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Update on Panama Papers, Ahmadi’s are now admitting that they held money overseas

The Ahmadiyya Movement lies about all of their operations. We caught them about 6-7 years ago as owning companies that were mentioned in the Panama Papers. The Ahmadiyya Movement will never officially admit as to why they stored money overseas in Panama. However, they did unofficially respond on Rabwah Times, they argued that since the Pakistani government is hostile to their operations in Pakistan, they did in-fact store money overseas in off-shore companies. Recently, on the Waqar Zaka show, an Ahmadi appeared and admitted again that the Ahmadiyya Movement did in-fact store money overseas in Panama (See at the 1:53:53 mark). This Ahmadi continued to argue that since in Pakistan, the Ahmadiyya movement isn’t allowed to build mosques and etc, and other work, they were forced to store all of their money overseas. However, this is a lie, the Ahmadiyya movement builds and maintains hospitals in Pakistan and is running their small city (Chenab Nagar). When Akber C asked as to why an off shore company called TJ holdings was holding the mortgage on an office property in London (for 15 years), the Ahmadi’s brain totally turned off (see at the 1:53:00 mark), In 2010, we wondered who had a mortgage on an Ahmadiyya property on Deer Park Drive; the only substantial building that is not a place of worship and the mortgage of which is always renewed after a few years. The company was known as T.J. Holdings and nothing was known of it. It is now located in the Panama Papers:

T.J.HOLDINGS S.A.,T.J.HOLDINGS S.A.,,PMA,Panama,,A B ARSHAD. He also had no answer in terms of who controls the Mirza Sharif Ahmad foundation.

All the chanda money from Pakistan gets sent to London? 
We know all the money gets sent to London, when the money gets sent back to Pakistan, there is where the fraud is happening, they have been taking this money and storing it overseas.

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Mirza Masroor Ahmad owned companies that stored money overseas in panama–The Panama Leaks

I’ve written on this many times. Akber Chaudhry and Ak Shaikh made a really good video wherein they exposed the Mirza family. They explained how the Mirza family uses people as they change names of directors and etc. as they fulfill their legal obligations in terms of business practices. There is a detailed video which explains how and why most super-rich people stored money overseas in Panama. We have found that Abdul Baqi is a major player in this game that the Mirza family is playing. Many elites of the world stored their monies in Panama, just because of the tax free benefits, however, this is totally illegal. The Mirza family had been colluding with the elites of the world since at least 1940, Zafrullah Khan was their agent who was loved by the colonial powers and thus propelled to a position that would benefit the Mirza family. Even in the USA, Kareem Ahmad was heralded as the “Muslim-mega-donor” as he donated heavily to President Obama’s 2012 election, later on, he was indicted on man-slaughter. The Mirza family always had a representative in the Pakistani government, in fact, the grandson of MGA, Mirza Muzzafar Ahmad was the financial/economic minister in Pakistan in the 1960‘s. In Africa, they were given money by the British government to setup schools and build mosques and thus attract under-educated Africans and brainwash them to be loyal to the British government, a professor, who wrote academically about this called Ahmadiyya as a maritime implantation into Africa. Nowadays, Ahmadiyya officials can be fond rubbing shoulders behind the scenes with many congressmen as they continue to follow the orders of the Mirza family and grease as many politicians as possible. Furthermore, Qasim Rashid, the Ahmadiyya spokesman for the USA is running for political office in Virginia, this is how the Mirza family operates.

How to spot fraud at non-profit corporations?
As we all know, the Catholic Church has been raping boys and stealing money for over 1000 years. How do we spot financial fraud however?

The Ahmadiyya representative to the government in the UK
Tariq Ahmad, Baron Ahmad of Wimbledon is a British businessman and a Conservative life peer.[1] Born in Lambeth,[2] he was educated at Rutlish SchoolMerton Park, southwest London. He was appointed Minister of State for the Commonwealth and United Nations at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on 13 June 2017.[3][4]

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Ahmadiyya and the Panama Papers—2017 update

Ahmadiyya and the Panama Papers

Taken from here:

So, I have been called names for calling the Qadiani branch of the Ahmadiyya religion as a cult run by the Mirza Family for their personal financial gain.

In 2010, we exposed their secret web of companies and charities and how they were funneling away money in property investments. The Charities Commission looked the other way. We showed how Mirza Masroor Ahmad(below) re-organized the corporate structure in 2003 to be under the control of his trusted family and friends, while not having his own name on a single organization.

Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the Qadiani ‘Caliph’

We said then that when the cult implodes, the family may run away with their property investments. The time may have come for them to hide their wealth even further. And this wealth is not through business. It is by forcing poor people — benefits recipients — to cough up 5–10% of their income on penalty of ostracization. Just as the Internet has laid bare the theological fraud of the Mirza family, today it lays bare the rest of their secret web of offshore companies and accounts due to the Panama papers.

Flow of Money

Money flows as charitable donations from ‘have’ countries like U.S.,. Canada, Pakistan, Germany and U.K. into AMJ International from where it is distributed into dubious projects around the world. The accounting in each country is kept up to date, but money gets lost in international transactions.

The actual work of the organization is carried out through just one charity — Al-Shirkatul-Islamiyyah, and curiously, its income and expenses almost balance every year.

Since Mirza Masroor Ahmad came to power, he has focused on investing in properties and totally unrelated to the goals of the organization. We see from the Panama Papers that the businesses are involved mostly in property investment.

TJ Holdings

In 2010, we wondered who had a mortgage on an Ahmadiyya property on Deer Park Drive; the only substantial building that is not a place of worship and the mortgage of which is always renewed after a few years. The company was known as T.J. Holdings and nothing was known of it. It is now located in the Panama Papers:


Abul Baqi Arshad

This person is about 81 years old, a friend and confidant of Mirza Masroor Ahmad, and the current and former director of up to 23 companies in their visible charities’ web in the U.K. Here are some of his other offshore companies revealed in the Panama Papers Leak, some of which replaced others, and almost all since 2003, when his friend took reigns of the cult:

Lombard Invest Limited




ASIFA HOLDINGS S.A. (named after wife of Mirza Tahir Ahmad)

NUSRAT INVESTMENTS INC. (named after great-grandmother of Mirza Masroor Ahmad)










Other Companies and Possible Structure

There are other companies with links directly to the Qadiani Ahmadiyya town of Chanab Nagar in Pakistan but we are still researching the ownership links which will eventually be found to be traced to the Mirza Family.

It appears that the offshore companies are organized as trust funds along the family branches and provide income to various parts of the vast Mirza family — not unlike a royal family renowned for idleness and extravagance.

What Story and Two Questions?

It is unclear how the Mirza Family and their minions will spin this revelation and how they will dupe their followers into giving them even more money.

Question 1: What is the need to hide money in so many offshore companies? Question 2: Where did the money come from and who controls it?

For those shrill Qadiani Ahmadiyya bloggers always shrieking at ‘mullahs’, here is your mullah for you. Illiterate, unaware of theology, can barely speak in public, full of gaffes and hoarding your money for his family.

And yet, to you, he is God’s representative on earth. I actually feel so sorry for you and wish you would wake up to the exploitation. If there was any time to do so, this is it.


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Ahmadiyya implicated in the Panama Leaks

The Ahmadiyya Movement has been hiding money in off-shore accounts for long time.

The videos

Ahmadiyya needs to be reported for further investigation in America.  I hop charity watch is paying attention.

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#ahmadiyya #ahmadiyyatrueislam #ahmadiapartheid #Ahmadiyyat #rabwah #qadian #meetthekhalifa #muslimsforpeace #ahmadiyyafactcheckblog #nolifewithoutkhalifa #AhmadiMosqueattack #AhmadiyyaPersecution #Mosqueattack #trueislam #panamaleaks #panamapapers #panama


Humanity First Exposed!!!!!!!!! Its a fraudulent organization that colludes with the Ahmadiyya INC

When it was first started, one of the principles of Humanity First (HF) was that it always tried to stay separate from the Jama’at (at least I felt so). But recently, the Khalifa took the matters into his own hands and made it extremely clear that HF is very much linked to the Jama’at & Ahmadiyya faith. Now this is problematic as it is against the foundation & identity of the Humanity First. It should be noted that in 2018, HF raised 4.1 million dollars. The Khalifa’s brother, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad is the Chairman of the Board, Munum Naeem is the fixer, aka President and Executive Director.

Let’s take a look at HF’s “About Us” page. The very first sentence:

Humanity First is a non-political, non-religious and impartial international relief and development agency that focuses on protecting human life and dignity.

