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When Noorudin fell off of his pony and lived the last 3 years of his life in misery


Noorudin died in misery.  His daughter was then immediately married by the Khalifa and extorted, his sons were then kicked out of Ahmadiyya in the 1950’s.

It was not just that noordin had a few bad days at the end of his life. But according to Tareekh ahmadiyyat vol 3 page 329, he fell from the horse on 18 November 1910, that is the time when all the deterioration and infections started, if you read on TA vol 3, you will read that he spend next 4 years in misery. This is just another strange story from one of the earliest biographies on Ahmadiyya founders. This quotation is from the biography which Noorudin dictated to Akbar Shah Khan of Najibabad before his death. In 1904, during MGA’s life, “Nur ud Din” was published, this book seems to be an extension of that book.

Extended summary
1- After falling from the horse , he had puss in his injuries.
2- He was weak and Doctors said that he had tuberculosis
3- One day he had fallen(on ground) as he had woke up for urine.
4- He had to face pain to climb stairs and use to give lecture to ladies, Even with disease use to give lectures (darss) because he use to say that he use to get “power” from it and use to keep stand for long time.
5- On his getting sick from diseases, Mahmoud Ahmed use lead prayers in his place and also gave the Friday Sermon .
6- Finally he died and was buried in the official Ahmadiyya graveyard bhashtiii muqbirah .


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The office of Khilafat cannot be a family inheritance

Dear readers, we found an interesting reference in terms of the Mirza family business and how they have purposely elected a “Mirza” to continue the legacy of MGA.  In this specific instance, an Ahmadi by the name of Seth Abdullah Alladin was sending books and papers to the Lahor-Ahmadi’s and etc.

Paigham Sulh, 31st
May 1944. The whole article is entitled:

“The office of Khilafat cannot be a family inheritance”.

This para is headed: The present Khilafat.

It reads:

Eventually Mirza Mahmud Ahmad sahib became khalifa and he has prepared his son Nasir Ahmad sahib for the khilafat. Seth Abdullah Alladin [a Qadiani] has sent us a booklet entitled ‘The appearance of the Muslih Mauood’ written by Amini sahib, scholar and missionary of the Qadiani
Jamaat. On the first page he writes that in the Jewish scripture Talmud it is written that after the Promised Messiah his son and his paternal grandson will succeed him. Mirza Nasir Ahmad is the president of Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya etc. and young men are being urged to obey him. In every place various ways are being used to put him forward for the khilafat. It is absolutely certain that the khilafat will now go to the family of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad sahib as inheritance. The foundations of this have been laid on doctrines such as the promised progeny. It is now impossible that some outsider could become khalifa.  Hence this system itself is proof that it has no connection left with truth.”


The scan

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Lecture In 1898 By Maulvi Abdul Karim Of Sialkot On Claims And Work Of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

In the year 1900, when the Urdu book Sīrat Masīḥ Mau‛ūd (Character and example of the Promised Messiah) by Maulvi Abdul Karim of Sialkot was published, after covering the topic of the title, the book included the text of a public lecture given by the author in 1898 on the subject: ‘What reform work has been carried out by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’.

This section of almost 70 pages is well worth reading. Therefore I have made it available:  lecture-maulvi-abdul-karim

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A Jewish Judge approves of the Ahmadiyya-only retirement community in Joppatowne, Maryland

Dear reader’s, I hope you have been following the story on Ahmadiyya in Joppatowne.  We have covered this story quite extensively here:

An Update


The Ahmadiyya Muslim community wanted a place for their elders (from all over the country) to retire in peace. After an exhaustive, nation-wide search, they decided to create a community (open to people of other religions) right here in District 7. Upon meeting some of their community members last year, I learned it was their firm, evidence-based belief, they were being discriminated against. So disappointed, I began advocating with them. Reaching out to a number of our representatives and only hearing back from one, who referred me to his lawyer.

Well, the results are in (“Harford ordered to release permits for houses in Joppatowne subdivision disputed as ‘Muslim community,’” June 23). The federal judge is quoted in this article saying, “the project had received ‘more scrutiny from the county than other projects as a result of the concern and pressure from some county residents because the prospective purchasers were Muslim.'” Fear of the unknown is understandable, but it is my great hope that as a community, here in Harford County, we can move past it. Instead, I hope we choose to be curious and kind.

