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March 2017

Bashir Abdul Haqq and #Ahmadiyyafactcheckblog, is the Nation of Islam a sect of #Ahmadiyya?

In 2017, Bashir Abdul Haqq created a video wherein he proved how the Nation of Islam was created based on Ahmadiyya books. They read Ahmadiyya books in the 1920’s and disagreed with many facets of Ahmadiyya dogma, however, they seem to have spun it and created their own sect of Ahmadiyya. Yes, I am calling the NOI a sect of Ahmadiyya. That makes them Sect #75, per Ahmadiyya ideology.

Nevertheless, in 2021, I bumped into Imam Bashir (the babyface imam) on facebook as Bashir Abdul Haqq, I thus got his number. He is really hard to get a hold of, which means, he isn’t very good at operating new technology. We eventually connected and he isn’t an Imam of the Ahmadiyya Movement at all. In fact, he has never even interviewed anywhere on the internet about being an Ahmadi, he seems to be a rogue. However, he gives allegiance to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in his ignorance. As I spoke to him, he didn’t seem to know who Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was, nor did he have definite knowledge on the Ahmadiyya Movement and the historicity of the alleged death of Eisa (as). After he heard my level of knowledge, he didn’t want to talk to me anymore and deferred. He had also mentioned my blog and how his video had been posted by me.
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Master Fard Muhammad was a Lahori-Ahmadi

In this video Dr. Fanusie explains how Ahmadiyya created the Nation of Islam.

At 2:40 seconds, she says that Master Fard Muhammad was sent to America on a secret underground Ahmadi assignment.

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Yasir Qadhi explains the connection between the Nation of Islam and Ahmadiyya

Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad admits that Ahmadis lie about their membership numbers (1950)

The Video

Another video
In this video she talks about the same thing, that Lahori-Ahmadis created Elijah Muhammad, at the 4:41 mark

Yasir Qadhi explains the connection between the Nation of Islam and Ahmadiyya

As we all know, Ahmadiyya spawned the NOI.  I found a video wherien a scholar, Yasir Qadhi seems to explain these connections.  Enjoy…

The video

I am to Ahmadiyya what Malcolm X was to the Nation of Islam

Ahmadis seem to ask me as to why I openly criticize Ahmadiyya.  They are confused as to why me and people like Hani Tahir and AK Shaikh criticize Ahmadiyya.  Most Ahmadis live in the Ahmadiyya-bubble and thus they see a much different world around them.  They see the world similar to how members of the Nation of Islam view the world around them.

I am to Ahmadiyya what Malcolm X was to the Nation of Islam
I openly criticize Ahmadiyya the same way that Malcolm X openly accused Elijah Muhammad of immorality.  Similarly, MGA and his sons also had extra-wives and their inner-circles covered their misgivings. Its no wonder that the Nation of Islam is exactly like Ahmadiyya, since that is where it learned Islam from, it was the Qurans of Muhammad Ali that were circulated in America in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.  Another similarity is that just like MGA didnt know arabic, never led Salaat, never led Khutbah Juma, Elijah Muhammad was the same, in fact, even Farrakhan barely knows arabic, they never even have salaat.

Farrakhan is allowed to make Hajj, Ahmadiyya Khalifas are not
Farrakhan is allowed to make Hajj and Umra simply because he opposes America.  This is wherein the NOI and Ahmadiyya differ.  Ahmadis are not allowed in Arabia, at all whatsoever.  In 1974, Ahmadis were viewed by Saudi Arabia as pro-america, or pro-western-powers.  However, from 1889 to 1974, Ahmadis were allowed to make Hajj as they liked, in fact, Mahmud Ahmad performed the pilgrimage in 1913, before he became Khalifa, and Noorudin also performed the Hajj before he met MGA.  However, no Ahmadi-Khalifa ever even attempted Hajj from 1908 to 1974.  Thus proving that Ahmadiyya leadership never even saw Hajj as essential, which is against Islam in many ways.

Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad on Jalsa being more important then Hajj-1955
Summary of his speech

“””Ahmadi leadership concept of hajj is as per khutbat Mahmoud page 254 is their jalsa in qadyan.  It is just ” just like hajj ” . And ” the nation ‘s advancement which cannot be get from hajj , can be get by jalsa “


MGA’s comments on not performing Hajj

1–ain e kalimat e Islam, ruhaani khazain vol 5 page 392. Mirza Qadiani writes that people go for small hajj or Nafli hajj but this place meaning Qadian has more reward than a Nafli hajj.

2–“He who visits the tomb of the Promised Messiah (in Qadian) is blessed to the same degree as one who visits the green tomb of the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) in Medina. Woe to the person who debars himself from the benefits of the blessing of Hajj-al-Akbar towards Qadian.”
(Al-Fadl , December 13, 1939).

3–“These people raise this objection out of mischief. The Holy Prophet (saw) lived ten years in Medina. It was only two days travel between Medina and Mecca, but Holy Prophet (saw) did not perform Hajj for ten years, even though he could have arranged for conveyance. It is not the only condition for Hajj that one has sufficient wealth but it is also important that there is no danger of mischief and there should be means available to reach there with peace and to perform Hajj. When beasts like maulvis issue fatwa of death here and do not fear the government, then what else could they do there? But these people have no interest that we do not perform Hajj. If we perform Hajj then they will consider us Muslims? And will they join our jama’at? Well, firstly all these Muslim scholars should write a declaration that if we perform Hajj then all of them will repent on our hand and will enter our jama’at and will become our followers. If they write as such and take an oath then we will perform Hajj. Allah will arrange means of convenience for us so that in future the mischief of maulvis ends. It is no good to object mischievously. This objection of theirs does not come on us but on Holy Prophet (saw) as well because Holy Prophet (saw) performed Hajj in his last year only” (Malfuzat, vol 5 page 248).


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My notes on the Ahmadi explanation of the 1974 Rabwah-train attack

An Ahmadi asked me to review a video wherein Ahmadi scholars are attempting to explain-away the Rabwah-attack of May 22nd, 1974.

The Video

My Commentary

Up to 1:18, the host tells a story that “some people”, have said that if the Train incident hadn’t happened, then Ahmadis, would have never been declared non-Muslim. However, he never tells us as to who he is referring.  This is a classic case of academic dishonesty.


And by the way, at 0:53, there is an editing error, which indicates a re-take.


At 1:22, the speaker, who’s name is unknown, begins answering the question, he calls it an “alleged-beating”.  Which is wrong, it was a factual beating, in fact, Charles Kennedy, in his academic paper notes that there were 400-500 Ahmadis at the train station, he references major newspapers.


At 2:00 he says that this topic has been discussed quite a bit in Ahmadiyya circles, however, most references to this event are missing.  And of course the Samdani commission report was never published.  How could this topic have been fully discussed?  In fact, Zaf Khan, never even gives proper references in his book, he relates Ahmadiyya hearsay and calls it fact. That is academic dishonesty.


At 2:15, he alleges that this type of incident was bound to happen at any place in Rabwah, however, he forgets that Rabwah was a closed city from 1948 to 1974.  All land was owned by the Mirza family, aka Mirza Nasir Ahmad and his brothers, uncles and etc, aka the Ahmadiyya Movement. In fact, only the land wherein the train station was built belonged to the Pak govt. So any incident was impossible, since the schools and colleges in Rabwah had 98% Ahmadis students. Moreover, there was no formal police department, Khuddam most likely ran patrols.  Hence, it was a state within a state.


At 2:30 he alleges that the enemies of Ahmadiyya were planning something against Ahmadis.  However, he has no proof.  And never gives a single reference.