Humanity First seems to invest most in areas where there is substantial Tabligh infrastructure and high potential like certain African countries and Guetemala. It’s a subtle way to win hearts of people towards Ahmadiyyat. It wouldn’t be so wrong if they didn’t pretend to genuinely help Humanity keeping beautiful principle of Humanity First.

There is big conflict in Humanity First’s mission statement and Khalifa’s proposed mission statement interjecting Ahmadiyya needlessly and scolding his members who strived to make Humanity First into a secular, humanist organization.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________When Mirza Masroor insist it is part of Ahmadiyya & it is very much related to faith, he’s essentially denying the statement that HF is a non-religious organisation.
Let’s take a look at the statement of Mirza Masroor:

Hazrat Khalifatul Masih said that some time ago he felt that the workers and management of Humanity First had the idea that if they gave their services unconnected with faith, perhaps the world would appreciate them more. Huzoor explained to the central management here that their significance was in being connected to faith and the Jama’at is mentioned in their works somehow or the other. And there was nothing wrong to, if need be, mention the Jama’at in some instances. What should be in sight is that we have to serve humanity to gain God’s pleasure. And we serve humanity because it is God’s commandment to pay the dues of mankind. We also need to have a connection with God and need to safeguard our worship because without this, there is no benefit in serving humanity either.
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Abducted Ahmadi doctors found dead in Pakistan


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The Ahmadi Offshore Scandal

There’s been some recent talk brought up about the links between the (Qadiani, as opposed to Lahori) Ahmadiyya leadership (henceforth will be called the Jamaat) and various offshore banking accounts that was brought to light in the Panama papers. I myself, not having any clue about how the Jamaat works was curious as to the validity of the claims.

First though some wonder if these attacks are even valid. As an Ahmadi has stated in a removed post from r/Islam:

From what I have read (and I could be mistaken) the Ahmadi feels that since there are absolutely no real attacks on the religion that the Jamaat teaches, that the opponents of the it’s religion have had to make ad-hominen attacks on the Jamaat in order to try to disprove it’s faith. Ignoring his claim that there are no real proofs against the faith, we must disagree simply because of how the Jamaat define their Caliph:

He would impart religious and spiritual knowledge to the fellow Muslims; maintain justice and piety in society, and remain above any party-politics. In addition, he administered all matters with mutual consultation (Shura) as was ordained in the Holy Quran.

Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya is the bona-fide institution that has set goals to lead mankind on the path of righteousness, to bring Unity among the nations of the world, and to establish peace and security by safeguarding freedom, life and honor of all human-beings!

Click to access khilafat-and-caliphate.pdf

Therefore if such a Caliph was leading an organization that was involved in the same business that criminals do (as people who obey the law do not hide their money from it) said Khalifa would naturally have to immediately stop such activities and chastise those involved as soon as he discovered such activities were present as he “maintains justice and piety in society” and “lead mankind on the path of righteousness”.

Now upon reading the article
that is being shared on r/Islam, ignoring Mr. Akbar Choudhry’s (not to be confused with the radical Muslim “activist” Anjem Choudary) rather ‘confident’ attitude he seems to be onto something and does appear to have the evidence on his side. However we at r/Qadiani don’t stop with just an article and will be willing to listen to the other side and we found one on an Ahmadi subreddit.

Due to the fact we at r/Qadiani have an official policy against brigrading, and the fact that we will take any steps necessary to prevent it, we will not be releasing the author or original url of the rebutal. You’ll just have to take our word. Should you find the author or original url you should not harass them, leave them be. We will call the author “the rebutter”.

Before we begin though:

Once again r/Islam has posted a link specifically aimed at attacking Ahmadiyya. What a lovely, positive, ‘Islamic’ sub they have over there!

Yeah, just like your lovely “Islamic” Caliphs and prophets that attack Sunni Islam, Shia Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Atheism, how lovely! What’s wrong, can’t take in what you dish out? It’s perfectly okay for Mirza Tahir Ahmad to attack Shias with arguments but Shias can’t attack your religion? It’s ok for Mirza Ghulam Ahmad telling Christians they are stupid and worship a dead God but no one can be critical of your faith? Is this the jihad of the pen? The jihad that is led by those who can only make idiotic ramblings and then scream persecution whenever someone attacks back?

