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August 2022

Dr. Henry Martyn Clark vs. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Dr. Henry Martyn Clark (Peshawar, c. 1857 – Edinburgh, April 1916) was an Afghan-born adopted British medical missionary stationed in Amritsar in the late 19th century. Clark was born to Afghan parents, and was adopted after his mother’s death by Elizabeth and Rev. Robert Clark in 1859. It is thought that he was named Henry Martyn after the Anglican missionary to Persia and India. Clark was educated at the University of Edinburgh (MB, CM 1881) and received his MD in 1892. In 1881 he was accepted by the Church Missionary Society to start the Amritsar Medical Mission as a Medical Missionary. He left for Amritsar to join his father on 4 February 1882. The same year he married his wife Mary Emma. He was editor in chief of the Dictionary of the Punjab, and wrote a biography of his adoptive father, Robert Clark of The Panjab: Pioneer and Missionary Statesman. He retired to Edinburgh in 1905 where he lectured in tropical diseases. He is buried in the Dean Cemetery in Edinburgh. His birth date on the stone is 19 September 1859 and the death date is 10 April 1916. The inscription reads “Physician to both soul and body” He was survived by his wife Mary Emma Ireland, and their sons Walter Ireland Foggo Martyn-Clark and Robert Eric Noel Martyn-Clark. Their sons were both born in Amritsar and like their father studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh.

In 1893, he chaired the written debate between MGA and Athim. In 1897, MGA and his team sent an Ahmadi named Abdul Hameed to murder Dr. Clark. Dr. Clark is mentioned extensively in Kitab ul Barriya. MGA was saved by a british officer in this case, as he exhonerated MGA (Captain Douglas). MGA always got bailed out as such, him and his whole family were above the law in British-India. The ROR of Nov-1935 mentions Dr. Clark and his case, and the intervention of Captain Douglas, who saved MGA from getting arrested. Later on, in 1936-39, Dard met Captain Douglas and celebrated him. Dr. Clarke is mentioned in the ROR of May-1943.

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Pakistanis don’t want the help of #Ahmadis and their marketing arm #humanityfirst

Pakistanis continue to suffer from floods in Pakistan, its a huge controversy. Under their breath, members of the Ahmadiyya Movement have been brainwashed to believe that since Pakistanis consider them non-Muslim and etc, they are being punished by MGA’s god. Nevertheless, Humanity First has been raising funds with the intent to help #Pakistanis, however, Pakistanis don’t want their help (chanda). This has prompted many Ahmadi’s to post on twitter and point the finger at Pakistanis for being hateful people. Ironically, in the Ahmadiyya Movement, only Ahmadi’s can give chanda, and as a punishment, their chanda can also get refused. Thus, we see the duality in Ahmadi’s. We have archived a video herein where Mirza Tahir Ahmad is claiming that ever since 1984 (and the passage of Ord-XX), he warned Pakistanis about their impending punishment from the God of Ahmadiyya. In 2022, Ahmadi’s shared this audio on tik tok and were bragging. This all goes back to MGA and his prophecy of the “doomsday-earthquake”, which was supposed to kill off non-Ahmadi’s (as a punishment) and increase the number of Ahmadi’s in the world until Ahmadi’s became the majority.

As of 9-1-2022, Qasim Rashid allegedly has collected 125k U.S. Dollars. @Kashifmd also has a collection going.

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Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya excommunicate pedophile leader Muneeb

Rana Tanveer is reporting that at the Dallas Jamaat, at the recent Friday prayer. Announcements of Muneeb’s excommunication were made at least in the Jamaat mosques situated in Dallas during Friday congregations. A brief announcement was made giving little details of the reason. He is being excommunicated for being involved in a criminal case, the announcement said mentioning nothing about his sexual assault confession and subsequent conviction. Rana Tanveer tweeted it herein too.

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Ahrar vs. Qadiani-Ahmadi’s, 1934–1946, the inside government reports

We have posted internal British government reports from 1934–1946 which explain the true story of Ahmadiyya vs. Muslims in the Punjab. These reports prove that the Ahmadiyya Movement was upset with the Governor of the Punjab and all of his police since they were trying to be fair with Muslims. These documents prove that the Ahmadiyya Movement were the aggressors and they ran wild in the Punjab. These documents prove that the Mirza family was always in-concert with the British government. We have written many essay’s based on these reports. Check out are additional essays on the Ahmadiyya Movement vs. Ahrar. Also read about Syed Ata Ullah Shah Bukhari and the Ahmadiyya Movement herein. He led a movement against Ahmadis and held a Ahrar Tableegh Conference at Qadian in 21–23 October 1934 (see the details in the below). In 1949 he founded Aalmi Majlis Tahaffuz Khatm-e-Nubuwwat and served as first Emir. Bukhari was a central figure in the Khatme Nabuwwat Movement of 1953, which demanded that government of Pakistan declare the Ahmadis as non-Muslims. He was given the death penalty (1952)(which was later redacted), for his breach of peace vs. Ahmadi’s. You can listen to a rare speech of his herein.

