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August 2020

Why do #Ahmadis use 17:93 of the Quran to disprove the physicality of the #Isra and #Miraaj?

Watch my video explanation here. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his team of writers denied the physicality of the Miraaj in Izala Auham (1891), as soon as MGA had publicaly denied the physical return of Esa (as). In that same year, a few months earlier in “Elucidation of Objectives”, MGA and his team of writers presented 17:93 (17:94 in the Qadiani-Ahmadi quran) as an argument against physical ascension/descent (see page 8)(this argument was made in other books also, like Lecture Ludhiana). However, the reality is that Chapter 17 was revealed very early on in the ministry of Muhammad (saw), within the first 4 years, although many commentators have differed on this. Nevertheless, these specific verses 85-93 seem to be from an era wherein the Meccan idolators were still mocking Muhammad (Saw). Thus, in these verses, they are sarcastically demanding that Muhammad show them (the meccans) many signs without the help of Allah, this is key. Allah tells us, the Meccans said sarcastically that they wouldn’t believe in Muhammad (saw) even if he was able to make a spring of water gush forth from the Earth (like the zam zam well)(17:90). Allah tells us, the Meccans said sarcastically that they wouldn’t believe in Muhammad (saw) if he had gardens of fruits coming out of him and etc (17:91). Allah tells us, the Meccans said sarcastically that they wouldn’t believe in Muhammad (saw) if he was able to get the heavens to come to Earth and if Allah and the Angels came to Earth and the Meccans could face them (17:92). Finally, in 17:93, Allah tells us, that the Meccan’s said that even if Muhammad (saw) had a house of gold (worth a billion in today’s money) and if Muhammad (saw) ascended, they still wouldn’t believe that Muhammad (saw) ascended, unless he brought them a book and they were able to read it, the Meccan’s still wouldn’t believe it. Muhammad (Saw) responded by saying “Qul Subhana Rubee”, (Holy is my lord) I am only but a Messenger. Thus, Muhammad (Saw) was saying that he was only a messenger, and the things that the meccans were asking for could only be done with the help of Allah, if Allah chooses to do so, nothing less and nothing more (see Suyuti and Ibn Kathir). One more thing, even the Angels are not allowed to descend from heaven to Earth without the command of Allah (see 19:64)(See Tafsir Ibn Kathir). One more thing, in Izala Auham, when MGA denied the physicality of the Miraaj, he quoted Ibn Hisham and Ibn Ishaq’s story from their unauthentic books on Islam, this is the only time that MGA and his team cherry picked from Ibn Hisham/Ibn Ishaq. We have posted that quote in the very bottom.
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Faslul Khitab by Maulvi Noorudin (1888) confirms that he also believed that Esa (as) would physically return to Earth

In 1887-1888, Maulvi Noorudin wrote a few book per MGA’s order, he would eventually become MGA’s top ghost writer. Thus, “Faslul Khitab” (4 volumes) was published by Noorudin in 1888 (press data is unknown)(Noorudin seems to have written this book while in Poonch, which is on the Azad Kashmir and Kashmir border these days)(See Hazrat Maulvi Noorudin). In this book, Noorudin translated 4:157-159, and agreed with the classic translations of these verses, which insinuate that Esa (as) was raised towards Allah(4:158) and hasn’t died yet (4:159), MGA wrote the same in 1884, in BA-4. Lekh Ram wrote a book vs. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in 1887 entitled, “Takzib Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya”, in english it would be “Accusing as False the Proofs of Ahmadiya”. Noorudin responded with his 1890 publication, “Tasdiq-i-Barahin i Ahmadiyya”  (Verifying the Proofs of Ahmadiyya) (see Kenneth Jones). After MGA made his wild claims in late 1890 and early 1891, Noorudin’s career as a writer came to an end. He seems to have switched to ghost writer only. In March of 1904, Maulvi Noorudin wrote a book entitled Nur-ud-Din. It is currently online as Nur ul Din on the Qadiani-Ahmadi website. The Al-Badr announced its publishing. It was written in response to a book Tark-i Islam by a former Muslim who joined the Hindu Arya Samaj and had explained the reasons why he had left the religion of Islam. Interestingly enough, even Noorudin wrote that MGA was born in 1839. We came across this data via twitter handle, @zafarim786.
Noorudin on 3:144 in 1888, via Faslul Khitab, page 28
See a good video on this here at 2:02:15 minute mark

Noorudin wrote that “Ar-Rusulu” meant many messengers, not ALL.


