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Mujeeb ur Rahman, the famous Ahmadi lawyer in Pakistan, has died

A famous Ahmadi has recently died here in America, his name was Mujeeb ur Rahman. He fought the famous case of Zaheeruddin v. State, which was against the Pakistani government in 1993. He was brainwashed to be a hard core Ahmadi since his birth. He moved to Qadian in roughly the late 1930’s and was totally raised up there, he then migrated with all other Ahmadi’s from Qadian in 1947 and landed in Chiniot. From Chiniot he passed the matriculation exam.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________He was born in British India, in bengal, modern day Bangladesh

In his lengthy interview, he explains how he is ethnically Bengali, since that’s where his father and other ancestors are from.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The late 1930’s

He seems to have moved to Qadian in this era.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________August 1947

He migrates with the rest of the Ahmadi’s from Qadian (313 Ahmadi’s stayed in Qadian). He moves to Chiniot for a few years then moves to Rabwah.

His mother dies and his schooling officially end. He joins the Pakistan Air Force. While in the Air Force, he attended Punjab University at night and completed a BA. He then began going to school for an MA in law. He only joined this career field since his Khalifa had urged Ahmadi’s to do so, so that they could use them if the Jamaat ever needed legal help. He seems to have stationed in Karachi. He seems to have attended the Karachi University and gotten his MA from this.

His Air Force contract expired. He then moved to Rawalpindi and setup his law practice. He wanted to move to Lahore at one point, however, Mirza Nasir Ahmad (the Khalifa) ordered him to stay. He seems to have stayed in Rawalpindi for the rest of his life.

He lost his famous case of Zaheeruddin v. State, which was against the Pakistani government. 


He seems to have came to the USA and did a series of lectures and comments on Ahmadi persecution.
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70% of Ahmadi’s in the USA are refusing to marry Ahmadi’s

Ahmadiyya is dying in the west.  The vast majority of Ahmadi’s who are born and raised in the West (Germany, the UK, Canada and the USA) are rapidly leaving the Ahmadiyya Movement.  This is why they are pushing hard on the persecution card.

Bilal Rana’s speech
Bilal Rana was the President of Majlis Khuddam-ul Ahmadiyya (MKA) for a long time, nowadays, he seems to have reached above the age of 40, and thus removed from MKA.  He recently gave an arrogant and haughty speech at the 2019 USA-Jalsa, he bragged about how his father gave him a car to start his life, however, the average american never got anything from their parents.  In this speech he presented a long list of seemingly large issues the community is going through. Namely, the number of jammat members not paying their Chanda (roughly 67%). The number of youth marrying out of the community (he stated one city where 71% of the children have married out of the community) and the increasing divorce rate (22%). He also noted that a large number of youth are using drugs and alcohol. A number of these arguments I can appreciate for a religous organization (Chanda, substance use, pardah etc.). Where he loses me in the argument is his strong advocacy against marrying outside of the community. He basically says that there are too many people “fake” converting for the sake of marriage or marrying out of the community and now many young women are left single and unmarried.

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The history of Ahmadiyya in Mauritius

Ahmadiyya ideologies were promoted by the British government all over their vast empire.  Especially after WW-1 (1919) and WW-2 (1945). Sufi Ghulam Muhammad was sent as a missionary to Mauritius, however, he stops in Sri Lanka and worked on creating an Ahmadiyya center there. Per the english-ROR of February, a new Ahmadiyya missionary, Maulvi Hafiz Ghulam Muhammad, B.A. was also sent to Ceylon, aka Sri Lanka. February 1915, page 80.

On the 27th July 1928: Hafiz Jamal Ahmad was sent to Mauritius as a missionary. He spent the next 21 years serving there, propagating the message of Islam on this island. He passed away on 27 December 1949 and was buried there. On his demise, the 2nd Khalifa said about Mauritius, “Blessed is that land where one as supremely resolute and pious as him is buried”. Read about Ahmadiyya in Mayotte too, its a similar and nearby island.

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A friend of mine has written a review of Maktubat e Ahmad, which is a compilation of MGA’s letters to his friends.

The review

Maktoobat e Ahmad Vol-2 is currently under reading This is a compilation of the letters of Mirza sb, sent to 4 of his prominent Mureeds, namely Molvi Nuruddin, Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan,Seth Allah Rakha Abdul Rehman Madrasi and Munshi Rustam Ali. Here is an overview stating Numbers of letters sent to each addresses and duration of correspondence.

