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MGA never led Salaat in his entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21:73 of the Quran clearly tells us that Prophets of Allah are leaders, and thus, should be leading prayers for the faithful (See Tafsir Ibn Kathir). For the past 2 years, my team of writers/researchers and I have continuously told Ahmadis and Non-Ahmadis that MGA was incapable of leading Salaat, this was mostly because of his constant fits of hysteria/schizophrenia. MGA also spoke with a terrible stutter/stammer, and he could never properly memorize any chapters of the Quran and he was always high on opium and his Arabic tajweed was terrible and he had a Punjabee accent. MGA was never in wudhu either, since he had a terrible problem with urinating and diarrhea, he also claimed to be clad in two yellow garments, thus giving us a picture of how he looked, one more thing, we have no records of MGA ever taking a bath or doing wudhu. Further, in 1884, when MGA had Masjid Mubarak built, MGA hired an Imam. MGA’s wife confirms that MGA never led salat after 1888. In reality, he never led salaat before 1888 either. MGA’s wife suffered from the same conditions.

After MGA made his claim to be the Messiah in 1891, Abdul Karim, Maulvi Ahsan Amrohi, Nooruddin, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq or any other Ahmadi would lead the prayers, the same was to be said about the Masjid Aqsa, these were the two only masjids in Qadian. In fact, while MGA would perform Salaat, his fanatical followers were known to approach MGA (during salaat) and stroke his body sexually. Continue reading “MGA never led Salaat in his entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Nusrat Jehan Begum claims that MGA only led Salaat before 4 November 1888, never after

Ahmadi’s are very stubborn people. This is their biggest malfunction. We have posted data on this blog for years indicating that MGA never led salaat for any congregation. Ahmadi’s refused to believe it. It was too much for them, they then began to argue that MGA did in-fact lead some salaat. However, after some additional digging, we have uncovered that MGA never led salaat at after Nov. 4th, 1888 for sure. The testimony in the below proves that.  Further, MGA barely had any followers to lead salaat for before this date. We suspect that he still never led salaat, and even if he did, it was in-front of small children or gullible peers who never tried to correct MGA when he made mistakes. Listen to Dr. Holy Spirit’s explanation of MGA would scream and fall herein.
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Naseer Ahmad was a qadiani-ahmadi cricketer, he was never persecuted

Naseer Ahmad, known as Naseer Ahmed Malik (February 1, 1950 – July 31, 1999) and Naseer Malik was a Pakistani cricketer who played three ODIs in 1975. He was born in Gojra, FaisalabadPunjab. Malik took 203 first-class wickets at 24.89, 121 for National Bank of Pakistan. He is survived by his four children. He died at age 49.

He did not face any persecution after 1974 or 1984.
Naseer Malik

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Noorudin had revelations as to why MGA never farted

We have found a silly story from Seeratul Mahdi wherein it is stated that Noorudin would fart all the time, since he over ate sweets. Noorudin got a revelations from his god that prophets don’t fart or have a quiet stomach and thus, Noorudin believed that MGA never passed gas for this reason. This is interesting because MGA had diarrhea and urination problems. In fact, MGA never led the prayers for this reason. Lastly, MGA said it was Ok to pass gas while leading prayers.

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Alexander Russel Webb was never an Ahmadi

You can listen to my video explanation herein. Alexander Russell Webb was never an Ahmadi. He seems to have been a rational type of Muslim like Sir Syed and even admired him (See “A Muslim in Victorian America” by Abd-Allah)(see “The three Lectures of Alexander Webb”). In 1891, he wrote letters to the Allahabad review wherein he praised Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. When he visited India (1892), he made it to Lahore and refused to go to Qadian and meet MGA since MGA had made his blasphemous claims (See Singleton) by then. It should be noted that Jane Smith argued (See Jane Smith, “Islam in America“) that Alexander Russel Webb’s letters to MGA were the: “key to his conversion to Islam”, however, Smith didn’t have access to the wealth of data that we have in 2022. Robert Dannin argued that Webb never made any public mention of MGA, nor did any part of Ahmadiyya eschatology appear in Webb’s writings (See “Black Pilgrimage” by Dannin). Abd-Allah reported that Webb gave some strange comments to the New York Herald (he doesn’t give dates) about Jesus (as), he even mentioned something about Jesus in India, however, he quickly shut his mouth and got out of there.

