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Qadiani Jamaat Against Lahori-Ahmadi’s in Shimla Debate Of 1915

I left Ahmadiyya mainly because of what I read about the Lahori-Qadiani split in the Ahmadiyya movement.  I was disgusted by the behaviors of the Mirza family.  In my research, I found an old debate by these two groups in 1915 and published in 1916.  In this debate each party put forward its arguments before an impartial, non-Ahmadi Muslim arbitrator as to its interpretation of the claims of  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. The arbitrator’s verdict, printed in this book, is presented to show that he ruled that the Qadiani explanation of his claim, that he claimed to be a prophet, was correct.

The debate
You can find it here also:

This debate is the definitive reference on what the Qadiani group of the Ahmadiyya think about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a prophet, and how the Lahori groups deflect the issue.

This debate on the innovative and complicated theology of the Ahmadiyya groups was conducted at a conference held in Shimla that was called by the Ahmadis of Shimla.  Shimla being a rich resort, these Ahmadis invited both parties and appointed Shaikh Muhammad Umar BA, LLB, as the arbitrator.

The debate took place on 23rd December 1915 and was published in Qadian as Qaul Faisal, Mubahatha Shimla (8.5MB PDF) on 4 June 1916. These proceedings represents the closest we will get to the original positions and it includes many very interesting references and interpretations.
The arbitrator concluded:
  1. Mirza Sahib is not a permanent (i.e. direct) prophet, nor is he a real prophet in the sense related to being legislative, but he is a indirect non-legislative prophet.
  2. According to Mirza Sahib, he is a real prophet in the sense that he attained the office of prophet via Muhammad (saw).
  3. According to Mirza Sahib, no other person has been bestowed this office in 1300 years Hijri.
  4. According to Mirza Sahib, he is entered into the group of prophets and between him and past prophets, the only difference is the means by which he became prophet, and not in the essence of being a prophet.
  5. According to Mirza Sahib, as he himself is a prophet, he has superiority, with all aspects of glory, over Jesus (as).
Urdu original:
Mubahatha Shimla Conclusion

Lahori Defense

Although the Lahori group has never been vocal about this debate, after this article was published, Dr. Zahid Aziz has written a defense of the verdict against the Lahori group on the Lahore Ahmadiyya Web site, available at  None of the three points he raises — deferred matter of takfeer, Qadiani debater becoming Lahori, and Qadianis retracting their beliefs — is a rebuttal.  As we wrote above about the Lahori position, the article is indeed a deflection.
Dr. Aziz’s point is valid that the Lahori doctrine has been consistent.  This is so because it was explicitly engineered by M. Ali and K. Kamaluddin as to not offend Muslims and try to stay within the realm of Islam.  During the British raj, the Qadianis went full-bore with Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s claims of being a prophet, and then they have had to retract or back-pedal their views in the face of Muslim opprobrium.
There are two distinct phases of Mirza’s prophetic career: before 1901 and after 1901.  Right in that year when the Mirza staked his claim to being a prophet, two of his stalwart followers, Ahsan Amrohi and Abdul Karim Sialkoti publicly argued about the matter.  Hence, the Lahori view that there was no change at all is contrived.  And that is exactly the point that makes this debate, held within a year of the Split, so important.

The Debate

Mirza Nasir Ahmad forcibly married Dr. Tahira in 1982, he was 73 and she was 25

Mirza Nasir Ahmad married a much younger woman in 1982, just a few months before he died.  Ahmadiyya leadership is always quickly working on deleting all of this information on this wedding, since its really embarrassing. Shortly after the death of his wife Mansoora Begum, Nasir Ahmad decided to remarry. On 11 April 1982, he married Tahira Siddiqua Nasir, daughter of Abdul Majeed Khan of Verowal. This marriage only lasted a few short months with the demise of Nasir Ahmad on 9 June 1982. The picture in the above is from the marriage ceremony of Mirza Nasir Ahmad to Dr. Tahira. She is still alive and lives in seclusion in Rabwah.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s first marriage
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Read about the Dowry of Dr. Tahira here:
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s Khutbah Juma wherein he talks about his recent marriage–a summary

30 april 1982, in that Khutbah, Nasir is justifying as to why he only gave huq mehr of 1000 rupee to Tahira, by saying that the same was given to his first wife mansoora. But i have found 2 more relevant books, one contains the actual khutba of his nikah of 11 April 1982. I think he gave the khutba of 30 April 1982, as people would have raised objections. the other book is written by nasir 2nd wife tahira, named “hazrat mirza nasir ahmad” this book is worth reading, as it gives insight to, how was their 2 months long married life. he was total control freak, she could not do anything right, he corrected her every minute of the day, tahira did not like drinking milk in the night and he made her drink, he objected on everything. She was educated woman and yet she could not do anything right in his eyes. All this shenanigans about doing istikhara for 40 days, he knew her from her school, college and medical years!
_____________________________________________________________________________________________While in Islamabad in June of 1982

See here:

This is from the March-2008 edition of the Review of Religions, by 

Huzur’s Last Days

Huzur visited Islamabad for the very last time on the 23 of May, 1982. Huzur was accompanied by Hadhrat Tahira Siddiqa Begum Sahiba, Sahibzadi Amatush-Shakoor Sahiba, Sahibzada Mirza Anas Sahib and Sahibzada Mirza Luqman Sahib, along with their wives and children. With them were members of the delegation having returned from Spain. After the prayers of Maghrib and ‘Isha, I along with a few others had the blessed opportunity to give a massage to Huzur. We were shocked to discover that the veins on Huzur’s legs were very swollen. Huzur told us, ‘Do not worry. This is due to the pooling of blood as a result of the long journey. Also, the work pressure has been intense for the last few days. I have had to remain seated the whole day. Insha Allah, it will be alright.’ We continued to massage Huzur daily, but his condition did not improve much. As soon as Huzur felt even a slight improvement, he would proceed immediately to his office and would work the whole day there, at times pouring over his correspondence, and at others meeting people. There was no time for him to rest. Indeed, Khilafat is not like any worldly post; for the Khalifa of the time has to contemplate and work for the betterment of the Jama’at and the entire world.

