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Update Ahmadiyya, Homeopathy, Scientology, Quackery–Fiona O’Leary

Did Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s wife wish to be released from her marriage?

MGA had some strange revelations, nowadays, Ahmadiyya apologists are busy trying to redefine those, since they are mostly unintelligible ramblings and made up quack stories.  We have found many instances of Ahmadiyya editing as well, honestly, we are late to this party, if you understand what that means.  Noentheless, this particular reference comes from the Diary of MGA, which has no publish date,  see page 29.  In fact, Ahmadiyya leadership seems to quote page 29 of MGA’s diary on this page in successive revelations.  However, they don’t indicate if all of these statements come from the same entry or not.  They probably did this purposely, so as to cause confusion.  The 2009 edition of Tadhkirah seems to give us more information.

The life of Nusrat Jehan, MGA’s wife

The reference from the 2004 edition of Tadhkirah

The reference from the 2009 edition of Tadhkirah

See page 1904

It’s as follows:

From Mahmud’s mother: 

[Arabic] I wish to be released.

From Allah: 

[Arabic] I wish to release.

What does this second statement seem to indicate?
In the new edition of Tadhkirah (2009), they seem to have added an additional reference.  It seems to indicate that MGA’s wife was asking to be released from marriage with MGA, MGA asked his GOD, his GOD responded that he wished to release her.

Another incident that seems to prove that MGA’s wife quit Ahmadiyya
From the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, page 682

[Urdu] Wife turned back. This is called apostasy. Our last hour.

[Notebook of the Revelations of the Promised Messiahas, p. 32]

Ak Shaikh’s video on this topic

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Ahmadi’s are building a huge multi-million dollar homeopathic hospital in Rabwah, Pakistan


Ahmadi’s are always crying persecution, always, they tell the world that Ahmadi’s are getting killed and that they have no freedoms in Pakistan.  However, they seem to be very safe in Rabwah and have already built and operate the Tahir Heart Institute and for many yearsAhmadiyya is a fraud on many levels, we already know how they purposely and willfully stored money overseas in Panama.  They have also defrauded many people with their quack treatment of homepathy.  This homeopathy doesn’t work.  Interestingly enough, these quack remedies run in the Mirza family, MGA was giving out opium like it was candy and may have poisoned his own children.  This has led to MGA’s children to continue to lie to the world about their grandfather and his life.

Ahmadi’s have been ordered to hunt down Fiona O’Leary!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear readers, we have written about this before, the Ahmadi Mullah, Ibrahim Noonan ordered a cyber-attack and Ahmadis responded and did exactly what he said.  Well, it’s not over yet, Ahmadi’s continue to harass and terrorize Fiona O’Leary.  Ahmadi’s are taught to hate, harass and terrorize everyone and anyone who is critical of Ahmadiyya, then they cry persecution.

Read Fiona’s newest blog entry here

Her blog entry pasted here

I wrote a blog about Ahmadi and their links to Scientology and the Quack ‘treatment’ Homeopathy, people can read about this here.

Not long after my blog was published I started to receive abuse on social media from male members of the Ahmadi movement.

The Ahmadi Imam in Ireland Mr. Noonan called on all Ahmadis to report me, see in screenshot below.

Noonan started a witch hunt on Twitter which then led to further harassment on my Youtube channel.

Noonan accuses me of bigotry and defamation because I highlight Ahmadis clear involvement with Scientology and Homeopathy.

Ahmadi Homeopaths are promising vulnerable people miracle cures, claiming they can treat and cure serious diseases and conditions with their sugar pills.

See in screenshots below.

The previous Ahmadi leader was a Homeopath and spread so much misinformation and harm.

He even claimed that Homeopathy could save people from a Nuclear Fallout.

Vulnerable people, especially poor people are trusting Ahmadi and being duped by their snakeoil.

Ahmadi are now building a huge Homeopathic hospital in Pakistan, it is being constructed as we speak, learn more about this here.

I have been talking to a young man in the Ahmadi movement who shares my concerns about their quack treatments.

He says Ahmadis are not allowed to think for themselves and that they must obey their leader.

Ahmadis present leader also believes in this pseudoscience and would have given his support to this new quack hospital.

Homeopathy is a proven fraud.

