Abdul Sami Zafar tells the inside story on the May 29th, 1974 Rabwah train attacks

I have always written that Ahmadiyya leadership planned the 1974 Rabwah train attacks.  In this interview, Abdul Sami Zafar explains how Ahmadiyya leadership planned and executed the attack.  Abdul Sami is still an Ahmadi, however, he has called the Mirza family as a group of liars and thieves.  Feel free to read Charles Kennedy’s academic work on the Rabwah Train attacks here.  Mirza Nasir Ahmad claims to have been 12 miles away and never even cared to ask about these attacks.  Nevertheless, Abdul Sami still believes in MGA and that MGA was a prophet and a Messiah. That solidifies his testimony.  Further, much like all Ahmadis who were privy to this attack, he kept it a secret for 40+ years….the full interview can be found here:

Abdul sami has joined a splinter sect of Ahmadis and their youtube channel is as follows:\

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He says:

  1.  Indeed, the teenagers stopped in on May 22nd, 1974 and cussed at a few Ahmadis who were there that day.
  2. Majlis Aamila then got the report and began discussing the matter.
  3. Majlis Aamila then planned everything, they sent Ahmadis to Peshawar, Sarghoda and planned the entire attack.
  4. They then began to collect local Khuddam from Rabwah and had them hide in ambush.
  5. The train-station manager was also Ahmadi, he also knew the whole story, he purposely made the train wait 30 mins at least.
  6. The attack was a success…
  7. However, the next day, Ahmadis began to be murdered and burned alive. The Mirza family had these attacks carried out and then lied about everything, They purposely got themselves declared non-muslim so as to get asylum abroad.


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New data found on the death of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad via cholera from June 1908

From 1908 to the 1930’s, Ahmadiyya sources are totally silent on way or the cause of death of MGA.  However, ee have found sources in this time frame that claimed that MGA had died of cholera, in Urdu as Haiza.  Even Farquhar wrote the same in 1915.  This is also the word that was used by MGA’s father-in-law, Mir Nasir Nawab in the 1920’s as he narrated to Shaikh Ali Yacub Irfani his autobiography. This Khubah by Noorudin was his second Friday Sermon after becoming the Khalifa at Qadian.

Noorudin’s Friday Khutbah of 
Alhakam of 14 June 1908.
“It was narrated in the hadeeth: “”المبطون شهيد” which means, whoever dies by diarrhea is a martyr. MGA died of diarrhea disease; regardless, whether diarrhea occurred long time ago as a sign from God or if it was a result of cholera as alleged by the enemies. Whatever it is, certainly and for sure that he (MGA) has died with diarrhea; he was a martyr according to the correct hadeeth which says who dies by diarrhea is a martyr, whatever the type of diarrhea was. God has made the enemies recognize by their own tongue that he is a martyr … The enemy says that MGA died by cholera, and if we accept the argument that the enemy is sincere in this statement, we ask them: Is it not the death by cholera martyrdom?” (حقائق الفرقان، ج1، نقلا عن الحكم،14/6/1908م، الصفحة 7-8)

Some commentary
This Khutba was delivered by  the newly crown Khalifa (Nooruddin) on 5 June 1908 (printed on 14 June). Nooruddin faced with the death of Mirza Ghulam by Haiza, which happened on 26 May of that year, AND THE DIFFICULTIES THEY FACED TO TRANSPORT HIS BODY FROM LAHORE TO QADIAN. Nooruddin was so much under pressure that he admitted that MGA died of haiza (cholera), however, he tried to sugar coat the whole episode by quoting Hadith and saying that “whoever dies of Haiza (cholera) is a martyr.

The scan


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Happy Birthday to You Mirza Ghulam

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The Ahmadiyya “Waqf-e-Nau” program is pure evil

Recently we had a discussion on Waqf e Nau, here:

Many valid points were shared by ones who were supporting and opposing such a scheme.

Here, I’d like to share some points shared on an Ahmadiyya website (Based on Khalifa V’s teachings) on the Waqf e Nau scheme which I thought were very important and deserved a thread on its own.
Often Ahmadis, in favor of this scheme, defend it by saying a child is free to cancel his membership when he’s an adult. I am surprised that they don’t consider the influence indoctrination can have on a child.

