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December 2018

Evidence which proves that Mirza Tahir Ahmad radicalized Ahmadi’s as soon as he came to power (1982)

We have explained before how Mirza Tahir Ahmad came into power in June of 1982 and began to radicalize Ahmadi’s and prepare them to kill themselves and sacrifice their children like sheep. We have also asserted that Mirza Tahir Ahmad worked with Zia behind the scenes on Ord-XX and purposely got it passed so that he could move his headquarters to the UK. We have recently found a speech of Mirza Tahir Ahmad from the final Jalsa in Rabwah in December of 1983. In this video, Mirza Tahir Ahmad is telling Ahmadi’s to be ready to lose their lands, livelyhoods and children for the sake of Ahmadiyya. However, this is alarming since from November of 1974 to December 1983, there were almost no major issues between the Pakistani government and Ahmadi’s. This was a peaceful era. So what was Mirza Tahir Ahmad preparing Ahmadi’s for? One last point, by 1982, Ahmadi’s were still over-represented in the government of Pakistan.
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Who is Abdul Hameed?

He was raised by the famous Ahmadi mullah, Maulvi Burhan ud Din from Jehlum (died in 1905).  Burhan ud Din was a member of the “Ahl-e-Hadith”, just like MGA. Burhan ud Din and other Ahmadi’s radicalized Abdul Hameed and prepared him mentally to commit a murder (Dr. Clarke). After serving time in jail, per Ahmadiyya sources, he became an Ahmadi (see Nooruddin by Zaf Khan, page, 133). He was most likely already an Ahmadi and the Ahmadiyya movement is just covering their tracks.

He was brought up as a child by one Sultan Mahmood, an Ahmadi preacher at Jhelum. His mother was married to this Sultan Mahmood and she had been previously the wife of one Luqman, a brother of Sultan Mahmood, on whose decease she contracted the second marriage. Abdul Hameed is said to be the son of Luqman (See Dard, Chapter 57) . Abdul Hameed showed up at the Church residence of Dr. Clark on the presumption that he wished to convert to Christianity from Islam. A few weeks later he confessed to Dr. Clark that he had been sent by MGA to murder the said doctor. The reason might be that Dr. Clark was heavily involved with MGA’s debate vs. Athim. MGA and his team had extended a death prophecy to Dr. Clark also. Furthermore, this event happened just a few weeks after Lekh Ram had been brutally murdered after MGA’s death prophecy failed to work on March 6th, 1897.
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Out of fear from Ahmadi’s and MGA’s fake prophecies, Batalvi registered to buy a gun (1898-1899), but was denied

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was really close friends with Batalvi going back to his childhood days, in fact, they even shared some of the same teachers. However, MGA began praying for people to die as early as 1880, nevertheless, by 1884 he was at odds with the ulema of India in terms of his claim of getting divine revelation. By 1889, MGA had turned on Muslims as he claimed that Esa (As) was dead and never returning and indicating that he (MGA) was an Esa (as) and others could also come. By 1893, he was telling the world that Lekh Ram would die violently, he was thus murdered in Lahore and was still alive until he got to the Mayo Hospital in Lahore and the Ahmadi doctor who just so happened to be on duty let him die (March 6th,1897). Athim was also given many death threats and eventually died of old age, which MGA argued fulfilled his prophecy. MGA beat the case, the same way he beat all of his cases, with the help of the British government. Kashful Ghita was published by the Ahmadiyya jamaat in 1898 in english. In this book MGA denied that he was publishing a death prophecy, he fell back and said it was just a prayer. Furthermore, he denied ever having a dream/ilham which indicated the end of the British Government within 8 years, however, by 1929, many Ahmadi’s came forward and admitted that MGA did in-fact have this dream/ilham, thus proving that MGA lied in his book. The British courts dropped the case vs. MGA and forced him and Batlalvi to sign a 6 clause declaration, wherein both of them agreed to stop insulting each other in the press and to stop doing death prophecies aka Mubahila’s. Thus, the British government ordered MGA to stop his silly death prophecies again. This was because of the help that MGA’s father gave the British in 1857, hence, MGA was above the law in British India. Even when MGA was totally guilty of breaking the law, the Brits pardoned him. MGA had some insults written about Batalvi in his newspaper also (the al-Hakam, however, in court MGA denied any connections to that newspaper). Batalvi never engaged MGA ever again after 1900. Later in 1910, a few of Batalvi’s sons were forcibly taken to Qadian and Batalvi was allowed to publish an essay in the ROR.
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What is the “Ishaat-us-Sunnah”–the Ahle hadith newspaper edited Muhammad Hussain Batlavi

This was a newspaper started by the famous Maulvi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi in 1878. Upal quotes Vol. 3 of it which corresponds to 1881. It was the main newspaper of the Ahl-e-hadith aka Wahabbi’s of the Punjab. Furthermore, MGA was heavily involved with the Ahl-e-Hadith, in fact, they helped him get married in 1884 and performed all the islamic rituals. This newspaper seems to have went defunct by 1900, since there are no quotes to it after Vol. 22, which would correspond to 1900. The Ahl-e-Hadith then seem to have started another newspaper entitled, as ‘Ahl-i-Hadis. In fact, much of the beef between Maulvi Sanuallah and MGA seems to have began at this moment. Furthermore, it is important to note that Batalvi was not even allowed to insult MGA legally, hence, he never did after the court case of 1899.

