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Ahmadi’s are not allowed to have Minaret’s on their places of worship in Pakistan—but Ahmadi’s won’t listen

Ordinance-XX of 1984, by the Pakistan government clearly stopped Ahmadi’s from preaching and creating disturbances, it was orchestrated by Mirza Tahir Ahmad, who wanted to move his headquarters to the UK anyways. Ahmadiyya leadership was clearly told that they couldn’t build any new mosques, this did not happen after 1974. Nonetheless, the Pakistan government didn’t ask the Ahmadiyya jamaat for a list of mosques, so, as a result of this, all Ahmadiyya mosques were never approached and adjusted per the law. The adjustment would be to remove the Kalima and the minarets from the mosque. Since this never happened, we hear of disturbances all the time from Pakistan wherein an Ahmadi place of worship seems to have been vandalized. However, these are cases of vandalism, they are cases wherein citizens have witnessed ahmadi places of worship that still have minarets and the Kalima, and the Ahmadi people refuse to remove them.
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“Nikama Nabi” or “The Useless Prophet” by Babu Ghulam Mustafa Sb son of Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi

A Pamphlet having shown 43 claims (titles) of Mirza qadyani and poetry by Ahle hadith ulema by the Title ‘nakama nabi” or “The Useless Prophet” (in english) Mirza Qadyani and his 43 titles claimed .(printed in 1937 by ) Babu Ghulam Mustafa Sb son of the famous Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi.

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The Pamphlet
Nikama-Nabi by

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Muslim Encounters with Nazism and the Holocaust: The Ahmadi of Berlin and Jewish Convert to Islam Hugo Marcus

Hugo Marcus, was a gay-german, and an Ex-Jew who converted to Ahmadiyya, and he was writing in a gay magazine after joining Ahmadiya. Hugo Marcus (1880-1966) was born a German-Jew, but converted to Lahori version of #Ahmadiyya, becoming one of the most prominent Ahmadi’s in Germany prior to the Second World War. What did this German homosexual of the 1880s make of the distinguished Ahmadi gentlemen from faraway Lahore?

He was also a gay man who never called himself so but fought for homosexual rights and wrote queer fiction under the pen name Hans Alienus during his decades in exile. Baer uses Marcus’s life and work to shed new light on German Jewish history and anti-Semitism, Ahmadiyya in Europe, Ahmadiyya-Jewish relations, and the history of the gay rights struggle. He explores how Marcus created a unique synthesis of being German, gay and Ahmadi that positioned Goethe as an intellectual and spiritual model. Marcus’s life offers a new perspective on notions of sexuality and competing conceptions of gay identity in the multilayered world of interwar and postwar Europe.

At the age of 51, Hugo Marcus converted to #ahmadiyya. He was not exactly an impulsive man, for he had been an active member of the Ahmadiyya mosque in Berlin for the best part of eight years. During that time Marcus tutored young Indian students in German language and European culture. He also organized lectures, edited the mosque journal and engaged in intellectual debates with the Ahmadiyya missionaries. 20 of his treatises were published in the mosque journal, Die Moslemische Revue. The Central Library in Zurich, which houses the Hugo Marcus collected papers has another 50 unpublished typescripts on the topic of Islam.

In 2008, the Lahore-Ahmadiyya community published a portrait of ‘The German Muslim Dr Hamid Hugo Marcus’, which gave ample attention to his correspondence with Der Kreis (The Circle), a homosexual journal founded in Zurich in 1947 that published some of the lofty male friendship stories that Marcus wrote after the war. The portrait, however, failed to include an overview of his writings on Islam.11 Meanwhile, the historian Marc Baer dedicated two texts to Marcus in which he tried to make sense of a homosexual man being interested in Islam, while barely considering Marcus the novelist.12

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Ibrahim Noonan explains how he chased many women..then found Ahmadiyya

The Ahmadi-imam, Ibrahim Noonan is a terrible person.  He has been ordered to terrorize people on the internet, and in real life.  All of his activities are controlled by the Mirza family, they own Ahmadiyya INC.  Why are we writing this?  We have had dialogue with Noonan for a few years, Noonan is obviously a token Irish-Ahmadi, in other words, Ahmadiyya INC needed a local Irishman as a Mullah so that they could properly spread their business in Ireland with a local white spokesman.  Ahmadiyya does this in every country.  Or they try.  Nonetheless, as the essay in the below will prove, Noonan is a miscreant, who was only made a Mullah by the Mirza family, he isn’t qualified, he isn’t properly trained and one last thing, he is an idiot of epic proportions who terrorizes people on the internet, in fact, he has ordered ahmadi’s to cyber attack a fellow Irishman, watch here:

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The story is as follows
Michael Dennis Peter Noonan aka Ibrahim Noonan was a lazy fellow his entire life.  He never did any type of manual labor.  When he was 18, he was sent off to the London area to pursue college studies.  Noonan was a devout Catholic type of Christian, his parents wanted him to become a Catholic priest.  Thus, Noonan claims that in college he was studying theology, aka religious studies.