In the 1880’s, he worked for the U.S. government as an ambassador (consul general)(in the Philippines) and allegedly came across the challenge of MGA about 10,000 rupees if anyone could refute the Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya. However, he couldn’t read urdu and the 4-part Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya set was in urdu. Thus, his entire conversion to Ahmadiyya story is bogus. He seems to have wrote letters to MGA in Qadian and MGA had them published them in his book, (Shahna’-e-Haq, 1887-1888 era). Shortly thereafter, Webb declared himself a Muslim. The original letter that was written by Webb to MGA is totally missing (See “A Muslim in Victorian America” by Abd-Allah).

Haji Abdullah Arab (see “Mujadid-e-Azim”, by Dr. Basharat Ahmad) enters the story, and even went to the Philippines to visit him (see “The three Lectures of Alexander Webb”). Per Maulvi Hassan Ali, Haji Abdullah Arab convinced Alexander Webb to quit his job as the “Consul General” in the Philipinnes and travel to India and then to the USA and start preaching Islam. He landed in British-India (Calcutta), India on Oct 2nd, 1892 (See Singleton) and met up with Moulvi Hasan Ali Sahib Bhagalpuri. Moulvi Hasan Ali accompanied Mr. Webb during his 3 Lectures in Madras, Hyderabad (Deccan) and Bombay (Thursday evening, 10th November, 1892). A man named Badrudin Abdulla Kur Esq. also had the Bombay lecture published. Its unclear when and where Moulvi Hasan Ali Sahib Bhagalpuri became an Ahmadi, he is listed in 1896 in the famous list of 313 Ahmadi’s (see Dard)(see Tareekh Ahmadiyyat Vol 1 Page 307). He then travelled North-west to Agra, most likely via train, and made it to Lahore. He was in British-India from Oct 2nd to Dec-15th 1892. Nevertheless, in 1892, Webb refused to meet MGA (see page 24, Singleton). He also met up with Haji Abdullah Arab (see “Mujadid-e-Azim”, by Dr. Basharat Ahmad). The Lahori-Ahmadi’s even claim that Haji Abdullah Arab went to Qadian in 1892 and told him about Webb and how Islam in America was about to be launched (see “Mujadid-e-Azim”, by Dr. Basharat Ahmad). Thus, Webb was around people who knew of MGA and willingly decided to avoid MGA altogether. Webb also worked with a Burmese Muslim named Abdul Kareem Abdul Shakur Jamal (See Singleton). Interestingly, in this era, he called Indians as niggers, (See “A Muslim in Victorian America” by Abd-Allah, pages 135-136).

He returned to the USA in 1893 and wrote his famous book, “Islam in America”. Webb was also in contact with the Bahai’s. He also was the sole representative of Islam at the Parliament of World Religions in 1893. In 1893, he wrote his famous book, “Islam in America”. He also wrote and published his famous book, “A Guide to Namaz” (1893). Dr. Basharat Ahmad claims that he was in Qadian in 1906 and saw a letter of regret from Webb addressed to MGA about not meeting him in 1892 (this seems to be a total lie)(see “Mujadid-e-Azim”, by Dr. Basharat Ahmad and Gilham).

In 1910, MGA’s famous book, “Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam” is translated into english by Maulvi Muhammad Ali and published as, “The Teachings of Islam”, Mr. Muhammad Alexander Webb is given credit as someone who helped in the translation. This was the second english translation of “Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam. Although Webb acknowledged Ghulam Ahmad as “a man of God” and the one who had guided him to Islam, however, it should be noted that this was before MGA’s claims and a total lie, since Alexander Russell Webb couldn’t read urdu. Nevertheless, Singleton claims that Webb stayed in touch with Ahmadi’s until his death in 1916.

Alexander Russell Webb wasn’t heard from again in the history of Ahmadiyya until 1921 in the ROR (see the ref in the below. In fact, in the Moslem Sunrise of July-1921, Muftree Muhammad Sadiq announced that a man named F.L. Anderson was the first ever Ahmadi from the USA, Muftree Muhammad Sadiq alleged that he converted to Ahmadiyya in 1901 in the Moslem Sunrise of 1921. The photo of F.L. Anderson is posted also. Anthony George Baker is another fake convert, as is F.L. Anderson and Professor Clement Lindley Wragge.

