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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad says that any Muslim who believes in abrogation, is a Kafir

Izala Auham is an interesting book. Ahmadiyya leadership seems to be purposely lying about its publish date. As we all know, this book came in 2 parts, the first part was published in 1890, before MGA claimed to be Esa (as), and before MGA claimed that Esa (as) was dead. In fact, Part-1 has some very controversial writings which prove that MGA was a liar and planned all of his claims. In this particular quote, MGA is claiming that ALL muslims who believe that “abrogation” occurred in Islam are Kafirs. However, as we all know, in 1891, 99% of the Muslim world believed in the theory of abrogation. In fact, Sir Syed had denied it in 1880, Noorudin and MGA copied him directly. It must be noted that the “Quran-only-type-of-Muslims” have existed since the inception of Islam. However, even those Muslims never declared anyone a Kafir for believing in hadith. And further, the quran specifically tells Muslims to follow both, the quran and hadith.
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Ahmadiyya leadership never gave a “cause-of-death” for Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

There are many debates all over the internet in terms of the death of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. However, after double checking many sources, its obvious that the earliest Ahmadiyya newspapers and books totally avoided the “cause of death” for MGA. It should be noted that MGA’s enemies/critics, i.e. Sanaullah and Dr. Khan’s comments on the “cause of death” for MGA are all missing. However, in 1915, Farquhar wrote that MGA died of cholera, however, he gives no source at all. It wasn’t until 1927, and the autobiography of his life wherein he mentioned that MGA seemed to have died of cholera.  
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Vakil
The Al-Hakam, via

“As his condition became precarious, we stayed by him and continued treatment, but his pulse stopped by 10:15 A.M., on the 26th May, 1908 he breathed his last.”

(Al-Hakam, May 28, 1908)
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Other ahmadiyya newspapers

The english version of the Review of Religions didn’t give a “cause of death”, however, the Al-Badr, Urdu-Review of Religions, Tashishazul-Adhan and other newspapers are unchecked.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Muhammad Ali in 1917
Muhammad Ali writes as follows:

“he suddenly fell ill at about 10 o’clock on the evening of the 25th May and expired at about the same hour on the morning of the 26th, in the house of Dr. Syed Muhammad Hussain Shah, in the Ahmadiyya buildings. The body was carried back, the same evening, to Qadian where he was buried on the 27th of May…” (see page 52).  
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mahmud Ahmad in 1915

Mahmud Ahmad wrote about the death of MGA in 1915, however, that edition of the book is missing, it was most likely edited. This is the 1998 edition and it seems that this was book was missing from the records for 60 years, since it was published in 1967.



The history of Ahmadiyya in the Gambia

By 2020, we estimate that there are roughly 2000 Qadiani-Ahmadi’s in the entire country. Baba F. Trawally is the Amir of the Ahmadiyya community. There are 4 Ahmadiyya mosques in the entire country, 3 of them the capacity is barely 100, the last one, Ahmadiyya sources claim that the capacity is 5000, however, that is including the outside space. The amount of Ahmadi mullahs is unknown. The Ahmadiyya mosque in Saba seems to be the first ever Ahmadi mosque in the country.
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An Ahmadi claimed prophethood in late-1901 or early 1902, and was boycotted by Ahmadis–Chiragh Din of Jammu (Jamooni)

I have researched the split in the Ahmadiyya movement very closely…somehow, Mahmud Ahmad and Muhammad Ali purposely avoided talking about Chiragh Din of Jammu (Jamooni) and his claim of prophethood which caused MGA to ex-communicate him and to organize a boycott against him.

What’s really interesting here is that MGA had just claimed prophethood in Nov 1901, with the publishing of his announcement, “Eik Ghalti Ka Izala”.  Amrohi had even written a letter to some people who didn’t quite understand this “change in belief” that MGA had just done, his letter can be found here.

The scans

He said while criticizing a person named ‘Charag Deen’ who announced that he would reconcile Christianity and Islam:
“We have no accord with Christianity, because it is all evil and wrong… How can we reconcile (with the Christians) while our religion and our holy book consider the entire Christianity to be filthy and evil?… Woe! He (Charag Deen) considered the Disgusting Christianity in the same degree with Islam!”. 
(Announcement dated 23/04/1902, Announcements, Vol 2)

Chiragh deen of jammu claimed prophethood and mirza boycotted charagh deen (ref: ruhani khazain, vol 18 page 242). MGA published an ad in rohani khazain about charagh deen jamu to inform everyone that he is no more in his community or in jamaat e ahmdiya. (ref: rohani khazain vol 18. page 239).