As a Jewish person, I know what it is to be feared — even hated — for something that is simply a part of me and is of no danger to anyone. It’s a horrible thing I would wish upon no one. I am delighted to see the building of the Muslim-centered community proceeding. (I say “centered,” because they have stated all people meeting the age requirement would be welcome, but — as is the case with developments associated with many other faiths — it is primarily meant for Ahmadiyya Muslim elders.)

In addition to the humanitarian reason of simply being good, welcoming, community members (as any of us would wish for our own families), I would also remind my fellow District 7 residents of the financial ramifications. The federal judge was further quoted in this article noting that “the county will receive thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands of dollars, in much needed valuable tax revenue, as well as additional law-abiding residents.”

I am thrilled that the development is moving forward and can’t wait to welcome the elders as my neighbors.

Allison Berkowitz, Bel Air

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad supported the British financially during the boer war…as he promoted the expansion of the British government

Ahmadiyya and the British Government will forever be linked. As WW-1 ended, Ahmadiyya missionaries were given access and funding to start missions in the new African countries that had been annexed to the British. After WW-2 it happened again, however, now it was on a higher scale.  When MGA’s son took over as Khalifa, even he acknowledged the idea that the Ahmadiyya movement and the British Government were connected. This announcement was turned into a book and translated into english and then posted on on January 20th, 2019. There’s nothing wrong with being loyal to your government. In fact, I believe it’s the duty of Muslims to be model citizens, as long as they have the freedom to worship. A self-claimed prophet though, must have higher standards. He must say what needs to be said. Even if it hurts. He must speak the truth, and against oppression. Most notably, prophets hate oppression.

It’s clear that the Boer inmates were oppressed. A prophet with a hotline to God would know this and would have boldly declared the goings-on inhumane and worthy of condemnation. This didn’t happen. It behoves a decent person, never mind a claimant of prophethood, to vocally condemn such inhumanity. This is not to be mistaken for disloyalty. As a British citizen, I love Britain and respect its laws. However, I don’t have to like what we’re doing in Iraq and I am permitted to speak up against it. Mirza Sahib didn’t have 24-hour news or the Internet, but he claimed to have constant revelation from God. He should have known and he should have spoken up.

Asking for contributions to help your country’s war effort without understanding the ins and outs of the morality of the conflict seems shortsighted. A seer is not meant to be shortsighted. Let’s just say he was naive. Mirza Sahib could have dropped the requests for “chanda” (how much of it got to the intended recipients anyway?) and merely asked his community to pray for all victims of the war, whilst speaking up about the need for fair treatment of all parties. If he had a clue about what was really going on, then his unilateral support without outright condemnation of the humanitarian disaster perpetrated by the British negligence at the time was hypocritical.


“From my early age till now when I am 65 years of age, I have been engaged, with my pen and tongue, in an important task to turn the hearts of muslims towards the true love & goodwill & sympathy for the British Government and to obliterate the idea of jehad from the hearts of stupid (muslims).”

(Kitab-ul-Bariyah, Roohani Khazain vol 13 p.350)


” . . . I brought the attention of my Jama’at that all people should pray from the bottom of their hearts for their magnanimous government that Allah the Exalted should give it a Great Victory in the war that is going on in the Transvaal . . . so wherever the members of my Jama’at are, they should give “chanda” according to their means for the injured (soldiers) of the British Government who have sustained injury in the Transvaal War . . . this “chanda” should be collected and the lists sent to Mirza Khuda Baksh in Qadian (who has been appointed for this duty) by 1 March 1900 . . . my Jama’at should consider this work important and carry it out urgently.”

(Feb 10, 1900 Advertisement, Majmooa Ishtiharat vol.3, p.219)

The above announcement was made near the beginning of the British offensive in the second Boer War, from January 1900 to September 1900.

