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February 2018

Amatul Hayee or Amtul Hai, the daughter of Nooruddin and the wife of the 2nd Khalifa, Mirza Basheer-uddin mahmud Ahmad, and her mysterious death

Noorudin was the main ghost writer for MGA. He even moved into MGA’s house around 1893, Nooruddin and his young wife(they married in 1889), they didn’t seem to have kids until 1898 or so. Which is very odd for a new couple. There were 5 children in total for Noorudin and Sughra Begum. The surviving sons of Noorudin were ex-communicated by Mirza Basheer uddin Mahmud Ahmad in 1956. Noorudin’s daughter from this marriage was married to the new Khalifa on May 31st, 1914, her name was Amtul Hai (1900-1924), she was barely 14 when she was forcibly bequeathed to the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer uddin Mahmud Ahmad, however, she didn’t have many options, and her father didn’t leave anything behind for this set of children. In these days, Ahmadiyya leaders officially supported child marriage. Per Ahmadiyya sources, she died on Dec-10th, 1924 (see ROR of Dec-1924). She was buried in Bahishti Maqbara, seemingly at the feet of MGA, she was barely 24 years old.
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“Tajalliyaat-i-Ilaahiyyah” or in english, “Divine Manifestations” by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad published posthumously (1922)

Ahmadiyya INC is always lying about what MGA wrote and etc, in this specific case, we have across a book that published posthumously by Ahmadiyya leadership. They write that it was published in 1922 and claim that it was written in 1906 (see page 387-389). They claim that MGA began writing this book on March 15th, of 1906. In this book, MGA highlights earthquakes and warns the world about some impending day of judgement-type of earthquakes. Although recent Ahmadi sources tell us that MGA wrote this book in 1906, some earlier sources like Hasanat Ali’s, “Noorudin”, see page 101, tell us that portions of this book were also written in 1898, since MGA predicted the birth of Nooruddin’s son with spots all over his body. This book is also mentioned in the ROR of Dec-1939.
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Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad had 20+ children with 7 wives

MGA’s special son (the Musleh Maud), Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, eventually had 7 wives and 20+ children. However, his 2 brothers didn’t, it was only the Khalifa who was allowed to indulge in multiple wives and etc. (in fact, he discouraged Ahmadi’s from having 2 wives). Nowadays, you will see Ahmadi’s on social media claiming that taking more then one wife is only in cases of war or extreme necessity, but how do they explain their Khalifa taking so many? Furthermore, its important to note that he had 9 children with his first wife, which is more than enough, and, he was never involved in any war, nor were any Ahmadi’s in this era. Remember, in the past, Ahmadiyya Khalifa’s supported polygamy. The Mirza family is strict on women, in fact, MGA said that a man should divorce his wife if she even talks to man whilst alone. One more thing, as we all know, MGA divorced his first wife in-spite in the 1891-1893 era, since she was against MGA and his proposal for his 3rd marriage with Muhammadi Begum. What’s really important to note here is that MGA’s first wife (his first cousin) had already lived separate of MGA for 30+ years (her housing arrangements are uknown), MGA used her for children only, which resulted in 2 sons, both rejected MGA and his behaviors. When he died in 1965, he owned roughly 500 acres of land in Pakistan and lots of cash.

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The biggest problems with Ahmadiyya youth in Canada, the USA, the UK and Germany are drugs, dating and lack of prayers

We have written over and over again how Ahmadiyya is dead in the West without immigration, i.e., the asylum scams that the Mirza family keeps running. The Mirza family should be arrested and forced to pay reparations, similar to how the wife of Bernie Madoff has been treated.  Nonetheless, in the USA, Canada, Germany and the USA, Ahmadiyya youth hate their religion, they hate the stupid and silly Ahmadi mullahs who fear job security so much that they pressure Ahmadi’s to pay more and give free labor.
______________________________________________________________________________________________A scan from an Ahmadiyya Discussion Board on Facebook

There is a new Facebook Discussion Forum wherein young western born Ahmadis have been lashing out at the Ahmadiyya mullahs and aunties.