Due to the deterioration of Huzur’s health, the last Friday sermon before his demise was delivered in Islamabad by Sahibzada Mirza Tahir Ahmad – who later became Khalifatul Masih IV. This sermon was very short but heavy with anxiety and emotion; it contained a passionate appeal to the Jama’at to pray for the recovery of Huzur. During this Khutbah, the state of anxiety of the Ahmadis of Rabwah was described in such a way that the assembly was filled with profound grief.

On the night between the 8 and 9 of June, Huzur experienced a second heart attack. Mirza Fareed Ahmad Sahib came down and said that we should announce to the Jama’at that Huzur’s condition was now critical. All those who had gathered at Baitul Fazal were extremely anxious and restless. We could see from the faces of Huzur’s sons and other relatives that Huzur’s condition must indeed be exceedingly worrying. Then, at around thirty minutes past midnight, Mirza Fareed Ahmad Sahib came down and, standing on the staircase, signalled with his hand and softly recited the Qur’anic verse: Verily, to Allah we belong and to Him is our return. The whole assembly was so shocked that all were left speechless. Fear and darkness spread over everyone. But God soon showed His mercy once again and brought His beloved Jama’at back into the light of peace and security.

I call Allah as my witness when I say that Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih III(ru) was indeed a most wonderful person, very dear to each and every Ahmadi; it is not possible to state how dear he was to me. Every particle in my body is indebted to his kindness. He was and shall remain most dear to me. He was truly a great Spiritual Leader.

O my Merciful God! Shower Thy mercy most abundantly upon the holy soul of my master and raise him to Thine own Throne of Nearness. Amin.

The inside story

Khalifa III Mirza Nasir Ahmad’s son Mirza Luqman Ahmad had a LOVE AFFAIR with a young beautiful Ahmadi Lady Dr. Tahira (she was student in Fatima Jinnah Medical college, Lahore, Pakistan).

The detail of this affair can be read in a book: Qadianiyyat Aus Bazar Mein by Mateen Khalid.


Mirza Nasir Ahmad was in his LATE SEVENTIES 70’s that one day he saw Dr. Tahira, who was in her EARLY TWENTIES (20’s). Mirza Nasir Ahmad had a CRUSH on her. So, he decided to marry her. In a process to JUSTIFY this marriage where GROOM WAS OLD AND SICK AND IN POOR HEALTH AND BRIDE WAS YOUNG HEALTHY BEAUTIFUL WOMAN, BESIDE BEING 50 YEARS YOUNGER IN AGE, Mirza Nasir Ahmad started making speeches and giving statements and PREDICTIONS/ PROPHECIES that this marriage will bring GLAD TIDINGS/ KHUSH-KHABRAIAN/ BARAKAT etc for his Ahmadi Jamaat.

Well, finally the marriage took place. And the newly wed “Happy” couple went to Islamabad in process to get visa for European countries where they decided to celebrate their HONEY MOON.

Now guess what happened: approximately with in a week of marriage Khalifa III had a heart attack in Islamabad and he died. In  Jamaat wife of Khalifas are considered UMMAL MOMINEEN (Mother of the believers) the same way the wives of Holy Prophet Muhammad saws are considered mother of Muslims. Since wife of Khalifa III is MOTHER OF the believers so she was NOT allowed to marry again. As a result a beautiful, fertile age lady, who had all the NORMAL HUMAN FEELINGS had to remain UNMARRIED.

Now lets see the BARAKAT on the Ahmadi Jamaat as a result of their Khalifa III marriage to a more than 50 years younger lady:
(1)  Khalifa III died with in few days of marriage.
(2) Mirza Tahir Ahmad became the Khalifa IV.
(3) Mirza Tahir Ahmad had to leave his Jamaat’s LAST strong hold i.e. in Rabwah and had to run for his life to UK.
(4)  Jamaat is UPROOTED and BOOTED out of Pakistan, where the jamaat had the MOST population of Ahmadis in the world.
(5) Ahmadi Jamaat got weaker and weaker.
(6) General Zia issued the order XX. That barred Ahmadis from calling themselves Muslim/ give azan/ call their masjids as masjids etc.
(7) Ahmadis from Pakistan got dispersed in the world and the Khalifa is loosing his grip on them with every passing day.
(8) Khalifa IV made the BOGUS claims of millions of convertions every year. It is such a bogus claim that even Mahmudis are ASHAMED of their Khalifa.

The only person who is taking advantage of this marriage between Mirza Nasir Ahmad and Dr. Tahira is the son of Mirza Nasir Ahmad i.e. Mirza Luqman Ahmad. He got his LOVER back and he does not have to marry her either.


In my opinion more than 70 years old Mirza Nasir Ahmad married Dr. Tahir in her early 20’s because of one of the following TWO REASONS:
(1) Mirza Nasir Ahmad had gone blind in his LUST for her.
(2) Mirza Nasir Ahmad had gone CRAZY.

