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Ahmadi’s launch cyber attack vs. Dr. Shadee ElMasry

Ahmadis are vicious people, they are taught by the Mirza family to viciously attack anyone who disagrees with Ahmadiyya, then they are taught to cry persecutionKashif Chaudhry and his band of miscreants have harassed every single major islamic personality in the USA and Canada.  Ahmadi’s were radicalized in the 1980’s by Mirza Tahir Ahmad, who also peddled homeopathic meds, which are proven to have never worked.  MGA, who was the founder of Ahmadiyya and grandfather of Mirza Tahir Ahmad loved to mix opium and take it as medicine, in fact, he gave pure opium to many of his sons.

Ahmadi’s have attacked Dr. Shadee Elmasry now.  They have no shame.  Dr. Elmasry considers MGA a liar.  The conversation is over.  But Ahmadi’s won’t stop, they keep trolling him.

The screenshot

The Ahmadiyya strategy in America, Canada, Germany and the UK


Ahmadis are not to be trusted.  They are living their lives for the success of the Mirza family aka Khilafat.  Over the past 130 years, Ahmadis have been known to be working secretly behind the scenes to further the advancement of their non-profit corporation.

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Ahmadis cry persecution and accuse anyone who calls them non-Muslim as criminals
Qasim Rashid and his other Ahmadi-PR trolls have been running around the internet and in-person crying to all politicians in terms of their status as non-Muslim in Pakistan.  Recently, Qasim Rashid wrote “Clerics Who Accuse Ahmadis of Being “non-Muslim” Are Abetting Violence & Discrimination”  In this essay he has told many lies.  I have analyzed his essay in the below.

He writes:

“””The main difference between Ahmadis and other Muslims is that Ahmadis believe in the Messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. Ahmad established the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, which was dedicated to reforming Muslims and reviving Islam by emphasizing the core teachings of peace, service, and justice found in the religion and preached by Prophet Muhammad.”””

  1.  However, this is a lie, the main difference is that Ahmadis believe that MGA was a prophet and thus have thrown themselves out of Islam.  In fact, the Lahori-branch of Ahmadis knew how rebellious it was to believe in prophethood after Muhammad (Saw), so they dropped MGA’s prophethood in 1914.  However, the Qadiani branch asserted it, they double-downed on it, they even went so far as saying that MGA was greater then Muhammad (Saw) in that era, but they have toned down that rhetoric these days as a political move.

    1.a.  Qasim Rashid purposely leaves out this crucial piece of information, since he is a liar and a cheat, he lies on behalf of the Mirza family every single day.2.  He then writes: “”Ahmadi Muslims do not care if religious leaders accept us as Muslims or not.”””  However, if this was the case, why have Ahmadis made it such a big deal?  Why are Ahmadis even crying about this?  Why dont Ahmadis accept that their fellow Pakistani’s see that as “constitutional non-Muslims”, and move on?  The reason is that the Mirza family purposely got themselves declared as non-Muslim, since he wanted to start a war with ALL muslims in the world.  Further, in 1984, Ahmadiyya leadership purposely got Ord-XX passed, since it was in their best interest to abandon Pakistan, based on the political climate in the 1980’s (the war with the USSR in Afghanistan).


3.   He then writes: “”Ahmadis already have validation from the Prophet Muhammad, who defined a Muslim as someone who recites the Kalima, (There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger), which Ahmadis proudly recite.”””  However, this isnt exactly true.  The hadith that Ahmadis quote isn’t given a context, that hadith has a context, and its battlefield related.  Further, any Muslim govt. has the right to define a Muslim or not.  In the past, the Ottoman Empire had no need to define a Muslim, hence they didnt, the Mughals were the same, the Mughals even outlawed Jizya for a time being.  Per the Quran and hadith, there is no exact definition of a Muslim.  Further, Mirza Bashir Ahmad, the only educated son of MGA even wrote that Ahmadis believe in a different Kalima then all Shias/Sunni’s, since Ahmadis believe in the prophethood of MGA, and since all the prophets are included under Muhammad (saw) in the Kalima, Ahmadis have added an extra prophet.  Finally, Qasim Rashid and Kashif Chaudhry will never even try to write commentary on these comments by Mirza Bashir Ahmad in 1916.

