Abdul Sami Zafar tells the inside story on the May 29th, 1974 Rabwah train attacks

I have always written that Ahmadiyya leadership planned the 1974 Rabwah train attacks.  In this interview, Abdul Sami Zafar explains how Ahmadiyya leadership planned and executed the attack.  Abdul Sami is still an Ahmadi, however, he has called the Mirza family as a group of liars and thieves.  Abdul Sami still believes in MGA and that MGA was a prophet and a Messiah. That solidifies his testimony.  Further, much like all Ahmadis who were privy to this attack, he kept it a secret for 40+ years….the full interview can be found here:

Abdul sami has joined a splinter sect of Ahmadis and their youtube channel is as follows:

See here :

He says:

  1.  Indeed, the teenagers stopped in on May 22nd, 1974 and cussed at a few Ahmadis who were there that day.
  2. Majlis Aamila then got the report and began discussing the matter.
  3. Majlis Aamila then planned everything, they sent Ahmadis to Peshawar, Sarghoda and planned the entire attack.
  4. They then began to collect local Khuddam from Rabwah and had them hide in ambush.
  5. The train-station manager was also Ahmadi, he also knew the whole story, he purposely made the train wait 30 mins at least.
  6. The attack was a success…
  7. However, the next day, Ahmadis began to be murdered and burned alive. The Mirza family had these attacks carried out and then lied about everything, They purposely got themselves declared non-muslim so as to get asylum abroad.

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An Ahmadi can not be Facebook friends with someone who has been expelled from the Ahmadiyya community

Ahmadiyya boycotting continues.  Ahmadiyya INC has been ordering Ahmadi’s to boycott ex-Ahmadi’s since at least 1889 and Meer Abbas Ali.

Summary of this letter
This is from Qadian, most of the times it is on official letterhead yes but the main communication language for the Markaz both in London and Rabwah is still Urdu. And this is from the Sadar Amoomi in Qadian and mostly these local letters are written on regular paper with stamp instead of the letterhead.

The letter tells Ahmadis to boycott ex-Ahmadi’s, especially on Facebook and other sites.

The scan


The ‘Ulama’ of Dar al-‘Uloom Deoband and Noorudin

We have came across some interesting data in terms of Nooruddin and his affiliations before he went all in with MGA.  Its from a website which represents Deobandi’s.  This new data suggests that Noorudin was formerly a disciple of Shah Abdul Ghani.

The website

The data
He is a direct filial descendent of Seyyidina ‘Umar (radiAllahu ‘anhu), the second Caliph of the Ummah. He was a Hafiz of the Qur’an, and a near-Hafiz of the Sahihayn (Bukhari and Muslim). He had committed the Hajj pilgrimage. He learnt from shuyukh directly in Makkah and Madinah, including Shaykh Shah ‘Abd al-Ghani Mujaddidi, who was in a sanad (chain) of shuyukh going back all the way to the Prophet Muhammad (salAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) and including people like Shaykh ‘Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani (rh). This is not my claim, but what the ‘Ulama’ of Dar al-‘Uloom Deoband themselves admit as can be seen here:

He was also a trained Mufti and trained in both Hanafi and Hanbali fiqh (although he was the latter). Allama Iqbal of Pakistan often asked him questions of fiqh. He also adhered to all the physical zhahiri sunnahs as well (turban, fist-length beard, cloak, etc.) Why would such a man be the first ever mureed of the Imam al-Mahdi, Seyyidina Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as)? Someone asked him that exact question and his reply was that: “Before I could see the Prophet Muhammad (sa) in my dreams. Now I see him while I am alive” (referring to the blessed example of the Ghulam of Ahmad, who was a complete reflection of his master, Seyyidina Muhammad (sa)).

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Was Maulana Abu Kalamazad the editor of the Vakil in 1908 and his relationship with Ahmadis?

We have written about this here:


Abdul Majeed Salik (1894-1962), a pro Qadiani journalist and poet, (his father Abdul Qadir and paternal uncle being Qadiani), in his book “Yaran e Kuhen” (old friends) writes:

“Although, Molana Abulkalam Azad has nothing to do with the claim of Masih e Moud by Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, yet because of Mirza sahib,s religious services he was one of his fans. This was the reason-when Mirza sahib died in 1908 Molana was editor of Newspaper Vakil Amritsar, acknowledging his religious services, he wrote condolence note for Mirza Sahib. Molana came to Lahore from Amritsar and traveled all the way from Lahore to Batala with the dead body of Mirza sahib along with other mourners.”

