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Former Devout Ahmadi and Resident of the Ahmadiyya Ghetto “Peace Village” in Canada leaves Ahmadiyya. He now fights Ahmadiyya as furiously as he did Propagate it before. And Ahmadis now decry him as furiously as they praised him when he was Ahmadi.


Taken from here:

A former devout Ahmadi, who was deep into the sects teachings and used to follow it blindly used his brain for the first time and suddenly realized how false the Ahmadiyya sect is. He has a huge Ahmadi family who are so deep into this sect that they chose to live in the Ahmadiyya-Only “Peace Village” in Canada and allowed themselves to be subjected to Ahmadiyya Propaganda 24/7. Apparently that was not enough to keep this guy lulled into the sect. He now runs a blog highlighting everything wrong with this sect. Needless to say that he has left the Ahmadiyya Ghetto now in order to be safe.

His posts are a good read to see how the process away from the Ahmadiyya sect takes place and how far the Ahmadiyya slogan “lover for all…” goes for someone among them that turns against them.

You can read his blog here:

What shocks me most about this guy is that, while I never subscribed to the Ahmadiyya believes from the moment I could use my brain and my family is/was just Ahmadi by name, this guy and his family was and still is 1000% into the Ahmadiyya sect and only recently turned 180 degrees and now goes all out against the same sect he used to do propaganda for.

What is scary is that this guy probably has put the same power and effort into scamming people into the Ahmadiyya sect for his whole life when he was following it blindly as he does now to raise awareness against the Ahmadiyya sect.

It is important that people read such cautionary stories before they waste their lifes precious time for this sects Scams.

Ahmadiyya “President” for Canada Abdul Aziz Khalifa is a former Lawyer banned to work as an lawyer in Canada for beeing part in a scheme for defrauding mortgage companies in granting Mortgages for the Ahmadiyya “Peace Village” housing complex in Vaughan Ontario

Ahmadiyya in peace village is a scam, we have written about it many times.  We found this article on reddit and have copied it in total.

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The data

As a standard propaganda measure, Ahmadis claim to hold very high moral standards. And their members can be publicly humiliated with expulsion for failings such as attending a wedding or the funeral of someone.

This however is just the case for Ahmadi footsoldiers. When it comes to highranking Ahmadis who bring benefit to the Ahmadiyya sect even through criminal means, they can get away with anything and are even awarded with high positions within the sect.

One of the highest ranking Ahmadi individual, the Ahmadiyya “President” for Canada Abdul Aziz Khalifa for example has been banned from practicing as a lawyer in Canada after it apparently emerged that he was part of a scheme to fraudulently obtain loans for the Ahmadiyya-Only housing complex in Vaughan Ontario. This however did not bar him from holding the highest Ahmadiyya Position in Ahmadiyya Canada.

Read the details here:

Call out Hypocrisy: Shamed Lawyer Abdul Aziz Khalifa, Canada Jamaat! on |


This is going to be the last post from me for a few weeks now. I have some matters that need my urgent attention and I must take a couple of weeks away from my duties here. I do not intend to be away for more than a few weeks however, if I have to be away longer than I have planned, I will let you all know. Yes yes before you start, no there are no issues and the Jamaat hasn’t scared me off and no one is in trouble, I just have other things that need seeing to. These ‘things’ are mostly work related. I have slacked off for far too long before and after the Christmas period and as the financial year is coming to an end, the pressure is on to get things in order and wrapped up. I would also advise that I will not be checking emails, so if you do need to contact me, please hold off for a few weeks. That said, I plan to change my email address and find one that works better with proxies as hotmail is an absolute nightmare. When it is set up I will then be able to reply to those that do email more often and more promptly. insha’Allah. Comments for all posts will now be locked to relieve my friend from her moderation duties, but I will allow comments for this particular piece so we can hear from our Canadian readers in particular.

As I don’t have the time to scan or censor any documents so in this instance, I will leave you with something that ties in nicely with the post I put up on Sunday RE: Canadian Expulsion Checklist.

A revert to Islam from Ahmadiyya in Canada emailed me a few months back and alerted me to the shady character of the Canadian branch of the Ahmadiyya Cult, Deputy President (Naib Ameer) Khalifa Abdul Aziz. His position within the Cult, for the benefit of those not in Canada and those not familiar with him, can be confirmed by clicking on this link. He requested that I write something up about this Khalifa character, to elucidate the very apparent hypocrisy and mistreatment of ordinary Ahmadis in the Canadian Jamaat.

Khalifa Abdul Aziz is a disbarred and convicted lawyer who lost his license to practise law in Canada due to financial fraud and misconduct, involving mortgages of more than 30 properties in Ontario. On doing some research and on asking around some contacts here in London, I am under the impression that this fraud allegedly involved the Ahamadiyya housing complex in Maple known as ‘Peace Village’. However, I must emphasise that I am unable to verify this, but this was told to me by a couple of sources here in London and a cross check with a relative in Canada seemed to confirm this.

A quick search of ‘Khalifa Abdul Aziz Canada’ on Google returned this:

Abdul Aziz Khalifa (1971), of the Town of Vaughan, was found guilty of professional misconduct for: participating in a dishonest, fraudulent, criminal or illegal scheme to obtain mortgage financing based on inflated purchase prices concerning 30 properties; failing to serve his mortgagee clients; acting for all the parties, namely the vendors, purchasers/mortgagors and the lenders/mortgagees, to several real estate transactions, where there was a conflicting interest without providing adequate disclosure to or obtaining the consent of his mortgagee clients and without advising all his clients that no information received in connection with these transactions could be treated as confidential vis-à-vis the other parties; and failing to disclose to his mortgagee clients his ongoing relationship with 8 individuals/companies and recommend that they obtain independent legal advice.
By Decision and Order dated June 20, 2006, the Hearing Panel ordered that:

     The Member be granted permission to resign his membership in the Law Society within 30 days, failing which he is disbarred.

     The Member pay costs of $1,000 within 30 days. 

