September 2017

Afzal Upal reveals how Ahmadis celebrated the State-killing of Bhutto at the 1979–Rabwah-Jalsa-Salana

I have mentioned before how Ahmadis wish death upon their critics and enemies, or anyone who opposes them. They are taught by their mullahs to live like this. Bhutto seems to have turned on Ahmadiyya (The Mirza family) in early 1974, as he removed Air Marshal Zafar Chaudhry from his position. Bhutto then refused to promote Ahmadi’s past a certain rank (most likely MAJOR) until Zia took over in 1977. Bhutto did not order the shooting of Ahmed Raza Kasuri, in November of 1974, nevertheless, he was implicated in a conspiracy to murder. The FIR complainant was Ahmed Raza Kasuri. It was alleged in that FIR that when the actual murder plan was carried out, the complainant’s father Nawab Mohammad Ahmed Khan Kasuri was mistakenly murdered instead of the intended murder conspiracy target, Ahmed Raza Kasuri, in this case the FIR complainant, Ahmed Raza Kasuri himself who escaped unhurt. Bhutto allegedly ordered Masood Ahmad, the Director General of the Security Force to eliminate Ahmed Raza Kasuri. Ahmad Raza Kasuri, a member of parliament, formally accused the then-prime minister of Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, of complicity in the murder of his father. The ammunition used was only available to Bhutto’s paramilitary organization, and the police closed the case as unsolvable. Earlier Bhutto had told Kasuri on the parliament floor: “I have had enough of you. … I will not tolerate your nuisance.” On the other hand, Ahmad Raza Kasuri appeared at the National Assembly session on 20 November 1974, nine days after his father’s murder. He had brought a small bottle of fluid claiming that it was his father’s blood and a blood-stained shirt and announced that the government’s murderous attacks on the members of parliament would be exposed. He continued in this vein for quite some time and always spoke of bad governance and injustice.
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Dr. Mashitah Ibrahim has called on the Malaysian Government to take firm action against “misguided teachings of the Qadianis”

Ahmadiyya leadership keeps pestering Islamic countries and thus calling them out on social media and etc.  Ahmadiyya leadership is mad that most islamic countries wont allow Ahmadis to do tabligh.  In fact, this is the reason why Ahmadis moved to Pakistan in 1947, since they had back-room assurances that they would be able to send out their mullahs to get converts and a headquarters.  Its non just Malaysia, Ahmadiyya has beef with Algeria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and etc etc.

Malaysia in 2017
The story is taken from an un-official (yet official) Ahmadiyya source, Rabwah times.
See here:

In Malaysia, Islam is the state religion
The constitution grants freedom of religion and makes Malaysia an officially secular state, while establishing Islam as the “religion of the Federation”.[10] According to the Population and Housing Census 2010 figures, ethnicity and religious beliefs correlate highly. Approximately 61.3% of the population practice Islam, 19.8% practice Buddhism, 9.2% Christianity, 6.3% Hinduism and 1.3% practice ConfucianismTaoism and other traditional Chinese religions. 0.7% declared no religion and the remaining 1.4% practised other religions or did not provide any information.[5] Sunni Islam of Shafi’i school of jurisprudence is the dominant branch of Islam in Malaysia,[230][231] while 18% are nondenominational Muslims.[232]

The story condensed
“””Malaysia’s prominent female Islamic scholar and former member of the Cabinet Dr. Mashitah Ibrahim has called for action against “the dissemination of deviant teachings of Qadianis”, a peaceful minority Islamic sect considered heretic by mainstream Muslims.

The Executive Chairman of the Pondok Malaysia Development Foundation said “We do not want Malaysia to be like the neighboring country where freedom of Islam including misguided teachings are permissible”.

In view of the fact that Islam is subject to state jurisdiction, she hopes that the state of Selangor’s Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) will act against the Ahmadis immediately.

