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MGA never led Salaat in his entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21:73 of the Quran clearly tells us that Prophets of Allah are leaders, and thus, should be leading prayers for the faithful (See Tafsir Ibn Kathir). In 1903, MGA admitted to the public that he never led prayers and it was because it was written in hadith that the Messiah would not lead the prayers (See Malfuzat quote in the below and the scans).

MGA was incapable of leading Salaat and this was mostly because of his constant fits of hysteria/schizophrenia. MGA also spoke with a terrible stutter/stammer, and he could never properly memorize any chapters of the Quran and he was always high on opium and his Arabic tajweed was terrible and he had a Punjabee accent. MGA was never in wudhu either, since he had a terrible problem with urinating and diarrhea, he also claimed to be clad in two yellow garments, thus giving us a picture of how he looked, one more thing, we have no records of MGA ever taking a bath or doing wudhu. Further, in 1884, when MGA had Masjid Mubarak built, MGA hired an Imam. MGA’s wife confirms that MGA never led salat after 1888. In reality, he never led salaat before 1888 either. MGA’s wife suffered from the same conditions.

After MGA made his claim to be the Messiah in 1891, Abdul Karim, Maulvi Ahsan Amrohi, Nooruddin, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq or any other Ahmadi would lead the prayers, the same was to be said about the Masjid Aqsa, these were the two only masjids in Qadian. In fact, while MGA would perform Salaat, his fanatical followers were known to approach MGA (during salaat) and stroke his body sexually. Continue reading “MGA never led Salaat in his entire life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

In 1920, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq had secret sex with his house maid Ethel Bassett, then fled the country and never returned

The Ipswich Star newspaper is reporting how a famous Qadiani-Ahmadi missionary Mufti Muhammad Sadiq had sexual relations with his maid in 1920. Her name was Ethel Bassett, her son, Frederick Arthur Bassett was born in London on May 20, 1920. However, just 2 months before the kid was born, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq departed from Liverpool on 26 January 1920 and reached Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 15 February. We think the 2nd Khalifa ordered Mufti Muhammad Sadiq to leave the UK and it was related to this issue of Mufti Muhammad Sadiq impregnating Ethel Basset. On 8 September 1923, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq travelled by ship from America to Europe, staying a few weeks in France. He landed in British India on Sep­tember 18, 1923, and arrived in Qadian on December 4, 1923 in the afternoon. He didn’t stop in London, he totally avoided the UK for the remainder of his life, in fact, even in 1924, when the 2nd Khalifa travelled to the UK, Sadiq stayed in India. Mufti Muhammad Sadiq had another episode with a white lady, in 1929, he brought a white lady named Hidayt Budd to Qadian from Sri Lanka, he married her a few months later. He gave a speech at the 1929 Jalsa at Qadian. He picked her up and took her from Colombo to Qadian (see ror of Sep-1929).

Frederick Arthur Bassett grew up without a father and as a mixed-breed boy. When he was just seven, Ethel made the decision to take him to a Doctor Barnardo’s home (like a boarding home for orphans). He lived in various homes until he was 15, when he was sent to work on a farm in Stowmarket. Frederick went from farm to farm in Suffolk, before he met Sylvia Rayner in Christchurch Park, Ipswich. The couple married on August 30, 1941, and soon welcomed nine children of their own: June, Michael, Fatima, Patricia, Ann, Linda, Marina, Leon and Daphne. During the 1940s, Mufti had somehow made contact with his son. They exchanged a few letters, and Mufti was delighted to learn that Sylvia was expecting their third child. If the baby was a girl, he asked that they named her Fatima, after the daughter of the prophet Muhammad, and Sylvia and Frederick agreed. However, this was short lived, they never made contact again. Mufti died in 1957, and Frederick later passed away in 1994.

In the late 90s, Daphne and Marina were determined to learn more about their father’s family. Linda wrote letters to anyone she could think of with a connection to Mufti – and was delighted to receive a reply from his half-brother, Ahmad Mufti, who had no idea of their existence. He journeyed to Ipswich from America with his wife, Karim, in 2000, meeting his nieces and nephews for the very first time.