Let’s just look at certain points on the website:

To present one’s child to Allah is an extremely important event and is no ordinary thing. Sacrifices are a form of gifts and it is necessary to adore them.

This is the opening sentence of the article. “Sacrificing Children to please God” – I find it extremely cringy and feels like it is nothing but a superstitious concept. Why would God need you to give Him your children?

But what’s more concerning is the “tips” the website provides to the parents of Waqf e Nau and how damaging it is to the kids. Here are some:

The children should be taught from the first day that they are Waqf and that their life is no longer their own*.*

Children are waqfed before their birth, so it means from the birth, throughout childhood children should be taught that their life does not belong to them but to the Jama’at.

The children should be informed that they are Waqf for the sake of their faith and that their personal wishes no longer matter, but that they should do as the Jama’at requests.

What if the child wants to become an artist? An athlete? A performer? Do you really think an Ahmadi girl whose a waqf living around parents who are trying to raise her based on these teachings, could ever pursue her dreams in sports and become a national level football/soccer player?

Is it fair to sell their souls to the Jama’at even before they realize what the Jama’at is? Don’t Ahmadis realize that Children has certain rights and their parents have no right to “sacrifice” them to an institution?

Is it fair that after crushing a kid’s dreams by telling him/her that their wishes no longer matter and justifying that based on an opt-out form given to them at the age of 15? After raised within this scheme from birth do you think it is an easy choice for a kid to opt-out, without hurting the sentiments of his/her parents?

I have seen many telling the problem is family pressure and not with the scheme of the Jama’at. Isn’t it clear from these points that Jama’at want the parents to “force” their kids into this scheme?

I could only wish that no Ahmadi kid’s dreams were crushed with this scheme because their parents told them “Your wishes no longer matter. You are sacrificed to the Jama’at

Note: If the link doesn’t work. Try the archived link here:

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his prophecy about the slaughter of 2 goats (1884 to 1897)

In 1897, in MGA’s book, Anjam e Athim, MGA attributed this revelation to his prophecy about Muhammadi Begum.  However, by 1907, MGA had changed his mind and claimed it was about his Afghani followers who were executed.

MGA claimed to have had this revelation:

[Arabic] Two goats will be slaughtered and there is no one on the earth who can avoid
death. That is, everyone has to submit to divine decrees and no one can escape death…

(See Braheen e Ahmadiyya Vol. 4, online english edition, and the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah)

MGA claims that half of this prophecy was completed, since it was Muhammadi Begum’s father, who had died, he resembled one of the goats, the other goat was the husband of Muhammadi Begum, Sultan Muhammad.  MGA wrote this in an arabic only book, “Anjam e Athim).

The Quote from Anjam e Athim
“Prophecy of Slaughter of two Goats it is signal towards Ahmad beg and his son in law which was published 17 years ago in braheeen ahmadiyya”

“After this it will happen that Two TWO GOATS will be Slaughtered first goat means Ahmad beg and second goat means his son in law”
Rohani Khazain Anjam-e-Atham page 341

In Haqiqatul Wahy, MGA ascribed this prophecy to Maulawi Sahibzadah ‘Abdul-Latif and his auspicious disciple Sheikh ‘Abdur-Rahman.  

The scan work

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Reason on Faith has totally come out and is exposing Ahmadiyya

Our fellow Ex-Ahmadi, @reasononfaith has totally come out and is doing many interviews these days.

