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November 2017

Qadiani Jamaat Against Lahori-Ahmadi’s in Shimla Debate Of 1915

I left Ahmadiyya mainly because of what I read about the Lahori-Qadiani split in the Ahmadiyya movement.  I was disgusted by the behaviors of the Mirza family.  In my research, I found an old debate by these two groups in 1915 and published in 1916.  In this debate each party put forward its arguments before an impartial, non-Ahmadi Muslim arbitrator as to its interpretation of the claims of  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. The arbitrator’s verdict, printed in this book, is presented to show that he ruled that the Qadiani explanation of his claim, that he claimed to be a prophet, was correct.

The debate
You can find it here also:

This debate is the definitive reference on what the Qadiani group of the Ahmadiyya think about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a prophet, and how the Lahori groups deflect the issue.

This debate on the innovative and complicated theology of the Ahmadiyya groups was conducted at a conference held in Shimla that was called by the Ahmadis of Shimla.  Shimla being a rich resort, these Ahmadis invited both parties and appointed Shaikh Muhammad Umar BA, LLB, as the arbitrator.

The debate took place on 23rd December 1915 and was published in Qadian as Qaul Faisal, Mubahatha Shimla (8.5MB PDF) on 4 June 1916. These proceedings represents the closest we will get to the original positions and it includes many very interesting references and interpretations.
The arbitrator concluded:
  1. Mirza Sahib is not a permanent (i.e. direct) prophet, nor is he a real prophet in the sense related to being legislative, but he is a indirect non-legislative prophet.
  2. According to Mirza Sahib, he is a real prophet in the sense that he attained the office of prophet via Muhammad (saw).
  3. According to Mirza Sahib, no other person has been bestowed this office in 1300 years Hijri.
  4. According to Mirza Sahib, he is entered into the group of prophets and between him and past prophets, the only difference is the means by which he became prophet, and not in the essence of being a prophet.
  5. According to Mirza Sahib, as he himself is a prophet, he has superiority, with all aspects of glory, over Jesus (as).
Urdu original:
Mubahatha Shimla Conclusion

Lahori Defense

Although the Lahori group has never been vocal about this debate, after this article was published, Dr. Zahid Aziz has written a defense of the verdict against the Lahori group on the Lahore Ahmadiyya Web site, available at  None of the three points he raises — deferred matter of takfeer, Qadiani debater becoming Lahori, and Qadianis retracting their beliefs — is a rebuttal.  As we wrote above about the Lahori position, the article is indeed a deflection.
Dr. Aziz’s point is valid that the Lahori doctrine has been consistent.  This is so because it was explicitly engineered by M. Ali and K. Kamaluddin as to not offend Muslims and try to stay within the realm of Islam.  During the British raj, the Qadianis went full-bore with Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s claims of being a prophet, and then they have had to retract or back-pedal their views in the face of Muslim opprobrium.
There are two distinct phases of Mirza’s prophetic career: before 1901 and after 1901.  Right in that year when the Mirza staked his claim to being a prophet, two of his stalwart followers, Ahsan Amrohi and Abdul Karim Sialkoti publicly argued about the matter.  Hence, the Lahori view that there was no change at all is contrived.  And that is exactly the point that makes this debate, held within a year of the Split, so important.

The Debate

Mirza Nasir Ahmad forcibly married Dr. Tahira in 1982, he was 73 and she was 25

Mirza Nasir Ahmad married a much younger woman in 1982, just a few months before he died.  Ahmadiyya leadership is always quickly working on deleting all of this information on this wedding, since its really embarrassing. This was a scenario wherein Mirza Luqman Ahmad was heavily involved, we have heard (see the data in the below) that he wanted to marry Dr. Tahira, however, he was overruled and his father (Mirza Nasir Ahmad) took Dr. Tahira for himself. Thus, shortly after the death of his wife Mansoora Begum, Nasir Ahmad decided to remarry. On 11 April 1982, he married Tahira Siddiqua Nasir, daughter of Abdul Majeed Khan of Verowal. This marriage only lasted a few short months with the demise of Nasir Ahmad on 9 June 1982. The picture in the above is from the marriage ceremony of Mirza Nasir Ahmad to Dr. Tahira. She is still alive and lives in seclusion in Rabwah. In 2021, his grand-daughter, Nisa Al-Nasser reported multiple cases of rape at the Ahmadiyya headquarters in Rabwah and Tilford.
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Mubahila is not a method that Muslims should use when at differences with each other, in fact, Muslims shouldn’t resort to prayer duels at all. Muhammad (SAW) may have asked for a prayer duel with the Christians of Najran in the final year of his life (see 3:61 of the Quran). However, this incident was about the divinity of Esa (As) and how it was false. This was not an example of what to do when at odds with Muslims. There are no hadith that explain the purport of 3:61.

