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Mirza Tahir Ahmad announced 40 million converts to Ahmadiyya from India alone in 2001

We have written about this before, Ahmadiyya leadership has always lied about the number of converts to their cult. In this specific video, Mirza Tahir Ahmad announces 40 million converts to Ahmadiyya just from India alone. It’s obviously a lie.
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In 1939, Italy banned Ahmadiyya, however, the British government quickly interceded on behalf of Ahmadiyya


My team and I have came across some interesting information about Ahmadiyya in Italy. It seems that around 1939, before WW-2 started, Ahmadi-mullahs in Italy were being kicked out of the country. However, the British government, who have always supported Ahmadiyya, they quickly interceded and were able to get the Ahmadi-Mullah respite. It is not sure what happened after the war started.
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s criteria for selecting a wife



Stated to me by Dr Mir Muhammad Ismail that Hazrat sb MGQ got Molvi Muhammad Ali Lahori first time married in Gurdaspur. But before finalisation of marriage proposals hazrat sb sent a woman to Gurdaspur to report the features of the girls. A questioner was prepared for the purpose with the consultation of Hazrat Ummul Momineen (Nusrat Jehan). The questioner was written by me. Following points were to be addressed after inspection of the girl so that the beauty of girl could be judged.

a. What is complexion of girl?
b. Her height?
c. Does she has some fault in her eyes?
d. How do her nose,eyes, lips,and neck look like?
So many other things about the appearance of girl were asked in the Questioner. When the lady returned and reported all ok the deal (marriage) was finalised.

How old was this girl?
Muhammad Ali’s biogrpaher mentions Muhammad Ali’s wife and her subsequent early death here.  On 4 April 1901 he was married to Fatima, daughter of Nabi Bakhsh, at Gurdaspur, according to the wish of the Promised Messiah.  The age of the girl is not listed, however, it is safe to assume that she was anywhere between 13–18, which was the normal age for marriage in those days for females.

In 1909, Muhammad Ali’s wife died
Maulana Muhammad Ali’s wife died in November 1908, leaving a little girl named Ruqayya.

The scan work

The Ahmadi Khalifa, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad was against the creation of Pakistan!!

These days, you will see Ahmadi-trolls all over the internet lying about how Ahmadiyya leadership supported the creation of Pakistan. However, if we examine the Khutba’s and announcements of the Ahmadi-Khalifa from 1944–1947, we will see quite the opposite. In 1944, the Khalifa told Ahmadi’s that if Pakistan was created, it would disprove a major ilham of MGA. In 1946, the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad had Ahmadi’s recorded as Non-Muslim during the famous boundary commission meetings. Later in April of 1947, he said the same thing. In November of 1947, the Ahmadiyya Khalifa prophecied that Ahmadi’s would eventually return to Qadian, India, and even the graves of MGA’s wife and other’s should be dug up and transferred, however, this never happened and the Khalifa also died in 1965 and was buried in Rabwah. All of these quotes were brought up in 1954, during the the famous Munir-Kiyani tribunal (which was a farce), the Khalifa immediately rejected Al-Fazl as an Ahmadi newpaper in defense. By 1948, he was given a private city (rabwah), Ahmadi’s were allowed into the Pakistan military at a disproportionate rate, Ahmadi’s were heavily favored, being an Ahmadi from 1947 to 1999 was advantageous in getting government jobs. Bashir Ahmad in his famous book about Ahmadiyya quotes additional sources. It is a fact however, that Ahmadi’s were the most trusted group of people from British-India by the colonist and thus were given many perks.
Reported by Molvi Muhammad Yaqub:

Some one asked about creation of Pakistan from Huzur (Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmoud). Huzur said personally he is not in favour of creation of Pakistan, because He believes that god had sent hazrat Masih e Maud to Hindustan so that whole Hindustan may come under his flag and work for the progress of Ahmadiyya. Hazrat Masih e Maud received an Ilham “ARIYON KA BADSHAH” (king of Aryas) (Tazkirah page 484). Now if we separate Muslims from Aryas (hindu’s), how can this Ilham be fulfilled? So it is necessary that all nationalities of Hindustan should remain united. If India was to divide into pieces then hazrat Masih e Maoud would only be called as the king of Pakistan instead of the king of Arya’s. Muslim, despite their all efforts can not achieve a physical Pakistan as they want. But Allah would give them a Hindustan where they would be in majority. We are working hard for it. At the same time we do not oppose Pakistan in order to put hindu’s under pressure.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Another explanation

