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What is the Talim-ul-Islam-High School (college) at Qadian and later at Rabwah?

This was the school that MGA started in 1897.  They tried to turn it into a College in 1904, but the British government shut it down officially in 1907.  It operated as a young men’s school (Jamia and Madrassa) and housing area from 1907 to 1944.

Historical Timeline
MGA issued an announcement on September 15, 1897, announcing plans for the establishment of such a school in Qadian (see Mujadid e Azim, page 728, online abridged version).


Some hard data from Dard, page 812-813
“””The middle school (Ta‘limul Islam) at Qadian was raised to the high standard in February 1900, and a boarding house was opened in May 1900. The number of students on the rolls by the end of 1900 was 124. 

The president of the executive committee of the school was Maulawi Nur-ud-Dinra and the General Secretary was M. Muhammad Ali. The Head Master was M. Sher Ali and the second master was Mufti Muhammad Sadiqra.

The classes had not all got rooms and the boys sat in the open space near one another.

The school remained closed for three days on the death of Queen Victoria as a sign of mourning and Ahmadas sent two telegrams (January 24th, 1901) of condolence to the Lieut. Governor of the Punjab and the Viceroy. But on February 23rd, 1901, it was closed for a day on the completion of the I‘jazul Masih as a sign of thanksgiving and rejoicing.

It sent up three students to the Middle Examination in 1900 and all passed, while the Arya
school patronised by Buddha Mal sent up 10 and only one was successful. In 1901 there were nine candidates and of them seven passed. A special sermon was preached in the school for the benefit of students every Monday.””””

Most of the teachers were corrupt and passed MGA’s sons even when they failed.  This was the year that Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad should have graduated and then went to take the national matriculation test, which he failed.

A college was also started.  “In April 1904 Ahmadiyya School in Qadian was shut down due to Plague and in the Daily Official Notification(see Ahle Hadith Newspaper dated 27th May 1904) the death toll just for the months of March and April 1904 was recorded at 1313 which took place in Qadian. Those days the population of Qadian was 2800 persons. People panicked and left the village and the whole town looked deserted.” (Hurf-e-Mehremana by Ghulam Jeelani Barq pp.251-252)(, retrieved on 6-23-19).   

There were accusations of rampant homosexuality at this school also, which seems to be the reason it was shut down in 1907.  There was also a College launched (launched in 1903) with the same name that was shut down by the British Government in 1905, via the University Act of 1907.

Remember, in 1909, the British government built the biggest building in the history of Qadian as they donated 25,000 rupees to the Ahmadiyya Movement at Qadian.  This allowed the Ahmadiyya movement to purchase 50 acres of land as Noorudin ordered the building of the College, with hostel space,  the first Jamia and the famous Nur Hospital and the famous Nur Mosque.  If it wasn’t for the British government this huge facility would have never been built.

MGA’s number 1 enemy, Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi sons are forcibly brought to Qadian and housed and given Ahmadiyya brainwashing treatment, after a month or so, they are rescued.  He had other sons also…these were just two.

We don’t see that any Ahmadi graduated from this highschool aka madrassa.  Many Ahmadi Mullahs are given the title of Maulvi and sent out to preach Ahmadiyya without a formal education as imams.  A few are Jalal ud Din Shams (was sent to Syria, Damascus and Palestine), and Maulvi Zahoor Hussain (was sent to Russia).  The Khalifa also sent Maulvi Muhammad Amin to Iran and Central Asia in 1921 (see Ahmadiyya British-Jewish connections, page 87). Also see, Fateh Muhammad Sayal, “Jamaat Ahmadiyya Ki Islami Hidmat”, 1927, Lahore, Page 30.  By 1923, Maulvi Muhammad Amin has been arrested a few times for spying on behalf of the British Govt., (see page 87).  Also See Al-Fazl, Qadian, 14 Aug 1923 and Al-Fazl, Qadian, 28 Sep, 1923. 