(Counsel for the Society, Naomi Overend/ Member not present and not represented) 

(The Member's resignation became effective June 29, 2006)

The Ahmadiyya Jamaat Canada is co-run by a dodgy lawyer found guilty of financial fraud, involving a significant number of properties back in 2006, and he stills holds this position today! If you note from the above extract taken from the LSUC website, it states that ‘the member’s resignation became effective June 29 2006’, and so it seems Abdul Aziz Khalifa accepted his guilt and handed in his resignation. If he was not guilty and it was a misunderstanding, he would have fought the ruling to save his career and reputation but obviously not, because the odds were stacked up against him. For those Ahmadis that will say ‘but he wasn’t even Vice President in those days but was given the job afterwards, once he had repented’ please click here where you will be able to confirm that Abdul Aziz Khalifa held this position at the time of his conviction. He still holds this position today.

It’s funny when Ahmadi propagandists swear blindly that no senior member of the Ahmadiyya Cult has ever had run in with the law, let alone be convicted for fraud, and boast that all AhmadisAziz Khalifa, where it is alleged that the financial fraud in which he was found guilty of involved the world famous Ahmadiyya owned Peace Village. Er Hello, did this not set off alarm bells for the Canadian members? Why is it that the Canadian Cult Jamaat did not take action against him, and why was he allowed to continue in such a prominent position? His character is questionable but he has been given the authority to lead the Ahmadi people in Canada, how does that figure?

In the UK, we have Nasser Khan for example, whose wife was convicted of Perjury and no action has been taken against him but at least his wife’s misdemeanour did not involve the Jamaat as such! Canada is one of the biggest communities of the Ahmadiyya Cult worldwide, yet one of its most senior administrative leaders is a disbarred lawyer, found guilty of fraud and misconduct? Is that the best you can do? Does Mas know about Abdul Aziz Khalifa’s case? If so, why is the ‘Khalifa’ turning a blind eye and letting this man continue to lord it over the Canadian Ahmadis? Does Mas have any principles? Clearly not but you insist on selling him as the ‘Man of the Muslims’ and expecting people to buy it? Please! What an insult! You Ahmadis need to understand just because Mas ‘bhoot pyar karne waley hain’ (he is so loving) it doesn’t make him a Khalifa. Drop the love and pick up some reality because not only is he the worst leader of any group of people but he isn’t as loving as you think….

Abdul Aziz Khalifa, you pathetic hypocrite and nasty little man, you have absolutely no qualms in participating in the very public expulsion of members from the community for ‘participating in a marriage against the teachings of Nizaame Jamaat’, but you present a different face to western leaders of the State you live in. Abdul Aziz Khalifa, you are beyond contempt and a man with no integrity and morals, where you participate in the financial fraud involving 30 properties, but you present an image of being one where you are a member of an international community that boasts ‘loyalty to State’. Abdul Aziz Khalifa, you were found guilty of misconduct and were banned from practising law but you very proudly stamp your name on letters authorising the expulsion of innocent and law abiding citizens?!

You were banned in 2006 but in 2011 you kindly authorised this:

You should have expelled yourself while you were at it. Why is it that there is one rule for the likes of you whereas for ordinary Ahmadis with absolutely no power, are treated like lepers and are subjected to public expulsions, resulting in social boycotting and the like? Why is it that there is such a system in place in the first place, if it doesn’t apply to everyone? Why do you advocate such treatment of your fellow members but no action was taken against you, for a crime that resulted in you losing your job? This is serious! Why are you still in the Jamaat, let alone in such a position? Why was no action taken against you? Why did you not stand down, if you were a man of any principle? You are a disgrace and a hypocritical despot.

It is shocking to see just how many Ahmadis are accepting of such blatant hypocrisy. What is wrong with you? Forget what I believe, but if you believe this is Allah’s Jamaat and you love it so dearly, then why do you insist on turning a blind eye? It is up to you to keep your Jamaat clean because you quite clearly cannot rely on your administration to do it, because they need a good wash down themselves!Do the right thing. This is a disgrace. Shame on you all who allowed this man to continue while he shamelessly helps run your Jamaat with an iron fist. And you have the nerve to poke fun at the Muslim world for it’s fair share of tyrants and dictators but the difference is that this Muslims don’t claim to belong to a divine sect.

For those Canadians who have access to similar Jamaat documents or anything that the Jamaat would rather not go public, I suggest you set up something similar and start exposing these scumbags for what they really are. It is not that difficult and it would be a great shame and an utter injustice against your fellow people if you kept quiet about it. Your State should know exactly what kind of spiritual thugs they are wining and dining with. They are disgusting and Abdul Aziz Khalifa is probably not an exception.

That’s all from me for next few weeks. Try not to miss me too much!

Ahmadiyya INC vs. Harford County

This isn’t the first time that Ahmadiyya INC has been ordered to infiltrate a community and create exclusive space for Ahmadis.  Ahmadis have done this in Pakistan, in 1948, then they were able to get exclusive housing in Canada in the late 1990’s, they called it peace village, in fact, Ahmadiyya discriminated against a “white-male” in terms of living at the “Abode of Peace” in Canada, check out his video here:

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Ahmadiyya vs. Joppatowne, Maryland, USA

Ahmadiyya Inc. has sued Harford County, through a federal lawsuit by Gemcraft Homes (most likely an Ahmadi owned company), and the city of Joppa, Maryland, Harford County Executive, Miss Lambert-the county-attorney, State-delegate Pat McDonna,  State Delegate Rick Impallaria, the county executive–Mr. Billy Bonaface and the head of the planning department of Harford County. Also see this essay:

The lawsuit has to do with an Ahmadi-only community that violates housing discrimination laws in America.  Ironically, in the lawsuit, Gemcraft Homes admit to selling 22 homes specifically to Ahmadi only people, and thus they have admitted to housing discrimination.

The people of Joppatown don’t know about Ahmadiyya and their “peace-village” in Canada
Most people don’t have a perfect understanding of Ahmadiyya, since NO ONE has 10 years to waste in researching Ahmadiyya.  Since I am an ex-Ahmadi, I researched/research Ahmadiyya until they will be shut down.  Nonetheless, the people of Joppa Town have no idea that Ahmadiyya INC has already created “Ahmadi-only” housing in Canada, through collusion with politicians in Canada, thus, we are sure now that Ahmadiyya is seeking to do the same now in America.

