from her parents. So she took one of relative into confidence and sold the real silver or gold embroidery (suchha Gota) of her Dupatta.”””

The scans

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The “Haq-mehr” aka Dowrie of Dr. Tahira, Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s bride in 1982

I have came across some interesting data in terms of the 2nd marriage of Mirza Nasir Ahmad, which happened in 1982.  Be sure to read this essay also:

The data
A lot was said about this marriage. In almost every khutba nikah, murabbis say that taqwah is the real criteria for nikah. But when Khalifa 3
selected his 2nd wife he forgot to check that she was not even a moosia (see below). These days everyone is supposed to do wassiyyat to get visa-free entry for
jannat but how come hazoor forgot this criteria when he was selecting his wife purely on the basis of taqwah.

One interesting fact is that the haq mehar of Dr Tahira was Rs 1000 (in 1982?) but the Haq mehar of Mubarka begum was Rs 56000 (in 1908?).
Jamat talks about simplicity, no lavish spending on such events like nikah, marriage etc. What kind of message the messiah of time is giving to poor people in
his community when he himself sets the mehar of Rs 56000 for his daughter (see khutba nikah). All the khutbas are about the simplicity and the example of
nominal mehar of Hazrat Fatima is always quoted by hazoors an murabbis but look what they themselves do…

Why did MGA take soooo much Haq Mehr for his daughter
Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (MGA) accepted Rs56000/= as haq-mehar for his daughter because his daughter WAVIED OFF HER RIGHT TO 1/8TH (ONE-EIGHTH) SHARE
IN PROPERTY OF HER HUSBAND. As nawabs did NOT want to let their property divided to other families, so instead of giving share in property they gave a decent
amount in form of haq-mehar to the bride. This haq-mehar was to become TOTAL PROPERTY of wife i.e. daughter of MGA. Moreover, as Maulana Noor Ud Din
(MNUD) sahib said that there is NO limit on haq-mehar amount AS LONG AS GROOM IS WILLING TO PAY AND DEPENDS ON HIS FINANCIAL HEALTH/ STATUS. MNUD sahib also
made it clear that even Rs56000/= was relatively MUCH LESS than standard in the nawab family of groom.

Dr. Tahira’s father was dead by 1982
Dr. Tahira’s brother Professor…..(I am forgetting his name, at the moment), who was professor in Qadiani College run by Qadianis in Rabwah, was close CONFIDANT of Mirza Nasir Ahmad (MNA), but when he came to know about intentions of MNA, he opposed him, as he knew that MNA is VERY OLD and SICK, so probability of her sister Dr. Tahira to become widow in her youth is VERY HIGH, other than the fact that she is in LOVE with MNA son and wants to marry him, in addition he knew that when her sister will become widow, then according to Qadiani Law, she can not remarry, so she will remain single. Since, father of Dr. Tahira had already died before, so her brother who was her guardian, was opposing this marriage.  During his opposition, all of a sudden he died and the news on folks tongues was that he has been POISONED to silence, as per TRADITIONS of Qadiani Khalifas. The only other close relative of Dr. Tahira who was alive was her mother.

Other comments from the old discussion forum, from 2008
“””In 1963 -66 was student in T:I:College and QK.3 was Principal. He has had a lot of Pigeons, and Dr. Tahira was near about 12 years, his brother was also profesor in T:I:College. Her house was not so far and she visited often to play with pigeons, at that time often students were telling each other as joke or real (God knows) that she comes to play with *Special Kabooter of Mian Nasir Sahib*. May be from that age she was having a soft corner and familiar with that one private kabooter, so it is quite possible that she was also intrested to mary with QK3, to play further with her beloved old kabooter”””.  See here:

The PDF’s of these books


Mirza Nasir Ahmad forcibly married Dr. Tahira in 1982, he was 73 and she was 25

Mirza Nasir Ahmad married a much younger woman in 1982, just a few months before he died.  Ahmadiyya leadership is always quickly working on deleting all of this information on this wedding, since its really embarrassing.  Shortly after the death of his wife Mansoora Begum, Nasir Ahmad decided to remarry. On 11 April 1982, he married Tahira Siddiqua Nasir, daughter of Abdul Majeed Khan of Verowal. This marriage only lasted a few short months with the demise of Nasir Ahmad on 9 June 1982.  The picture in the above is from the marriage ceremony of Mirza Nasir Ahmad to Dr. Tahira.  She is still alive and lives in seclusion in Rabwah.

Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s first marriage

Read about the Dowry of Dr. Tahira here:

Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s Khutbah Juma wherein he talks about his recent marriage–a summary
30 april 1982, in that Khutbah, Nasir is justifying as to why he only gave huq mehr of 1000 rupee to Tahira, by saying that the same was given to his first wife mansoora. But i have found 2 more relevant books, one contains the actual khutba of his nikah of 11 April 1982. I think he gave the khutba of 30 April 1982, as people would have raised objections. the other book is written by nasir 2nd wife tahira, named “hazrat mirza nasir ahmad” this book is worth reading, as it gives insight to, how was their 2 months long married life. he was total control freak, she could not do anything right, he corrected her every minute of the day, tahira did not like drinking milk in the night and he made her drink, he objected on everything. She was educated woman and yet she could not do anything right in his eyes. All this shenanigans about doing istikhara for 40 days, he knew her from her school, college and medical years!

While in Islamabad in June of 1982

See here:

This is from the March-2008 edition of the Review of Religions, by 

Huzur’s Last Days

Huzur visited Islamabad for the very last time on the 23 of May, 1982. Huzur was accompanied by Hadhrat Tahira Siddiqa Begum Sahiba, Sahibzadi Amatush-Shakoor Sahiba, Sahibzada Mirza Anas Sahib and Sahibzada Mirza Luqman Sahib, along with their wives and children. With them were members of the delegation having returned from Spain. After the prayers of Maghrib and ‘Isha, I along with a few others had the blessed opportunity to give a massage to Huzur. We were shocked to discover that the veins on Huzur’s legs were very swollen. Huzur told us, ‘Do not worry. This is due to the pooling of blood as a result of the long journey. Also, the work pressure has been intense for the last few days. I have had to remain seated the whole day. Insha Allah, it will be alright.’ We continued to massage Huzur daily, but his condition did not improve much. As soon as Huzur felt even a slight improvement, he would proceed immediately to his office and would work the whole day there, at times pouring over his correspondence, and at others meeting people. There was no time for him to rest. Indeed, Khilafat is not like any worldly post; for the Khalifa of the time has to contemplate and work for the betterment of the Jama’at and the entire world.

Due to the deterioration of Huzur’s health, the last Friday sermon before his demise was delivered in Islamabad by Sahibzada Mirza Tahir Ahmad – who later became Khalifatul Masih IV. This sermon was very short but heavy with anxiety and emotion; it contained a passionate appeal to the Jama’at to pray for the recovery of Huzur. During this Khutbah, the state of anxiety of the Ahmadis of Rabwah was described in such a way that the assembly was filled with profound grief.

On the night between the 8 and 9 of June, Huzur experienced a second heart attack. Mirza Fareed Ahmad Sahib came down and said that we should announce to the Jama’at that Huzur’s condition was now critical. All those who had gathered at Baitul Fazal were extremely anxious and restless. We could see from the faces of Huzur’s sons and other relatives that Huzur’s condition must indeed be exceedingly worrying. Then, at around thirty minutes past midnight, Mirza Fareed Ahmad Sahib came down and, standing on the staircase, signalled with his hand and softly recited the Qur’anic verse: Verily, to Allah we belong and to Him is our return. The whole assembly was so shocked that all were left speechless. Fear and darkness spread over everyone. But God soon showed His mercy once again and brought His beloved Jama’at back into the light of peace and security.

I call Allah as my witness when I say that Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih III(ru) was indeed a most wonderful person, very dear to each and every Ahmadi; it is not possible to state how dear he was to me. Every particle in my body is indebted to his kindness. He was and shall remain most dear to me. He was truly a great Spiritual Leader.

O my Merciful God! Shower Thy mercy most abundantly upon the holy soul of my master and raise him to Thine own Throne of Nearness. Amin.

The inside story

Khalifa III Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s son Mirza Luqman Ahmad had a LOVE AFFAIR with a young beautiful Ahmadi Lady Dr. Tahira (she was student in Fatima Jinnah Medical college, Lahore, Pakistan).

The detail of this affair can be read in a book: Qadianiyyat Aus Bazar Mein by Mateen Khalid.


