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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s desire for a 3rd marriage led him to ask Noorudin about his pre-teen daughter

The Ahmadiyya movement has always supported “child-marriage” and polygamy.  In fact, when MGA got married in roughly 1853, he was barely 13 years old and his new wife was younger (his first cousin).  He married again in 1884, Nusrat Jehan Begum was roughly 12 years old if not younger, her younger brother was 2 years old (in 1884) and 3rd youngest sibling hadn’t even been born yet.  MGA had barely been married 18 months by January of 1886 and he decided to leave his wife and spend 40 days in seclusion about 100 miles away from Qadian.  In March of 1886 he had his famous announcement of Feb. 20th, 1886 published.  In this announcement, MGA was predicting a 3rd marriage and a promised son most likely from a 3rd marriage.  MGA seems to have had correspondence with Noorudin (while Noorudin was still in Jammu) about all of these predictions/prophecies.  During the course of that correspondence, MGA seems to have also proposed to Noorudin about Noorudin’s young daughter from a previous marriage (Noorudin was roughly 42 in this era), we have cross-checked both major biographical works on the life of Noorudin (english books only) and we can’t find any data on this.  Shaikh Yacub Ali Irfani also makes an appearance here, he seems to have been working with Noorudin as a student/helper as early as 1886 and in Jammu.  Irfani wrote in a note to the effect that Noorudin would not be allowing his young daughter to marry MGA, since his young daughter was not an adult.  This daughter disappeared from the scene, Noorudin married again in 1889, and his daughter (Amtul Hai) from this marriage married the Khalifa in 1914.  From his first wife, Fatima Sahiba (daughter of Sheikh Mukarram Sahib Bhervi), he had nine sons and five daughters.  We are still unsure which daughter MGA was asking to marry.

The letters with a rough translation into english

Latter No. 3

My Dear Brother
Your esteemed letter was received,which spreads fragrance of enthusiasm for truth JAZAKALLAH. Prayers were made for your pious daughter. It is a blessing that she has memorized the holy Quran. Otherwise it is a rare thing in the women of this country. How lucky are her parents and the ones who would establish new relationship to you relating to her.

Ghulam Ahmad
11th March, 1886

On 8th June, 1886 MGA sent another letter to Hakim Molvi Nuruddin elaborating his intentions with regard to third marriage and promised son. For the sake of brevity we reproduce only relevant portion as under:-

My Dear Brother,
Four months back, it was revealed to this humble self that i will be blessed with a magnificent son whose name would be Bashir. I was mistaken to think that the promised son would be born of my present wife, but the excessive Ilham have now confirmed that Allah has decided that He will get me re-married to a third wife and bless the promised sone from this third wife. Two different women were motioned for this marriage, but as guided by Allah, both were rejected as one was a misfortunate and other was ugly, since Allah wanted the boy to be born of a woman perfect in piety and beauty.

Some blind critics raised objection as to why the promised son not born of previous pregnancy. What I understand is that the prophesy would materialize after third marriage. This third marriage is to take place shortly. To whom this marriage will take place, excessive Iham are taking place and storm like intensity is found in the intentions of god.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
Qadian, 8th June 1886

MGA sent another letter on 20th June to Molvi Nuruddin, the contents of which suggest that Nuruddin did not like the idea of third marriage because there is a note of Irfani, the compiler of Maktubat e Ahmad, which confirms that perhaps Nuruddin disapproved MGA’s proposal for his daughter. Now read the letter and note of Irfani.

My Dear Brother,
Esteemed letter was received, this humble self had written to you of his third marriage just to inform a friend of the heavenly secrets, because it is the habit of this humble self that he informs of some of the Hidden orders (ghaibi amoor)to his friends to increase their faiths.

Since the revelation of ilham of third marriage, this humble self is praying for postponement of this order, but continuance of ilham prove that it has become a definite fate. (Taqdir e Mubram). This humble self has decided to avoid from doing this until a clear and categorical heavenly compulsion is received.