Addresses No. Of Letters Duration
Molvi Nuruddin 94 March 1885 to Aug 1892
Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan 100 Aug 1889 to Feb 1908
Haji AR Abdul Rehman 96 Aug 1894-to Aug 1905
Ch. Rustam Ali 277 May 1884 to May 1902
The contents of letters that Mirza sb wrote are mostly
chanda demands, expression of gratitude to Mureeds for sending Chanda besides Mirza sb,s demand for Search of girls for Marriage of few of his colleagues, Mirzsb,s Ilham for third marriage, condolence on death, Medicines and its impacts demand to send certain commodities etc etc. Now lets have a look on the contents of letters:-

Summary of Letters To Molvi Nuruddin:-
Condolence on son,s death, expenses on publication of Siraj Munir,demand for Purchase of 100 copies, 50 Rs received send rest 50, send 87 Rs on a/c of Siraj Munir, Munshi Abdul Haq,s debt of Rs500/- spent on publication of SM, needs to be paid back, sex medicine you sent has benefitted to me a lot. Mentions sex disease of losing erectile at the time of sexual intercourse, advise of using same medicine. Appreciation of Molvi sb for being generous and pious, mentions his dream and then demands Rs1400/- in instalments first to be of Rs.500/- my doughter is sick send certain medicinal components, intention of setting up a printing press at Qadian, received half note of Rs 500/- send rest half. Rest half also received, Lekhram,s book Takzib Baraheen, demand to write a rebuttal to it. Requests for employment of Abdullah Khan in Jammu,Received Rs. 240/- you sent. Your Salam conveyed to newly born Bashir the promised son who responded with smile. Medicine you sent thru Fateh Muhammad is received and being used, No medicine received thru Peeran Ditta. Pleased to know that you have made the rebuttle to Takzib Baraheen of Lekhram, sent proposals for your second marriage to a number of girls. One positive response with condition of being a Hanafi sect. Kuchla mudabbir sent by yousuf Baig is good for sex paower. Can be sent to you if you like, Reply reg proposal for second marriage sent to Mir sb, but girl should be pretty not ugly, this has to be confirmed before fixing it. Expression of concern on ill health and stresses the need for second marriage. Request for sale of horse of Cousin Imamuddin to a rich man of Kashmir, your second marriage propsal sent to sister of Sahibzada Iftikhar. Informs of ill health of Bashir the promised son. Informs of death of Bashir the promised son. Calls for second marriage. Congratulates on second marriage advise of living with love and affection and ignore opposition by first wife. I took Rs 900/- from you which will be 1000/- after you send Rs 100/-, Rs 100 received. Plz send Kushta Marjan for Mir Abbas sb. Rejects advise of claiming Maseel Masih per Damishki hadiths. Plz take care of bread of Muhammad Baig he has problems in Langar.. plz do something for employment of Shahabuddin. Abdul Haq Ghznavi announced ilham that myself is liar, discusses opposition of Batalvi, Dr. Jaggan Nath,s challenge not accepted, Molvi Nazir Hussain,s challenge in Dehli shall be accepted. Plz send original musk to me.

Summary of Letters To Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan sb:
Baraheen 5 not published yet. Price of Publshed volume is from Rs25 to Rs. 100/- Aims and objectives of Baiyat, Received ilham of your well being. This humble-self do not deny to enter into Mubahila with Abdul Haq Ghaznavi, Rs 281/- sent by you has been received.Requests to come to Qadian. Informs of his various ilhams,explains of why Athem survived of death, Asks for time limit of payment of debt of Rs500/-, Received Rs 200/- First floor constructiion would cost Rs.900/-, i am advising Molvi sb to go for another marriage points to a girl, plz tell a girl for Nuruddin,s marriage at your place. Plz send Rs, 200/- for constructions at Qadian. Advises Nawab sb to celeberate Golden Jubilee of Queen victoria by lighting on the buildings ansd lanes of Malir Kotla,it is permissible in Islam, plz Send Rs 200/- and tell a girl for Molvi sb ,s marriage, construction will be closed if Rs 200/- not received.English and urdu memorial is published and being distributed. Rs 200/- received. Congratulation on new marriage, i will send medicine for you. Shocked to know of death of your wife.
Don,t publish ishtihar of Rs.5000/- congratulation on newly born baby. Wife, Nusrat Jehan is sick, risk of abortion,Plz bring pomegranate seeds for Re 1/- when you come. Happy to know of Measles it is a good disease it prevents plague. Molvi Nuruddin and Mirza Khuda Baksh are my witness in a case of income tax against me. Build a ladies house in Qadian for few months visit once a while.
Sending pils for prevention of leprosy. Using musk for fits, do use henna water. Sending Tiryaq ilahi good for sex power. Rs.575/- Received. Gift cloths Jewellery received, Refuses proposal of Nawab for daughter Mubaraka, Okays this proposal for dower of Rs.50,000/-

