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August 2022

The history of #Ahmadiyya in #SouthKorea

In 2022, there are barely 20 #Ahmadis in South Korea. There is some activity in 2019 herein a man named Dr Tariq Shamim Khwaja, is the National Sadr of South Korea. South Korea is under the financial management umbrella of the AMJI. We have posted MGA’s alleged revelations about Korea in the below (See ROR of Jan-1912), MGA was allegedly predicting the humiliation of Korea. Ahmadi editors claim that MGA was predicting the victory of Japan.

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Mr. Amri Obaidi (1924–1964) was an Ahmadi murrabi and politician in Tanzania

Mr. Amri Obaidi seems to have been a black man who was born in Tanzania and converted to Ahmadiyya at a young age (you can read about the history of Ahmadiyya in Tanzania herein). He seems to have been born in 1924, in the early 1950’s he went to Jamia-Rabwah and allegedly qualified as a Qadiani-Ahmadi murrabi. His name is also spelled as Sheikh K. A. Amir Abedi. He was the first ever native East African mayor of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In 1960, he served as a Minister of Justice and as Minister of Education and Culture, as well as led the Tanganyikan delegation to the Eighteenth Session of the United Nations General Assembly. He was a native Swahili speaker (See State Ideology and Language in Tanzania By Jan Blommaert p.56-57) and The Anglo-African Commonwealth: Political Friction and Cultural Fusion By Ali A. Mazrui p.127).

He died in 1964 at the young age of 40 as a result of food poisoning (see “Tanzania: Party Transformation and Economic Development”) while he was in Egypt.

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Who is Syed Barakat Ahmad? The Qadiani-Ahmadi who officially worked for the Indian Government as a delegate to the United Nations

Barakat Ahmad was a Qadiani-Ahmadi who died in 1988. He was a scholar and Indian diplomat. He had a doctorate in Arab history from the American University of Beirut and a doctorate in literature from the University of Tehran. Ahmad was also the First Secretary of the Indian High Commission in Australia, High Commissioner to the West Indies, and an adviser to the Indian delegation to the United Nations. He also served as rapporteur to the United Nations Special Committee on Apartheid and was a fellow of the Indian Council of Historical Research. Barakat Ahmad died in 1988 as a result of bladder cancer. He seems to have lived in New York for the last 10+ years of his life.

He represented India at the United Nations in committees dealing with the Arab-Israeli dispute, question of Human Rights and Colonial Affairs. He spent four years in the United States, three in Europe, three in Australia and twelve in the Middle East on diplomatic assignments. It seems that he was living in New York in the 1970’s and was a member of the Ahmadiyya Community of New York (see page 37). He translated many books into english. He famously translated “Murder in the Name of Allah” into english which was published a year after he died. His book, “Introduction to Qur’anic Script” was published posthumously in 1999. 

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Who is Maulana Azhar Haneef?

Azhar Hanif was born in roughly 1958 in NY, he grew up however, in Boston, MA. After High school, he went to Brown University, which is a few hours drive from Boston and in Rhode Island. He played basketball at Brown University from 1976–1978. After his attempt to play college basketball (1978), he ends up showing up at Rabwah in roughly 1982 and attending Jamia for 7 years, of which he graduated in roughly 1989, he was married in this year also. He was then sent back to America and stationed in Baypoint, Ca for a few years with his Pakistani wife. He was transferred out of Baypoint in roughly 1993 and eventually became the missionary-in-charge in the USA (since 2020?) and Naib Amir (2014)(0:51 time stamp).

His father, Abid Haneef converted to Ahmadiyya on August 13th, 1948 (see page 24)(and his wife Saliha Hanif, also spelled Saleha Haneef, she was Lajna President from 1953-1954). They were all living in NY in 1956-1959. While in New York (1948–1961) he worked with Zafrullah Khan extensively, since Zafrullah Khan was always visiting at the United Nations headquarters in NY. Abid Hanif confesses to be involved in the famous Mubahila challenge vs. Billy Graham, which was issued by Sheikh Mubarak Ahmad. In fact, Abid Hanif and 2 other Ahmadi’s were arrested for their antics vs. Billy Graham. His father was also fast friends with Rashid Ahmad, who was allegedly the first ever African American missionary, however, it seems that he was demoted as a result of sexual impropriety and made into a “Waqf-e-Zindagi”. Factually, Rashid Ahmad was never listed as an Ahmadi murrabi in the USA. In fact, in this video he admits that when he returned to America in 1955, Maulvi Ghulam Yasin exclaimed how he wasted his time in Rabwah and only followed the Khalifa around (6:04 time stamp).

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Seventh-day Adventists vs. Ahmadiyat (Part 1)(1967)

We found an interesting article on 7th Day Adventist vs. Ahmadi’s and have posted it in the below.

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After MGA died, MGA claimed that 3:55 was about himself in a weird way

During his entire career, MGA and his team of writers always said 3:55 was about Eisa (as). However, after MGA died, in Oct-1908, Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya Vol. 5 was published from Qadian and MGA claimed that 3:55 was about himself. After MGA died, and via Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya Vol. 5 (see page 199, online english edition), MGA claimed that 3:55 was about him and it meant that all sects of Islam, all other religions would decline everyday and Ahmadiyya would grow until it takes over the world.

Ironically, in 1883, MGA got 3:55 as a revelation, MGA translated WAFFA as a “taking”, however, after MGA died and in BA-5, MGA translated Waffa in his revelation to mean death. Further, in 1883, (Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya vol. 4, online english edition, page 398), 3:55 was missing a sentence, in BA-5 this note was made.

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In 1884, MGA was indirectly telling the world that the Quran are the words from his mouth

MGA received a revelation back in 1883, which was published in the Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya vol. 4 of 1884 (See page 401, online english edition)(its posted in the below). In this revelation MGA was prefacing his claim of bringing back the Quran after it left Earth. In 1883, MGA didn’t clarify as to whose “mouth” this was, he waited 24 years to clarify, and even then he lied (see the Al-Badr ref in the below for 1907). This is part of MGA’s claim of God which he kept denying and masking and is a rip off of the Bahai’s. Nevertheless, in 1907, MGA was claiming that this wasn’t his mouth, but the mouth of Allah, which proves that MGA believed that his God had body parts.
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Wajeeha Zafar got her Wassiyyat money back

Our sister in the #exahmadimovement Wajeeha Zafar has gotten 4k+ worth of Wasiyyat money back. She is the sister of Affaf Azhar and the daughter of Abdul Sami Zafar. Her resignation letter and a copy of the check that was given to her is posted in the below. Last year, (starting at the 3:15 mark), she explained how Ansar Raza is an evil bastard!

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Who is Lodewijk Verhagen? aka Hibbatunoer Verhagen?

Lodewijk Verhagen is an important man in Qadiani-Ahmadiyya. He is listed as the Chair of the 8 trustees of The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat International (AMJI), which is the umbrella charity which manages the global operations of the Mirza family.

Lodewijk Verhagen seems to be his legal name whereas Hibbatunoer Verhagen is his unofficial name. Hibbatunoer Verhagen is a long time member of the Ahmadiyya Movement in the Netherlands. You can see him here at the 2016 Jalsa in Holland. In 2019, he can be seen inaugurating an Ahmadiyya temple in Holland.

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