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Nusrat Jehan Begum claims that MGA only led Salaat before 4 November 1888, never after

Ahmadi’s are very stubborn people. This is their biggest malfunction. We have posted data on this blog for years indicating that MGA never led salaat for any congregation. Ahmadi’s refused to believe it. It was too much for them, they then began to argue that MGA did in-fact lead some salaat. However, after some additional digging, we have uncovered that MGA never led salaat at after Nov. 4th, 1888 for sure. The testimony in the below proves that.  Further, MGA barely had any followers to lead salaat for before this date. We suspect that he still never led salaat, and even if he did, it was in-front of small children or gullible peers who never tried to correct MGA when he made mistakes. Listen to Dr. Holy Spirit’s explanation of MGA would scream and fall herein.
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Mufti Muhammad Sadiq had sex with another man’s wife from 1921 to 1923–then fled the country

In Aug of 1923, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq was wanted by the police of Philadelphia for having sex and impregnating a married woman (the crime of stealing another man’s wife or Bigamy?). The case was filed by Joseph Erazium, who is a Christian Armenian immigrant and owner of a restaurant in Philadelphia. The woman is Edith V. Hoffman (her name was written as Edith Hoffman Erazium Sadiq)(See the Philadelphia Inquirer of Friday, Aug-31, 1923).

Erazium only found Edith V. Hoffman when her name appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer of Wednesday, Aug-22-1923 and it stated that Edith V. Hoffman was married to Dr. Mufti Sadiq. The newspaper even gave the address (3940 Walnut St) where she and her husband Dr. Mufti Sadiq and their 2-week old daughter could be found. They had came to Philadephia from Chicago (most likely to escape the shame). In roughly Aug-8-1923, Mufti Sadiq’s alleged wife Edith Hoffman gave birth to their daughter and named her Noor (Arabic for light). This means that Edith Hoffman got pregnant by Mufti Sadiq in Dec. of 1922 in Chicago (the same month that she got married). This daughter (Noor) was the first ever Ahmadi born in the USA.

Joseph Erazium read the newspaper and immediately went to 3940 Walnut St (a boarding house) and confronted Dr. Mufti Sadiq and Edith Hoffman. Erazium reminded Edith Hoffman that she was still married to him and asked to see her marriage certificate to Dr. Mufti Sadiq, Edith waffled and said it was not available. Erazium immediately went to get his lawyer, however, when he returned to 3940 Walnut St, Dr. Mufti Sadiq and Edith Hoffman (and their baby) were long gone. Erazium spent the whole night searching for them in hotels and etc. and found nothing.

The next day, he went to the local court (Central Station) and filed a case against Edith V. Hoffman for Bigamy and vs. Dr. Mufti Sadiq for stealing his wife. The case was filed and arrest warrants were issued for both Dr. Mufti Sadiq and Edith V. Hoffman by Magistrate Renshaw, he also wanted to investigate the religious activities of Dr. Mufti Sadiq. The Philadelphia Inquirer of Friday, Aug-24, 1923 reports that a case was filed and Edith Hoffman was taken in as a prisoner. Dr. Mufti Sadiq totally disappeared from Philadelphia. The police were actively looking for him. In the Philadelphia Inquirer of Friday, Aug-31-1923, it is reported that Edith Hoffman was arraigned and charged with eloping with Dr. Mufti Sadiq whilst still married to Joseph Erazium. Edith V. Hoffman claims that a lawyer in Chicago told her that she was legally  divorced and thus, she married Dr. Mufti Sadiq. Edith V. Hoffman admitted to marrying Erazium in 1921 and says that she left him a few days later and never lived with him ever again. She claims to have married Mufti Muhammad Sadiq in Dec-1922 with islamic rites. On Sep-1-1923 and via the Atlantic City Daily Press, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq was on his way out of America and was in Springfield, Massachussets. He seems to have immediately fled the country. Ahmadiyya sources also agree that he lef the USA in Sep-1923 and never returned. His pseudo-wife and child were left.