However, by 2021, the Ahmadiyya Movement was claiming that Webb was the first Ahmadi in the Usa. Max Muller is also mentioned in terms of Webb, he also had a friendship with the famous Mark Twain and Victor Hugo and Abdullah Quilliam.

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F.L. Anderson was a fake Ahmadi from the USA, he never existed in reality

In 1905, via the Badr magazine, Muftree Muhammad Sadiq and MGA’s team of editors fabricated a story about a white man named F.L. Anderson’s conversion to Ahmadiyya. In 1908, after the death of MGA, he was mentioned in the Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya Vol. 5 as a convert to Ahmadiyya and given the name of Hasan. He wasn’t heard from again until 1921 when Muftree Muhammad Sadiq attached a photo of him into the Moslem Sunrise of 1921 wherein he claimed that he had converted to Ahmadiyya in 1901 via a letter (See “A Muslim in Victorian America” by Abd-Allah).

Anthony George Baker is another fake convert, as is Alexander Webb and Professor Clement Lindley Wragge.

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In 2018, @Afzalupal was expelled from Ahmadiyya, he then filed a complaint with the U.K. Charity Commission

@Afzalupal is an amazing brother, I have known him for 5-6 years on social media. After his famous book on #Ahmadiyya was published in 2017 (Moderate Fundamentalist). The Ahmadiyya Movement Canada took action against him and his family. They immediately expelled @Afzalupal and also began to punish his family. We have posted the entire complaint in the below. It seems that the UK Charity Commission took no action since @Afzalupal doesn’t live in the UK and thus outside the jurisdiction of the UK Charity Commission.

In this video, Afzal Upal explains why he wrote his book, “Moderate-Fundamentalist”. He did a video herein explaining why he wrote his book. His book can be downloaded for free herein. His father was a Murrabi in the Ahmadiyya Movement, he worked mostly out of West Africa and got transferred to Pakistan and then Canada in the 1980’s. He died in a car crash shortly thereafter, his name was Maulana Ali Haider Upal.

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Inhumane Treatment – Ahmadi Family Expelled from Jamaat—2004

We found this old article on about an expulsion in 2004 wherein a toddler was also kicked out of Ahmadiyya. It is posted in the below. Naseem Mahdi is mentioned in this story, he was the Pharoah of the Ahmadiyya community in Canada. Abdul Ghaffar Janba is also mentioned who had started his group of rogue Ahmadi’s in that era.

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In 1918, Ahmadi’s told Walter that MGA’s god revealed to him that Yuz Asaf= Eisa (As)

In 1913, Howard Arnold Walter travelled to Kashmir and inquired about the tomb of Yuz Asaf. In 1914, he wrote “Islam in Kashmir” in the Moslem World magazine. The ROR of Nov-1915 reviews his article that appeared in the “Young Men of India”. The ROR of Dec-1915 has an article by him entitled, “Devotional Readings in the Quran”. He was also conducting research on Ahmadiyya in this era. From 1916-1918, H. A. Walter seems to have written this in-depth biography of the Ahmadiyya Movement, he was in Qadian and spoke to the Khalifa and was advised in terms of the beliefs of MGA. It was published in roughly Oct-Nov of 1918 (See the preface, which signs off at 10-10-1918, Walter died just 3 weeks later). This book was edited Farquhar, who had written about the Ahmadiyya Movement in 1914-1915 and was published.

In this book, he tells the world that while he was in Mohallah Khan Yar in the summer of 1913. He visited the tomb (and seems like he didn’t read the research work on Weitbrecht) and asked many questions. He says that Muslims told him that this house (gravesite) was in possession of the Hindu’s/Buddhist’s until Shia Islam came via Bulbul Shah. Walter then writes that this is the tomb that MGA said was miraculously revealed to him. Walter also explained how Hindu temples were being destroyed in Kashmir. In the 1990’s, Mirza Tahir Ahmad began casting doubt on the Yuz Asaf theory, and thus, by 2021, Ahmadi’s are calling it mere conjecture by MGA.

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