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Harford County Executive Barry Glassman and three other county officials are counter-suing the Ahmadiyya Movement and William R. Luther Jr. company, Gemcraft Homes


Ahmadiyya INC is in hot water in Maryland.  See my essays on this topic here:

The counter suit
Gemcraft Homes, in concert with Ahmadiyya INC, is suing Joppatown for discrimination.

A Maryland county executive and other county officials have filed a defamation lawsuit against a developer, accusing him of falsely suggesting that anti-Muslim bias is fueling their opposition to his project.

Court records show Harford County Executive Barry Glassman and three other county officials filed the suit this week in federal court in Maryland against the developer, William R. Luther Jr.

Luther’s company, Gemcraft Homes, had already filed a civil rights suit against the county, alleging that religious discrimination is causing the county to block the project of 48 townhouses.

Earlier this year, the developer reached an agreement to sell the vast majority of the lots to a group that plans to use the housing as a village for elderly members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim sect.

Read original post here: USA: Harford County leaders sue developer of Anasrullah complex

Also see here:


Mubahila is not a method that Muslims should use when at differences with each other, in fact, Muslims shouldn’t resort to prayer duels at all. Muhammad (SAW) may have asked for a prayer duel with the Christians of Najran in the final year of his life (see 3:61 of the Quran). However, this incident was about the divinity of Esa (As) and how it was false. This was not an example of what to do when at odds with Muslims. There are no hadith that explain the purport of 3:61.

In 1891, he introduced the concept of Mubahila to any Muslim or Non-Muslim who wished to compete. However, this is not an islamic method of solving any type of dispute. MGA even went as far as claiming that Muhammad (saw) had a Mubahila with the famous Abu Jahl. Read about MGA’s rules on Mubahila in 1889-1890-1891. Read about MGA’s Mubahila with Abdul Haq herein too. By 1899, the British government forbade MGA from doing Mubahila’s in British-India. Nevertheless, he began doing them again in 1905-1907 vs. Sanauallah.
Summary written by a friend of mine

In May 1893, when Mirza Qadiani was engaged in debate with Athem at Amritsar, he was challenged by Molana Abdul Haq Ghaznavi for a Mubahila after the end of his debate with Athem. Mirza replied that he would do it during debate with Athem so Mirza reached the venue on 27 May, 1893 at Eidgah ground Amritsar along-with his 25 close Mullahs. Both parties prayed may Allah,s curse fall upon the liars and may he be humiliated publicly so that masses could see and differentiate between the liars and truthful.

On 5th September,1894 when Athem,s death prophesy failed, Mirza came under sever humiliation. Peoples from all around criticised and insulted him in a harsh manner.

Abdul Haq Ghaznavi published an Ishtihar titled as bad effects of Mubahila on Mirza. Addressing to Mirza Qadiyani he wrote in Ishtihar that you had said after mubahila that whoever is on wrong path would be humiliated and black faced now tell me who is on wrong path and being humiliated . He continued that in few cases predictions of hindu pandits and astronomists proved true but in your case prophesies end up in total failure bringing u the humiliation. The timeline for Athem has elapsed and Athem is well and healthier than before. The humiliation and insult you are suffering Is the result of mubahila between us.

After this Molvi Abdul Haq Ghaznavi asked muslims and Qadianis to state under oath as to who has been under humiliation today. He said that I used to be suffering from various diseases but this year I am 100% healthy and even a single pimple has not appeared on my body and the countless blessings of Allah have been bestowed upon me that i do not like to disclose it. Whereas Mirza is receiving curse from all the country. Mirza.s Mureeds Namely Ismail of Jandiala, Yusuf Khan Sarhadi and Muhammad Saeed cousin of Mirza,s wife have converted to Christianity after Mirza,s prophesy of Athems death failed. in this way Mirza has to suffer physical and moral insult and humiliation.

In extreme anger, Mirza Qadiani replied to the ishtihar addressing AHG as under:-
“O kazzab (Liar )you have seen all this before mubahila,
u have been drowned, u have been burnet, o u the
excrement of stupids tell us when did you come out of
water u were drowned in the waters of regrets like ill fated
man, how can u protect yourself from fire which was
alighted to burn the mischievous so burn there”.

After this Mubahila Mirza has to face countless sufferings and pain which include the sudden death of his 9 year old son Mubarak Ahmed whom Mirza has boasted to be Masleh e Mouud. Mirza himself died of cholera in 1908 at Lahore in the life of Abdul Haq Ghznavi while AHG remained alive quite peacefully and comfortably after 9 years.

(ANJAM E ATHEM, page 21, HUJJATULLAH, page72,HAQIQATUL WAHI,page 240, All by MGAQ)
(Raees e Qadiyan by Rafiq Dilaweri.628-630)

The scans

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Shaikh Meher Ali Hoshiarpuri and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his 40 days of seclusion (Jan 25–March)

In 1886, MGA traveled to Hoshiarpur and made his famous prophecy of a “Promised-Son”, he stayed in the house of Shaikh Meher Ali, who seems to have been a good friend of MGA in those days.  Shaikh Meher Ali had a falling out with MGA in 1892 and that was the last that we heard of him.  In the below, we have posted data about this story.  However, we disagree that MGA was leading “Friday sermons” in 1886, or anytime before or after, that part of the story is a lie.  Obviously, MGA never went to any Masjid in Hoshiarpur and Ahmadiyya leadership fabricated this story, i.e., that MGA led Friday prayers for 3 months in 1886 for 3 people.  MGA was most likely on opium the whole time and factually without his wife for 3 months in 1886.  MGA lived with his male servants and most likely fondled them and vice versa.  Similarly, in 1889, MGA visited Aligarh, and again he never came out of his room and never attended any mosque.  Starting on March 11th, MGA had his written debate with Murlidhar.  We have also found another lie by Ahmadiyya leadership.  MGA published his famous prophecy about his “Promised-Son”, however, MGA was in seclusion, Tarikh-e-Ahmadiyya tells us that it was published as a ZAMIMA(appendix) in AKHBAR RIAZ E HIND on 1st March 1886.