The NHS and other departments of health are issuing warnings and clamping down on its advertising and sales.

Ahmadi are not concerned about these warnings and this information has been sent to them multiple times.

Their response to this information is that I work for ‘Big Pharma’

Some Ahmadi reps are even accusing me of having a hidden agenda, see below.

Ahmadi are offering this quackery worldwide including Ireland where I live.

Imam Noonan lives in Galway, he has been at the forefront of a hate campaign against me for some time now.

He has harassed me on Twitter, sometimes into the early hours of the morning.

He has reported me to the Police and continues to slander me.

I run a group called Autistic Rights Together, see what Noonan has shared about my group below.

Noonan shared a blog written by a well known quack and anti vaxxer.

This blog is anti LGBT, so I presume Noonan supports these hate filled views also.

Ahmadi have a motto ‘Love for all, Hatred for none’

Well I can confirm that they do not practise what they preach!

In fact they are quite sinister and I believe that this needs to be highlighted.

All the intimidation and abuse I have received has been from men from this movement.

Some comments include F**k Off, why dont you clean your filthy kitchen, comments about ridding Autism from my children and more.

Then there are the comments about how ‘Big Pharma’ are corrupt and trying to stop their Homeopathic ‘cure’

It is the typical quack talk that I am sadly used to, however it seems to be organised and only happened after Noonan gave his orders, it is targeted harassement.

Then Ahmadi love to use the ‘Religious Card’

You are not able to discuss serious concerns or they will cry bigotry.

Imam Noonan is misleading people, he is endorsing pseudoscience and unproven ‘treatments’

The strange thing is, during our conversations on Twitter Noonan managed to keep something very well hidden.

If Noonan is so convinced and happy to endorse Homeopathy why did he not tell us about his wife?

Noonans wife Qanita is a Homeopath but he had not uttered a single word about this.

She has a quack shop in Galway and I called her undercover.

She was so very strange over the phone but told me she ‘treats’ Autistic children.

Homeopaths are offering a bogus treatment called C.E.A.S.E therapy to Autistic children.

The name alone is digusting, it stands for Complete Elimination Of Autistic Spectrum Expression, like the final solution!

Remember Homeopathy is bulls**t.

Imagine an Autistic child hearing this term, eliminating your expression and then subjecting them to this quackery.

Homeopaths charge between 60 and 100 euros for a visit.

Noonans wife wanted 60 euros to experiment on my child with her bogus sugar pills.

Noonan says his wife did not say she would ‘treat’ my Autistic child, listen to my call with Mrs. Noonan here.

Qanita Noonan also endorses anti vaccine nonsense, see below.

Then I see Ahmadi reps saying they do not charge for Homeopathy, well they do!

Some Countries offer this quackery to the very poor, free of charge, many of these people are desperate and suffering from life threatening diseases.

They experiment on and use these poor people for research into their quack industry.

They extract money from those who can afford it and then exploit the poor!

Nobody wins, both rich and poor are being lied too.

Ahmadi are taking vulnerable people away from proper care and people die because of this.

I do not see the Pope peddling quack cures and if he did l would be addressing it also.

This has nothing to do with religion, I expose quacks and Ahmadi are guilty of peddling quack ‘treatments’

This HATE trail is not abating and now I have been told something really concerning.

A guy I know had an interview recently, there were some Muslims reps on the interview panel.

These individuals questioned this guy about me, asking him if he knew me.

It was men from a Dublin mosque. This is not normal, this is somebody at a job interview being questioned about me, a Mother who campaigns against quack treatments.

Am I on an Ahmadi watch list?

Please see screenshots of a handful of comments I have received from Ahmadi reps below.

I will not be censored or set upon.

I am free to voice my concerns about pseudoscience whenever it raises its ugly head.

Love for all, Hatred for none!