On May 20th, 1928 Jamia was created by the Khalifa.  It seems that this was only a kids school and housing area for 20+ years.  This was the official madrassa wherein Ahmadi’s Mullahs would be trained.

The Khalifa’s brother-in-law, Mir Muhammad Ishaq becomes the headmaster.  He does not have a college degree nor does he seem to have a matriculation certificate.

The Khalifa cusses at his young students and calls them pigs and etc.

In November 1938, Mirza Nasir Ahmad returned to the town of his birth, Qadian, where he was appointed a professor at Jamia Ahmadiyya, the missionary theological training college of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. In 1939, he was appointed principal where he remained for five years.

The College was opened in 1944, during WW-2.  From May 1944 to November 1965, he was principal of the Talim-ul-Islam College, first in Qadian, then after partition, in RabwahPakistan.

In 1947, when the college became homeless as a result of the independence of Pakistan in 1947. After operating in an abandoned horse stable for several months, the college shifted to the abandoned building of the D.A.V. College in Lahore. This building was used as a refugee camp for some time, and became badly damaged but was repaired to suit the needs of the college.  6 November 1947: Talim-ul-Islam High School was shifted to Chiniot from Qadian. Initially, it was relocated in the Malik Bhagwandas building by the allotment officials (see online Al-Hakam archives, via twitter).

Mirza Nasir Ahmad (The principal of this school) is arrested in Lahore as part of the Anti-Ahmadiyya riots.

In 1955, the college moved to its current campus at Rabwah.  From 1948 to 1955, the College was located in Lahore, in fact, an Ahmadi was tragically murdered in 1953 during the the famous 1953 riots.  On Dec. 6th, 1954, the College was opened in Rabwah.

In 1965, Mirza Nasir Ahmad became Khalifa and appointed Qazi M. Aslam as the new principal.  Qazi M. Aslam remained as principal until 1973, when Pakistan nationalized all Colleges and Universities.  Hence, the college closed forever.  The buildings were then used by Ahmadiyya leaders as jamia or other administrative offices.

The government of Pakistan nationalized all colleges and Universities in the country and thus, even the Ahmadiyya college was brought under the control of the Pakistani Government.

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Ahmadi teachers at the Talim ul Islam High School were corrupt, they would pass Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, even when he failed

Ahmadiyya is a total fraud.  MGA and his family were all dummies and idiots who had no academic ability at all.  MGA’s precious “promised-son” aka Musleh Maud was a bad child, he never did anything good in his whole life, he lived the life of the son of a prophet, and indulged in women, men, drugs and everything Haraam.  In this specific reference, we have found Ahmadi-Mullahs admitting that they falsified records and passed Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad even when he failed in school.  He was a student at the newly built Talim ul Islam School at Qadian, which was shut down by 1904 and never officially re-started until 1947, in Lahore.   It should be understood that Middle = eighth class age would be, about 13-14 years. Next level in pakistan, after 2 years – is interence = age of 15-16 years. another 2 years of study = FA. And another 2 years of study =BA.  Furthermore, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad had a math teacher named Master Faqeerullah Sahib. Master Faqeerullah Sahib made a complaint about Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad to MGA, saying, “‘He remains absent from school and only comes occasionally.’””” However, when MGA heard this, he said to Master Sahib, ‘It is very kind of you that you show concern for him, however I am very pleased to learn that he occasionally attends because according to me, his health is not good enough for him to study at all.’ Following this, MGA smiled and said, ‘We are not teaching him mathematics in the hope of him opening a local shop. It makes no difference whether he learns mathematics or not.’ He then said ‘What level of mathematics did the Holy Prophetsa and his Companions study? It is good if he attends school, but if he does not, he should not be forced.’