Saturday, January 23rd, 1886
Per Ahmadiyya sources, MGA’s 40 days of seclusion on started on this day.

February 20th, 1886
During MGA’s 40 day’s of seclusion, he seems to have published an announcement.  This is the famous announcement of the Promised Son.  This day corresponds to roughly day number 29-30 during MGA’s 40 days of seclusion.

February 22nd, 1886
MGA’s 40 days of seclusion ended.

March 1st, 1886
MGA’s servant carried MGA’s announcement to get it published.  It was published on the same day.

March 11th, 1886
MGA’s first written debate started.

March 17th, 1886
MGA is back at Qadian.

March 22nd, 1886
MGA publishes an announcement to the effect that such a son would be born within a period of 9 years. After this another Ishtihar was published saying such a son would be born very soon which would not exceed a period of one pregnancy.  We have compiled of a partial entry on this announcement herein.

April 8th, 1886
MGA published an announcement in terms of the promised son.
“”””””A boy will be born very soon, within the nine-month period of a pregnancy and no longer than that. It has, however, not been made clear to me whether this is the [promised] boy or whether he will be born later within the stipulated nine-year period.””””” (See the announcement of 8th
April 1886, printed at Chashma-e-Faid Qadri Press, Batala.)(See also, “Green Announcement”, see page 4).

“””The grandeur of the prophecy relating to the birth of a son whose various high qualities have been set out is not reduced by any long period that might be specified for its fulfilment even though it might be the double of nine years. The heart of every just person will bear clear witness that the fulfilment of such a high prophecy which comprises the birth of such an outstanding and special personality is beyond human power. The revelation of such good news in consequence of the acceptance of prayer is not only a prophecy but is a grand heavenly Sign.””””[Announcement of April 8, 1886, Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 1, pp. 116–117](See also the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, page 183).

“”””After the announcement mentioned above, I supplicated again for further disclosure concerning this matter and it was disclosed to me today, April 8, 1886, by God Almighty that a son will be born very soon. Such period cannot exceed the interval of one pregnancy. Thus,
it is obvious, that a son will probably be born soon, or certainly in the next pregnancy, but it has not been disclosed whether the one who will be born soon is the same Promised Son or whether he will be born at some other time within the term of nine years.”””  [Announcement of April 8, 1886, Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 1, p. 117](See also the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah, page 184).

There are two phrases in the Arabic revelation:


These indicate descent or a near descent.
[Announcement of April 8, 1886 footnote, Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 1, p. 117]

(C) Thereafter the following revelation was also received:

[Urdu] They said: Is this the one who was to come or shall we wait for another?

[Announcement of April 8, 1886, Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 1, p. 117]

April 15, 1886
A daughter was born to MGA on this day, Ismat, she died of Cholera at age 5 (in 1891).

7th August,1887
MGA’s wife gives birth to a son, he is named Bashir and Emmanuel.  MGA published an announcement and claims that the promised Son which he had prophesied has come to the world.  This good news reached Hakim Nuruddin at Jammu who distributed sweets there and wrote to Mirza sb to convey his Salam to Promised Son. In response Mirza sb wrote that “ I have conveyed your Salam to him and he replied by smiling twice or thrice then he placed his index finger on his lips.” (Maktoobat e Ahmadia Vol 5 part 2 page 43. After few days his AQIQA was performed. Celiberation started at Qadian and big party was thrown by Mirza sb which was attended by ahmadis from far flung areas enjoying delicious meals.

“””””Readers! I give you the good news that the boy whose birth I had prophesized in the announcement of 8th April 1886 came into this world on 16th Zil-Qa‘ad, or 7th August.””””” (See the announcement of 7th August 1887, printed at Victoria Press, Lahore).  (See also, “Green Announcement”, see page 4).

July 10th, 1888
MGA publishes another announcement in terms of the Promised Son, its content are unknown.

November 4th, 1888
Bashir-1(emmanuel) dies.  However, MGA’s wife is 8 months pregnant with another child.

Shaikh Meher Ali seems to have gotten arrested, he was released 6 months later.

MGA claims that the Shaikh had a stroke and was paralyzed(See Haqiqatul Wahy).  However, this is Ahmadiyya only reporting, hence, we have to be skeptical.