The British had set up “concentration camps” to contain the refugees, mostly farmers who had lost their land during the fighting. The emotive term did not originally have the negative connotations that the Nazis brought to it. Nonetheless, conditions were inhumane and once the full extent of the suffering was revealed, there was uproar and outrage expressed in Britain. Estimates after the war revealed that as much as a quarter of the inmates, of which the vast majority were children under 16, died due to the inhumane conditions. Dysentery, typhoid and measles had been endemic and starvation claimed many. It is fair to conclude that this was a humanitarian disaster.
The ROR of May 1906 (english edition) shows how Ahmadi’s prayed for and supported the British government in tranvaal, during the Boer war.  


1915, a quote from MGA’s son, the 2nd Khalifa

“Verily, the British government is our shield. We move forward and on and on under the protection of this shield. If this shield is removed, we would be torn and pierced by a volley of poisoned arrows from all direction. Our interests are linked with this Government to such an extent that its ruin will be our ruin and its progress our progress. Wherever the British empire spreads, we find a field for our mission.” 
(Al-Fadl, October 19, 1915; by Mirza Mahmood Ahmad)


ROR of 1915
In 1915, Review of Religions, we see Jama’at boasting about praying for the British success in the Boer War. In the war, the British used ‘Scorched earth’ tactics (now banned by Geneva Conventions), which forced thousands of women & children into British concentration camps. More than 22,000 mainly children but also women, died in these concentration camps due to overcrowding, disease breakouts, starvation, etc. Here’s a real photo of a kid from the Boer concentration camps. The Boer war ended in 1902, so even after all this, we see in 1915’s Review of Religions the Jama’at trying to impress the British by saying “We prayed for your success in Boer wars”. Jama’at back then chose the side of the oppressors.

ROR scans

Scan evidence

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Ahmadi’s are just as violent, conservative and biased as the average desi person.  There is no difference.  We all know how an Ex-Ahmadi was murdered in broad daylight in Qadian in 1937, and right after Juma.  This is the famous story of Fakhar-ud-Din Multani. 

However, the violence towards non-Ahmadi’s didn’t stop there, in May of 1974, as Ahmadi Khuddam were distributing Ahmadiyya literature at the train station in Rabwah, arguments broke out and finally, a week later, Ahmadi’s from Rabwah attacked unarmed teenagers and beat them to a bloody pulp.

A new report from Rabwah, Chenab Nagar, Pakistan
21 June 2018, Daily ummat epaper, page 8

From :-Muhammad Liaqat s/o Rana Muhammad cast Rajpoot.
Resident of Nasirabad Chinab Nagar. 
Mobile phone No. 0336-0623731.

Respected SHO Sahib,
Police Station Chinab Nagar.

REQUEST FOR LODGING OF FIR AGAINST TORTURE BY ACCUSED Abdussalam , Inaam, Abbas and 25 persons unknown Khuddam of Jamaat Ahmadiyya.

My Dear Sir,
Humbly submitted that the applicant is a Mason and a permanent resident of above mentioned address. Applicant was associated with Qadiani Jamaat since birth and has left it for the last 5 years and accepted Islam, due to which the peoples of Jamaat keep harassing him from time to time.
On 15th of June 2018, at evening, Applicant accompanied with his wife and daughter, was going to market on a bike for Eid shopping. When the applicant reached at an illegally created check post of Qadiani Jamaat at Tahirabad, accused person No. 1 &2 riding on motor bike Honda 125CC of red colour, hit into his moter bike to put him down. The accused person said you have left Ahmadiyya and have become a MURTAD. Now it is better for you to leave the town immediately. In the meantime some 25 men armed with pistols, iron rods, and batons, came out of check post and started beating my wife and daughter. Accused Inaam started beating the applicant with a baton on back and shoulders causing him to fall down on ground. Accused Abbas hit me on face with the butt of his pistol due to which applicant got profuse bleeding. When my wife tried to make a call to police, accused Abbas snatched her mobile phone, hit it on the ground reducing it into pieces. Accused started beating mercilessly my wife and daughter which created a sense of terror in the area. The accused ordered me to get lost from Rabwah to SARKARI MUSALMAN BROTHERS. This incident was witnessed by Tahir, Usman and so many others. Afterward the Applicant obtained a letter for medical examination and went to RHC who referred him to Lalian hospital.The Medical officer Lalian was a Qadiani who refused to examine my injuries and sent me back to RHC where no doctor was available due to Eid Holidays. Somehow i managed my medical examination and Now my medical report has been received and attached with this application.
Sir applicant humbly requests that he may be provided with justice and stern action may be taken against the above named accused. (Screen shot of original report attached.)