The story

Alfazal 2 October 1935

“””At the occasion of Nikah of Mirza Mahmood to Maryam Sidiqa daughter of Mir Mohammed Ismaeel(brother of nusrat) Mufti M Sadiq announces the Nikah and it is a long one but on page 2 Mufti sadiq says (Masih Maood instructed me to learn Ibrani Language. There was written in sacred books of Ibrani, that first Masih did not marry (Hazrat eisa AS) but 2nd masih will marry and will have siblings, and his son will be his successor. Since that time i knew that you shall be Khalifa. People who rejected your khilafat are very unfortunate. Today blessings of Khilafat are appearing like the sun. Today, for the propagation of Islam, the missionaries are spread in all the countries, and the work is done in such a way, Islamic history of thousand years cannot show that example. All this is being achieved with the blessing of that one pure soul (mirza ghulam). Allah granted everything to you himself. Hazrat Masih was not student of any one. The same away you (mirza mahmood) were not student of any teacher. There is not doubt that you used to go to school, and you were my (mufti sadiq) student too, I was the headmaster in those days or moulvi sher Ali was the headmaster (here mufti sadiq is not sure who was the head master) you used to come to school those days, but you would FAIL every year but we used to promote you to the next year because you were the son of hazrat masih maood. You took an exam of Middle and i went with you, but you fail, then you took an exam of interenc and again you failed”””

The scans

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The British Govt. donated 25,000 rupees for the Talim ul Islam High School in Qadian in 1909


We all know how governments fund different programs and etc.  For example, in the USA, ever since Trump took over, he has de-funded all programs that he seems to disagree with and has allocated funds in areas that he agrees with.  In British-India, the british govt. supported all organizations that seemed to support colonialism.  MGA’s father was heavily supported by the British Govt. and was seen as a major ally in the region.  The British govt. always gave MGA a chair in court and always made MGA out to be innocent, even when he was obviously guilty. Even in 1904,  MGA had clearly lost his case in court (the one time a hindu judge heard his case) and was due to be sentenced to prison, however, he made bail and won the case on appeal, since the appeals judge was a Britisher who knew about MGA and the promises that were made to his family.  Moreover, the British governement gave MGA many months of personal security and coverage as MGA toured the Punjab in 1903–1905.

The British government funded the Talim-ul-Islam High School in Qadian and much more
I came across a reference from the book “Nooruddin” by Muhammad Zafrullah Khan, 2nd edition, online edition, 2006.  This book seems to be a summary of the 4-5 books on the life of Nooruddin, those books remain in Urdu and will most likely never be translated, since they are soooo controversial.  Finally, it is strange that Zafrullah Khan gives no reference for this data, anyhow, here is the relevant reference, see pages 201-202

“””The Ta‘limul Islam High School, Qadian was started in January 1898, and was making good
progress. The School and its hostel were both located in the town and were housed unpretentious sunbaked brick structures. In the very beginning of the Khilafat, need had been felt of erecting suitable spacious buildings for the school and hostel, together with a mosque outside the town. An area of fifty acres was acquired and the order of priority was laid down
as mosque, hostel and school. The mosque, named Masjid Nur, was built with funds acquired largely through the devoted efforts of Mir Nasir Nawabra. In the first year of the Khilafat ten thousand rupees were collected for the hostel and a kiln was set up for baking bricks. Thirty thousand more rupees were needed for the hostel building. In May 1909, under the direction of Hadrat Khalifatul Masihra, an appeal for that amount was made to the community by Maulawi
Muhammad ‘Ali, and a committee composed of Sahibzada Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmadra, Dr. Sayyid Muhammad Husainra, Dr. Mirza Ya‘qub Baigra, Khawaja Kamal-ud-Din, Mutfi Muhammad Sadiqra, Shaikh Ya‘qub ‘Ali ‘Irfani and Maulawi Muhammad ‘Ali was appointed for the collection of funds. Hadrat Khalifatul Masihra made a personal contribution of six hundred rupees. In due course, the school building was also constructed, government
having made a grant-in-aid of twenty-five thousand rupees. Some time later a hospital was added through the continued efforts of Mir Nasir Nawab. It was named Nur Hospital. Another of his beneficent projects was the construction of a number of quarters for the indigent. In all this he was supported by Hadrat Khalifatul Masihra with prayers and financial contributions, and was held up by him as an example to others.””””

