September 2021

Who is Mirza Barkat Ali?

Ahmadiyya sources tell us that he was a companion of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad from the village of Theh Ghulam Nabi, Zilla Gurdaspur. There are three additional Ahmadi’s from the village of Theh Ghulam Nabi, they are, Shahabuddin, Shaikh Charagh Ali Nambardar and his brother Shaikh Hamid Ali (also spelled Sh. Hamid Ali), who was MGA’s trusted toilet attendant since the early 1880’s. By 2021, most of his off-spring have moved to the USA, Canada, and the UK. Many of his close relatives reside in Greater Toronto Area.

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed to be Al-Hakam and adal, per hadith

Per many authentic hadith by Abu Hurraira, when Eisa (as) physically descends towards the end of this world, Eisa (as) will be an arbiter/judge (al-hakam). From 1891 to 1896, MGA and his team of writers seem to be silent on this hadith and the Al-Hakam role of the Messiah. However, in 1896-1897, via Anjam e Athim, MGA claimed to be “the Ahkamul-Hakimin [the Arbiter above all arbiters]”, and was using this title to warn his cousins that Muhammadi Begum‘s husband would die and she would then be married to MGA. In 1900, MGA began claiming that he was the Al-Hakam, and thus, he didn’t follow any hadith grading system. MGA claimed that he himself knew what hadith, or what part of any hadith was authentic and no one else on Earth knew any better. This was claimed again by MGA in Arba’in, Ijazi-e-Ahmadi and Tuhfah-e-Golarhviyyah and a few other books. Shams ud Din has covered this topic thoroughly also.

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The Ahmadiyya Movement in the USA is manipulating Rep. Norma Torres via their Chino Mosque

Amjad Khan is a major player in Ahmadiyya politics here in the USA. He has been manipulating and lying to @NormaJTorres (twitter), her full name is Rep. Norma Torres. She is a member of the United States House of Representatives for California’s 35th congressional district. The Ahmadiyya headquarters is in the same district, the Chino mosque. Amjad Khan has been lying to all politicians and thus pushing the Ahmadiyya agenda.

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“Qadian Kei Aryah Aur Hamm” (1907), quotes and background information

On February 20, 1907, MGA and his team of writers published “Qadian Kei Aryah Aur Hamm”, in english it would be “The Aryas of Qadian”, it was published from Qadian from the Magazine Press, Qadian, it is barely 40 pages (See Hidden Treasures). Lalah Sharampat Ra’i and Malawamal (these guys were also mentioned in Haqiqatul Wahy, 1906-1907) were the leaders from the Arya Samaj of Qadian (see Hidden Treasures). He said that MGA had never shown any signs to the locals of Qadian. The Arya Samaj of Qadian set up a school called “Dyanand Jubilee School” as a parallel institution to “Ta‘limul Islam Madrasah” and also founded a journal in Qadian under the name of “Shubh Chantak”. Somraj was its editor and the prime object of this journal was to publish polemics against Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.

It seems that during the 1906 Qadian Jalsa, the Arya Samaj of Qadian and the Ahmadi’s of Qadian had an altercation. Just a few years ago (1903), MGA and Ahmadi’s also clashed with the Arya Samaj hindus of Qadian, see here. Ahmadiyya sources claim that during the Jalsa, the Arya Samah also held a rally/meeting and bothered the Ahmadi’s at their Jalsa. It seems that there was a police inspector onsite, who was against the Arya Samaj because they were anti-British. The police inspector doesn’t seem to have made any arrests. The “Shubh Chantak” published a summary of the alteration in their newspaper the next day.

Ahmadiyya sources claim that another journal, “Achar” had a debate/beef with Sheikh Yacub Ali Irfani, editor of the Al-Hakam. Chand seems to be the name of the editor of the “Achar”. Soon thereafter, the sons of Somraj and Bhagat Ram died of the plague (its unclear who these people are). Then Bhagat, Achar Chand and Somraj approached a local Hakim for medical treatment, MGA allowed the medical treatment.

MGA and his team of writers lie about converts to Ahmadiyya in Egypt in this book also.

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The history of #Ahmadiyya in #Bosnia

Legally, the Ahmadiyya Movement’s operation in Bosnia is controlled by the AMJI since 2004. Per Ahmadiyya sources, Ahmadiyyat entered Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1996, via an Ahmadi mullah, Wasim Ahmad. By 2021, half of the population is still Muslim and highly oppressed, most of these people became Muslim during Ottoman rule. The Bosnian Islamic Centre has declared Ahmadi’s as Kafirs. Nevertheless, the Ahmadiyya Movement has sided with the Christians in their attempt to malign Muslims.

By 2021, there is only one Qadiani-Ahmadi place of worship and barely 100 Qadiani-Ahmadi’s in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is a Qadiani-Ahmadi named Mufeez is in charge of Humanity First and is using it as a marketing arm of Ahmadiyya tabligh. There don’t seem to be any Ahmadi mullahs working in the country (we didn’t find any twitter accounts).