At 3:33 he continues arguing that simply based on the direction of the route, it is obvious that these students shouldn’t have been travelling in the Rabwah direction. However, he has never interviewed any of those students to know about their route and why these chose it as such.  And in the history of this argument, no one has ever presented any data backing this view. As far as we know, these students were heading somewhere on the train, and it stopped in Rabwah, and Ahmadis boarded and started doing tabligh…he also mentions that there were families on the train, however, no references are given again…


At 4:30, he says that these Muslim students started chanting slogans, however, he forgets to mention that there were many Ahmadis handing out literature..and these students may have been upset about the marketing of Ahmadiyya…


At 4:36 he accused these students of sexually cat-calling Ahmadi women, however, he gives no reference…at all, whatsoever. He goes on to accuse these students of throwing rocks and other effects at Ahmadis..and again, no reference is given.


At 5:26 he says that the students told Ahmadis that they would return on the 29th of May.  However, he doesn’t tell as to who reported this news to the Khalifa? Obviously, there were many witnesses, however, there names have never been mentioned.


At 5:39 he accused the same students of malicious intent, and he even says that they had stored rocks just for Rabwah, however, he doesn’t give a reference. Who could have given him this info, it is a total mystery. However, Ahmadis believe it, which is even dumber.  He continues at 5:50 to say that these students were on a mission to start trouble at Rabwah…


At 5:58, he admits that the Jamaat knew what was about to happen, and they had many Ahmadis there at the train station just in case these students got out of line.  So obviously, Mirza Nasir Ahmad knew of everything, so where was he when the train stopped in Rabwah on 29th May.  Please answer.



At 7:00 he accuses the medical students of attacking Ahmadis with stones, however, he gives no references…this is all made up. These are the stories that Ahmadiyya peddles to its membership.  SMH


At 7:12 he admits that some of the Ahmadi Khuddam went too far in their responses…however, he doesn’t admit that they violently attacked these students with hockey sticks and etc, he only says that they responded defensively,


At 7:30 he says that the station master, he refused to allow the train to move, the attack was going on…how could the train move? Additional people could have gotten ran over. He claims that this was all in the plan, however, he gives no reference yet again, for like the 6th time.


At 7:57 he claims that this was just a small skirmish, and Ahmadis even brought water for the medical students who were injured.  However, no reference is given for the 7th time. These are all tall tales, in fact, this particular has never been mentioned in any Ahmadi literature. Moreover, he never gives any names of any people who were there at the station and witnessed anything.


At 8:10 he begins claiming that there was no issue at all and everyone was happy, then he asserts that the planners weren’t happy, there mission wasn’t complete.  He then begins to assert that they had cut out the tongues of animals and had them ready at Faisalabad, or the next stop and they began stirring up a scene. However, for the 8th time, no reference is given…


At 9:00 he claims that at Faisalabad, Muslim groups were ready to receive the news of terror, and had newspapers ready and etc, however, for the 9th time, he gives no reference.

At 10:00 he asserts that this should have been easily solved by speaking to all the young people involved, however, he forgets that rioting broke out quickly, and the situation was quickly out of hand, and 27 Ahmadis died and 15 muslim’s died in the following raucous.


Upto 10:46 he mentions some Maulvi and accuses him of conspiring this entire event, however, he doesn’t properly give the Maulvis name or any other data about the Maulvi.


At 12:15, he accuses of the Pak govt of conspiring against Ahmadis.  However, no hard evidence is given.  That’s almost 10 citations of academic dishonesty.


At 12:49, the older gentleman begins to chime in, he says that its unfair that Ahmadis were declared Non-Muslim based on this fight, however, that’s not the reason, Muslims in India have been trying to get Ahmadis declared non-Muslim since at least the 1930’s.  And since Pak had a new constitution in 1973, it was the perfect opportunity.  Not to mention that Saudi Arabia had announced that it would not allow any Ahmadis to perform Hajj or Umra.  Or even enter Saudi Arabia to work.  To this day, Ahmadis are secretly in Arabia, and are not allowed to congregate or ever build a mosque.


At 13:06 the older gentlemen says it would have been better to simply punish those who were involved and end it, however, he forgets that riots broke out and muslims demanded that the govt take action or more rioting was to come.