4.  He then writes: “””the threat of violence and support for private and public discrimination against Ahmadis created by clerics who accuse us of being non-Muslim”””.  This is another lie.  When Ahmadis were declared non-Muslim in 1974, the violence and rioting against Ahmadis stopped, in fact, it made it a crime, the Govt. has decided their fate, and per Ahmadi collusion, now, private citizens must not take matters into their own hands.  In fact, it was aggressive Ahmadiyya tabligh which inflames the people of Pakistan and which has led to clashes with the Sunni-majority in Pakistan.

5.  He then says: “”” In Pakistan, for example, Ahmadi Muslims cannot vote, say Salaam, call the Adhaan, go to a mosque, go to Hajj, congregate in public, run for office, or even read the Qur’an”””.  This is yet another lie, Ahmadis are allowed to vote in Pakistan, however, they have been ordered to abstain from voting, by their Khalifa.  In fact, there are minority seats reserved for minorities in terms of creating a political party.  In 1977, an Ahmadi created a political party and began lobbying the govt., Mirza Nasir Ahmad kicked him out of Ahmadiyya immediately, and Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s order remains valid.  Any Ahmadi who even tried to vote in Pakistan will be kicked out of Ahmadiyya.

6.  He then continues to cry about Ahmadi books being banned.  However, Ahmadiyya books are inflammatory towards Muslims and Christians.  Ahmadis believe that Esa (As) died in Kashmir, in fact, Ahmadiyya books on this subject were banned in the 1950’s in Pakistan.  Ahmadis are like Jehovas Witnesses, they use their literature as marketing.  In the Muslim world, Ahmadiyya literature is like Pork, hence, it is banned.

7.  He goes on to discredit all Muslims clerics in the world and blames them for not standing up to Western powers.  This is ridiculous.  The USA controls the world, and the UK.  The UK controlled British-India and the entire middle east for a looooong time.  There is no end to all of this.  This is the current state of political affairs.  In fact, secretly, Ahmadis believe that Muslims are being punished, since we have rejected MGA.

8.  He then goes on and on ab out how Ahmadis are engaged in corporate social responsibility, however, this is mandatory of all non-profit corporations, hence, Ahmadis do it, further, its marketing, hence Ahmadis do it, just to get converts and political influence.

Qasim is a liar.  He lies on behalf of the Mirza family every single day.  The reason is…his father is an employee, as are many of his relatives.  The Mirza family sent Qasim’s father to the USA for work as a Mullah, hence Qasim came to the USA in the 1980’s, they then paid for him to go to college and helped him start a family, hence, he is indebted to them and he lies on their behalf.


Ahmadis attack a peaceful Muslim groups fundraiser through the press, and call them Nazi’s!!!

I have covered this story before here:

Ahmadis have now taken their propaganda a step further, they are feeding false information through their political contacts in an attempt to discredit all of their critics.  Ahmadis hate Sunni and Shia Muslims.  They have personally attacked all Muslim leaders in America and have called them terrorists and falsely reported them to the FBI.  Even Professor Johnathan Brown has called out Ahmadis for their generalized hate of Muslims.

Qasim Rashid and Kashif Chaudhry are Ahmadiyya spokesman in America
These two people are sons of Ahmadi Mullahs and behave as such.  They have been trained to hate and ridicule Muslims in America and abroad.  They have been trained to make connections with politicians and the media and to use any opportunity to defame their critics.  Its a never ending cycle.  These two were radicalized by Mirza Tahir Ahmad.