As everyone knows, this was the famous “Ahl-e-Hadith” newspaper that made MGA popular and gave him an opportunity to do free marketing. In February of 1878 he started publishing the magazine Isha‘atus Sunnah. It was a voice of the Ahle Hadith movement in the Punjab of the time. The magazine became quite popular and was recognized by notable scholars and Government Officials. When Sir Charles Umpherston Aitchison, Governor of the Punjab from 1882-1887,[7] left the area in April 1887, he gave Muhammad Hussain, a certificate testifying to his ability and learning. Muhammad Hussain proudly records this fact.[8]

I present some interesting quotes in the below. Muhammad Husain’s request for a Mubahila vs. MGA may be seen in his lsha‘atus-Sunnah No. 3, Vol. 18, p. 77, 1. 11: No. 12, Vol. 14, pp. 338-339; No. 7, Vol. 18, p. 197, 11. 6-8.
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The Ahmadiyya Movement robbed Mian Shamshuddin

This is such a sad story. We are not sure if its true, however, Ahmadiyya INC has presented it as true in an attempt to get more chanda money out of Ahmadis. This is why the Mirza family are criminals, they are willing to take money from disabled people without any feelings of grief.
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Ahmadiyya leadership discourages video games especially Fortnite

Ahmadiyya leadership hates that their young Atfal and Khuddam play video games instead of attending jamaat events and giving free labor to the Mirza family.  They have thus enacted a policy of discouraging young boys from playing.  The scans are attached.  This is how the Mirza family wants to control people.  The scan is from Canada, however, a similar announcement went out in the USA.


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Statistics showing Systematic Over-representation of Ahmadis in the bureaucracy of Pakistan by Charles H. Kennedy

Charles H. Kennedy did lots of research on Ahmadiyya from a neutral position. He exposed Ahmadi’s as they planned the terrorist attacks of May 29th, 1974. He wrote:  ‘Towards the Definition of a Muslim in Islamic State: The Case of the Ahmadiyya in Pakistan’. Kennedy shows how Ahmadis were systematically over-represented in the Federal bureaucracy of Pakistan. In the back of the book, Kennedy shows how Ahmadi’s had totally infiltrated government jobs by 1982 via official Pakistan census reports. Furthermore, the Mirza family loves the persecution, they have always called it as free press. Brush showed similar rates of over-representation back in 1955. Ahmadiyya ideas were then pushed upon Africa, as the colonist looked to indoctrinate an entire generation of Africans to obey the British.
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Meet John Webster the Gay Ahmadi convert, who was also among other things a Communist, Anti-semitic, pro Jewish and in his own words a true witch and whose ashes were scattered in Australia!

Ahmadis boast about their Conversion success and regularly write about conversions stories. But as soon as you dig a bit deeper, a whole new world opens up. One of such convert stories is about John Webster, who started out as a speaker at Hyde Park in London and who according to Bashir Ahmad Rafiq’s Biography was converted by him. Bashir Ahmad Rafiq was the former long-term Ahmadi missionary in London from mid 1960’s to the 90’s. He was in-charge of the biggest Ahmadiyya Branch abroad and responsible for spreading the Ahmadiyya Proaganda in England.
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Ahmadiyya and World War-3 predictions

Ever since the 1950’s, Ahmadiyya Khalifa’s have warned their flock about WW-3. We have found a video which illustrates this. Mirza Nasir Ahmad gave similar warnings. In 1971, the third #Khalifa warned that the Nuclear WW3 is approaching, so he launched a project and instructed his followers to keep horses. He advised Jama’at to breed 40,000 horses for his riding club “Kheel-ul-Rahman” (God‘s horses), in order to prepare #Ahmadis for the WW3. This was written in a self-titled biography, “Mirza Nasir Ahmad”. Watch this video also, it seems to be a compilation of Mirza Masroor Ahmad and World War-3 prediction. Mirza Tahir Ahmad mentioned it in 1997 also, Mirza Tahir Ahmad said that it was in 1967 when his half-brother, the Khalifa, Mirza Nasir Ahmad made a prediction that 1999 would not end before WW-3. 
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