The list of interviews

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his Mubahila with Abdul Haq (1891–1900)

MGA seems to have had a Mubahila challenge with Abdul Haq, which started in 1891.  Ahmadiyya sources tell us that Abdul Haq Ghaznavi, a follower of Abdul Jabbar and a disciple of the famous Ahl-e-Hadith Imam Maulawi Abdullah Ghaznavi (1811–1881), began a Mubahila with MGA in 1891 over the topic of the death of Esa (As) (see Life of Ahmad by Dard, page 239).  The Muslims of India and the entire world believed that Jesus was sitting alive in the heavens in his physical body. He declared on the basis of his ‘revelations’ that MGA was an
infidel and that he would be thrown into hell because he claimed to be the like of Jesus (as). This Ishtihar was widely distributed by the followers of Abdul Jabbar, and MGA received a copy on February 9th, 1891.  So he wrote a letter to Maulawi Abdul Jabbar about the challenge, saying that he believed Abdul Haq to be a follower of his. In this letter MGA affirmed that he had claimed to be the Promised Messiah on the basis of direct revelation received from on high. He made it clear that Jesusas had died and could not come again. He admitted the possibility of the advent of other Messiahs also (see Life of Ahmad by Dard, page 239).  MGA
was prepared to enter into Mubahala if necessary though, according to his own belief, Mubahala was not necessary or permissible to settle minor differences of opinion amongst Muslims.  Anyhow, if eminent mullahs like Nadhir Husain of Delhi, Muhammad Husain of Batala and Ahmadullah of Amritsar signed a fatwa to the effect that Mubahala was permissible in such cases, then he would have no course left open but to go to Amritsar for the purpose
of the Mubahala and Abdul Haq must in that case bring with him his family and his friends, as required by the Holy Quran. This letter is dated February 11th, 1891, and was published in a supplement to the Riayd-e-Hind, Amritsar, dated March 15th, 1891, pages 1-4 (see Life of Ahmad by Dard, page 239–242).  In response to this Abdul Haq issued another Ishtihar: If Mubahala was not permissible amongst Muslims, why had MGA asked Maulawi Muhammad Ismael through the pages of his book, Fath-e-Islam, to hold a Mubahala with him?

27 May, 1893 in Amritsar
MGA agreed to have a Mubahila prayer in Amritsar.

In Anjam-E-Athim, MGA writes: 

About Abdul Haq’s wife: 

“Ab Abdul Haq ko zaroor poochna chahiey ke uss ka wo mubahla ki barkat ka larka (boy) kahan gaya, kia andar hi andar pait me tahleel (disappear) pa gia ya phir rajaat qahqari(again) ker ke nutfa bun gia” (Roohani Khazain Volume 11, Page 311).  English translation is as follows, “Now ask Abdul Haq certainly about that Mubahila he had with me, where are the blessings of a boy, where did it go? Did he disappear ……”

“aur ab tak iss ( Abdul Haq ) ki aurat ke pait sei aik chooha bhi paida na hoa” (Roohani Khazain Volume 11, Page 311).  English translation is as follows, And until now, his wife hasn’t even given birth to a mouse.

MGA writes Tuhfa’-e-Ghaznaviyya. It was printed (700 copies) at the Diya’ul Islam Press and
published in October 1902.

MGA mentions Abdul Haq.

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Compilation of Ahmadiyya views on Homosexuality

In this post, I’d like to compile all the things Ahmadiyya leaders, their official websites & other publications have told about homosexuality, whether positive or negative.

First of all, I’d like to share this presentation, which u/BarbesRouchechouart found on Lajna (Women’s Wing of Ahmadiyya) USA’s official website.  Here’s the link:

Some Quotations from the Presentation

Yeah, “homosexuals & sexual predators”

“”””Adolescence is a time of experimentation and self-discovery. A young teen who is vulnerable and not guided and protected can be easily influenced by homosexuals and sexual predators*. Though this is a phase, some never leave this adolescent experience.”””

Transgenders have a “demon” inside them.

“””Here are a rare number of people who may be an exception and have a predisposition to behave like the opposite gender. Khalifa IV describes this person has having a “demon” inside and a personal dilemma which must be battled and suppressed.”””

Recommends against giving rights and recognition given to homosexuals. Don’t want homosexual people to come out and have a life of authenticity.

“””this is demonstrated by the fact that, as more recognition and rights are given, the number of gay people around the world has grown enormously.”””

