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Most Ahmadis hated Nabeel, and avoided his invitations to debate, even Qasim Rashid

As we all know, Ahmadis are taught to hate their critics and pray for their deaths, and in stupendous fashion.  Ahmadis hated Lekh Ram, and Abdullah Athim, and Dowie, and Piggot, and Maulvi Sanaullah and many many others.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad prayed for the death of over 100 critics, and celebrated when any of them died.  Moreover, the vicious Ahmadi mullahs have brainwashed Ahmadis to hate all ex-ahmadis (like me) and to pray for their untimely death.

Nabeel Qureshi invited Qasim Rashid to debate
In the below, I have posted tweets wherein Qasim Rashid made some disparaging and rather rude remarks towards Nabeel…

Other Ahmadis tweeting vs. Nabeel

A new Ahmadi, Abid Mirza, makes a youtube video which contradicts Ahmadiyya theory and MGA

Abid Mirza is new to the Ahmadiyya arguments and hasnt read much
This guy is from Canada, wherein there seems to be an organized Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Association at York University.  However, he is new to research on Ahmadiyya, and makes many errors in our conversations on Facebook.  I have told him repeatedly that he is 10 years behind my team and I.  However, he doesnt listen to us.  He needs to do independent research, not regurgitate the lies that his Mullahs have told him.  However, he wont, he is stuck with his Mullahs and thus will never learn critical thinking.  In this specific video he contradicts all of MGA’s writings vs. his critics and even ALL Ahmadiya writers after MGA, like Mahmud Ahmad and Mirza Tahir Ahmad.  Since we all know that Mirza Tahir Ahmad rejoiced in the death of Zia and Bhutto.



Ahmadi-trolls are offended by me and my blog

I’ve recently been asked some questions by some Ahmadi-trolls.  Most of these guys are unemployed and spend all day on FB marketing for the Ahmadiyya Movement.  The questions can be found here:

My response
I am not a preacher of any religion, I am not an Imam, I am simply an educated man who can read, write and conduct critical thinking.  Most Ahmadis cannot, and its not their fault, they are radicalized and brainwashed by the Mirza family.  Further, he claims that my essays don;’t deserve a response, however, he has spent many hours talking to me and reading my essays and now responding.  Obviously, Damon Stengel is another “brainwashed-Ahmadi” and can’t think for himself.

Damon doesn’t know Urdu or Arabic
I just wanted to point out that 99% of the African and American born Ahmadis dont know urdu at all, hence they can never read the books of MGA and they never read the english books, which number 40+ in 2017.  Further, his knowledge of Arabic is elementary.  The reason I bring this up is because this is an excuse that Ahmadis make when they are cornered.  They claim that since we can’t read urdu…we can never summarize what MGA has written.  OK…that argument has been destroyed.  Moving on…

Damon quotes Mirza Masroor Ahmad, as he urged Ahmadis to be nice to their critics
Damon goes on to quote his Khalifa wherein he has ordered Ahmadis to be nice on social media to their critics.  However, that is instructions from 2016-2017, and its outwardly only.  In reality, Ahmadis hate their critics and have hated them since the times of MGA.  MGA prayed for Lekh Ram to die and was happy when Lekh Ram was finally murdered in 1897.  Further, MGA prayed for Abdullah Athim to die in 15 months and failed, and this was during a gentleman’s debate, in fact, MGA’s own brother-in-law left Ahmadiyya in this saga.  The list goes on and on….ever heard of Dowie or Piggot??  Or Sanaullah or Dr. Khan???  Ahmadis have hated their critics and dealt with them harshly since 1889.

MGA exploited the concept of Mubahila
Before MGA, muslims never did Mubahila against anyone…Muhammad (saw) never even did Mubahila, there was an incident wherein Muhammad (Saw) challenged Christian delegation, however, that is a deeper topic and not meant to be normal etiquette in any debate.

