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February 2019

MGA’s failure to speak at the Aligarh College in April of 1889

After accepting Bait’s from his followers in March of 1889, MGA immediately traveled to Aligarh and was scheduled to give a speech to many Professor’s, Sir Syed would also be in attendance. However, after MGA arrived in Aligarh, he never came out of his apartment for daily prayers, then, just a few hours before his speech, he declined and abruptly left for Qadian. This was before Noorudin and Maulvi Abdul Karim had began giving speeches on MGA’s behalf. They had just taken his Bait however. Mir Abbas Ali Ludhianvi, Abdullah Sanori and Sheikh Hamid Ali accompanied him on this journey (see Mujadid-e-Azim, page 278). MGA stayed in Aligarh for just a week, after which he returned to Ludhiana. In Aligarh, he was the guest of Tafazul Hussain, Tehsildar, who was at the time serving as the Superintendent of the Deputy Commissioner’s office. There were a couple of report-worthy incidents in Aligarh (IBID). The name of the speech was supposed to be “The Truth of Islam”. This trip is mentioned in the ROR of June-July-1940. MGA and his team returned to Qadian on April-18-1889.

As we all know, MGA never gave any public lectures in his whole life, before 1889 or after. MGA always had a follower of his read out these ready made speeches, which were written by MGA’s team of writers. The main reason that MGA never did public speeches or Friday Sermons or etc was because he spoke with a terrible stutter. In fact, MGA’s team went out of their way to fabricate speeches that MGA might have given, like Khutba Ilhamia and other talks at the annual Jalsa’s at Qadian. Even before Khutbah Ilhamia, MGA never led any Eid prayer, he would simply get up to speak and say a few words after the main speech, see MGA’s Eid of 1888.
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and the Splitting of the Moon incident of Muhammad

MGA copied Sir Syed’s entire playbook when it came to denying miracles and the unlimited abilities of Allah. It was Sir Syed who first wrote that Esa (as) was dead and never returning, he also wrote that the concept of the “Mahdi” was totally false and nothing more than Muslims exaggerating about their greatness. Ahmadi’s are known to waffle on this subject and many more. Normally, Ahmadi’s reject all miracles and give them a “rational-explanation”, totally downgrading their status as miracles. MGA had the famous incident of the red drops appearing out of thin air, this was boasted by MGA as a total miracle with divine help. However, this was in the 1886 era and MGA hadn’t totally rejected miracles as of yet. In fact, in 1886, in MGA’s book, “Surma chashma Arya”, MGA defended the physicality of the splitting of the moon by saying that all the laws of Allah are unknown, this was another written debate that MGA had, the very first argument made by the hindus was the falsity of the splitting of the moon argument, MGA defended the common Muslim position, which was that it was a physical miracle, he did the same in terms of the miraculous Birth of Jesus also, he also defended the fire-incident that was related about Abraham, MGA also called that a physical miracle. MGA waited til 1891, then, he rejected the physicality of the Miraaj, and many other miracles that were divinely ordained. In terms of the splitting of the moon, it comes from the Quran, Chapter 54:1-2. It is also mentioned in many Sahih hadiths. In 1892, in Ainah Kamalate Islam, MGA again concurred that Muhammad (saw) did in fact pray for miracles and had many, the splitting of the moon is mentioned, however, at this juncture, MGA and his team didn’t go into detail, they also mentioned how Muhammad (saw) was able to feed many and hydrate many from a simple cup or bucket (see the reference in the below). It seems that MGA was publicly lying, he rejected all miracles, however, in 1892, he was paying lip service, just like he did on the topic of prophethood. In 1902, MGA totally changed, in “I‘jaz-e-Ahmadi”, MGA wrote a poem wherein he claimed that “For him (Muhammad) was shown the Sign of a lunar eclipse and for me, Of lunar and solar both. Will you persist in your denial?”. Even in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya Volume-5, MGA’s team of writers dismissed the physicality of the splitting of the moon and called it a type of lunar eclipse. In 1909 via Nuzul Masih, the same argument is given. Then, in 1960, via Malfuzat, Volume-1, MGA is recorded 4-5 times confirming that the splitting of the moon and other miracles were physical, just not understood by humans yet, MGA even admonished people who counter-argued that this miracle was simply a type of Lunar Eclipse (see page 137).