In 1891, he introduced the concept of Mubahila to any Muslim or Non-Muslim who wished to compete. However, this is not an islamic method of solving any type of dispute. MGA even went as far as claiming that Muhammad (saw) had a Mubahila with the famous Abu Jahl. Read about MGA’s rules on Mubahila in 1889-1890-1891. Read about MGA’s Mubahila with Abdul Haq herein too. By 1899, the British government forbade MGA from doing Mubahila’s in British-India. Nevertheless, he began doing them again in 1905-1907 vs. Sanauallah. Sanaullah mentioned this story in his famous book of 1923, “Tahrik-e-Mirza”. The whole affair finally ended with the humiliating death of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani on the 26th of May 1908CE / 24th of Rabi-us-Sani 1326 AH, while Maulana Abdul Haqq Ghaznavi outlived Mirza by nine years and died on 23rrd of Rajab 1335 AH / the 16th of May 1917.

Shaikh Meher Ali Hoshiarpuri and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his 40 days of seclusion (Jan 25–March)

In 1886, MGA traveled to Hoshiarpur and made his famous prophecy of a “Promised-Son”, he stayed in the house of Shaikh Meher Ali, who seems to have been a good friend of MGA in those days, MGA was accompanied by Shaikh Hamid Ali (aka Hafiz Hamid Ali), Muhammad Abdullah of Sannour (and as Sanori or Sanauri)and Miyan ‘Abdullah of Sannour and Muhammad Khan (unknown person, his name is spelled as Mohd. Khan in the ROR of March-194). Shaikh Meher Ali had a falling out with MGA in 1892 and that was the last that we heard of him.  In the below, we have posted data about this story. However, we disagree that MGA was leading “Friday sermons” in 1886, or anytime before or after, that part of the story is a lie.  Obviously, MGA never went to any Masjid in Hoshiarpur and Ahmadiyya leadership fabricated this story, i.e., that MGA led Friday prayers for 3 months in 1886 for 3 people. MGA was most likely on opium the whole time and factually without his wife for 3 months in 1886.  MGA lived with his male servants and most likely fondled them and vice versa. Similarly, in 1889, MGA visited Aligarh, and again he never came out of his room and never attended any mosque. Starting on March 11th, MGA had his written debate with Murlidhar. We have also found another lie by Ahmadiyya leadership. MGA published his famous prophecy about his “Promised-Son”, however, MGA was in seclusion, Tarikh-e-Ahmadiyya tells us that it was published as a ZAMIMA(appendix) in AKHBAR RIAZ E HIND on 1st March 1886. This entire story is also mentioned in the ROR of March-1944.
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Ahmadiyya INC vs. Austin Lewis in Canada


Ahmadis are fond of “housing-discrimination”.  See my other essays:

Ahmadiyya INC vs. Harford County

This isn’t the first time that Ahmadiyya INC has been ordered to infiltrate a community and create exclusive space for Ahmadis.  Ahmadis have done this in Pakistan, in 1948, then they were able to get exclusive housing in Canada in the late 1990’s, they called it peace village, in fact, Ahmadiyya discriminated against a “white-male” in terms of living at the “Abode of Peace” in Canada, check out his video here:

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Akber Choudhry explains the recent Ahmadiyya fueled turmoil in Pakistan

Ahmadiyya leadership has fueled lots of turmoil in Pakistan, since its creation.   In 2017, they are still doing the same thing.  A famous Ex-Ahmadi has covered the entire controversy here:

Another generation educated on why Ahmadis are not Muslim.

Simple Idea #1 : The government apologized for a ‘clerical error’ and rectified things. If you doubt that it was an error, you have a 
credibility gap between yourselves. Either sue them for lying, or do not vote for them again. Simple.

Simple Idea #2: Qadiani Ahmadi leadership spending millions lobbying the U.S. government to pressure Pakistan to change its laws and to make a case for their refugee business. They could spend these millions doing research into their founders’ books and work out a viable theology among themselves, instead of naming as ‘extremist and misguided’ the rest of the sane rational world.

It is Monday morning in Pakistan, sane heads have prevailed and things will be more or less back to normal.

For those of my friends living in the ‘democratic’ U.S. and worried about Pakistan, please do not worry — you have bigger problems with democracy. What happened in Pakistan is beautiful democracy at work for a nation at a different point in its evolutionary curve: ideas, however misguided, speaking out and being given enough room to speak out. The army refusing to intervene and sane heads finally prevailing.

