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#Ahmadis have been caught publishing their false Qurans from Rabwah and sending them around the world

In this video, Rao Abdul Rahim Sahib explains how the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s have been caught illegally publishing their false Quran’s from Rabwah and sending them to West Africa, England, Japan, Denmark and a few others. Rao Abdul Rahim Sahib specifically highlighted 2:4 (2:5 in the Qadiani Quran). Rao Abdul Rahim Sahib reports that this has been going on since 2013, and it was reported to human rights groups and anyone they could get a hold of.

Finally, an order came down from the Supreme Court and the Deegar Wazir-e-Azim house to go to Rabwah and inquire about this situation. A committee was formed to investigate further. The committee contacted the leadership at Rabwah and asked to come to Rabwah, they refused. This was the Quran Board of Pakistan.

By 2018, the situation was ongoing. It seems that the Ahmadiyya leadership came to court and totally denied that this printing press belonged to the Ahmadiyya community (they did this with Al-Fazl and Al-Hakam many years ago also). The court told Ahmadiyya leadership to stop these printing presses and these people who are uploading Ahmadiyya literature. Somehow, an Ahmadi was found and his phone was searched by Pakistani authorities and the truth came out, they found the people who were giving them money, and how their entire operation was being ran. As the investigation was about to complete, some man named Shahid Javed (DIG) immediately suppressed this investigation. In the end…the courts ruled that these Ahmadiyya Quran’s should be confiscated and this entire process should be stopped. However, this was never implemented. Rao Abdul Rahim Sahib explains that this is a contempt of court.

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Who is Begum Shafi Ahmad?

Per Ahmadiyya sources, Begum Shafi Ahmad was born in 1898 in Meerut. Her grandfather, Khan Bahadur Ghulam Nabi was the Raees-e-Azam (Chief) of Meerut who served as the Minister of Finance and Prime Minister of the State of Bahawalpur. Begum Shafi’s father was Sajjad Nabi Qureshi. 

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New video by #Ahmadiyyafactcheckblog, #exahmaditalk

Just a few hours ago, #ahmadiyyafactcheckblog and others did a livestream entitled, #exahmaditalk. In this video, we discussed life as an ex-Ahmadi.
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and the hadith about the Messiah descending at the eastern minaret of Damascus

There are countless sahih hadith on the return of Eisa (As) at the eastern minaret at Damascus (The Ummayad mosque)(too many to list).

It should be noted how Mirza Ghulam Ahmad prefaced all of his claims in the first 4 volumes of Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya. In BA-4 (See pages 373-374) MGA alleges to have received a revelation about revelations being sent down at Qadian, MGA did not give an explanation (he was called a Kafir). However, in roughly 1890 (published in 1918), and via a private letter from Maulvi Noorudin, MGA was convinced by Noorudin to forget about the hadith about Damascus and simply claim to be the Maseel-e-Maseeh (like of the Messiah)(See Maktubat-e-Ahmadiyyah Volume 5: Part II). Which MGA promptly did. In the same era (1890-1891), MGA wrote Izala Auham wherein he argued that his revelations in BA-4 about Qadian, actually meant Damascus, and in a weird way, Damascus=Qadian. MGA also addressed the other famous part of this hadith, the 2 yellow garments, when MGA made his wild claims in 1891, he said that this was metaphoric and only meant that the Messiah would not be in good health (see Izala Auham in the below).

By 1893-1894 (via Hamamatul Bushra), MGA was claiming that the word minaret=1400 years, in some weird concept of numerology, we were not able to figure out the math. It should be, Minaret=13x9x14x1x18x5x20 (see the ref in the below). However, this set of numbers doesn’t equal 1400.

By 1902, MGA and his team decided to build the minaret in Masjid Aqsa at Qadian, however, after lots of funds were collected, and they even made a list of the donor’s (See Dard), the minaret was not built, only the bottom part. MGA allegedly laid the foundation stone of the Minaratul Masih on March 13th, 1903. The 2nd Khalifa completed the building of the minaret in 1916-1917. The ROR of Aug-1932 has an extensive essay on the “Minarat ul Maseeh”. In 1939, the Mirza was accepting 100 rupees for Ahmadi’s to get their named written on it.