Check out these videos:

Ahmadiyya leadership was seeking to intimidate and scare State Delegate Rick Impallaria
In the video, State Delegate Rick Impallaria tells the public that he feels that Ahmadiyya leadership only added him to the lawsuit in an attempt to intimidate the people of Harford County and all county officials.

Faheem Younus is the President of the Maryland-Ahmadiyya-Community
Faheem Younus, who has helped the Ahmadiyya movement since he came to the USa since 1996, is the speaker on the Ahmadiyya behalf, he lies and tells tall tales all throughout his opportunity to speak.  He starts off by crying how he was escaping religious persecution and came to America in 1996, he also says that it isnt his business to come and talk to people as such, he’s rather be home with his children, however, this is a lie, he is a President in the Ahmadiyya system and speaks on behalf of Ahmadiyya all the time.  Further, he admits that he was the brainchild of this entire “building” project and how he had promised his uncle, who came to the USA in the 1960’s that he would build him a retirement community.  Moreover, all of his comments are lies.

Watch the full video here:

Faheem Younus lies about the Community Center at the center of the development
Instead of calling is a mosque, Ahmadis are calling it a community center, however, this is a lie, it will be an ahmadi mosque, not a community center.

Faheem Younus lies about the website
The Discussion shifted to information about a certain website that Ahmadiyya leadership had made.  Faheem Younus admits that there was data on the website that was wrong and the entire website was taken down.  Faheem Younus blames an intern for incorrectly copying and pasting the wrong data onto a website for Ahmadiyya in terms of these townhomes.  However, a speaker stood up and said that he wasn’t buying the alibi of Ahmadis.

What did the website say?
“””The complex was being advertised as a “mini-peace village” for Ahmadi Muslims, and members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community who are 55 or older were to be given priority in purchasing houses, according to the Majlis Ansarullah USA website. However, photos and information about the “Ansar Housing Complex” have since been removed.“”  See here:

The sales of these townhomes wasnt advertised on normal channels
Real estate agent Gina Pimentel filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development last month, claiming she couldn’t get information about the River Run units because Younus was “unlawfully privately marketing and selling only to Ahmadi Muslims.”

And its true…Ahmadiyya leadership didnt allow for these homes to go on the public market, hence, they are guilty of housing discrimination.

Faheem Younus initially denied knowing about the lawsuit
As you will see in the video, Faheem Younus had initially denied knowing anything about the lawsuit, however, when he saw the paperwork, he changed his attitude.

Mansoor Shams, the guy who markets himself as the Muslim Marine was also there
Ahmadiyya leadership sent in Mansoor Shams, as the guy who could get sympathy for the Ahmadiyya cause, he spoke up during Q&A, however, he said nothing of substance, he only accused the gathering of racial discrimination and talked about his enlistment as a U.S. Marine, thus proving that he is using his military service as marketing for the Ahmadiyya Movement.  He further admits to being a business owner, with 20+ employees, however, he forgets to mention that he employs Ahmadis over all other people and thus discriminates upon hiring.

The Ahmadi Mullah Imam-Dibba was also there

The “””Ahmadiyya-only””” building in Toronto, Canada


Ahmadis have been working the Canadian govt. for years and years in terms of asylum and other political topics that benefit the Ahmadiyya movement.  As we all know, there have been less than 1000 converts to Ahmadiyya in Canada from “white” Canadians” a similar number exists in America.  In fact, Afzal Upal recently wrote about this very topic as he exposed how Ahmadi-mullahs lie to Ahmadis in Pakistan about their growth in the West.  Thus, Ahmadiyya relies heavily on the persecution card as it continues to funnel Ahmadis out of Pakistan and to the West, since this is the only way for Ahmadiyya to achieve growth.  Further, in 1947, the Ahmadiyya movement colluded with the British govt. and helped them create a buffer state, i.e. Pakistan.  They were then rewarded, they were given Rabwah as a headquarters wherein there would be zero govt. interference.  It is important to note, Qadian was not like this, even by 1947, Qadian was mostly a Hindu/Sikh town and Ahmadis werent in-control of the entire city.  Nonetheless, Rabwah was given to Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad and his twisted-utopia was created, wherein he was the King.

Raza from grew up in Peace village in Canada…hence, his fanaticism

Also read this

An Ahmadiyya-only building with Canadian governments money
The building from the picture is an Ahmadiyya-only area.  They have created another Rabwah.  They get money from the Canadian govt. and then make rent very cheap for the Ahmadis who move to Canada on Asylum.  However, the adhan is blasted over the loud-speakers 5 times per day, women are not allowed freedoms that are allowed in 99% of Canada and the Ahmadi-mullahs make sure that they get there CHANDA.

Prem Das’s testimony in the case of Dr. Clarke vs. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1897)

Prem Das was an associate of Dr. Clarke.  He was a witness called in the case of Dr. Clarke vs. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.  He gave legal testimony in court about Abdul Hameed.  We found this testimony in MGA’s book,. “kitab ul Barriya” (1897), in a Lahori-Ahmadi translation, pages 175-176.

Statement of Prem Das on solemn affirmation
Son of Hira, caste Christian, at present resident of Amritsar, age 40 years. Stated:

The confession, exhibit ‘H’, was written by Abdul Hameed in my presence. He had also written in my presence another letter to Maulvi Nur-ud-Din sahib. Both these letters and the confession were written at Beas. In the letter, Abdul Hameed had written to Maulvi Nur-udDin sahib: “The Muslim religion is false and the Christian religion is true. I am going to become a Christian. At present I am at Beas. If you want to make me understand now, come and do so”. He asked me
for money to obtain the stamps. I had said: “If you like Maulvi sahib so much, send him a postage-due letter”. He did so. No reply to the letter came. Doctor sahib had gone to Beas. In his presence Abdul Hameed had said that firstly he was a Brahmin, his name was Ralya Ram. Then he became a Muslim. Now he was a Muslim and the name was Abdul Hameed. Eight days after the arrival of Abdul Hameed, I had gone to distribute the paper Masihee Din in the train. When I returned there was a man near the pit, and another was at some distance. One of them asked me: “Where are you going?” I said that I was going home. He asked: “Is there a boy Abdul Hameed with you?” I said, Yes. That man said: “That boy was Hindu formerly. His name is Ralya Ram. His people live at Batala. First he broke faith by becoming a Muslim. Now he has come to become a Christian”. I said: “There was darkness in his heart. It will disappear and he will not trouble you any more”. Then those two men stayed there and I went to my hospital. They were respectable men. I cannot say positively whether they were Hindu or Muslim. They had shaven faces, speaking Punjabi, not the Frontier language. I never saw those two men again.  That man had mentioned to the station master also that that boy was of the Hindus. The station master had told me. I had talked to Abdul Hameed about these two men, and asked whether they belong to his village or what? He had not made any reply to me.
Prem Das. Read out. Is correct. Signature of the Judge.