The Ahmadi cleric, Ibrahim Noonan and Cyber crimes

We have been witnessing an employee of Ahmadiyya INC, as he continues to post private pictures of an Ex-Ahmadi’s on social media.  Ibrahim Noonan has these pictures on his PC, he was given these pictures by Ahmadis who are fanatical and spend their time trolling Ex-Ahmadis and Sunni-Muslims who work in Ahmadiyya Awareness.  Ibrahim Noonan doesn’t realize that he has committed or colluded in committing cyber crimes.  He doesn’t seem to know much about Islam or Ahmadiyya and wants to kill anyone who discusses the character of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad He recently bullied and harasses an Irish woman, Fiona O’Leary after she went off on Ahmadiyya colluding with scientology and their quack medicines, homeopathy.  Noonan seems to have been ordered by his Khalifa, aka his CEO to attack all critics of Islam or Ahmadiyya.  He has been ordered to never have an honest conversation with anyone and to never admit to his lack of knowledge.

Ahmadiyya Promote Pseudoscientific ‘Treatment’ Homeopathy And Enjoy A Relationship With The Scientology Cult!

There is a huge controversy bubbling around Fiona O’Leary and Ahmadiyya, read about it here:

Ahmadiyya Promote Pseudoscientific ‘Treatment’ Homeopathy And Enjoy A Relationship With The Scientology Cult!


I have written about Ahmadiyya and their connections to Scientology in the past.

I want to talk about their involvement with the Pseudoscientific ‘treatment’ Homeopathy.

I have spoken with Irish Ahmadiyya spokespersons about this worrying issue but they seem to support this quackery and have even made statements saying that Homeopathy can cure conditions.

This promotion of quackery is dangerous and is hurting vulnerable people, it is causing unnecessary deaths, read more about this here and here.

I challenged this religious group and asked reasonable questions about their connections to Scientology and their endorsement of quackery.

I spoke to Rebeeb Mirza from the Ahmadiyya Dublin Mosque, I also spoke to Ibrahim Noonan from the Galway Mosque.

Rebeeb has been attending seminars run by Scientology spokespersons and even attended the grand opening of the new Scientology centre at Firhouse Dublin on October 14th.

See Rebeeb with Irish Scientologist Kieron Swords at a Scientology event last April below.

See Rebeeb coming out of the new Scientology centre at Firhouse Dublin below.

Rebeeb admitted to attending the opening of the new Scientology centre at Firhouse Dublin and admitted to covering his face with a folder when he was spotted leaving their building on October 14th.

Rebeeb said he would address my concerns regarding Ahmadiyya and Scientology.

However Rebeeb did not address my concerns but instead contacted his colleague Ibrahim Noonan, see Noonan below.

Noonan spoke to me on the telephone a few times.

Noonan was at first denying any connections to Scientology and told me he would seek advice from Ahmadiyya leader Mirza Masroor Ahmad, see Mirza below.

We know that Ahmadiyya have been meeting with Scientology representatives in other Countries also.

Last March Ahmadiyya women visited the home of L. Ron Hubbard, read about this meeting here.

Scientology have also made comments about their relationship with Islam, see below.

The previous leader of Ahmadiyya Mirza Tahir Ahmad was a Homeopath and claimed that Homeopathy was a miracle treatment for many conditions.

He penned a book called ‘Like Cures Like’  He made bogus claims and even claimed that Homeopathy could save his followers from a Nuclear fallout.

These claims are insane and potentially put peoples lives at risk.

I discovered that Ahmadiyya are knee deep in this quackery and found Ahmadiyya Facebook groups making bogus claims also.

See some screenshots of this dangerous quackery below.

Ahmadiyya are claiming to CURE Epilepsy and other serious conditions with these bogus sugar pills.

They are misleading vulnerable people and putting their lives at risk.

Epilepsy is a serious condition which needs professional care, without proper medication people with this SERIOUS condition could die!

I messaged the Ahmadiyya Homeopathy Facebook page asking them about ‘treating’ Autism, they said Homepathy has a 25% success rate for Autism.

However they were not able to provide any evidence for these bold claims.

See our conversation below.

Noonan never got back to me regarding his chat with his leader.

During my time of speaking with Noonan I started to receive threatening messages on social media, I was called a racist and a bigot by his supporters.

Noonan himself made ridiculous comments and threatened me with legal action.

See some of his comments below.

Some of Noonans messages were sent to me in the early hours of the morning.

Noonan does not like to be challenged on such important matters, he thinks his religious group should not be questioned regarding their dangerous promotion of quackery.

Noonan then used the ‘religious card’ against me.

Instead of dealing with this important issue he chose to threaten me with police and lawyers.