Ahmadi’s will argue that most Western born Sunni/Shia Muslims are also leaving Islam and etc

We anticipate all of the silly arguments that come out of Ahmadi’s. In this case, if Ahmadi’s do make this counter argument, we will further counter that since Ahmadi’s are the saved sect (per Ahmadi’s), this shouldn’t be happening to them.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Messiah wasn’t suppose to Muslims that quit Islam

Further, this goes back to the Quran and hadith. The Messiah to come would convert all Christians to Islam and 99% of the world, then the Day of Judgement would come. Moreover, it’s very ironic that MGA came, claimed to the Messiah, and still, his followers have left Salaat and have indulged in Kufr.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Ahmadi-immigrants hate Westernized Ahmadis

If you ever go to an Ahmadi-mosque in the west, you will quickly realize how all the immigrant type of Ahmadis (Pakistanis) don’t like the Western-born Ahmadi’s, the reason is, the Western born Ahmadis dont care about Ahmadiyya and live a very liberal lifestyle.

An Ahmadiyya caucus in Washington D.C., USA? Then they invite the Rohingya Muslims?

Ahmadiyya INC spends its time greasing politicians and championing religious freedom and etc.  Why?  The reason is that they always try to get political support, just like scientology.  They played these games while they were under British rule.

Why are they soooo involved with religious freedom?
Just like Scientology and other cult groups, Ahmadiyya INC has an internal business policy wherein they are taught to reach out to politicians as they seek favors, press, free marketing, and a platform to cry religious persecution and thus more asylum cases, i.e. fresh desi people to work on behalf of Ahmadiyya in the west, and thus sacrifice their lives, and their children for Ahmadiyya.  In the case of Jackie Spier and the USA, an Ahmadi, Kareem Ahmad donated heavily towards their campaigns and developed a relationship based on bribery, as they secured an caucus in the USA and many other perks.  However, these days, Kareem Ahmad is fighting for his life, since he was indicted on man-slaughter charges as he mad millions defrauding citizens of California.

Does Ahmadiyya INC follow the Johnson Amendment?
The Johnson Amendment was introduced in the USA in an attempt to further separate religious organizations from politics.  Most religious organizations are looking for political backing and seem to use this channel as a quick way to open temples, mosques and etc.  Has Ahmadiyya violated this piece of legislation?

The Ahmadiyya caucus
Ahmadiyya INC has brought together democrats and republicans as they seek to be at the forefront of explaining religious discrimination and religious freedom.  This is another political move by Ahmadiyya INC, when countries dont allow Ahmadiyya to sell their product, Ahmadiyya INC cries persecution.

Why did they invite the Rohingya Muslims?
Ahmadiyya INC is trying to make a connection with the mass murder of the Rohingya Muslims and themselves.  However, there is no comparison.  The Rohingya Muslims were displaced and murdered, in the 10’s of thousands, and simply for being Muslim.  Whereas Ahmadiyya INC goes out and tries to convert Muslims to Ahmadiyya and thus had lots of beef’s in Pakistan and British India.  Ahmadi’s are rude people, and their preaching needs to be banned by law in all Muslim countries.

Some pics

The non-Pakistani-Ahmadi-clerics were barely taught any Arabic by Ahmadiyya INC

We have written about this before.  Most Ahmadi clerics don’t understand Islam properly, they are brainwashed by an unaccredited institution, i.e. Jamia-Ahmadia.  Jamia Ahmadia passes whomever they wish, and they fail whomever they wish.  In a recent case, they gave full “imam” status to Ibrahim Noonan, who was a convert to Ahmadiyya about 20 years ago through a woman whom he eventually married and later divorced.  He hasn’t properly understood Islam and has terrible manners, he is basically a security guard who couldn’t find a job and turned to Ahmadiyya for employment.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad hired him immediately, since, Ahmadiyya INC needed an Irish Imam, since Bashir Ahmad Orchard had died in the 1980’s.  Ahmadiyya INC always looks to find a local in any country and promote him to Imam, this gives Ahmadiyya INC a local with whom they can better negotiate with local politicians.

The quote
“””Many of the foreign students did not finish the entire curriculum, but they were dispatched as foreign missionaries to their respective homelands. The Second Khalifah ra acknowledged
this in my case and stated that, at my age, I would require more than 8 years to master the Arabic language, let alone the 8 years to complete the standard Jami‘ah missionary program.

The process at that time was that once a student was ready for their missionary work, they were determined to be either domestic or foreign missionaries. Domestic missionaries reported to the Sadr Anjuman and foreign missionaries reported to the Wakil-e-Tabshir of the Tehrik-e-Jadid Office. I was the latter and my salary of 50 rupees per month was paid out of the Tehrik-e-Jadid Office.  In fact, none of the foreign missionaries during my enrollment in Jami‘ah completed the full Jami‘ah program, including Kunze, who was a German already enrolled, but left at the same time I did.