Did Noonan graduate from College?  
It’s unclear if he ever graduated.  It’s highly unlikely, we are sure that Noonan dropped out of college and began working in night clubs.  He was either a bartender or a dancer.  However, Noonan claims that he was a bouncer (security) and claims to have worked as such for 7 years.  We have to assume this was from age 18-25.  Noonan lies all the time, he claims to know Greek and Arabic, which is a total lie.  He may be able to pronounce a few words or read a few words but he is not fluent in any of those languages, in fact, his english is terrible.

He claims to have worked at a club called Hippedrom.  Then he contradicts his story, he claims to have been a bouncer in Ireland before England.  We know he never went to college and was just hanging around bars, chasing women and drinking Irish beer.

Noonan loved fighting, just like all raging drunk Irishmen
This is a snapshot into the type of man Noonan really is.  He is an average Irishman.  They love fighting, drinking beer smoking cigarettes, and chasing women.  Noonan was exactly like that, however, he lied about the drinking and smoking (he denied it in the video).

By age 25, Mr. Noonan was a lazy good for nothing
Noonan goes on to say that he finished his studies, and then began travelling the world (North Africa) with girls and thus committing adultery.  In fact, Noonan admits to committing adultery for over 10-20 years and totally living in this condition.  He then says that as he was committing adultery, he felt bad and thought it was immoral.

The real story is that Noonan met an Ahmadi girl and got her pregnant
We have inside sources that tell us that at this point in Noonan’s life, he met an Ahmadi girl and began having adultery with her.  He got her pregnant and then was forced to marry her.  She introduced Noonan to Ahmadiyya.  The story that Noonan gives is a total lie.  In fact, many years ago, we encountered Noonan’s eldest son from his first marriage on (via twitter) and he confirmed all of this.

Noonan claims that he became Ahmadi after reading Jesus in India and just 2 other books
This is the proof that Noonan is an idiot, firstly, he should have done a better investigation, secondly, he lied, he only joined for a girl and her behalf.

New data found on Noonan’s first Ahmadi wife

We found ^^^^^ those references from here

The Ahmadi girl complained that Noonan was a lazy good for thing
The Ahmadiyya Jamaat in the UK heard about Noonan’s fake conversion to Ahmadiyya.  The local Ahmadiyya jamaat was excited that they had finally gained an Irish-white-Ahmadi.  In fact, the famous Bashir Ahmad Orchard was the first Irishman to join Ahmadiyya and he was still alive in those early days (92–96) when Noonan had just converted to Ahmadiyya.  Ahmadiyya INC hadn’t got many other Irish-white converts to Ahmadiyya and were excited showing off Noonan to the world and etc.  Noonan was thus being treated like a God by the Pakistani Ahmadi’s.  They immediately told the vicious Mirza Tahir Ahmad about Noonan.  In the meantime, Bashir Ahmad Orchard died and Ahmadiyya INC needed another local Imam to further its business practices in Ireland.  Also, in the same time frame, Noonan’s wife was tired of Noonan being lazy and just hanging around the house.  They eventually divorced.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad then told Noonan that he would personally get him a new Ahmadi wife and would even give him a job, as an Ahmadi mullah.  The rest is history.

Noonan’s current Pakistani-Ahmadi wife sells homeopathy and beefed with Fiona O’Leary

The video clipping

The full video

Noonan and Ahmadiyya vs. Fiona O’Leary

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After Lekh Ram’s death, the Arya Samaj wrote poetry vs. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

We have written extensively on the topic of Lekh Ram and his engagements with MGA. Feel free to read that before you read any further. We have found a poem vs. MGA which was published in the Ariya Musafir, which was a newspaper of the Arya Samaj. Here is a poem “qadiani Nabi Kee Shaan”, at the time of murder of Pundit Lekh Ram. There was a special edition of Ariya Musafir paper, dedicated to the shahadat of Lekh Ram and this poem comes from that paper.
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Ahmadiyya mosque vandalized in Sialkot, May–2018, but it’s all Ahmadi’s fault, since they were trying to build a museum to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

The Ahmadiyya Movement is not persecuted in Pakistan at all, its all a lie for asylum.  The Mirza family want’s Ahmadi’s out of Pakistan so that they give more money to the Mirza family and then Mirza Masroor Ahmad can spend it on growing his family fortune, i.e. through the purchase of land all around the world.  In today’s case of fake Ahmadiyya persecution, we have read reports of how an official Ahmadiyya building was demolished by the Sialkot city authorities, since it was being constructed without the proper approval.  This house was owned by the father Mir Hamid Sialkoti.  Further, Maulvi Abdul Karim was born on the same street.

