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Fauzia Faizi confirms that the Mirza family is full of incest and rapists

The Mirza family are a group of sick people. MGA’s son, the famous Musleh Maud preyed on boys and girls. The British Government allowed him to do whatever he wanted. A few years ago, Fauzia Faizi did an interview wherein she described the inner workings of the Mirza family, Samina Khan, a German politician also weighed in. Fauzia Faizi also discussed how Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad was raping his own daughter and etc. Fauzia Faizi is the great grand daughter of a companion of MGA, Dr. Syed Abdus Sattar Shah. She is also the niece of Abd u Rehman Khadim (Author of Ahmadiyya Pocket Book). In 2021, a great-great grand-daughter of MGA accused the 5th Khalifa and his gang of admin as sexual predators and rapists. 
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Dr. Abdus Salam liked white women, alcohol and a busy British lifestyle


The life of Dr. Salam is not properly explained by Ahmadiyya sources. In this essay, we will present the proper data and leave it to the readers to draw their own conclusions. However, you will notice that during the life of Dr. Salam, he never allowed anyone to mention his second wife (girlfriend) and those circumstances (see the Al-Nahl of 1997, which has 200+ pages of data on Dr. Salam, however, they barely mention his second wife and those 2 amazing kids, see page 200, it is nevertheless from a Pakistani newspaper). We (the writers at this blog) don’t see his relationships as a meaning of shame or anything, we are just pointing out that Dr. Dame Louise Napier Johnson, who per British law, was never his wife, instead a life-long girlfriend, was never given any acknowledgement by the Ahmadiyya Movement. Continue reading “Dr. Abdus Salam liked white women, alcohol and a busy British lifestyle”

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Mirza Masroor Ahmad doesn’t care if a few 100 Ahmadi’s die

The Mirza family has a long history of putting common Ahmadi’s in danger and thus getting themselves killed. In Sep-Oct of 1947, they abandoned Qadian and left 26 Ahmadi’s to be killed and many others to be injured, not a single member of the Mirza family face any level of violence, and in fact, some were evacuated via airplane from Qadian to Lahore. Nevertheless, after the recent riots in Bangladesh, and via a Friday Sermon, Mirza Masroor Ahmad announced that Ahmadi’s in Bangladesh are ready to get themselves killed for the Ahmadiyya INC (via Tik Tok). Further, it should be noted that Mirza Tahir Ahmad groomed Ahmadi’s in the same way in the 1980’s and never told them to stop breaking the law (doing tabligh in Pakistan), even though its not mandatory in Islam.

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Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad’s comments on prophethood in 1911

Here is attached the article in Al-Hakam, 14 March 1911, by MBMA entitled “Khatam-un-Nabiyyin”, which contradicts his speech at the December 1910 Jalsa. In column 3, after his article someone has put a heading “Belief of the Mahdi about Khatam-i nubuwwat”, and gives a quotation from MGA’s book Anjam-i Atham that no prophet, new or old, can appear after the Holy Prophet. This book is very much before 1901.

The quote from 1911

“By establishing him on the rank of Khatam-un-nabiyyin, Allah terminated every type of prophethood with him. … By the blessing of following him, such persons came into existence who held the ranks of great prophets. Hence the Holy Prophet said: The Ulama of my Umma are like the prophets of the Israelites. And his benefit will continue in this way till the Day of Judgment.”
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The Ahmadiyya discord team lies about Qadi ‘Iyad al-Maliki (رحمه الله)

The Ahmadiyya discord team is back to lying about Muslim scholars and their utterances, this is a common tactic by the Qadiani and Lahori-Ahmadi’s. In fact, in 1891, MGA totally misrepresented Ibn Abbas and his comment’s on the death of Eisa (As) after his physical return to Earth. In yet another case, the Qadiani-Ahmadi discord team quoted Qadi ‘Iyad al-Maliki and one of his books wherein he says something which is clipped, however, a few pages later, Qadi ‘Iyad al-Maliki clearly calls any claimant of prophethood after Muhammad (Saw) as a Kafir.

