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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad learned Islam from Shia imam’s who were opium addicts and filthy people

In 1929, the 2nd Khalifa told the world that MGA was taught the basics of Islam from Shia imam’s (see Dard, page 36, his name was Gul Ali Shah) who were opium addicts (see the scan in the below). In Malfuzat (1960’s) MGA relates how he was taught arabic in a dirty mosque, wherein animals would use the bathroom in the open and then not properly clean themselves. A year before that, Seeratul Mahdi (1923) was published and thus the sons of MGA admitted that there father did use opium. MGA was an opium addict and by 1924, the Ahmadiyya movement began editing his eyeballs, since they were so embarrassing. See also the ROR of Sep-1943, this is a quote from Malfuzat, MGA alleges that one of his teachers was Shia and would abuse Abdul Qadir Geelanee.
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The Ahmadi-cleric, Maulvi Syed Muhammad Sarwar Shah was an opium addict!!!–Nu’mani, Sirajulhaq (1915). Tazkiratul Mahdi. Qadian, India: Zia-ul-Islam Press


My team recently found a rare book written by Ahmadis, and about Ahmadis and from the earliest period in Ahmadiyya. Its called Tazkiratul Mahdi, it was written by Sahibzada Sirajul Haq, and very early on in this history of Ahmadiyya, in fact, Upal recently quoted it. Nu’mani, Sirajulhaq (1915). Tazkiratul Mahdi. Qadian, India: Zia-ul-Islam Press. See Upal’s bibliography, page 128 of the book. His grandson married a daughter of Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad. Maulvi Syed Sarwar Shah sahib had son named Syed Mubarik Shah. He lives in Hamburg, Germany. He is age fellow of Professor Chaudhry Ghulam Rasool sahib. They know each other from the days in Qadian. Until his last visit to USA in 2012 Professor sahib talked to Syed Mubarik Shah on telephone, in this writers presence. According to professor sahib, QK2 made sure that Syed Mubarik Shah does not get formal education and able to live good independent life as respected person. QK2 also made him part of inner circle of orgies and immorality. On telephone he used to repent on his life of sin he spent in company of QK2. During life of marhoom Abdul Mannan Omsar sahib, Syed Mubarik Shah use to call him and literally cry and ask him to pray for his forgiveness. In the literature produced by Haqqiqat Passand Party there is detail of  horrific disrespect of Holy Quran, involving QK2, his wife Maryam Begum, and young teenage boy Syed Mubarik Shah.
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad liked his opium sprinkled into his Lassi


In this specific instance of MGA taking opium, MGA and his team developed Tiryaq-e-Ilahi 1898). This was the super-opium medicine that MGA and his team developed and sold as a cure for bubonic plague, and they did this in typical overconfident-villager-style. A few years later, the British govt. was forced to ban this medicine altogether. MGA even wrote his silly book, “Noah’s Ark in this era, MGA and team were really selling religion, in the name of “freedom-of-religion”, and with a team of writers, speakers and rogues.  Further, Ahmadiyya leadership seems to have ordered an “edit” in this case, in the below, I will show how the 2004 Tadhkirah differs from the 2009 Tadhkirah. They seem to have added Maulvi Abdul Karim’s name. One more thing, this was recorded from the register of Register Riwayat-e-Sahabah, vol. 9, p. 20, how could this have been wrong? And what error was noticed in 2009? In reality, there was no error…its a forced edit-job by Masroor and his goons.
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Nooruddin treated Mirza Ghulam Ahmad for impotency and many others, with opium!!!!

My team and I have collected info and have written about this before. In those days, opium was a drug used by the rich for many reasons, however, mostly recreational. In this specific case, we have found data that suggests that Noorudin was fond of selling his medicine, “Zadham-e-Ishq“, which he also gave to MGA. However, if any Muslim takes this medicine or chews paan, their salaat is void, since the Quran strictly tells Muslims not to approach prayers while intoxicated. You will see in the below, MGA was impotent when he got married in 1884 and remained impotent until January of 1887, since he wrote a letter to Noorudin indicating that he was fully cured.
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was overdosing on opium everyday


I have written extensively on Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and opium. We continue to get more and more evidence together which continues to prove my point on this topic, i.e. that MGA was an opium addict and his entire life was “covered-up” by his friends and family and turned into a multi-million dollar enterprise by his sons similar to the Joel Osteen saga. Nonetheless, I am adding another piece to the puzzle here, this is a reference from the top biography on the life of MGA, by his only college educated child, Mirza Bashir Ahmad, its called Seerat-ul-Mahdi, or the “Life of the Mahdi”. In this story, he gives details wherein MGA would collapse all throughout the day and for various reasons.
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was high on opium 24/7

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was high like every single say, since this youth.  This is probably why his father considered him a loser and even refused to allow Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to raise his own kids.  MGA was the classic “lazy-worthless-useless-punjabi-boy-challa”.  As a result of this, MGA also used opium for his entire life, and his doctors kept him alive every time he overdosed. However, after his brother died, MGA became rich overnight and Nooruddin tempted him to make some audacious claims and then stayed on as his Imam and chief ghost-writer.  Read all of my essays on MGA and opium here:

In the below, you will see a quote from the major biography written by MGA’s only college educated son, Mirza Bashir Ahmad, this was written during a time wherein Ahmadis were never persecuted, they were never harassed and had full govt. protection to sell their poison.  Thus, Ahmadis were bolder in this era, and accidentally told the truth.

