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RAFFA in the quran, a historical perspective

Based on context, most words in any language change meanings. For example, in the quran, the word RAFFA is used to explain how Allah physically lifted Esa (as) (see 4:158 and 3:55) up to heaven (towards himself). RAFFA in 4:158 and 3:55 means the same as RAFFA in 19:57 in terms of the Prophet Idris (as) aka Enoch (as). In 19:57, Allah told Muslims that the story of Enoch (as) ascending to heaven is in-fact a true story, and thus, allah validated that story from the bible. #ahmadis are told by their mullahs that RAFFA in 4:158 means the same as RAFFA in 43:32, which means the raising in ranks, not a literal raising. In the below, we have found 27 verses of the Quran which have the letters RF, they are explained in the below. 10 times, RAFFA is used to explain a physical lifting and 16 times it used to explain a figurative raising (in ranks or status). I have also written a detailed study on KTM (khatam) in the quran. Interestingly, in 1884, in the BA-4, MGA translated RAFFA as physical lifting towards Allah.

RAFFA in the quran as a physical lifting or something raised above the earth
There are about 10 verses of the quran which speak of a physical lifting or heaven being raised above the earth or raising the walls of a building, or high up on a mountain (where Musa went), they are 2:127, 3:55, 4:154, 4:158, 13:2, 17:49, 19:57, 55:7, 79:28 and 88:18. Specifically in 88:18, Allah tells us how the cosmos (samaa) are raised (raffa) above the universe of the Earth (ardh). 55:7 (55:8 in the Qadiani-Quran) tells us the same.

RAFFA in the Quran as a figurative raising of ranks
There are 16 verses in the quran wherein RAFFA is used to explain a raising in ranks or some other figurative raising in staus, they are: 2:253, 6:165, 6:83, 7:176, 12:76, 12:100, 24:36, 34:34, 35:10, 40:15, 43:23, 43:32, 58:11, 80:14, 88:13 and 94:4.

RAFFA in the Quran in terms of angels raising us after we die

RAFFA in the Sajdah prayer
Ahmadi’s are confused as to why the word RAFFA is used during daily prayers while in Sajdah. Ahmadis forget, based on context, most words in any language change meanings. In Sajdah, it means specifically raising of ranks with Allah.

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed that #ahmadis differ with #muslims on every single part of Islam

In 1931, as #ahmadis were planning on taking over Kashmir and administering it as a #qadiani state. In this quote, the only educated son of MGA tells the world that his father would say that #ahmadis differ with Muslims on every single part of Islam. In fact, after 1923, the Ahmadiyya Khalifa ordered the common Ahmadi to stop doing Takfir. Continue reading “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed that #ahmadis differ with #muslims on every single part of Islam”

Tuhfa-e-Ghaznaviyyah, quotes and background info

Per Ahmadiyya sources, this book was written by MGA and his team of writers in 1900 and published in 1902. The book is only 60 pages and is found in RK-15. This refers to MGA’s Mubahila challenge with Abdul Haq Ghaznavi (also called Miyan ‘Abdul-Haqq of Ghazni), a follower of Abdul Jabbar and a disciple of the famous Ahl-e-Hadith Imam Maulawi Abdullah Ghaznavi (1811–1881), began a Mubahila with MGA in 1891 over the topic of the death of Esa (As) (see Life of Ahmad by Dard, page 239), the Mubahila eventually happened in 1893 in the Eidgah ground of Amristar. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani died during the lifetime of Maulana Abdul Haq Ghaznavi on May 26, 1908, whereas Maulana Abdul Haq Ghaznavi (Allah’s mercy on him) expired 9 years later, on May 16, 1917. Further, MGA called him as the son of prostitutes, the famous, Baghaya insult.
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What’s the definition of an Ahmadi?

With the recent murder of Tahir Naseem in Peshawar, Pakistan, the question is now arising as to what is the definition of an ‘Ahmadi’? Obviously, Tahir Naseem had been kicked out of the Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya by the Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, since he was claiming prophethood and seemed to be totally crazy. However, it should be remembered that #ahmadis always argue on social media that all prophets were called crazy. Nevertheless, the tragic death of Tahir Naseem has shocked all of us. Rabwah times, the official-unofficial mouthpiece of the #ahmadiyya movement tweeted that Tahir Naseem was an #ahmadi, and this murder was that of an #ahmadi. However, the official spokesman of Ahmadiyya in Pakistan, Saleem ud Din immediately tweeted that Tahir Naseem was not an Ahmadi, instead he was an ex-Ahmadi.