Another source
See “Haqiqatul Wahy”, online english edition, page: 289

“”””Thus, first, Maulawi Rusul Baba, resident of Amritsar is worth mentioning who wrote a book in my refutation; he used very abusive language and lied out of love for this temporary life. Eventually, in keeping with the promise of God, he was destroyed by the plague.  After him, there was another person named Muhammad Bakhsh, a Deputy Inspector at Batala, who girded up his loins for hostility and persecution. He too died of the plague. After him another person,
named Charagh Din of Jammu, arose. He claimed to be a Messenger.  He referred to me as the Dajjal [Antichrist] and claimed that during a dream, Hadrat ‘Isa had given him his staff that he might kill this Dajjal with the staff of ‘Isa. He, too, along with both of his sons died of plague
on 4 April 1906 in accordance with my prophecy that was specifically about him and was published during his lifetime in my booklet Dafi‘ul-Bala’i wa Mi‘yaru Ahlil-Istifa’. Where did the staff of ‘Isa go with which he sought to kill me? And what happened to his ‘revelation’, namely اّنی لمن المرسلین [‘I indeed am of the Messengers’]? Alas! Most people pronounce their egoistic suggestions to be revelation prior to self-purification. This is why they eventually die in ignominy and disgrace.””””

ROR of May 1906 mentions Chiragh Din and MGA’s prayer against all false prophets
See page 211.

ROR of June 1906 also mentions Chiragh Din
See page 251.

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Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s Friday Sermon, just a few days after the Rabwah train attack of May 29th, 1974

As we all know, Mirza Nasir Ahmad knew that Ahmadis were set to attack the teenagers of the Nishter Medical College on May 29th, 1974. He left town on that very day and will never write or talk about his whereabouts on that day, nor did Mirza Tahir Ahmad ever comment on his location during the attacks, Mirza Masroor is also silent.  Whatever the case may be, I have re-produced the speech that was made just after the train attacks.  He basically admits that some rogue-Ahmadis did in-fact attack the teenagers and hurt them.

The speech

Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s Khutbah of May 31st, 1974

Here is a Friday Sermon right after the attack in which Hazrat Mirza Nasir Ahmad (rh) has addressed this incident: pages 534-536

Khutbat-e-Nasir Vol 5 Page 533
Khutba Jummah 31 May 1974

Saari dunya ki taaqatain mil kar bhi ghalba Islam ke khuda’i mansoobay ko na-kaam nahi bana sakteen.

Khutba jummah farmoodah 31 May 1974 ba-muqaam masjid aqsa rabwah.

Ta’ashud o ta’awuz aur surah fatiha ki tilawat ke baad huzur anwar ne darj zeel aayat-e-kareema tilawat farmaeen: (Quran Ch 34 verse 36).

Phir huzur anwar ne farmaya:

Ummat mussalma ko in aayaat me in bunyadi sadaaqataun se mut’araf karaya gaya hai. Ek to yeh ke agar ummat mussalma Allah ta’ala ki ita’at aur Muhammd (SAW) ki ita’at se amlan baahir nikalnay ki kaushish karay to un ke a’maal ka maud nateeja nahi niklay ga aur un ke a’amaal baatal ho jaein ge aur doosray yeh ke dunya jitna chaahay zaur laga lay vo ummat mussalma par, agar vo ummat Islam par haqeeqi mani me qaim ho kabhi ghalib nahi aa sakti.

Alw aur ghalba ummat mussalma ke hee muqaddar me hai aur us ki waja yeh hai farmaya ‘wallaahu ma’a kum’
Ke in ka ek haqeeqi ta’aluq Allah ta’ala se hota hai aur jis ka haqeeqi aashiqana aur aajizana ta’aluq Allah ta’ala se ho, us ke naik amaal, vo amaal jin ke acchay nateejay nikaltay hain, jin amaal ke nateejay me Allah ta’ala ki razaa pehlay se ziyada haasil hoti rehti hai un amaal me kammi nahi aati balkay izaafa hota rehta hai.