There are several examples of outstanding missionaries who similarly did not complete the formal Jami‘ah course such as Bashir Orchard of Glasgow.””””

See, Perseverance, See page 159.

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Ahmadiyya marketing schemes offend the entire planet!!!!!!!!!

In Ahmadiyya, their Jihad is to sell their religion like a product, thus Ahmadi’s have been radicalizedAhmadi’s are brainwashed to believe by the Mirza family that if anyone stops them from selling their religion, it is an infringement on human rights and the basic idea of religious freedom.  This is why and how Ahmadi’s cry persecution against all countries that stop Ahmadi’s from selling their product, i.e. that MGA was a prophet and the messiah.  Ahmadiyya offends everyone, even Pakistani-Christians.  Its not just Muslims who are offended.  Further, Ahmadi’s go out of their way to promote their religion and can’t be trusted in any democratic country, since they will be promoting Ahmadiyya issues above everything else.

Advertising Standards Authority assesses dozens of complaints over ‘Messiah has come’ billboards

The Ahmadi Shura process is a sham!!!!!!!!!!

Ahmadiyya INC has a process wherein any and all topics can be discussed at the National level of any country, inside the Ahmadiyya movement that is.  This is a comical attempt to essentially sell people Chinese democracy and pass it off as democracy. The jamaat’s shura system is not an openly deliberative method of decision-making, it’s a place for older men to make minor changes at a time, method and speed of their choosing. After all, this poster and so many others (including Mirza Masroor Ahmad) have made clear so many times that the jamaat is not a democracy, but a divinely-guided institution that doesn’t really care so much about what people want.

Its institutions aren’t set up to care about what people want. Anyone who actually wants to change the jamaat is going to be brow-beaten, pressured and harrangued. Anyone who’s there is really only going to be concerned with minor changes. This is a body for and by older men. If you think that separate shura for lajna and khuddam mean anything, why not agree to a separate Parliament in the UK for Muslims or a separate National Assembly in Pakistan for Ahmadis? This Ahmadi National Assembly in Pakistan could then make non-binding recommendations to the actual Assembly which it would promptly file in its circular cabinet.

All Ahmadi shuras are an attempt to give people the illusion that the jamaat is an organization with institutions that is responsive to change and open to discourse. It’s not, at least not with those who want meaningful change in how it operates. It’s interested in going through the motions of this to make some tiny, cosmetic changes, or larger ones if they’re retrograde or if they wouldn’t be out of place in late nineteenth-century Punjab.

Some examples
In the early 2001/2002 time frame, when outlandish bai’at (conversion) numbers were being announced in the tens of millions each year, it was suggested at a local Shura to submit this issue to the national shura (i.e. some kind of recount/investigation into this, to validate the numbers). The local Aamila member who made this suggestion was shot down by another Aamila member who got up incensed at the suggestion that numbers and progress relayed by Huzur in conversions, would even be questioned. It died right there. It never went to Shura for discussion, since it failed at the local level.

A year later, over in another city, this was raised at a local Jama’at meeting, and dismissed as off topic. The local Sadr then privately approached to indicate that he too, had some questions about the conversion numbers, but didn’t want to voice these in front of the flock, as that would put questions in their mind and have potentially destabilizing effects on their faith.

In 1907, Ahmadi’s were proud to be called Mirzai

It’s very true, lots of Muslims from the Indian sub-continent call Ahmadi’s as Mirzai’s.  Nowadays, Ahmadi’s hate being called Qadiani or Mirzai and cry persecution whenever someone calls them as such.  However, back in the early days of Ahmadiyya, Ahmadi’s never had a problem with word Mirzai, in fact, we have a scan from the al-Badr Qadian, 7th January 1907 during life time of Mirza Qadiani, wherein an Ahmadi proudly calls himself a Mirzai.

Summary and brief translation of this scan and reference
A follower of Muhammad a muslim was called as Mohammadan by britishers.

See the red highlighted area of this scan, a Qadiani poet says “”Hum Hain Pakke Mirzai”” (we are hardened Mirzai).

This poem was read over by Mir Qasim in Jalsa salana Qadian and published in the al-badar .

The scan

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