Mirza Masroor Ahmad was only giving lip service
So remember, Ahmadi Khalifas lie all the time….they say things in public, however, they oppose them behind the scenes.  Case in point. Qasim Rashid hates Muslim leaders in the USA, and his boyfriend, Kashif Chaudhry, they are both terrorizing and harrassing Muslim leaders in America and per the orders of the same Mirza Masroor Ahmad.

I was referring to my local Ahmadi-mullah
Would you like his name??  I actually discussed Ahmadiyya with his son a few months ago…he is another example of the brainwashed Ahmadi.  His father, he barely knew anything about Ahmadiyya and would refuse to admit to not knowing any given subject.

Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad was most likely bi-sexual
This is wherein Damon Stengel proves that he hasn’t read enough literature.  There is so much data on this topic. This was the notorious son of MGA, he failed in school and was a terrible student in general.  What makes it worse is that all of his teachers were Ahmadi-mullahs and they tried to teach him day and night, however, he was just like his father, he was terrible at academics and learning in general and spent his whole life taking sex drugs and fornicating with men and women.

Case in point, in 1907, he was accused of illicit sexual behavior, see here:

Damon then mentions that there is no compulsion in religion
He loses me here…I dont get it.  I agree, there is no compulsion in Islam.

Damon then accuses of some type of personal benefit for critiquing Ahmadiyya
This is hilarious and ridiculous.  I dont need anyone money, I make good money.

Many college students are brainwashed
Its beneath me to explain this to Damon, he is arguing that Ahmadis can’t brainwashed idiots, since some Ahmadis have went to college and became doctors and etc.  However, Damon doesn’t know, any people can be pass college and learn, it simply takes time, money, effort and a support system, in fact, the jewish community and Christian community has proved this.

Jamia is not an accreditated Institution
The Ahmadiyya Jamia is a fraud.  Most of their top Mullahs fail arabic, in fact, the first ever African-American-Ahmadi-Mullah admitted to failing in Arabic, however, he was still made an imam…since they needed a black-man on the team.  Another case is of Ibrahim Noonan, he barely knows any arabic and Islam.

Ahmadis don’t double-check their Mullahs
Damon admitted to this….however, he didn’t fully admit…Ahmadis do ask questions to their local mullahs, however, they dont research the books for themselves and thus just take the Ahmadi-mullahs answer on face value.

Ahmadis leave Pakistan for money….not persecution
See..this is where Damon Stengel is clueless.  He hasnt researched this issue at all.  There is NO Ahmadi oppression in Pakistan, its all a lie.  See here:

Why do Ahmadis do charitable works?
Ahmadis are conducting marketing on behalf of the Mirza family.  That’s all…consider it Corporate Social Responsibility, thats all….even the KKK did blood drives.  I never said Refugees are bad….I said that the Ahmadiyya movement purposely got declared non-muslim and the Khalifa should be arrested for human trafficking.

You misrepresent the quran on 22:59
You didnt even give a reference to your interpretation of this verse.  What did MGA write about it??  What about other Ahmadi mullahs??  See….your brain doesnt even understand the importance of this referencing.  When you get the reference…let me know…

Ahmadiyya census?
If Ahmadiyya has all the official numbers?  Why arent they published in a per-country format? This is proof of lying…Further, I asked Naveed to tell me why Ahmadiyya leadership lied about converts, specifically from 95–2003….he never answered, and im sure that you will never answer, read here:

Lets see what Damon has to say now…lets see if he will dig up the homework that I have given him.  He probably won’t.


Who is Sheikh Abdur Rehman Misri?

He was the father of Bashir Ahmad Misri, the Ahmadi who accused Basherruddin Mahmud Ahmad of sexual crimes and etc.  Sheikh Abdur Rehman Misri , was a very devoted companion of Hazrat Masih Maud AS. He was converted to Islam from hinduism, specifically from the Aryas.  Mirza Masroor Ahmad mentioned a brief account of the life of Shaikh Abdur Rehman Misri here:

During the Khilafat of Maulana Noor Ud Din, Shaikh Abdul Rehman Misri sahib went to Egypt (MISR) to attend AL-AZHAR UNIVERSITY. This is how Shaikh Abdul Rehman Misri sahib came be known as MISRI. When he returned from Egypt, Maulana Noor Ud Din sahib had already passed away and Movement was split in two groups. The split was based on the belief of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad who claimed that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib (nauzubiliah) claimed to be prophet and is equal in rank to Holy Prophet Muhammad saws. Intellectuals of Movement moved to Lahore and started their anjuman called AAIIL.