Khuda ta’ala ki safaat ka har doosra jalwa pehlay se barrh kar haseen, pehlay se ziyadah azeem un kay saamnay zaahir hota hai. Pas hamaray muqaam ki pehli shart yeh hai ke Allah ta’ala ki ita’at kee jaey aur us ke rasool ki ita’at kee jaey. Hamein sakhti se is baat ki taakeer kee gaee thi ke gaaliyaun ka jawaab dua’aun se dena aur jab kisi ki taraf se dukh diya jaaey to us ka jawaab is rang me ho ke us ke liye such ka samaan paida kiya jaey.
Isi liye pichlay jummah ke maukeh par bhi mainay ek rang me jamaat ko khasoosan jamaat ke nau-javaanaun ko yeh naseehat kee thi ke yeh tumhara muqaam hai, issay samjho aur kissi ke liye dukh ka ba’is na bano aur dunga fasaad me shaamil na ho aur jo kuch khuda ne tumhay diya hai vo tumharay liye taskeen ka bhi ba’as hai, taraqiyaat ka bhi ba’as hai. Vo hai sabr aur dua ke saath apni zindagi ke lamhaat guzaarna.

Sabr aur dua ke saath apni zindagi ke lamhaat guzaaro magar ahle rabwah me se chand ek ne is naseehat ko ghaur se suna nahi aur is par amal nahi kiya aur jo fasaad ke halaat jaan bhooj kar aur jaisa ke qaraeen batatay hain barri sochi samjhi scheme aur mansooba ke matehet bana-aey gaey thay us ko samjhay baghair josh me aa kar vo fasaad ki kefeeyat jis ke paida karnay ki kaushish kee gaee thi mukhalfat ki tadbeer ko kaamyaab bananay me hissay-daar ban gaey aur fasaad ka maujab huay.

29 May ko station par yeh waqiah hua. Is waqt us waqiah ki 2 shakalain dunya ke saamnay aati hain. Ek vo jo intehai ghalat aur baatil shakal hai maslan ek roznama ne likha ke paanch hazaar ne hamla kar diya. Maslam yeh ke (ahmadiyaun ki taraf se) sochi samjhi scheme ke matehet aisa kiya gaya waghera waghera.
Yeh bilkul ghalat hai is me shak nahi lekin doosri shakal yeh hai ke kuch aadmiyaun ne bahr-haal apnay muqaam se gir kar aur khuda aur us ke rasool ki ita’at ko chhorr tay huey fasaad ka jo mansooba dushmanaun ki taraf se banaya gaya tha ussay kaamyaab karnay me shaamil ho gaey. Is se inkaar nahi kiya jaa sakta aur chunkay aisa hua aur agar dushman ko aap kay 10 aadmi ek hazaar nazar aatay hain to is se aap ki bura’at nahi hoti yeh to Allah ta’ala ki shaan hai lekin aap ki bura’at is se nahi hoti jitney bhi us jhagray me shaamil huay.

Unhaun ne ghalti ki aur savaaey nafrat aur muzamat ke izhaar ke, un ke is fayl ke khilaaf hum kuch kar nahi saktay na Imam jamaat ahmadiyya aur na jamaat ahmadiyya. Is liye unhaun ne to ghalti kee aur chunkay vo dushman ki sochi samjhi tadbeer thi aur ek nihayat bhiyanak mansooba mulk ko kharaab aur tabaa karnay ke liye banaya gaya tha, ab is me aap ka ek hissa shaamil ho gaya aur ab mulk ke ek hissay me aag lagi hui hai aur is aag ko is rang me hawa dee jaa rahi hai ke yeh shiddat ikhtiyaar karay gi.

Yeh aag jahaan lagi hai wahaan 1953 ki aag se ziyada shadeed taur par lagi hui hai. Is waqt hakoomat-e-waqt ziyada tadbar (intellectively) aur ziyada insaaf se kaam le rahi thi. Is waqt jo reportain aa rahi agar vo durust hain to in se yeh nateeja nikal sakta hai ke hakoomat-e-waqt na tadbar se kaam le rahi hai aur na insaaf se kaam le rahi hai.

Bahr-haal yeh to tehqeeq ke baad hee pata lagay ga lekin is se inkaar nahi kiya jaa sakta ke jin hissaun me aag lagi hai wahaan 1953 se ziyada shiddat ke saath is fasaad ke shelay bharrak rahay hain aur is ke nateejay me ba’az Ahmadi-aun ke dilaun me ghabraahatt bhi paida ho sakti hai.