The rebutter starts with an “exposure” on the author. We here at r/Qadiani do not really care about who the author is but if the author has sanctioned violence against Ahmadis we of course condemn it in no uncertain terms, we abhor violence against innocents. The Rebutter however does make a flawed point that because Mr. Choudhry is a vicious anti-Ahmadi he cannot therefore be relied on for information similar to Ayan Hirsi Ali. This is a common tactic among cultists but is unfortunately not true. Just because someone is against something doesn’t mean they cannot be correct or knowledgeable about it, there’s no inherent connection between being biased against something and being wrong. That being said we don’t know anything about Mr. Choudhry, and hence don’t take him as an authority.

They start by mentioning that the Ahmadi Muslim Community has a very good rating with the UK Charity Commission while alleging that other unspecified Muslim charities are not credible. We agree with the rebutter on this point although we have no idea on how a charity affiliated with the Jamaat being in good standing with the British government has anything to do with other organizations hiding money that are affiliated with the Jamaat.

He next states that the Jamaat forbids taking from the poor. We’re still not sure how this negates the fact that organizations are hiding money from the government.

He then says that the Jamaat provides an excessive (but unspecified) amount of money to Mosques, Qur’an publication (with their interpretation naturally), TV channels, websites, Smart phone apps, as well as schools and hospitals in areas where they proselytize. Again, no idea what this means in regards to them hiding money. If we presumed the worst of the Jamaat (ie, that they were evil men who know the whole thing was a fraud and only wanted their follower’s money) it would still make sense that the Jamaat engaged in activities that would expand their movement, so they would get more money so not quite sure how this negates anything at all.

He then replies that again, the budget of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association United Kingdom balances and that the only sign of the them engaging in fraudulent behavior is if the them either overspent or underspent (the Jamaat actually underspends by about 3% each year but that could be attributed to them saving money for future use). Both him and Mr. Choudhry appear to be incorrect however that the actually relevant charity in this is Al-Shirkatul Islamiyyah which saves 42% of it’s money every year and only spends 8% on charity

You see ASI in their official report
say that they make £1,588,263 from “Voluntary Income” (this means, people just give them their money, you know as a donation). They then make £6,980,938 in “Activies for Generating Funds” (these are like selling stuff, people are exchanging their money for something, it is not just a free donation). In spending they then spend £4,320,061 in “Fundraising trading” (this means how much they spent in selling the stuff. For example they could have made £6 million in selling books, well they only spent £4 to make said books). As you can see this means that from selling their products/services (or whatever) they make a comfortable ~£1.7 million pounds per year. In Charitable activities they then give £693,897. This means that they raise £1.5 million per year, give £600 thousand, and then make £1.7 million from selling goods/services whatever. In short, a net profit of around £2.6 million per year, and a ratio of 16(earn):3(give). Not quite balanced.

This handy form from the government defines everything in the forms

The rebutter than attempts to refute Mr. Choudhry’s claim that Mirza Masroor Ahmad buys property unrelated to the mission by stating the property the Jamaat buys that is related to the mission. Obviously this is not a rebuttal.

The rebutter did not make a refutation of Mr. Choudhry’s accusation about TJ Holdings.

The rebutter then states that Abul Baqi Arshad did not meet Mirza Masroor Ahmad prior to 2003 and therefore Mirza Masroor Ahmad would not use the 81 year old in charge of 23 organizations that handle money in charge of hiding money, despite the fact that Mr. Choudhry stated that Abul Baqi Arshad didn’t get hold of much until after 2003, where the rebutter states is the first evidence of when they met. Doesn’t sound like a rebuttal.

The rebutter then goes on to make a quick side point that Nusrat Jehan Academy is not named after the great-grandmother of Mirza Masroor Ahmad as Mr. Choudhry claims, but is named after the Nusrat Jahan Scheme. Well… as any Ahmadi would know Nusrat Jahan was the wife of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and is called Mother of the believers
so yes, it seems likely that the Nusrat Jahan Foundation which is named after the Nusrat Jahan Scheme name probably has something to do with Nusrat Jahan.

Finally the writes about how the Caliph collects hundreds of millions of dollars per year in Britain alone (despite both charities only making less than 20 million pounds hmm…. the rest must be in those offshore firms for sure) lives in a cheap one room bedroom above a mosque and only has a cheap shirt.

