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June 2017

Who is Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan of Malerkotla, son-in-law of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1870–1945)?

Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan (born 1870, died February 10th, 1945)(See Dard page 816), a Chief of Malerkotla (it was roughly 200 km southeast from Qadian) seems to have been an Ahmadi since at least 1892. Dard tells us that he donated towards the publishing of MGA’s book, “Nishan-Asmani” aka “Heavenly sign” (June 1892)(See Dard, page 338). His name is also listed in the famous “list-of-313” that were recorded by MGA’s team in 1896. In 1896, MGA had a daughter born, she was given the name Mubarika Begum. By 1901, MGA seemed to have a revelation wherein he named her “nawab” (see Dard, page 565, (Ahmadiyya leadership wont give the date) she was thus married off to Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan, she was only 5 years old and he was 31 at the time. However, it is unclear whether or not she moved in with the Nawab or not. More details will follow shortly. Nonetheless, by 1901, the Nawab of Malerkotla was a worker in Qadian and even brought a phonograph and since MGA couldn’t speak properly, he had Maulvi Abdul Kareem’s voice recorded (See Dard, page 816). Further, during the amin ceremonies of Mahmud Ahmad and Mirza Bashir Ahmad, they seem to have also celebrated the wedding of MGA’s daughter. In 1931, the brother of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan helped the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad get elected to the All-India-Kashmir-Committee (See Khan “The construction of the Ahmadiyya Identity”, page 167).
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Who were the members of the Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya aka “Executive body of Control”: in 1906–1910

Towards the end of 1906, MGA and his team setup a “Council” that would manage the movement in the future, this was mostly in terms of finances, however, it also covered spiritual matters. Nonetheless, below is the list of the original 14 members. At least 5-6 were family members of MGA….through marriage or otherwise…The reference for this entry is (See Muhammad Ali, A Mighty Striving, PAGE 52). The members of the Sadr Anjuman didn’t change until 1910. In 1910, Noorudin, the Khalifa resigned from this position as President and got Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad elected as President without a vote (See “Truth About The Split”, online english edition, pages 266-267). That dropped the number of people from 14 to 13. Ahmadiyya sources tell us that Mir Muhammad Ishaq became a voting member in 1912.  Thus giving the Mirza family 5 of the 14 voting members.
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Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s inheritance

We wanted to reverse engineer the assets of the 2nd Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad. In the below, we have quoted “Man of God” page 63, in this reference, Mirza Tahir Ahmad admits to getting a substantial inheritance in 1965 when his father died. He got a nice house and 25 acres of farm land. Thus, it can be proven that the Khalifa owned over 400 acres of land in 1965, and over 20 homes. The Khalifa was close to 100-millionaire it seems.

We have posted another quote in the below wherein it shows that the Khalifa also gets a salary.
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The Curzon Gazette commented on the death of MGA

Mirza Hairat Dehlvi seems to have owned the Curzon Gazette. He was born as Muhammad Umrao Baig,in Dehli in 1868, he completed his education in Arabic College Dehli. He was employed by Munshi Navalkishore at Akhbar Avadh. He wrote a commentary on Holy Quran, which was published from Curzon Press Dehli in 1901. He also translated famous Ahadiths books of Bukhari, Mishkat, and Darmi in urdu. He authored books on Seerat Rasul s.a.w, in six volumes, wrote books on biographies of Hazrat Abubakar r.a., Hazrat Ali r.a. Hazrat Aisha r.a and Hazrat Syedah Fatima r.a. beside having published some other books. Mirza Hairat was the owner of Curzon Press Dehli, where he was publishing famous weekly Curzon Gazettes since 1901. He challenged Mirza Ghulam Qadiani against his fake claims during Ghulam Qadiani,s visit to Dehli in 1891 and in 1905, he also wrote at the time of MGA’s death (see in the below).
____________________________________________________________________________________________Nooruddin” by Syed Hasanat Ahmad, 2003 edition, online edition. Again, this Ahmadi author doesn’t give a proper reference. Nonetheless, see pages 122, 123:

“””Nothing now is left with the Mirzais (a derogatory term used for Ahmadis) after the demise of Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas, the Movement has lost its head, and the person, who has become head, only knows the Holy Qur’an and he will only be reading and lecturing on the Holy Qur’an in the mosque.

At the annual Ahmadiyya conference in December, 1908, Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih Ira delivered a vigorous speech. The editorial of the Curzon Gazette commented upon it thus: “He
could only teach the Holy Qur’an,” Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih Ira said, “Let God help me to teach them the Holy Qur’an so that they can understand it.”””””
MGA’s obituary in the Curzon Gazette

Curzon Gazette, Delhi, 1st June 1908

“The services of the deceased, which he rendered to Islam in confrontation with the Christians and the Arya Samajists, deserve the highest praise. He completely changed the flow of the debate, and laid the foundations of a new literature in India.

“We admit, not because of our being Muslims but being seekers after truth, that the top most Arya Samaj leader or Christian missionary could not dare open his mouth to confront the late Mirza sahib. The incomparable books which he wrote in refutation of the Arya Samaj and Christian creeds, and the shattering replies he gave to the opponents of Islam, we have not seen any rational refutation of these except that the Aryas have been hurling abuse at the Founder and the teachings of Islam in an uncouth manner, without being able to give a sensible reply. Although the deceased was a Punjabi, yet his pen was so powerful that today in the whole of the Punjab, even in the whole of India, there is no author of such power…and it is true that, on reading some of his writings, one goes into a state of ecstasy. Although he did not receive any regular education in Arabic language, literature or grammar, he gained such a proficiency in Arabic by his God-given intellect and nature that he could write it quite naturally…