Applicant Rana Muhammad Liaqat.

The official police report

This police report made it to the newspaper

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Who is Ghulam Nabi Gilkar?

Ahmadi’s have involved themselves in politics for many years. Then they cry persecution. They got Zafrullah Khan appointed as foreign minister of Pakistan. They also helped the British in Africa and got an Ahmadi appointed as president in The Gambia. In 1947, the government of Pakistan reached out to the Ahmadiyya Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad and asked him to create a government for Azad Kashmir. He appointed an Ahmadi, Khwaja Ghulam Nabi Gilkar, however, he had him use a fake name, “Mr. Anwar”. Sardar Ibrahim Khan was chosen as the prime minister. Other members of the provisional government were Ghulam Haider Jandalvi, the minister for defence; Nazir Hussain Shah, the minister for finance; and two other ministers for education and industry under assumed names. The headquarters of the government was declared to be in Muzaffarabad. However, this government quickly fizzled out with the arrest of Gilkar in Srinagar (See Das Gupta, Jammu and Kashmir (2012), p. 233). Other members of the provisional government were Ghulam Haider Jandalvi, the minister for defence; Nazir Hussain Shah, the minister for finance; and two other ministers for education and industry under assumed names.

Per Khwaja Abdul Ghaffar Dar (at the 29:30 mark) he became an Ahmadi. He had been to Qadian twice, the first time he stayed at the same house of where Khwaja Abdul Ghaffar Dar was staying (the house of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan), the second time he stayed at the house of Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, this is when he did his bait.

Per Khwaja Ghulam Abdul Ghaffar, Nabi Gilkar was the person who organized the famous “reading rooms” (at the 24:46 mark). At the time, Nabi Gilkar was totally unemployed, the famous Molvi Abdullah lived close-by the first ever reading room and joined as soon as it started. Shaikh Abdullah was also a regular attendee of the “reading room”.

1931, 13th of July
Sheikh Abdullah and his colleagues were greatly influenced by the lectures of a Kashmiri polymath and lawyer Molvi Muhammad Abdullah. Molvi Abdullah‘s son Molvi Abdul Rahim, Abdullah Sheikh and Ghulam Nabi Gilkar were the first three educated Kashmiri youth to be arrested during the public agitation of 1931. He seems to have been an Ahmadi in 1931, as his biographer tells us, see page 68. He was also reported by a Britisher who was living in Kashmir at the time as part of a group of Qadiani’s (see Spencer Lavan). This Britisher was the whistle-blower who broke the story. It is unclear when he was released from prison.

On 19 July 1947, in Srinagar’s Mohallah Abi Guzar at Sardar Ibrahim Ahmed place resolution for Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan was passed. A prominent Ahmadi freedom fighter Khawaja Ghulam Nabi Gilkar was among the elders who were present to pass this historic resolution.

1947, October 4th
Ghulam Nabi Gilkar is announced as Prime Minister on Radio Pakistan under the assumed name of Mr. Anwar.

It is believed that Ghulam Nabi Gilkar was arrested on a tip off by Sunni political activists who thought it was a planning of the Qadiyanis to set up their government in Jammu and Kashmir. So ‘President’ of this Provisional Government’ remained in prison and was released in January 1949 in exchange for the release of Brigadier Gansara Singh, last Governor of Gilgit Baltistan, who was in the Pakistani custody. It must be noted that with help of the UN both India and Pakistan declared a cease fire on 1 January 1949.

Some data
Ghulam Nabi Gilkar and Kashmir Freedom Movement’, by Zahir-ud-Din,, Oct. 8, 2009
Azad Kashmir — Eik Siasi Jaiza, page 113
Justice Yusuf Saraf, Kashmiris Fight Freedom, page 1286

A meeting was held in Lahore on 02 October 1947 at a residence of Mirza Bashir Ul Ahmad (Head of Qadiani Sect), in which, apart from Ghulam Nabi Gilkar few local Kashmiris were also present. It was in this meeting a decision was taken to set up a Provisional Government. 2. This story is also confirmed by another writer Zahir Ud Din, who wrote: ‘…When the Government of India ousted Nawab of Junagarh, the Government of Pakistan approached Mirza Bashir ud Din Ahmad of Qadiyan and authorised him to take appropriate measures with regard to Kashmir. Mirza called Gilkar to Lahore...’