Talim-ul-Islam College—a historic perspective by Dr. Muhammad Sharif Khan ALDAN, Piladelphia, PA 19018,USA

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Homosexuality was rampant at the Talim ul Islam High School in 1903, thus it was shut down

The Highschool/middle school was started in Qadian in 1898, and Mahmud Ahmad entered as a student.  Mahmud Ahmad was married at the age of 11-12 (1900-1901 era), he had lots of support from home, Noorudin worked around the clock to help him and other Ahmadi-mullahs would tutor him as needed. Even when he failed, the corrupt Ahmadi mullahs, Sher Ali and Mufti Sadiq would pass him.  Nonetheless, he was a terrible student as a matter of fact, he would go on to fail his matriculation examination at the age of 15 and was thus done with all studying by 1903.  We have to think that this allegation and Mahmud Ahmad’s failure at matriculating caused this school to close down.  Mahmud Ahmad most likely engaged in some homsexual behaviors while he was there, in fact, many years later he was accused of raping men and women.

Adultery at the High school

“”””(Seeratul Mahdi part Page 147)x
(153) chaudhry Hakim Ali stated to me that once during the life time of promised Messiah, it was suspected that some of students of khalifa Awwal Hakim Noor Din have committed adultery. The news reached Hazrat sb (MirZa Ghulam Qadiyani), who advised Molv i sb to send these accused students out side Qadiyan.

Moivi Noordin, sb recommended hazrat sb not to take action against them as only suspicion has been raised against them without any evidence. Hazrat sb said I am not imposing Shariat sentences upon them. Now when there are such rumours and suspicions better they may be thrown outside qadiyan as a precautionary measures.””””

Commentary on this quote
This is yet another controversial quotation from Seeratul-Mahdi, which seems to be the most controversial book in Ahmadiyya.  Mirza Bashir Ahmad seems to have wrote it at a time wherein Ahmadis were openly admitting to being bad people, however, since they were supported by the British Govt., they were thus above the law.  This quote proves that there young men were in and around Qadian committing adultery and etc.

Mahmud Ahmad’s famous immorality incident of 1906
Qadianis will never admit to this officially, however, the Lahori-Ahmadis have archived this event for us.  Mumutaz Ahmad Faruqi briefly mentioned it in his polemic vs. the Qadianis.  The name of the book is “Truth Triumphs”, it was published just a few months before Mahmud Ahmad passed away, this book caused so much of a stir that the Qadianis wrote an attempted refutation in 1966 feel free to read it here:

The Quote from Faruqi
Faruqi was very brief, however, here is the screen shot and reference finder: See page 40.


I found additional data in some old books on the life of Mahmud Ahmad
As i was researching Ahmadiyya in 2010, I came across some rare books on the life of Mahmud Ahmad from the 1940’s. Attached are the quotations from that book which seem to attempt to explain away the entire incident.


What do these quotes tell us?
Mahmud Ahmad had some serious allegations against him in Qadian in 1906, he was harassing women and no one was brave enough to turn him in, however, eventually he was turned in.  MGA then ordered an inquiry commission to investigate these instances of immoral behavior.  Mahmud Ahmad was a married man, he didnt have children, however, he did have a wife, nonetheless, he sure acted like he was single and a Christian.  Co-incidentally, as Mahmud Ahmad grew up he would continue to live just as immoral, and with the protection of the British Govt.

Muhammad Ali, the Lahori-Ahmadi was also the investigative committee–1907
Muhammad Ali knew that Mahmud Ahmad was guilty, in-fact, almost all the elders knew that he was guilty, however, the conviction of Mahmud Ahmad would be damaging to the entire mission of Ahmadiyya, so, they allowed him to walk free and blamed it on a lack of witnesses.  Interestingly enough, Muhammad Ali wrote a lengthy and positive review of Mahmud Ahmad and his newspaper, the Tashizazul Adhan.  Muhammad Ali seems to be a prisoner of consequence, and could never write ill of anyone from the Mirza family.