Wassalam- humble self
Ghulam Ahmad
20th June 1886

Note by Shaikh Yaqub Ali Irfani : 
Allah has given glad-tiding and signs for this third marriage to hazrat sb and he motioned it to his nears and dears who were far away from Allah although not deniers. Hazrat sb informed of these glade tidings to Hakim Nuruddin. As far as he (irfani) knows Hakim sb was ready to give his daughter in Nikah to MGA, in case if she was adult.

Now from such bizarre events, any impartial ahmadi, not only can judge as to what types of weak and fabricated revelations MGA mentions to have received, but also see the quick manoeuvrings he do which surely do not matches with that of a high moral character of a messenger of Allah.

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When Noorudin fell off of his pony and lived the last 3 years of his life in misery


Noorudin died in misery.  His daughter was then immediately married by the Khalifa and extorted, his sons were then kicked out of Ahmadiyya in the 1950’s.

It was not just that noordin had a few bad days at the end of his life. But according to Tareekh ahmadiyyat vol 3 page 329, he fell from the horse on 18 November 1910, that is the time when all the deterioration and infections started, if you read on TA vol 3, you will read that he spend next 4 years in misery. This is just another strange story from one of the earliest biographies on Ahmadiyya founders. This quotation is from the biography which Noorudin dictated to Akbar Shah Khan of Najibabad before his death. In 1904, during MGA’s life, “Nur ud Din” was published, this book seems to be an extension of that book.

Extended summary
1- After falling from the horse , he had puss in his injuries.
2- He was weak and Doctors said that he had tuberculosis
3- One day he had fallen(on ground) as he had woke up for urine.
4- He had to face pain to climb stairs and use to give lecture to ladies, Even with disease use to give lectures (darss) because he use to say that he use to get “power” from it and use to keep stand for long time.
5- On his getting sick from diseases, Mahmoud Ahmed use lead prayers in his place and also gave the Friday Sermon .
6- Finally he died and was buried in the official Ahmadiyya graveyard bhashtiii muqbirah .


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How Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad killed his own wife, Amtul Hai, the daughter of Noorudin

Noorudin was the main ghost writer for MGA.  He even moved into MGA’s house around 1893, Nooruddin and his young wife(they married in 1889), they didn’t seem to have kids until 1898 or so.  Which is very odd for a new couple.  There were 5 children in total for Noorudin and Sughra Begum.  The surviving sons of Noorudin were ex-communicated by Mirza Basheer uddin Mahmud Ahmad in 1956.  Noorudin’s daughter from this marriage was married to the new Khalifa in 1914, her name was Amtul Hai (1900-1924), she was barely 14 when she was forcibly bequeathed to the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer uddin Mahmud Ahmad, however, she didn’t have many options, and her father didn’t leave anything behind for this set of children.  In these days, Ahmadiyya leaders officially supported child marriage.  The first part of this story can be found here.

The second part
In the second part of this video, Professor Chaudhary Ghulam Rasool Sahib explains, how the Khalifa murdered his own wife.

The video

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The Establishment of Lajna Ima’illah and the Sacrifices of Early Ahmadi Muslim Women

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How Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad forcibly married Noorudin’s daughter Amtul Hai in 1914?

Noorudin was the main ghost writer for MGA.  He even moved into MGA’s house around 1893, Nooruddin and his young wife (they married in 1889), they didn’t seem to have kids until 1898 or so.  Which is very odd for a new couple.  There were 5 children in total for Noorudin and Sughra Begum.  The surviving sons of Noorudin were ex-communicated by Mirza Basheer uddin Mahmud Ahmad in 1956.  Noorudin’s daughter from this marriage was married to the new Khalifa on May 31st, 1914, her name was Amtul Hai (1900-1924), she was barely 14 when she was forcibly bequeathed to the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer uddin Mahmud Ahmad, however, she didn’t have many options, and her father didn’t leave anything behind for this set of children.  In these days, Ahmadiyya leaders officially supported child marriageWe have found a very important interview by Mushtaq Malik wherein he interviews Professor Chaudhary Ghulam Rasool Sahib.  This is from the 2009-2010 era.  Professor Chaudhary Ghulam Rasool Sahib gives lots of info on Mirza Mahmud Ahmad’s forced marriage with the daughter of Noorudin.  He goes on to explain how Mirza Mahmud Ahmad poisoned her in 1924, which caused her to die.