Joseph Erazium says he married Edith Hoffman (from Altoona, PA) in 1921 in New Orleans. Joseph Erazium claims that he met her during WW-1 when she was working as a Nurse in Turkey (and with the Red Cross). In 1923, Joseph Erazium was living at 6123 Walnut St, Philadelphia, his wife Edith Hoffman also lived with him herein in 1921. She abruptly moved back to her parents home in Altoona in 1921.

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#Ahmadis deny 26:63 (26:64 in the Qadiani Quran) of the Quran and claim that Musa (as) never split the sea, it was a low tide phenomenon

Check out my video on this topic herein. 
Mirza Ghulam Ahmad denied the miracle of the snake of Musa (as), and thus denied the Quran. He also seems to have denied 26:63 (runs from 26:60-67) of the Quran (no refs are found), since this verse clearly tells Muslims that Musa (as) was ordered by Allah to strike the water with his rod and he did and the water split. See also 20:77 and 20:78 (20:78 and 20:79) in the Qadiani Quran. See also 10:90 (10:91 in the Qadiani Quran)(story runs from 10:90-92).

Thus, the Quran authenticated many verses of the Torah.

Psalm 78:13: “He divided the sea and caused them to pass through; and He made the waters stand up like a heap.”

Psalm 106:9: “He rebuked the Red Sea also, and it dried up; so He led them through the depths, as through the wilderness.”

Nehemiah 9:11: “And You divided the sea before them, so that they went through the midst of the sea on the dry land; and their persecutors You threw into the deep, as a stone into the mighty waters.”

Acts 7:36: “He brought them out, after he had shown wonders and signs in the land of Egypt, and in the Red Sea, and in the wilderness forty years.”

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All the announcements from the failed prophecy of Muhammadi Begum are later fabrications

We have tracked the failed prophecy of Muhammadi Begum in-depth. We have noticed that the announcements are from after MGA died (see “Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat” and “Tabligh e Risalat”, they weren’t published in any local journals (nor is there any evidence of this). Thus, we don’t have the originals and can’t verify that these are authentic. In this re-work, the Qadiani missionaries invented the term suspended destiny (Mu’aliq taqdeer) in terms of the second part of the Muhammadi Begum prophecy. This phrase suspended destiny (Mu’aliq taqdeer) was never uttered by MGA about the Muhammadi Begum prophecy, in fact, MGA called it the opposite, (Taqdeer e Mubram, see Anjam e Athim,Vol. 11, p. 223). Hani Tahir investigated cases of Ahmadiyya “back-dating” references and announcements herein, this is in terms of earthquakes and other prophecies.

We have posted the majority of them that we could find in the below.

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General Nicholson ruthlessly killed Indians, and wrote a letter of recommendation for the Mirza family

Mirza Ghulam Qadir (MGA’s only brother), was serving in the force of General Nicholson when that officer destroyed the mutineers of the 46th Native Infantry, who had fled from Sialkot, at Trimu ghat (this was where the mutineers were stuck on an island and were forcibly drowned). General Nicholson gave Ghulam Qadir a certificate, stating that in 1857 the Qadian
family showed greater loyalty than any other in the district. In his book on the fall of Delhi, William Dalrymple talks of ‘this great imperial psychopath’, and uses a range of words describing Nicholson, from brutality, cruelty and merciless, to taciturn and piety. The letter of recommendation is posted in the below.

MGA’s father (Mirza Ghulam Murtaza) was also there and had in-fact, raised 50 horses and horsemen. All of this was mentioned in The Punjab Chiefs (1865 edition). His cousin, Mirza Imam ud Din also helped the British extensively in Delhi and was a soldier in Hodge’s horseman. Many of his uncles also served. In fact, a letter was given by General Nicholson stating that the Mirza family was the most loyal in the Gurdaspur district, General Nicholson died shortly thereafter. It should be noted that before the British took over, the entire Mirza family was serving in the Sikh military and Mirza Ghulam Murtaza was soooo trusted that he was a commander of an infantry regiment. However, as soon as the Sikhs lost to the British, the Mirza family seems to have lost all prestige, this is from 1848 to 1857. It is unclear what the Mirza family did in this era. In 1858, a pension of 200 rupees was given to the Mirza family. The famous pension incident happened in 1864, MGA then moved to Sialkot. In 1865, the famous settlement took place and the rest of the Mirza family were included as it rose to 700 rupees (See Life of Ahmad by Dard).