Official Newspaper of Qadiani Jamaat, daily Alfazal dated 8th June, 1944 brought out a speech of Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmoud Ahmad the son of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani and the Khalifa 2 of Jamaat ahmadiyya qadianiyyah, which he delivered on 10th April, 1944 after Maghrib prayer. Here is the translation:-

“Answering to a question, hazrat sb MBM said I am not convinced of the demand for pakistan in principle. I believe that god has sent hazrat Masih e Moud (MGAQ) to India so that whole of the India could come under the flag of Islam to become a base for the progress of ahmadiyyat. There is an ILHAM of Hazrat Masihe Moud (MGAQ) as ARIYUN KA BADSHAH (king of Hindus) (Tazkirah page 404). If Ariyas and Muslims are separated then how will this Ilham of hazrat Masih Moud be materialised. So it is important that ariyas and Muslims to remain united. If all of the communities are to be separated then he (MGAQ) would have been called as the Badshah of Pakistan and not the Badshah of Ariyas.

So whatever efforts muslims put in, they would not get Pakistan. Yet god would give them an India where Muslims would be in majority for which we are doing struggle.”

Scan from Jun 8th, 1944

Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood says there is no need to partition India. Alfazl dated 12 April,1947.

Urdu Transliteration
“””Bhar hal hum chatay hain kay akhand hindustan bunay aur sari quamain baham sher-o-shakar ho kar”””

English translation
“””In any case, we want a united India and all states (all parts of the country) to be united”””


Akhand Hindustan

Zafrullah Khan tells us that his Khalifa supported Akhand Hindustan, which was a stand for an undivided India. The British were pursuing a policy of divide and conquer, this is why they wanted to divide up India. Zafrullah Khan was a pawn that was used by the British to split up India, in fact, he secretly wrote the Lahore-Resolution as early as 1940. It seems that even though the Ahmadi-Khalifa was outwardly against the creation of Pakistan, he had a backup plan if it was in fact created.

The scans

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Why aren’t people in the USA, the UK, Germany and Canada converting to Ahmadiyya?

Ahmadiyya leadership lied about the rate of converts in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, and they still lie today.  The truth is, Ahmadiyya is dying, the only way that Ahmadiyya leadership continues to raise money is through their asylum scam, wherein they get hard core Ahmadi’s from Pakistan to immigrate to the West, and then give all of their money to their Khalifa’s.  In this video, the Ahmadi-Mullah, Ibrahim Noonan discusses (2009) why people in the west refuse to convert to Ahmadiyya, he thus proves that his Khalifa did in fact lie about converts and even MGA lied about converts in the past.

The video

The video from official Ahmadi sources

Qadiani Ahmadis vs. Lahori-Ahmadis, sectarianism within Ahmadiyya–2018 version

Ahmadi’s are always crying that they get called Qadianis and this and that.  They are taught to play the persecution card to the public.  However, they were only called Qadianis since there were initially two main groups of Ahmadis, the Lahoris and the Qadianis.  But Ahmadiyya leadership won’t stop, they continue to cry about persecution that isn’t even really happening, Ahmadis enjoy good jobs in Pakistan and blend in with the Desi environment.  It is only when Ahmadi’s break the law and start giving out literature, that’s when being an Ahmadi in Pakistan becomes an issue.

In the video in the below, the Ahmadi-mullah, Azhar Haneef, explains how he was invited to a Lahori-Jalsa in the country of Suriname in 2015 and he was shocked to see the slow death of the Lahori-Ahmadis. He commented how NO ONE shows up for Salaat and etc. However, he forgets to mention that any Ahmadi mosque in the USA, there are barely 2-3 people that show up for Isha on a Monday night. The truth is that the Lahori-Ahmadis are vanishing fast, most likely because of their liberal version of Islam, plus, they don’t worship the Mirza family like the Qadianis, and thus they aren’t brainwashed fools. They are free to live. Lahori-Ahmadis are the better version of Ahmadiyya, they realized that MGA and his family were corrupt, as early as 1909 and were trying to stop the Mirza family from turning Ahmadiyya into a family business, however, they failed.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Qadianis in America, the UK, Germany and Canada are also vanishing