Other screenshots

Ahmadis go undercover at a Khatme-Nubuwwat fundraiser in the USA–Virginia


Ahmadiyya leadership wants all of their critics silenced and labelled as terrorists, Ahmadi troll teams are thus working around the clock on this project.  The Khatme-Nubuwwat organization is a registered non-profit organization in the USA, with no ties to terrorism, they have been investigated by the FBI and the IRS.  However, Ahmadiyya “extremists” like Kashif Chaudhry are hell bent on getting all of Ahmadiyya’s critics labelled as terrorists.  In this case, they seem to have been tipped off by Ahmadi trolls about this fundraiser, which was held at a Holiday-Inn Hotel in Virginia and then attended as “under-cover”, just like Kashif did a few years ago in the UAE.  They were there to dig up dirt on the “Khatme-Nubuwwat” organization, however, they failed.

No Ahmadis were hurt at this event
Ahmadis have always been invited to all Khatme Nubuwwat events since these 2 organizations began their beef in the 1930’s.  Back then, they were called the Majlis e Ahrar.  Kashif Choudhry who is all over the internet as a “fanatical-Ahmadi” even told lots of Muslims at the event that he is an Ahmadi.  However, nothing happened.  This proves that Ahmadis lie on social media about their plight in Pakistan, they are allowed to attend any event by any group of Muslims in Pakistan, and will not be hurt.  However, Ahmadis keep spreading their fake “persecution” propaganda.

Kashif Chaudhry is bold
This guy is a fanatic and the reason is, his family is in jail for defying Pakistan’s Ord-XX.  He wants to die on behalf of Ahmadiyya.  Someone please stop him.  Lots of Ahmadis are suicidal in this way, they were raised in the 1980’s when Mirza Tahir Ahmad was radicalizing all young Ahmadis.

Ahmadiyya’s marketing arm, Humanity First operates freely in Pakistan—where is the persecution?

Ahmadis are always crying about persecution in Pakistan.  However, its all a lie.  Here is a picture and news report which shows how Ahmadiyya is allowed to operate freely in Pakistan. Their Tahir Heart Institute operates without any issues in Rabwah.  The truth is, the Mirza family purposely got themselves declared as non-Muslim in 1974 just for asylum and free press and sympathy.  As we all know, people dont join Ahmadiyya in the west based on dogma.

News reports

Female doctors working with Humanity First Pakistan set up three free maternity camps that served close to a thousand local women in the Tharparkar Sindh area of Pakistan. #HumanityFirst

Image may contain: one or more people

Ahmadis get converts based on this work, this is a copy and paste from a Pakistani who lives in Dar, this was posted on Kashif Chaudrhy’s page

“””Ahmadiyya community in Tharparkar. Unlike Punjab, they enjoy good public space in Thar. But these conversions of Hindus in Thar, particularly of Bheel community, by exploiting their poverty is not a good sign. I am from Thar. I know how these missionaries operate there. I being a rights activist always raise voice for Ahmadiyya community, but really feel bad when I come to know stories of conversion of fellow marginalized communities. Those poor Bheel who are converting to Ahmdiya in Thar don’t know even that how much difficult it is to be an Ahmdi in Pakistan. They can be spared as Hindu, but not as Ahmdis. This practice must be discouraged.”””

Ahmadiyya trolls plan to flood twitter on Sept. 17th, 2017—SMH

Ahmadis troll all the time.  They have been doing this since 1889.  However, they accuse others of it and never admit to their level of trolling.  As we all know, Kashif Chaudhry admitted to trolling here, and he isnt the only one.  Now we have proof.  Take a look at this campaign in the above.  The Ahmadi trolls are out.

Ahmadis continue to provoke people of all religions, then cry persecution

I grew up as an Ahmadi.  My father was the classic Ahmadi-tabligh/trouble maker.  Ahmadis are taught that tabligh/dawa is mandatory upon themselves.  In fact, the Ahmadi-mullah spends his whole life brainwashing Ahmadis to believe that tabligh is an order from their God. This is what has always gotten Ahmadis in trouble.  They do fanatical tabligh to people who don’t want to hear it.  They are just like Jehovas Witnesses in this regard.  In this video, an Ahmadi has purposely provoked some Muslim and they are showing just pieces of the video wherein the Muslim man seems to argue with the Ahmadi…while the Ahmadi, purposely plays the victim, as he continues to provoke his opponent.