Further, in this quote, it is obvious that MGA was sooooo high on opium, his handmaidens and other women who frolicked around his house, and also gave him massages, they never did any kind of “purdah” from MGA, since MGA was blind, or so high on opium, he couldnt see around him, or even understand who he was talking to.  Enjoy the quote:

The Quote
‘The women folk around hazrat (mga) never believed in covering themselves properly in front of him because his eyes were always almost shut. Some of the women would even say, that he (mga) has no eyes at all. Even when he would go out on walks, he would be discussing about someone as if that person was not there, although the person would be walking right next to him and only after he was informed about it would he know that the person is right next to him. 
Once a photographer was brought to Qadian, to take his photograph. The photographer said to him, ”Huzoor, please keep your eyes open, or the picture won’t turn out be nice.” He (mga) tried his best to keep open his eyes but failed to do so and his eyes went back to being droopy”
(Seerat al Mahdi Vol.1 Pg.364)

The scan

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad used poison, opium and wine in his medicines

Per Mirza Tahir Ahmad, MGA’s wife, (Nusrat Jehan) started taking tonic wine immediately after Mirza Mubarak Ahmad was born in 1899 (this is a lie). This is the famous case of MGA ordering tonic wine from Plommers shop in Lahore. In that same era, Mirza Mubarak Ahmad was also given port wine, since he was sick.  MGA also kept Saturnes wine. MGA and Noorudin would take wine and opium as needed, it was not a big deal. they gave it out like candy. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad used poison, opium and wine in his medicines too. This was all very normal for life at Qadian. Opium was another drug in heavy circulation at Qadian, and MGA never admitted to its usage, nor did MGA ever admit to having wine in his house. There is another entry from Seeratul Mahdi wherein MGA was giving out alcohol also. MGA also took coco wine (which contained cocaine) from Dr. Khalifa Rasheed ud Din. In that same era, Mirza Mubarak Ahmad was also given port wine, since he was sick.

In the following reference, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s brother-in-law tells us how MGA even used small amounts of poison in his quack medicines. Further, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s grandfather seemed to be of the opinion that wine even for medicine was a bad thing.
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Tiryaq-e-Ilahi never worked on anyone…it was just a super-opium drug….


MGA and Noorudin played with opium their entire lives. They took medicines that had soooooo much opium in them that a human isn’t capable of leading salaat, doing public speeches or any other things…in fact, MGA was sooooo high, he would sit in his room all day and do nothing…..this is why he was always sitting around aimlessly. In fact, MGA had soooo many digestive problems as a result of eating opium that he was forced to keep many bathroom attendants, who would tend to MGA all day and all night, they would clean up MGA’s feces and piss and then clean MGA, as we all know, MGA’s right arm was broken since he was a child, he thus couldn’t even clean himself after his sloppy excretions. Remember, MGA never admitted to taking opium in medicines in his entire life, in fact, he denied using it for diabetes in 1903. However, after MGA died, his sons told the world that MGA took an opium based on viagra type of drug  (1923) and was cured of impotency and thus had 10+ additional children. They also told us that Tiryaq e Ilahi had a majority of Opium in it (see the Al-fazl of 1929).

Further, it should be noted that MGA was charging 2000-2500 rupees for his plague medicine (Tiryaq-e-ilahi).
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Mirza Tahir Ahmad glosses over the opium issue

As we all know, MGA and his team lied about his opium use.  In 1904, MGA and his team gave a definitive statement about MGA and opium and that was to the effect that MGA refused to take it since it had “addictive-qualities” and he feared that “the people” (the hindu community) would joke that the first “abrahamic” messiah was a drunkard and the second an opium addict.

But MGA forgot
He forgot that just a few years earlier, in 1898, he was handing out a super-opium type of medicine that MGA and his team thought would save people from the plague.  He also forgets that he took a “viagra-type” of medicine as early as 1884, and move likely given by Noorudin to help solve MGA’s impotency problem.  Obviously, in 1904, MGA lied.  Further, MGA was giving pure opium to his own son when he was just an infant (1889-1890), this was Mahmud Ahmad, Mahmud Ahmad pretty much grew up taking opium for medicine from his father.

All MGA had to do was admit to it
The Ahmadis on social media all play dumb and stupid.  They dont seem to do anything about Ahmadiyya.  They try to counter us by giving arguments that seem to prove that its OK to take opium-laced medicine as a Muslim.  And that is true, however, any such Muslim cannot lead Salaat, and his private Salaat are thus invalid by the Quran.  Ironically, MGA never led salaat, which leads me to believe that everyone knew he was on opium and thus incapable.

Some Ahmadis say that MGA didnt need to admit to using Opium
Ahmadis want to die for the Mirza family, they want to clean his excrement and attend to MGA and his sons in the bathroom and clean them, they are willing to die for these people and even kill their children.

The Video by Mirza Tahir Ahmad

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