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“The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam”–book review

It seems that MGA and his team stole from Al-Ghazali when they presented “The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam” in 1896? Nevertheless, we present an evaluation of this lecture/book. Be advised, we only have Ahmadiyya sources on this specific topic, hence, most of this background data is dubious, however, Ahmadiyya sources do quote 5-6 British newspapers which only indicate that this event did take place and MGA’s speech was read out and applauded heavily (see Hidden Treasures). In reality, this book was penned by MGA’s team at Qadian and delivered in a speech at Lahore by Maulvi Abdul Kareem. Khawaja Kamaluddin [who later left Qadiani Jama’at] brought a message to MGA that they should write something. MGA was sick as usual, he seems to have ordered his team to write something for this occasion, Dard claims that MGA had a severe attack of diarrhea as he tried to write this lecture (page 477). Khawaja Kamaluddin was not happy with the exposition and expressed a sense of hopelessness and felt it would be mocked and derided (See Dard pages 477-478)(See the ROR of Nov-1942 also). However, Ahmadi sources claims that their God had already informed MGA that his exposition would excel so he had some posters published about the exposition and assured Khawaja Kamaluddin about it and asked him to put up the posters in Lahore. Khawaja Kamaluddin had made his mind up about the exposition so he withheld putting up the posters and only did so at the very end when others insisted. He put up a few posters high up on walls the night before so that no one could see them because he thought the exposition was not worthy to be read at the convention. The conference (called the Dharma Mahotsu in the ROR of Nov-1942)was eventually held on December 26, 27, 28, 1896, and it was extended to December 29. However, when the exposition was read out at the convention, as we know, MGA’s paper won, however, the judges were overly sympathetic to ahmadiyya, in fact, the person who gave up his time so that Maulvi Abdul Kareem could keep reading was Maulvi Mubarak Ali of Sialkot, who had many sympathies to the Ahmadiyya Movement. The appointed time for the exposition passed but the audience remained ever eager. The time was extended, so much so that in order to accommodate the exposition the convention had to be extended by a day. Khawaja Kamaluddin was an educated man, he was a lawyer, and he knew that this paper was not good at all. This story is also covered by Muhammad Ali and Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmud in the era of 1915-1924, as they criticized each other extensively. Did MGA‘s team steal from Al-Ghazali when they presented “The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam” in 1896?

The ROR of Sep-1911 tells the world that this book can be bought from London also, at this address: Messrs. Luzac and Co., 46 Great Russell Street, London, W.C. The ROR of July-1912 has many book reviews of “The Teachings of Islam”, even one from Mary Hunt. The ROR of March-April-1916 reports that “The Teachings of Islam” is set to get translated into Tamil. The ROR of Sep-1916 reports that Brother Dr. Abdullah from Rouen has been spreading the French translation of “The Teachings of Islam”. The ROR of May-1918 reports that Qazi Abdullah has given a Belgian officer a French translation of the “Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam”. Its unclear as to who translated this. “Our Foreign Missions” 1961 edition reports that a second edition of a chinese language version of “Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam” was published in the early 1960’s. In 1957, Ahmadiyya sources claim to have also created a Burmese translation. This book is also mentioned in the ROR of Jan-1940 and Nov-1940. The ROR of Nov-1940 alleges that Maulvi Sanaullah and Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi were in attendance when the speech was given by Maulvi Abdul Karim, which ended up becoming the book, “Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam”. The ROR of Nov-1940 alleges that it has been translated into English, Arabic, French, Gujrati, Hindi, Bengali, Malay, Sumatri, Chinese, Sindhi, German, Burmese, Kantari, Gurmukhi, Marhatti, Malyalam, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Balandi and Sunda. The ROR of Feb-1944 mentions the conference wherein this book was read out. The ROR of Feb-1947 mentions it.
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Who is Muhammadi Begum? 1875–1966

