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"vicious mullah"

Mirza Tahir Ahmad tells the world how Ahmadis are ready to die for the Mirza family!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mirza Tahir Ahmad was a vicious mullah.  He spent his whole life conditioning Ahmadis to be ready to give their lives for him and his family.  This speech seems to be from the 1980’s, Mirza Tahir ahmad was responding to Muslim-Imams in Pakisan as they laughed at the idea of a Khalifa living on asylum and claiming to represent Islam.  Well, Mirza Tahir Ahmad boasted that all Ahmadis would readily give up their lives just on an order by their Khalifa.  He has thus proved that Ahmadis are just as fanatical as the people who follow ISIS, or North Koreans.

Razi from Ahmadi answers posted this video
I found this video on Razi’s youtube page.  Razi is another one of those fanatical Ahmadis, on error he posted this video, Im sure he will delete it soon.

My father
My father was a fanatical Ahmadi. He was ready to sell all of his property in the USA and move anywhere the Khalifa ordered, he was also willing to sacrifice his life for the Mirza family, and the life of his children.  In fact, he spent his whole life working for and collecting money and converts for the Mirza family.

Maryland development under fire after selling homes only to Ahmadis

Ahmadis are at it again, wherever they go, they want their own city, county, state and eventually their own country.  Ahmadis are instigated by by their vicious mullahs, who are held by the Mirza family under the threat of ruining their lives if they ever quit Ahmadiyya.  In fact, the Ahmadi Mullah is forced to sign a contract when they join up as a Mullah to the effect that they will never ask for anything in return for their work (See Upal, 2017).  Ahmadiyya leadership is always looking to build another “rabwah”.  Rabwah was a city that given to the Ahmadiyya community in 1948 by the Pakistan govt., it was basically another Vatican.  Ahmadiyya leadership was given a major opportunity to sell land to its members on a 99-year lease, which expires in 2048.  The Mirza family eventually made millions out of this deal.  Ahmadiyya leadership has created “peace-village” in Canada and is always working to build “Ahmadi-only” communities, wherein they can brainwash Ahmadi children and develop a workforce as well as generate non-profit monies to operate and etc.

An article in the washington post about this illegal development

See here for additional data

A response to my essay on twitter

Mirza Tahir Ahmad lied about Ordinance–XX and his exodus from Pakistan

Mirza Tahir Ahmad was a vicious mullah. Just like his father and grandfather.  He worked with Mirza Nasir Ahmad and got Ahmadis declared non-Muslim in 1974, however, he wanted more.  He devised a scheme to get Ord-XX passed in April of 1984. He wanted this law passed so that he could move the headquarters of his “family business” to the UK and thus operate globally and unimpeded.  Pakistan was a war-zone in those days, a Soviet invasion was always pending. Mirza Tahir Ahmad thus worked behind the scenes with Zia-ul-Haq, the Dictator of Pakistan in those days to get Ord-XX passed. Mirza Tahir Ahmad then immediately fled the country and lied about his exodus. Specifically, I have caught Mirza Tahir Ahmad lying about many issues. For example, Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that there was some “hold-up” at the Airport in Karachi and Zia ul Haq had ordered that the Ahmadi Khalifa, “Mirza Nasir Ahmad” wasnt allowed to leave Pakistan. However, this is a lie, Mirza Tahir Ahmad had left Pakistan twice since becoming Khalifa, once in the late summer of 1982, wherein he toured Europe and made a historic stop in Spain. In 1983, Mirza Tahir Ahmad visited Singapore, Fiji, Australia, and Sri Lanka (See here:, See page 24).This data proves that Mirza Tahir Ahmad lied about the “advisory” that was allegedly issued by Zia. Another important fact is that Mirza Tahir Ahmad was in Islamabad for much of April of 1984 and without explanation. In fact, he was there working the Pakistan government to get this law passed, just so that he could move his headquarters abroad. Mirza Tahir Ahmad then lied and said that some diplomat had given him inside info, that is a load of garbage, in fact, Mirza Tahir Ahmad had first hand information. Further, it was most likely an Ahmadi, who worked at Pakistan International Airlines who got Mirza Tahir Ahmad access to his aircraft on that day and there was most likely no inquiries to the Pakistan Government, since Mirza Tahir Ahmad had never been prohibited from travel abroad. An Ahmadi lawyer, Chaudhry Hameed seems to have admitted to all of this. He also admitted that Zia also came onto the plane and wished Mirza Tahir Ahmad off.