MGA traveled and lived in Shaikh Meher Ali’s house in 1886
(see Dard, starting on page 140)

“””MGA knew Shaikh Meher Ali Hoshiarpuri as early as 1886.  On Wednesday or Thursday, January 20th or 21st, 1886, in a Behli (a bullock-driven carriage). MGA was accompanied by M. Abdullah Sanauri, Sh. Hamid Ali, and Fateh Khan of Rasulpur, a village near Tanda in Hoshiarpur district.  The party stopped a night at Rasulpur and reached Hoshiarpur on Friday, January 22nd, 1886.  MGA occupied the upper story of the Taweila and entrusted different duties to his three companions.  M. Abdullah Sanauri was to prepare food for MGA and serve it. Sh. Hamid Ali had to do the house work and also attend to visitors. Fateh Khan was required to do the shopping. It was then announced by means of handwritten leaflets that MGA would not see anybody for 40 days.  Strict orders were given by MGA to keep the front door always bolted and that none even of his companions should disturb him. No one was allowed to go upstairs or to talk to him more than was necessary in answer to questions. He wanted his meals left upstairs, no one was to wait upon him, and the dishes and utensils were to be cleared when he had finished. He offered his prayers alone in his room upstairs. His instructions were carefully carried out and he was left undisturbed with God. He came down on Fridays and the party used to go to a solitary mosque situated in a park outside the town where MGA led the Jum‘a prayers. He also attended to his letters and read newspapers…………….”””

“””……………..No one knows what MGA did upstairs. M. Abdullah Sanauri used to take his food to him; and he says that once or twice MGA told himself a little of the religious experience he was going through.”””

Summary written by a friend of mine

Shaikh Maher Ali Raees of Hoshiarpur, was a rich Mureed of Mirza Qadiyani from whom Mirza Qadiani minted lot of money in the name of Chanda. This was the man in whose TAWEELA (Animal place), at HoshiarPur, Mirza Qadiani spent more than a month in connection with committed worship (CHILLA KASHI).

It was the habit of Mirza Qadiani that whenever there take place some incident or a calamity Mirza would immediately claim that God has informed him of the happening before hand. In 1892, a man was murdered in Hoshiarpur and on suspicion Sheikh Maher Ali was arrested among others. Mirza announced that God had shown him six months ago that the floor of Sheikh,s house has caught fire and he has requested Sheikh sb for repentance thru a letter.

While Sheikh sb was locked up, Jan Muhammad, his son sent letter to Mirza requesting him to pray for release of his father. Mirza replied that “DUA KI GAI FAZAL HO JAIGA” meaning i have prayed for him God would do his favour. Remember this is a common practice in Punjab that peoples, when in trouble, solace each other with the words like “ALLAH FAZAL KAREGA” THEEK HOJAIGA “KHAIR HOGI “ etc

Shaikh Maher Ali proved innocent during trial by Session Court and was released. Mirza sent a letter to Sheikh sb stating that he has been released because of my prayers for which i have already informed your son. Now send me a letter to confirm the fact that he Mirza has predicted of his arrest and release so that people may know of this heavenly sign about my truth.

Sheikh Maher Ali sent letter thru his son stating that he, Mirza has not predicted my release but he only said God would do favour. Thus he refused to send such a testimony to Mirza. Mirza got furious to read this and published isthihar against Sheikh Maher Ali stating that I have petitioned the case of Sheikh Maher Ali in the court of Allah. On the night of 25 February 1893, Allah told me that whatever u intend for him on the earth Allah would do that in the skies, and soon Sheikh Maher Ali would suffer agony and trouble and if it is not happened and revealed to the world I would be treated as a liar.

Nothing happened to Sheikh Maher Ali he spent rest of his life quit peacefully and comfortably thus attesting the lie of Mirza Qadiyani.

The scan work

The reference from the 2009 online edition of Tadhkirah
“””When I saw this dream God conveyed its interpretation to me clearly that Sheikh [Mehr ‘Ali] would be afflicted with a great misfortune which will affect his honour and my putting out the fire by pouring water on to it meant that the misfortune would be repelled through my prayer and not through any other means….After about six months it happened accordingly. I was in Ambala Cantonment when a person of the name of Muhammad Bakhsh came to me on behalf of Jan Muhammad, son of Sheikh [Mehr ‘Ali], and told me that Sheikh [Mehr ‘Ali] had been arrested in connection with such and such a case. I enquired from him about the letter that I had written six months earlier warning Sheikh [Mehr ‘Ali] of such a misfortune, but Muhammad
Bakhsh confessed lack of knowledge of such a letter. However, Sheikh [Mehr ‘Ali] himself—after his release—often stated that the letter had been found in one of his boxes. While Sheikh [Mehr ‘Ali] was in custody I received several letters from his son Jan Muhammad, possibly written by Muhammad Bakhsh, who was a connection of theirs, requesting me for prayers. Allah knows that I prayed for him diligently through several nights. At first the situation appeared very involved and threatening but at last God accepted my supplications and conveyed to me the good news of his deliverance. This was conveyed briefly to his son… I prayed for him for long. At the end, reassurance of divine grace and deliverance was conveyed to me in a few words which were quite definite””””.  [Appendix A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam, p. 6, Announcement of February 25, 1893 along with footnote, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 5, pp. 653–654].  See also, the online english edition of Tadhkirah, page 186).


“””Last night, being greatly perturbed by the attitude of Sheikh [Mehr ‘Ali of Hoshiarpur], I supplicated for a heavenly decision. Thereafter, I was shown in a dream that I had sent some money to a shopkeeper as the price of something good and fragrant. He took the money, but sent an evil-smelling substance. When I saw it, I was angry and told my messenger: Go back to the shopkeeper and tell him to send me what I had asked for, otherwise I would file a complaint against him for cheating and he will be sent to jail for at least six months and probably longer. The shopkeeper sent back word that he had not done this on his own but that he had been influenced by the babblings of a mad man which made him forget his duty and that he was
now ready to send what I had asked for.

