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February 2020

“A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam” quotes and background info

In english this book is translated as “The Mirror of the Excellences of Islam”. It’s written in Urdu and Arabic. It was written in 1892 and published in 1893 from the Riaz e Hind Press in Amritsar. MGA’s first attempt in Arabic prose was a chapter he appended to his book, A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam. This chapter contained an open challenge to anyone who could find faults in his God-given command of Arabic. The second part is in Arabic. The Arabic part of the book is named at-Tabligh. This is the first time that MGA and his team of writers wrote on Islam in Arabic.
The number of books that they wrote in Arabic continued to pile up till it crossed the figure of twenty. Interestingly, MGA writes about the Promised Son aka Musleh Maud as-if he hasn’t been written yet, he also named another as Bashir Ahmad in 1893. MGA’s team attached a supplement to this book, wherein the minutes of the proceedings of the Second Annual Jalsa held in Qadian on December 27-29, 1892, were given. A list of names of 327 Ahmadis who attended the Jalsa was published. MGA and his team of writers also discuss the Muhammadi Begum prophecy and the death of Ahmad Baig. This book was published in February of 1893, as indicated on the title page in the below. Ahmad Baig had died on September 30th, 1892. Muhammadi Begum had been married off on April 7th, 1892. Sir Syed is also mentioned by MGA in this book (see Dard). MGA also mentions Batalvi, and prays that Batalvi dies in 40 days, however, this failed miserably.

The second part is in Arabic, it is called At-Tabligh. This is the book wherein MGA calls his deniers as sons of prostitutes (Zurrayatul Baghaya), this was repeated in 1898 in Najmul Huda. In terms of the Quran, the word Baghaya was used in the Quran twice, once in 19:20 and once in 19:28. In both cases, these are loose women or it could be used as prostitutes. This quote was mentioned in 1935 in the famous “Khosla judgement” and again by Justice Coldstream as the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s wanted this word expunged from the records, which the judge refused to do. Even the ROR of March-1935 has a full explanation of this, it even mentions how K. L. Gauba wanted to take up a case vs. the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s. K. L. Gauba wanted to present a case to the Assembly wherein MGA and his insults towards Muslims would be evaluated, per the ROR, it was denied, the National League at Qadian gave an answer to the Zurrayatul Baghaya insult and claimed that the quote really meant, meant, “Children, followers and supporters”=Zurrayatul and Baghaya meant “Slave girls, immoral women and the advance guard of an army”. They go to allege that this quote meant “followers of the vanguard of the party which was out to crush the Ahmadiyya Movement”, or as “low and ill mannered people like the children of bondwomen”.

Per “Life of Ahmad” by Dard (see page 341), the number of copies produced was 1,400. It covered about 700 pages including a message of about 250 pages in Arabic and Persian addressed to the learned people of India, Arabia, Persia, Turkey, Egypt, Turkistan (central asia, which was under the Russian Government) and Afghanistan. This was added to the book at the suggestion which Maulawi Abdul Karim made to Ahmad on January 11th, 1893. Its price was fixed on August 10th, 1892, at R. 1 without postage but later, as the book grew in volume, it was fixed at Rs. 2 without postage.

The ROR of Oct-1913 contains an article entitled, “The Promised Messiah on the British Rule”, it contains a small english translation of “A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam“, by a man named Mr. Ghulam Ahmad Khan (M.A.) of Mianwali, wherein he was working as the headmaster, pages 517-524 are posted. 10+ pages of this book are quoted in the ROR of April-1914. In the Mar-Apr-1918 edition of the ROR, he is listed as a graduate of the Aligarh College (B.A.), and he translated a specific portion of “A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam” (“The Mirror of the Excellences of Islam”)(1892-1893) which referred to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. The Jan-Feb-1919 edition of the ROR has about 5 pages in english. 8 pages were also translated into english in the March-April-1919 edition of the ROR by Maulana Abdur Raheem Dard aka M. Rahim Bakhsh. 8 pages of this book was translated into english and published into the ROR of Dec-1921. The ROR of Dec-1939 posted many revelations of MGA. The Lahori-Ahmadi’s haver their own version herein.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Cover Page of the book, the 1st edition

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Who is Brigadier General Waqiuz Zaman?

We have covered the many Ahmadi’s who have made the rank of General in the Pakistani military many times. However, the list keeps growing, we have found another one, Brigadier General Waqiuz Zaman. In 1954, after his first wife died, he re-married and was given a grand-daughter of MGA, Amatul Majeed (daughter of Mirza Bashir Ahmad). In 1947, he was listed in the famous list of 199 Ahmadi-officers as #96, Captain Waqiuz Zaman. In 1948, he was an Major in the British Army and was one of the Ahmadi officer’s in-charge of the Furqan Force. He seems to have made it all the way up to Brigadier General and then retired. In 1984, he was part of the caravan that helped Mirza Tahir Ahmad escape from Pakistan. Brig. Waqiuz Zaman sahib, Chaudhry Hamid Nasrullah sahib and Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s two youngest daughters arrived at the airport about half an hour before Mirza Tahir Ahmad and his wife, Asifa Begum.
He goes missing after that. His name is also spelled as Brigadier Muhammad WaqiuZamman Khan. In 1994, he visited England and his daughter.
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General Ayub Khan was extraordinarily friendly with #Ahmadis