Terrible excuses for the legalization of same-sex marriages by Imam Azhar Haneef, Faith Matters (MTA program)

– All the scriptures prescribe marriage only between a man and a woman.
– Marriage/nikah has to be entered with taqwa (fear/consciousness of God); is not compatible with homosexuality
– Marriage without God’s approval cannot have His favor and blessings -the couple cannot follow the model of the

– Prophet (saw) -the couple is choosing each other over God; cannot succeed

-does not meet one of the main purposes of marriage which is procreation

Tip for LGBTQ

“”””they should pray for a change within themselves rather than entering this relationship which is not permitted.”””

Why Homosexuality is dangerous?

“”””Homosexual behavior is detrimental to societies and nations and can lead to their destruction.”””

Recommends against being friends with homosexuals.

Two issues with gay friends: 1. UnIslamic influence: many gays are outspoken about their sexual lifestyle. Even though you are not part of that lifestyle, they are sharing their experiences and beliefs with you as a friend. This makes it harder for you to uphold Islamic beliefs about your friend’s orientation.

“O ye who believe, be mindful of your duty to Allah and keep company with the righteous”(9.119). “O ye who believe! Take not others than your own people as intimate friends; they will not fail to corrupt you…We have made clear to you Our commandments, if you will understand.” (3:119)

NOTE: I’d like to point out that in a Q&A session Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Current Khalifa of Ahmadiyya, said there’s nothing wrong with being friends with a gay person as long as that behavior of the said person does not influence the Ahmadi friend.

The 4th Khalifa said this in “Islam’s response to contemporary Issues”;

P97 – “When there is no God-made law to be accepted, and absolute ethical values and noble traditions are challenged and defied daily, any legislation to discipline moral behaviour also becomes lax and more accommodating. The very platform, on which laws pertaining to moral behaviour are founded, begins to slip away. A comparative study of legislation in this area over the last few centuries would effectively prove the case in point. Gone are the days of Oscar Wilde when homosexuality was considered a crime by society, which would most mercilessly punish it. Gone are the days of chastity not being just a virtue but a social trust which, if violated, would be brought to account. This softening on crime is no longer seen as alarming.”

“”””While addressing the point that there may be some evidence that homosexuality is a genetically determined behaviour, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaba said that even if this was the case, it still does not warrant the intense propaganda to legalise and promote homosexuality*. It is possible that in any community, a tiny minority may have such inclinations; according to an estimate the law of same-sex marriage was brought about in Canada for just 500 cases!* It is wiser to manage homosexuality by keeping such practices concealed. The underlying principle here is that of protection of the vulnerable members of the society. His Holiness expressed concern that in this day and age homosexuality is being promoted as fashion.

His Holiness advised that if Ahmadis should find themselves faced with such temptations, they should offer Istighfar(prayer offered to seek Allah’s forgiveness), remove themselves away from any situations that may trigger these desires*; then gradually they will be able to overcome these temptations. In response to a question, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih Vaba explained that homosexuality is a learned behaviour and stressed that the practice of homosexuality is inappropriate.* His Holiness warned that by accepting, promoting and legalising such actions, nations can find themselves on the path to destruction. The wrath of God destroyed one nation which insisted on this behaviour despite repeated warnings. His Holiness stressed that homosexual tendencies cannot be called a disease. Such behaviour is the product of  the environment; people are attracted to same-sex relationships because of their social interactions. When exposed to a certain kind of environment, the psychology of certain individuals can be affected and they become drawn to homosexual behaviour.  His Holiness warned that turning this individual behaviour into a national characteristic leads to destruction.””””

Now some quotes by Mirza Masroor Ahmad:

Mirza Masroor Ahmad, has said that Homosexuality is not a disease but a behavior which is the product of the environment a person lives in.

I am sure there are more quotable remarks made by Mirza Masroor Ahmad. Also, I am fairly certain previous Khalifas, Ahmadiyya Sadrs, Amirs and other official heads and perhaps even Masih Moud (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) have written or said things about Homosexuality. I recommend others to post such material they know of so that this thread could be a go-to resource for anyone who wants to explore the things Jama’at have said or wrote of the whole LGBTQ issue.