Summary of Letters to Seth Abdul Rehman Madrasi
Mirza sb in almost every letter has acknowledged with thanks to have received Rs 100/- to Rs 1000/- total amount calculated about Rs 5000/-. Besides he sent demands from time to time,
Could you plz all friends jointly lend me Rs,1000/-
Plz send Upto Rs. 5000/- for reward Ishtihar for Athem.
I received Musk, Amber and other gift from you, thanks. Sad to know death of your wife. I am making dua for you,

Summary of Letters to Munshi Rustam Ali

Sad to know of death of your father, Plz send Rs 200/- , plz send 25 rupees, recover rest money of sale proceed of Siraj munir, I would be obliged if you send me few bottles of Soda water. Rs 75 from sale proceed have received from you. Rs 15/- are in balance. Making vigorous dua for Sheikh Maher Ali,plz send Rs 150/- from sale proceed account. Plz send Sheer Mal for Rs 2/- to me duly packed in a basket. Sheer Mal of 5/- rupees value received. I have to pay for Shahna Haq plz send Rs 20/- to me. Plz confirm the news of Nikah of daughter of Ahmad Baig as no body talks of this in Qadian. You settle all land issues with Sultan ahmad so that a settlement is reached. Come to a jalso with Paan worth Four annas. Pllz bring Two big desks and one carpet. Plz get the luggage of Mir Nasir Nawab to him at Patiala. Your chanda of Rs.10 for Molvi Ahsan has been appreciated etc

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Who is Amatul Hafeez (1904–1987)? The youngest child of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Amtul Hafeez or Amatul Hafeez or or Amtul Hafiz or Nawab Amtul Hafeez was the youngest child of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and Nusrat Jahan Begum. MGA had already died in 1908, his wife and other people must have arranged for the marriage of Amtul Hafiz (the other daughter of MGA) to the other son of Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan (his son from a previous marriage), his name was Nawab Abdullah Khan. The marriage was announced on June 7th, 1915 by Maulvi Ghulam Rasul Rajeki and announced in the Al-Hakam, it was also mentioned by MGA’s enemy, Maulvi Sanullah in his newspaper entitled, “Muraqa Qadiani”. The marriage took place on 22 February 1917. MGA’s daughter was barely 13 years old. This was a class child marriage, her husband was over 40 years old. They both moved to Malerkotla and began sleeping together immediately. Amtul Hafeez and Abdullah Khan seem to have had 9 children, 3 sons and 6 daughters, we have only found 6 in the below. 2 of Mirza Bashir Ahmad’s sons and two of his grandsons married four daughters of Amatul Hafiz Begum. It should be noted that Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan  and Nawab Muhammad Abdullah Khan (father and son) had a shared income, and there were many problems of state properties during the English rule. Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan was forced to move to Qadian, leaving everything behind.
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Who is Colonel Mirza Daud Ahmad?

He was the son of Mir Muhammad Ishaq (MGA’s brother-in-law). He seems to have been born anywhere from 1920–1934. He married his first cousin (maternal) Mrs. Zakia Begum Sahiba. She was the daughter of Nawab Amatul Hafeez Begum Sahiba and Nawab Abdullah Khan Sahib (who was an honorary lieutenant in the Ahmady Company in 1941). She passed away in Tahir Heart Institute on 23rd July 2017, at the age of 94.
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Per the order of Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Abdul Shakoor meets Trump and tells him about how Ahmadi’s are dying

The Ahmadiyya marketing team and political thrust is in full force.  Recently, a criminal in Pakistan, Abdul Shakoor was released from prison after serving 3 years in jail of a 5 year sentence.  We think the officials were bribed by Ahmadi’s in the West, we had recently seen a donation of $100,000 by the Ahmadiyya community in Canada to some Pakistani officials and wondered why?  In Rabwah, they have been bribing the local police for years.  This is nothing new however, the Mirza family has worked with the British government since 1889, helping British interests in South Asia and receiving compensation accordingly.