In 1924, the second Khalifa visited Damascusm Ahmadi mullah asserted that this completed a prophecy of MGA that he would visit the arab lands (See Tadhkirah).

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Mirza Masroor Ahmad accuses Eisa (As) of being drunk when he told the world that he was gonna physically come back

There is a video circulating on facebook wherein Mirza Masroor Ahmad straight up accuses Eisa (as) of being drunk while telling the world that he would physically return. This video is from 2014, Masroor was quoting a fake report that some africans fabricated, nevertheless, he repeated their allegations (in an attempt to give them validity). Some weird West African websites reported this, it’s a total lie, they even said that the Catholic official was a man named Cardinal Giorgio Salvadore, however, this man doesn’t exist.

This is nothing new, MGA accused Eisa (As) of being a drunkard many times. Further, the full video is a very interesting and revealing question answers session. Masroor, mostly calling the girls by their dresses and scarves identities mostly with colours of their clothing, Like “you Ainak wali, safaid kaprey wali, neeli, etc etc.

A girl asks a question as if she can join Police Department, Masroor says oh no you can’t because you will have to get training with male officials and would violate hijab, so ahmadi girls don’t have to join the Police.

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#Muslim woman burned alive in the UK

Her husband, Aboubacarr Drammeh (age 40) seems to be from the Gambia and immigrated to the UK. He was not home during the fire that killed his whole family. His wife has died two days after a flat fire in Nottingham which also killed her two young children. Fatoumatta Hydara, 28, had been on life support after the fire in Fairisle Close, Clifton, in the early hours of Sunday. Her daughters Naeemah Drammeh, aged one, and Fatimah Drammeh. She seems to be a member of the Ahmadiyya Community in the UK, however, originally from the Gambia. Her husband, Aboubacarr Drammeh (age 40) is shocked.

Family picture

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Even Yohanan Friedman (2022) admits that MGA did Takfir against ALL Muslims

Recently, the Israeli orientalist, Yohanan Friedmann, Professor Emeritus of Islamic Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem – known in his field as an authority on the Ahmadiyya Movement through his work Prophecy Continuous – published his latest monograph entitled Messianic Ideas and Movements in Sunnī Islam. As expected, he devotes a chapter to the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, alongside three other claimants to mahdihood.

In this recent book, “Messianic Ideas and Movements in Sunnī Islam” (2022), he rightfully accuses MGA of doing Takfir, this was the 3rd book wherein he did this, the other 2 are Prophecy Continuous (1989) and a book chapter entitled Conversion, Apostasy and Excommunication in the Islamic Tradition (2016).

Interestingly, some Ahmadi’s agree that since MGA was a prophet (and Mahdi) his rejection equals kufr (see the quranic verses on the rejection of a prophet, via Mirza Bashir Ahmad). However, this Ahmadi, Iftekhar Ahmed, argues that MGA never did Takfir. He is a rookie, he doesn’t know that in 1923, the 2nd Khalifa told Ahmadi’s to stop doing open Takfir.

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Mufti Muneer Ahmed Akhoon EXPOSES Ahmadiyya on 4:69

Mufti Muneer Ahmed Akhoon as asked on a live program about 4:69 of the Quran and its implications from the Qadiani’s. We have covered the entire story herein. Mufti Muneer Ahmed Akhoon argues that 4:69 doesn’t mention what type of prophets, he pokes fun at the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s and asks them if this includes law-bearing prophets. 

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What is the Syedna Bilal Fund?

Mirza Tahir Ahmad started the Syedna Bilal Fund and in October-1986, he told Ahmadi’s to help the people of El-Salvador. In 2022, the Zaitoon youtube channel intercepted a letter from the Syedna Bilal Fund in Canada and from a murrabi named Tahir Mahmud. In this letter, the murrabi is telling Ahmadi’s in Canada to stop visiting Pakistan before their asylum cases are approved. The murrabi says that if any Ahmadi breaks this rule, they will get a legal warning (tazeer) from the Ahmadiyya Movement.

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