Oh yeah, the rebutter then adds a paragraph that answers the accusation everyone wants to know about, why they’re being named in the Panama Papers, and so the reason the Jamaat takes steps to hide their money is really just to hide it from the Pakistani government… despite the fact that all of the organizations named are in the United Kingdom and hence the government of Pakistan has no control over anyways.

Now remember financial sacrifice is incumbent on every Ahmadi so keep giving them your money and not expect them to tell you anything about what they’re doing it. That’s how prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, got the name the honest right? By demanding people’s money and refusing to tell them what he does with it?

Questions for Ak Shaikh, via Keekee

Keekee is running wild. Here are some questions.

1. He doesn’t understand why Akber c asked why Keekee removed those videos? Its about Keekee’s tajweed, its not good. Its about Keekee’s arrogance and rudeness. MGA didn’t know arabic and was challenged by Pir Mehr Ali Shah. MGA didn’t show up to Lahore. MGA couldnt say the letters Duad, Ain, Ghain, Qaaf and many others. MGA was not fluent in arabic. MGA didnt learn 40,000 roots in one night. The Lahori-Ahmadi’s dont believe this. My experiences at Rabwah.

2. He says he won a court case in 2020 vs. his brother. That’s a lie. He didn’t win anything. The restraining order was not approved. But what about in 2018? In 2018, keekee did the same, I saw him in public, I tried to say salaam..he screamed police and took me to court and his restraining order wasn’t approved. Did I celebrate? The problem is that Ahmadiyya teaches over competitive behaviors and Ahmadi’s get hurt as a result of this. See the case of Amjad Khan and his teeth.

3. he says he only removed the videos because it hurt me. Not true…I removed my videos about his wife and asked him to remove his videos about me through a cousin. Keekee was also supposed to stop saying my name…which he has reneged on. he is just too competitive and won’t admit to it.

4. Khurram’s tajweed is below average, severely. He was the local president for 9 years via a fraudulent election. What is his position now? Any national positions? regional?

5. Does Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad know about Razi and Keekee and their online behaviors? Have they approved of them?

6. Ahmadi’s are all atheist. Ahmadi’s disrespect Muhammad (saw) all the time. What about them?

7. He says that every person on zaitoon fm is an atheist. Is this takfir? But why do Ahmadi’s cry persecution then? Why do Ahmadi’s do open takfir in america/Canada/Africa/the UK, Germany and India but cry about not being lawful Muslims in Pakistan?

8. Ahmadi’s crank calling? My experiences in Rabwah. Porn at the internet cafe’s. Ahmadi’s crank call and harrass people. even the sons of Noorudin were harrassed.

9.  He’s mad that we laugh at Ahmadi’s and their behaviors. Even Fauzia Faizi was ill treated.

10.  Ahmadiyya causes people to hate Islam. Easily and quickly.

11. then he accuses ex-ahmadis of crank calling? He is happy that he told on his brothers for questioning and threatening a local president. He is happy to have beat us. He told on us. We didnt quit because of crank calling. We quit because of the prophethood of MGA. Khurram wanted the family business and his wife. the jamaat doesnt punish crank callers, Khadim Shah and Khurram try to kill their family for threatening Jamaat Presidents. Love for all, hatred for none? It wasnt me…calling. Khurram snitched. How did Khurram kiss up to his children after that? didnt all of those children marry non-Ahmadi’s? Are they fake ahmadi’s now? he bought them shoes, food and totally kissed up. Keekee is a kiss up.

12. keekee thinks that khatam in 2:7 is different than in 33:40. He wont answer. He also wont answer as to why MGA claimed to be the second coming of Muhammad (saw)(nauzobillah) via 108:1 and 62:3. he wont answer. He wont answer whether MGA claimed to be superior to Yusuf (as) and Esa (as) and many others.

13. He keeps asking akber C to teach him Quran.

14.  He admits to corruption at Rabwah and Qadian.

15. Chanda aik keera hai humaary thumag mayne—kee kee says. What is Zakat vs. Sadaqa? Why doesn’t keekee know?

16. Momin asked about Chanda’s. This was my issue. I was forced to work 7 days a week. Keekee didnt care, as long as he controlled the money.

17. He is rude again…”can I speak?”. He says its his program, and he can behave as he wishes. Jootee say juwab karna? May vee kerra?

18. he tells momin to go and give a lecture. hahahah. He doesnt want to hear us.