Per Ahmadiyya sources she was a triple-niece of MGA. MGA was her uncle in 3 ways and maybe more, MGA’s sister (Murad Bibi) was married to her (Muhammadi Begum‘s) paternal big uncles. Per Ahmadiyya sources, she was born in 1874/75 (see Dard, page 330). She was thus 13-14 when MGA was asking to marry her per Ahmadiyya sources, however, she was most likely 9-10. MGA had most likely seen her as an infant, since he was her uncle in 3-4 ways, thus, he had seen her a lot. She seems to have been from Aima, this is also wherein MGA’s mother (Charagh Bibi) was from. From 1840-1855, MGA went to Aima many times in his youth. Her father was Mirza Ahmad Baig Hoshiarpur and her mother was Umar un-Nisa (the sister of Imam ud Din).

MGA and Mirza Ahmad Baig seem to have been friendly to each other even after MGA had his war with his cousins over land. Nevertheless, in 1888, Mirza Ahmad Baig met with MGA and asked MGA to sign over “lucrative” property rights which belonged to MGA’s cousin, Mirza Ghulam Hussain, who’s son, Mirza Ghulam Haider had went missing around 1865, and was co-incidentally married to Mirza Ahmad Baig’s sister. MGA responded by asking to marry Mirza Ahmad Baig’s 13-14-year old daughter, Mirza Ahmad Baig immediately refused. This kicked off a public war wherein the entire Mirza family was opposed to MGA. In fact, it is not too far-fetched to say that the life and career of MGA was shaped by his love of Muhammadi Begum. Birth of sons, death threats against others, Batalvi feud, Christian feud (Christian paper published letters to Muhammadi Begum family) which led to the Atham saga, which then led to the maseel maseeh and maseeh mauood stuff. MGA kept upping the ante. The whole ‘promised son’ seems like a ruse to get Muhammadi Begum’s dad interested in him, implying that if Muhammadi Begum marries MGA, the son would be the inheritor to all of his spiritual and worldly legacy.

Muhammadi Begum was married Sultan Muhammad on April 7th, 1892 (see Dard, page 334).

Muhammadi Begum died on 19 November, 1966, at Lahore, her funeral prayer was led by Molana Shahabuddin of Chowburji who was a disciple of Shaikhul Hind Molana Mahmoodul Hasan. She was buried in Qabrustan Miyani Sahib Lahore. In 2022, her grave was found by Khalid Mateen and his team of workers with KTV.
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The old tomb of Jesus website, Maulvi Abdullah, Khalifa Noorudin and MGA

Dear readers, about 10-15 years ago, some Ahmadi made a website called “tombofjesus”.  When the tomb of Yuz Asaf was discovered by some Ahmadi’s (1895 or 1896), it was argued by Maulvi Shaikh Abdullah (the lawyer) who was an inhabitant of Kashmir, that since this tomb was that of a prophet, that eliminated all muslims from the equation, thus it must belong to a Jewish prophet.  Muslims strictly believe that the HP was the final prophet, there were no more prophets to come. Muslims only had one prophet, on the other hand the jewish people had many prophets, in other words because of the concept of khatme-nubuwwat, this had to be a jewish prophet. When HMGA recieved this data he also used the ending of prophethood as his main argument in terms of proving that Yus Asaf was not a muslim.
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Who is the British Military Officer Captain Montague William Douglas?