Statement of Prem Das on solemn affirmation on 13th August 1897
I have been a Christian for more or less 16 years. I have been under Doctor sahib for 12 or 13 years. At present I am posted at Beas. Abdul Hameed was sent to me on 21st or 22nd July 1897. Doctor sahib had written in the letter: “Teach this dear boy the Christian faith. Make him work. He can lift baskets. He is not delicate.” Till 31st July 1897 when the confession was written, Abdul Hameed had not said that he had come to kill Dr. Clarke. At Beas, a new room is under construction for Doctor sahib. There, Abdul Hameed had written a letter to Maulvi Nur-ud-Din in the presence of Yusuf Khan and myself. There had been no suspicion in my mind about Abdul Hameed till 31st July 1897. In fact, two men had said concerning him that the boy belonged to the Hindus. I have sympathy for him. Two snakes had been caught one day.
Prem Das in his own hand. Read out. Is correct. (Signature of the Judge.)

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Abdul Hameed’s extended comments on Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sending him to murder Dr. Clarke

As we continue to go through “Kitab ul Barriya” (1897) pages 163-173, we continue to find more and more data on Abdul Hameed and how MGA really sent him to murder Dr. Clark.  We have archived the initial statement by Abdul Hameed here.  It seems that he gave an extended story to the court at Gurdaspur.  MGA seems to have archived that statement and many others in his book as mentioned in the above sentences.

Statement on solemn affirmation of the prosecution witness Abdul Hameed, son of Sultan Mahmud, resident of Jhelum Caste Gakhkhar, age 17 years, Stated:

I am now seeking Christianity. Formerly, I was a Muslim. Four months ago, I went to the Christians at Gujrat. At that time I did not know Mirza sahib. I was a mate at the Mong Civil Relief Works under Jan Muhammad Babu. I stayed for two or three months with the Christians at Gujrat. There the Muslims had converted me; hence I had came to Gujrat. Mirza sahib has many followers at Gujrat. They sent me to Qadian. When I went there, my uncle Burhan-ud-Din was not in Qadian at that time. I had been advised to go to Qadian to have my doubts removed. I was taught by Maulvi Nur-ud-Din and Mirza sahib. The Quran was not taught. On coming from Gujrat I stayed at Qadian for only four days. I had gone back to Jhelum and stayed in the house of uncle Luqman. I did not go to the house of Burhan-ud-Din. My paternal uncle Maulvi Burhan-ud-Din Ghazi is there, and he is a follower of Mirza sahib. My other paternal uncle is Luqman but he is not a follower of Mirza sahib. My mother married Luqman after the death of my father and has also children by him. Both of my paternal uncles brought me up. After a stay of two or three days at Jhelum I returned to Qadian. Mirza sahib held me very dear. One day he took me to a separate house and said: “Go to Amritsar and stone Dr. Clarke to death”. I said: “Why should I do this?” Mirza sahib said: “If you commit this murder while in the religion of Islam you will become a chosen one”. To begin with he used to teach me. Subsequently when Mirza sahib asked me to commit murder, he said this to me: “Now work as a labourer for four or five days so that people think that you have been a labourer”. Then he said this: “When you are going away, abuse me when you go”. I departed to Amritsar and went to Doctor sahib, the plaintiff in this case, and said: “I have come to become a Christian.” Doctor sahib looked after me very well and sent me to the Hospital. Mirza sahib had said: “First give your name as Ralya Ram, then as Abdul Majeed, saying that you acquired this name after becoming a Muslim”. I stayed with Doctor sahib at Amritsar for about a month. First I remained at Amritsar for five or six days. Then I remained at Beas. The sheet exhibit ‘H’ included in the file has been written by me. I had written this out and given to Doctor sahib as confession. Doctor sahib was present at that time when I wrote it out. From Beas I had written a letter to Maulvi Nur-ud-Din sahib saying: “I shall become a Christian. This is the true religion. The Muslim religion is not true”. Doctor sahib had said to me: “A follower of Mirza sahib has come to us. We shall ask him whether to make him
a Christian or not”. When I wrote the letter to Maulvi Nur-ud-Din sahib, Doctor sahib was not aware of it. I had informed other Christians. The letter to Maulvi Nur-ud-Din sahib was written before writing the sheet exhibit ‘H’. Bhagat Ram and another clerk, whose name I do not remember, were present. They were looking on when I wrote the letter to Maulvi Nur-ud-Din sahib. It was about a month ago that I had left Qadian, and from Mirza sahib I had gone to Doctor sahib at Amritsar. The letter to Maulvi Nur-ud-Din was intended to apprise him that I was at Beas. When I left Qadian for Amritsar I paid 4½ annas as fare and at Qadian Mirza sahib had paid me 12 annas as wages for carrying baskets. I have heard about Abdullah Atham but not seen him. As for the attacks carried out on him I have no knowledge when these attacks were carried out, what were the attacks and who carried out the attacks. When I first went to Doctor sahib I intended to commit murder. Later I changed my mind. Luqman did not send me to Mirza sahib nor has he sent me to Doctor sahib. There is no ill feeling in our family on account of Maulvi Burhan-ud-Din becoming a follower of Mirza sahib. Luqman is in Jhelum at the moment. It is not known where Burhan-ud-Din is. (On a question of the prosecutor, said) By Bhagat Ram I mean Bhagat Prem Das in whose presence I had written the letter to Maulvi Nur-ud-Din. Mirza sahib had said to me: “When you get an opportunity, kill Doctor sahib (plaintiff), and come to me, then no one will kill you”. On going to Amritsar and meeting Doctor sahib I had changed my mind. Before going to Amritsar I had never seen Doctor sahib, nor was acquainted with him. (On a question from Mirza sahib) When I had become a follower of Mirza sahib, he had said to me: “Say, I place my hand on the hand of Ahmad”, and said: “Ask God for forgiveness of the
previous sins, and in future say the prayers, read the Quran”. (Note: Mirza sahib says: “I do not remember whether the witness took the oath of allegiance on my hand or not”.) Mirza sahib neither read out nor explained to me the fourth condition of the printed conditions of the oath of allegiance at the time of my taking the oath of allegiance. Exhibit ‘K’ was included in the file.
Read out. Accepted correct. Abdul Hameed After the statement the witness submitted that since he had stated the events plainly and clearly, he feared danger to his life. Doctor sahib said that he wanted to keep him safe. Accordingly the witness was permitted to stay with Doctor sahib.