This attitude is against the Quran
I grew up in the SF-Bay Area, we don’t provoke people and then call the police.  Instead, we have honest discussion and dialogue.  However, the Pakistani Ahmadi will never be able to comprehend this.  They are looking to start a fight with Muslims, Christians and whomever, and then cry persecution.  This is the playbook that has been given to them from their vicious mullahs.  Further, the quran tells us that it is better to say peace to our opponents and walk away.

See 25:63—-

And the servants of the Most Merciful are those who walk upon the earth easily, and when the ignorant address them [harshly], they say [words of] peace,

You wont seen Ahmadi mullahs doing this
Abid Mirza and these other Ahmadis are volunteers, legal recourse towards volunteers is different, as compared to official employees, aka the Ahmadi mullah.  Ahmadiyya leadership has ordered its Mullahs to provoke Ahmadiyya youth into being fanatic about Ahmadiyya.  They then go out and stir trouble.

Why do tabligh in Muslim majority countries?
Ahmadis only moved to Pakistan in 1947, since they were told that they would have every right to do Tabligh.  They were even given Rabwah as a headquarters, this was unprecedented, no other religious group was ever given a city in Pakistan.  So why would any Muslim preach to other Muslims???  Its nonsensical.  Well, the fact is, Ahmadis are not one with Muslims, and have never been, they have always held biases, and extraordinary support of the Mirza family.

Ahmadi mullahs start out poor
The Mirza family always recruited their mullahs from the poorest portions of society, in fact, not one person from the Mirza family has ever signed to be an Ahmadi-Mullah.  Nonetheless, this is the core of the Ahmadiyya corporation, they then educated the sons of their mullahs, they turn into people like Qasim Rashid and Kashif Chaudhry.

The video

A video on Ahmadiyya finances

What did MGA do in these situations?
Well, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad cussed at people all the time.  See these essays:

71 Ahmadis were arrested on 29th May, 1974 for terrorism—new research data, Aug–2017


Ahmadis are terrorist also.  Qasim Rashid, Kashif Chaudrhy and all other Ahmadis are totally unaware of the Rabwah incident, either that or they choose to deny it altogether.  In fact, Zafrullah Khan totally lied about the incident in his famous book on Ahmadiyya, entitled, “Ahmadiyya the Renaissance of Islam” (1978), this was just four years after the “Rabwah-terrorist-attacks”.  Zafrullah Khan knew many leaders of countries and etc etc etc….he lied for them for many years and in 1978 he lied for Ahmadiyya, which he had also been doing for 60+ years.  In fact, his comments on the Rabwah-terrorist-attacks are a shame.  He basically denied all association to the attack and Ahmadis.  He claimed that Sunni’s secretly infiltrated Rabwah and launched this attack.  This is obviously a lie.  However, by 1978, most of the face were unknown.  

Zafrullah khan writes on page 347:

“””In the middle of 1974 they devised a plan which was aimed at provoking anger and rancour against the Ahmadiyya Cominunity which unfortunately succeeded only too well in its immediate purpose. An incident was staged at the Rabwah railway station, which was so managed that a party of students who belonged to an organization bitterly hostile to the Movement succeeded in provoking a number of Ahmadis, who happened to be present at the railway station when the train carrying the students arrived, into a conflict in which slight injuries were inflicted on some of the students in the party. At the next stop of the train preparations had already been made to receive the students as heroes who had suffered grievous injuries in the cause of Islam at the hands of the members of the Movement. Fiery speeches were made and the incident was painted in lurid colours. The utterly false and misleading accounts of the incident were further embroidered in the press next morning, with the addition of such false, fictitious and horrifying details as that the students had been cruelly maimed, that some of them had their tongues cut out and that others had their genitals cut off.”””

