Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was accused of changing the Kalima based on his new prophethood just a few days before he died, in fact, in Mahmud Ahmad’s, “Truth about the Split”, page 25-26 (online english edition), MGA is quoted as he rebuts a Hindu newspaper that accused him of changing the Kalima, the quotation is in the below. However, by 1915, MGA’s only college educated son, Mirza Bashir Ahmad was asserting that MGA was included in the islamic Kalima. He wrote that since all the prophets were inferred into the name Muhammad (saw) in the Kalima, so was MGA’s. In 1923, the same person, Mirza Bashir Ahmad archived in a story in the famous Seeratul Mahdi that MGA did in fact have his own Kalima. After 1923, we never heard of these arguments ever again. In 1941, the second edition of Kalimatal Fasl seems to have been published. Continue reading “Do Ahmadis believe in the same Kalima as Muslims?”