I interpreted this to mean that the Sheikh [Mehr ‘Ali] would be afflicted with such humiliation and eventually would be remorseful and that for the moment he was acting under some one else’s influence””””. [Announcement concerning Sheikh Mehr ‘Ali of Hoshiarpur, p. 7, A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 5, pp. 655–656](See also, the online english edition of Tadhkirah, pages 296-297).


“”I supplicated again concerning this matter and received the revelation:

‘That is [Arabic] We are watching from heaven that your heart has turned from the well
wishing of Sheikh Mehr ‘Ali towards supplicating for his chastisement. We shall turn the matter in heaven as you make it turn upon earth. We are with you, and shall raise your ranks’.””””
[Announcement concerning Sheikh Mehr ‘Ali of Hoshiarpur, p. 8, A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 5, p. 656](See also, the online english edition of Tadhkirah, page 297).


“””I had seen a fearsome dream concerning Sheikh Mehr ‘Ali in Qadian on April 26, 1886, the interpretation of which was that he would be afflicted with a great misfortune. He was informed of this about the same time. The dream was that the carpet had caught fire and there was great hue and cry. A terrible flame of fire mounted up and there was no one to put it out. At last I poured water over it repeatedly and put it out. The fire was no longer visible but there still was some smoke. I could not see how much the fire had destroyed but I conceived that there was no great damage. This was the dream mentioned in my letter to Sheikh Mehr ‘Ali and the letter was found in his house by his son after his arrest. Thereafter, I had one or two dreams the greater part of which was frightening and a part was reassuring. I interpret this to mean that possibly there are intervening difficulties, but the end is good. However, the end has not yet been clearly disclosed to me so that I cannot say anything with certainty. [Allah knows best.]”””
[Maktubat-e-Ahmadiyyah, vol. 5, p. 22, Letter to Chaudhary Rustam ‘Ali](See also, the online english edition of Tadhkirah, pages 185-187).

Mirza Bashir Ahmad’s comments on this incident

“””Six months before Sheikh Mehr ‘Ali was imprisoned, Allah the Almighty showed to the Promised Messiahas in a dream that the seat of Sheikh [Mehr ‘Ali] had caught fire and the Promised Messiahas put the fire out by pouring water over it. The Promised Messiahas immediately informed Sheikh [Mehr ‘Ali] of this trial and tribulation and asked him to repent and seek forgiveness of Allah. But after he was released Sheikh [Mehr ‘Ali] denied receiving the letter. Instead, he started saying that there was no such letter, but he was being pressured to issue a statement to this effect. The Promised Messiahas is referring to this painful attitude of the Sheikh [Mehr ‘Ali]. [Mirza Bashir Ahmad] (See also, the online english edition of Tadhkirah, page 296).

1906 in Haqiqatul Wahy
This book was published in 1907.  MGA and his team wrote:

“””I had seen in my dream that a fire had flared up in his341 house and that I had put it out…. Thereafter, I had made another prophecy concerning him that he would be afflicted with another calamity. Accordingly, he suffered a stroke of paralysis.””” [Haqiqatul-Wahi, pp. 222–223, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 22, p. 223] (See also, the online english edition of Tadhkirah, page 297).

(Nuzul-ul-Masih, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 18, Page 579)
“”””I was once shown in a dream that the carpet of Shaikh Mehr ‘Ali’s house, a chief of Hoshiarpur, had caught fire, and I poured water over it until the fire was put out. At once God caused its true meanings to dawn upon my heart with great clarity: Shaikh Sahib and his honour would be in great peril, and it would only be removed through my prayer. I wrote a detailed letter to the aforesaid Shaikh Sahib and informed him of the matter. Six months later, he became so seriously embroiled in a lawsuit that he was sentenced to death by hanging. At that critical time, upon the request of his son, I prayed for him and conveyed to his son in writing the glad tidings of his acquittal. He was accordingly acquitted.””””

Shagufta Naeem claims to be a grand-daughter of Shaikh Mehr Ali

Tarikh e Ahmadiyya on this topic
Tareekh Ahmadiyyat Vol 2 1960 Edition Pages 92-96
Translation 1 page 92 and 93


To fulfill the ancient predictions, Allah instill in Masih Maoud’s heart/mind to preform chilla kashi. After making decision to travel to SOJANPUR in 1884 (there are 2 years between 1884 and 1886) he informed of his motive to esteemed Munshi Abdullah Sanori. But then Hazoor was informed by Ilham that his (uqda kushiee) problem will be resolved in Hoshiarpur. So Hazoor sitting in a behli (in dictionary behli is a small ox drawn 2 wheeled vehicle) travelled to Hoshiarpur, via river Biaas, on 22 January 1886. The result of  chilla Kashi was given the revelation of Musleh Maood, shining future for the unfounded hidden Jammat and the expeditions of Islam. He arrived to Qadian on 17 March 1886.


Translation 2 Page 94

The Hazrat Masih Maoud advertised and announced via handbills (ishtihar printed on paper and distributed) “no one should neither try to meet me for 40 days nor invite me for any feasts (dawat). After finishing my 40 days I will stay here for another 20 days, and people who wants to invite me, could do so. If anyone want to ask any questions, can do that time. Hazrat sahib ordered us to chain the door, no one should talk to me. And if  I ask for any thing, just reply to what ask and not more.