The video evidence

The full video

Video evidence of Mirza Tahir Ahmad in Spain in 1982

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Ahmadis cherry-pick Tafsir Ibn Kathir, and try to say he believed that Esa (as) is dead–WRONG

Ahmadis refuse to us basic ethical standards when reviewing islamic literature.  As we all know, Ibn Kathir believed in the physical return of Esa (As)…as well as the substitution theory, he also believed that the Mahdi and Esa (as) are to be two separate people.  Ahmadis misquote Ibn Kathir in other ways tooo, see here:

And here:

Ahmadis dont care
Ahmadis dont care about the beliefs of Ibn Kathir.  They blindlessly regurgitate the arguments that are spoon fed to them by their vicious mullahs.  Obviously, Ibn Kathir held many beliefs that Ahmadis disagree with, he believed in the physicality of the Miraaj, abrogation, etc etc etc.

The Quote

“Had Moses or Jesus been alive, they would have had to follow me” (Al-Yawaqit wal-Jawahir, p. 240; Fath al-Bayan, vol. 2, p. 246; Tafisir Ibn Kathir, under verse 81 of AI Imran).’

The Truth:

The wording in Tafsir Ibn Kathir is:

لَوْ كَانَ مُوسَى وَعِيسَى حَيَّينِ لَمَا وَسِعَهُما إلا اتِّباعِي

‘If Moses and Jesus had been alive, they would have no choice but to follow me.’

There are certain issues with the narration and its meaning which can be easily understood if one is not preoccupied to believe in something;

1- This narration with a mention of Jesus (PBUH) along with Moses (PBUH) has absolutely no chain recorded anywhere, thus its totally baseless. Truly only the followers of a baseless religion refer to baseless narrations. The proof of burden is upon the Qadianis to show us the complete chain of any such narration that makes a mention of Jesus (PBUH).

2- Even if we, just for the sake of argument, give some consideration to this narration, we have to take it along other narrations on the same lines. Infact there are reliable narrations but they mention Moses (PBUH) only and not Jesus (PBUH). The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said:

لَوْ كَانَ مُوسَى حَيًّا بَيْنَ أَظْهُرِكُمْ مَا حَلَّ لَهُ إِلَّا أَنْ يَتَّبِعَنِي

“If Moses were alive amongst you, he would have had no option but to follow me.”
(Musnad Ahmad 14104. Musnad Abu Ya’la Hadith 2081. Tafsir Ibn Kathir 2/68. Shaykh Hamztul Zain classified it as Hasan in his classification of Musnad Ahmad 11/500 pub. Dar al-Hadith Cairo, 1995)

Now even if we consider Jesus (PBUH) along with Moses (PBUH) in the above narration it still doesn’t go with the Qadiani belief. The Hadith clearly uses the words بَيْنَ أَظْهُرِكُمْ i.e. ‘Amongst you’. This implies that if Moses (PBUH) and Jesus (PBUH) come alive amongst us, they would have no choice but to follow our Last Holy Prophet (PBUH). This way it has nothing to say if either of them is alive anywhere or not. It can only be taken to mean that they are not alive ‘amongst us’ which needs no further proof. Moreover, it is an established belief among Muslims that once Jesus (PBUH) will descend from the Heavens and live ‘amongst us’ he will only follow the Law brought by the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

3- This statement doesn’t say Moses & Jesus, peace be upon them both, are indeed in the same condition. It only stresses that if either of them were in a certain similar situation i.e. if they come amongst us, the Ummah of the Last Prophet (PBUH), they will but have to follow the Holy Prophet in the Law.

All this shows the superficiality and absurdness of Qadiani evidences!