Signature of Judge.

Supplementary statement of Abdul Hameed on solemn affirmation
The deponent had gone to Luqman at Jhelum from Qadian only to see him. There was no other purpose. Had stayed there for two or three days. He had obtained forty Rupees from Uncle Luqman’s house on the first occasion.

Read out. Is correct. Abdul Hameed. Signature of Judge.

Supplementary statement of Abdul Hameed on solemn affirmation on a question from the court

At 2 p.m. at the time of the mid-day prayer, Mirza sahib had said to me: “Go and kill Mr. Clarke”. Mirza sahib took me to the room adjacent to the mosque and said: “I am going to say something”. I said: “I shall accept it with my heart and soul”. That room is in the house of Mirza sahib. At Amritsar there is a man Qutb-ud-Din who is a follower of Mirza sahib. Mirza sahib had told me to go to him.  I had gone straight to him. He has a shop of utensils at Karmonki Deorhi, Amritsar. I stayed with him for half an hour. I had said to him: “Mirza sahib has sent me to kill Mr. Clarke”. He replied:  “Alright, when you finish this job, come to me. I shall get you to Qadian.” After seeing Doctor sahib, I went back to Qutb-ud-Din in the evening the same day and told him that I had seen Doctor sahib. He had given me the address and location of Doctor sahib’s residence. Mirza sahib liked me very much. He used to have himself pressed by me. He used to say: “Do you remember what I said (murder)”. I used to say: “Yes, I remember”. Mirza sahib had said: “Mr. Clarke is kindhearted. When you go to him he will lodge you with himself. You enquire about his daily routine. Then whenever you get an opportunity, kill him with a stone or in some other manner”. My father’s name is Luqman. I had it written as Sultan Mahmud by mistake. My mother had her second marriage with Sultan Mahmud. By mistake I said earlier that she was married to Luqman. Sultan Mahmud has a daughter. Luqman has another son who is my brother. We are three brothers. I have never been baptized. I had been looking for it. I did not go to Malakand with the army. I had been dismissed because I could not perform the duties. When I returned from Malakand I was not in search [of a religion], I was a Muslim. This was about two
years back. Before I came to Qadian, Sultan Mahmud had been annoyed with me. He did not turn me out. From there I went to the canal.  Sultan Mahmud had been annoyed because of not doing work. Burhanud-Din and Sultan Mahmud have religious differences. Burhan-ud-Din is a follower of Mirza sahib. Not so Sultan Mahmud. On this account they do not like each other. I was not at Qadian at the time of the Jubilee [of Queen Victoria]. I came later. When I went there I saw Burhan-ud-Din. Mirza sahib had talked to me about murder three or four times, that if I killed while in the fold of the Muslim religion I would become a chosen one, for Mr. Clarke is an opponent of the faith. All the five times when Mirza sahib used to come to the mosque for prayers I used to press him. He liked me. Mirza sahib had said:  “Lift a stone weighing 20–30 pounds and hit and kill Mr. Clarke in his sleep or at some other opportunity”. I had apprised Qutb-ud-Din of all these matters. He had said: “Quite right, do this job and come to me”. (On a question from the court): At present Burhan-ud-Din and Sultan Mahmud are annoyed with me, for my money and property are in their possession and they do not want to give them back to me. I sent the letter to Maulvi Nur-ud-Din because Mirza sahib and he are one. When I was at Amritsar Hospital, I had no connection left with Qutb-ud-Din, nor did I write a letter to anybody. The letter exhibit ‘G’ I had written to Doctor sahib at Beas. (On a question from the lawyer of the defendant): Luqman died when I was six years of age. I had taken four Rupees from the house of Sultan Mahmud without his knowledge. I had informed the women of the household, and had gone to the canal. I have at home two other brothers, Muhammad Kamil and Muhammad Alam. I did not take Muhammad Alam’s jewellery. He had laid a false claim that he held my cash. It happened five or six years ago. My other brothers are in possession of my father’s land. I take my share of the crop. They cultivate on my behalf. They remain displeased with me because of the property and because I am their step-brother. I have been out of Jhelum for seven months. Burhan-udDin’s son is betrothed to Muhammad Kamil’s daughter. Burhan-ud-Din also is hostile to me. Burhan-ud-Din and Sultan Mahmud belong to different mosques. I had gone to Mong Rasul before Jhelum. I stayed with Rev. Dalgie at Gujrat. At Gujrat I stayed with Rev. for
three or four months. I studied the Bible there. At that time I came to like the Christian religion. Because of my character, I was not baptized, because I liked the Muslim people. The Rev. had deputed a man Allah Ditta the Christian to accompany me, and had said: “Get him a ticket for Pindi, and let him go to Pindi”. I know Yusuf. I had to see him, so I used to go. Allah Ditta did not accompany me to the station.  I met Amir-ud-Din, a follower of Mirza sahib, and he got hold of me, the deponent. He sent me to Qadian and said: “First go to Shaikh Rahmatullah at Lahore. Then go to Qadian.” I had come to know him two or three days after going to Gujrat. The Christians had turned me out. They did not pay me the fare to Rawalpindi. Amir-ud-Din used
to admonish me daily: “Go to Mirza sahib. He is a learned man”. There are capable Maulvis at Jhelum and Gujrat. But I did not enquire from them about my doubts. I have been suffering from venereal disease for a month or one and a half months, because of over-eating
mangoes, not because of associating with prostitutes. At Dangah I used to tell people about the principles of the Christian faith. I had gone to Qadian for the first time a month or a month and a half before the Jubilee. I had stayed there for five or six days. Then I had gone to Lahore and from there to Jhelum. On the way I had also stayed at Gujrat. I had also gone to the Reverend and said: “I have been to Mirza sahib at Qadian and am coming from there. He loved me”. On
the first occasion Mirza sahib had said nothing about murder. The Reverend at Gujrat had been annoyed about why I had been to Qadian. I said: “I forgot, forgive me, and lodge me”. He said: “Go to your house and read the Bible”. He did not lodge me. Then I went to Jhelum, for the reason that my paternal uncle was displeased at my becoming a Christian. Mirza sahib had removed my doubts. I had gone to reconcile the paternal uncle. Then I, who am making this statement, went to Qadian a second time, two to four days after the Jubilee, for Mirza sahib had not taken the oath of allegiance the first time. Stayed there 17 or 18 days. Two days after arrival I took the oath of allegiance on the hand of Mirza sahib. Many persons were present. Hakim Nur-ud-Din, Hakim Fazl-ud-Din etc., about 20 to 30 persons were there. I had taken the oath of allegiance in the mosque upstairs. Some nine or ten days after administering the oath of allegiance Mirza sahib took me to the upstairs room in the women’s section of the house.
When the mid-day prayer was completed, Mirza sahib asked me to stay on. When all the people went away, Mirza sahib took me to that room through the door. At that time there was no one in the upper part of the mosque. Going inside, Mirza sahib made me sit down and said: “Go to Amritsar and present yourself as a Hindu. Hit Mr. Clarke with a stone and kill him.” I agreed. He took me inside in case someone should come. Day after day he used to say: “Do you remember that job or not? Are you ready or not?” I used to say: “I remember and am ready”. He would ask this when I used to be pressing his body. He loved me very much, like a father loves his son. He used to stroke me on my head with his hand. I used to press him all the five times. Other people also used to press him. They pressed him in the mosque. Did not press him in the bathroom. That bathroom is a place for bathing and a toilet. The upper storey room in which Mirza sahib took me is also used as a bathroom. The room is about 18 by 12 feet. In each corner, a place has been built to take a bath. It is not in brick and mortar, planks have been fixed.

