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January 2019

“Haqiqat Un Nubuwwat” (1915) by Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, some quotes and data

After become the Khalifa in 1914, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad faced the difficulty of explaining he true beliefs of MGA. One of the first few topics that he tackled was that of the nature of prophethood of MGA. The Lahori-Ahmadi’s totally denied prophethood for MGA and only gave it a metaphorical color. As soon as Khwaja Kamaluddin returned from England (November of 1914) he gave a speech which was turned into the an urdu-only book, “Ikhtalayfaat-e-Silsilaa-e-Ahmadiyya kay Usbaab”. Khwaja Kamaluddin’s quotes “Tuhfatul-Muluk” (A Present to Kings) by the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad which seems to have been written in the summer of 1914. This book was published on Dec 24th, 1914, during the Qadiani Jalsa. It was the first ever book about the split in the Ahmadiyya Movement, in it, Kwaja Kamaluddin emphatically died the prophethood of MGA and takfir against non-Ahmadi’s. Continue reading ““Haqiqat Un Nubuwwat” (1915) by Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, some quotes and data”

Was there a Mubahila between Muhammad (Saw) and Abu Jahl? MGA says so

MGA was a raging lunatic, he wanted anyone who opposed him to die. He even prayed for the plague to come to India and kill everyone who rejected Ahmadiyya. In 1891, he introduced the concept of Mubahila to any Muslim or Non-Muslim who wished to compete. However, this is not an islamic method of solving any type of dispute. MGA even went as far as claiming that Muhammad (saw) had a Mubahila with the famous Abu Jahl. However, this isn’t technically correct, Muhammad (saw) had prayed that Allah caused Abu Jahl to die while he was in the Kaaba and before hijra. This was not a Mubahila. Abu Jahl was killed a few years later during the Battle of Badr.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The scan
Malfoozat vol.5 page 118
1984 Edition online


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“Khutbah ilhamia” quotes, the revealed Sermon, April 11th, 1900

Khutbah Ilhamiyyah is a total cover-up job by Ahmadiyya sources. Its first edition seems to have been published on August 25, 1901 (see Hidden Treasures), the second edition October 17, 1902 (see Hidden Treasures), it appears during the intervening period, four more chapters and some flyers were added during the period of May 1900 to October 1902, and then it appeared in the final shape in October 1902 (see hidden Treasures, pages 269-273). The Lahori-Ahmadi’s published an abridged version of an english translation in 2003. These are incomplete translations, they only cover roughly 30% of the book and only the alleged Arabic portion, the Qadiani’s made their own translation in 2023.

Watch Ak Shaikh and Akber C’s video analysis here. In 1907, in “Haqiqatul wahy” (see page 457 of the english edition), MGA calls this sermon as sign #165 of his truth. In 1907, MGA was claiming that his speech (Khutbah Ilhamia) was intimated to him on the morning of Eid, however, the full story will prove that MGA and his team planned this weeks in advance. Furthermore, MGA was feuding with Pir Mehr Ali Shah in this time frame, Pir Mehr Ali Shah claimed that MGA couldn’t speak/read/write proper Arabic and had challenged MGA to a speaking contest in Arabic in Lahore.  However, MGA never came to the venue. In the meantime, MGA’s team concocted this story in an attempt to prove that MGA could give speeches in Arabic and much more. You can also listen to the audio of this book herein.

It was Eid of April 11th, 1900, Noorudin led the Eid service and gave the speech, MGA then got up from a sitting position and spoke for about 20 minutes. MGA delivered an unintelligible rant, this was converted into “Khutbah Ilhamia”, and published later by Ahmadiyya sources.  Nevertheless, we have some references and source material in the below. MGA was known to claim these crazy things, in 1890, he claimed that Qadian was also mentioned in the Quran.  Later on in 1907, in Haqiqatul Wahy, on pages 457-458, MGA mentions the Khutbah Ilhamiya.  However, in this book it is mentioned that Khutbah Ilhamiya happened in 1900, not 1901, whereas all Ahmadi sources have always written 1901 (see Dard, page 722).

Khutbah Ilhamiya has 12 pages translated into english in the ROR of Sep-1917, translated by M. Rahim Baksh (M.A.)aka Dard. A brief english translation can be found in the Nov-Dec-1923 edition of the english ROR which corresponds to the second edition of Khutbah ilhamiya, pages 39 to 77. Khutbah ilhamia was mentioned in the ROR of July 1925, very briefly. Khutbah ilhamia is mentioned in the ROR of Apr-1942. Khutbah ilhamia is mentioned in the ROR of May-1947.

In this book, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad laid the foundation for the “hermaphrodite theory”, he basically said that “””Humans sometimes born only from the sperm of woman, although this is rare and this law is not out of nature, but its precedents are found in every nation.””” (page 86).

In Khutbah Ilhamiya, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed that he was given the ability by Allah to raise people from the dead (see page 34, online engish edition). Continue reading ““Khutbah ilhamia” quotes, the revealed Sermon, April 11th, 1900″

Eclipses during Ramadan by David L. McNaughton (1996)

Ahmadi’s went around the world and bragged about the 2 eclipses that were shown for MGA from 1894–1996. Finally, an independent researcher (David McNaughton) came along and destroyed the Ahmadiyya position. The Muslims of India and the World never touched this topic in Ahmadiyya, however, after 1996, the cat was out of the bag.