I was astonished to see such immature behaviour from the Ahmadiyya representative for Ireland.

I told him I did not appreciate his threats and he assured me that he was not going to go to the police.

This is what happened when I asked him reasonable questions about quackery and Scientology.

Noonan also reached out to my husband asking him to deal with me.

I was going to write a blog about this at the time but my campaign work took me in other directions.

However I recently discovered that Noonan did in fact contact the police about me.

I spoke to a police woman in Galway about this recently.

Noonan decided to make a complaint against me.

He reported me because I spoke out against Ahmadiyyas endorsement of pseudoscience.

I want people to know about this as I think it is important.

Just because you are part of a religious group does not mean you should be allowed to use that status to silence others, neither should you think you are protected from addressing serious valid concerns from members of the public.

Ahmadiyya scream for respect yet their spokespersons threaten, intimidate and try to silence Mothers of Autistic children. Mothers who are campaigning to protect vulnerable people from quacks and cults!

Plus the most important issue here is that this Ahmadiyya spokesperson LIED to me.

Noonan assured me that he was not contacting the police but he did.

I thought religious groups were all about speaking the truth?

I asked Noonan about Ahmadiyya and Homeopathy, I really thought he would support science and speak out against this quackery.

Noonan sadly supports this quackery and claimed Homeopathy had cured conditions also.

See Noonans text message below.

To summarise I feel that Ahmadiyya believe they are permitted to dance around serious subjects like the ones I am highlighting here.

They scream harassment and bigotry when asked reasonable questions.

They intimidate and threaten activists who are only seeking to protect the vulnerable in our communities from quacks and cults like Scientology.

I will not be silenced, censored or threatened.

I am a free woman with a voice and I will use my voice to achieve justice.

Ahmadi clerics in Ireland order a cyber attack on Fiona O’Leary

Recently, Fiona O’Leary who is against cults, quack medicines, scientology and now Ahmadiyya.  She has had a run-in with the official Ahmadi-mullah, Ibrahim Noonan.  Ibrhaim Noonan has been ordered by his Khalifa to offend everyone, he is doing Jihad, he is using his Irish priviledge to specifically go after anyone who criticizes Ahmadiyya.

Ahmadiyya supports scientology
Scientology is another cult, and just like Ahmadiyya, they used and support homeopathic medicines.  Listen to Fiona tell this story in the video.

Did Mirza Tahir Ahmad die of Cancer?
Fiona has inside information which indicates that Mirza Tahir Ahmad died from Cancer, this seems to support the info about his coffin being replaced and etc.

Ahmadi babies are dying since they reject regular medicine
Fiona tells how babies and other people are dying since they refuse to use regular medicine.

Other related essays:

Mirza Tahir Ahmad was a quack
Homeopathy was his baby, not his brothers or his fathers, however, his grandfather, MGA, also made many quack medicines.

Fiona O’Leary’s youtube channel

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad used poison, opium and wine in his medicines

MIrza Ghulam Ahmad and his team of writers contradicted themselves all of the time.  Opium use was rampant in the house of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.  He even gave out opium-laden drugs to many patients.  In the following reference, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s brother-in-law tells us how MGA even used small amounts of poison in his quack medicines.  Further, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s grandfather seemed to be of the opinion that wine even for medicine was a bad thing.

The reference
“”Dr Mir Muhammad Ismail stated to me that once Hazrat Masih Maoud formulated a tablet for the treatment of patient of TB, (tuberculosis). Beside quinine, camphor, opium, and hemp, he added some poisonous substances like Dhatoora, in it. He used to say that for the sake of life, life saving and use as a medicine, prohibited goods are allowed too. This humble self says that Hazrat sb has issued similar FATWA (religious decree) for wine. If a doctor or Tabib prescribe them. Then on this occasion hazrat sb told that his great grand father when at death bed was offered Wine by his Tabib but he refused by saying that he would die but would not taste wine””
(Seeratul Mahdi Vol III ,page 615).