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The Qadian Jalsa of 1906, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad’s first public speech

MGA’s special son, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad gave his first public speech at the annual Jalsa in Qadian in December of 1906. He had failed miserably in school and couldn’t see very well. Every time he tried to read, he would get a headache, he also suffered from many mental illnesses in this era, it was most likely genetic, i.e., inherited from MGA. He was so sick, MGA was giving him pure opium while he was still an infant. Nevertheless, he was terrible at speaking, but was given a major opportunity to speak and to be heard. He eventually died a slow and miserable death in 1965.

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Riots in Qadian after the boundary commission gave Gurdaspur to India-1947–200 Ahmadi’s killed?

We found an important government level document which reports rioting in Qadian after the Khalifa left for Lahore.  There is another story that is similar, it is about how a Sikh murdered an Ahmadi in 1947.  This report tells us that 200 Ahmadi’s were killed.  What is strange about this, is the fact that it was never reported by Ahmadi sources.  These murders seem to have happened after the Khalifa and his entourage left for Lahore.


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The history of the Al-Badr newspaper (1902–1914)

In 1902, Al-Badr appeared as an Ahmadi newspaper.  The first was Al-Hakam, the ROR came next.  These are the first 3 newspapers in Ahmadiyya history.  The newspaper would run for 11 years, it closed in December of 1913.

The newspaper starts.

Mufti Muhammad Sadiq is ordered to take over the Al-Badr newspaper, since the founder and owner had died.  After the Talim ul Islam School was shut down, MGA made Sadiq as the editor of the Al-Badr.  Since the old owner (Munshi Muhammad Afzal) and editor of the Badr had died (March 21st, 1905).  This was his only job.  Miyan Me‘rajuddin Sahib Umar purchased the Ahmadiyya newspaper Badr when its owner and editor, Babu Muhammad Afzal Sahib passed away, hence, this newspaper continued serving the Jamaat under him until 1913.

May of 1908
The offices of the Al-Badr were moved to Lahore, since MGA was already there.  Noorudin also showed up at Lahore (see “Hakeem Noorudin” by Syed Hasanat Ahmad, page 108, online edition).

Al-Badr started a supplement under the name of Kalaam-i-Amir, which carried the text of the Dars-i-Qur’an, and other assertions of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih Ira. In the same year, another supplement to Al-Badr was added, the Arabic News, under the editorial direction of Abdul Hayee Arab(see “Hakeem Noorudin” by Syed Hasanat Ahmad, page 129).

The Al-Badr newspaper is forcefully shut down by the British Government.  This was part of the Indian Press Act of 1910 (See Walter).  Details are sketchy.

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Who is Mufti Muhammad Sadiq (1872–1957)?

Per Ahmadiyya sources only, he was born in Bhera, Pakistan on January 11, 1872(which was in British India at that time), which is roughly 100 miiles from modern day Rabwah, he died in Rabwah on January 13, 1957 at age 85.  Muhammad Sadiq was a student of Noorudin in Jammu (roughly 1880–1890).  Per Ahmadiyya sources, he was dropped off by his father (Mufti Inaytullah Qureshi Usmani) for religious training in the 1880’s, his father died before 1889, his mother, Faiz Bibi, joined Ahmadiyyat between 1896 and 1897, per Ahmadiyya sources only.  Per the order of Noorudin, he visited Qadian in later 1890 and signed the Bait form, however, he might have also been present at Ludhiana for the firs bait in 1889, since so many lies have been told about this entire event.  He would go back and forth, from his job in Jammu to Qadian quite frequently.  He was never a Mufti, this title was given to him by MGA and other Ahmadi’s, who also seem to have called his father a Mufti, which is also wrong.  In the 1920’s, they also began to call him as Dr., however, we have proved that he had posted fake degrees while he was in America, just in an attempt to fulfill a prophecy of MGA wherein it was stated Mufti Muhammad Sadiq would get degrees.