“As they know they have been operating for over 40 years. So it is not possible that the (JAIS) religious council did not know about them, but the question is why no action has been taken when they have been openly and actively conducting their activities.

“We take other security threats seriously but not when our faith is threatened, It must be seen as a serious threat that endangers our society and the position of our country that holds Islam as the religion of the State,” she said.

Ibrahim called on the Selangor State Government to take firm action against “misguided teachings of the Qadianis” who she says have been actively preaching in the vicinity of Nakhoda Village, Gombak and thus causing anxiety among the locals.

“Our belief in Malaysia is that we follow the Sunnah Wal Jamaah school of thought and how is it that this deviant sect even dared to set up their own complexes, maybe the authorities should look into the matter seriously,”

She further added that “action against Qadiani (Ahmadiyya) sect should not be delayed so that the faith of the people around the area can be saved”

Also, on the panel was the President of Al-Quran Tahfiz Association of Selangor, Maulana Mohammad. Dailami Che Age, the Secretary-General of the Islamic Consumer Association (PPIM), Ma’amor Osman and Director of the Women’s Leadership Center for National University of Malaysia (UKM), Prof. Norizan

In 1998, Malaysia’s Selangor Fatwa Committee ruled that followers of Ahmadiyya or Qadiani teachings are “kafir” or non-believers and that any individual that follows Qadiani teachings is an apostate, according to the national e-fatwa database.


Disabled man told the Ahmadiyya Abode of Peace building is for Ahmadiyya only

Ahmadis lie about persecution. These Ahmadis are piranhas and snakes. Just 2 years ago, a disabled man was denied cheaper-housing, since it was reserved for Ahmadis only. Read the news reports in the below…

Also read this:
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The “””Ahmadiyya-only””” building in Toronto, Canada


Ahmadis have been working the Canadian govt. for years and years in terms of asylum and other political topics that benefit the Ahmadiyya movement.  As we all know, there have been less than 1000 converts to Ahmadiyya in Canada from “white” Canadians” a similar number exists in America.  In fact, Afzal Upal recently wrote about this very topic as he exposed how Ahmadi-mullahs lie to Ahmadis in Pakistan about their growth in the West.  Thus, Ahmadiyya relies heavily on the persecution card as it continues to funnel Ahmadis out of Pakistan and to the West, since this is the only way for Ahmadiyya to achieve growth.  Further, in 1947, the Ahmadiyya movement colluded with the British govt. and helped them create a buffer state, i.e. Pakistan.  They were then rewarded, they were given Rabwah as a headquarters wherein there would be zero govt. interference.  It is important to note, Qadian was not like this, even by 1947, Qadian was mostly a Hindu/Sikh town and Ahmadis werent in-control of the entire city.  Nonetheless, Rabwah was given to Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad and his twisted-utopia was created, wherein he was the King.

Raza from grew up in Peace village in Canada…hence, his fanaticism

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An Ahmadiyya-only building with Canadian governments money
The building from the picture is an Ahmadiyya-only area.  They have created another Rabwah.  They get money from the Canadian govt. and then make rent very cheap for the Ahmadis who move to Canada on Asylum.  However, the adhan is blasted over the loud-speakers 5 times per day, women are not allowed freedoms that are allowed in 99% of Canada and the Ahmadi-mullahs make sure that they get there CHANDA.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad disrespected all Shias and Hazrat Ali (ra)

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad hated everyone. In this specific case he is caught making derogatory remarks about Hazrat Ali (ra). We have also added a bunch of additional references at the bottom. MGA even claimed that the killing of Syed Abdul Latif was much more important than the killing of Hussain. MGA also disliked the female name Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad (saw), this is why #ahmadis never name their daughters as Fatima. MGA argued that she had bad luck, and thus, he disliked her name.
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Hyat-e-Nasir by Mir Nasir Nawab–the full pdf book