The scan work

W.D. Muhammad on Ahmadiyya

This essay was taken from the website

In 2008, the American Muslim community wept as Wallace Deen Muhammad returned to Allah. I’ve met many famous people in my life, but amongst the most memorable was meeting W. Deen Muhammad. It was Fall 2003, and I was a beardless 19 year old sophomore in college. I took a trip to North Carolina with some older African-American Muslim gentlemen to meet and schedule him to deliver a talk for our Muslim Students Association (MSA). He had striking blue eyes and a glow of wisdom that only comes with experience written on his face. He was glad to meet a member of the MSA, even a skinny 19 year old, happy we were continuing the tradition, and briefly mentioned how they helped him when his community had expelled him.

…But who was W. Deen Muhammad and why am I writing this on a blog about Ahmadiyya?

To understand who he was, you have to understand the history of the African-American community. By the early 1900s, in the throes of racial injustice and paradoxical increased freedom, the African-American community was searching for its identity. Knowing one’s lineage and ancestral customs is important to a person’s identity but the sharp lash of racial slavery eliminated all but a few remnants. To fill the void, many subcultures, movements and religions arose. Examples include the Moorish Science Temple and the Black Panthers. But the largest and one with the most profound impact on American culture was the Nation of Islam.

The Nation of Islam (NOI) was founded by Wallace Fard Muhammad (herein referred to as Fard). Fard was not an African-American. Even to this day his exact roots are clouded in mystery. But, what we do know is that he was the genesis of the “Nation of Islam”. The faith he created was a mixture of traditional Islam, Moorish Science Temple teachings and his own unique ideas. As I was personally told by a elderly African-American Muslim who used to follow his faith, the emphasis was not on specific beliefs. Instead, people were attracted to it because it was “not the religion of our slave masters” (Christianity) and gave them something to uplifting themselves through. The NOI preached morality, hard work  and community. It helped members stop the cycles of alcoholism, drug addiction, prostitution, gang violence, and other dysfunctional behavior.

One of the prominent early members was Elijah Muhammad (herein referred to as Elijah). Elijah joined the NOI in 1931 and rose to become the “Minster of Islam” for Detroit.

In 1934, while on a trip to Chicago, Fard completely disappeared. Though many theories exist, to this day no one knows what became of him. Following his disappearance, the movement found a new leader in Elijah. In the absence of Fard, Elijah became the de-facto leader of the Nation of Islam and led the movement forward from 1934 until his death in 1975.

Under Elijah, the movement grew many folds, including many new Temples, the newspaper Muhammad Speaks, a womens’ auxiliary organization, growing financial power and The Fruit of Islam, their security force. Malcolm X (El-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz رحمه الله) joined the movement during this early period and was instrumental in attracting new members. (Malcolm X would later departed from the NOI and converted to Islam, but was assassinated in 1965.) With a large membership base and increased national recognition, by the ’50s and ’60s the movement was a force to be reckoned with in African-American community.

They did great community work, but what were the beliefs of the NOI? This sums it up:

We believe there is no God but Allah (God) and Muhammad is the Messenger of God. We believe that Allah appeared in the Person of Master W. Fard Muhammad on July 4, 1930, the long awaited Messiah of the Christians and the Mahdi of the Muslims.

The faith shared many common terms with Islam, such as Allah, Qur’an, Islam, Muslim, Muhammad, etc, but the beliefs were radically different. Tenants included Black Supremacy, that white people were a creation of Yakub, an evil scientist 6,600 years ago and other such quackery. Congregational prayers were held on Sunday, and services resembled American Protestant churches. It had little to do with Islam, other than name.

As the movement grew and members increased, little by little, members became aware of Islam – not Nation of “Islam” – but Islam. This was likely due to early Arab immigration to the US, mostly from Syria, Egypt and Lebanon. To investigate the origins of the faith, Elijah sent his son, Wallace Deen Muhammad, to Egypt to study Islam. He returned to become a Minister but was twice kicked out (ex-communicated) of the NOI for his “Unorthodox beliefs” – or in reality – his orthodox beliefs, specifically, that he did not accept that Fard Muhammad was Allah, and that Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم was the last prophet. He was later strategically readmitted.