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In 1998, Mirza Tahir Ahmad openly called the Arab-Israeli-Ahmadi women of Kababir as “unislamic”, having multiple boyfriends and etc.

In this video (an episode of “Liqaa Ma’al Arab”), Mirza Tahir Ahmad accuses (1998) Murrabi’s in Kababir of standing in-between the Khalifa and the Arab-Israeli-Qadiani-Ahmadi’s of Kababir. We have archived some of this tik tok too. We don’t know who the Ameer of the Kababir jamaat was in 1998, nor do we know who the Murrabi was. However, we do know that in the early 1990’s, the father of the famous Ex-Ahmadi (Hassan Odeh) was a confirmed Ahmadi and he never quit Ahmadiyya. Thus, we are a bit confused. Nevertheless, in 1998, Mirza Tahir Ahmad was mad at the Ameer and the Murrabi who were both working in Kababir and in-charge of the entire Qadiani-Ahmadi operation in the middle east. Mirza Tahir Ahmad accused the missionary-in-charge of accepting the fact that Arab-Israeli-Ahmadi women and men have historically married non-Ahmadi’s since the 1950’s and thus, have left Ahmadiyya altogether. Mirza Tahir Ahmad alleges that some of the families of Kababir had broke ties with the Murrabi and thus, the murrabi’s rank in their eyes was lowered. The people of Kababir mocked the Murrabi and constantly ridiculed him. Mirza Tahir Ahmad goes on to say that the worst thing happened to the women of Kababir. He alleges that they lost all islamic values and married non-Ahmadi’s and thus forced the men of Kababir to also marry non-Muslims. Thus, by 1998, the Ahmadi’s at Kababir were all in rebellion against the Mirza family. Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that the women of Kababir felt a sort of liberty wherein they mixed with the Jews of Kababir. Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that the Murrabi began to accept the situation as-is. Thus, the Murrabi began to also indulge in the local customs, Mirza Tahir Ahmad called it idolatry, which caused a huge disaster in the jamaat in Kababir. Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that he saw Ahmadi women from Kababir at the UK Jalsa and they were walking around arrogantly. Mirza Tahir Ahmad accused the women of Kababir of pretending to be good Ahmadi’s at the Jalsa, and soon as they returned to Kababir, they began to act modern again. Mirza Tahir Ahmad said the Ameer was incapable of leading the Kababir jamaat and in fact, he pretended to not know if the same man was still the Ameer. Towards the end, Mirza Tahir Ahmad says that he is looking for a replacement person, which he hadn’t found yet. However, a few months later, Sharif Odeh was made the Ameer of Kababir, Haifa, Israel and the surrounding areas (Syria, Egypt and Palestine). In 2003, when Mirza tahir Ahmad died, Sharif Odeh was invited to the UK and given the opportunity to vote as part of the Khilafat committee. Mirza Tahir Ahmad also talked about ex-ahmadi’s and how the new Ameer shouldn’t care if certain ex-Ahmadi’s return to Ahmadiyya or not. Mirza Tahir Ahmad also claims that he is looking for a new Murrabi. And he will not care what the people of Kababir say or do.

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Per Qadiani-Ahmadi sources, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad said that Hindus will never push Muslims out of India

The ROR of Nov-1946 reports (A.Q. Niaz) that MGA had said once that the Hindu’s of India will never be able to push Muslims out of India or vice versa. However, this alleged prophecy failed in 1947 when Muslims were pushed out of the Punjab and forced to move to Pakistan (and vice versa), the same thing happened in Bengal, the Bangal area was split and Muslims and Hindu’s were forced to move.

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