Whats the definition of an Ahmadi?
MGA never gave a definition. His Khalifa’s never gave a definition. The Lahori-Ahmadi’s never gave a definition. #ahmadis always argue with Muslims that we have NO definition of a Muslim. We counter-argue that people don’t make this definition, its up to an islamic government to take up the question, if they like. For example, the Ottoman Empire and Mughal Empire had their own definitions of a Muslim, however, it was most likely the same, since they were using Hanafi fiqh.


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Holger Kersten and the false idea of Jesus of India

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his team of writers totally lied about Jesus in India, in fact, MGA’s teams book, “Jesus in India”, Yuz Asaf is not mentioned at all, this book was published per the order of Noorudin in late 1908. They took the lies of Nicholas Notovitch and spun them for their own benefit. However, they went toooo far and claimed that Esa (as) = Yuz Asaf, which has been totally disproven. In fact, Max Muller disproved it back in the early 1900’s.
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39:42 of the Quran disproves all #ahmadi arguments on the death of Esa (as)

In 39:42 (39:43 in the Qadiani Quran), Allah tells the world that WAFFA can mean other than death (and 6:60). In these verse, even #ahmadi authors agree that WAFFA doesn’t mean death. Historically, Chapter 39 was revealed at Mecca, and one of the earliest uses of WAFFA by Allah has he explained the “taking” of something, in this case souls (See page 2267). Quranically, Allah is allowed to do anything, since allah has power to do all. Muhammad Hijaab explained the same concept in his video on the subject. Furthermore, MGA refused to discuss this verse from 1880 to 1906. Finally in 1906, in Haqiqatul Wahy, he discussed the verse and still he didn’t mention how WAFFA in this verse doesn’t mean death, instead it means a taking, thus, opening the door for WAFFA in 3:55 and 5:117 to mean NOT DEATH, but a taking. In fact, in 1884, MGA was translating WAFFA as a taking (not death), however, deep in MGA’s heart and brain, he knew that he was the second coming of Esa (as) and was thus pretending to hold the common islamic beliefs, i.e., that Esa (as) was alive in heaven. One last thing, 4:159 proves that Esa (as) hasn’t died yet. Watch my video explanation of 39:42 here. Also, watch this hanafi scholar (Shaykh Mohammad Yasir is semi-famous Hanafi scholar on Islam) explain how 39:42 proves that Esa (as) was captured by Allah and hasn’t died yet. Tafsir al-Tustari and all other Tafsir’s agree on the usage of WAFFA in 39:42 as they connected it to the physical ascension of Esa (as).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The verse

“”Allah takes away the souls of human beings at the time of their death; and during their sleep of those also that are not yet dead. And then He retains those against which He has decreed death, and sends back the others till an appointed term. In that surely are Signs for a people who reflect.”” (See
_____________________________________________________________________________________________MGA’s commentary on this verse?

MGA and his team of writers mentioned 39:42 in 1906–1908 in 2 books, Chashma-e-Ma‘rifat and Haqiqatul Wahy. However, they didn’t address the issue of WAFFAT e Esa (as). We believe that they did this purposely. It also seems to have been mentioned in 1900 via Malfuzat, Vol.-2, online english edition (see page 257), however, Malfuzat V-2 was published in 1960 from Rabwah and thus was most likely tampered with by the Ahmadiyya team of editors (the clerics). Nevertheless, in Malfuzat V-2, MGA does not address the glaring issue of WAFFA=taking, he avoids it altogether. He simply argues that once a decree of death is issued, death comes and no one can go backwards in this regard. However, Esa (As) hasn’t died yet (see 4:159), and thus Esa (as) can return. Further, Quran 39:42 (39:43 in the Ahmadi quran).
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ In 6:60, waffa also means a “taking” or “capturing”

Waffa happens every single night to all humans, See Tafsir Ibn Kathir and Suyuti. 6:60 proves it yet again. Waffa literally means “taking” here.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________My video explanation

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Other instances wherein WAFFA doesn’t mean death
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Tawaffa in Bukhari
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Ibn Kathir and 39:42

Ibn Kathir connected 39:42 with 5:117 and 3:55, thus proving that WAFFA in all three of these verses means the same thing, i.e., a taking or a capturing.