This book was written by Shaikh Yacub Ali Irfani, however, it was dictated to him by Mir Nasir Nawab, as he was in his retirement phase of life. This book has many juicy details about the life of MGA. Specifically, it told us that MGA screamed out that: “i have been infected with cholera” just before his death. Remember, there as a second edition of this book wherein they edited the juicy details. In 1927, a scholar of Ahmadiyya, Sheikh Yacoob Ali Irfani, he published the biography of the father-in-law of MGA, Mir Nasir Nawab. The book was most likely written in 1924-25, since Mir Nasir Nawab died in 1925. Nevertheless, Mir Nasir Nawab gave an explanation of the death of MGA. He claimed that MGA spoke out, as he was suffering from the pangs of death, “Mir sahib, I have contracted Cholera”. After this book was published, the critics of Ahmadiyya seem to have noticed this fact and began arguing with Ahmadis that MGA did in-fact die of Cholera. Farquhar had wrote in 1915, that MGA died of Cholera, these allegations were nothing new. The 3 Ahmadiyya doctors who were present in Lahore and treated MGA are all silent on the cause of death, they are Noorudin, Muhammad Hussain Shah and Dr. Beg. They even gave MGA an unknown injection at roughly midnight. MGA fell-out after that. IMHO, MGA died right before the injection, and Ahmadis have lied about the rest of the story. And what was in this injection that he got? And did they stab him in the heart with it?  All of these details are missing.

The full book


The scan work showing the 2 editions


Hayat e nasir first edition published in 1927

“””Ab bari (big) aour sakhat (hard) tabdeely mairay haal (person) main paida hooyee aour aysee sakhat museebat nazil hooyee-kay gis kee talafee bohat mushkil hay-Allah taala kay sivaa mairee takleef ko koee naheen jaan sakta-hazrat sahib giss raat ko beemar hooya-us raat ko main apnay maqaam per jaa ker soo (sleep) chukka tha-jub aap ko bohat takleef hooyee to mujahy jagaiya gayaa tha-jub main hazrat sahib kay pass pohncha aour aap ka haal daikha to aap nay mujhay mukhatib ker kay fermayia – mir sahib maujhay wabaee haiza ho giyaa hai-is kay baad aap nay koee aiysee saaf baat mairay khiayl main naheen fermayi –yahaan tuk kay doosray roaz (next day) dus (10am) bajay kay baad aap ka intiqaal ho gayiaa.”””
Now the second edition which is changed –it does not give the year of printing.

“””Ab bari (big) aour sakhat (hard) tabdeely mairay haal (person) main paida hooyee aour aysee sakhat museebat nazil hooyee-kay gis kee talafee bohat mushkil hay-Allah taala kay sivaa mairee takleef ko koee naheen jaan sakta-hazrat sahib giss raat ko beemar hooya-us raat ko main apnay maqaam per jaa ker soo (sleep) chukka tha-jub aap ko bohat takleef hooyee to mujahy jagaiya gayaa tha-jub main hazrat sahib kay pass pohncha aour aap ka haal daikha aour doosray roaz (next day) dus (10am) bajay kay baad aap ka intiqaal ho gayiaa”””
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Hyat e Nasir (1927) 1st edition vs. 2nd edition


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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and “Port-wine”

Mirza Mubarak Ahmad was born in 1899. His mother (Nusrat Jehan) start taking tonic wine immediately after child birth. This is the famous case of MGA ordering tonic wine from Plommers shop in Lahore. In that same era, Mirza Mubarak Ahmad was also given port wine, since he was sick. See the letter in the below.