See here:

Zafrullah Khan lied
He totally failed to mention the first stop of the Nishter Medical College teenage students, which occurred on May 22, 1974.  I have covered it many times on my blog, see these essays:

Further, it was a fact, that on May 22nd, 1974, which was a Wednesday, there was an inicident at the Rabwah train station, the Ahmadiyya marketing team was in full effect, they were always at the train station and handing out marketing material, aka tabligh pamphlets, or “dawah-pamphlets.  Nonetheless, the students from the college were upset, a war of words ensued. The Nishter college kids then threatened the ahmadis as they told them about their return in 7 days.

See here:

The Khalifa was notified immediately
From 1948 to Sept. 1974, Rabwah was the only piece of land that fully belonged to Pakistan, but was on some weird 99-year lease plan to the Mirza family, and thus the govt. was never allowed access, only the train station belonged to the govt., there was no police department or any other normal services like a Govt. Fire department and etc.  Zafrullah Khan most likely negotiated on this deal for Rabwah on behalf of the Mirza family, this tract of land was sold for pennies to Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, on his name, and legally.  He then leased out space to Ahmadis, and made millions.  In fact, in 2048, the lease is up.  However, the Khalifa was immediately notified and his Friday Khutbah for that day is archived.

Justice Samdani admitted that Rogue Ahmadis planned the attack
Read about it here:

and here:

Zafrullah khan contradicts Justice Samdani
Obviously, there is a difference, all ahmadis sources on the Rabwah terrorist attacks deny the attack altogether, they deny planning and etc, however, many facts about this incident prove that Mirza Nasir Ahmad directly ordered it and it was carried out per his orders and that’s why he was missing that day, him and the vicious Mullah, Mirza Tahir Ahmad.

The Pakistan Times scans from 1974 that we just got
This is new data, we now have the newpaper articles from 1974, wherein the fresh news reports can be found.

I will slowly release these newspaper clippings, they speak for themselves.  The very next, some police officials came to Rabwah and seem to have rounded up 70 suspects.  This is new research data, this was never made known to the public in any english writings on this topic. Many new questions emerge.  Where was Mirza Nasir Ahmad when this happened…and how was the police able to find 70 Ahmadi suspects?  Did someone give the names out?  More to come… the meantime…check out this blog entry in the below…

See here:



Ahmadi-trolls are offended by me and my blog

I’ve recently been asked some questions by some Ahmadi-trolls.  Most of these guys are unemployed and spend all day on FB marketing for the Ahmadiyya Movement.  The questions can be found here:

My response
I am not a preacher of any religion, I am not an Imam, I am simply an educated man who can read, write and conduct critical thinking.  Most Ahmadis cannot, and its not their fault, they are radicalized and brainwashed by the Mirza family.  Further, he claims that my essays don;’t deserve a response, however, he has spent many hours talking to me and reading my essays and now responding.  Obviously, Damon Stengel is another “brainwashed-Ahmadi” and can’t think for himself.

Damon doesn’t know Urdu or Arabic
I just wanted to point out that 99% of the African and American born Ahmadis dont know urdu at all, hence they can never read the books of MGA and they never read the english books, which number 40+ in 2017.  Further, his knowledge of Arabic is elementary.  The reason I bring this up is because this is an excuse that Ahmadis make when they are cornered.  They claim that since we can’t read urdu…we can never summarize what MGA has written.  OK…that argument has been destroyed.  Moving on…

Damon quotes Mirza Masroor Ahmad, as he urged Ahmadis to be nice to their critics
Damon goes on to quote his Khalifa wherein he has ordered Ahmadis to be nice on social media to their critics.  However, that is instructions from 2016-2017, and its outwardly only.  In reality, Ahmadis hate their critics and have hated them since the times of MGA.  MGA prayed for Lekh Ram to die and was happy when Lekh Ram was finally murdered in 1897.  Further, MGA prayed for Abdullah Athim to die in 15 months and failed, and this was during a gentleman’s debate, in fact, MGA’s own brother-in-law left Ahmadiyya in this saga.  The list goes on and on….ever heard of Dowie or Piggot??  Or Sanaullah or Dr. Khan???  Ahmadis have hated their critics and dealt with them harshly since 1889.