This made the Qadianis inflated they started a propaganda like, look a great scholar like Molana Abul Kalam Azad paying homage to Mirza sahib and this a great victory and sign of truth of Mirza sahib.

Few friends of Molana AbulKalam Azad wrote to him seeking his point of view regarding Qadiani groups and explanation on the issue of condolence article and accompanying dead body from Lahore to Batala.

Molana AbulKalam Azad (1888-1958) categorically denied to have written such article and accompanying dead body from Lahore to Batala. He declared that both Qadiani and Lahories are not on true path. In this regard he expressed his views many times and two letters of Azad to Molana Hifz ur Rehman sewharvi are on record, published in Book Ifadat e Azad by Dr. Abu Salman Shah jehanpuri. Urdu screen shot attached.
English Translation is as under:-

From .19A Baliganj, Circular Road Calcutta,
18th March 1926

Muhibbi Fillah, Assalamu alaikum,
I received your letter wherein u have asked me as to which one of the Qadiani group is on right path, Qadiani or Lahori? To me both are not on right path.However, in their exaggeration, Qadiani group has gone too far that their basic beliefs have shaken. For example their faith that now it is not sufficient to believe on Islam,s basic faith and beliefs but one has to believe in the prophethood of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani for completion of Iman. Although Lahori group do not exaggerate this much yet they have also gone astray because of their unreasonable faith in Mirza Qadiani. As regard the claims of Mirza ghulam Qadiani,s are concerned, one who is aware of basic faith and beliefs of Islam and have a sound mind, could not accept these claims for a moment.
Abul Kalam.

Janab Mohtaram Tasleem,
Molana has been shocked to know all this which is absolutely incorrect. Molana has never been impressed with Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, in his whole life, neither he wrote Mirza ,s condolence nor he went to Lahore to accompany his dead body to Batala. The note published in Vakil Amritsar was written by one Abdul Majeed Kapoorthalvi. Molana has specifically noted with great concern that Salik has written such baseless thing in his book. You may publish this denial from Molana.
Muhammad Ajmal Khan
Secretary to MAKA.
(Ifadat e Azad by Dr. Abu Salman Shah jehanpuri)

It is pertinent to mention here that Abdul Qadir Father of Abdul Majid Salik was a Resident of Batala district Gurdaspur he and his elder brother had converted to Ahmadiyyah, and having faith in MGAQ. (Salik confirms this in his book SARGUZISHT screen shot attached)

Bi weekly Newspaper Vakil Amritsar was owned by Khan Ata Muhammad Khan who was father of Allama Inayatullah Al Mashriqi of Khaksar Movement. In 1901 Munshi Fazil Shaikh Ghulam Muhammad Mukhtar was its editor (few title pages and one which showing name of editor is attached).

Molana Abulkalam Azad, when he was under the tutelage of Khan Ata Muhammad Khan was a part of editorial team of Vakil for 5 years from 1903 to 1908 at a young age of 15 years. The obituary note published on 30 May 1908 was written by Munshi Abdul Majeed Kapoor Thalvi and the aspect, who was the editor of Vakil at that time, could not be known.

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Is there a new Ahmadiyya directive on marrying non-ahmadis?


This looks big on the surface, and it’s a lot for the jamaat to give in on anything, but I question how much will actually change. The precondition is that you need the permission of the khalifa, which means that an Ahmadi woman, or her parents, would have to write to Mirza Masroor Ahmad and ask for permission for the woman to marry a Sunni, Christian, Jew or atheist. After having done this, probably by involving a bunch of people old men with goatees or well-trimmed beards in your neighbourhood, city, region or country, you have then won the privilege of formal ostracism from your community.

You have a nikah that can not be announced in a mosque or namaz centre (I love this corporate phrasing, like a Walmart Express), no Ahmadi imaam (sorry, office-bearer) can announce it, meaning that this is not in a nikah in the Ahmadi sense. You don’t have permission to marry this person in the Ahmadi sense, really.

And, of course, by doing so, you’re a sinful, disgusting person and no one should attend your wedding shameful orgy of an event.

Sidebar: I absolutely hate the way unmarried men and women are referred to as ‘boys’ and ‘girls’. I get that this is a distinct feature of the subcontinent, but it’s childish, condescending and very much in keeping with the creepy, authoritarian brand of English favoured in the jamaat.