The news of the Provisional Government was first broadcasted by Radio of Pakistan on 4thOctober; and published by many newspapers on 5 October. However, people generally make reference to the news published in ‘Civil and Military Gazette’ on 8thOctober 1947. Without influence and contacts of Mirza Bashir Ud Din Ahmed, there was no way Ghulam Nabi Gilkar or his ‘Cabinet members’ could have got this news broadcasted in Radio Pakistan or got it published in prestigious paper, Civil and Military Gazette.

Famous Kashmiri historian Justice Yusuf Saraf, who after doing extensive research on Modern history of Jammu and Kashmir wrote two volumes consisting of more than 1400 pages, comments on this ‘historic event’. Yusuf Saraf confirms that in response to a ‘Provisional Government’ of Junagarh set up on 1stof October with Samal Das Gandhi as the President, a meeting was convened by Mirza Bashir Ud Din in Lahore on 2ndOctober. It was in this meeting it was decided to set up a ‘Provisional Government of Jammu and Kashmir with Ghulam Nabi Gilkar as the President.

The above evidence clearly exposes this myth that the ‘Provisional Government’ was representative; and that the decision was taken by senior leaders. Justice Yusuf Saraf calls them Municipal level workers. However, if it was a real ‘Government’ and ‘representative’ too, and Mr Gilkar was a ‘President’ of a real government, then why would he go to an area (Srinagar) still controlled by the man (Ruler of Jammu and Kashmir) whom he ‘deposed’, although without any powers or legal authority? Ghulam Nabi Gilkar on instructions of his religious guru or leader declared the ‘Provisional Government’, but both Mr Gilkar and Mirza Bashir Ud Din Ahmed knew that they could not make any progress without active support of most popular Kashmiri leader Sheikh Abdullah. Ghulam Nabi Gilkar came to meet Sheikh Abdullah and had three hours long meeting with him to gain his support.

It is believed that Ghulam Nabi Gilkar was arrested on a tip off by Sunni political activists who thought it was a planning of the Qadiyanis to set up their government in Jammu and Kashmir. So ‘President’ of this Provisional Government’ remained in prison and was released in January 1949 in exchange for the release of Brigadier Gansara Singh, last Governor of Gilgit Baltistan, who was in the Pakistani custody. It must be noted that with help of the UN both India and Pakistan declared a cease fire on 1 January 1949.

Ghulam Nabi Gilkar who was behind Kashmir freedom movement + founder of & became the 1st of Azad Kashmir on October 4, 1947 was an but he’s nowhere in the history of & bcz it has been distorted by haters of as always.

See Tarikh e Ahmadiyyat Kashmir

Das Gupta, Jammu and Kashmir (2012)

Heroes of Kashmir : Molvi Muhammad Abdullah Vakil

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Mirza Tahir Ahmad explains the rationale behind Ahmadiyya giving out mixed global membership numbers


In this sermon, Mirza Tahir Ahmad tries to create another Ahmadi parallel.  He claims that since Muhammad (saw) was shown his enemies as fewer in number, then its ok for Mirza Nasir Ahmad to have also seen the same thing.  However, he forgets that Mirza Nasir Ahmad didn’t see a dream about the number of Ahmadi’s, he was giving the exact number of Ahmadi’s to the whole world as a matter of fact.  Further, Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims in his sermon that after 1984, the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Pakistan stopped keeping records of Ahmadi’s.  However, 1947 to 1984 is thus confirmed as an era wherein the Mirza family kept accurate records of converts and Ahmadi’s in general.

Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s Friday Khutbah from 10-25-1991
Here is the direct link to his Friday Sermon of Oct-1991—-

Mirza Tahir Ahmad starts off with quoting a verse from the Quran, in terms of the Battle of Badr, wherein he claims that Muhammad (saw) was shown that there were more Muslim (313) soldiers then meccan soldiers.  He is quoting Chapter 8: 40–45.  Which are as follows:

43—When Allah showed them to thee in thy dream as few; and if He had shown them to thee as many, you would have surely faltered and would have disagreed with one another about the matter; but Allah saved you. Surely, He has full knowledge of what is in your breasts.