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The Establishment of Lajna Ima’illah and the Sacrifices of Early Ahmadi Muslim Women

The Establishment of Lajna Ima’illah and the Sacrifices of Early Ahmadi Muslim Women

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Maulvi Noorudin was an Ahl-e-Hadith aka Wahhabi type of Muslim

I have written about the role of Noorudin in Ahmadiyya development many times in the past.  What Ahmadis hate to mention is that Nooruddin’s Ahmadi-sons were forcibly kicked out of Ahmadiyya in the 1950’s, it was a messy divorce.  In fact, One of Nooruddin’s sons went  on to represent he Lahori-Ahmadi’s in court in 1974, as the Lahori’s presented their case to the famous NA assembly.  Nevertheless, Noorudin’s eldest daughter (Amamah or Imamah) was married into the Ghaznavi family, to a son of Abdullah Ghaznavi.  This marriage must have happened in the 1880’s, Ahmadiyya sources don’t give a date (“”Hakeem Noor-ud-Deen – Khalifatul Masih I – The Way of the Righteous”” by Syed Hasanat Ahmad see page 40).  They had 2 sons and one daughter and seemed to have also moved to Qadian.  Amama died mysteriously in 1897 per Ahmadiyya sources, this entire family seems to have also lived with MGA in his mansion.  Later on, these children would grow up and challenge their cousins in the Ahrars and the Ahmadiyya conflict their in the 1930’s (See Adil Hussain, “From Sufi-ism to Ahmadiyya”).  Ahmadiyya leaders were are connected to Nawab Siddiq Hassan Khan also.  In fact, the princess of Bhopal was married to Nawab Siddiq Hassan Khan and was the single biggest donor towards the failed Braheen e Ahmadiyya series.

Noorudin’s eldest daughter Amama was married off to the son of Abdullah Ghaznavi, his name was Abdul Wahid Al-Ghaznawi.  Noorudin’s second daughter (from his first wife) was born in 1874, per Ahmadiyya records.  She was married to her cousin Hakeem Mufti Fazlur-Rehman in 1891 when Maulana Hakeem Noor-ud- Deen was the Royal Physician in the State of Jammu.  Hakeem Mufti Fazlur-Rehman remained a prominent Ahmadi his whole life.  Later on Abdul Wahid Al-Ghaznawi opposed Ahmadiyya vehemently.  

1884—-MGA’s nikkah of 1884 was led by a Wahabi
When MGA married Nusrat Jehan Begum, he had a Wahabi mullah read the Nikkah.  It was the famous Ahl-e-Hadith imam Syed Nazir Hussain, who was one of the founders.  In fact, Syed Nazir Hussain was the foremost Ahl-e-Hadith scholar of India.

MGA and Noorudin break away from the Ahl-e-Hadith sect and create their own sect, Ahmadiyya.

Per Adil Hussain, in his book, “Sufiism to Ahmadiyya”, he tells us that Maulana Muhammad Da’ud Ghaznavi, a son of of the Abdullah Ghaznavi was one of the most dedicated members of the Ahrar’s, as they clashed with Ahmadi’s in this era.  Muhammad Ismail Ghaznavi seems to have been raised as an Ahmadi in Qadian.  He was sent by the Khalifa during his tenure as Kashmir Committee president to negotiate with his uncle,  Muhammad Ismaeel Ghaznawi is mentioned in many books and other journalistic sources in connection with his involvement in the Kashmir Committee on the Ahmadi side during the conflict with the Ahraar.