The Mirza family has been urging Ahmadi’s to break the law in Pakistan and thus forward more asylum claims
The Mirza family doesn’t care if a few Ahmadi’s die.  They want more and more Ahmadi’s to get out of Pakistan and to continue to fuel their million dollar family legacy, hence, Abdul Shakoor is another example of this.

Abdul Shakoor meets Trump
After getting released from jail early, him and his entire family were expedited in the asylum process and sent to the USA.  Remember…currently, there is a huge political issue wherein refugees and asylum seekers are stuck on the USA Southern border wherein children are separated from their parents and forced to live in cages.  However, Ahmadi’s and other minorities are given asylum by the Trump regime in terms of PR and good press.

Ahmadi’s are brainwashed to break the law in Pakistan
Remember, the Mirza family purposely got themselves declared as non-muslims in 1974 and then purposely got Ord-XX passed in 1984.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad was already radicalizing Ahmadi’s since he took over ion 1982.

The Mirza family has been colluding with the British since 1889
Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s father, Mirza Ghulam Murtaza was in the Sikh military and totally turned on them in 1849 and helped the British take over the Punjab.  For this help, he was favored for this rest of his life.  In fact, every time MGA went to court, he was given a chair to sit on, whereas all other brown people were forced to stand for hours and hours.  Furthermore, every time MGA was found guilty of any crime, he was made innocent on appeal by British judges.

Mehershalla Ali and the Ahmadiyya caucus
Ali is not a Muslim and has never been a Muslim.  He fell in love with an Ahmadi girl in college and thus converted.  His Ahmadi wife is also a singer and only remained loyal to Ahmadiyya because her father was an early convert to Ahmadiyya, thus, she is only Ahmadi out of respect for her father.

Qasim Rashid’s bid to get into politics and aid the Mirza family
Qasim Rashid hates Trump and has been ordered to enter politics.  

Imran Khan is about to visit America and meet Trump
In a few weeks, Imran Khan will visit America…lets see what happens.  Ahmadiyya leaders will ask to meet with him.

Kareem Ahmad’s was a mega donor looking for political opportunities for the Ahmadiyya Movement
He is still under federal prosecution, however, based on his political ties, he might beat the case.

Amjad Khan’s political work
Amjad Khan is a Harvard level lawyer.  His entire life is spent helping the Mirza family.

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The Mirza family demands complete obedience from all Ahmadi’s

People ask us all the time as to why we are doing this work?  We remind them that the Mirza family is evil and is thus systematically brainwashing Ahmadi’s into a life of extortion.  They wish to control every aspect of a person’s life, this is worse than slavery!!  Recently, Qasim Rashid was ordered to run for political office by his Khalifa, this is just another strategy to get sympathies and asylum cases.

Opening remarks at #USAJalsa2019
Watch this video by Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad (he is the Khalifa’s brother), at  the 11:28 mark especially:

The Mirza family should be forced to pay taxes and thus shut down across the globe, the United Nations needs to be put on notice.  This is not normal, the Mirza family should not be allowed to operate, this is nothing more than a family business.


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Qasim Rashid is getting out of state funding for his campaign, Virginia’s 28th district

Dear readers, no Ahmadi can ever run for political office without the approval of their Khalifa.  Sometimes its official approval and sometimes its behind the scenes approval. For example, Muhammad Zafrullah Khan came out of nowhere in the 1930’s and became an executive on the Queens council, this is an example of a behind the scenes push. In 1976, in Pakistan, an Ahmadi tried to run for political office, using Ahmadi rights, he did this without the approval of the Khalifa, the Khalifa quickly kicked him out of Ahmadiyya. Qasim Rashid is a super trusted Ahmadi, he is the son of an Ahmadi mullah, who still works for the Ahmadiyya Movement in Canada.

Richard Henry Stuart, Sr. aka Richard Stuart (Republican) vs. Qasim Rashid
Qasim Rashid recently reported on his Facebook page how his opponent, the incumbent, Richard Stuart proved how Qasim Rashid was using donors outside of Virginia as a means of funding.  In typical Ahmadi fashion, Qasim never admitted to any of it in his recent essay.  Instead, he accused Richard Stuart of having corporations, who’s headquarters are out of state as a means of funding.  However, this is a normal business process.  Google has its headquarters in California, however, it funds politicians all over America and has the right to do so.

Who are Qasim Rashid’s out of state funders?
In Qasim’s essay, he admitted that he does have out of state funding, however, he wouldn’t elaborate as to who the donors are.  Are they Ahmadi’s?  Are Ahmadi’s supporting Qasim Rashid all around America?
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