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad supported polygamy as a way of expanding the Ahmadiyya Movement

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad came from the Wahabis of India aka “the Ahl-e-Hadith” sect of Islam.  Thus, MGA retained many of the backwards values in terms of women and child marriage and many others.  As we all know, in 1889, Noorudin took on a second wife, MGA was already with his second wife and was seeking a third (Muhammadi Begum).  We have found a reference from the current Khalifa to add to this story.  See in the below.  Mirza Masroor Ahmad relates a story from the 2nd Khalifa about Noorudin and MGA.

The quote
“”””Hazrat Musleh Maud (may Allah be pleased with him) writes that once the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said to Hazrat Mualana Nur ud Din that one way of expanding our community was to have many children and for this purpose more than one marriage should be undertaken. Hazrat Mualana Nur ud Din most humbly said he was ready to obey the instruction but who would wed their daughter to him at his age. This made the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) laugh.””””   (Friday Sermon by Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Nov. 13th, 2019).  

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The Noble Wives of the Holy Prophet (sa)

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Who is Mirza Wasim Ahmad? The 1/2 Arab son of Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad?

Mirza Wasim Ahmad, also spelled as Mirza Waseem Ahmad (Mian Waseem) was one of 23 sons of Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad.  His mother was from Saudi Arabia, her name was Azizah Begum also called Umm Wassim (mother of wassim).  The Khalifa Married her in 1926, she was the daughter of Seth Abu Bakr Yousaf of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  According to tareekh ahmadiyyat, vol 4 page 554, it goes “Hazrat Khalifa tul Masih 5th Nikah was 1st Feb 1926, also published in the Alfazal of 5th Feb 1926.  The Khalifa claims that Seth Abu Bakr of Jeddah was a business man who had written to the Khalifa in 1914 in terms of marriage for his daughter, the Khalifa agreed 10 years later, and was finally married in 1926, the details and logistics are unknown (See Fazl e Omar, online english edition).  Was this arab even an Ahmadi?

His children ?
The only daughter that we have heard of is Amtul Rauf.  His brother, Mirza Naeem Ahmad is also missing from the scene.

He was told and forced to stay in Qadian, India by his father.  It is unclear whether his mother stayed. He was thus amongst the dervishes of Qadian.  The Khalifa is said to have left 313 males behind in Qadian as he left for Pakistan.  Mirza Waeem Ahmad was thus the only son and member of the Mirza family to remain in India after the partition.

Mirza Wasim Ahmad married his aunty, Amtul Qudoos, she was the daughter of Dr. Mir Muhammad Ismail.  She was Mirza Waseem Ahmad’s father’s (the Khalifa) maternal first cousin.  It is reported by Ahmadiyya sources that Mirza Waseem Ahmad came to Rabwah to get married, he then hurriedly returned to Qadian, India.  This is very strange since in those days travelling back and forth from Pak to India was nearly impossible, Zafrullah Khan might have stepped in and made it happen.  Ahmadiyya sources report that in these days food at Qadian was scarce.

Amma Jan (the wife of MGA) also known as Nusrat jehan Begum died in Rabwah.  Mirza Wasim Ahmad was not allowed to travel to Pakistan for the funeral.

His father, the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad dies.  He is not able to travel to Pakistan for the funeral but gathers all Ahmadi’s at Qadian and makes speeches.  All communications with Rabwah was broken, as a result of war between India and Pakistan.

When the situation between India and Pakistan worsened again, certain elements tried to drive out the Ahmadi population of Qadian, albeit with cunning. Mian Waseem gathered everyone in Masjid Mubarak and addressed them in an ardently anguished tone saying that Qadian was their permanent centre and that they would most certainly not leave it.  He said we have one night to pray extremely fervently and supplicate ardently to God. Not even a single child should leave Qadian of his/her own accord. I shall not leave either; officials will have to drag me out of here. Each one of you should say we do not want to leave Qadian.  That night entire Qadian supplicated and beseeched to God, in each nook and cranny earnest prayers were made. The anguished supplication of the dervishes gained acceptance with Allah. The next day, they met up with officials and had discussions. Later the officials came to inspect Qadian and then cancelled the plan to remove people.

He was made as totally in-charge of Qadian.  In Urdu he was the Nazir Aala & Ameer Jamaat Ahmadiyya Qadian until his death.  The first Ameer in Qadian was the late Hazrat Maulvi Abdur Rahman.