A museum dedicated to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad?
A few months/years ago, the Ahmadiyya jamaat bought the house where MGA used to stay from 1864–1868.  They bought it with the intention to turn it into a sort of mural/museum dedicated to MGA.  If our readers remember correctly, MGA was forced into an exile by his father in 1864, this was because MGA was sent to pickup his family’s yearly pension money, MGA went with his big brother/cousin, Imam ud Din.  They both never returned home, they were on the run for most likely a year, until finally the money ran out.  MGA must have sent a letter home asking if he could return, however, his father banished him from Qadian, and specifically told MGA that he would never see his mother again, and would have to work in Sialkot, for a small wage.  Thus, MGA moved to Sialkot and lived there for 4 years, he never saw his children or his family, finally, MGA’s mother died and he was called back to Qadian.

Muslims of Pakistan explain the situation

If Ahmadi’s are facing genocide, why were they able to buy this property? 
Ahmadi’s are working hard to be declared as under genocide, they are doing this to get more Ahmadi’s out of pakistan and into the west so that the mirza family can reap the benefit of chanda money.

Other Ahmadi mosque related issues in Pakistan

Remember…in this disturbance, an ahmadi security guard murdered a Muslim

Rabwah is trouble free
It should be noted…Rabwah is free from all of these types of incidents,

The real news report of what really happened
“””Gali Hassamuddin in Sialkot is a place where Mirza Qadiani had stayed in a rented house during his exile after he stole pension Money of his father and he remained a low grade Court clerk.

For many years Qadianis were planning to build a Mirza Ghulam Qadiani Museum here. They have purchased this house with one adjacent to it on the pattern of Allama Iqbal Museum which is very near from here. Majority of population in this place are sunny muslims on their protest the work was stopped. At distance from here there is a Qadiani temple known as Baituzzikar which was closed for many years.

Few days back Qadiani’s again started the construction work which sent a wave of anger among muslim of area. So they approached Local administration which allowed demolish of the building.””””

Why was the mosque vandalized?
Here at this blog, we don’t promote any violence against anyone, nor do we promote vandals.  However, we know how things work in 3rd world countries, which is the majority of the planet.  In this case, the Muslims of Sialkot were aggravated because of the illegal building, and took it tooo far and vandalized an Ahmadi place of worship.

The scans

Some additional pics

Some newspaper/other reports

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Ahmadi mission in Israel, as written in the Pakistan Times on June 18th, 1974

We wanted to share another article from the Pakistan Times which was published during the Samdani Commission and other investigations in Rabwah.

Some facts
1. Mr. Abdul Sami seems to be in the dark in terms of the Ahmadi mission in Israel.  Most Ahmadi’s play dumb and stupid however. The truth is, Israel would never give Ahmadi’s a visa from Pakistan.  Because of this, Ahmadiyya leadership always sent an Ahmadi mullah from India to their mission in Israel, and that Ahmadi-mullah would be in-charge of that mission.  Further, an Arab was local jamaat president, however, he has less power then the Ahmadi-mullah.

Ahmadi Mission in Israel

“”An Ahmadi mission in functioning in Israel, stated Mr. Abdul Sami, station master of Rabwah Railway Station, during his cross examination on Monday before the Tribunal comprising Mr. Justice K.M.A. Samdani of the Lahore High Court inquiring into the Rabwah incident.

He, however, submitted he did not know if the instructions to the Ahmadia mission in Israel were issued from Rabwah.

Later, when a counsel for the Ahmadia community asked him questions about the mission in Israel, the witness clarified that mission was headed by a local Arab and that it had been functioning there since the time when Israel had not emerged as a state.

Earlier replying to a question, he said 10-12 missions were sent abroad every year by the Ahmadia community.

In reply to cross-examination, Mirza Sami stated that it was true that free copies of the “Daily Alfazal”, an official organ of the Ahmadia community used to be distributed among non-Ahmadi passengers in trains during their stoppage at the Rabwah railway station.  The distribution of the newspaper in vogue from October , 1973, had been discontinued for the past 3 or 4 months because some of the Non-Ahmadis had resented it.

Replying to questions by C.M. Latif Rawnm, the witness conceded that the general body of Muslims did not hold a good opinion about the Ahmadis because of their faith.  Asked about the people’s reaction to distribution of literature on Ahmadiat, among the non-Ahmadis, the witness said: “Some people accept the gift without resentment, but some resent it”.  


Mirza Sultan Muhammad and his wife Muhammadi Begum lived and died as Muslims, they had 5 sons, and 2 daughters

We have written how the Qadiani-Ahmadi have in their desperation chased and tried to bribe the family of Muhammadi Begum, even after MGA died. We wrote about how the Qadiani’s faked paperwork and misquoted many people. Today, we present additional reports from that the 1950–70’s era on this topic, as well as scans. Continue reading “Mirza Sultan Muhammad and his wife Muhammadi Begum lived and died as Muslims, they had 5 sons, and 2 daughters”

An ahmadi, Amir Aziz and Eric Lounsbery debate, Ahmadiyya vs. Christianity

This is an interesting debate.

The video

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