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Fauzia Faizi confirms that the Mirza family is full of incest and rapists

The Mirza family are a group of sick people. MGA’s son, the famous Musleh Maud preyed on boys and girls. The British Government allowed him to do whatever he wanted. A few years ago, Fauzia Faizi did an interview wherein she described the inner workings of the Mirza family, Samina Khan, a German politician also weighed in. Fauzia Faizi also discussed how Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad was raping his own daughter and etc. Fauzia Faizi is the great grand daughter of a companion of MGA, Dr. Syed Abdus Sattar Shah. She is also the niece of Abd u Rehman Khadim (Author of Ahmadiyya Pocket Book). In 2021, a great-great grand-daughter of MGA accused the 5th Khalifa and his gang of admin as sexual predators and rapists. 
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Dr. Abdus Salam liked white women, alcohol and a busy British lifestyle


The life of Dr. Salam is not properly explained by Ahmadiyya sources. In this essay, we will present the proper data and leave it to the readers to draw their own conclusions. However, you will notice that during the life of Dr. Salam, he never allowed anyone to mention his second wife (girlfriend) and those circumstances (see the Al-Nahl of 1997, which has 200+ pages of data on Dr. Salam, however, they barely mention his second wife and those 2 amazing kids, see page 200, it is nevertheless from a Pakistani newspaper). We (the writers at this blog) don’t see his relationships as a meaning of shame or anything, we are just pointing out that Dr. Dame Louise Napier Johnson, who per British law, was never his wife, instead a life-long girlfriend, was never given any acknowledgement by the Ahmadiyya Movement. Continue reading “Dr. Abdus Salam liked white women, alcohol and a busy British lifestyle”

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1923, Seeratul Mahdi, Narrations 49–78

This is a continuation of this translation. My team and I have translated the first 27 pages (narrations 1-48) of the 1923 edition of Seerat ul Mahdi. We now present narrations 49-78 (see in the below). The footnotes are at the very bottom.

These are hilarious stories of MGA. The most damning story thus far is about MGA’s death (See narration #11). In 1923, Mirza Bashir Ahmad and his mother told the world that MGA was too weak to go the bathroom and pooped diarrhea on the floor next to his own bed. This was changed in the 1935 edition of Seeratul Mahdi and stated that MGA’s widow (Nusrat Jehan) made arrangements by the side of the bed for MGA to poop diarrhea, which was a lie.

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Lahori-Ahmadi’s have renovated their Berlin mosque, on its 100-year anniversary

The Lahori-Ahmadi’s have renovated their temple in Berlin, the Berlin Mosque, this was for their 100-year anniversary. You can read about the full history of Ahmadiyya in Germany (Lahori and Qadiani) herein.

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Ex-Ahmadi Pakistani woman in Belgium

Check out @samishah055 on tiktok, she is an ex-Ahmadi woman and living in Belgium.

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Razi lies to Sheikh Baajour Epic Masjid(Yasir Qadhi Mosque)

A few days ago, Razi Ullah Noman, a notorious Ahmadi mullah called the Epic masjid and was able to get Sheikh Baajour on the phone and asked him the same questions that he keeps asking all Muslims, why did Ibn Abbas say Mutawafeeka=Mumeetuka? We have explained this to Razi and all other Qadiani trolls over 100 times. They know that Ibn Abbas meant in the future, however, they still use this deceptive tactic when speaking to Muslims, who otherwise haven’t read this hadith.

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Ahmadiyya Hall (an Ahmadiyya temple in Karachi) just had its minarets removed

In Switzerland, the Ahmadiyya Movement respects the laws and doesn’t have minarets on their newly built temples. However, in Pakistan, their minarets were banned in 1984 and Zia ordered their removal. The Mirza family purposely ignored these orders of law (ord-xx) and wanted a conflict.

A few months ago, the police came out (this video is from Aug-2022) to what seems to be an ahmadiyya temple and activities center in Karachi and had the minarets discussed via police and court paperwork. The Ahmadiyya Movement is using this as propaganda to get more asylum visas to the West, per their business model of human trafficking. The Ahmadiyya Movement is soooo bold, all of their temples in Rabwah still have minarets, and they will shoot any Muslim if he tried to remove them (or other islamic symbols) without police presence.

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Is Mujeeb Ijaz the first Ahmadi billionaire?

Michigan-based battery startup Our Next Energy (ONE) on Wednesday said it closed a $300 million Series B funding round that takes the three-year-old company’s valuation to $1.2 billion. Does this make the CEO, Mujeeb Ijaz the first ever Ahmadi billionaire? Check out some other Ahmadi venture capitalist herein.

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Amjad Khan is helping the Ahmadiyya Movement sell their persecution angle

In this photo, Amjad Khan is seen at the @IRFSummit of 2023, held in Washington D.C., as you can see, the Ahmadiyya strategy is to highlight those Ahmadi’s who might have been killed for their cult. This proves that the Ahmadiyya Movement is marketing a “persecution-narrative” in an attempt to get visa‘s. Amjad Khan is a grandson of an Ahmadi Maulvi, and thus, his family got financial support from the Ahmadiyya Movement and he is showing his loyalty. The @IRFSummit featured an anonymous story of persecution, however, this is unverified. This story talks about an Ahmadi wedding getting shot up, however, no FIR was posted, and no evidence was given. #IRFSummit2023

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The history of #Ahmadiyya in #NorthMacedonia

By 2023, there seem to be roughly 50 #Ahmadis in the entire country, one murrabi (Wasim Ahmad) and a new place of worship, Baitul Ahad.

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Atif Mian on Bhutto and Zia

Ironically, Dr. Atif Mian doesn’t have a clue about global politics. He doesn’t understand how the USA, France, the UK and a few other european nations are bankrupting Africa and all of their puppet governments, of which Pakistan is also included. Nevertheless, in 2014,

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