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February 2022

KTV accused the Ahmadiyya Movement of human trafficking via their asylum scams

We have written over and over again how the Ahmadiyya Movement, aka the Mirza family, continues to push a persecution narrative as they seek asylum for their business, they love the persecution and call it free press. You can watch KTV talking about this phenomenon herein. The reason the Ahmadiyya Movement is doing this is because in order for Ahmadi’s to get asylum, they must prove “state-sponsored” violence. Meanwhile, Ahmadiyya refugees keep getting persecuted and financially exploited by the Ahmadiyya Movement.

A few years ago, many Pakistani-Christian exposed the Ahmadiyya Movement for this exact reason. In a rude way, the Khalifa said that asylum seekers should be grateful to the Jamaat. Even Afzal Upal explained how the Ahmadiyya Movment took advantage of the British government via asylum. The German government has seen the asylum fraud and recently deported 535 Ahmadis. Factually, there are around 10,000 Ahmadi refugees/ asylum seekers in Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Liberia, Jordan and Turkey, among other countries. Even Samina Khan exposed Ahmadiyya in Germany for fake asylum, human trafficking and exploitation. Things have escalated so much that the The Malaysian government has requested the Pakistan government to stop #Ahmadis from coming over on visit visa’s and then claiming asylum.

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“8 Bizarre and Offensive Kufri Beliefs from Qadiyanis” By Mufti Abdullah Moolla

Our fellow brother, Mufti Abdullah Moolla has recently published an essay entitled, “8 Bizarre and Offensive Kufri Beliefs from Qadiyanis”.  We have posted the full essay in the below.

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Mahmud Arif, who is currently an Ahmadi, tells about corruption at Rabwah

In this video, an ahmadi, Mahmud Ahmad Arif tells about how Qadiani-Ahmadi’s steal land at Rabwah. He immigrated to Germany in 1986 on asylum, and it seems that his house in Rabwah was recently (Chenab Nagar) illegally occupied by Ahmadi’s. He did this interview on KTV. We don’t think he knows that all the property in Chebab Nagar (except the train station and police station) and thus he simply sub-leased the land of which the 99-year lease expires in 2048. Nevertheless, he owns a house in “Darul-Sadr”, his nephew is a murrabi, his name is Hamid Kaleem. This murrabi has taken over his house and is refusing to vacate. Darul-Sadr is the most posh neighborhood in Rabwah. Mahmud Ahmad Arif says that the Ahmadiyya jamaat refuses to listen to him and has even created fake cases against him and stole his property. Mahmud Ahmad Arif also says that the Ahmadiyya Movement has paid of the police in Chenab Nagar. he says that Majlis Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya has put up camera’s and is watching his house and all of his visitors and renters. Mahmud Ahmad Arif also tells how Saleem ud Din is giving false reports to the Khalifa. Saleem ud din accused Arif of drinking alcohol and etc. Mahmud Ahmad Arif has a message for the Pakistani government to take action against Rabwah.

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The Ahmadiyya-USA child safeguarding policy document is a farce

Someone has posted the document in the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit forum. We have posted it in the below as a free download. A few days ago, Afzal Upal was tweeting about having already received a draft of the new alleged safeguards that the Ahmadiyya Movement had put into place. What is alarming is that the Jamaat will seek to punish those people who are falsely accusing. This is a shocker! In fact, this will scare Ahmadi’s that if they can’t prove their case, there will be severe retribution. Rana Tanveer called this a “sword of ‘disciplinary action’ hanging over the victims”. The new policy document proposes many safeguards but, at the same time, threatens the victim of disciplinary action if Jamaat finds them making accusations in “bad faith.” Many Ahmadis are considering this provision aimed at discouraging the victims from speaking out. Secrecy is also given the foremost importance in this policy by forbidding every Local Islahi (reform) Committee (LIC) and National Islahi Committee (NIC) member from discussing the alleged sexual misconduct with any individual outside the body.

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad bathed in front of women and vice versa

We have found a story from Seeratul Mahdi wherein MGA is found to have been around women in his house and even pouring water on little girls and meticulously cleaning their hair so as to get rid of lice. There is also the famous story female servant wherein she took a bath in front of MGA.

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was legally blind

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad couldn’t see the full moon, he had to use his glasses. He would also light up his office area since he could see (see the scans in the below). Listen to brother Zia read this ref herein (1:24:00 mark). Thus MGA had newspapers and books read to him, and most likely since 1880. He also used scribes and toilet attendants to help him write letters.

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s spit was considered a blessing by Ahmadi’s

Ahmadi’s were so obsessed with MGA that they considered his spit (from his mouth) to be full of blessings. In 1923, via Seeraul Mahdi, a young girl relates (a pathan) how when she first moved to Qadian from her hometown, she would have lots of pain in her eyes (listen to brother Zia explaining it here at the (1:22:28 mark). One day, she told her mom that she planned to go to MGA’s house and have him spit in his hand and rub it into her eye’s. Her mom even gave her a spoon to save some additional spit for future purposes. She then visited MGA and he rubbed his spit into her eyes accordingly. MGA affectionately called her “red bird”, in urdu as lal puree. The mother of lal puree would also massage the feet of MGA (brother Zia explains it herein at the 1:37:46 mark). They tell of a story wherein MGA ate javaplum and left its remaining piece, MGA’s spit was all over it and lal puree picked it up and put it in her mouth. Her mom then confirmed that their were blessings in it.

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Rasool Bibi loved to massage MGA and woke him up when he had revelations/seizures

Rasool Bibi was the wife of Shaikh Hamid Ali aka Hafiz Hamid Ali, he died in 1919. In 1923, via Seeratul Mahdi, she told many stories about massaging MGA all night with the 2-3 other women and waking up MGA up when he seizured (had revelations). She also told how MGA would have multiple women on his bed, laughing and giggling. She also breast fed Mirza Bashir Ahmad and most likely his brothers and sisters (see Seeratul Mahdi, 2008 edition, page 725, story #786). We have also posted a story of Ismat Bibi, who also massaged MGA’s feet, and even tells a story wherein she asked MGA if he was listening.

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad instructed the girls that were massaging him all night to wake him if he got prophetic revelation

As we all know, MGA spent his nights with young girls in his private quarters at Qadian. Ahmadi’s proudly sent their daughters and wives to MGA to massage him all night and were ordered to wake MGA if began to seizure, since this was how he got prophetic revelation, and sometimes 2-3 girls (Rasool Bibi was there) with MGA, not just one (see the summary and scan in the below). In fact, in the 1870-1880’s, MGA’s 2 eldest son’s (from his first marriage) would tie MGA’s legs together during these fits of hysteria/schizophrenia, this was a lifelong problem for MGA. The massaging would calm MGA down, MGA was pretending to have such a condition, IMHO. A few more points, these ilham would start at mid-night, like clockwork. Listen to brother Zia Rasul explaining it herein (1:12:45). MGA would spazz and say things that were inappropriate. The two girls would sometime argue over who should wakeup MGA. There is another famous story wherein MGA had other workers of his who intercepted revelations of MGA, that is also a funny story.

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