Mein haqeeqat bayaan karnay ke liye yeh kehta houn warna mera yeh kaam nahi tha ke mein yeh bataaoun ke un ko kya karna chahiye. Jo sayasatdaan hain un ko apna mufaad khud samajhna chahiye. Agar nahi samjhain ge to dunya me hakoomatain aati bhi hain jaati bhi hain. Meri is se koi gharz nahi mein to mazabhi aadmi houn. Naseehat karna mera kaam hai, un ko bhi ek rang me naseehat kar dee. Samjhana samajhna uk ka kaam hai lekin asal cheez mein aap ke saamnay awwal yeh laana chahta houn ke jinhaun ne bhi ghalti kee, ghalti kee hai aur humein is cheez ko tasleem karna chahiye.

Doosray yeh ke sirf unhaun ne ghalti nahi ki balkay unhaun ne apni na-samjhi ke nateejay me dushman ke ek sochay samjhay mansoobay me shamuliyat kee aur jamaat ke liye bhi pareshaani ke saamaan paida karnay ke maujab banay aur mulk ke liye bhi kamzori ka saamaan paida karnay ka maujab banay, mein samajhta houn aur mein unhain yeh naseehat karna chahta houn ke vo kam az kam das hazaar martaba astaghfar karein aur tauba karein aur Allah ta’ala se apnay gunah ki maafi maangain. Jo bhi is maamlay me shaamil huay hain mujhay un ka ilm nahi lekin jo bhi shaamil huay hain vo kam az kam das hazaar martaba astaghfar karein aur khuda ta’ala ke hazoor aajizana jhukain aur apni bhalai ke liye aur khud ko Allah ta’ala ki naraazgi se bachnay ke liye das hazaar martaba us se maafi maangain aur us ke hazoor aajizana jhukay rahain jab tak Allah ta’la unhain maaf na kar de.

Doosri baat mein jamaat ke mukhlis, samajhdaar, fidaai hissay ko yeh batana chahta houn ke aag to barri shiddat se bharkaai gai hai lekin yeh na-kaam ho gi. Insha’Allah ta’ala na-kaami is menay me nahi ke kisi Ahmadi ko bhi mukhtalif qism ki qurbaniyaan nahi daini parrain gi. Vo to daini parrain gi jab tak jamaat-e-ahmadiyya ke ahbaab vo aur is kism ki tamaam qurbaaniyaan khuda ke hazoor paish nahi kartay jo qurbaaniyaan ke nabi akram sallal laahu alaihi wassallam ke sahaba ne khuda ke huzoor paish ki theen us waqt tak vo un inamaat ko bhi haasil nahi kar saktay jo sahaba nabi akram sallal laahu alaihi wassallam ne rab kareem se haasil kiye thay lekin dunya ke kisi damaagh me agar yeh baat aaey ke saari dunya ki taaqatain mil kar bhi Allah ta’ala ki ghalba Islam ki is tadbeer aur Allah ta’ala ke ghalba Islam ke is mansoobay ko na-kaam bana sakti hain jis gharz ke liye ke jamaat ahmadiyya qaim kee gai thi to hamaray nazdeek vo ruhaniyat se door honay ki waja se na-samjhi ke halaat rakhnay wala hai. Yeh to ho nahi sakta ke khuda ta’ala ka yeh mansooba na-kaam ho jaey….

.Aur muhabbat aur pyaar ke saath in logaun ke dilaun ko jeeto jo apni na-samjhi ki waja se yeh samajhtay hain ke vo aap ke dushman hain. Tum ne yeh saabit karna hai ke tum un ke dushman nahi ho balkay tum hee un ke kheraah ho, tum hee un ke haqeeqi pyaar karnay waalay ho, tum hee un ke dukhaun ko door karnay ke liye paida kiye gaey ho. Tum ne un ke oopar itna ihsaan karna hai ke un ko Muhammad sallal laahu alaihi wassallam ke ihsaan ki ma’arfat haasil ho jaaey. Vo chotti bohot hi buland hai jahaan tak Muhammad sallal laahu alaihi wassallam ka ihsaan pohnchaya lekin khaardaar jhaarriyaan beech me hain vo nazar nahi aa raheen. In khaardaar jhaarriyaun ko tum ne muhabbat aur pyaar ke saath saaf karna hai aur phir is muhabbat aur pyaar ke nateejay me jo ek noorani fiza paida ho gi us se unhain pata lagay ga ke hamara musan-e-azeem jo tha (sallal laahu alaihi wassallam) us ka kya muqaam tha.