The Wahabis of Saudi Arabia and their connection with Ahmadiyya

According to this article Abdul Aziz ibn Saud also married from this Ghaznwi family:

Upal states that Noorudin was a Wahhabi type of Mullah
In a technical manner, Upal has revealed new data from the British-India era which easily indicates that Noorudin was in-fact a Wahhabi, just like MGA, just like Batalvi and all of MGA’s close friends in that era, even MGA’s father-in-law, Mir Nasir Nawab.

The quote
“””Some Ahl-e- Hadith Muslims, such as Moulavi Nur-ud-Din, who were able to justify Ahmad’s claim about Jesus’ death on the grounds that that had been the true teaching of Islam all along and that belief in Jesus being alive in heaven had been a distortion of the true teachings of Islam. They were able to justify and make their Muslim identity coherent with the claim that Jesus was dead. The new identity of “true Muslim” that they had created as a result of this elaboration process was perfectly coherent with a belief in a dead Jesus (indeed “it demanded it”, as Ahmad put it).”””(See Upal)

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s strange predictions about sons for his followers


MGA made many strange predictions about sons for his followers, in this case, he promised a son to some eager followers, but the prediction ailed miserably…see the summary below..

Seeratul Mahdi part 2 page 407-408.
(445) Mian Ghulam Nabi Sethi sb has stated to me that in the beginning, due to ATHRA ( Miscarriage), my wife had to face abortion. Hence I came to Qadiyan for the treatment of my wife by Hakim Molvi Nooruddin first kadiani Khalifa, The treatment started and meantime i kept requesting Hazrat Masih Moud for prayer in this regard.
One day when I was waiting for Hakim Noorudin in his clinic, he came and gave me good news. He said congratulation Mian Ghulam Nabi you need no more medical treatment as Hazrat sb has given you the good news of a son.
Then hakim sb told me that today Hazrat sb went to his garden along with Hazrat ummul momineen. Some of women including my wife and your’s were also accompanying with them.
Once in garden, Hazrat sb asked for “Shehtoot” (Mulberries). Few women went to take Shehtoot, your wife also went to pick mulberries to present to hazrat sb. These women picked all the mulberries they found but your wife climbed up the tree and picked some of the finest pieces of mulberries with her own hands.
When hazrat sb saw both kinds of mulberries, He asked as to why some of them are cleanest and other ones are slightly dirty. Hazrat Bivi Sahiba (Nusrat Jehan) begum told him that the cleaner ones have been picked up by wife of Mian Ghulam Nabi and rest by other women. She climbed up the tree and picked up each single piece with her own hands. Listening to this Hazrat sahib became pleased and prayed may Allah swt bless her with a boy.
Mian Ghulam Nabi sb states that after this prayer Allah swt blessed me with a boy but that boy died after attaining the age of 1 1/2 year.
He then goes on to say that hazrat sb sent a condolence letter to him and he got another boy afterward who remained alive .

The scans

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was not allowed to teach his eldest sons

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a lazy and lethargic man.  He hated working and hated even more the sight of his fellow countrymen.  We all know that he was born in 1839 (see Kitab ul Bariyya {1896}, and ROR 1906) and by 1857, he was at least 17-18 years old.  His father, eldest brother and cousins, they all helped the British crush the independence fight of 1857.  However, MGA did not, maybe he was scared, maybe he was incompetent, maybe it was his right arm that he had disabled in his youth, whatever it was, MGA remained behind.  He was already married and had 2 sons, both of whom were being raised almost exclusively by MGA’s father and elder brother, and in concert with MGA’s wife, who seems to have already given up her bed with MGA by 1857.

Nonetheless, the war of 1857 ended and MGA’s family returned to Qadian to enjoy their victory. By 1865. MGA’s eldest son, Mirza Sultan Ahmad was roughly 7 years old, his younger brother was roughly 5 and MGA began to try to teach him Islam or some primitive version of it.  Per the reference in the below, MGA was stopped by his father, MGA’s father didnt want his grandsons to be taught anything by MGA.