Translation 3

Hazoor said to me (Abdullah sanori) one day, Abdulla, these days, Allah has opened his doors of blessing to me. Sometimes He continue talking to me for long time, if I start to write that it will spread on  many pages.  Pisr Moud (promised son) ilham was also during that Chilla. So after chilla (40 days), he announced the paishgoi of Musleh Maoud. After passing of 40 days, he stayed in Hoshiarpur for another 20 days.  During those 20 day numerous people invited him for dinners and for religious discussions.

Translation 4 page 95 and 96

Now we talk in detail about Hazoor travel to Hoshiarpur, chilla kasha, and during chilla Kashi, paishgoi about birth of a promised son.

We have mentioned before that Hazoor only went to Hoshiarpur to perform chilla. He (Mirza ghulam) stayed  busy praying for 40 days. During those days his seclusion was of another kind. IT WAS FORBIDDON TO HAVE ANY COMMUNICATION WITH THE CITY DEWELLERS VIA HANDBILLS. All  3 of his companions in this journey were ordered to put the chain on the front door. No one was allowed to talk to him. And if I talk to anyone, they must only reply to what I ask for, nothing more.  To deliver food for him upstairs was only done with his permission.  During that time vast communications from Allah continued.

Translation 5 page 96

Out of all those ilhams/paishgois, paishgoi of promised son hold the most prominent place.  So when the chilla finished (40 days from 22 Jan 1886)

Hazrat Aqdas wrote with his pen an Ishtihar on 20 February 1886, (there are not 60 days between 22 Jan and 20 Feb on the other hand it says he wrote after the chilla was finished) which was published as a ZAMIMA in AKHBAR RIAZ E HIND on 1st March 1886.

Tareekh Ahmadiyyat Vol 2 1960 p 92-96

Additional Sources—Rafiq Dilawri, author of book Raees e Qadian gave accounts of the prophesy of Promised Son, based on MGA,s books and personal contacts.

In his Ishtihar dated 20th February, 1886, MGA did not specify a date for birth of promised son. But in his Ishtihar of 22 March 1886 Mirza specified that such a son would be born within a period of 9 years. After this another Ishtihar was published saying such a son would be born very soon which would not exceed a period of one pregnancy.
(Tabligh Risalat Vol-1 page 76).

Abdullah Sinauri says in those days Mirza sb always asks us to pray Allah to bless him with a son. So once he prayed for son on roof top of masjid Mubarak and a whole day in Jungle to the east of Qadian. (Seeratul Mahdi Vol-1 page 82).

Request for a baby Swing for Emmanuel :- 
Shaikh Muhammad Abdullah sb (resident of Wazirabad) , Marchant German Silver Anarkali Bazar Lahore, who was a Manager in Shaikh Omaruddin and Ameeruddin & Co Anarkali Lahore, for many years since 1885, stated to me (the author) that the first Ishtihar dated 20th February 1886, regarding the birth of Emmanuel which Mirza sb had brought out, was printed and published at our Press under our supervision.

With his request of publishing Ishtihar, Mirza sb also sent a message to him requesting for a top quality baby swing for promised son who was to be born soon. Abdullah sb says he himself had placed order for a latest baby swing to Bhagat Singh Roodgar, Old Anarkali Lahore.The swing was manufactured at a cost of Rs.16/- Bhagat Singh the technician who was a resident of Mohallah Said Mittha Lahore is still alive. (Till writing of Raees e Qadian), when the swing was ready, it was sent to Batala under Railway Billty as the train service was available upto Batala at that time.

However, contrary to the expectations, In May 1886 MGA,s wife gave birth to a baby girl. This caused a great humiliation and opponents made a mockery of it. Pandit Lekhram wrote that Mirza is a liar he just lied and god proved him a liar. As quoted by MGA himself, a Railway Examiner namely Nabi Bakhsh wrote to him a letter dated 13th June 1886 and said “ you are a liar, birth of girl proved your prophesy wrong.
(Tabligh Risalat Vol-1 Page 90). The news of birth of a girl brought great humiliation to Mirza sb and many of his followers went in defection. These people include the above referred Abdullah sb, Shaikh Omruddin and Shaikh Ameeruddin.

When the criticism increased Mirza sb published another Ishtihar stating that opponents have misinterpreted his earlier Ishtihar and he had set a time line of 9 years. He reprimanded his opponents and launched a counter attack on them.
(Tabligh Risalat Vol-1 Page 84).

However, with renewed efforts and high hopes Mirza sb got a good news of another pregnancy of Nusrat Jehan which resulted in delivery of a son this time۔ Much awaited Emanuel was born on 7th August,1887. Same day MGA published another Ishtihar and claimed that the promised Son which he had prophesied has come to the world (Tabligh e Risalat Vol 1 page 99)

This good news reached Hakim Nuruddin at Jammu who distributed sweets there and wrote to Mirza sb to convey his Salam to Promised Son. In response Mirza sb wrote that “ I have conveyed your Salam to him and he replied by smiling twice or thrice then he placed his index finger on his lips.” (Maktoobat e Ahmadia Vol 5 part 2 page 43. After few days his AQIQA was performed. Celiberation started at Qadian and big party was thrown by Mirza sb which was attended by ahmadis from far flung areas enjoying delicious meals.

Several maids were appointed to look after the boy. Munshi Rustam Ali Court Inspector, Jallandhar was requested to arrange a women for breast feeding to newly born. Mirza sb said he needs a lady whose own son should be of one year age, she should be much healthy. She should not be suffering from disease of child mortality. Her children should be healthy and sturdy should not be thin and suffering from Progeria.