The confession, exhibit ‘H’, I had written myself. No one prepared a manuscript. I wrote it once, it was not correct. Then I wrote it again in fair copy. (Note: The witness was made to copy the confession on a sheet. He made spelling mistakes in writing at three places which have been marked with X and marked with the letter H). Witness: I considered that room to be a bathroom. Before the honourable Deputy Commissioner, Amritsar, the word bathroom had not been caused to be written. After saying of the morning prayer, day had dawned a little when I had come from Qadian. The carriage probably belonged to the brother of Ismail Beg’s wife. The same day I had gone to Amritsar by the railway train. I arrived there at 11 o’clock and went straight to Qutb-ud-Din, stayed with him for half an hour. I cannot tell the date. Qutb-ud-Din gave the address of Doctor sahib’s house. I went to his residence and met him. I had been sleeping at the Hall Bazar mosque.

I went to the residence at about three o’clock. Two men were not with me. I reached the residence in ten or twelve minutes. Doctor sahib was in his office. First I met the cook, then the valet. He informed the sahib. I was called in. A sikh was standing there on some errand. He
took a letter and went away. On going in I immediately said: “I am in search of truth, I have come to become a Christian.” The sahib asked: “From where have you come?” I said: “From Qadian”. Then I gave my Hindu name as Ralya Ram and explained all the circumstances which I have already stated. But all that was false. A faint idea had come to my mind that I would not commit murder. After three or four days when I went to Beas, my intention to kill had changed. I had stayed at Amritsar for five or six days. I worked under the doctor of Amritsar Hospital and received education. I used to wash the wounds.  Except for one day, Doctor sahib used to meet me daily. Twice I went to the residence. I, the deponent, met him in the very same office. I met him alone in the same way as on the first day. Every time Doctor sahib used to ask: “Who were you? From where have you come?” I had already made the statement. There was no special purpose other than learning the Bible from the sahib. On the first occasion the book was given to me. But on the second occasion another type of book was given to me.  Doctor sahib had sent me to Beas for education.  Doctor sahib had said: “Maulvi Abdur Rahim is afraid in case you should kill him. So go to Beas. Other people also say that you have come to commit murder”. With the exception of Qutb-ud-Din I had not mentioned to anybody that I had come with the intention to kill. Saanwan Singh had gone to Beas along with me. He had stayed there
for a week. After three or four days I had written the letter to Maulvi Nur-ud-Din. A new house was under construction. I had written the letter there, written it in the presence of Bhagat Ram. Two masons and two or three labourers were also there. I did not ask Bhagat for money or stamps to post the letter. I wrote the confession about 5.30, wrote the letter in the sitting room. It is close to the dining room. (Then said) I do not know which is the dining room. At the time of my writing the confession, the station master, the telegraph clerk and the post clerk were present. (Then said) I had written it out, was signing when they came. There were two or three other men in whose presence I had written. They were Abdur Rahim, Bhagat Ram, Shaikh Waris, and Doctor sahib was also present. At Beas I, the deponent, had not said to anyone that I had come to kill Doctor sahib. I had not said this even to Bhagat Prem Das. Doctor sahib had brought me to Amritsar with himself and he had granted me pardon that I would not be harmed. Starting from Beas we had reached Amritsar the same day before sunset. At night Doctor sahib sent me to Sultan Pind which is at a distance of one mile from Amritsar. Waris and Prem Das and Abdur Rahim had remained with me. All of us stayed at the house of an Indian Christian. When I had come to Batala from Qadian, I had not gone to the house of Maulvi Ghulam Mustafa the printer. Mirza sahib had not got me turned out of Qadian on account of bad conduct.  When I went first, Doctor sahib had greeted me with love and affection. Doctor sahib is stronger than myself, but when someone is sent to attack he has to perform his job. Never before in my life have I had such an intention, nor was I ever appointed to kill. When I was a Muslim I considered committing of murder an offence and a sin. But when Mirza sahib said “you will become a chosen one”, then there was a change in my ideas and I firmly believed that I would go to
heaven. Before I met Mirza sahib, my personal view was that it was a sin to commit murder, although according to the Muslim religion the killing of an unbeliever brings reward. This is written in the Quran. I have read it myself. I can read the written translation when I see it.
My paternal uncle had taught me. A Mulla also had taught me. I have been reading the Quran without meanings. On the 31st July 1897 I was promised pardon. Hence I had written the confession. If someone goes to kill a person and kills him then he is a criminal, otherwise not.