44—And when at the time of your encounter He made them appear to you as few in your eyes, and made you appear as few in their eyes, that Allah might bring about the thing that was decreed. And to Allah are all affairs referred for final decision.

Read Tafsir Ibn Kathir on this topic here—

Mirza Nasir Ahmad announced that there were 10 million Ahmadis in 1969-1970
Mirza Tahir Ahmad uses these verses to justify how his brother, Mirza Nasir Ahmad claimed that there were 10,000,000 (10 million=1 crore) amount of Ahmadi’s, when however, there weren’t, but per Mirza Tahir Ahmad said that it was only made to appear to his brother as such.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that it was at the Jalsa in Rabwah in 1969 or 1970, wherein Mirza Nasir Ahmad made this announcement.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad goes on to explain that he immediately doubted this figure, however, out of respect for his Khalifa, he remained silent.

Mirza Tahir Ahmad then blames Ahmadi’s for not properly reporting the number of Ahmadi’s
He goes on to say that he was told that there was a country wherein Ahmadi’s had reached 1 million (most likely some country in Africa).  He says that he visited that country and found that they only had 500,000 Ahmadi’s.

Mirza Nasir Ahmad fully believed that there were in fact 10 million Ahmadi’s by 1970
Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that in the mind of his brother, Mirza Nasir Ahmad, there were in fact, 10 million Ahmadi’s by 1970.  There is no doubt in this.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad goes on to say that he had no right to object to the Khalifa.  Hence, he remained silent in this matter.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s claims that his position was that NO person could ever accurately give the total number of Ahmadis in the world.

Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that regular Ahmadi’s were making their own calculations
Mirza Tahir Ahmad essentially blames everyone except his brother the Khalifa.

Ahmadi’s in Sialkot in the 1970’s? 
He goes on to explain that his brother, the Khalifa, toured Sialkot, Paksitan and many other jamaat’s and had read reports and etc to the effect that the entire city of Sialkot is Ahmadi.  Other average Ahmadi’s were boasting the same.  However, this was all untrue.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that he went there and tried to verify and also collect money for Waqf-e-Jadid.  As he went to Sialkot to collect additional monies for his family business, he realized that only a few Ahmadi’s were there and even fewer donated money to the Mirza family business.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that he toured Sialkot, and saw many areas wherein there were NO Ahmadis at all.

Losing Ahmadi’s in Sialkot, Jhelum and other areas
Another excuse that he gives is that many people had converted to Ahmadiyya, and then left later on from political pressure.  He claims that in 1904, when MGA went to Sialkot, 1600 people converted to Ahmadiyya in one day.  He says in 1991, there aren’t even 600 Ahmadi’s in Sialkot.  He says that Mirza Nasir Ahmad knew about all of these mass conversions.  He says that by roughly 1920, there must have been 10-20,000 Ahmadis in Sialkot.  He says this is from roughly 100 years ago, per the natural birth process, it must have tripled by 1970.

Mirza Tahir Ahmad visited Dera Ismail Khan and Khohat in the early 1970’s
He claims that there were lots of Ahmadi’s in this area when he visited.  He says that Syed Abdul Latif lived in this area, when he was killed…lots of people joined Ahmadiyya (1903-4).
He claims that Ahmadi’s make lots of noise, however, there aren’t many Ahmadi’s in the world.

A Mubahila?
Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that an Ahmadi was challenged with a Mubahila in terms of the number of Ahmadis.  He claims that his is wrong.

He goes on to quote Pakistani-Muslims who have given the census of Ahmadis
He complains that Pakistani-Muslims have also exaggerated whenever they felt the political need, in fact, in the early 1970’s, when Ahmadi’s had all agreed to vote for Bhutto and his People’s party, Pakistani-Muslims announced 20 lacs (2 million).  However, Mirza tahir Ahmad forgets that this number was given to scare the Pakistani people of the political power of Ahmadi’s, nothing else.  Then another report is quoted.