By that time, MGA was already being sent all over the Punjaab in terms of his court cases with the British Govt.  MGA and his family were land grabbers and they spent their entire life usurping the land of the poor.

Also in 1865, MGA was sent to pickup his families pension money, we all know how MGA and his cousin ran off with their portion of the money and stayed on-the-run until they spent it all. MGA then returned to Qadian with his head-low and ashamed.  MGA’s father then punished MGA by sending him to Sialkot to work as a clerk.  This is where MGA learned about Christianity, and where he met Noorudin, and where Maulvi Abdul Kareem was born. Nonetheless, MGA played no role in the raising of his eldest sons.  Further, Mirza Fazl Ahmad died in 1904, and MGA didnt even go to the funeral.

The scan-work

“”(186)stated to me by Mirza Sultan Ahmed through Molvi Rahim Bakhsh sahab MA that I used to learn books like Nahav Mir, Tarekh Farishta, Gulistan Bostan etc from Hazrat Masih e Maoud (MGAQ). Walid Sahab (MGAQ)would ask to read out previously learnt lesson some time. Although I was a careless student yet he never showed his displeasure on it. But Dada Sahab (Father of MGAQ) stopped me to continue studying from Walid Sb ( MGAQ) and said I don’t want all others to be Mullah. I will teach u myself.”””

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Who is Maulvi Sher Ali? (1875-1947)

He was born as Sher Ali, from the Ranjah
clan of (BheraSargodha District, modern day-Pakistan.  Maulvi Sher Ali was another student of Maulvi Nooruddin in Kashmir,  he became a prominent member of MGA’s team of writers/imams at Qadian.  It seems that MGA mentioned him in 1890 in his book Izala Auham (however, Maulvi Sher Ali’s own writings contradict this).  Per Ahmadiyya sources, he was born on 11-13-1875 and was thus barely 14-15 years old by 1890 (See Dard, page 550).  In fact, Maulvi Sher Ali’s uncle,  Ch. Sher Muhammad, was an Ahmadi and was on MGA’s team of writers during his 1891 debate in Delhi (see Dard page 292).  He was the son of Maulvi Nizam ud Din (this person is totally unknown in Ahmadiyya history). His mother died on 7 March 1907.  A daughter of Sher Ali, with the name Khadija Begum wrote his short biography Seerat Hadrat Maulvi Sher Ali.[2]  In the late 1920’s, early 1930’s, his daughter was married (year is unknown) to one of the sons of Noorudin.  The entire family was excommunicated in 1956 by the Khalifa.

His whereabouts in his era are unknown.  He may have been with Noorudin in Kashmir.  He was from the same city as Noorudin and Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, that is Bhera, Pakistan.

MGA mentions Maulvi Sher Ali in Izala Auham.  However, his whereabouts in this era are unknown.

Maulvi Sher Ali was not listed in the first 313 companions list of 1896 (See Dard, pages 844-853).

Ahmadiyya sources tell us that he did his BA in 1897.  After completing his studies (see “Seerat Hadrat Maulvi Sher Ali” by his own daughter, Khadija Begum), Sher Ali accepted MGA and signed the bait form, just a day before Lekh Ram died (See ROR of 1990, page 4).  Sher Ali was present with MGA at the case of Dr. Clark vs. MGA.  MGA seems to have given him the title of Maulvi, he didn’t have the proper education of an Imam.

MGA told the world that Maulvi Sher Ali was living at Qadian and giving good service ((Advertisement 10 October 1899, Majmooa Ishtiharaat Vol.2 p.153).