Is ke liye kaushish karni hai. Chhotti chhotti baataun ke peechay parr kar apnay auqaat zaa’eh na karo aur khwa waqti taur par hee kyoun na ho doosraun ko ibtila me na ddaalo aur jo aisay mansoobay hain jo ghlaba Islam ki raah me rrorray urrkanay walay hain un mansoobaun me khud ko shaamil na karo. Tum is kaam ke liye nahi paida kiye gaey. Dua-ain karo aur sabr se kaam lo aur hammah waqt khidmat ke liye tayyaar raho aur jis shakhs ko yeh vehm hai ke vo aap ka ashad tareen dushman hai apni pyaari khidmat ke saath us ke is vehm ko door karnay ki kaushish karo ta ke jo hum chahtay hain vo humein jald tareen mil jaey. Khuda karay ke aisa hi ho.

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Ahmadis get schooled at Speakers Corner again

Ahmadis use the same arguments over and over again.  It’s as-if they never read our counter-arguments, and they just continue to act as-if our “counter-arguments” don’t exist.  We have refuted the Ahmadi interpretations of Tawaffi in the Quran many times.  In this video at 6:26, this Muslim explains 39:42 and destroys the Ahmadi arguments on Tawaffi.

Ahmadis brag about being the exact people who walked Bhutto to get hanged

Ahmadis are a fanatical bunch of people. They were radicalized by the Mirza family. In this specific case, this Ahmadi admits to working in the jail wherein Bhutto was being held and awaiting execution. As we all know, Ahmadis see the “hanging” of Bhutto as a divine sign in the favor of Ahmadiyya, in fact, Ahmadis see the death of any of their opponents as such, however, they close their eyes when their own people die in the same way. In reality, the Mirza family wanted Bhutto to be killed, since Zia was an undercover Qadiani.
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Ahmadiyya leadership banned Facebook in 2011, then backpeddled on it…

This entry is taken from here: In 2021, they banned tik tok, instagram and telegram.

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The story of the red drops in Ahmadiyya (1884)

MGA mentioned the story of the red drops in 1886, in his book, Surmah Chashm-e-Aryah, “Guidance for the Aryas”.  This book was created before MGA rejected the miracle of the physical second coming of Jesus.  Hence, MGA was on-board with the physicality of miracles.  However, after MGA died, all of those miracles were explained away by rational means.  Moreover, MGA always had lots of men and women attending to him while he was in the toilet.  Most likely because his right hand was broken and he thus couldn’t properly wipe himself.  Abdullah of Sannour was the toilet attendant in this case, he claims to be a witness for these red drops and was even buried with MGA’s clothes which were stained as such.  MGA seemed to be fond of sleeping in bathrooms, in fact, when he died in Lahore, he was close to self-made bathroom and was attempting to clean himself.  Finally, it is important to note that this story is from 1884, but MGA didn’t mention it until 1886 in his book.  This incident came from an era before MGA had married his second wife, thus MGA would always spend long hours with his toilet attendants.

1886, the Quote
“”””I remember that on one occasion I saw in a state of vision that I had written certain divine decrees with my own hand setting out events in the future and then presented the paper to Allah the All-Powerful, Gloried be His name, for His signature. (It should be remembered that
it often happens in visions and divinely inspired dreams that some divines attribute of Beauty or Majesty are beheld by the recipient of the vision in the form of a human being and the person seeing the vision thinks, by way of symbolism, that he is actually beholding God, the Absolutely All-Powerful. Among those with experience of spiritual visions, this matter is well-recorded, known, and accepted as an established fact. It cannot be denied by anyone with experience of visions.) To the same Peerless and Self-Sufficient Being—Who manifested His attribute of Beauty to my mind in the state of vision and appeared to be God, the All-Powerful—I presented the document containing divine decrees for attestation. And He, Who was manifesting Himself in the form of a Ruler, dipped His pen in red ink and first flicked it in my direction and with the
rest of the red ink which remained at the point of the pen He put His signature to the document. Thereupon, the state of vision came to an end and when I opened my eyes to look at the material world around me, I witnessed several red drops falling on my clothes. Two or three of the drops also fell on the cap of one ‘Abdullah of Sannour (Patiala State) who was at the time sitting close to me. Thus, the red ink which was part of the vision materialized externally and became visible. Many other such manifestations have been witnessed which it would take too long to relate.””” [Surmah Chashm-e-Aryah, pp. 131–132 footnote, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 2, pp. 179–180 footnote](See Also the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, see pages 160-163).  