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In 1942, in the village of Bhamari, which is a few miles from Qadian, 17 Ahmadi’s were arrested, including missionaries

Per a British Government report, In 1942, in the village of Bhamari, which is 6 miles (south-east) from Qadian, 17 Ahmadi’s were arrested, including missionaries (See page 103/356, and many others, this is a document from the British library) and executive members of the Sadr Anjuman at Qadian. Malik Ghulam Farid even wrote a letter to the Deputy Commissioner at Gurdaspur asking for help on this case, Jalal ud Din Shams wrote letters from the UK also. In all of these letters, the Ahmadiyya Movement was reminding the British government of their loyalty and asking for leniency, which they always got, since the Mirza family and their family business (AMJI) were a sapling of the British.

Nevertheless, Malik Ghulam Farid’s full letter (dated June 6th, 1943)(15 pages)(See pages 104/356 to 118/356) can be found herein. Malik Ghulam Farid explains how the Ahrar group showed up and setup a rival Jalsa just a few yards away. Malik Ghulam Farid alleges that as soon as the Ahmadi mini-jalsa was over, and Ahmadi’s were dispersing, they were physically attacked with weapons. However, the British police and a totally opposite view of events and arrested (challaned) 16 Ahmadi’s for under section 148/325 of the Indian Penal code. Malik Ghulam Farid alleges that there were 400-500 Ahmadi’s present in Bhamari, including the sons of Mir Muhammad Ishaq and Syed Wali Ullah Shah (aka Maulvi Sayyid Zayn al’Abidin Waliullah Shah). A woman named Hamida Kashmiri was mentioned as someone who told the Ahrars that the Qadiani’s would ruin them (complete destruction). Malik Ghulam Farid alleges that the police is against the Qadiani’s. Malik Ghulam Farid tells how 2 Ahmadi murrabi’s, Maulvi Abdul Aziz and Maulvi Muhammad Ibrahim. These are the famous Bhamari brothers who were the top gangsters of Rabwah (See page 109/356). Malik Ghulam Farid mentions 4 Ahmadi murrabi’s under whom are charges, Mir Muhammad Ishaq, Syed Wali Ullah Shah, Maulvi Abdur Rahman and Maulvi Dil Muhammad.

It’s unclear as to what happened with this case.

A letter by Maulvi Farzand Ali is also mentioned in this document. In 1934-35, the Governor of the Punjab also chimed and told Ahmadi’s that they better behave. the governor of the Punjab was Herbert William Emerson (see page 268). He had many issues with the Ahmadiyya movement and their modus operandi.

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A Qadiani-Ahmadi embarrassed by a Christian in San Diego, California

We don’t know the name of this silly Qadiani-Ahmadi (he called himself Hercules), however, he was in San Diego and had multiple incidents with this famous Christian youtube channel, “Bible or Quran”. This Qadiani-Ahmadi was so frustrated that he called this Christian a “dirty liar” and proved that he can’t read Arabic, since this Christian was asking him to read Quran 48:2 (48:3 in the Qadiani Quran). This Qadiani-Ahmadi (he called himself Hercules) read off his website in terms of 48:3 and refused to give the reference. This Qadiani-Ahmadi even said that Buddha and Socrates were prophets. At the end of the video, the police came and the Ahmadi was told to stop behaving outlandishly.

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Qadiani-Ahmadi’s are celebrating the floods and deaths in Pakistan–they call it punishment from God

Qadiani-Ahmadi’s cry persecution all the time. However, at the same time, whenever there is a mass weather related calamity in Pakistan/Afghanistan and thousands of people die, Ahmadi’s are quick to call it the wrath of God for rejecting MGA. In this video, you will hear a Qadiani-Ahmadi calling the recent floods and related deaths in Pakistan as the wrath of God for opposing/rejecting Ahmadiyya. Ahmadi’s say this to Muslims in Pakistan and then cry persecution and then they get asylum, this is how the Mirza family uses Ahmadi’s to make more money. Ahmadi’s also celebrate the death of King Faisal, Bhutto and Zia.

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There were 141 Ahmadi asylum cases registered by Ahmadi’s in the UK from June 2020-June 2021

Per Ahmadiyya accounting records, from June-2021 to June-2022 there were 141 Ahmadi’s who registered cases of asylum in the UK, this can be found in the annual report that was subnitted to the Charities Commission by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association United Kingdom (AMAUK)(See page 14). Feel free to read our review for the financial year ending 30 June 2019.

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Who is Maulvi Muhammad-uddin? The first ever Qadiani-Ahmadi missionary sent to Albania

Maulvi Muhammad-uddin was a Qadiani-Ahmadi, and the first ever missionary to Albania in 1936. He was kicked out of the country and returned to Qadian. In 1942, he was sent to South Africa for missionary work and was killed when a Japanese torpedo sunk the ship he was on. His sister married Maulana Abul Ata Jalandhari (it was a cousin marriage). His son is Jamal Ahmad who has been doing interviews here and there.

His father was named Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim (veterinarian) who converted to Ahmadiyya in 1905. He was in the British military and served during WW-1 (1914-1918). 

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