Without a proper education, at roughly 26 years old, MGA made him the top headmaster at the Talim ul Islam High School in Qadian.  He began writing essays in the english ROR also, he was working closely with Muhammad Ali.  He remained headmaster of the school until 1903.  He seems to have been idle for 6 years.  By 1909, he became assistant editor of the English-ROR and stepped in anytime Muhammad Ali was busy working on his full english commentary of the Quran, and the British government built the biggest building in the history of Qadian which costed 25,000 rupees, this building was so big it began to house students and etc.

From 1903 to 1907, the Talim ul Islam High School was converted into a College, however, they were barely using any facility.  The University Act of 1907 totally shut down the college, it wouldn’t open again until 1948 and in Pakistan.  It was also reported that homosexuality and the plague was running rampant at this school.

May–1903, English-ROR

PDF 40/47

“””“The fact that he is known as a Prophet or Nabi refutes the idea that he was a Muhamadan Saint. No intelligent man would think that a person who was reputed as a prophet among the Muhammadans was a Muhammadan saint. Even if a Muhammadan saint worked miracles, they would take him as a Wali at best, and never a prophet. They believe that their HP is the seal of the prophets and that he is not to be followed by any other prophet…….and one who takes him as a muhammadan saint only, betrays his complete ignorance of the beliefs prevailing among the muhammadans””””

“…..we do not know of any prophet who appeared in Kashmir in the last 200 years”

The Talim ul Islam High school and college are totally shut down.

Maulvi Sher Ali writes an essay about the plague prophecy, he admits that even houses adjacent to MGA’s have had people die of plague, he also calls MGA as the “Messenger of the Latter Days”.

Maulvi Sher Ali writes an essay series on the Mahdi and the Ahmadiyya viewpoint, this extends to several issues.  This specific essay was re-produced in the ROR of 1987.

A story from 1909
Dr Muhammad Abdullah from Qila Subasingh testifies:

“””During the time of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih I, Hadhrat Maulwi Sher Ali Sahib(ra) worked as the editor of the Review of Religions. Once two English persons came to Qadian and passed along the northern part of Hadhrat Nawab Muhammad Ali’s residence where at that time Hadhrat Maulwi Sher Ali Sahib(ra) was feeding his water buffalo. His collar was open and he was attired in simple clothes. One of the English officersrequested Maulwi Sahib that they wanted to meet the Editor of the Review of Religions and asked where they could meet him. Maulwi Sahib volunteered to accompany them to his house and brought them to his own house and seating them in his sitting room said that he would call the Editor.

Maulwi Sahib wanted to prepare tea and get better acquainted with his visitors but they insisted that he should take them there so that they could meet him in person perhaps en route. Upon this, Hadhrat Maulwi Sher Ali Sahib said, “I am the Editor of the Review’”.

The two English officers were utterly dumbfounded and in their reflex admitted, ‘We thought that the Editor of this magazine was some Englishman.’ (Sirat Hadhrat Maulana Sher Ali Sahib(ra) pp 189-190 by Malik Nazir Ahmad Riaz, missionary).

Noorudin had decided to send Maulvi Sher Ali to London to help Khwaja Kamaluddin build up the Ahmadiyya mission there, however, the new Khalifa cancelled this order as soon as he came to office (see page 6).

He sided with the family of MGA and remained in Qadian and thus became the sole editor of the ROR, until others came to help and eventually took over the job from him.  He helped Mirza Bashir Ahmad on collecting data for the famous Seeratul Mahdi and even told how MGA would have his arabic revelations sent to Noorudin and Ahsan Amrohi to check for errors.  In the central Organization of the Community, Maulvi Sher Ali served as director of publications (Nazir Taleef) at Qadian.[4]

He accompanied Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmood Ahmad, the second khalifa of the Ahmadiyyah sect on his journey to Europe in 1924, and participated in the Wembley’s Conference of Living Religions 1924.

He writes an essay on the importance of fasting.

His wife died on 12 July 1942 and was buried at Qadian.