He was a very learned scholar, a most trusted follower of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, the Khalifa Sani.  He was the Head Master of Talim-ul-Islam High School in Qadian.  MIrza Mahmud Ahmed used to appoint him qaim maqaam Amir-e-Maqami when he was away from Qadian.  Abdul Rahman Misri sahib accused Mirza Mahmood Ahmad sahib for sexually assaulting his young son, Hafiz Bashir Ahmad Misri, and requested him to either set up a Commission of Inquiry, or face a challenge of Mubahalah to clear his name. Mirza Mahmood Ahmad sahib refused to either request and turned against Misri sahib.

After leaving Qadian, the Lahori-Ahmadis hired him as a Mullah and etc, he began reminding Qadiani-Ahmadis of his stature with MGA and his marriage, which MGA had arranged.

He also helped Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqi write the famous Truth Triumphs book (1965), which exposed the Qadianis.

Interestingly in Urdu section of said book in introduction Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqui sahib writes on page 5:

“””Here I want to thank Maulana Shaikh Abdur Rehman Misri sahib and Maulvi Abdul Mannan Omar sahib M.A. They read manuscript of this book and gave helpful advice, and made some corrections. May Allah SWT reward them.”””

Shaikh Abdur Rahman Misri narrated traditions about MGA:
(Seeratul Mahdi Volume 1 page 196)

(183) Stated to me by Shaikh Abdurehman Misri that the day he had reached Qadian for the first time, Shaikh Rehmatullah Lahori had also arrived from Lahore on that day along with a Christian young man. Both of us were presented before Hazrat Sahib (MGAQ). Hazrat Sahib accepted my Baiyat but refused to accept the BAYIAT of that christian boy despite the fact he was recommended by Shaikh Rehamatullah who was a Big Shot in the jamaat and a blue eyed of Hazrat saib.
The Christian boy wrote to Hazrat Sahib for BAIYAT again but he refused and said we will do it on some other day. Then he wrote third time to hazrat sahib requesting him to fix a date for his Baiyat but Hazart sb refused it again. Hazrat sahib said your Baiyat will be accepted on Thursday and it was Monday on that day. The reply from Hazrat Sahib disappointed him and that man turned back to become Christian again. Subsequently, someone said Hazrat Sahib that young man became christian again, he said well i was expecting this from him that is why I had delayed it.


He wrote many books, they exist on the Lahori Website, see here:

Sheikh Abdur Rehman Misri:

DR ABDUL HAKIM KHAN PATIALVI mentions the death of Maulvi Abdul Karim in his correspondence with MGA

I continue posting translations and summaries of the correspondence between MGA and Dr. ABDUL HAKIM KHAN PATIALVI.  Below is another translation to add to the list…

Also read these:

Zikrul Hakim page 40-42

Last night before going to bed, I called my God and made my humble prayers and said O my God you say in Quraan that i would forgive every thing except shirk whereas your Masih e Maoud (mirza) says Allah will not forgive disbelieving in me and will forgive everything else. Now should i deny your words or the words of your Masih?

I said to my God O my Sustainer you have always ignored my weaknesses and forgave my mistakes. U also know that what ever good deeds I do are only for your sake and to please U. U always answered my prayers, assisted me sympathised to me. U r not cruel, harsh and ungrateful like Mirza Ghulam Qadyani.