MGA’s wife, (Nusrat Jehan) started taking tonic wine immediately after Mirza Mubarak Ahmad was born in 1899. This is the famous case of MGA ordering tonic wine from Plommers shop in Lahore. In that same era, Mirza Mubarak Ahmad was also given port wine, since he was sick.  MGA also kept Saturnes wine. MGA and Noorudin would take wine and opium as needed, it was not a big deal. they gave it out like candy. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad used poison, opium and wine in his medicines too. This was all very normal for life at Qadian. Opium was another drug in heavy circulation at Qadian, and MGA never admitted to its usage, nor did MGA ever admit to having wine in his house. There is another entry from Seeratul Mahdi wherein MGA was giving out alcohol also.
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s rules on Mubahila from 1889-1890-1891

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a raging lunatic. He would issue his death threats randomly and while under British protection. In this specific case, we have caught MGA giving out some rules for his twisted ideas on Mubahila’s. Firstly, Mubahila is not a way for any Muslim to act with another Muslim. In the 1400 years after Muhammad (saw)…there were scarcely any Mubahila’s between Muslims and non-muslims. MGA seems to have opened this topic and deviated from Islam.  Nonetheless, enjoy the quote.

The Ahmadi cleric, Rizwan, @Rizwan1770,, 

I engaged with him recently, he really has an arrogance problem. Nevertheless, as I tried to get some information out of him, I quickly realized that he was a competitor, he is trained in competitive speech, not honest speech. He asked me what religion I was and then tailored a response based on that.  However, that is incorrect, I asked him about what MGA wrote on Mubahila, instead he quoted MGA’s grandson, Mirza Tahir Ahmad, who gave an incomplete answer in Canada in the 90’s. Rizwan wrote: “”””I don’t understand the reason why the fourth Khalifa is not a valid reference for you but the second Khalifa is a valid reference for you. The statement in the audio is the position of Jama’at Ahmadiyya. If you want to know the position of the Jama’at, that is it. If you are a Ghair Mubai’ Ahmadi then I would explain the position of the Promised Messiah (as). If you are a non-Ahmadi Muslim then I would explain the concept from the Qur’an and Ahadith. If you are an atheist then I would explain God’s attribute of accepting prayers.”””

But he doesn’t understand what original research is, since he has never done it.

The quote
Izala Auham, p. 637

“Let it be clear to the readers that Mr. Abdul Haqq had asked for a mubahila. But I cannot understand how a mubahila could be permissible regarding those matters of difference which do not make either party into a kafir or an unjust one. It is clear from the Holy Quran that in a mubahila each party must believe that the party opposite is a liar, i.e., is deliberately deviating
from the truth, and is not merely mistaken, so that each side is able to say: ‘May the curse of Allah be upon the liars!’ Now if Mr. Abdul Haqq considers me to be a liar due to his wrong
judgment, I do not call him a liar but believe him to be in error, and it is not allowable to curse a Muslim who is merely in error.”

In 1889, MGA seems to have issued a little known Mubahila to Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi.

MGA’s mubahila with Abdul Haqq begins.

The British government orders MGA to stop doing Mubahila’s.

MGA claims that Muhammad (Saw) had a Mubahila with Abu Jahl.

Maulvi Sanaullah refuses to get into a Mubahila vs. MGA, since it is un-islamic.

Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s open Mubahila to any Muslim who opposes Ahmadiyya. Bashir Ahmad Misri responds.
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed that the islamic beliefs in the physical return of Esa (as) were not fundamental to Islam (1891)

As we all know, Ahmadis will be all over the internet trying to argue about he death of Esa (as).  They are fanatical too…and they cherry pick islamic scholars and discard their overwhelming writings on any topic, then cherry pick and misrepresent.  Well, in this case, we have found MGA writing that the belief in any “Promised-Messiah” is not even relevant to Islam…its just a prophecy.  He goes on to say that its not even an essential part of Islam to believe in any Messiah or the lack thereof.

The scan work

p. 140, Izala Auham
“First, it should be known that belief in the descent of the Messiah is not a belief which is one of our fundamentals of faith or one of the pillars of the religion. In fact, it is a prophecy among hundreds of prophecies, which has nothing to do with the basis of Islam. Islam was not an incomplete religion till the time this prophecy was explained, nor did it become more complete when this prophecy was explained. It is not necessary that prophecies should be fulfilled in the literal sense.” (p. 140)

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