Qadiani Ahmadis have always happily dug a political hole for themselves. Why? The Qadiani leadership is a FAMILY BUSINESS that siphons the money of poor Ahmadis to the leadership’s offshore accounts. Qadianism is not a rational ideology.

Nawaz Sharif wanted chaos as the status quo has him going to jail. So, for his narrow personal gain, someone advised him how this issue can be raised like fire. Nawaz tried this with ‘clerical errors’ by parliamentary clerks and then his son-in-law Captain Safdar’s speech. Some opportunistic foul-mouthed religious businessmen took the bait and almost gave Nawaz what he wanted — a military coup to make him the victim. They offered to become the genie that came out of the lamp that Nawaz was rubbing, but there was no putting the genie back.

Keep in mind that the ‘protests’ in Punjab were carried out by PML-N workers, who are asking for the resignation of their own government, and will vote for PML-N later this year. Keep in mind that protests are brought down by slowly and methodically denying food, water and sanitation and isolating inbound and outbound routes. Riot Control 101 that was not practiced by a practiced police force.

On the other hand, this episode of education of the Pakistani public has been triggered by the Qadiani leadership and their full-time lobbying agents in the US: Amjad Khan, Qasim Rashid and a doctor in Boston. Their expenditure on lobbying the US government and on the English media in Pakistan goes into the millions of dollars. Their planted stories in the Pakistani English media and some unwitting Western media require lobotomies to understand — very similar to the illogical cult-speak they use internally among themselves.

Their leaders’ political blunders in 1974 and 1984 have brought them to this point and trying to change political reality will inevitably lead to periodic spasms of this type of behaviour where a bribed or pressured government will try to do something against the law and then another generation will be educated on why the Ahmadis are not Muslims. Ahmadis are well-advised to lessen their isolationist rhetoric, treat Pakistani laws with dignity and respect as they do elsewhere, stop proselytizing until they can use terminology that does not infringe upon the rights of others. So simple a method, yet so unreachable as the cult is ‘right’ and the world is ‘wrong’. One cannot argue with such true believers or knock sense into them.

What should you do: treat Ahmadis in Pakistan with respect and dignity, give them their full human rights and go out of your way to make them comfortable. They are victims of a cult that steals their minds, their money and their safety from them for ‘their own good’. In a way, they are not very dissimilar from the ‘patwari’ followers of Nawaz Sharif who justify his theft of public resources in outlandish cult-like justifications.

I end with this quote from Thomas Jefferson: “I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man”

Ahmadiyya vs. Joppatowne, Maryland, USA

This case was eventually settled out of court in 2020, however, it started in 2017. The lawsuit had to do with an Ahmadi-only community that violates housing discrimination laws in America. Ironically, in the lawsuit, Gemcraft Homes admitted to selling 22 homes specifically to Ahmadi only people, and thus they have admitted to housing discrimination. Robert Spencer has made a video also. Nevertheless, retirement communities of this nature are allowed all throughout the USA.

Gemcraft Homes had sued the city of Joppa, Maryland, Harford County Executive, Miss Lambert-the county-attorney, State-delegate Pat McDonna, State Delegate Rick Impallaria, the county executive–Mr. Billy Bonaface and the head of the planning department of Harford County (watch this video from 2017). These officials from the Joppa area didn’t realize that the Ahmadiyya Movement in-concert with Gemcraft Homes were creating a retirement community for Ahmadi’s.
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Maryland development under fire after selling homes only to Ahmadis

Ahmadis are at it again, wherever they go, they want their own city, county, state and eventually their own country.  Ahmadis are instigated by by their vicious mullahs, who are held by the Mirza family under the threat of ruining their lives if they ever quit Ahmadiyya.  In fact, the Ahmadi Mullah is forced to sign a contract when they join up as a Mullah to the effect that they will never ask for anything in return for their work (See Upal, 2017).  Ahmadiyya leadership is always looking to build another “rabwah”.  Rabwah was a city that given to the Ahmadiyya community in 1948 by the Pakistan govt., it was basically another Vatican.  Ahmadiyya leadership was given a major opportunity to sell land to its members on a 99-year lease, which expires in 2048.  The Mirza family eventually made millions out of this deal.  Ahmadiyya leadership has created “peace-village” in Canada and is always working to build “Ahmadi-only” communities, wherein they can brainwash Ahmadi children and develop a workforce as well as generate non-profit monies to operate and etc.

An article in the washington post about this illegal development

See here for additional data

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