Mirza Nasir Ahmad was in his LATE SEVENTIES 70’s that one day he saw Dr. Tahira, who was in her EARLY TWENTIES (20’s). Mirza Nasir Ahmad had a CRUSH on her. So, he decided to marry her. In a process to JUSTIFY this marriage where GROOM WAS OLD AND SICK AND IN POOR HEALTH AND BRIDE WAS YOUNG HEALTHY BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, BESIDE BEING 50 YEARS YOUNGER IN AGE, Mirza Nasir Ahmad started making speeches and giving statements and PREDICTIONS/ PROPHECIES that this marriage will bring GLAD TIDINGS/ KHUSH-KHABRAIAN/ BARAKAT etc for his Ahmadi Jamaat.

Well, finally the marriage took place. And the newly wed “Happy” couple went to Islamabad in process to get visa for European countries where they decided to celebrate their HONEY MOON.

Now guess what happened: approximately with in a week of marriage Khalifa III had a heart attack in Islamabad and he died. In  Jamaat wife of Khalifas are considered UMMAL MOMINEEN (Mother of the believers) the same way the wives of Holy Prophet Muhammad saws are considered mother of Muslims. Since wife of Khalifa III is MOTHER OF the believers so she was NOT allowed to marry again. As a result a beautiful, fertile age lady, who had all the NORMAL HUMAN FEELINGS had to remain UNMARRIED.

Now lets see the BARAKAT on the Ahmadi Jamaat as a result of their Khalifa III marriage to a more than 50 years younger lady:
(1)  Khalifa III died with in few days of marriage.
(2) Mirza Tahir Ahmad became the Khalifa IV.
(3) Mirza Tahir Ahmad had to leave his Jamaat’s LAST strong hold i.e. in Rabwah and had to run for his life to UK.
(4)  Jamaat is UPROOTED and BOOTED out of Pakistan, where the jamaat had the MOST population of Ahmadis in the world.
(5) Ahmadi Jamaat got weaker and weaker.
(6) General Zia issued the order XX. That barred Ahmadis from calling themselves Muslim/ give azan/ call their masjids as masjids etc.
(7) Ahmadis from Pakistan got dispersed in the world and the Khalifa is loosing his grip on them with every passing day.
(8) Khalifa IV made the BOGUS claims of millions of convertions every year. It is such a bogus claim that even Mahmudis are ASHAMED of their Khalifa.

The only person who is taking advantage of this marriage between Mirza Nasir Ahmad and Dr. Tahira is the son of Mirza Nasir Ahmad i.e. Mirza Luqman Ahmad. He got his LOVER back and he does not have to marry her either.


In my opinion more than 70 years old Mirza Nasir Ahmad married Dr. Tahir in her early 20’s because of one of the following TWO REASONS:
(1) Mirza Nasir Ahmad had gone blind in his LUST for her.
(2) Mirza Nasir Ahmad had gone CRAZY.

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The Samdani commission proved that the Pakistan govt. didn’t have a hand in the Rabwah attacks–proving Mirza Nasir Ahmad as a liar

After the Rabwah terrorist attacks, Mirza Nasir Ahmad went to the Associated Press of America and cried that the Pakistan govt. had planned and initiated the attack in Rabwah and that Ahmadis were totally innocent.  Mirza Nasir Ahmad should have been arrested for contempt of court, since an investigation was already underway and Mirza Nasir Ahmad hadnt been officially questioned yet.

Zafrullah Khan scored the interview
Zafrullah Khan was a vicious Ahmadi.  Every job he ever did in his life, he had the Mirza family’s best interest in mind.  In this case, after the Rabwah terrorists attacks, he immediately contacted his network of politicians and media outlets and began a propaganda war against Pakistan.  You can find more info on his statements and Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s statements here:

The Pakistan Times reported on Tuesday, August 27th, 1974
Samdani Report Absolves Government


“”The report of Justice Samdani has completely absolved the Government of any responsibility of the Rabwah incidents.  This was disclosed by the Prime Minister, Mr. Z.A. Bhutto, during his speech in parliament today.  He said that the hands of the government were clean and, therefore, Samdani report had also reached to this conclusion.  He also mentioned the efforts made by him and his government for peace and harmony.”””

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