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April 2022

Damon Stengel was an autistic suicidal-teen, the Ahmadiyya Movement took advantage

In roughly 2015-2016, Damon Stengel was a confused and suicidal teen in and around the Osh Kosh, Wisconsin area. Ahmed Khan is an immigrant to the USA, he is an asylum case (he was 5 years old when he came from Pakistan) and saw the confusion and anger in Damon Stengel’s face and decided to pounce on him and make him an Ahmadi. Ahmed Khan is a fanatical Ahmadi who looks for confused people to convert to his cult. In 2018, he gave his life story at a church.

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Jazz musicians that accidentally converted to Ahmadiyya

In the 40’s-60’s many African American Jazz musicians mistakenly converted to Ahmadiyya. Some of their names are Yusuf Lateef, Ahmad Jamaal, Art Blakey, McCoy Tyner, Ahmed Abdul, Malik Idrees Sulieman, Talib Dawud, Dakota Staton and Abbey Lincoln. Back then, joining Ahmadiyya became a cool thing to do, these people never did research.

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Muneeb Ur Rehman Ahmad and his defense team delay the case of sexual assualt in Dallas Texas

Via the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit forum, we have come to learn that yesterday, there was a “plea hearing”, where Muneeb Ur Rehman Ahmad was supposed to plead guilty and be sent to prison. The victim and his family showed up, the victim and his father were ready to give statements, but at the last minute, the defendant, Muneeb, pulled another delay tactic which resulted in the plea hearing being delayed.

Sara Bawany, a social worker for Facing Abuse in Community Environments was present at the plea hearing and shared some thoughts about the plea hearing on her Instagram story. It would not let me post screenshots of her story here, so I am linking her Instagram, if you want to see the story itself. Sara Bawany’s Instagram here, as well as including what she wrote in her story below. It should be noted that Sara Bawany is married to Usama Ahmed Malik (who is the son of the famous ex-Ahmadi Mushtaq Malik). Usama Ahmed Malik has volunteered extensively with Humanity First-Texas.

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Tariq Hayat is the son of Rafiq Hayat

Our friends in the ex-ahmadi movement have posted a photo of the son of Rafiq Hayat on twitter. Rafiq Hayat is the President of the AMAUK and is known as a scam artist. In late 2021, CBRE Capital Advisors appointed Tariq Hayat as a Senior Director in its Real Estate Investment Banking team.

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Mirza Masroor Ahmad struggles through Quran, Chapter 92, verse 5-21

We have found a video wherein the Ahmadi Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad is reading out the Quran, chapter 92, verses 5-21 and is struggling. This is his Friday sermon of 12-17-21 (starts at the 5:00 mark), immediately after the #JusticeforNida situation.

We have exposed this before and have posted many tik toks of Mirza Masroor Ahmad struggling with Surah Fatiha.

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MN and others (Ahmadis – country conditions – risk)

Per Akber Chaudhry, “”MN and others (Ahmadis – country conditions – risk)”” is a ruling from the UK in 2012 wherein the persecution of Ahmadi’s and relgious freedom were discussed. In this video, Akber Chaudhry claims that this study proves that religious freedom doesn’t equal the ability to prostelize.

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Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Germany attacks its own Ahmadi women

Via the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit page, we have come to learn about an incident with the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Germany wherein they lambasted their own female member after she organized a promotional event for her cosmetic products and she invited a popular musician as well. A lot of other ahmadi Lajnas in support attended too for her business, turns out, Jamaat issued a full publication against her and her event as it contradicts “Haya” and “Parda”. She also received several hate messages by Jamaat members telling her to go die as they don’t need members like her in the community. You can find the full article in German herein. We have posted the english translation in the below. It should be remembered that German Ahmadi’s killed their own daughter a few years ago for having a Muslim boyfriend.

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Who is Qazi Muhammad Abdullah?

Qazi Muhammad Abdullah was a Qadiani-Ahmadi who approved as a missionary without any formal training. He was sent to the UK in 1915 to relieve Chaudhri Fateh Muhammad Sial. He returned to Qadian on 28 November 1919, he was at the 1919 Jalsa at Qadian, as reported by the ROR of Jan-Feb-1920. 

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Is Bilal Haye a Qadiani-Ahmadi? Pakistan’s Ambassador To Azerbaijan

KTV is reporting that Bilal Haye is a Qadiani-Ahmadi. He is currently working as Pakistan’s Ambassador To Azerbaijan. Zia ul Haq also had Ahmadi’s working as foreign ambassadors, see the case of General Abdul Saeed Khan.

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