1984, when the Khalifa died at Rabwah
Mian Waseem’s daughter Amatul Rauf says that her father’s ardent devotion to Khilafat was such that although he was unable to go to the funeral of Khalifa tul Masih III,  he wrote a letter the day after his passing away and gave it to his wife and daughter to read. In the letter he had signed his pledge of allegiance (baiat) to the Khalifa tul Masih IV not knowing who he was going to be. He explained that his baiat was not be based on his knowledge of the individual; rather his baiat was for the Khalifa of the Promised Messiah.

December 26th – December 28th 2003
He gave the inaugural address at the 2003 Jalsa Qadian.

He died in 2007
The 5th Khalifa did a tribute Friday Sermon about Mirza Wasim Ahmad.

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Migration from Qadian

In 1924, the Ahmadiyya Khalifa traveled from India to England and stopped in Egypt, Damascus and why?

The family of Mirza Basheer uddin Mahmud Ahmad was above the law in British India.  His travel dates were July 12th, 1924 to November 24th, 1924 (see Tarikh e Ahmadiyya)(See also ROR of 2008).  As soon as he returned to Qadian, he got all the reports of the “goings-on” while he was away.  He received reports that his wife #2, Amtul Hai (age-24) was writing letters to various newspapers and telling them how bad her husband was.  At this blog, we think that the British government had recently destroyed the Ottoman Empire and deposed of the most influential Islamic leader in that era and time and they were thus wanting to stop all islamic leadership via Khilafat.  The Ahmadiyya Khalifa was summoned to England by the Queen and other organizations and told about this new role in British India.  As soon as he returned to India, Zafrullah Khan became the official Ahmadi representative to the Queen.  The next time that the Khalifa left the Indian subcontinent would be in 1955.

Travel Dates
He left Qadian on 12 July with a party of 10 persons accompanying him. The party sailed from Bombay on the morning of 15 July and the ship reached Aden (Yemen) eight days later. The ship entered Port Said on the evening of 28 and the Khalifa stayed in Cairo for 3 days. He then proceeded to Jerusalem and Damascus.  Ahmadiyya sources have never told us what the Khalifa did in modern day Israel and Syria, it has remained a secret for almost 100 years.  This seems to be how and when he set up his Jamaat in Damascus, which failed and then moved to Kababir.  A year later, in 1925, he officially sent Jalal ud Din Shams to be a missionary in Damascus.

Nevertheless, he arrived in London on 22 August 1924  (he seems to have been travelling from July 28th to August 22nd) and stayed at 6 Chesham Place, Belgravia, SW1. In a report of the visit published in the Review of Religions October 1924 p. 371, it is written that “The news of His Holiness’s visit to London was published along with suitable notes in most of the important papers in London. The first public lecture which His Holiness gave in England is the one which His Holiness delivered in Portsmouth on 13 September”. The address in Portsmouth, at Piles Hall was delivered before a large audience and is entitled, “A Message from Heaven” (reproduced in The Review of Religions, Jan 2003).  The London Conference of Living Religions began on 22 September 1924.  The Khalifa’s paper on “The Ahmadiyya Movement” was presented on 23 September and was read out by Chaudhry Muhammad Zafrulla Khan.

At 4pm on 19 October 1924,  the Khalifa laid the foundation stone of the London Mosque with over 200 people of various nationalities and religious beliefs present at the ceremony. The Khalifa delivered a short address in which he explained that a mosque was a place to worship and serve God alone. A telegram dated 20 October 1924 from Maulvi Abdur Rahim Dard to Hadhrat Maulvi Sher ‘Ali in Qadian states that Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih said he hoped ‘that this mosque would help to remove all friction and strife and establish peace, amity and goodwill among men …’ (Review of Religions, November 1924).

Oct 20th to Nov 24th?
We have to assume that the Khalifa was travelling from England to British India, no details are available however.

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“Akhbaar Al-Qabas”. August 8, 1924. Retrieved October 1, 2016.

The life and achievements of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II(ra)

The life and achievements of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II(ra)

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