It should be noted that it was Fatih Masih who urged MGA to make his claim of being the Mahdi based on the double eclipses of March and April 1894. Read our detailed essay on MGA’s claim to be the Mahdi herein.

Continue reading “Eclipses during Ramadan by David L. McNaughton (1996)”

“The Greatest Discovery Exploded” by Reverend Thakur Das (1903)

Reverend J.L. Thakur Das was an indian Hindu who converted to Christianity, he was present during MGA’s 15 day written debate with Athim (see Mujadid e Azim, online abridged version, page 462). Not to be confused with Thakur Das from Kashmir who converted to Ahmadiyya in 1889 and was named Shaikh Abdullah, who quit Ahmadiyya in 1891-1892. He also wrote articles against Islam in the Moslem World magazine.
Continue reading ““The Greatest Discovery Exploded” by Reverend Thakur Das (1903)”

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad laughed about Africans and how backward they were

MGA was just as racist as the Britishers.  We found an instance from Seeratul Mahdi wherein this is exposed.

The quote
Seertul Mahdi quotation no. 790. “””On the name of God most gracious, most merciful, mir shaffee ahmad sb researcher, dehlvi told me by writing that once one Arab who was sitting with maseeh maoud Elih Salam was telling dirty and absurd jokes and stories on African people-and African monkeys . He kept on listening and laughing . He neither stopped him from telling dirty jokes nor that my time being wasted. But to boost him up, he kept on hearing it without any hesitation till end.”””

The scan work

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad almost died from Rectal bleeding in the early 1880’s

Dear readers, we all know about MGA and his medical problems, he suffered from some terrible life-long diseases, that actually explains why he hated everyone so much. In 1907, MGA recalls this entire saga and even mentions how the father of Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi even came to visit MGA in this condition, the family of Batalvi and MGA were very close, in fact, MGA visited them in 1869 at their family mosque in Batala (see Dard page 54).

What was the cause of this disease?? Most likely years and years of eating opium.  Furthermore, you will see that Ahmadi editors have changed the language in the english translation of Haqiqatul Wahy, which they always do. In the english version they have translated this disease as dysenteric colic, which is similar to what MGA died from in 1908.
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In 1885, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad published a 31-month prophecy vs. his own family

Ahmadi’s are guilty of being fanatical and thus erasing the writings of MGA and his team.  We have found documented proof of backdating, specifically in terms of MGA’s announcement, they are all bogus and tampered with, this was how Ahmadiyya edited the failed prophecies of MGA.  In 1885, MGA wrote this specific announcement, we are unsure where it was published from or how many people saw it.  We are also unable to produce the original.  As you can see, this announcement was written in Aug. of 1885, however, it was purposely backdated by MGA’s team of editors and thus made to seem like it was 1888.  Ahmadiyya editors then went on to claim that this prophecy of MGA’s came true and gave it a start date of 1888 and rudely claim that the death of MGA’s niece fulfilled this prophecy (see Tadhkirah, page 164).

The announcement via Tadhkirah

“”””I received a revelation concerning Mirza Imam-ud-Din and Nizam-ud-Din, that:

Within thirty-one months they would encounter a great misfortune.

I understood this to mean that a man or a woman from among their close relatives would die which would cause great sorrow and division among them. This would happen within thirty-one months from today which is Sawan 23, 1942 [Bikrami], August 5, 1885. Written on August 5, 1885.”””” [Announcement of March 20, 1888, Majmu‘ah Ishtiharat, vol. 1, p. 144](see the 2009, online edition of Tadhkirah, page 164).

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In 1893, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad made 6 predictions about Muhammadi Begum

Muhammadi Begum was the niece of MGA.  MGA was thus her uncle in 3-4 different ways. The beef between MGA and his family was raging out of control by the early part of 1893. MGA’s entire family was against MGA and his request to marry his niece. Not a single family member thought MGA was a suitable match, MGA had just recently claimed to be the Promised Messiah and had been a claimer of divine communion since 1879. Furthermore, the majority of the ulema of India had already deemed MGA a Kafir. Nevertheless, in “A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam” in english as “The Mirror of the Excellences of Islam”, MGA presented 6 specific predictions vs. Muhammadi Begum and her father. However, Mirza Ahmad Baig had already died in Sep of 1892 and this book was published in February of 1893 (see Dard page 341). Hence, this seems to be another cover up job by MGA and his team. Why were they publishing a prophecy about the death of MGA’s cousin and brother-in-law (Mirza Ahmad Baig) after he had already died?  It should also be noted that MGA and his team attached an Arabic only supplement to this book entitled, At-Tabligh, it was in this attachment wherein MGA received a revelation from his God to the effect that he would kill the new husband of Muhammadi Begum, just like her father was killed. One last point, this was the first ever exclusive arabic writings by MGA and it appears to be the first book ever printed at the Qadian press. Per Ahmadiyya sources, Muhammadi Begum was married in April 7th, 1892, per Ahmadiyya sources, that makes her 17 years old at the time of marriage, and 13 when MGA asked for her hand in marriage. However, we know that she was even younger and most likely born in 1879-80. However, in 1888, MGA was claiming that she was only 8 years old (see his letter in Ainah Kamalate Islam”.
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