1916, (See Tadhkirah, 2009 online edition, 161-162, footnote)

“”””Note by Hadrat Mirza Bashir Ahmadra: Maulavi ‘Abdullah of Sannourra had the following statement published in al-Fadl, volume 4, number 24, September 26, 1916 by way of attestation of this event:

It was the month of Ramadan on the 27th day of which was Friday. I had the honour of being in attendance upon the blessed presence. After offering the Fajr Prayer, the Promised Messiah[as], as was his wont, retired into the chamber (i.e., the small room to the east of Masjid Mubarak) and lay down on a cot. Sitting near him, my humble self started massaging his feet as usual. This continued till the sun came out and the chamber was lit up. The Promised Messiahas was lying on his side and his forearm covered his face. I was thinking with great joy how fortunate I was and what a blessed opportunity had been afforded to me by Allah, the Holy and High, that it was the blessed month of Ramadan and it was the blessed 27th day, the blessed period of the last ten days [of Ramadan], a blessed Friday and I was in the company of the blessed personage. I thought to myself how many blessings combined for me that day; it would not be strange if God Almighty were to show me some Sign of the Promised Messiahas. I was deep in these delightful thoughts as I was massaging his foot near the ankle when suddenly I perceived a slight trembling of his body, whereupon he removed his forearm from his face and looked at me. His eyes were wet and were possibly running with tears. He covered up his face again and continued in that posture. When I looked at his ankle I noticed a red drop which was round and had not spread out. I put the tip of my forefinger on the drop and it spread out and it coloured my finger also. I was surprised and the verse passed through my mind: [Arabic] [The colouring of Allah and who is better than Allah in the matter of colouring. (al-Baqarah, 2:139)]

Then I thought that if this was Allah’s colouring may be it had a fragrance. I smelt my finger but there was no fragrance. Then I started massaging his back and observed a few wet red stains on his shirt which made me wonder, and I got up and examined the whole chamber but did not find any red stain anywhere else. I was very puzzled, and resumed massaging his feet. The Promised Messiahas continued lying down with his face covered with his forearm. In a short
while he sat up and then went to the mosque and sat there. My humble self continued massaging his back.

It was then that I asked him: ‘Hudur, where did these red drops fall from?’ At first, he put me off; but on my persisting he related the whole incident as he has set out in detail in his books. Before describing the incident, he expounded to me in detail the matter of beholding God Almighty and the external materialization of elements observed in a vision. He drew upon the experiences of Hadrat Mohy-ud-din Ibn-e- ‘Arabi to make me fully comprehend how perfect
individuals are vouchsafed the experience of the personification of divine attributes of Beauty and Majesty.

Then the Promised Messiahas asked me: ‘Did any drop fall on your clothes?’ I looked at my clothes and answered: ‘There is no drop on me.’ He asked me to look at my cap (which was of white muslin.) I took off my cap and looked at it and saw that there was a drop on it also. I felt very happy that a drop of the divine ink had fallen on me too. I begged the Promised Messiahas persistently to bestow upon me the shirt on which the red drops had fallen.. He agreed on
the condition that I should give a direction in my will that on my death it should be buried along with me. His hesitation in bestowing it upon me was due to his apprehension that after the death of both of us, people might convert it into an object of worship; and he gave it to me after a good deal of discussion between us. It is still with me and bears the red stains exactly as they were then.

This is my true eye-witness testimony! Suffice to say that if I have lied, may I be subject to the warning of: [Curse of Allah be upon the liars.]

Taking Allah as Ever-Present, All-Seeing, I declare on oath in the name of Allah that whatever I have stated is the truth in its entirety. If I have forged a lie I call down upon myself the curse! curse!! curse!!! and wrath! wrath!! wrath!!! of Allah. Humbly, ‘Abdullah of Sannour.”””””


The scan from Seeratul Mahdi

Mujadid e Azim mentions this story in the 1930’s by Dr. Basharat Ahmad (Lahori-Ahmadi), the abridged english version
“””On the eastern extremity of the mosque was another small room in which the Divine sign of the red drops occurred. The floor of this room was about two feet lower than the rest of the mosque and contained the requirements for performing ablution. Later, the floor of the room was raised to the level of the rest of the mosque and this cubbyhole became the office of Maulvi Muhammad Ali. During the summer months, the evening prayers were offered on the roof of the mosque. On the west side of the roof was a balcony in which Hazrat Mirza sat after the early evening (Maghrib) prayers and the congregation would gather around him
for talk and discussions.””” (see page 166-171).

Some additional scans

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