19. they accuse us of disrespecting Muhammad (saw).

20.  Excessive chanda. Why? My house leaked water when I was growing up. we were poor. the mullahs would come and steal money from us. Keekee didnt care, in 2003, he made a deal with my father and father did tabligh and abandoned his responsbilities. Keekee then lvoed to give loans…he wanted prestige and respect. My teeth were messed up as a kid, i got no help..I got married, I had to pay the bill.

21. Why did Muhammad (Saw) collect money. The wars. Not a non-profit corporation. Zakat is not monthly. Sadaqa is the category of Ahmadiyya chanda. Muhammad (Saw) needed money during war time. During peace time, the requirements are much less.

22. Muslims gave excessive amounts of money during war. In fact, during Ww-2, Nizam e nau was published and the Khalifa was scared. During war, rules can change. Marrying more than one wife is only during dire circumstances like war and other scenarios.

23. He says poor people in Ahmadiyya give more. This is my life story. Keekee is in mounds of debt, his business is bankrupt, he has refinances his home 2-3 times. Islam teaches to take care of your family first, even after death. Giving money to non-profit global corporations doesnt exist. Islam teaches us to feed our neighbors after our family. In the USA, we pay taxes, in Pakistan, Zia instituted Zakat. A Muslim has a responsibilty to his own city first where he/she may live then the world.

24. He says only Ahmadi’s are sacrficing their lives and money. this is where the Mirza family is guilty of human trafficking, they are just as bad as the Catholic Church.

25. If a man doesnt pay his employees (his children), he needs to pay them. Keekee’s dad owes one of his sons $250,000 dollars. When will that be paid? at his death? How will the jamaat get that money?

26. Why werent the victims of 2010 attack buried in Bahishti Maqbara? Werent they deserving of it.

27. Wasiyyat is even spent on investments. See the Panama Papers.

28. Ahmadiyya is a business. A global non-profit corporation.

29. Keekee illegally went for Hajj. He refinanced a fake-Ahmadi’s house and helped them start businesses.

30. He says that anyone can not pay chanda. But they can make it up later.

31. he says he’s not a Jamaat official. He was president for 9 years.

32. To get asylum, an Ahmadi has to pay chanda for 3-4 years in London, Canada, Germany.

33. Shias have it worse in Pakistan as do Christians, Hindus and Sikhs.

34. he says Shias are also against Ahmadis in Pakistan.

35. Ahmadiyya persecution? But in 1987,

36. But I couldnt confess that i wasn’t an ahmadi to them…they would have killed me. They would have fired me. And they did. they forced my wife to hate me.

37. Keekee gave Ahmadi’s so many opportunities. Younus Mirza, Sohaib Yunus, Umair Yunus, Waqar Bajwa, Chris Komari, Ahmadi’s could steal from him, and not even show up to work…Keekee didnt care.

38. Ahmadis got better jobs than the average Pakistani from 1947 to at least 2005. Sohaib Yunus almost killed himself. Most Ahmadis are unqualified. My dad got a job at Wabda. My dad hired Karl. My dad always tried to get employees to convert.

39. Ahmadi’s are the most qualified people in Pakistan? Yunus Mirza? Umair and Sohaib?

40. Mirza Muzzafar Ahmad. So many Ahmadi officers in 1947?  Then keekee admits that there is a preference issue. However, in America, its illegal.

41. What about the Shezan company? Zafrullah Khan getting jobs? Muzaffar Ahmad job at the World bank>?

42. Not everyone can drive a tow truck. Its hard work. He is trying to justify his hiring of Ahmadi’s. He helped Yunus Mirza start his own business.  he wouldnt help me at all.

43. There are barely 40,000 Ahmadi’s in Pakistan and shrinking fast. In India it is much less. Dr. Abdus Salam would call the professors of Ahmadi students and beg them for special treatment. Khurram let his brother in law borrow $3500 in 2004, he gave me the money. He does this to earn sway and buy friends.

44. He claims that Ahmadi’s dont get jobs because they are Ahmadi’s. but there arent any jobs in Rabwah. Only jamaati jobs.

45. In America, if an ahmadi is working in an ahmadi company and he doesnt go to Juma, how will they treat him? IN America…keekee paid Ahmadis cash under the table, and avoided sales taxes.