Scans from Tafsir Ibn Kathir proving that 39:42 is connected to 3:55 and 5;117

Ahmadi arguments

Ahmadi’s have a strange set of arguments here too. They argue that:

“””yes, ‘(تَوَفّٰ)’ does means ‘to take’ but only when the word Nafs is followed after it and the subject is not the day of Judgement, like the following'(يَوۡمَ الۡقِيٰمَةِ​ ۚ ثُمَّ تُوَفّٰى كُلُّ نَفۡسٍ)’ for which 3:161 means, for the day of judgement, ‘ever soul shall be fully repaid’. Even though the word Tawaffa is followed by Nafs, it is still not translated as ‘To take’, but in fact, it is ‘fully repaid, or paid in full’, but again because of the SUBJECT is ‘Day of Judgement’.”””
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Did Mirza Ghulam Ahmad ever do Istighfar?

MGA didn’t fast, didn’t lead prayers, never gave a Khutbah Juma, etc etc etc, he also never did Istighfar. In the below, Maulvi Sher Ali  (published in 1923)tells the world how he never saw MGA doing Istighfar. He was saying this in the context that MGA never did anything wrong and as such, never had the need to do istighfar. In 1961, in Malfuzat, the Ahmadiyya editing team concocted a story wherein it is said MGA got mad and mis-treated his wife, and then said Istighfar, they claim that MGA only did this once.

This is ironic since in 1896, MGA said the person who doesn’t have a habit of doing istaghfar is a worm and it was better if he wasn’t created. At one point, MGA even advised Abdul Karim Sialkoti to make istaghfar 1000 times in the morning. MGA also criticized Jesus for not making istaghfar which led to his getting oil massages from prostitutes.

The story
Told in 1923

Molvi Sher Ali (companion of Mirza Qadyani)(pic attached down) said that he has seen many times Mirza Qadyani to recite prayer Subhan Allah but he had never seen Mirza Qadyani to recite ISTAGHFAR. (see Seeratul Mahdi, page-3, 1st story).

The scan work


In the philosophy of the teachings of Islam he said the person who doesn’t have a habit of doing istaghfar is a worm and it was better if he wasn’t created.
malfozaat vol 2 page 1-2

In this story, MGA overhears a man who mistreated his wife, MGA then recalls that he mistreated his wife once and did istighfar. 


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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad never fasted during #Ramadhan, #virtualramadhan

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s desire for a 3rd marriage led him to ask Noorudin about his pre-teen daughter

Nusrat Jehan Begum and other women didn’t get into to MGA’s bait in 1889 and after–were they illiterate?

Sir Lepel H. Griffin (1865), The Panjab Chiefs, Online: pp.381-2

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Update on Panama Papers, Ahmadi’s are now admitting that they held money overseas

The Ahmadiyya Movement lies about all of their operations. We caught them about 6-7 years ago as owning companies that were mentioned in the Panama Papers. The Ahmadiyya Movement will never officially admit as to why they stored money overseas in Panama. However, they did unofficially respond on Rabwah Times, they argued that since the Pakistani government is hostile to their operations in Pakistan, they did in-fact store money overseas in off-shore companies. Recently, on the Waqar Zaka show, an Ahmadi appeared and admitted again that the Ahmadiyya Movement did in-fact store money overseas in Panama (See at the 1:53:53 mark). This Ahmadi continued to argue that since in Pakistan, the Ahmadiyya movement isn’t allowed to build mosques and etc, and other work, they were forced to store all of their money overseas. However, this is a lie, the Ahmadiyya movement builds and maintains hospitals in Pakistan and is running their small city (Chenab Nagar). When Akber C asked as to why an off shore company called TJ holdings was holding the mortgage on an office property in London (for 15 years), the Ahmadi’s brain totally turned off (see at the 1:53:00 mark), in 2010, we wondered who had a mortgage on an Ahmadiyya property on Deer Park Drive; the only substantial building that is not a place of worship and the mortgage of which is always renewed after a few years. The company was known as T.J. Holdings and nothing was known of it. It is now located in the Panama Papers:

T.J.HOLDINGS S.A.,T.J.HOLDINGS S.A.,,PMA,Panama,,A B ARSHAD. He also had no answer in terms of who controls the Mirza Sharif Ahmad foundation.
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In America, 33% of the Ahmadi Jamaat is paying 84% of the chanda–2019

Most #ahmadis in America don’t pay chanda, and if they do, its very small. Just last year, at the annual Jalsa in the USA, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad (the younger brother of the Khalifa) reported that 33% of the Ahmadi Jamaat is paying 84% of the chanda (see at the 10:00 minute mark). We are quite sure that the majority of the collected chanda comes from Ahmadi’s who are immigrants, since we know that the american born #ahmadis aren’t giving up their money. In terms of Majlis Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya, Only 22% of MKA chanda stays local, 48% goes to the National headquarters and 30% goes to London. Further, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad says that this is not considered financial sacrifice, american’s don’t do that, he says this in a very rude way.
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