To the core of my heart i am ever ready to accept truth but it is self praising, self worshipping and harsh Mirza who did not reply to me. So what should I do. After this submission i saw a dream that Colonel Fateh Muhammad Khan came to me Abdul Ghani khan is also seen and asking for treatment of his father,s appendicitis. He showed me a prescription containing many anti gastric medicines and told me that these medicines did not work. Then I told Fateh Muhammad Khan that Mirza had removed me from his Jamaat. It has been good for me that i have been removed from Jamaat for the sake of truth. Then in the dream I say who is mirza in front of Allah and say very soon thunderbolt might fall from sky on this jamaat and kill them all.

On the basis of this dream I am writing to you again that Moosa a.s ordered murder of those who committed shirk whereas you support such peoples of your Jamaat. Now I present comparison of your revelations with Quraan.
* In Your ilham you say, may God give me authority over fire. Quraan says Allah has the authority on everything and the rule on the day of judgement.
* Your ilham says about yourself Ya Shamsu wa Ya Qamaru. (Sun and moon) But i say your light has not illuminated even Qadiyan and your family.
* Quraan says All praise to Allah, whereas your ilham says Allah praises you in the heavens.
* You say people in France Italy and Columbia killed by earthquake due to my disobedience. On the contrary, your worst enemies and opponents like Molvi Muhaammad Hussain, Sanaullah Amritsari, Owner of Paisa Akhbar and Peshawari Group have not been killed despite their worst opposition.

For God sake you test yourself and your jamaat on this standrad as to how much u and jamaat worship Allah and how much do u worship a man. I request you to return my first letter as i want to publish this correspondence so that good natured peoples could benefit from this. If u do not return it, i will publish it with the help of my memory because i dont have its copy.

Was the tragic death of Molvi Abdul Karim not a sufficient cause for u to avoid making mockery of others agonies? but regretfully the childish attitude prevalent on u all the time has made u much proud, ignorant and heartless. It was you who used to make mockery of the miracles of Hazrat Essa a.s, now with excessive ilham and prophesies u have made a joke of yourself . The taste of Quraanic knowledge is absolutely missing from u and Jamaat. U could not present a single academic miracle which was the need of the hour. U could have written a miraculous commentary of holy Quraan that could have decided the differences and could have reformed peoples and provide guidance to the masses.
Humble self
Abdul Hakim Khan
Assistant Surgeon
From Tarauri, District Karnal India.

Ahmadiyya leadership never gave a “cause-of-death” for Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

There are many debates all over the internet in terms of the death of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. However, after double checking many sources, its obvious that the earliest Ahmadiyya newspapers and books totally avoided the “cause of death” for MGA.  It should be noted that MGA’s enemies/critics, i.e. Sanaullah and Dr. Khan’s comments on the “cause of death” for MGA are all missing.  However, in 1915, Farquhar wrote that MGA died of cholera, however, he gives no source at all. It wasnt til 1927, and the autobiography of his life wherein he mentioned that MGA seemed to have died of cholera.  

The Vakil

The Al-Hakam

“As his condition became precarious, we stayed by him and continued treatment, but his pulse stopped by 10:15 A.M., on the 26th May, 1908 he breathed his last.”
(Al-Hakam, May 28, 1908)

Other ahmadiyya newspapers
The english version of the Review of Religions didn’t give a “cause of death”, however, the Al-Badr, Urdu-Review of Religions, Tashishazul-Adhan and other newspapers are unchecked.

Muhammad Ali in 1917
Muhammad Ali writes as follows: 
“he suddenly fell ill at about 10 o’clock on the evening of the 25th May and expired at about the same hour on the morning of the 26th, in the house of Dr. Syed Muhammad Hussain Shah, in the Ahmadiyya buildings.  The body was carried back, the same evening, to Qadian where he was buried on the 27th of May…” (see page 52).  

Mahmud Ahmad in 1915
Mahmud Ahmad wrote about the death of MGA in 1915, however, that edition of the book is missing, it was most likely edited.  This is the 1998 edition and it seems that this was book was missing from the records for 60 years, since it was published in 1967.

Just like everything in Ahmadiyya…Ahmadiyya leadership has lied about the reason of MGA’s death.


