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January 2022

Why does the BBC support the Ahmadiyya Movement, even when they rape their own women?

In terms of #JusticeforNida, BBC never picked up the story, even though we submitted it to them over 20 times and even journalists submitted the story to them. This left all of us baffled. A few weeks later, the BBC published a video which showed alleged Ahmadiyya persecution and etc. This proved that the BBC either has Ahmadi’s working for them, or is working in cahoots with the Ahmadiyya Movement and thus covering up all the sexual misgivings of the Mirza family, we suspect both. Listen to Affaf Azhar explain this scenario herein. KTV responded to the BBC herein also.

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Nida and Naseer Shah, a new leaked Audio, a sexually explicit conversation

A new audio phone called has leaked today between Naseer Shah (Shandy Shah) and Nida Al Nasser (the video has been removed, however, we have made a copy). Nida has categorically denied these screenshots. In this audio, Naseer Shah tells Nida that he has had sex with Nida‘s mother (Faiza) many times. Nida jokes that Naseer Shah is still getting erections at age 61. This was also posted on the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit forum. This seems to have been leaked by pro-Khilafat Ahmadi’s who are trying to prove that Nida was a prostitute or something like that. However, the reality is that her father (Mirza Luqman Ahmad) has been arranging for her to have sex with many men over for over 20 years. This is why Nida said that she is no innocent, however, she was groomed as such, she was groomed to be sexually promiscuous as most people from the Mirza family are.

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Zara Mohammed explains how #Ahmadis aren’t Muslims

A few days ago, Zara Mohammed (on twitter as @ZaraM01), who works as Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain and has an LLM in Human Rights Law explained how since Ahmadi’s believe in additional prophets (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) and thus break an article of faith in Islam (wherein belief in all of the prophets in mandatory) and are thus outside of Islam. She explained how Muslims believe that Muhammad (saw) was prophet number 124,000 and thus, all the prophets had already been born and new prophets could be born in Islam. Many #Ahmadis are crying about this on social media, these Ahmadi’s don’t know that #Ahmadis consider Muslims to be Kafir’s on the same score, and secretly. From 1911 to 1923, the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s openly called Muslims Kafirs since we rejected the prophethood of MGA. After 1923, it has been silent Takfir, they believe Muslims to be Kafirs, however, under their breath, they are taught to hide this belief (view my Takfir timeline).

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That one time an Ahmadi raped an 8 year old christian girl in Rabwah, and there was a video

A few years ago, a video came out about an Ahmadi raping an 7-8 year old girl in Rabwah, the video went viral and the man was eventually arrested. You can see portions of the video herein. Also here on youtube.

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Khurram Shah’s comments on #JusticeforNida

Khurram Shah supports Ahmadi’s no matter what! He doesn’t care what they do, they could be rapists, gamblers, alcoholics, druggies, or whatever, it doesn’t matter to Khurram Shah. Khurram Shah is always looking for a way out of something, he consistently defrauds the state of california and etc. Nevertheless, we have collected his comments here and have posted his specific comments on #JusticeforNida in the below.

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The old Mirza family graveyard at Qadian

We have finally located the old Mirza family graveyard at Qadian. MGA’s mother (Charagh Bibi)is buried there, as well as Mirza Ghulam Qadir, Maaee Sahib Jaan Sahib widow of Mirza Ghulam Haidar (and Mirza Ghulam Haidar), Mirza Gul Muhammad and his wife (Maaee ladlee bagum sahiba uraf maaee laado), Mirza Ghulam Mohy uddin, Murad Bibi (MGA’s sister), Janat bibi (MGA’s alleged twin sister), the Wife of Mirza Gul Muhammad, wife of Mirza Atta Muhammad sahib and Mirza Atta Muhammad date of death, 27 rabee ul awal 1280, 12 september 1862 (handwritten diary of khandaan Masih Maoud).

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Even Ibn Khaldun believed in the physical return of Eisa (as)

Ahmadi’s are known to twist original sources as they make their lame arguments. In terms of Ibn Khaldun, in the 80’s, Mirza Tahir Ahmad quoted him and asserted that he believed that Eisa (as) and the Mahdi were the same person (see page 117). However, that is a distortion, Ibn Khaldun gave sever alternatives to the famous hadith and even asserted that Mahdi was meant in its linguistic form in this hadith and simply meant that Eisa (As) will be the most guided of Allah, more than the actual Mahdi. Simply read the “Muqaddimah” (by Ibn Khaldun) and any unbiased reader will quickly realize that Ibn Khaldun believed in the physical descent of Eisa (as). In fact, a neutral professor tells us the same, see Woodberry herein, he says, “The historian Ibn Khaldun says that Jesus will descend at the white minaret east of Damascus, marry, have children, and die after 40 years””.

Moreover, Ahmadi’s like to cherry pick wherein Muslims may have believed that Eisa (As) died for a few hours and was then revived in heaven (see Tabari), however, Ahmadi’s don’t present this properly and assert that Eisa (as) died. The truth is….a small minority of Sufi’s did believe that Eisa (as) died for a few hours, and nevertheless, will still physically return.

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Ahmadi murrabi, Rana Luqman Charged with Production of Child Pornography and Extortion in Relation to Five Minor Victims

Watch my video on this herein. We have a new update on the Ahmadi murrabi Rana Luqman and his child pornography case. The U.S. State department issued this press release just a few days ago wherein they explain the indictment and charges against Ahmadi murrabi Rana Luqman. What is really shocking is the fact that the Ahmadiyya jamaat seems to have hired top lawyers in Canada and helped Rana Luqman beat the case a few years ago and then re-instated him as an employee in Canada. They might have beat the case in Canada in terms of jurisdiction, since most of the victims seem to be in the USA. Nevertheless, Ahmadi murrabi Rana Luqman was recently extradited (jan-2022) to the USA and is facing some serious charges, obviously, the jamaat is silent. This news report was also reported here, here and here. The case number is 8:19-cr-00587-PX and can be found herein. You can watch my video explanation of his herein on the Aaqa Ka Ghulam channel. The case number is also listed as 8:2019cr00587, and his name is spelled as Rana, Muhammad Luqman.

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Ataul Quddous Ahmed is the wrong kind of Ahmadi

Ataul Quddous Ahmed is the wrong kind of Ahmadi, he is sharing his story on twitter. It seems like he was a Jamia student in the UK and was kicked out of school (2016 era). His Waqfe-Nau status was pulled a few years ago (see the PDF and tweet). What happens to all the Jamia students who leave before graduating? They get excommunicated and sentenced to a lifetime of guilt and shame, they’re never contacted or regarded as useful, only a stain on the clean white sheet of ahmadiyya. Ataul Quddous Ahmed seems to be a music artist and has admitted to taking psychedelic drugs and etc. Here he is, has been working closely with Humanity First. This is also being discussed on the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit forum.

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