Captain Montague William Douglas also known as M.W. Douglas, District Magistrate, District Gurdaspur in 1897. Lt. Col Montagu William Douglas CSI, CIE. (1863 – February 1957) was a British soldier and colonial administrator in India. As the Assistant District Commissioner in the Punjab, he investigated the attempted murder allegation made by Henry Martyn Clark against Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the founder of the Ahmadiyya movement. Ahmad later declared him to be the “Pilate of our time”, superior to the original. In his later life he was a noted advocate of the Oxfordian theory of Shakespeare authorship and was president of the Shakespeare Fellowship for many years. He is mentioned in detail in the ROR of Nov-1935, the 2nd Khalifa admits that even Captain Douglas knew that MGA was guilty, however, he went out of his way to clear MGA of all the charges. In 1939, he met with the Ahmadi mullah JD Shams and even presided on a Jalsa in the UK, hence he proved that he colluded with MGA to exonerate him. In 1897, he was a captain in the British Military as well as a judge, in fact, all British officers doubled as corrupt Judges.

He was born to Edward Douglas, (1831–1867) and Annie Arbuthnot, (b. 1831). In February 1884 he joined the 1st Battalion, North Staffordshire Regiment, switching to the Indian army in 1887. He was promoted to captain in 1895.

In 1891, Douglas married Helen Mary Isabelle Downer (b. 1863). They had three children, Edward Montagu Douglas (b. 1891), Major Archibald Stair Montagu Douglas, MM, (1897–1974),[1] and Helen Elizabeth Douglas (b. 1893).[2][3]
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Why do Ahmadi’s think that eating swine causes homosexuality?

Check out my video on this topic herein. And my tik tok herein.
Ahmadi’s have been going around for the past 100 years and claiming that the eating of swine makes a person Gay, or LGBTQ. Where did this come from? Where did Ahmadi’s get this from?  MGA and his team of writers composed “The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam” in 1896, in this very book these people ascribed foul and shameless human habits as a direct result of eating swine (pork)(see page 39-40). However, this theory is totally wrong, homosexuality is prevalent in Afghanistan and Pakistan, wherein there is a Muslim majority of 98%, and swine (pork) is totally banned, thus, this Ahmadiyya-unique-idea is ridiculous. In fact, many Ahmadi’s in Pakistan are Gay, and they have never ate pork. Furthermore, the 2nd Khalifa was accused of Gay-behaviors back in 1903 and the 1930’s.

Homosexuality has been rampant in Ahmadiyya since the 1930’s. The Khalifa was laying with men and women in that era. In fact, he ordered the murder of Fakhur-ud-din Multani, since he accused the Khalifa of raping him. However, outwardly, the Ahmadiyya policy is against homosexuality. Ironically, homosexuality is also rampant among the men of Rabwah. Ahmadi’s are so ridiculous, they even believe that eating pork makes someone Gay, which is stupid since homosexuality is rampant in afghanistan and pakistan, wherein virtually no pork is ever eaten.

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What is the Talim-ul-Islam-High School (college) at Qadian and later at Rabwah?

This was the school that MGA started in 1897. They tried to turn it into a College in 1904, but the British government shut it down officially in 1907. It operated as a young men’s school (Jamia and Madrassa) and housing area from 1907 to 1944. Remember, in 1909, the British government built the biggest building in the history of Qadian as they donated 25,000 rupees to the Ahmadiyya Movement at Qadian. This allowed the Ahmadiyya movement to purchase 50 acres of land as Noorudin ordered the building of the College, with hostel space, the first Jamia and the famous Nur Hospital and the famous Nur Mosque. From 1913 to 1922, the annual Jalsa Salana’s were held at the Noor mosque (See ROR of Jan-1947). The ROR of Jan-1947 alleges that in 1922, the number of guests rose to 7000-8000 and thus, a new location was needed to hold the Jalsa. Thus, from 1922 onwards, a Pandal was prepared annaually in front of the T.I. Highschool (in the spacious open field outside of the city limits of Qadian). The ROR alleges that in 1945, 1944 and 1943, 34,000 people attended the Jalsa at Qadian, this would be during WW-2.