Since the date of the writing of the confession I have been constantly living with Doctor sahib. Three or four days ago I had seen Maulvi Muhammad Husain in Anarkali. I had never seen him before this. I did not write any letter to Mirza sahib. It is written in the Bible: “Thou shalt not kill”, so my intention changed as to why I should kill such a good man as Dr. Clarke. No one from our family ever committed murder. I do not know the meaning of ‘ghazi’. At Beas Bhagat Prem Das had caught a black snake. I had killed it and brought it to Doctor sahib. The other snake that was caught had escaped. That is, two snakes were caught the first day, one died and the other had escaped. The third day another snake was caught. This was also killed. I wanted to take the snake only to show to the Doctor sahib. (On a question from the court) Bhagat Prem Das had stopped me. (Advocate) I had not known Qutb-ud-Din earlier. Mirza sahib had not given any
letter for him. Qutb-ud-Din had said: “See the house for yourself. I shall indicate the stone. Carry it and kill him”. Doctor sahib had said to me: “I shall write a letter to Mirza sahib that this man has come to become a Christian”. I had forbidden him. When I am baptized, then he should write the letter. I had been to Qadian today. Abdur Rahim and two policemen and Waris Din, and two other policemen accompanied me. (On a question from the lawyer) In the beginning also Mirza sahib had taken me once to that room above. I had slept at the Khair-ud-Din mosque at Amritsar, so I stayed. I was not asked, hence I had not confessed earlier. Sultan Mahmud had taught me the Quran.  Paternal uncle Burhan-ud-Din had not gone to Malakand. Doctor sahib
met me gladly both times when I met him at his residence at Amritsar.  Both times I had gone of my own, I had not been called. While going to Beas I had been called. Doctor sahib did not come out into the verandah and rebuke me, as to why I had come without being called. Abdul Hameed. Signature of Judge. Read out. is correct. Signature of Judge.

I, Abdul Hameed, son of Sultan Mahmud, am a resident of Jhelum, at present staying at Beas. About this matter that from the village of Qadian I was sent by Mirza sahib of Qadian that I may cause harm to Doctor Clarke sahib, i.e. kill him, and regarding me, I have come for this purpose. He said this orally in the bathroom at Qadian.
Signature of Judge

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Who is Mirza Gul Muhammad (died in 1800)?

Mirza Gul Muhammad was the final ruling Chief of Qadian from the Mirza family, he was the great-grandfather of MGA.  He died of excessive hiccups (See Mujadid e Azam) in roughly 1800 (See family tree in Punjab Chiefs, 1909), just a few years before the Ramghari Misl finally took Qadian, his entire family were all exiled to Begowal, including a very young Mirza Ghulam Murtaza, which was in the neighboring Ahluwalia Misl., which was right over the Beas river   The extended-Mirza family lived here until 1839, when Ranjit Singh decided to return 5 villages to Mirza Ghulam Murtaza and allowed him and his brothers to move back to Qadian.  Sardar Mangal Singh Ramgarhia was a son of Diwan Singh, it is unclear if he took over Qadian at the death of his father.

His story from the ROR (and Dard in 1947) of 1939
Mirza Gul Muhammad was a very able man and he became an independent Chief of Qadian. His army, consisting of infantry and cavalry, numbered 1,000. He had three guns. He ruled over 85 villages. He was a very righteous and generous chief. Hundreds of people ate at his table. He patronised learning and paid stipends to about 500 persons. He was a holy man and loved the company of the righteous. Attracted by his righteousness and the encouragement he gave to learning, he was surrounded by about 400 men given to the pursuit of knowledge and virtue.

His purity and piety, his courage and determination, his sympathy and generosity are still well-known in the neighbourhood. He was wise, sagacious and firm. It is said that he sometimes fought single-handed against 1000, and routed them all. He was a brave soldier during the day, and a pious devotee at night. In those days Qadian, because of its religious atmosphere, was often spoken of as ‘Makkah’.

It is said that Ghiyasud Daula, a Minister of the Imperial Government, once visited Qadian; and, seeing the dignity of Mirza Gul Muhammad and his little court, he was deeply impressed and remarked with regret, and with tears in his eyes, that if he had known that such a great and noble member of the Mughliyya dynasty was living in this jungle he would have tried to save the Muslim Empire by putting him on the throne at Delhi. This would have been by no means impossible in those days. In the beginning Ranjit Singh owned only 9 villages, but in a very short time he actually became the ruler of the whole of the Punjab. The Muslims, however, were passing through evil times, and their empire could not be saved.

During the last illness of Mirza Gul Muhammad, a physician prescribed brandy as a medicine, but he resolutely refused it and preferred to die rather than find himself placed in a situation when he might appear to violate the Qur’anic injunction against alcohol. He died of hiccups in about 1800 A.D (See RoR of 1939).

The Ramgharia Sikhs totally took over Qadian.  Mirza Gul Muhammad seems to have died of excessive hiccups (See Mujadid e Azam) in roughly 1800.  Just a few years earlier.  There were many cousins and uncles of Gul Muhammad in Qadian.  We have found a few names floating around in different books, nothing substantial.  Nevertheless, the entire Mirza family is exiled from Qadian.

