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March 2019

An Ahmadiyya Jamaat president from Lodhran, Punjab, just quit Ahmadiyya

Ahmadi’s are quitting Ahmadiyya on a daily basis.  This is nothing new, however, most of the time, they get no press.  Shaikh Saleemuddin Saif head of Jamaat Ahmadiyya Lodhran Punjab, sent curses to Ahmadiyya and came to the fold of Islam at the hands of Irfan Mehmood Burq an ex-ahmadi.  Saleemuddin is 80 years old  was a very important personality of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. He remained head of Ansarullah and Khuddamul Ahmadiyya for long time after getting retirement from Pakistan Air Force where he was a Chief Warrant Officer. Local Journalist Hafiz Umar Molana Hafiz ur Rehman, Dr. Talat Bari introduced Saleemuddin to Irfan Mehmood Burq who held lengthy sessions of debate and proved to him the lies of Mirza Qadiani from his own books Rohani Khazain . Finally Sheikh Saleemuddin has reverted to Islam in presence of 11 witnesses. However his wife one daughter and 2 sons are still Ahmadi’s.  He has shown his determination to get his family out of Qadiani cult soon.

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and Satanic Inspirations?

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad seems to have been silent on the famous incident of the “satanic verses”, which constitute Chapter 53, verses 19-26 (see Tafsir Ibn Kathir).  MGA seems to have never commented on this entire incident, which is strange since Sir William Muir brought them to the table for discussion as he worked in British India, most of his works on Islam were published from 1858-1890.  Nevertheless, MGA and his team were totally silent on these verses and thus avoided the entire conflict up til 1917 and after the split.

The Satanic Verses incident, known as qissat al-gharaniq (Story of the Cranes), is the name given to the occasion on which the Islamic Prophet Muhammad is said to have mistaken the words of “satanic suggestion” for divine revelation.[1] Narratives involving the alleged verses (or verse) can be read in, among other places, the biographies of Muhammad by al-WāqidīIbn Sa’d (who was a scribe of Waqidi) and Ibn Ishaq (as reconstructed by Alfred Guillaume),[2] as well as the tafsir of al-Tabarī.

The majority of Muslim scholars have rejected the historicity of the incident on the basis of the theological doctrine of ‘isma (prophetic infallibility i.e., divine protection of Muhammad from mistakes) and their weak isnads (chains of transmission).[1][3][4] Orientalist scholars on the other hand have largely accepted the historicity, citing the implausibility of early Muslim biographers “fabricating a story so unflattering about their prophet” as one of various reasons.[5][6]

The first use of the expression ‘Satanic Verses’ is attributed to Sir William Muir (1858)

What did MGA write about Satanic inspirations? 
From 1880 to Nov. 1901, MGA did not claim prophethood, he only claimed to be a metaphorical prophet.  He claimed to be a muhadas, a mujadid, and the messiah and Mahdi.  However, these titles opened up MGA to making mistakes in his revelations and etc.  In fact, when MGA’s son Bashir-1 died (1888), MGA claimed to have made an error in interpretation, he called this normal, he blamed all the prophets before him and accused them of making huge mistakes in interpreting revelations and etc.

MGA commented on Satanic inspirations of prophets in 1898, not the satanic verses specifically
See “The need for the Imam” pages, 27-30 :

“””””Let it be remembered that the soothsayers who were found in large numbers in Arabia before the advent of the Holy Prophetsa, frequently experienced satanic inspirations, on the basis of which they sometimes made prophecies. Curiously enough, some of their prophecies turned out to be true. Islamic literature is replete with such stories. Anyone, therefore, who
denies satanic inspiration, denies all the teachings of the Prophetsas as well as the very institution of Prophethood. It is recorded in the Bible that once four hundred prophets experienced a satanic inspiration and prophesied the victory of a king, having been fooled
by a lying spirit.  But the king was killed in disgrace in the same battle, and his army suffered a great defeat.  But there was one Prophet who had received a revelation through Gabriel, and had predicted beforehand that the king would be killed, dogs would eat his corpse and it would be a great defeat. This prophecy came to pass, but the prediction of four hundred prophets turned out to be wrong.