1947, in Pakistan
He died in Lahore on November 13th, 1947, just a few months after he moved from Qadian and was living in temporary quarters.  He was buried in Lahore but was eventually moved to Rabwah.  His daughter got married to one of the sons of Noorudin (Abdul Mannan) and was ex-communicated 8-years after Maulvi Sher Ali’s death (1955).  He seems to have also written a translation of the Quran which seems to have been published after his death (1955 from Holland), why wasn’t this published in his lifetime, it’s unknown. In 2004, Ahmadiyya INC re-wrote this translation and re-published it in 2004, the original is thus totally missing.

Maulvi Sher Ali claims that he came to Qadian in 1897, a day before Lekh Ram was murdered, thus contradicting Dard and other Ahmadiyya sources that claim that he was already in Qadian by 1889-1890.

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Some Additional references

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Amatul Hayee or Amtul Hai, the daughter of Nooruddin and the wife of the 2nd Khalifa, Mirza Basheer-uddin mahmud Ahmad, and her mysterious death

Noorudin was the main ghost writer for MGA.  He even moved into MGA’s house around 1893, Nooruddin and his young wife(they married in 1889), they didn’t seem to have kids until 1898 or so.  Which is very odd for a new couple.  There were 5 children in total for Noorudin and Sughra Begum.  The surviving sons of Noorudin were ex-communicated by Mirza Basheer uddin Mahmud Ahmad in 1956.  Noorudin’s daughter from this marriage was married to the new Khalifa on May 31st, 1914, her name was Amtul Hai (1900-1924), she was barely 14 when she was forcibly bequeathed to the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer uddin Mahmud Ahmad, however, she didn’t have many options, and her father didn’t leave anything behind for this set of children.  In these days, Ahmadiyya leaders officially supported child marriage.

MGA arranges the marriage of Noorudin (roughly 50 years old) to the daughter (Sughra Begum) of Sufi Ahmad Jan (another Ahmadi).  It should be noted that MGA’s famous bait ceremony happened in the house of Sufi Ahmad Jan, who had already agreed to give away his daughter to Noorudin in January of that same year.

After 9+ years without any children, Noorudin finally had a son with Sughra Begum, Miyan ‘Abdul Ha’i.  Born February 15, 1899 also known as Abdul Haye, See Page 101.  Noorudin married him off in roughly 1906-1908 in error.  His name is also spelled as Miyan ‘Abdul Haye or Abdul Hai.  After his young sister got married to the Khalifa, he died mysteriously and without much press by Ahmadiyya sources, we see this as a purposely murder ordered by the Khalifa.

Daughter—Amatul Ha’i— is born, was married off to Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, the Khalifa, on May 31st,1914, See Walter.  She was only 14 years old.  The Khalifa was 25 years old.  In one of his books, the Khalifa commented that this wife of his was not good looking (See Fazl e Omar, online english edition).

Son—Maulvi Abdus Salaam (He married a daughter of Mufti Muhammad Sadiq)(died in 1956, was buried at Rabwah).  He seems to have died in the same era that his brothers were getting kicked out of Rabwah and Ahmadiyya
He seems to have remained an Qadiani-Ahmadi.  His son recently popped in an Ahmadi magazine.  After the partition of 1947, they moved to Quetta.  Which is very strange.  We are not sure how he got the title of “Maulvi”.  Nonetheless, he sent his son to Rabwah for schooling in the early 1950’s.  His son’s name is Sami Omar Sahib, he was born in Qadian in 1944.  Sami Omar Sahib is also the maternal grandson of Mufti Muhammad Sadiq.  

Son—Abdul Wahab
Son—Abdul Mannan Omar– He was born on 19 April 1910–28 July 2006.  He married the daughter of a famous Ahmadi, Maulvi Sher Ali.  Maulvi Sher Ali died in 1947, it seems that his daughter was also kicked out of Ahmadiyya.