Taken from here:


71 Ahmadis were arrested on 29th May, 1974 for terrorism—new research data, Aug–2017


Ahmadis are terrorist also.  Qasim Rashid, Kashif Chaudrhy and all other Ahmadis are totally unaware of the Rabwah incident, either that or they choose to deny it altogether.  In fact, Zafrullah Khan totally lied about the incident in his famous book on Ahmadiyya, entitled, “Ahmadiyya the Renaissance of Islam” (1978), this was just four years after the “Rabwah-terrorist-attacks”.  Zafrullah Khan knew many leaders of countries and etc etc etc….he lied for them for many years and in 1978 he lied for Ahmadiyya, which he had also been doing for 60+ years.  In fact, his comments on the Rabwah-terrorist-attacks are a shame.  He basically denied all association to the attack and Ahmadis.  He claimed that Sunni’s secretly infiltrated Rabwah and launched this attack.  This is obviously a lie.  However, by 1978, most of the face were unknown.  

Zafrullah khan writes on page 347:

“””In the middle of 1974 they devised a plan which was aimed at provoking anger and rancour against the Ahmadiyya Cominunity which unfortunately succeeded only too well in its immediate purpose. An incident was staged at the Rabwah railway station, which was so managed that a party of students who belonged to an organization bitterly hostile to the Movement succeeded in provoking a number of Ahmadis, who happened to be present at the railway station when the train carrying the students arrived, into a conflict in which slight injuries were inflicted on some of the students in the party. At the next stop of the train preparations had already been made to receive the students as heroes who had suffered grievous injuries in the cause of Islam at the hands of the members of the Movement. Fiery speeches were made and the incident was painted in lurid colours. The utterly false and misleading accounts of the incident were further embroidered in the press next morning, with the addition of such false, fictitious and horrifying details as that the students had been cruelly maimed, that some of them had their tongues cut out and that others had their genitals cut off.”””

See here:

Zafrullah Khan lied
He totally failed to mention the first stop of the Nishter Medical College teenage students, which occurred on May 22, 1974.  I have covered it many times on my blog, see these essays:

Further, it was a fact, that on May 22nd, 1974, which was a Wednesday, there was an inicident at the Rabwah train station, the Ahmadiyya marketing team was in full effect, they were always at the train station and handing out marketing material, aka tabligh pamphlets, or “dawah-pamphlets.  Nonetheless, the students from the college were upset, a war of words ensued. The Nishter college kids then threatened the ahmadis as they told them about their return in 7 days.

See here:

The Khalifa was notified immediately
From 1948 to Sept. 1974, Rabwah was the only piece of land that fully belonged to Pakistan, but was on some weird 99-year lease plan to the Mirza family, and thus the govt. was never allowed access, only the train station belonged to the govt., there was no police department or any other normal services like a Govt. Fire department and etc.  Zafrullah Khan most likely negotiated on this deal for Rabwah on behalf of the Mirza family, this tract of land was sold for pennies to Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, on his name, and legally.  He then leased out space to Ahmadis, and made millions.  In fact, in 2048, the lease is up.  However, the Khalifa was immediately notified and his Friday Khutbah for that day is archived.

Justice Samdani admitted that Rogue Ahmadis planned the attack
Read about it here:

and here:

Zafrullah khan contradicts Justice Samdani
Obviously, there is a difference, all ahmadis sources on the Rabwah terrorist attacks deny the attack altogether, they deny planning and etc, however, many facts about this incident prove that Mirza Nasir Ahmad directly ordered it and it was carried out per his orders and that’s why he was missing that day, him and the vicious Mullah, Mirza Tahir Ahmad.

The Pakistan Times scans from 1974 that we just got
This is new data, we now have the newpaper articles from 1974, wherein the fresh news reports can be found.