At 14:00, he says that the NA never heard or read the Samdani Commission report, however, no reference is given yet again.


At 14:10, the host claims to have spoken to Justice Samdani (in 2010) and reports that Mr. Samdani said that the Nishtar Medical College students provoked Ahmadis at Rabwah and Ahmadis only responded in a defensive manner.  Which is a lie.  Samdani has never commented on a secret govt report, nor would he ever betray his country as such.  And the host claims to have spoken to Mr. Samdani, however, he leaves out all the details.  He then claims that Samdani admitted that no one was hurt at all, no bruises or anything, and all of this comes from some private conversation, which no proper referencing.  SMH.

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The Mirza family loves the persecution, they call it free press


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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad says that only he was given the title of Prophet in the islamic-ummah

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed prophethood through an announcement in Nov-1901.  His team wrote the announcement and got it published.  Amrohi seems to have disagreed at first, however, eventually he agreed to this amendment in the beliefs of MGA.

After 1901, MGA and his team began saying that prophethood was wide open and for all, however, very discreetly.  Later on, in 1907, MGA and his team began to argue that MGA was actually the FINAL Khalifa of the Islamic ummah and only MGA was given the title of prophet. They seem to have lied about hadith in this instance.  They wrote that hadith have prophecied that a person will be born like Esa and will be given the title of prophet, however, this is a lie, there is no such hadith.

The Quote
“”””””From one aspect I am an ‘ummatee’ [follower] and from another aspect, due to the beneficence of the prophethood of His Holiness [Muhammad], blessings of Allaah and peace be upon him, [I] am also a prophet. And the intent of [the term] prophet is only [to connote] that I receive abundant converse and address from God Almighty. The point is that, as Mujaddid Saahib Sarhindee [Sarhindee the Reviver] has written in his books, even though some individuals of this [Muslim] nation have [received or do receive] the special [treatment of] Godly converse and address and will remain special [receiving this treatment] till Resurrection but the person who is honored abundantly with this converse and address and who is abundantly made aware of matters of the unseen, that [person] is called a prophet. Now let it be clear that it
has been prophesied in the Prophet’s hadeeths that, from among the followers of His Holiness [Muhammad], blessings of Allaah and peace be upon him, a person will appear [or be born] who will be referred to as E’esaa [Jesus] and ibn-e-Maryam [son of Mary] and will be known by the name of [i.e., known as] a prophet.

… And this thing is a proven matter that the extent to which God Almighty has made converse and address with me and the extent to which matters of the unseen have been made known to me, no person besides myself has been granted this favor in thirteen hundred Hijree [calendar] years. If some person denies this, the burden of proof is on his neck [i.e., on him].  The point is that in this abundant portion of Godly revelation and unseen matters, from this [Muslim] nation, I am the only special individual and all the ‘auliyaa’ [saints or friends of God] and ‘abdaal’ [saints who move from place to place to hide from public view] and ‘aqtaab’ [religious mendicants, holding a special title of rank] who have gone by before me in this [Muslim] nation – they were not given this abundant portion of this favor/blessing. Hence, for this reason, only I was specially selected for getting the name [i.e., title] of prophet and all the other people are not deserving of this name [i.e., title] because abundance of revelation and abundance of [perception of] unseen matters is a condition of this and that condition is not found in them. And it was necessary that it should have been so, so that the prophecy of His Holiness [Muhammad], blessings of Allaah and peace be upon him, could have been fulfilled with clarity. Because, if other righteous ones who have preceded me, [if] they too, to the same extent, had received a portion of Godly converse and address and unseen matters, they would have become deserving of being known as prophets [and] then in that case a crack [or fault] would have occurred in the prophecy of His Holiness [Muhammad], blessings of Allaah and peace be upon him. That is why the wisdom of God Almighty prevented those respected people from obtaining this favor in a complete manner, just as it appears in authentic hadeeths that such a person will be one only [so that] that prophecy be fulfilled. [RK, v. 22, pp. 406-407; starts at 4th line from top of p. 406, skips some lines below middle of p. 406, then goes on
till about middle of p. 407; Haqeeqat-ul-Wahee; published May 1907]””””
Translated by Nuzhat Haneef in her book vs. Ahmadiyya