Now, when satanic inspirations are so frequent, one will naturally doubt the credibility of all revelations. No revelation would seem to be reliable in view of the possibility that it might be of satanic origin. More so, when the same thing happened to a great Prophet like Jesusas.  This seriously undermines the credibility of the recipients of revelation. Is revelation then a kind of ordeal?  The answer to this question is that this is no occasion to lose heart, for it is the Divine Law that in this world everything valuable and precious is accompanied by adulterations. Look! there are pearls that are recovered from rivers and then there are cheap pearls which people
make artificially and sell. Now the trade of genuine pearls cannot be stopped just because there are imitation pearls also, for the jewellers whom God Almighty has endowed with insight, recognize at a single glance the genuine pearl from the fake one. Hence, the jeweller of the pearls of revelation is the Imam of the age. By keeping his company, a person can readily distinguish between the real and the artificial. O mystics! O victims of this alchemy! tread this path with care and remember that true revelation, which is purely from God Almighty, is accompanied by the following signs: 1. It is experienced in a state when the fire of anguish
melts a man’s heart and it flows towards God Almighty like limpid water. “””””

What bible verses was MGA referring to?

Why was MGA accusing prophets of having satanic inspirations and lying?
MGA was trying to make a parallel, in Judaism, prophets were so many that thousands were living at one time, and included prophets of false gods like Baal. Think of the like ‘sadhu’ people. Most of them were sycophants to the king and were like fortune-tellers. Hence the saying that ‘ulama of my ummah will be like prophets of Israel.  MGA was calling himself as a similar prophet.  However, in 1898, MGA hadn’t claimed prophethood as of yet, that was 3 years later.

Tafsir ibn Kathir on 53:19-26
Tafsir Ibn Kathir rejects the story of the satanic inspirations, and that these verses were later on changed.

Muhammad Ali in 1917
As we all know, this famous english commentary of the Quran was published by the Lahori-Ahmadi’s.  Muhammad Ali totally rejected the work from Tabari and Wakidi on this topic, thus he avoided the entire controversy, this seems to be the first Ahmadi response on this topic ever.

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The Ahmadiyya caucus, #muslimsonthehill and Ahmadi’s looking for opportunities for tabligh to the #uyghur Muslims

The Ahmadiyya movement is full of sneaky business tricks. They cry persecution as a global strategy wherein they can move their fanatical Pakistani followers to Europe and North America. We all know how they have faked persecution over the past 50+ years. Ahmadiyya has a bipartisan (democrat and republican) caucus in Washington D.C., this caucus is a platform for Ahmadiyya tabligh aka marketing. The Ahmadiyya Khalifa wants to send Ahmadiyya missionaries to China to convert the heavily persecuted #uyghur Muslims, who are 99% Sunni and not Ahmadi. In fact, if they are approached, they will also consider Ahmadi’s as non-Muslims, since Ahmadi’s see MGA as a prophet. For many years, Ahmadi’s have always targeted heavy under-educated Muslim areas and then sent their missionaries to get converts.  However, the issue is that Ahmadiyya is banned in China. Thus, Ahmadi leaders are looking for any way to get converts to Ahmadiyya under the guise that Ahmadiyya is a peaceful and progressive organization, which it is not.
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In Ahmadiyya, Muslims die in Earthquakes since they reject MGA, however, in 1935, the Ahmadiyya mosque in Quetta was totally destroyed and 14 Ahmadi’s killed

Ahmadi’s have been told that the reason there are natural disasters in the world is because the world has totally rejected MGA. On 31 May, 1935 between 2:33 am and 3:40 am at Quetta, BalochistanBritish India, now part of Pakistan. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.7.  and anywhere between 30,000 and 60,000 people died from the impact. This ranked as the deadliest earthquake that hit South Asia until the 2005 Kashmir earthquake. The quake was centred 4.0 kilometres south-west of Ali Jaan, Balochistan, British India. Immediately after this earthquake, the Ahmadiyya Khalifa wrote “The Quetta Earthquake – A Mighty Divine Sign”. In this book, he wrote that since the Muslims of Quetta has totally rejected MGA, they were thus punished with death. However, 18 Ahmadi’s died in Quetta as a result of this earthquake (See ROR of July-1935, page 273). In 1935, there were barely 174 Ahmadi’s in Quetta, this men, women in children, they also seem to have had a mosque. This is the beginnings of the Ahmadiyya jamaat in Quetta. 2 or 3 Ahmadi’s also died in the famous Bihar earthquake of 1934.
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad wrote 1000 curses for this opponents

MGA hated everyone who didn’t accept him.  In this specific case, he wrote out the word “curse” 1000 times in psychopath style in 1894, via an arabic only book, Nurul-Haq. This isn’t new, MGA even called his deniers as pigs and bitches in 1898. MGA hated people who rejected him and wanted them to all die via plague or earthquake. Nowadays, on social media, Ahmadi’s are totally unaware of MGA’s writings and pretend to be nice and tolerant. When we show them these references, they run away.
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Ahmadiyya immigration scams to Canada–2019