Mufti Muhammad Sadiq sent the “Letter of Warning” to Piggot

This “Letter of Warning” was missing for over 100 years, Akber C and AK Shaikh seem to have found it and posted it on their website.  The back story is as follows, it seems that MGA’s team read about the claim of Piggot and Dowie in various newspapers of 1902 and thus decided to send them “challenges”, not a Mubahila, or a death prophecy but a sort of “warning of impending danger”.  The reason it was worded as such was because in 1899, MGA was legally stopped from doing “death-prophecies” and Mubahila’s by the British Government.  Clause #5 stated that MGA would never do a Mubahila vs. Batalvi and his friends and vice versa.  However, by 1902, MGA had taken his challenges overseas to the USA (in terms of Dowie) and to the mainland of the British Government, the British courts remained silent however.  There was another case of defamation in 1904 wherein MGA lost (a hindu judge presided) the case, MGA seems to have made disparaging remarks about a Maulvi.  MGA = was saved on appeal via a British judge, its the case of Karam Din vs. MGA.  MGA even engaged Maulvi Sanaullah in Mubahila in 1907 and Dr. Abdul Hakim Khan.  It seems that the British government wasn’t serious about sending MGA to jail and simply let him run free and unabated.

A brief translation of the “warning”
“””””J.H. Smyth Pigott, Pastor of… London, has recently announced himself as God… on the 7th and 14th of September 1902… God has, therefore, commanded me to warn him… I, therefore, warn him through this notice that if he does not repent of this irreverent claim, he shall be soon annihilated, even in my life-time… God has borne witness to my truth with heavenly signs shown in thousands… The death of Mr. Pigott within my life-time shall be another sign of my truth. If I die before Mr. Pigott, I am not the true Messiah nor am I from God… God shall bring the false Messiah to destruction within the life-time of the true one… 24th November 1902.”””””

The scans

This “warning” wasn’t published in the English ROR of Nov 1902
The ROR of Sep-1903 published extracts from this letter as well as other various comments from British newspapers.

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Ahmadiyya leadership about the Date-of-Birth of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Ahmadiyya leadership has been editing the life of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad since 1889.  In this specific case, MGA clearly wrote his Date-of-Birth in 1897 as “either 1839 or 1840”, in fact, it was well known, since his family always told him that he was born the same year that Ranjit Singh died, which is 1839.  Even as late as 1906, the Review of Religions (english) wrote MGA’s birth as 1839, and connected it with the death of Ranjit Singh (see page 229).  However, as soon as MGA died, the Ahmadiyya editing team got working….In the Review of religions for June 1908 (english)(see pages 235-238), they began trying to backdate MGA’s year of birth, since they knew that MGA died abruptly and failed his famous prophecy that he would live 40 additional years after 1891-1892, just like it was prophecied in the hadith in terms of the Messiah, (see Nishan asmani {1892}, page 14–17).

The scans from Seeratul Mahdi

The translation from SM
Seerat Almahdi vol 3 Page 301 and 302 – written by MGA’s son Mirza Bashir-

“Mian Mairaj uddin sahib umar, has printed an article about DATE OF BIRTH OF Mirza Ghulam Ahmad -in Alfazal of 3 August 1937. Mairaj Uddin calculates according to Hindi, Hijri and Eiswee year and after many delibrations – NOW GO TO NEXT PAGE -and you will see in the RED circle DOB of Mirza Ghulam as “17 Februrary 1832. Next short para (pulple box) “it makes it absolutely clear that AanHazoor (MGA) age was near 80 years according to his Ilham”. I suppose people who were around Mirza Ghulam then and more so NOW have to concoct stories to earn their 2 time bread- what a way to earn a living.

Even the Lahoris edited their books after 1937
Muhammad Ali had written many books about MGA and always wrote down 1839 as the Date of Birth, however, in later editions of those books, the Lahori-Ahmadis made a note of the change and ironically agree with their Qadiani counterparts in this regard.

