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Fauzia Faizi confirms that the Mirza family is full of incest and rapists

The Mirza family are a group of sick people. MGA’s son, the famous Musleh Maud preyed on boys and girls. The British Government allowed him to do whatever he wanted. A few years ago, Fauzia Faizi did an interview wherein she described the inner workings of the Mirza family, Samina Khan, a German politician also weighed in. Fauzia Faizi also discussed how Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad was raping his own daughter and etc. Fauzia Faizi is the great grand daughter of a companion of MGA, Dr. Syed Abdus Sattar Shah. She is also the niece of Abd u Rehman Khadim (Author of Ahmadiyya Pocket Book). In 2021, a great-great grand-daughter of MGA accused the 5th Khalifa and his gang of admin as sexual predators and rapists. 
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Dr. Abdus Salam liked white women, alcohol and a busy British lifestyle


The life of Dr. Salam is not properly explained by Ahmadiyya sources. In this essay, we will present the proper data and leave it to the readers to draw their own conclusions. However, you will notice that during the life of Dr. Salam, he never allowed anyone to mention his second wife (girlfriend) and those circumstances (see the Al-Nahl of 1997, which has 200+ pages of data on Dr. Salam, however, they barely mention his second wife and those 2 amazing kids, see page 200, it is nevertheless from a Pakistani newspaper). We (the writers at this blog) don’t see his relationships as a meaning of shame or anything, we are just pointing out that Dr. Dame Louise Napier Johnson, who per British law, was never his wife, instead a life-long girlfriend, was never given any acknowledgement by the Ahmadiyya Movement. Continue reading “Dr. Abdus Salam liked white women, alcohol and a busy British lifestyle”

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Imran Ahmad Khan filed an appeal for his case and lost

Khan, 48, was jailed for 18 months in May after being found guilty of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy at a party in Staffordshire in 2008. He was expelled by the Conservative party following his conviction and later stood down as MP for Wakefield. The trial heard Khan had forced the boy to drink gin then dragged him upstairs and assaulted him. The former MP’s appeal against his conviction and sentence was heard at the Court of Appeal in November. Khan’s lawyers argued his conviction was “unsafe” because the case against him was “weak” and was bolstered by “bad character evidence” in the form of a man who alleged he had been sexually assaulted as an adult by Khan in Pakistan in 2010. They also argued his jail term was too long for the offence and should have been a suspended sentence. However, in a ruling on Monday, both appeals were dismissed by three senior judges.

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Who is A. Q. Niaz?

A.Q. Niaz or sometimes written as Sufi A.Q. Niaz or Sufi Abdul Qadeer was a Qadiani-Ahmadi pioneer missionary to Japan in 1935. He was arrested in 1937 (under suspicion of being a spy) and even had a female maid working in his house (see ROR of May-1939).

He became the editor of the ROR in May-1938. Malik Ghulam Farid was the previous editor. It seems that he had just came back from Japan on a missionary tour.

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Shezan and PIA have a partnership

Just recently, a man travelling on Pakistan International Airlines sat down for a meal and noticed that Shezan gets served aboard PIA. In the 1960’s, via Tahreek-e-Jadid, many Ahmadi companies were created as a way to fund chanda collection. Shezan International was incorporated on May 13, 1964; conceived as a joint venture by the Shahnawaz Group, Pakistan and Alliance Industrial Development Corporation, United States in 1964. In 2022, Shezan International (Qadiani company) has won in court vs. Shezan Bakers and Confectioners (muslim company) over use of the word “Shezan”.

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The Seeratul Mahdi translation project

My friends and I have launched a gofundme account for the translation of Seeratul Mahdi (1923 edition), click on the link and donate.

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Ex Ahmadi leader confesses to another sexual contact with the minor, gets more jail term in the US

More jail time for Muneeb er Rehman, A district court of Texas state of the US gave another six years jail term to a pedophile former leader and teacher of the Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya as he pleaded guilty to sexual assault of a minor boy of his congregation on different occasions when he was volunteering different religious activities under his direct supervision during March 2018 and March 2020.

Convict Muneeb-Ur-Rehman Ahmad has been already undergoing his jail term for confessing to the same nature of sexual crimes against the same minor survivor in Denton County of Texas since August 7 this year. Muneed made the recent confession in another county of Texas and subsequently got imprisonment for six years.

Judge John R. Roach warned and admonished the defendant as he was brought before him to make a guilty plea. The judge ruled that the defendant is found guilty on their plea and on the evidence beyond a reasonable doubt of the offense. The judge also ordered to “must register the defendant as a sex offender”. The court has given him a credit of 163 days back the time he already served in the jail

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#Ahmadiyya is a script for the ignorant, and Noonie gets embarrassed at Speakers Corner again

The most scandalous Ahmadiyya employee Noonan has returned to Speakers Corner and had a discussion with Bob (a reformed Christian). Noonan was totally embarrased and Bob even called #Ahmadiyya as a script for the ignorant (50:28 timestamp). The video is posted here also.

Some other highlights::

1—Noonan lied about his academic history again

2—Noonan made a mistake and claimed that 20 years ago, he was a Christian, however, that’s a lie, he had converted to Ahmadiyya in the early-to-mid-90’s.

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The challenge on 16:20-21 to the #Qadianis

On 11-25-22, Ar-Razack challenged Qadiani-Ahmadi’s worldwide to prove that scholars of Islam from the first 3 generations looked at 16:20 (16:21 in the Qadiani Quran) as including Eisa (as). Historically, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad presented 16:20 (16:21 in the qadiani quran) in 1891 as including Eisa (as) via his book Izala Auham. However, this was a lie by MGA, no scholar from the first few generations of Islam had ever included Eisa (as) in this verse.

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Real Catholic Bishops from Ghana refute Mirza Masroor Ahmad and all false reports of Jesus’ second coming

As we all know, Mirza Masroor Ahmad was wreckless in 2014 as he quoted a fake report from Ghana-web wherein it was alleged that a Catholic official from the Vatican named Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore claimed that Eisa (As) is never coming back and when he said he was, he was drunk. Masroor even alleged that there were 3 Padres who allegedly said so, however, there is only one, Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore. Funny thing is, Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore doesn’t even exist.

Nevertheless, as soon as this false report was published, official Catholic Bishops from Ghana refuted the false report. Rev. Joseph Osei-Bonsu, who works as the President, Catholic Bishops’ Conference, and Bishop of Konongo-Mampong refuted it with precision.

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Did Noorudin do Takfir in 1910?

Ahmadiyya sources have published a scan of the Al-Hakam of 1910 wherein the 1st Khalifa (Noorudin) seems to indicate that only Qadiani’s fall into the category of Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah. We are unsure of the context, Ahmadiyya sources didn’t give it. You can read the full Ahmadiyya Takfir timeline herein.

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