In 1975, Elijah Muhammad died. So taken back were the NOI members that some of them were literally waiting for the world to end. At the national NOI conference to decide on the future of the movement, Wallace son of the “prophet”, came on stage, dressed in the Fruit of Islam uniform, and assumed leadership. What the Ministers did not know was that Wallace was now firmly a mainstream Sunni Muslim. One by one, the national minsters pledged allegiance (bay’at) to Wallace, including Louis Farrakhan, the current leader of the NOI. For two years, from 1975 to 1977, Wallace taught Orthodox Islam as the official belief system of the Nation of Islam. He introduced the five pillars, promoted mainstream Islamic belief through the Muhammad Speaks newspaper, introduced ‘Eid al-Fitr as a religious holiday instead of Saviors Day, and even led a delegation on Hajj. None of this was part of the previous NOI. He was taking the NOI from the religion of his father to the religion of Saydinaa Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم.

But with any movement towards Truth there are those who oppose it, which manifested in the person of Louis Farrakhan. In 1981, he revived the roots of the NOI, abandoned Orthodox Sunni Islam, and led the movement back into its original beliefs. This created a split between the communities of Wallace and Louis, as Louis went on to re-found the modern Nation of Islam.

What about Wallace? Allah put Wallace in the right place at the right time for a specific purpose. Wallace founded The World Community of Islam in the West. It was through Wallace that large numbers of NOI members left the beliefs of the NOI and embraced mainstream Islam. He reached out to the immigrant Muslim communities to build bridges and ties, which was unthinkable in the NOI. Wallace took a community deeply entrenched in absolute disbelief, claiming a man was Allah and in a new prophet, and led them to real Islam. This could not have been done by anyone but the son of the “prophet”.

To this day, 10th of Muharram 1433, the largest racial contention of Muslims in the US are not Arab of Desi, but African-American. This is through the work of Wallace Deen Muhammad. Though there are still hard-line believers of original NOI teachings, they are slowly but surely being pulled in the direction of mainstream orthodox Sunni Islam. Louis Farrakhan publicly declared his Shahada, they introduced Salah (Namaz) as Muslims perform it, changed the Nation of Islam’s day of worship from Sunday to Friday, and many other advances. Alhumdu lillah, they are slowly coming our way.

So we thank Allah for his providence. He was very merciful when he guided Wallace to Islam, and through him, guided many others.

What does any of this have to do with the Ahmadiyya…?

In order to know where you are going, you have to know where you came from. When we look at the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم, though he accepted their Islam of the common person, he focused his energy on the leadership. When he went to Ta’if, he spoke to the leaders (which later led to Du’a al-Ta’if). It was the leaders of Aws and Khazraj who accepted Islam and through them the common folk followed suit. It was a leader, Wallace Deen Muhammad, who accepted Islam and through them other NOI members shifted towards the Sunnah.

This is in no way to belittle the commoners who embrace Islam. In the past few years, we have witnessed an increasing number of Ahmadis leaving Ahmadiyya to embrace mainstream Islam. The vast majority silently depart and tell me not to disclose who they are. We are also happy for the likes of Shahid Kamal Ahmad, who started this site, or Sr. “Findings” who manages Cult Girl Confessions. But what we need are more national leaders, more spokesmen, more murabbis, and more missionaries to revert to traditional Islam. They can use their authority and influence to guide their community, if not all at once, then slowly through small hints and suggestions. And this is not without precedent, notable reverts include:

  • Hassan bin Mahmood Odeh, Former Director General of the Arabic Section in the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community;
  • Miklos Molnar, General Secretary of the Ahmadi Jama’at in Hungary;
  • Ismail Babatunde Jose, Former President of the Ahmadiyya movement in Nigeria;
  • I personally know Jamia Ahmadiyya students and Waqf-e-Nau leaders who accepted mainstream Islam and are slowly and secretly working in their communities;
  • And many others

Perhaps one day, even their “khalifah” will have departed from Ahmadiyya to lead his followers towards mainstream Islam, after the example of Wallace Deen Muhammad. Before ‘Umar bin al-Khattab رضى الله عنه accepted Islam, the Muslims were weak and scattered. His conversion gave them strength and courage. May Allah give us an ‘Umar from the Ahmadiyya community.

This takes patience, courage and conviction. Dealing with the stubborn “Desi uncle mentality” can be a challenge. It will start off slow, and be difficulty convincing others. But a breakthrough in a few will result in others joining the fold. And we ask Allah for success.

و صلى الله على سيدنا محمد و على آله و صحبه و سلم

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