The real reason that Azhar Haneef was making these comments is because he was at the West Coast Jalsa Salana, and the young-american-born-Ahmadis (qadianis) are also vanishing and not just America, in Canada, Germany, the UK and other places in the west. They are leaving Ahmadiyya silently, just like the Lahori-Ahmadis. Azhar Haneef was commenting on this topic, he was urging young Qadiani-Ahmadis to worship their Khalifa, and thus remain hooked into Ahmadiyya. However, the truth is, young-american-born-qadiani-ahmadis don’t care about any Khalifa, they are modernized and utilize critical thinking, and thus are leaving ahmadiyya fast.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________This is why Ahmadiyya (qadiani-version) is reliant on immigration

Without immigration, Ahmadiyya in the west is dead. It is the immigrant Ahmadis, the asylum cases, they are the people who drive the jamaat, they are the ones who pay the chanda and force their kids to attend silly jamaat events and etc. It is the immigrant Ahmadi’s who work day and night on behalf of the Mirza family aka Khilafat
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Qadiani-Ahmadis have been persecuting Lahori-Ahmadis for 100 years and calling them Kafir

It is important to note that in terms of persecution, the Qadianis have hated their Lahori brethren for over 100 years, they even called them by many disrespectful epithets like “Paghamis” and etc. In fact, in 1916, Mirza Bashir Ahmad indirectly called them Kafirs as he declared that any Muslim who rejects the prophethood of MGA was a Kafir.  

The video

The video from official Ahmadi sources

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s final words on prophethood, May 23rd, 1908 to the newspaper Akhbar e Aam

The Qadiani-Ahmadi belief in prophethood is very unique and complicated. Firstly, it has to be understood that in 1901, MGA and his team published an announcement wherein MGA was claiming prophethood. This prophethood wasn’t “independent”, in other words, Ahmadi writers (+MGA) were claiming that all 123,999 of the prophets that had came before MGA were all “independent”. Well, what does “independent” even mean? Continue reading “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s final words on prophethood, May 23rd, 1908 to the newspaper Akhbar e Aam”

Mirza Masroor Ahmad mentions Dr. Abdul Hakim Khan of Patiala in his Friday Sermon of July 22, 2016

Some new information has emerged in terms of Dr. Khan of Patiala, we have written about him extensively here: We have also added a video. In this video, Mirza Masroor tells the world that Noorudin supervised this Tafsir by Dr. Khan, nonetheless, they threw the book out since it might make their library filthy. MGA on 2:62.
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An english translation of the Quran by official Ahmadiyya sources in 1905, by Dr. Khan, who would end up leaving Ahmadiyya shortly thereafter


The research team here at the blog has found the first ever english translation of the Quran by Ahmadiyya sources. It was written by Dr. Abdul Hakeem Khan, this is before he argued with MGA on the topic of salvation and verse 2:62. In fact, the Review of Religions (see Oct-1905, page 404) even posted an ad wherein they were marketing this translation to the world as an official Ahmadiyya translation and etc. Dr. Khan was an Ahmadi for 20+ years up to 1906, he saw MGA as his peer even before MGA was accepting Bait in 1889. MGA slipped-up in this exchange and told Dr. Khan that all Muslims who rejected him (MGA) were Kafirs. This would prompt MGA’s son, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad to do Takfir in 1911 and continue to do it until 1922.

The biological birth of Esa (as)
On page 112 of this Tafsir, the Ahmadi author argues that Esa (As) was born from biological parents, this seems to confirm what MGA and his team wrote in 1891, in Izala Auham, i.e. that Esa (As) was raised by his father, Joseph. Muhammad Ali split in 1914 and his Tafsir was published in 1917 wherein he made the same argument, i.e. that Esa (As) was fathered biologically by Joseph and the Qadianis never objected.

MGA issued a fatwa in 1904 which is opposite of the Lahori belief
Nooruddin argued with MGA on this topic. MGA then issued a fatwa on this topic, read it here:

As soon as MGA died, Noorudin started writing that Esa (As) had a father again

Mirza Tahir Ahmad called Maryam (ra) as a Hermaphradite

The missing link??
We are missing the 2nd Khalifa’s comments on this topic. We are missing all statements from the Qadianis from 1914 to 1984.

Free Download
The Holy Quran with a Commentary by Dr Abdul Hakim

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