46. No one who is an ahmadi and who isnt. Do people know that Khurram’s cousins are Ahmadi? In the I-10?

47. But in 2003-2006, my dad went to his village and everyone knew he was an ahmadi. he was never touched.

48. He says that Ahmadis are forced to read prayers at home. that s a lie. I went to the Ahmadiyya place of worship in 2004 in Lala Musa, in the heart of the city. Nothing happened. Belize is much more dangerous than Pakistan.

49. he claims that they are afraid in Pakistan…however, in America/Canada/the Uk and outside, Ahmadis are bold and arrogant and do takfir. they call us murtadeen, they call us atheist and etc.

50. He says again..only Ahmadis are sacrficing their lives and property. NO one else. That’s bold and arrogant.

51. When did Wasiyyat become a monthly payment? Was it 2005?

52.  Did keekee do Wasiyyat? Is he a munafiq? Did Noorudin do wasiyyat?

53. Why did MGA say that paying doesnt get someone into Ahmadi heaven? why the double speak? Didnt he do this with Prophethood and the his claim of being the messiah?

54. If a person doesnt pay chanda…they doubt that he even prays. This is how they felt about me.

55. Qurbani? New world order? The Mirza famiyl wanted to contrl the land of Ahmadi’s. Like they did in Rabwah and Qadian. This is how they control peopple. In fact, in Qadian, the majority of Ahmadis live in poverty.

56. Sadaqa doesnt get anyone into heaven. When someone dies, their debts must be paid first in Islam. My dad owes me 250k. But the Ahmadiyya mvoemetn will force us to sell his house.

57. Keekee doesn’t understand that Zakat is yearly…not monthly. He doesnt understand…poor people are exempt from Zakat and Sadaqa. Sadaqa is only allowed via smiling. However, chanda is mandatory no matter what. Even from welfare money.

58. Abu Bakr brought half his wealth during war. Not during peace and for a non-profit global corporation.

59. But Ahmadis are not Mutaqeen. Ahmadis are anti-islam murtadeen, confirmed by the entire worlds ulema, even Professor johnathan Brown.


60. He hated me since 1992 and my other brother.
Unchanged: 61. Keekee quotes 89:15-16. However, he doesn’t quote MGA. What money did MGA ever give? When was this revealed? Keekee is aggressively accusing ex-Ahmadi’s of refusing to pay chanda. What about the man who steals from his family? This ayat has nothing to do with Chanda. Keekee robbed both of his brothers. This doesnt just apply to the orphan. When my dad died, he wants all of that too. Refinancing? Bankruptcies? Is this how? He says Pakistani’s behave like this normally…however, Keekee tries to blame Pakistani’s and not Ahmadi’s. That punishment is not written in the quran..the quran says, when the day of judgement will approach.
Unchanged: 62. keekee then fumbles and can’t answer as to why Bashishit Maqbara exists in the first place.
Unchanged: 63. He goes back to his debate tactics. He can’t be honest, that’s the issue.
Unchanged: 64. He doesn’t like when we give examples. When we give parallels.
Unchanged: 65. Keekee hated me since I was 11-12.
Unchanged: 66. Jamaat Ahmadiyya does force people to pay chanda. They embarass people, and keep asking and keep asking.
Unchanged: 67. They hated me, since I didn’t pay.
Added: 68. excessive begging for chanda.
Added: 69. He doesnt even want to hear us…he called it a lecture.  Hilarious!!!
Added: 70. In America…we dont burn down the houses of those who dont pray…in fact, we dont even ask. Keekee didn’t read the whole hadith. He is being arrogant again.
Added: 71. What masjid did MGA go to for daily prayers from 1840–1876?
Added: 72. Keekee says its his program, he can go whatever he wants.
Added: 73. Abu Bakr only gave during a maj

74. Keekee says he doesnt care where the Ahmadiyya INC uses his money.

75. MGA refused to show accounts.


Waqar Zaka and Akber Choudhry discuss how the Mirza family conducts money laundering!!!

Akber Choudhry and Waqar Zaka discussed the Ahmadiyya Movement INC and money laundering. Our brother Akber Choudhry had written a new essay on the Ahmadiyya non-profit global business model. Also check out Akber’s previous amazing work on Ahmadiyya and how they stored money illegally overseas. Akber and AK Shaikh have made videos about all of this too. They proved that Mirza Masroor Ahmad owned companies that held money tax-free in Panama.

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