ʿIyāḍ ibn Mūsā (1083–1149) (Arabicالقاضي عياض بن موسى, formally Abū al-Faḍl ʿIyāḍ ibn Mūsā ibn ʿIyāḍ ibn ʿAmr ibn Mūsā ibn ʿIyāḍ ibn Muḥammad ibn ʿAbd Allāh ibn Mūsā ibn ʿIyāḍ al-Yaḥṣubī al-Sabtī Arabicأبو الفضل عياض بن موسى بن عياض بن عمرو بن موسى بن عياض بن محمد بن عبد الله بن موسى بن عياض اليحصبي السبتي[2]), born in Ceuta, then belonging to the Almoravid dynasty, was the scholar of Maliki fiqh and great imam of that city and, later, a qadi in the Emirate of Granada.

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Masroor’s garage remote miracle that made Ahmadis cry

Masroor’s garage remote miracle that made Ahmadis cry.
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Qadiani-Ahmadi’s vs. Muslims scholars in Bangladesh

I have came across a youtube channel in the Bengali language wherein Qadiani-Ahmadi’s can be seen debating Muslims in Bangladesh. In this video, our Bengali brothers give the history of Qadianism in Jamalpur. You can read the full history of #qadianism in #Bangladesh herein.

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The Darweshan-e-Qadian

In 1947, the Mirza family left Ahmadi’s in Qadian to die, the Mirza family didn’t care if a few Ahmadi’s died. In contrast, the Mirza family made it to Lahore safely and not a single member of their family was killed during partition. The 313 Ahmadi’s who stayed in Qadian were actually sent from Pakistan in 1948, which is unprecedented, since the border was closed and no other people were allowed to cross. The Ahmadiyya Movement even had aircraft and were running people and supplies back and forth from Lahore to Qadian in this era.

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The Ahmadiyya Movement created the Nation of Islam

In this video Dr. Fanusie explains how Ahmadiyya created the Nation of Islam. At 2:40 seconds, she says that Master Fard Muhammad was sent to America on a secret underground Lahori-Ahmadi assignment in 1930. In another video she talks about the same thing, that Lahori-Ahmadis created Elijah Muhammad, at the 4:41 mark. Check out Yasir Qadhi explaining how Ahmadiyya infiltrated the USA in the 1930’s herein (17:35 timestamp). Check out my essay on Malcolm X and the Ahmadiyya Movement herein. Check out my tiktok with combined clips herein. Also check out Malcolm X and Ahmadiyya mullahs herein. Check out W.D. Muhammad’s explanation of Qadianism herein too. Check out my interactions with Bashir Abdul Haqq, a Qadiani convert from the Nation of Islam, who still believes that black people are the best people on Earth.

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Khadim Shah confesses to persecuting his wife and kids for the sake of #Ahmadiyya

I rarely lie, al hum do lillah, Allah put this in me. I am also the kid who would wake every morning at 4am, deliver newspapers in my neighborhood, then return home and give the Adhan, wake every one up in the house, then read Quran for about an hour, then go the local liquor store and buy milk and the newspaper, I would then take the newspaper and transcribe the baseball stats of my favorite team (the Mets) into my own binders and keep running totals in terms all offensive and pitching categories. This type of work ethic can only be found in DNA, this is not learned behavior.

My father Khadim Shah hated working, he hated it so much he was willing to make a deal with the devil (the Mirza family) and thus he converted to Ahmadiyya when he was only 15 and they gave him a job (Wabda in Pakistan) and a wife. After this, he promised to starve his wife and kids to collect chanda for the Mirza family and do tabligh.

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Does Allah descend into the Samaa Wattay every night? Or is it a metaphor?

There is a famous hadith which states that Allah descends into the Samaa Wattay every night and answers their prayers. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad seems to have never commented on this hadith, nor did his Khalifa’s. Nevertheless, per the majority of Sunni Muslims, this hadith is a metaphoric expression, similar to how Allah is said to have “seen” in the quran many times, as we know, Allah doesn’t have eyes like human’s, and thus, this is also a metaphor. Nevertheless, the scholars called this descending as an expression of Allah’s mercy descending onto humans (see Professor Johnathan Brown’s explanation herein). Furthermore, this is also connects to 4:158 and the Raffa of Eisa (as) to the Samaa Wattay. Qadiani’s and some Muslims believe that Allah is everywhere, however, this is against the scholarly consensus for 1400 years.

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