If it wasn’t for the British government this huge facility would have never been built. The ROR of June-1915 alleges that the buildings and site costed 75,000, oh which Ahmadi’s have given 40,000 rupees and the British Government the remaining 35,000. It reports that there are 400 students of which half are living in the attached hostel. Ahmadiyya sources claim that this school is an english school and attached to the accreditation of the Punjab University. The British Government is paying 400 rupees per month for the maintenance of these facilities. In fact, the attached hostel costed an additional 60,000 rupees, of which the British Government paid half, it is alleged that the Ahmadiyya Movement paid the other 30,000 rupees (which is a lie, the British most likely paid for everything). Carpentry and tailoring is also taught at this school.

The ROR of February-1916 reports that the Ahmadiyya missionary training Madrassa was opened in late 1914. It also reports that 400 children are currently enrolled at the Ahmadiyya High school. It claims that the Ahmadiyya Madrassa is an arabic and theology school combined. It also claims to be managed by the Sadr Anjuman at Qadian.

In roughly 1944, the British government opened up the Indian Air Training Course (IAT) in Qadian at the T.I. College in the 1940’s, this was the first ever pilot training center outside of the UK. The ROR of Nov-1946 alleges that the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s have about 30 schools in British-India. They allege that the Talim-ul-Islam Highschool at Qadian has 1700 students and has been raised to a degree college. They also allege that the Madrassa-i-Ahmadiyya, Jamia Ahmadiyya and Jamia Nusrat have been raised up to a degree college. All of the institutions at Qadian are listed.

It opened at Rabwah after partition and was referred to as T.I. College. In Qadian, the old building that used to house the T.I. College is now the The Sikh National College at Qadian, since 1947-1950 era.

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What is “Hyat-e-Qudsi” by Maulana Ghulam Rasool Qudsi Rajecki?

There was yet another famous follower of MGA named Maulana Ghulam Rasool Qudsi Rajecki.  Also spelled as Rajeki or Rajki. He wrote a book entitled, “Hyat-e-Qudsi”. In this book he mentions how he would see dreams wherein it seemed that Maulvi Noorudin face looked like that of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). This comes from an era wherein Ahmadi’s thought that MGA was really the second coming of Muhammad (Saw) and MGA’s wife was really the wife of Muhammad (Saw) (naozobillah).

He also wrote in this book about a dream that he had wherein the first ever majority Ahmadi country would be Afghanistan. We have also posted quotes from this book in the very bottom in terms of

An Ahmadi tells us,: I was once discussing with beloved Huzoor a number of passages from Hayat-e-Qudsi [a well-known autobiography of an illustrious companion of the Promised Messiah (as), Ghulam Rasul Rajeki, and I touched upon the subject of spiritual experiences. The autobiography seeks to inspire its readers of the miracles of Islam to be gained through belief in Islam Ahmadiyya and the Promised Messiah. After having read the accounts of this companion, I could not help but ask, if this was the example of a mere disciple, how great, then must the spiritual experiences of the Khulafa’ be! And since God Himself had adorned beloved Huzoor with the mantle of Khilafat, I was much intrigued to learn about such spiritual experiences from beloved Huzoor-e-Anwar himself. And so one day, I enquired about this matter and Huzoor disclosed to me that at times while he prays for certain individuals during his Salat prayers, Allah can sometimes make them appear right before him. I am certain that incidents of this kind are not rare occurrences for beloved Huzoor; rather, it is likely to be one example out of the many diverse and highly spiritual worlds he enters on a daily basis. Spiritual Experiences of Beloved Huzoor– (An article by Murtaza Ahmad), (Printed in Review Of Religions 30th May 2021). Continue reading “What is “Hyat-e-Qudsi” by Maulana Ghulam Rasool Qudsi Rajecki?”

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