We have written over and over again how the Ahmadiyya Movement, aka the Mirza family, continues to push a persecution narrative as they seek asylum for their business. A few years ago, many Pakistani-Christian exposed the Ahmadiyya Movement for this exact reason.  However, the Ahmadiyya business is still up and running, just like the Catholic Church, the USA and the UK seem to support these non-profit frauds. We recently had a Pakistani person take a picture of Interesting poster by the side of the road from Chiniot to Ahmad Nagar, where the Qadiani Cemetary is on one side and their hospital on the other. This poster seems to indicate that if any Pakistani wants to get to Canada, they can expedite the process if you call this phone number. The pictures in the below indicates as follows: “canada immigration in 60 days”. It gives the tel. n.o at the end 416.

The pictures

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While MGA was beefing with Pir Mehr Ali Shah, he stopped making prayers 5 times a day

MGA’s confrontation with Pir Mehr Ali Shah started in 1899. Pir Mehr Ali Shah had a book vs. MGA published in May of 1899. It was printed at the Mustafa’i Press, Lahore in Ramadan 1317 A.H. Maulawi Nur-ud-Din read a few pages of this book on February 17th, 1900, and wrote a letter to Pir Mihr Ali Shah the next day. It was written in this book that if any one wanted to say
anything about this book he must refer to authentic commentaries such as Ibni Jarir and Ibni Kathir and also to the true Hadith or he must base his arguments upon the Holy Quran, which should be acceptable to the great and learned people who are masters of language and rhetorics (page 8). Though the book is written in Urdu, yet the writer has occasionally
employed Arabic also to show his learning. So Maulawi Nur-ud-Din asked the Pir eleven questions in his letter (see Dard). MGA responded with Ijaz-ul-Maseeh.
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Ahmadiyya and fake persecution

Every time an Ahmadi is killed in Pakistan, the Mirza family and their staff of employees connects the murder to persecution.  Then the lie about Ahmadiyya doctors, they call those fake homeopathic pharmacists and doctors, however, they are not.  Moreover, the Mirza family see’s the persecution as necessary, they see it as a sign of their truth, hence, they are willing to lie about any and all things that happen just to support their asylum business aka human trafficking.  Rabwah Times recently reported that 2 Ahmadi doctors were killed because they were Ahmadi, however, this was a lie.  These 2 Ahmadi people were murdered and buried, however, it had to do with a land-grabbing situation, which is common in Pakistan.  The report of this must have reached London, wherein at that point they decided to let Rabwah Times publish the report, that way, if the report was wrong, Ahmadiyya could claim that they didn’t report it.  This isn’t the first time that Ahmadiyya leaders have lied about the facts, they do this almost every day.  They lied about how Ahmadi’s opened fire in Chakwal.

The real story
According to the details, Pakistan origin US citizen Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Chattha and his friend Dr. Tahir Ahmad belonging to Qadiani Jamaat went missing on 13 March, 2019, while visiting to their owned agricultural land in Fateh Jang. Their mobile phones were also found switched off. Brother of Dr. Iftikhar lodged a complaint with police.

Meantime Qadiani circles expressed their doubts that both of them were kidnapped. Qadiani Jamaat Official spokesman Saleemuddin and Qadiani website “” started poisonous propaganda against Pakistan. They tried to link the issue with so called “Ahmadi persecution”.

However, Attock Police Officers syed Shehzad Bukhari , Sikandar Gondal, Abid Mayor and Jahanzaib Khan foiled this bid of Qadianis by arresting the murderers who were the servants of slain Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad and Dr. Tahir Ahmad. The killers confessed that they have killed both the doctors to acquire their land of 45 Canals. Police recovered the dead bodies and weapon used in the murder.


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Mirza Masroor Ahmad see’s mosque shootings as an opportunity for marketing #christchurch #newzealandshooting

In typical bad taste, the Ahmadiyya movement has ordered all of its clerics to start a new campaign entitled .  Ahmadi’s don’t care about Muslims at all, they will never visit a Sunni/Shia mosque.  Isn’t that ironic?  Why are they pretending to care?  Well, its all marketing.  Ahmadiyya leaders see any mosque shooting or any international incident as an opportunity for marketing.  This is all very sick and twisted.  However, they don’t care, they will never admit that they themselves consider the Muslims of New Zealand as Kafirs and would never pray behind any Sunni/Shia imam in the whole world.  In fact, when Ahmadi’s go to Mecca for Hajj or Umrah, they are taught to fake their prayers if they get stuck and are forced to pray behind the Imam there.  They are then ordered to go back to their tent and redo their prayers.

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