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The early life of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

A young Mirza Ghulam Ahmad squandered his families pension money and was punished by never being able to see his mother again

We have written about this story before. However, we have found new information which seems to open up this story a bit further. The new info is from the ROR of 1922 wherein MGA’s mother was described. This essay was written by an Ahmadi named Ghulam Mohammad Ahmadi, and published on the 5th of May 1922. This essay doesn’t mention MGA’s stealing of his families pension, which led to MGA getting severely punished by never being able to see him mother alive ever again, as well as being forced to work in Sialkot for a meager salary. MGA was punished severely, and rightly so, per Islam he should have gotten his right hand chopped off, since he stole upwards of 100,000 dollars in today’s money and was on the run for up to 1 year. An Urdu video herein also describes this event. Continue reading “A young Mirza Ghulam Ahmad squandered his families pension money and was punished by never being able to see his mother again”

Dr. Basharat Ahmad (Lahori-Ahmadi) omits MGA’s pension story

Dr. Basharat Ahmad wrote a comprehensive biography on the life of MGA. Its called Mujadid-e-Azam, or the “The Great Mujadid”. He was an old friend of Maulvi Abdul Karim and Noorudin, they all knew each other very well. Anyhow, Dr. Ahmad wrote extensively about MGA’s life in Sialkot, however, he purposely omitted the part about why MGA had to go to Sialkot and take up employment. This is very odd, since he quotes Seeratul-Mahdi by Mirza Bashir Ahmad many times. Anyhow, feel free to read Vol. 1 of Mujadid e Azam and you will see the deception. The full Pension story can be read here. Continue reading “Dr. Basharat Ahmad (Lahori-Ahmadi) omits MGA’s pension story”

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s famous pension story-1864

As we all know, in 1864, MGA and his cousin-brother set off to pickup the hefty pension payment by the British govt. to MGA’s father and his brothers. We have also written an extended review of MGA’s family issues leading up to this, specifically how MGA’s mother kept saving MGA from working and etc, MGA was punished by not being able to see his mother ever again. Below is the entire translation and transliteration of the incident. It should be noted that by 1864, MGA’s fathers pension was only 200 rupees per month (see Dard, page 18), however, after the settlement of 1865 it was raised to 700 rupees pension was given in total to Mirza Ghulam Murtaza and his brothers. However, after this incident, Mirza Ghulam Murtaza’s brothers sued him in court and won, its the famous settlement of 1865 (see Dard page 68). According to the Settlement of 1865, the estate was divided into five parts; two-fifths belonged to the descendants of Mirza Tasadduq Jilani, two fifths to those of Mirza Gul Muhammad (via the brothers of Mirza Ghulam Murtaza (Muhiyideen and Haidar), and one-fifth to Mirza Ghulam Murtaza as the managing proprietor. Of the 700 rupees, 280 rupees were allocated to Jilani, who’s entire family seems to have went missing from Ahmadiyya records. Continue reading “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s famous pension story-1864”

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