Abdul Manan Omar represented the Lahori Ahmadi’s to the 1974 Pakistan National Assembly proceedings in which Ahmadis (both LAM and Qadianis) were declared non-Muslim. Abdul Manan Omar sahib testified on behalf of LAM in those proceedings

Noorudin dies in March of 1914, Amatul Hai is married off to the new Khalifa in May of 1914
As soon as Noorudin dies, the newly elected Khalifa seems to have quickly expanded his reach. He grew up in the same house as Amatul Hai since they all lived in MGA’s house (see Walter and Tarikh i Ahmadiyya).  Amtul Hai is only 14 years old.

Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad and Amatul Hai have 3 children from 1914 to 1924
1. Amatul Qayyum, daughter, she was married off to the famous Ahmadi, M.M. Ahmad., They had 0 children.  

2. Amatul Rashid, daughter, she was married off to Mian Abdul Rahim Ahmad Sahib.
She seems to have confided to some Ex-Ahmadi’s about the sexual behavior of her father.  See here: See testimonial #23.  She died in 2013, she left 1 son (Dr Zaheerud Din Mansoo) and 3 daughters.  They are all in America these days.  Dr. Zaheeruddin Mansoor Ahmad is currently the National Secretary Taleem-ul-Quran and Waqf-e-Ardhi.  She died in Maryland.

2.a.  After being kicked out of Ahmadiyya, the son of Noorudin came to Qadian to attend the funeral of Mirza Sharif Ahmad, he stayed at the house of Amtul Rashid, read this incident.

3. Mirza Khalil Ahmad, son, they simply state that he had passed away.  He married Asma tahir in 1964 (per a friday khutbah by Mirza Masroor Ahmad) and seems to have moved to Canada after 1984.  Asma Tahir died in Dec of 2016.  They had 0 children.  In fact, they seem to have raised their niece in their house.


Amatul Haye becomes the secretary of Lajna in 1922, the Khalifas wife #1 becomes President

“””At the instruction of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II(ra) these signatory women assembled on December 25th, 1922 at the house of Hadhrat Nusrat Jehan Begum(ra), wife of the Promised Messiah(as). After Zuhr (afternoon) prayer, Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II(ra) made a short speech, and in this way the Lajna Ima`illah came into existence. After this session, detailed rules of Lajna Ima`illah were published in the magazine, Tadeeb-un-Nisa, which used to be published in Qadian under the editorship of Hadhrat Sheikh Ya‘qub ‘Ali ‘Irfani Sahib(ra). In this way the regular activities of the Lajna began.”””

“””Initially, there was no separate body in the community for women. Understanding the crucial role of women in Islam, and inspired by his second wife, Amatul Hayee Sahiba(ra), Hadhrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad(ra), Khalifatul Masih II (Second Successor to the Promised Messiah(as)), founded a separate organisation (within the community), Lajna Ima’illah, solely for women. Hadhrat Amatul Hayee Sahiba(ra) was its first secretary. After her, this important office was assigned to the wife of Hadhrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad(ra), Hadhrat Sarah Begum Sahiba(ra) and then to Hadhrat Sayeda Maryam Begum Sahiba(ra).”””

“””When Lajna Ima’illah was established, its members requested Hadhrat Nusrat Jehan Begum(ra), the Blessed wife of the Promised Messiah(as), to become its first president. It is likely that she presided over the first session, but during that very session she nominated Hadhrat Sayeda Mahmuda Begum Sahiba(ra) as president. Hadhrat Sayeda Mahmudah Begum Sahiba(ra) held that post until her death on 31st July, 1958. From August 1958, Hadhrat Maryam Sadiqah(ra) assumed this responsibility.”””

See the ROR, August 2009, see here:

Amatul Haye dies mysteriously in 1924
When the Khalifa returned from his tour of Europe in 1924, the daughter of Noorudin died mysteriously.  The front page of Al-fazal 20 Dec 1924, it says “final moments of Syeda Amtul Hai.  Professor Ghulam Rasul also explains this incident here.

The scan from Al-Fazl talking about her death

See here: Page  213,

Also see here—-

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