He then complains about clerics in Pakistan
He says that they continously lie, and are the source of all the problems.

Ahmadi’s put in a copyright claim against my video
It is important to note that Ahmadi’s were so scared about my expose’ that they filed a copyright claim against me.  My video was here:

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Ahmadi’s have always been ordered by the Mirza family to give their life for Ahmadiyya.  Read our essays on that very topic here:

In the below, we have an Extract from the book Rabwah ka pope by Mazharuddin Multani son of Fakhruddin Multani who was murdered by a Qadiani.


Jamaat Ahmadiyya, during the reign of SECOND Khalifa Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmoud Ahmad, has established itself into a state with organisational structure as of a sovereign state. In his several speeches and Khutbat Mirza Mehmoud Ahmad advised his Jamaat to prepare for taking responsibility of running an independent state which, according to him, Allah could grant them any time.

For this purpose they tried to get Baluchistan Province of Pakistan to be an Ahmadiyya State, with the help of their British masters. However, the plan failed miserably and Mirza Mahmoud had to flee from Quetta after one of his Murabbi was murdered there.

Mirza Mahmoud and Zafrullah Khan advised Qadianis to go for top positions of civil and Military. Zafrullah in the capacity of Foreign Minister of Pakistan, made it easy for Qadianis to get inducted in civil and Military services of Pakistan. They made Furqan Force with the aim of liberation of certain areas of Kashmir and Punjab to make an Ahmadi State comprising of areas of Qadian and part of Kashmir bordering Punjab. However, this plan could not succeed too for many reasons and Furqan Force was disbanded.

Now see the organisational structure that Mirza Mahmoud has set up for Jamaat as under. Each department or Ministry is headed by a Nazir appointed and removed by Khalifa, Nazir having powers of Minister, having Administrative civil and judicial powers and are only answerable to Khalifa.

1. Nazir Ala. (Chief Secretary) This Is appointed by Khalifa to monitor and coordinate with all other heads.

2. Nazir Amoor e Ama. Under Minister of Interior. (Home Secretary) : competent to conduct hearing of all criminal cases, enforcement of penalties, and coordination with Police.

3. Nazir Amoor e Kharjah. Under Foreign Minister. To make a political alliance and keep an eye on internal and external political situations .

4. Nazir Ziafat ( Minister of Food)
5. Nazir Tijarat, (Commerce Minister)
6. Nazir Hifazat e Markaz. (Defence Minister) Controlling Police and Armed Forces, security of Qadian and Rabwah.
7. Nazir Sanat, ( Minister Idustry)
8. Nazir Taleem, (Education Minister)
9. Nazir Islah o Irshad (Propaganda And communication Minister)
10. Nazir Baitul Mal. (Finance Minister)
11. Nazir Qanoon ( Law Minister
12. Nazir Zaraat (Agriculture Minister)

Whole system is called ahmadiya anjuman. All decisions are approved by Khalifa, all powers are delegated by Khalifa. The rules and regulations framed by Khalifa can not be changed by ahmadiyya Anjuman.

Courts of Law has also been set up. Qazis are appointed and removed by Khalifa . Final appellate authority is Khalifa whose decision can not be set aside by any authority. Khalifa has also the authority to call for any court case for his decision. Certified copies of legal decrees and orders are issued on payment of fee.

Khalifa and his family enjoys immunity from all court cases.
If a case is filed against any other royal family member, Qazi would not decide against him. If a case is decided against him the decision would not be implemented.The petitioners would be told that since financial position of Royal member is not good so the case case can be placed in abeyance for indefinite period or he would be asked to recover his decreed amount on easy instalments like Re 1/-per months.

One of specimen of Court Nazir letter is as under:
Abdullah Khan the petitioner,
You are informed that the case has been decided and it has been held that under order No, 62 the case has been dismissed for non pursuance.
The petitioner can file appeal against this order within a month from the date of receipt of certified true copy and time period consumed in issuance of certified copy, will not be counted for calculation of one month for filing of appeal.
Certified true copy shall be issued on payment of fee.
Dated :- 08 December 1951.
Office Of Nazir Ahmadi Darul Qaza Rabwah District Jhang Pakistan.

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