MGA exploited the concept of Mubahila
Before MGA, muslims never did Mubahila against anyone…Muhammad (saw) never even did Mubahila, there was an incident wherein Muhammad (Saw) challenged Christian delegation, however, that is a deeper topic and not meant to be normal etiquette in any debate.

Mirza Masroor Ahmad was only giving lip service
So remember, Ahmadi Khalifas lie all the time….they say things in public, however, they oppose them behind the scenes.  Case in point. Qasim Rashid hates Muslim leaders in the USA, and his boyfriend, Kashif Chaudhry, they are both terrorizing and harrassing Muslim leaders in America and per the orders of the same Mirza Masroor Ahmad.

I was referring to my local Ahmadi-mullah
Would you like his name??  I actually discussed Ahmadiyya with his son a few months ago…he is another example of the brainwashed Ahmadi.  His father, he barely knew anything about Ahmadiyya and would refuse to admit to not knowing any given subject.

Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad was most likely bi-sexual
This is wherein Damon Stengel proves that he hasn’t read enough literature.  There is so much data on this topic. This was the notorious son of MGA, he failed in school and was a terrible student in general.  What makes it worse is that all of his teachers were Ahmadi-mullahs and they tried to teach him day and night, however, he was just like his father, he was terrible at academics and learning in general and spent his whole life taking sex drugs and fornicating with men and women.

Case in point, in 1907, he was accused of illicit sexual behavior, see here:

Damon then mentions that there is no compulsion in religion
He loses me here…I dont get it.  I agree, there is no compulsion in Islam.

Damon then accuses of some type of personal benefit for critiquing Ahmadiyya
This is hilarious and ridiculous.  I dont need anyone money, I make good money.

Many college students are brainwashed
Its beneath me to explain this to Damon, he is arguing that Ahmadis can’t brainwashed idiots, since some Ahmadis have went to college and became doctors and etc.  However, Damon doesn’t know, any people can be pass college and learn, it simply takes time, money, effort and a support system, in fact, the jewish community and Christian community has proved this.

Jamia is not an accreditated Institution
The Ahmadiyya Jamia is a fraud.  Most of their top Mullahs fail arabic, in fact, the first ever African-American-Ahmadi-Mullah admitted to failing in Arabic, however, he was still made an imam…since they needed a black-man on the team.  Another case is of Ibrahim Noonan, he barely knows any arabic and Islam.

Ahmadis don’t double-check their Mullahs
Damon admitted to this….however, he didn’t fully admit…Ahmadis do ask questions to their local mullahs, however, they dont research the books for themselves and thus just take the Ahmadi-mullahs answer on face value.

Ahmadis leave Pakistan for money….not persecution
See..this is where Damon Stengel is clueless.  He hasnt researched this issue at all.  There is NO Ahmadi oppression in Pakistan, its all a lie.  See here:

Why do Ahmadis do charitable works?
Ahmadis are conducting marketing on behalf of the Mirza family.  That’s all…consider it Corporate Social Responsibility, thats all….even the KKK did blood drives.  I never said Refugees are bad….I said that the Ahmadiyya movement purposely got declared non-muslim and the Khalifa should be arrested for human trafficking.

You misrepresent the quran on 22:59
You didnt even give a reference to your interpretation of this verse.  What did MGA write about it??  What about other Ahmadi mullahs??  See….your brain doesnt even understand the importance of this referencing.  When you get the reference…let me know…

Ahmadiyya census?
If Ahmadiyya has all the official numbers?  Why arent they published in a per-country format? This is proof of lying…Further, I asked Naveed to tell me why Ahmadiyya leadership lied about converts, specifically from 95–2003….he never answered, and im sure that you will never answer, read here:

Lets see what Damon has to say now…lets see if he will dig up the homework that I have given him.  He probably won’t.


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