“”Muhammad (saw) was just one Messenger, before him, many Messengers have passed”

Urdu transliteration

“”Muhammad salaal salam to aik rasul hai, pallay isse bhot rasul ja chuke hain”


_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mujadid e Azim (online english abridged version) tells us: 

“””It contained rebuttals of one hundred and fifty objections raised by the Christian clergy against Islam, and a powerful refutation of Christianity. When the book was finished and published, Maulana Nur-ud-Din once again came to Hazrat Mirza and asked him: “What should I do now?” Hazrat Mirza replied: “Jihad.” Maulana Nurud-Din enquired: “With whom?” Hazrat Mirza replied: “With the Arya Hindus; write a book refuting their religion.” Accordingly, Maulana Nur-ud-Din wrote and published the book Tasdeeq Barahin Ahmadiyya (Verification of the Arguments Supporting Islam), which was a rebuttal of Lekhram’s book, Takzeeb Barahin Ahmadiyya (Falsification of the Arguments Supporting Islam). In this book, too, Maulana Nur-ud-Din effectively answered about a hundred and fifty further criticisms of Islam.”””
Dard on Faslul Khitab
See Life of Ahmad by Dard, online english edition
Dard claims:

“”He called himself Bashir. On April 7th, 1885, he sent eight questions to Maulawi Nur-ud-Dinra, in answer to which he produced Faslul Khitab in 1888. Rev. Thomas Howell made an abortive effort in 1889 to make a reply which was entitled Jawab Ahlil Kitab (Akhtar Hind Press, Amritsar). In those days he was posted at Pind Dadan Khan.””


Faslul Khitab Vol 2. P 308

Noorudin writes about 61:6, and how its about Muhammad (saw).


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Maulana Nur-ud-Din wrote a book entitled “Nur-ul-Din” (1904)–MGA was born in 1839

In 1884, before his wildest claims, MGA defined Inni-Mutawafeeka, wa Raffa as I shall give you full reward and shall raise you towards Me

فصل الخطاب لمقدمۃ اہل الکتاب

“Supernatural” and “Archeological” aspects of Islam


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Ahmadiyya in Senegal

Senegal was a French colony, thus, #ahmadis didn’t get special access to this country WW-2. #Ahmadis only got access to British colonies in Africa (see Fisher). There are barely 100 Ahmadi’s in Senegal, and even those are poor people who have been bought out. As of 2020, there seems to be only one Ahmadiyya masjid in the entire country. There is one other Ahmadiyya masjid and can be found here, on their facebook page, it is also very small and indicative of a very small community. From July 2019 to July 2020, the Ahmadiyya Caliph reported 5000 converts to Ahmadiyya from Senegal, which seems to be an exaggeration. Also, read about Senegal’s neighboring country, the Gambia, and read how this was a British colony and how an Ahmadi was made governor general. In 2022, at the #ukjalsa, the 5th Khalifa announced 22,000 new Ahmadi’s.

In the 1960’s the Qadiani-Ahmadi Maulvi Choudhry Muhammad Sharif (also spelled Chaudhry Muhammad Shareef) was working in the Gambia and was managing Senegal from the Gambia.

In the 1990’s, the Gambian jamaat formally controlled and manages Ahmadiyya missions in Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Mauritania Western Sahara and Cape Verde, since these jamaats are soooo small. The Murrabi (Maulvi Munawar Ahmad Shaheed)(who managed all of these countries) retired in 2012, after serving 29 years in West Africa as an employee of the Ahmadiyya Movement. Continue reading “Ahmadiyya in Senegal”

Apostacy in the Hanafi Fiqh is the best approach

The best approach to apostacy in Islam is via the Hanafi Fiqh in the Mughal Empire (the Ottomans seem to have a much more aggressive interpretation). MGA and his team of writers never commented clearly on apostacy in Islam and purposely. Apostacy in Islam is decided by islamic governments, not by people. In fact, the Mughal Empire and Ottoman Empire had their own unique interpretation of apostacy. In the Mughal Empire, penalty for Apostasy limited for those who cause Hirabah after leaving Islam, not for personal religion change. The ROR of Apr-1942 has an essay on Apostacy in Islam.
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The creed of Imam Tahawi is proof that Sunni-Muslims always believed in the physical return of Esa (as)

The creed of Imam Tahawi is proof that Sunni-Muslims always believed that Esa (as) was alive in heaven and set to physically return. Many other things also, more to come on this soon.
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What is “Aenas Sadaqat” (1921) by Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad?