I will slowly release these newspaper clippings, they speak for themselves.  The very next, some police officials came to Rabwah and seem to have rounded up 70 suspects.  This is new research data, this was never made known to the public in any english writings on this topic. Many new questions emerge.  Where was Mirza Nasir Ahmad when this happened…and how was the police able to find 70 Ahmadi suspects?  Did someone give the names out?  More to come… the meantime…check out this blog entry in the below…

See here:



Mirza Tahir Ahmad purposely lied about the pension story in March of 1985

Mirza Tahir Ahmad was a vicious mullah. He lied and lied and lied. He setup Ord-XX and was able to move his headquarters to the UK. His bigotry knew no bounds, and he was bold and arrogant about it. In this specific case, I have caught him lying about MGA and his pension squandering situation from 1865. Mirza Tahir Ahmad delivered a speech in March of 1985 wherein he acted as-if he had never heard of the pension story in his entire life. He had never read Seeratul-Mahdi by Mirza Bashir Ahmad nor had any of his elders ever relayed the story to him. He then claims to have had his team find the reference and then gives a totally fraudulent rendition of the events. As the data shows, Mirza Tahir Ahmad totally misquoted this entire story.

1.  MGA didnt go to Sialkot to pickup his daddy’s pension, that is a total lie, it isnt written as such anywhere.

2.  It is not written anywhere in the narration that Mirza Imam ud Din snatched the money.

3.  MGA must have written his father a letter while on the road and then was sent to Sialkot to work.

4.  If Imam-ud-Din did steal the money, why wasnt a case filed against him?  Further, Imam-ud-din and MGA were roughly the same age, they had no beefs in that time frame.

The reference
This objection has two parts. One is that he was employed at a salary of 15 rupees per month, implying that he was a very insignificant person. This also implies that God could not have chosen him to be a Prophet, which thereby repeats the same objection raised by the Pharaoh. The second aspect of this objection is that Prophets do not work for someone else. In addition, the Promised Messiahas is being falsely accused (God forbid) of theft. Supposedly, he had to
leave home as a punishment for this theft. We have researched to determine where anyone
could possibly have found such an incident as a basis for such an allegation. We found in the biography Siratul- Mahdi, vol. 1, p. 43–44, narration no. 49:

“””Once the Promised Messiah went to Sialkot to collect his grandfather’s pension. Mirza Imam-ud-Din, a member of his family, went after him, snatched the money, and ran away. After this, the Promised Messiah did not return to Qadian because he deemed it better to earn some money by finding a job, rather than going back to his family after incurring the loss.”””

The True reference
“””in the name Allah the beneficient and the merciful. Stated to me by walda sahiba (mother of the author) that once , at the young age hazrat masih e moud went to receive pension of his father, when hazrat sahib (Mgaq) received the pension , he was chased and tracked by Mirza imamuddin who instead of bringing hazrat sahib to Qadiyan, lured him and took him from one place to other till the whole amount of pension was spent up. Then Imamuddin left hazrat sahib. Feeling regretted, hazrat sahib went to Sialkot instead of coming back to home. He got a job in the court of Deputy Commissioner Sialkot, on a very meagre amount as his father also desired him to get a job. Hazrat sahib remained there for some time till his mother got ill and he was called home by the grand father. At Amritsar He was received by a messenger from Qadiyan who told him that his mother had died.”””

See here:

