This blog and research group has been in existence for almost 2 years now.  We are pro-muslim, however, we don’t have any issues working with Atheist, Christians, Hindus or whatever.  We wanted our readers to understand that most Ahmadi’s who become Atheist see Muslim’s as worse then Ahmadi’s.  They see Ahmadi’s as better, and Muslims as terrorists and etc.  These are facts.  These facts have been experienced through 15 years of online presence and 100 years worth of research on Ahmadiyya.

Ex-Ahmadi-Atheist hate Muslim’s
Just be careful out there, per the Ex-Ahmadi-new-Atheist, Muslims are the bottom of the evolutionary scale.  They see Ahmadi’s as better off, in fact, Nabeel Qureshi  (ex-Ahmadi Christian) never directly criticized Ahmadiyya, he blamed Islam.  Another Ex-Ahmadi-new atheist, Reason on Faith, he blames Islam, not Ahmadiyya.

We blame the MGA and his sons
Ahmadiyya is something unique, Islam cannot be blamed for it.  Ahmadiyya comes from capitalism, under British capitalism, any citizen of British India was allowed (even congratulated) for calling Islam as stupid and needing reform.  Thus, the Mirza family business was launched.  Under the Mughal Empire, MGA and his family would have never been allowed to open this type of business.