General Ayub Khan was a great friend of many Ahmadi’s. The first on the list is Major Syed Maqbool Ahmad was a colleague of Zia and one of the founders of ISI. Major Maqbool and Ayub Khan served together in modern day Bangladesh. Ayub Khan would read the Al-Fazl magazine regularly and would make notes and ask questions and praise the Khalifa in his conversations with Major Maqbool. Ayub Khan became President of Pakistan in 1958 and immediately hired a Lahori-Ahmadi to serve as his principal secretary, his name was Nasir Ahmad Faruqi. Nasir Ahmad Faruqi was the Chief election commissioner in the rigged elections of 1965 and 1970. General Ayub Khan appointed Dr. Salam as Chief Scientific Advisor to the President of Pakistan (1961-1974). Dr. Salam was also the founder and Chairman of the Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Committee (1961-1964). He also appointed Zafrullah Khan as the permanent representative at the United Nations in NY from 1961–1964.
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad refused to show Ahmadi’s where he was spending their money

You will see Ahmadi’s lying on social media and claming that chanda is mandatory, that is a farce. When we ask them about what MGA wrote on this topic, they are clueless. As we all know, MGA never paid any Zakat, nor did he ever pay sadaqa (voluntary alms) to any islamic group in all of British-India. We have even fully engaged Ahmadi’s on twitter and answered all of their silly questions, line by line herein on this topic.
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Miraj-ud-Din Umar in Ahmadiyya history

In 1906, Miyan Mi‘raj-ud-Din Umar of Lahore published 400 copies (See Al-Hakam of 27th July 2018, online edition) of Braheen e Ahmadiyya Part1-2, he seems to have written a short biography of MGA (which compromised the first 4-5 pages of BA1+2 in 1908) wherein he shared a filthy story of how MGA would carry sweets and rocks to clean his excrement, and most of the time, MGA would mix up the pockets and thus eat the sweets mixed in with excrement. His name is also spelled as Mi‘raj-ud-Din. He was not mentioned in the list of first 313 Ahmadi’s (See Dard). He was mentioned as someone who donated to the building of Minaratul Masih in 1901, his name is listed under #56 as Miyan Mi‘raj-ud-Din Umar, Lahore. It was never added to any later edition of the BA.
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The #muslehmaud prophecy is a total fraud

In the 1880’s, after MGA’s second marriage and his claim to receive Quranic revelations as his own, he also prophesied the birth of a son who would carry on his legacy. Ironically, he already had 2 fully grown adult sons, who he barely he even spoke to, he even boycotted their funeral. Nevertheless, in the early part of 1886, he publicized the prophecy, MGA had said that this prophecy would be fulfilled in one pregnancy (see ref in the below). A few months later, a girl was born to him, she ended up dying of cholera just 5 years later, MGA had published an announcement just a week before her birth wherein he totally backpeddled, he assume that the girl as already born in MGA’s house and he was now egregiously lying. What’s interesting here is that MGA had guaranteed a son from that pregnancy, he was now walking-back that prediction. In 1887, Bashir-1 was born, MGA began to celebrate.
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In the 1990’s, did lots of Ahmadi’s in Pakistan leave Ahmadiyya and became Baha’i’s?

We can all agree on the similarities between Baha’i’s and Ahmadi’s. In fact, Maulvi Abdullah was an Ahmadi and converted to Baha‘ism in the 1940’s. It is also rumored that in the late 1920s or early 1930s Mirza Mahmud Ahmad had to expel some members of his Jamaat who were found out to be secret Bahais and were using the Qadiani Jamaat platform to propagate their own beliefs (See the comments of Zahid Aziz). One of them had even become either editor or deputy editor of Al-Fazl.

In 1886, in Surma Chasma Arya, MGA claimed that Muhammad (saw) was a manifestation of God. In 1904, the Al-Hakam claimed that Bahaulah claimed to be the Messiah. In 1904, in Lecture Lahore, MGA and his team mentioned how while going through the 27th August, 1904, edition of Paisa Akhbar, I learned that a gentleman named Hakim Mirza Mahmood Ahmad Irani, who is a follower of someone claiming to be the Messiah, is presently in Lahore and desires to have a Mubahala [prayer-duel] with me. The ROR (english) also discussed the Bahai’s, more info to come.
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Ahmadi’s continue to serve in the Pakistani military–2020

We have covered in detail how Ahmadi’s were the most trusted group of minorities in all of India. We have found yet another story.
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Mufti Muhammad Sadiq and other Ahmadi editors lied about white converts to Ahmadiyya from Europe and America

Ahmadi’s are trained to lie and exaggerate. They learned it from MGA. As Ahmadiyya propaganda spread via the British government during WW-2, Ahmadiyya maulvi’s were under intense pressure from the Mirza family to get converts. Thus, they lied about converts many times, they published many news reports claiming that European women/men and American’s had joined Ahmadiyya, they even lied about Russell Webb and his conversion to Ahmadiyya. The list is endless. Nevertheless, today we found the case of Anthony George Baker (he is mentioned as giving speech in ROR of May-1913). See his wikipedia entry herein. Interestingly, he refused to sign Bait in 1916 and died in 1918, nevertheless, Mufti Muhammad Sadiq still listed him as an Ahmadi convert. John Webster is another fake convert that they were presenting. Professor Clement Lindley Wragge is yet another fake-Ahmadi convert as is Alexander Russell Webb. Ella May Garber is another fake convert (also known as Mrs EM Garber, or Siddiqatun Nisa Rahatullah)(She translated a letter for the Mufti in the July-1921 edition of the Moslem Sunrise, see page 7). She is mentioned again in the Moslem Sunrise of Oct-1921, she is alleged to be giving lectures in NY. She totally disappeared soon thereafter.
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