“His followers are not only common and unlearned people, but include able and bright graduates, viz., B.A., M.A., and very learned Ulama. It is a matter of no small pride for a religious leader of this day that persons educated on traditional lines as well as persons educated on modern lines, both types, should become his followers. Surviving the heat of predictions of his death, opposition, and criticism, he cleared his way to reach the highest pinnacle of progress.”
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The British Govt. donated 25,000 rupees for the Talim ul Islam High School in Qadian in 1909

We all know how governments fund different programs and etc. For example, in the USA, ever since Trump took over, he has de-funded all programs that he seems to disagree with and has allocated funds in areas that he agrees with. In British-India, the british govt. supported all organizations that seemed to support colonialism. MGA’s father was heavily supported by the British Govt. and was seen as a major ally in the region. The British govt. always gave MGA a chair in court and always made MGA out to be innocent, even when he was obviously guilty. Even in 1904, MGA had clearly lost his case in court (the one time a hindu judge heard his case) and was due to be sentenced to prison, however, he made bail and won the case on appeal, since the appeals judge was a Britisher who knew about MGA and the promises that were made to his family. Moreover, the British governement gave MGA many months of personal security and coverage as MGA toured the Punjab in 1903–1905.

The ROR of June-1915 alleges that the buildings and site costed 75,000, oh which Ahmadi’s have given 40,000 rupees and the British Government the remaining 35,000. It reports that there are 400 students of which half are living in the attached hostel. Ahmadiyya sources claim that this school is an english school and attached to the accreditation of the Punjab University. The British Government is paying 400 rupees per month for the maintenance of these facilities. In fact, the attached hostel costed an additional 60,000 rupees, of which the British Government paid half, it is alleged that the Ahmadiyya Movement paid the other 30,000 rupees (which is a lie, the British most likely paid for everything). Carpentry and tailoring is also taught at this school.

The ROR of February-1916 reports that the Ahmadiyya missionary training Madrassa was opened in late 1914. It also reports that 400 children are currently enrolled at the Ahmadiyya High school. It claims that the Ahmadiyya Madrassa is an arabic and theology school combined. It also claims to be managed by the Sadr Anjuman at Qadian. Continue reading “The British Govt. donated 25,000 rupees for the Talim ul Islam High School in Qadian in 1909”

Lahori-Ahmadis cannot be declared Non-Muslim per Islamic Law

I have always maintained that Mirza Nasir Ahmad purposely got himself declared Non-Muslim in 1974. Many people disagree with me, however, they haven’t research as deep as me, they haven’t taken into account the newest data from Ahmadis wherein they have admitted to setting up a terrorist attack at the Rabwah train station. Further, the Samdani commission report wasn’t even ready by the time the NA-hearings began. Mirza Nasir Ahmad then had many opportunities to get the NA-hearings published as well as the Samdani Commission report published, however, they purposely refused to do so. Further, the Qadiani branch was declared Non-Muslim based on the fact that they deny Muhammad (Saw) as the final prophet, however, the Lahori-Ahmadis do consider Muhammad (saw) as the final prophet, so why were they also declared Non-Muslim along with all Ahmadi-offshoots? This is a glaring inconsistency and proves that Mirza Nasir Ahmad colluded with Bhutto. What probably happened was that Mirza Nasir Ahmad purposely told Bhutto that he wanted all Ahmadi groups declared as Non-Muslim, not just his sect of Ahmadis, so that was what Bhutto exactly did. This letter is from 1938.
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was offering bribes just to get Muhammadi Begum….

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad obsessed over a certain girl, Muhammadi Begum…we have found a quote from Seeratul-Mahdi wherein it is stated that MGA was so desperate to get this girl that he was in talks with the uncle of Muhammadi Begum and offered to bribe him. See the quote below….this is from the 1888-era.

Watch Dr. Holy Spirits explanation herein. Continue reading “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was offering bribes just to get Muhammadi Begum….”

Maulvi Abdul Karim lived exclusively with MGA on the 3rd floor of MGA’s house

MGA knew Maulvi Abdul Karim since his days at Sialkot in the early 1860’s. Further, he knew Nooruddin and Mufti Sadiq and worked for Nooruddin as an employee in Jammu. Nevertheless, when he moved to Qadian in 1891, he lived on the 3rd floor with his wife in MGA’s house. Further, I am sure that his wife, as well as Noorudin’s wife and MGA’s wife all ate together and raised their kids together, hence, there seem to be 20 people living in MGA’s house by 1892.
Here are some names of the main ghost writing team, Maulvi Abdul Karim, Maulvi Mufti Muhammad Sadiq, Maulvi Sher Ali and Hakim Fazl Din of Bhera. Some other people who came independently, yet still joined MGA’s team was Maulvi Muhammad Ahsan Amrohi, who was also a member of the Ahl-e-Hadith sect, in fact, uptil his job with MGA, he worked for the founder of the Ahl-e-Hadith sect, Syed Nazeer Husain from Delhi and Siddiq Hasan Khan of Bhopal. Ahsan Amrohi was an imam under Siddiq Hassan Khan until he died in roughly 1890, he was immediately hired by MGA. Maulvi Muhammad Ali was another, however, he came via Khwaja Kamaluddin and the prominent Ahmadi’s of Lahore.
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Muhammad Ali lived exclusively within Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s house for almost 10 years, 1899–1909

As we all know, MGA employed many ghost writers. They were, Nooruddin, Mufti Sadiq, Muhammad Ali, Maulvi Abdul Kareem, The Amrohi, and many many more. All of these people lived with MGA, and thus knew of all of MGA’s habits. They were all employees and were promised many fortunes. Muhammad Ali lived in close-quarters with MGA and his sons and his entire family, in-fact, Muhammad Ali’s wife also lived with him and she must have interacted with the family of Nooruddin, Abdul Kareem and many others who were also living there.
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