The Urdu transliteration
Bayan kia mudge say hazart walida sahib nay kay aik dafa apnee jawani (youth) kay zamana main hazart masih maoud alaih salam tumharay dada kee pension wasool kernai gaye to peachay peachay (behind) mirza imam din bhee chala gaiya. Jab aap nay pension wasool ker lee to wo aap ko phusla (trick) ker aur dhoka day ker bajayi (instead) qadian lanay kay bahir (meaning of the word is outside-but it means outside qadian somewhere else) lay giaya aour idher udher (here there) phirata raha. (according to this narration -this incident was just before sialkot employment which was 1864-1868-MGA is around 25 years old-purpose of this is to ascertain MGA age- he was not a child that imam din could lure him hither thither in India)
Phir jub us nay (imamdin) saraa rupiya ura (spend) ker khatam ker diya to aap ko schore (leave) ker kaheen aour chala gaya. Hazrat masih maoud ees (this) sharam kay maray wapis ghar naheen aiyee. Aour chounkay tumharay dada ka munsha (desire) rehtaa tha kay aap kaheen mulazam ho jayeen -ees liyay aap sialkot shahr (city) main -deputy commissionar kee katchehri main qaleel tunkhua (little wage) per mulazam ho gayay (now that proves that MGA was in his 20s and was not a child) aour kutch arsaa tuk wahan mulazmat per rahay. Phir jab tumharee dadee (MGA mother) beemar hounee to tumharay dada nay admee bhaija – kay mulazmat chour (leave) ker aa (come) jaao. Jiss per hazrat sahib forun rawana ho gayay. Amritsar pohuntch ker qadian aanay kay wastay yakka karayia per liyaa. Iss mouqa per qadian say aik aour adamee bhee aap kay laynay kay liyay amritsar pouhntch giyaa -us admee nay kaha yakka (tanga) juldi chalao kiunkay un (MGA mother) kee halat bohat nazuk thee. Phir thoree dair kay baad kehnay laga -bohat hee halat nazuk thee- jaldi karo kaheen fout (died) nah ho gaee houn. Walida sahiba bayan kertee theen -kay hazart sahib fermatay thay -kay main isee waqat sumahg giaa kay -derasal walida fout ho chukee hain. Kiunkay agar woh zinda hoteen to wo shakhas aisay alfaz na boltaa. Chonanchay qadian pohnchay to pata laga kay waqayee wo fout ho chukeen thee. Walida sahiba bayan kertee hain kay hazrat sahib fermatay thay kay humain (means -“us “ is plural- does that mean that there was at least one more person?) chore (leave) ker phir mirza imam din ihther udher (here and there) phirta raha. Akhir us nay chaiy (tea) kay qaflay per daka (theft) mara aour pakra giaa- magar muqadma main rihaa ho giya. Hazrat sahib farmatay thay kay maaloom hota hai kay Allah taala nay hamaree waja say hee usay kaid (prison) say bachaa liya-werna wo khud kaisa hee adamee tha hamaray mukhalif yahee kehtay -in kay aik chacha zaad bahee jail khana main reh chuka hai. Khaksaar araz kerta hai kay hazrat masih maoud alaih salam kee sialkot kee mulazmat 1864-1868 ka waqia hai.
Is rawait (narration) say yay naheen samajna chahiya kay hazart masih maoud ka sialkot main mulaazam hona is wajah say tha- kay aap say mirza imam din nay dada sahib kee pension kaa rupaya dhoka say ura (taken) liya tha-keyoon kay jaisa kay khud hazart masih maoud alaih salam nay apnee tasaneef main tasreeh (explain) kee hai. Aap kee mulazmat akhtiayar kernay kee waja (reason) siraf yay thee kay aap kay walid sahib mulazmat kay leyay zour daitay rehtay thay -werna aap kee apnee raiy (opinion) mulazmat kay khilaf thee. Isee tarha mulazmat chour (leave) daynay kee bhee asal wajah yahee thee – kay hazrat masih maoud mulazmat ko naapasand fermatay thay-aour apnay walid sahib ko mulazmat turk ker daynay kee ijazat kay leyay likhtay rehtay thay. laykin dada sahib turk a mulazmat kee ijazat naheen daytay thay. Magar jub dadi sahiba bemaar hunyee to dada sahib nay ijazat bhijwaa dee kay mulazmat chore ker aa jao.””

The video-work

Why did Mirza Tahir Ahmad lie?
Most Ahmadis indirectly worship the Mirza family.  They believe everything their Khalifa says, without question.  They are like robots.  They all heard Mirza Tahir Ahmad give his version of events and that was it.  They never questioned him, nor are they allowed to.

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There is no Ahmadi persecution in Pakistan

You will see Ahmadis spreading news far and wide in terms of how they are treated in Pakistan. However, as we all know, Ahmadiyya leadership purposely got themselves declared non-muslim in 1974.  Further, Ahmadis are radicalized by their Khalifa to aggressively hit the streets and do tabligh, just like the Jehovas Witnesses.  See, Ahmadis want a “marketing-competition”, as they peddle their queer version of Islam worldwide like the Jehovas Witnesses, Mormons, 7th day adventists and many other groups.  This trend only started on the planet after the US govt. de-regulated religion in 1776.  This was the opening that was needed for religious adventurism.  Shortly thereafter, the British govt. developed a policy wherein “religious-freedom” was encouraged throughout their government.