His wife and children?
Per Ahmadiyya sources, in late 1900, when Mufti Muhammad Sadiq moved to Qadian, he moved in with his 2 children and wife.  They all lived with MGA, in his inner circle, inside of MGA’s mansion.  We are unclear on when they moved out or whatever happened to these kids.

—Son, Muhammad Manzur Umar (born in roughly 1895).
—Son, Abdus Salam Umar (born in roughly 1889). See Seerat Ashab-e-Ahmad video, at the 12:45 mark).  The name of his wife is also unknown.

His father sends him to Jammu to learn Islam from Noorudin.

Late 1890
He travels to Qadian and meets MGA with a letter from Noorudin, vouching for him.  He was working at Jammu Highschool, Noorudin helped him get this job.  He seems to have read Fath e Islam in this era, which again proves that this book was written and published in early 1890, contrary to Ahmadiyya sources.  Maulvi Abdul Kareem was also working in Jammu in those days and he also vouched for Sadiq.

1891 in Ludhiana
While MGA had his famous debates going on, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq was working as a spy on MGA’s behalf.

He seems to have been in Qadian during the double eclipse during Ramadhan.  He also moved to Lahore wherein he got a job in the Office of Accountant General as a clerk, where he worked till 1901.  Nevertheless, he came to Qadian every Sunday to help with editing work.

He moves to Qadian, with his wife and 2 kids and begins to live exclusively with MGA, in MGA’s house.  He was also involved in writing vs. Pir Mehr Ali Shah in this era.  His room was above MGA’s, and thus he heard all the conversations in the mansion.

He writes to Dowie and Piggot on behalf of MGA and issues death prophecies.

He traveled with MGA to his court cases.  This was the famous case of Karam Din.  It seems that MGA was denied a chair in this court case and thus, Ahmadiyya sources tell us that Mufti Muhammad Sadiq would sit on the ground and MGA would hover above him, in some weird type of way.  He was also a teacher at the Talim ul Islam Middle and High School in this era.  Mufti Muhammad Sadiq was ill in these days and was given drugs by Noorudin and MGA which has high levels of opium in them.

After the Talim ul Islam School was shut down, MGA made Sadiq as the editor of the Al-Badr.  Since the old owner (Munshi Muhammad Afzal) and editor of the Badr had died (March 21st, 1905).  This was his only job.

May 1908
Ahmadiyya sources tell us that the offices of the Al-Badr newspaper were moved to Lahore, along with Noorudin and Maulvi Ahsan Amrohi.  However, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq is not mentioned.

May 28, 1908
Ahmadiyya sources tell us that Mufti Muhammad Sadiq was in Qadian and read out the announcement of Noorudin’s unanimous election as Khalifa (see Quotes from the Al-Badr, Issue of June 8, 1908, see also “Hakeem Noorudin” by Syed Hasanat Ahmad, pages 112-113).

He was sent on a preaching tour of British-India and admitted that he didn’t openly teach that MGA was a prophet.

In the Al-Badr, he wrote an essay entitled: What was the occupation of the Promised Messiah?

The Al-Badr newspaper is shut down by force by the British Government.  Some governmental archives show how the Al-Badr and Nur Afshan newspapers were beefing with each other and causing lots of strife, the Ahl-e-Hadis newspaper was also involved.  It seems that Mufti Muhammad Sadiq became a Christian in this era.  See here—Religious Controversy between Nur Afshan and Ahmadiyya 3

He is totally missing from scene by 1914.

He seems to have been the editor of the Sadiq, which was a new and short lived newspaper (See Walter).

Mufti Sadiq left for England on March 10, 1917 as a missionary. He remained involved in the propagation of Islam during his voyage. He reached London on April 17, 1917, and joined Qazi Muhammad Abdullah who was already active in spreading the message of Islam. Mufti Sadiq spent about two and a half years in England and published many tracts during his stay.