Muhammad Ali in 1918
In this book, which was published in 1918, Muhammad Ali agreed that MGA was born in 1839 (see page 1).   However, later editions of this book have changed the date to 1836 and then 1835.

Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya Vol. 5 was written and published in the winter of 1908
This is an important fact.  In this book, MGA’s editors began changing MGA’s comments on his age.  Ahmadis use a comment from this book to prove that MGA was much older in 1905.

—“God knows the real age but according to my knowledge, my age is near 70 years at present in the year 1323 AH. God knows best” [Zamima Baraheen-e-Ahmadiyya Vol 5 page 193].

Ahmadi’s also quote Sanaullah 

Ahmadi’s have cherry picked these quotes, we need to see the full quote to properly analyze.

Maulvi Sanaullah Amritsari who was a staunch opponent of MGA writes:

“Mirza Sahib has said that his demise would be near 80 years of age and perhaps he has fulfilled all those conditions” [Ahl-e-hadith 3rd May 1907 page 3 column2]

Maulvi Sanaullah probably wanted to prove that Ahmad (as) had reached 75 years of age and should die now according to his own prophecy. He writes in another place:

“A person who is older than 70 years of age (as is Mirza sahib himself)…” [Tafseer-e-sanai Matbooa 1899 Hashia 4 under ayat Inni mutawaffeeqa ]

Ahmadi’s also quote Batalvi

Risala Isha’at-us-sunnah vol 15, page 191 in 1893 thus:

“He’s already 63 years old..”.

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The Mirza family was above the law in British-India


Mirza Ghulam Ahmad ran free in British-India, he was untouchable.  All of the judges in the Punjab knew Mirza Ghulam Ahmad personally and knew his entire family.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad knew this and he kept pushing the limits of human decency since he knew that the British courts would never find him guilty of anything.

The evidence

From Life of Ahmad by Dard, page 17:

“””General Nicholson gave Ghulam Qadir a certificate, stating that in 1857 the Qadian family showed greater loyalty than any other in the district.””””

Who is General Nicholson?
“””Nicholson was best known for his role in the Indian Mutiny, planning and leading the Storming of Delhi. Famously dismissive of the incompetence of his superiors, he said, upon hearing of Colonel (later General Sir) Archdale Wilson’s hesitancy while on his deathbed, “Thank God I have yet the strength to shoot him, if necessary”. One famous story recounted by Charles Allen in Soldier Sahibs is of a night during the Rebellion when Nicholson strode into the British mess tent at Jullunder, coughed to attract the attention of the officers, then said, “I am sorry, gentlemen, to have kept you waiting for your dinner, but I have been hanging your cooks.” He had been told that the regimental chefs had poisoned the soup with aconite. When they refused to taste it for him, he force fed it to a monkey – and when it expired on the spot, he proceeded to hang the cooks from a nearby tree without a trial.””” (see Charles Allen, Soldier-Sahibs: The Men who made the North-West Frontier, London: Abacus/Time Warner Books UK, 2002 ed, various references between pp. 2-328).

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his cousin ran around British-India breaking the law with impunity (1861)
There is the famous pension story, wherein MGA and his cousin ran off with their families money and spent it frivolously, MGA then admits that when they ran out of money, his cousin robbed some people….however, the British government looked the other way and forgave them. This was the very first instance of MGA and his family getting special treatment.  However, it wouldn’t be the last.  MGA was sent to work in Sialkot after blowing his fathers money and worked there for 3-4 years as punishment for what he did.

Some additional evidence

See Dard, pg. 17 and 18:

On June the 11th, 1849, Mr. J. M. Wilson, Financial Commissioner, Lahore, wrote from Lahore to Mirza Ghulam Murtaza:

‘I have persued your application reminding me of you and your family’s past services and rights. I am well aware that since the introduction of the British Government you and your family have certainly remained devoted, faithful and steady subjects and that your rights are really worthy of regard. In every respect you may rest assured and satisfied that the British Government will never forget your family rights and services which will receive due consideration when a favourable opportunity offers itself. You must continue to be faithful and devoted subjects as in it lies the satisfaction of the Government as well as your own welfare.’