Aenas Sadaqat (Mirror of Truth) was written in the 1919-1921 era by the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad and his team of writers at Qadian, it was published in December of 1921(see the forward of “Haqiqat-i-Ikhtalaf”(1922)(Date of publication is 26th December 1921, it says it on the cover of the original urdu book, which seems to have been published and sold at the 1921 Qadiani-Jalsa at Qadian). This book was in direct response to Muhammad Ali’s “The Split in the Ahmadiyya Movement” (1918) and a few other essays of Muhammad Ali. The english version of Aenas Sadaqat was published in 1924 as “Truth About the Split”, presently, the 4th english edition (2007) is used on The Khalifa uses the word “Ghair-Ahmadi” for Muslims 100 times in this book, as opposed to barely 9 times wherein he calls Muslims as “Ghair-Ahmadi-Muslims”. The Khalifa also totally flips his opinion on the verse of Ismuhu Ahmad, which he and his brother (Mirza Bashir Ahmad) had been arguing was about MGA, rather than Muhammad (saw)(nauzobillah). By 1923, the Khalifa ordered #ahmadis to stop doing open Takfir, and thus, #ahmadis switched to silent Takfir. The second english edition of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad’s book The Truth about the Split was published in 1938. the third english edition was published in 1965 (month is unknown, the Khalifa died in this year also) and the 4th english edition was published in 2007.
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Why is the arabic word RAFFA used in daily prayers during Sajdah?

Ahmadi’s are confused as to why the word RAFFA is used during daily prayers while in Sajdah. Ahmadis forget, based on context, most words in any language change meanings. In Sajdah, it means specifically raising of ranks with Allah. However, in the quran, the word RAFFA is used to explain how Allah physically lifted Esa (as) (see 4:158 and 3:55) up to heaven (towards himself). RAFFA in 4:158 and 3:55 means the same as RAFFA in 19:57 in terms of the Prophet Idris (as) aka Enoch (as). In 19:57, Allah told Muslims that the story of Enoch (as) ascending to heaven is in-fact a true story, and thus, allah validated that story from the bible. #ahmadis are told by their mullahs that RAFFA in 4:158 means the same as RAFFA in 43:32, which means the raising in ranks, not a literal raising. In the below, we have found 27 verses of the Quran which have the letters RF, they are explained in the below. 10 times, RAFFA is used to explain a physical lifting and 16 times it used to explain a figurative raising (in ranks or status). I have also written a detailed study on KTM (khatam) in the quran. Interestingly, in 1884, in the BA-4, MGA translated RAFFA as physical lifting towards Allah.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The specific quote from the Sajdah prayer

allähummaghfirlï warhamnï wahdinï wa ‘äfinï warfa‘nï wajburnï warzuqnï

“””O Allah, forgive me, and have mercy on me, and guide me, and grant me security, and raise me up, and make good for me my shortcoming, and provide for me.”””
_____________________________________________________________________________________________RAFFA in the quran as a physical lifting or something raised above the earth

There are about 10 verses of the quran which speak of a physical lifting or heaven being raised above the earth or raising the walls of a building, or high up on a mountain (where Musa went), they are 2:127, 3:55, 4:154, 4:158, 13:2, 17:49, 19:57, 55:7, 79:28 and 88:18.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________RAFFA in the Quran as a figurative raising of ranks

There are 16 verses in the quran wherein RAFFA is used to explain a raising in ranks or some other figurative raising in status, they are: 2:253, 6:165, 6:83, 7:176, 12:76, 12:100, 24:36, 34:34, 35:10, 40:15, 43:23, 43:32, 58:11, 80:14, 88:13 and 94:4.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________RAFFA in the Quran in terms of angels raising us after we die

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In Islam, was the Jewish Prophet Elijah (as) set to return physically to Earth?