Mufti Sadiq sailed from England on January 26, 1920, and reached Philadelphia in the second week of February. The immigration department blocked his entry into the U.S.A. on the grounds that he was not allowed to preach the message of God.  Sadiq set up his first headquarters in April 1920 at 1897 Madison Avenue in New York City.  On October, 1920, Dr. Sadiq moved the headquarters of the Ahmadiyya mission to Chicago because of its central location. He purchased a house in an affluent area of Chicago, at 4448 S. Wabash, and converted it to a mosque.

He launches the Muslim Sunrise, a new newspaper which would be the mouthpiece of Ahmadiyya in America.  He lies and claims that there are 700,000 Ahmadi’s in the world.

He left America, and returned to Qadian, British India on Sep­tember 18, 1923, and arrived in Darul Aman on December 4, 1923 in the afternoon.

When the Khalifa left for the his tour of the UK, he left Mirza Bashir Ahmad and Mufti Muhammad Sadiq as in-charge.

Different departments were joined together with Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya (central executive body of the Community) in 1926 and Mufti Sadiq served as Head of Foreign Affairs, and later as Head of General Affairs, sometimes supervising both divisions. He also continued to pursue writing and public speaking.  He writes and publishes the controversial book, “Zikr-e-Habeeb”, wherein many details of MGA’s life are accidentally revealed.  In this book, he also helped to change MGA’s year of birth from 1839 to 1835.

He was sent to Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) in 1927.  Mufti Sadiq returned to Qadian on November 6, 1927, after completing his mission in Ceylon. He then visited several cities in India (including Kinanoor Cant., Paingadi, Calicut, Bengalore, Calcutta, Brahman Barhya, Dacca, Rangpur) at the direction of Khalifatul Masih II for Tabligh purposes.

he visited Ka­rachi and Calcutta. He traveled to Sri Lanka once again to introduce the teachings of True Islam.

He was sent to the tomb of Yuz Asaf and wrote a book about it.

He became Private Secretary to Khalifatul Masih II in 1935.  He conducted the Nikah ceremony of Khalifatul Masih II with Syedah Maryam Siddiqa on September 30, 1935, and delivered a faith-inspiring address at the time.

He retired himself from the day-to-day duties of Sadr Anjuman in 1937 because of ill health but continued to render religious services as usual.

He migrated to Lahore from Qadian with the Khalifa and then later to Rawbah.

He is sent to Africa by the Khalifa for management and preaching.  He was in Sierra Leone and was sent to Liberia to officially start the Ahmadiyya mission there.

He passed away on January 13, 1957. Khalifatul Masih II led the Namaz-i-Janaza (Funeral Prayer) of this devotee of the Promised Messiah. He was buried in Bahishti Maqbara, Rabwah, Pakistan.

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In 1937, was the Mirza family was suffering the divine the wrath of their false claims?

Per MGA and other Ahmadiyya sources, any opponent of Ahmadiyya will die miserably.  However, they didn’t apply these requirements onto themselves.  As we all know, the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahud Ahmad died in terrible fashion.  We have found some additional data on Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahud Ahmad and his mother from 1937.  It seems that MGA’s widowed wife, Nusrat Jehan was suffering from an extreme case of diarrhea in 1937 and the Khalifa had a sore throat, by 1952, the Khalifa was unable to walk and would have to be carried.  Interestingly enough, Fakhr ud Din Multani was fatally stabbed just a month before it was announced that the Khalifa has been nursing a sore throat.

The data from this newspaper scan
Alfazal -Qadian 14 Sep-1937 / Title :Madeena Maseeh (Translation : City of Maseeh): Reported Qadian 13 sep- Syedna hazrat Ameer ul Momoinein Khalifa 2nd may god help him, about him the report of Doctor is present at 8 Pm. The Pain of Throat of Hazrat has not been finished till now. friends must pray for his health. Hazrat Ummul mominyein has complaint about diarrhea.  Hazrat Mir Mohammad Ismail sb is also sick. Please pray for him too.  

The scan work

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