Ahmadiyya literature of 1915
In my research work, I had found a quote from the Review of religions from 1915-1916 wherein MGA was called the LAST MESSENGER.  Obviously, Qadiani-Ahmadis saw MGA as the final prophet of Islam.  Ironically, they still argued that prophets could come at any time, depending on the need.  Another form of irony is that the Qadiani-Ahmadis believe that their Khilafat will last til the day of Judgement.  So…in theory, the only prophets in Ahmadiyya would have to be a Khalifa who makes the claim.

Ahmadis are ready to die for Ahmadiyya and sacrifice their kids

Ahmadis are fanatic about their religion.  They are ready to sacrifice the lives of their children just for the spread of Ahmadiyya.  They are being radicalized on a daily basis by the Mirza family, and since 1889.  They won’t outwardly admit to this as their true nature, however, it is all discreet, however, every once in a while, as we continue to engage Ahmadis on the Facebook-Discussion-Group,, they have accidentally and slowly admitted to their lifestyle.  Ahmadis never do good in the community simply for the sake of good, they do it per an order by the Mirza family.  The Mirza family seems to have aggressively ordered Ahmadis to perform “Corporate Social Responsibility” in any area that falls under their marketing plan.  Hence, you will see Ahmadis giving blood, doing street cleanups and many other charitable type of works.  In America, this is a norm for all major corporations, as they cover-up all of their wranglings in society through what seems to be good works.  The other reason is that when something negatively does happen to Ahmadis, they will now have the opportunity to pivot to their perceived good works.  Interestingly enough, the KKK does many charitable works and even donated blood in the past.  

Case in point, we met an Ahmadi with the name of Shajar Iqbal.  He seems to live in India and was born and raised in Kashmir.  He recently wrote as follows:

The Ahmadi psyche
Ahmadis are sick people.  They have been brainwashed Ahmadis to worship the Mirza family and do whatever they ask.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad was vicious, in-fact, he radicalized most Ahmadis in the 1980’s.   He even publically called his opponents as dogs and celebrated the death of King Faisal, Zia and Bhutto.  Back on May 29th, 1974, he went missing during the Rabwah train attacks and never answered any questions about his whereabouts during the attack.

The Mirza family is to blame, the Lahori-Ahmadis are not like this.  This is the overwhelming proof.

Mirza Tahir Ahmad called Tahir Al Qadri a DOG

Mirza Tahir Ahmad was a vicious Mullah.  He would make up dreams and false stories just to assassinate the character of this critics.  However, his grandfather and his team of writers did the same thing when he was alive.  In the video posted, Mirza Tahir Ahmad relates a silly “made-up” dream, in which he attacks the character of Tahir Al-Qadri.

Ahmadi-clerics/employees are running wild and causing rifts

The Ahmadi mullah is vicious, he is worried about job security and always has a beef with Ahmadis and office holders within Ahmadiyya.  The reason is that he is pushing them harder and harder to collect more money from its members and to do more free-volunteer work.

The Ahmadiyya management system
Ahmadiyya leadership has employees, they are mostly their team of Mullahs that operate in different areas.  However, in most cases, when any community grows, Ahmadiyya leadership allows for volunteers to work within any local community as:

1.  President (sadr)
2.  Vice President
3.  General Secretary
4.  Finance Secretary
5.  Property Secretary
6.  etc etc etc….
And above these level you have regional Presidents and National Presidents.

The video

In this Friday Sermon, the Ahmadiyya leader is telling Ahmadis to learn how to work with each other, to stop fighting each other.

Khatme-Nubuwwwat Organization in Pakistan explains this scenario

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