A favorable opportunity???
There are many more attestations of a similar thrust, feel free to read Dard and peruse the. Nonetheless, the favorable opporunity was MGA’s claim to prophethood and his harrassment of his brethren in British-India.  MGA went to attack Hindus, Christians, Muslims and Sikhs, and the British government allowed him to do as he wished.

The Post Office case
In 1877 or 1878, Ahmadas wrote an article against the Arya Samaj, and in support of the superiority of Islam over other religions. He sent the manuscript in a cover open at the ends to the Vakil Press at Amritsar at the rate prescribed for newspapers. This was allowed under section 12 of the Post Office Act 14 of 1866. But in this packet he also included a letter
addressed to the manager of the press containing instructions about the article. Sending a letter in a packet was against the post office regulations. The punishment, according to the Government of India notification No: 2442, dated December 7th, 1877 section 43, was a fine of Rs. 500 or even imprisonment for six months (section 56 of Act 14 of 1866). (see Dard, page 83).

My commentary on this post office case
MGA was blatantly guilty, however, the judge knew MGA from his time working in Sialkot as well as his fathers service to the Brits, in fact, MGA normally was given a chair to sit on in any British court, whereas the rest of his opponents were not.  MGA should have been fined or sent to prison, however, he was given neither.

In 1899, the British govt ordered MGA to stop doing Mubahila
In a famous story recorded in Dard, see pages 617-620.  MGA was never properly investigated for the murder of Lekh Ram, and their is the famous story of Abdul Hamid, who claimed that MGA sent him to murder Dr. Clark.  MGA operated with impunity.  Nonetheless, in an outward show, the British govt. forced MGA to sign a petition promising that he would stop doing those stupid Mubahila challenges.

By 1902, the British govt forgot
MGA started doing Mubahila overseas..he attacked Dowie and Piggot and lied about all of those engagements.

1904, Karam Din Case
This is a case that Ahmadis will never fully disclose.  MGA was charged for defamation, however, its unclear how, and MGA lost the case….this was the only case that he ever lost. However, the data is hidden.  MGA was supposed to be arrested and taken into custody….however, the courts refused and MGA ended up beating the case on appeal.  Very fishy indeed.

Sanaullah in 1907, Dr. Khan in 1906
He started doing Mubahila again and the British Govt never said a word.

MGA and his family operated with impunity in British-India.  This is how he was able to spread his teams writings and beat cases wherein he was clearly guilty.

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Scans from Allen

Nuskha-e-Khabte Ahmadiya (1888) by Lekh Ram

Below are some quotations from this famous book by Lekh Ram.

The quotes
“O Permeshwar (God) make decision between us truly; let your Sat Dharma (true religion) flow forth not by sword but through love, understanding, submission of proof and open out the adversary’s heart by conferment of Sat Gayan (True wisdom ) on him so that ignorance, prejudice, oppression and outrage are destroyed because a liar can never glorify in Thy Audience like the truthful. Writer: Your eternal slave, Lekh Ram Sharma, Sabhasud, Arya Samaj, Peshawar”. (Nuskha-e-Khabte Ahmadiya, P. 347; ret Lekh Ram & Mirza, P. 2, Author: Maulana Sanaullah Amritsari).

“Mirzaji has promised me Rs.500/-. This is his old habit (promising but not paying). Here is a poetic portrayal of his money promise through this couplet:

“””My life if you want dear, I mind it not; But knots of my purse, Oh, open them not!”””

We fully know his moveable and immovable assets and his indebtedness is not unknown to us. We throw his offer of monetary give and take into dust and make a present of those five hundred rupees back to him as betel-leaf chewing expenses from our side, on his on-coming new marriage* for which he says he has received a fresh revelation only recently”. (Nuskha-e-Khabte Ahmadiya, ret Rais-e-Qadian, Vol. 1, P. 121).


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