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The Ahmadiyya lies about “khilafat -ala- minhaj-e-nabuwwat”

It seems that ever since Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad became Khalifa, the Ahmadiyya Movement began twisting a specific hadith to substantiate their Khilafat business. The Lahori-Ahmadi’s immediately responded in 1914 via Dr. Basharat Ahmad (see the refs in the below). He starts off by saying that Qazi Zahoor uddin Akmal criticized the Mishkat saying every type of weak Hadith is in there and the khilafah alaa minhaj Hadith is in there and not in any Sahih al sitta. Dr. Basharat Ahmad accuses Qazi Zahoor uddin Akmal of being academically dishonest.
Dr. Basharat Ahmad says, according to this hadith, the true Islamic caliphate will be re-established after the time of the despotic kings without a prophet coming to establish that caliphate. If the Qadiani beliefs are correct, it should have said that after the despotic kings a prophet will come after whom the true caliphate will be established. In fact, as quoted in Qadiani Jamaat literature, this hadith begins as follows:

“Prophethood shall remain among you as long as God wills. He will bring about its end and follow it with Khilafat on the precepts of Prophethood for as long as He wills and then bring about its end….”

So prophethood ended when the caliphate of the four righteous caliphs came into being with Hazrat Abu Bakr! The coming of no further prophet is mentioned in it, after whom the true caliphate would be re-commenced.

Interestingly, in the book of Hadith called Mishkat, after quoting this hadith, it is stated by one of the narrators

“When Umar ibn Abdul Aziz came to power, I sent him this hadith in writing to remind him of it and I said I hope you are the Amir-ul-Mo’mineen after the kings and tyrants, he was happy and liked this”.

So this hadith was applied at the turn of the first century Hijrah to Umar ibn Abdul Aziz who is regarded as the first mujaddid. And MGA himself considered the chain of mujaddids to be a continuation of the khilafat of the Holy Prophet, as anyone can see by reading his book Shahadat-ul-Quran. So one can say that this caliphate on the pattern of prophethood, after the time of the first despotic Muslim kings, started with the first Mujaddid.

You can also listen to the Mufti Mubasher Shah explaining this hadith and how Ahmadi’s twisted it.

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Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that Bhutto died like a black dog and per the revelations of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

In this video, Mirza Tahir Ahmad answers the question of a young Ahmadi girl who had asked about dreams and verses of the Quran. We have highlighted his words in this tik tok. This Question/Answer session is from 4-13-2003, Mirza Tahir Ahmad died 6 days later. In this video, Mirza Tahir Ahmad is claiming that back in 1970-1971, he had helped Bhutto get elected as Prime Minister of Pakistan in its first ever election. Bhutto remained super friendly with the Ahmadiyya Movement until 1974. Bhutto seems to have turned on Ahmadiyya (per The Mirza family) in early 1974, as he removed Air Marshal Zafar Chaudhry from his position. Bhutto then refused to promote Ahmadi’s past a certain rank (most likely MAJOR) until Zia took over in 1977. By 2017, an Ahmadi was bragging on social media about being the jail guard who tied Bhutto’s hands. In 2020, the AK Shaikh and Farooq on their youtube channel also discussed the 53-year prophecy (See at the 1:00:30 mark). Ak Shaikh explains to Razi Ullah Noman that MGA’s 52 year prophecy was completed with the death of his son, the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad, since his Khilafat last roughly 52 years.

We have posted the ilham of MGA in the below, we think MGA was talking about Ahmad Baig or someone else. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Khalifa’s have never commented on this ilham of MGA.

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Razi ullah Noman snuck out and preached about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad—2021

Razi ullah Noman aka Ahmadi Answers is student at the Qadiani-Ahmadi Jamia in Canada. He is their employee. He is scared for his life and barely goes outside. It seems that he went out recently and posted this on twitter. He made sure to not give out his location ahead of time because he knew some Muslims might show up and make him nervous. There is a phone number posted also, 1-877-994-7526, we have called it many times and never got an answer.

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Pakistani-Christians vs. Ahmadi’s

Pakistani-Christians continue to speak out against Ahmadiyyya and their fake asylum business. In this essay and video, Pastor James Luke speaks out against the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s. His video seems to have been since taken down. There are other videos of him at an Ahmadiyya place or worship and openly speaking out about Ahmadiyya. He tells Ahmadi’s to go back to Pakistan and he points out that Ahmadi’s aren’t even Muslims, so why are they getting asylum over Pakistani-Christians (we infer). Watch the tik tok clips herein. Watch my youtube video on this herein. Listen here on the Christian Asylum Seeker channel, 3 Pakistani Christians explain the fraud of Ahmadiyya. Watch his clip on tik tok too.

The speaker tells us about Pakistani-Christians and how some of them have fled to Thailand and are awaiting refugee status, so that they can then move to the USA and Canada. There seem to be refugee camps in Thailand. Ahmadis have also joined the party. Thailand seems to be a haven for any Pakistani, who is trying to leave Pakistan for America/Canada. Many Ahmadis are accused of fake–converting to Christianity, as the interviewer tells us in this video.

4-5 years ago, I worked with an Ahmadi, who was born a Sunni-Muslim and converted to Ahmadiyya and was so desperate to leave Pakistan, that he bought a visit-visa to Thailand and took his whole family, once at Thailand, they refused to return to Pakistan, and joined refugee camps, wherein many Christians are also living. This Ahmadi was then sent to the USA and received a full furnished apartment and a job in an Ahmadi company.

In Malaysia, the Ahmadiyya Movement is running the same scam.

In terms of Thailand, Pakistani Christian’s have responded to the Ahmadiyya Movement with these videos on the christian asylum seeker youtube channel. George Naz is the guy getting interviewed. In 2021, Ahmadi women in Malaysia are getting raped.

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