On the authenticity or reliability of this message, it’s funny. One of the most vexing things about Ahmadiyya, which loves to compare itself to the Southern Clark County Birdwatching Club when it comes to arbitrarily kicking members out and collecting 6.25% of their salary, is that it doesn’t have the rules posted anywhere, never mind meeting times or anything like that.

At the same time, there are literally hundreds of Ahmadi organizations, and thousands of departments within those organizations, in countries like the UK, US or Canada, who can and do send out information that circulates on WhatsApp. For example, the South Bronx Lajna’s Department of Tarbiyyat might issue a message that circulates WhatsApp, as does the Croydon jamaat’s president, the regional Amir for Central Canada, and so forth. Anything is true and everything can be true; in fact, they might just gaslight you and say that it’s true and always has been true when in fact it’s not true and never has been.

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Some additional data on Yuz Asaf and the Ahmadiyya connection

We have written about this many times, see here:

Additional data
farhang-e katouzian, a persian dictionary, published in 1889 from tehran, iran, contains an entry for yuz asaf as one of the star-worshipping iranians. mirza, in desperate attempt to show that jesus was buried in kashmir, stretched the word yuz asaf to yusu asaf suggesting that jesus named himself as such. he gave no evidence that jesus did that. he refers to a book by yuz asaf but fails on reference. mirza’s word play with history and linguistics adds to his bag of lies, stubborn ignorance, and unwavering greed for fame.



Mufti Abu Layth al-Maliki explains Ahmadiyya


Watch other Maliki Scholars denounce Ahmadiyya


Dear readers, meet Shazia, an Ex Ahmedi Atheist—currently in Australia

Ahmadi’s are quitting the cult every single day, for many different reasons.  Here is another example.  This podcast is conducted by Harris Sultan.

Some notes
—She never prayed as an Ahmadi, her parents never prayed either.

—-She was recently granted asylum in Australia.

—its not clear why she was granted asylum, whether it was Ahmadiyya or atheism?

—Harris asks how its possible that Ahmadis always get good jobs in Pakistan.

—Shazia never mentioned that she was an Ahmadi, she registered as a Muslim.

—He mentions how many many Ahmadi’s falsely report themselves as Muslims.

—-Is Shazia a Lahori-Ahmadi?  She claims that Ahmadi’s don’t believe in additional prophets after Muhammad (saw).

—it seems that she went to the Australian Embassy and claimed to be Ahmadi and scared, she referenced the 2010 Ahmadiyya mosque shooting as evidence.

—She mentions a really good point, Ahmadi’s won’t separate themselves from Islam.  And this is the biggest issue.

—She is asked about the growth of Ahmadiyya, she isn’t too sure, she gives Rabwah Times as a source, however, its websites tells us that it is not official.  She seems to be have been told in Pakistan that Ahmadiyya is growing overseas.


Republican Congressman Peter King hates Muslims, but likes Ahmadi’s


Ahmadiyya leaders have been ordered by their Khalifa to continue to grease politicians, whether they are democrat or republican, to the Mirza family, it doesn’t matter.  In this picture, Peter King, who hates Muslims in America and hates CAIR, he is hugging two Ahmadis, one of the Ahmadi’s is Muhammad Ahmad Chaudhry, who works in Silicon valley as CEO of the Silicon Valley Educational Foundation.  Silicon Valley Educational Foundation is another non-profit, Muhammad Ahmad Chaudhry runs with the same ideology that Ahmadiyya taught him.

This is in terms of the Ahmadiyya caucus
We have explained the role of the Ahmadiyya caucus here:

Peter King tweeted this photo
As Co-Chairman of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Caucus I met with two Long Island representatives of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community. Ahmadiyya Muslims are strongly anti-terrorism and pro-American.

Does Peter King know about Ahmadiyya storing money overseas?

Does Peter King know that Ahmadiyya megadonor, Kareem Ahmad is under investigation?

Jacki Malec also spoke at an Ahmadiyya mosque in Chino


Maliki Scholar, Mawlana Shaykh Hamza Maqbool discusses Ahmadiyya

Shaykh Hamza Maqbool has recently commented on Ahmadiyya.  Listen to his pod cast in the below, starting at the 30:00 minute mark.


A Youtube video


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