A recent murder in Nankana sahib
Just a few days ago, an Ahmadi was murdered in Nankana Sahib, Pakistan.  However, this only happened since Ahmadis aggressively and fanatically engage in tabligh.

Ahmadis keep trolling the Pakistani Government and all Muslim leaders around the world
These Ahmadis spend their days and nights figuring out where the representatives of the Pakistan govt. are and then they show up and ask Ahmadi-related questions.  In this video, the Pakistani ambassador tells the world that there is NO Ahmadi persecution.  It is all a lie.  However, the fanatical Ahmadi, Kashif Chaudhry has tried to write a rebuttal, however, is an example of Ahmadi fake news and propaganda.

Some history on Ahmadi fake news and propaganda
Addison wrote about this extensively here.

There is NO Ahmadi persecution in Pakistan.  There has never been.  It was Ahmadis to did aggressive tabligh in the early 1950’s and thus caused riots.  In fact, Smith tells us that the only reason that Ahmadis migrated their entire headquarters to Pakistan in 1947 was because the British had promised that Ahmadis would have free reign to do tabligh, whereas, in India, it could not be promised, and factually, Ahmadiyya has died in India, even though they are considered “muslim” per that government.

After the riots of 1953, Mirza Mahmud Ahmad seems to have ordered Ahmadis to tone down the tabligh work, and all violence vs. Ahmadis had virtually stopped for 20 years.  Further, the Mirza family should be arrested for radicalizing the simple masses of Ahmadis and forcing them to do tabligh.  We all know that on May 22nd, 1974, Ahmadis were doing aggressive tabligh at their rabwah station and the muslims on the train were highly offended, curse words were exchanged, however, in collusion with Bhutto, Ahmadiyya leadership planned to take revenge and get themselves declared as Non-Muslim.  However, all rioting vs. Ahmadis had stopped and the Muslim masses Mirza Tahir Ahmad took over in 1982 and immediately forced Ahmadis to do aggressive tabligh.  This was after 1974 and Mirza Nasir ahmad’s order to tone it down.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad didnt care, he is a classic vicious mullah.

Moreover, my father was fanatical in his tabligh work.  I watched him do much of it and memorized all of his arguments back in 1993.  He learned from the Ahmadi-mullah, who is the worst creature in the world.

What the Ahmadi God will ask you in your grave

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Mirza Tahir Ahmad called Tahir Al Qadri a DOG

Mirza Tahir Ahmad was a vicious Mullah.  He would make up dreams and false stories just to assassinate the character of this critics.  However, his grandfather and his team of writers did the same thing when he was alive.  In the video posted, Mirza Tahir Ahmad relates a silly “made-up” dream, in which he attacks the character of Tahir Al-Qadri.

Ahmadiyya leadership declares war on Muslims in America


Ahmadis are the enemies of all Islamic organizations in the world. Specifically, here in the USA, Ahmadis like Kashif Chaudhry have made it there habit to attack all of the famous Muslim-activist, like Linda Sarsour, Nihad Awad, and many many others.  Kashif Chaudhry has recently attacked these activist and called them “Sunni-Extremist”, he has been taught by Ahmadi mullahs to hate Sunni/Shia versions of Islam.  Take a look at some of his recent tweets

Kashif’s tweets

Kashif Chaudhry hates Linda Sarsour
Mirza Masroor Ahmad is a vicious Mullah.  His management scheme is centralized. he pulls all the strings for every spokesman of the Ahmadiyya Movement.  He has ordered Kashif Chaudhry to attack all Muslim leaders in America and to question their integrity and honesty.

Kashif Chaudhry hates Nihad Awad
Kashif has been ordered by his Khalifa, to continue to attack all Muslim leaders in America.  Ahmadis have been doing this for years.  In fact, this is the reason that Ordinance XX was passed in 1984, so stop the anti-Islamic activities of the Ahmadiyya Movement.

Ahmadis dont sit, pray or stand with Muslims in any country in the whole world.  They are banned in Saudi Arabia, their literature is banned in Bangladesh and Pakistan, and they continue to malign Muslims and call them terrorists, or sympathizers with terrorists and etc.

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