However, Allah,s plans were altogether different than what Mirza had planned. This Emmanuel, the so called promised son died of 23 days illness on 4th November, 1888, despite best medical treatment. This broke the mountains of sorrow and grief upon poor MGA.

Mirza has brought a storm of criticism and mockery not only to himself but also to Islam as he has claimed the birth of promised son as a sign to the truthfulness of Islam.

Many of his close Mureeds left him and reverted to islam after this failed prophesy. Shaikh Muhammad Abdullah Sodagar Anarkali Lahore, Fateh Ali Shah Deputy Collector Mohallah Chabuk Swaran Lahore, Khwaja Muhammaduddin and Ameeruddin,kothi daran adj Kashmiri Bazar Lahore, Mian Muhammad Chatto Patoli, Molvi Elahi Bakhsh S.O Chatto Patoli, Raees Lahore, Mola Bakhsh, and Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf Amritsari were among those who left Mirza. These all were big Chanda contributors of MGA.

(Extracted from Majmoa Ishtiharat, Maktoobat ahmadia, Seeratul Mahdi, Raees e Qadian by Rafiq Dilawari.)

 Scans from Raees-a-Qadian

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Ahmadiyya INC vs. Austin Lewis in Canada


Ahmadis are fond of “housing-discrimination”.  See my other essays:

Ahmadiyya INC vs. Harford County

This isn’t the first time that Ahmadiyya INC has been ordered to infiltrate a community and create exclusive space for Ahmadis.  Ahmadis have done this in Pakistan, in 1948, then they were able to get exclusive housing in Canada in the late 1990’s, they called it peace village, in fact, Ahmadiyya discriminated against a “white-male” in terms of living at the “Abode of Peace” in Canada, check out his video here:

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Akber Choudhry explains the recent Ahmadiyya fueled turmoil in Pakistan

Ahmadiyya leadership has fueled lots of turmoil in Pakistan, since its creation.   In 2017, they are still doing the same thing.  A famous Ex-Ahmadi has covered the entire controversy here:

Another generation educated on why Ahmadis are not Muslim.

Simple Idea #1 : The government apologized for a ‘clerical error’ and rectified things. If you doubt that it was an error, you have a 
credibility gap between yourselves. Either sue them for lying, or do not vote for them again. Simple.

Simple Idea #2: Qadiani Ahmadi leadership spending millions lobbying the U.S. government to pressure Pakistan to change its laws and to make a case for their refugee business. They could spend these millions doing research into their founders’ books and work out a viable theology among themselves, instead of naming as ‘extremist and misguided’ the rest of the sane rational world.

It is Monday morning in Pakistan, sane heads have prevailed and things will be more or less back to normal.

For those of my friends living in the ‘democratic’ U.S. and worried about Pakistan, please do not worry — you have bigger problems with democracy. What happened in Pakistan is beautiful democracy at work for a nation at a different point in its evolutionary curve: ideas, however misguided, speaking out and being given enough room to speak out. The army refusing to intervene and sane heads finally prevailing.

Qadiani Ahmadis have always happily dug a political hole for themselves. Why? The Qadiani leadership is a FAMILY BUSINESS that siphons the money of poor Ahmadis to the leadership’s offshore accounts. Qadianism is not a rational ideology.

Nawaz Sharif wanted chaos as the status quo has him going to jail. So, for his narrow personal gain, someone advised him how this issue can be raised like fire. Nawaz tried this with ‘clerical errors’ by parliamentary clerks and then his son-in-law Captain Safdar’s speech. Some opportunistic foul-mouthed religious businessmen took the bait and almost gave Nawaz what he wanted — a military coup to make him the victim. They offered to become the genie that came out of the lamp that Nawaz was rubbing, but there was no putting the genie back.

Keep in mind that the ‘protests’ in Punjab were carried out by PML-N workers, who are asking for the resignation of their own government, and will vote for PML-N later this year. Keep in mind that protests are brought down by slowly and methodically denying food, water and sanitation and isolating inbound and outbound routes. Riot Control 101 that was not practiced by a practiced police force.

On the other hand, this episode of education of the Pakistani public has been triggered by the Qadiani leadership and their full-time lobbying agents in the US: Amjad Khan, Qasim Rashid and a doctor in Boston. Their expenditure on lobbying the US government and on the English media in Pakistan goes into the millions of dollars. Their planted stories in the Pakistani English media and some unwitting Western media require lobotomies to understand — very similar to the illogical cult-speak they use internally among themselves.

Their leaders’ political blunders in 1974 and 1984 have brought them to this point and trying to change political reality will inevitably lead to periodic spasms of this type of behaviour where a bribed or pressured government will try to do something against the law and then another generation will be educated on why the Ahmadis are not Muslims. Ahmadis are well-advised to lessen their isolationist rhetoric, treat Pakistani laws with dignity and respect as they do elsewhere, stop proselytizing until they can use terminology that does not infringe upon the rights of others. So simple a method, yet so unreachable as the cult is ‘right’ and the world is ‘wrong’. One cannot argue with such true believers or knock sense into them.

What should you do: treat Ahmadis in Pakistan with respect and dignity, give them their full human rights and go out of your way to make them comfortable. They are victims of a cult that steals their minds, their money and their safety from them for ‘their own good’. In a way, they are not very dissimilar from the ‘patwari’ followers of Nawaz Sharif who justify his theft of public resources in outlandish cult-like justifications.

I end with this quote from Thomas Jefferson: “I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man”

Faheem Younus vs. Harford County, Maryland, USA

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