Qadian is controlled by Diwan Singh, who was a nephew of Jassa Singh Ramgarhia.  Jassa died in 1802, and his son Jodh succeeded him.  Jodh Singh Ramgharia is the real ruler.  He allows his cousin-brother, Diwan Singh to rule Qadian.

Jodh Singh Ramgharia dies.  Diwan Singh’s status as ruler of Qadian also ends.  Ranjit Singh takes  Diwan Singh (son of Tara Singh), cousin brother of Jodh Singh, Vir Singh (brother of Jodh Singh) and widow of Jodh Singh and takes them into official military custody.  He then confiscates their entire Misl area and annexes it into the Sikh Empire.

It is unknown as to who was ruling Qadian in this time frame. We would guess that it was Sardar Mangal Singh Ramgarhia, who was the son of Diwan Singh.   In 1839, Mangal Singh is sent to the frontiers of the Sikh empire on official military duty.


Diwan Singh dies on the road to Srinagar, while on military duty (see Punjab Chiefs. page 175, 1865 edition).

Ahmadiyya sources claim that the entire Mirza family moved back to Qadian in 1834 or 1835 (See Dard), however, this is under the idea that MGA was born in 1835.  This is wrong, Ranjit Singh gave 5 villages (+Qadian) back to Mirza Ghulam Murtaza and his brothers in 1839 and invited the them to move back to Qadian after 37 years of exile (1802–1839).  Mangal Singh was also sent out to the frontiers of the Sikh empire on military duty.

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Who is Mirza Ata Muhammad (died in 1814)?

He was the father of Mirza Ghulam Murtaza.  His father, Mirza Gul Muhammad had been in a perpetual war with the Ramgaria and Kanheya misls.  His birth is totally unknown, however, he died in roughly 1814 (Ahmadiyya sources claim that he was poisoned).  In roughly 1802, he was surrounded by all sides by Jassa Singh Ramgaria and his troops, they had confiscated about 84 villages and only Qadian was left and was surrounded by a wall 22 feet high and about 18 ft wide.  For the previous 20 years (roughly 1783–1802), Mirza Ata Muhammad and his father Mirza Gul Muhammad had fought off the Sikh misls of Ramgharia and Kanheya.  However, they lost Qadian by roughly 1802, which was a fortress city.  Mirza Ata Muhammad was forced to flee to a small village called Begowal, which was on the other side of the river Beas, and under the control of a Sikh Sirdar named Fatah Singh Ahluwalia.  This was another misl of the Sikh Empire, it bordered with the British government, it is said that this Sirdar was a relative of some important Muslims from the princely state of Kaparthula.  Mirza Ata Muhammad then lived for 12 years until he died, roughly 1814.   After his death, Ranjit Singh allowed Mirza Ghulam Murtaza and his brothers to join the Sikh military.

The Sikh empire consolidates its 12 misls and comes under one rule, Ranjit Singh.  Qadian is totally confiscated, and the entire Mirza family is sent as prisoners to Begowal, in the Ahluwalia misl.  The Ahluwalia Misl bordered the British empire to the South-East and Ranjit Singh allowed it to be operated independently by Fateh Singh Ahluvalia.  Thus, Diwan Singh becomes the ruler of Qadian, which he  controls until 1815  when Jodh Singh Ramgharia dies.

Ranjit Singh occupies Ludhiana.  However, he backs off a few years later.

The treaty of Amritsar is signed.  The British agree to not attack the Sikhs at their South-Eastern border, which is close to Delhi.  This agreement enables the Sikhs to focus the majority of its military towards Kashmir and the West Punjab.

Mirza Ata Muhammad dies in Begowal (see Dard and Griffin).  He has 5 sons.  Ahmadiyya sources claim that the body of Ata was brought to Qadian for burial (see Dard and Upal).  The grave of Mirza Ata Muhammad is thus at Qadian.  This was the first time that Mirza Murtaza was allowed to return to Qadian in roughly 12 years, but it was temporary, just a few days.

Qadian is controlled by Diwan Singh, who was a nephew of Jassa Singh Ramgarhia.  Jassa died in 1802, and his son Jodh succeeded him.  Jodh Singh Ramgharia is the real ruler.  He allows his cousin-brother, Diwan Singh to rule Qadian.

Jodh Singh Ramgharia dies.  Ranjit Singh takes  Diwan Singh (son of Tara Singh), cousin brother of Jodh Singh, Vir Singh (brother of Jodh Singh) and widow of Jodh Singh into official military custody.  Diwan Singh’s status as ruler of Qadian also ends, after being taken in custody, however, on the intercession of Sardar Chanda Singh Kanaihya the Ramgarhia Sardars were released from the jail and an annual jagir of 35,000 rupees was granted to them. Diwan Singh refused to accept his share, he then escaped to Patiala.  Ranjit Singh then confiscates their entire Misl area and annexes it into the Sikh Empire.

It is unknown as to who was ruling Qadian in this time frame. We would guess that it was Sardar Mangal Singh Ramgarhia, who was the son of Diwan Singh, until he was transferred out in 1839.  In 1839, Mangal Singh is sent to the frontiers of the Sikh empire on official military duty.

The Mirza family was still living under the protection of Fateh Singh Ahluvalia.  However, he crossed the Sutlej River and asked for British protection vs. Ranjit Singh.  Ranjit Singh thus confiscated his entire misl which was called thCis-Sutlej states.  

Fateh Singh returned to Lahore in 1827, and the Maharaja received him with honour restoring to him all his possessions. Later in his life, Fateh Singh lived at Kapurthala where he died in October 1836.

Diwan Singh dies on the road to Srinagar, while on military duty (see Punjab Chiefs. page 175, 1865 edition).

Ahmadiyya sources claim that the entire Mirza family moved back to Qadian in 1834 or 1835 (See Dard), however, this is under the idea that MGA was born in 1835.  This is wrong, Ranjit Singh gave 5 villages (+Qadian) back to Mirza Ghulam Murtaza and his brothers in 1839 and invited the them to move back to Qadian after 37 years of exile (1802–1839).  It was actually on the death of Fateh Singh Ahluvalia (1836), a few years after this death, the Mirza family was allowed to move back to Qadian, since their protector was dead.

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