Watch my video explanation here. Another favorite argument of the Ahmadi’s is in terms of the prophet Elijah (as), in the Quran he is referred to Elias (as). #Ahmadis argue that the Jews were expecting Elijah (as) to physically return to earth, since he had physically been lifted to heaven from Earth and was prophecied to return before the appearance of the Messiah (which is a direct reference to the prophecy of Malachi 4:5–6). However, #ahmadis casually forget that Yahya (as) aka John the Baptist rejected the idea that he was the second coming of Elijah (as). In fact, Jesus Christ of the Bible denied the idea that John the Baptist was the second coming as referred to in Malachi. Nevertheless, #ahmadis use a biblical issue (the second coming of Elijah) and argue that since Elijah didn’t physically return, similarly the Messiah, son of Mary would also spiritually return and not physically. To date, we haven’t found any hard evidence from Jewish sources wherein it is confirmed that Jewish people are still waiting for the return of Elijah, since they rejected John the Baptist (aka Yahya (as)) and even had him killed. We haven’t found where and when MGA first used this argument or not, that much is unknown. It seems that he Ahmadi editors developed this argument after MGA died and thus it is faulty. Furthermore, #ahmadis would deny that Elijah (As) physically descended to heaven in the first place, thus, their entire line of argumentation is dishonest.
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Was Esa (as) sent to the 12 tribes of Israel? Why do Ahmadi’s argue as such?

This is another common argument by Ahmadi’s, it seems to come from Jesus in India (published in 1908, after MGA died). Watch my video explanation here. They assert that since Jesus was sent only to the 12 tribes of Israel, thus, he was ordered to go and look for the other 10, since he had only contacted 2 in the holy land. However, this is a biblical idea, not an islamic belief (see Matthew). In Islam, we only accept the Bible and Torah if the Quran has supported any view. For example, the Quran tells us that Idris (as) was Raffa, this is connected to the Torah, which tells us that Enoch (as) was physically lifted into the sky and eventually into heaven. The Bible also tells us that Esa (as) was born miraculously, without a father, the Quran supports this view. The Bible also tells us how Esa (As) raised the dead and was able to blow into a bird and give life (per the will of God). MGA denied all of these miracles in 1884 (see 3:49 of the Quran).

Thus, we reject the idea that Esa (as) was only sent to the 12 tribes of Israel. Instead, we follow the Quran, which tells us that Esa (as) will speak in middle age (upon his second return) and will be taught the Book and the Wisdom (the Quran) by Allah himself (see 3:48). We also follow hadith which tell us that Esa (as) hasn’t died yet and will return and convert all Christians and Jews to Islam.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Matthew in the Bible

Mat 15:21  Then Jesus went thence, and departed into the coasts of Tyre and Sidon.  Mat 15:22  And, behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coasts, and cried unto him, saying, Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou Son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil.  Mat 15:23  But he answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, saying, Send her away; for she crieth after us.  Mat 15:24  But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and the physical RAFFA of Idris (as) aka Enoch (as)

In 1882-1884, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was indirectly denying Quran 3:49, as he denied the miracles of Esa (as)

In 1902, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad argued that the Quran, 23:50 referred to Esa (as) and Maryam traveled to Kashmir

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad denied the physicality of the Miraaj in 1890/1891 in Izala Auham and in 1893 in Humamatul Bushra

3:48 of the Quran proves that Allah will teach Esa (as) the Quran, just like Allah taught Adam (as) many things


Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and 4:159 (4:160 in the Ahmadiyya Quran’s), before the death of Jesus (as)

B.A. Rafiq, “Truth About Ahmadiyya, online version,, Retrieved on 6-7-19).


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#ahmadiyya #ahmadiyyatrueislam #ahmadiapartheid #Ahmadiyyat #rabwah #qadian #meetthekhalifa #ahmadiyyat #muslimsforpeace #ahmadiyyafactcheckblog #nolifewithoutkhalifa #AhmadiyyaPersecution #izalaauham #1891

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