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November 2016

Mirza Tahir Ahmad radicalized Ahmadis in the 80’s

Mirza Tahir Ahmad was a vicious mullah. He most likely worked with Zia Ul Haq, behind the scenes and got Ordinance XX passed. The proof is in his alleged escape through Karachi, Mirza Tahir Ahmad had inside information about this new law, in fact, this new law in 1984 led to mass immigration of Ahmadis from Pakistan and unleashed “radical-Ahmadis” upon the west, Germany, Canada, the UK and the USA. These Ahmadis would prove to be the most fanatical, since they made money only to give chanda, aka money for Mirza Tahir Ahmad. When Ahmadis attacked that train full of teenagers on May 31, 1974, Mirza Tahir Ahmad and his brother (the Khalifa) were totally missing, it is a mystery in terms of their whereabouts. They most likely planned the entire attack and purposely got themselves declared non-muslim. However, that wasn’t enough to drive Ahmadis out of Pakistan en-masse. I visited Rabwah, Pakistan in 1989, every Ahmadi that I met wanted to leave Pakistan, and go to Germany and make lots of money and then send the money home + give chanda.
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Nooruddin would teach Mirza Ghulam Ahmad the Quran

I have written many essays on this topic…feel free to surf them here:
Nonetheless, in the quote that I will present, it is obvious that MGA and his sons and most Ahmadis learned the Quran from Noorudin, not MGA.

The Quote
Seeratul Mahdi vol 1 page 210 narration
“””(202) Stated to me by Molvi Sher Ali that his uncle Late Molvi Sher Muhammad told me that in the beginning hazrat maseeh e moud ( MGAQ) Used to go to attend the Dars e Quraan ( Quraanic class) of Molvi Noor Din. Once Molvi Noor din told the narration of appearance of angels in the battle of Badr . Then he tried to present a justification for this but hazrat sb agreed to it and said angels can be seen by persons other than prophets.”””

The scan

Noorudin was the chief ghost-writer of MGA.  In fact, MGA sent his sons and most of all Ahmadis to Noorudin to learn the Quran, in fact, Maulvi Muhammad Ali would visit Noorudin in 1912-1914 almost daily to read out his commentary on the Quran…Noorudin would then tell Muhammad Ali what was good and etc..

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad prophecized that Jews will never have their own nation–1893-94

There were barely any Jewish people in British-India, thus, MGA never totally disrespected them. However, in 1893, in an Arabic only book, MGA seems to have negatively commented on the Jewish people and claimed that they will never have a homeland (see the ref in the below).
There is even a ref in Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya Vol. 3 (see pages 157-158) wherein MGA says that the Jews are all tied now.

In 1924, his son, the Khalifa, claimed that MGA even had a revelation, ‘I will relieve the children of Israel.’, which prophesied the return of the Jews to Israel. However, this is a lie. This revelation simply doesn’t exist. Its quite clear that the Khalifa (MGA’s son) made this revelation up. The Khalifa wrote this in his famous book, “Invitation to Ahmadiyyat” (see page 379, 2019 online english edition of Invitation to Ahmadiyya), that it was destiny for the Jews to return to their homeland.

It should be noted that before the Khalifa made these statements in support of Zionism (1925-1926), he had from India to London, and had stopped through Jerusalem in 1924. He had left Qadian on 12 July with a party of 10 persons accompanying him. The party sailed from Bombay on the morning of 15 July and the ship reached Aden (Yemen) eight days later. The ship entered Port Said on the evening of 28 and the Khalifa stayed in Cairo for 3 days. He then proceeded to Jerusalem and Damascus. Ahmadiyya sources have never told us what the Khalifa did in modern day Israel and Syria, it has remained a secret for almost 100 years. This seems to be how and when he set up his Jamaat in Damascus, which failed and then moved to Kababir. A year later, in 1925, he officially sent Jalal ud Din Shams to be a missionary in Damascus.

However, by 1990, Mirza Tahir Ahmad was claiming that Jews were manipulating the world. He claimed that Israel and Jews in the holy land was only temporary, he didn’t quote the fake revelation that his father (the 2nd Khalifa had fabricated).
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The Life of Dard, per the ROR

The full essay can be found here. We have copied and pasted it in the below. This is the life of Maulana Abdur Raheem Dard, who famously wrote “Life of Ahmad” (1948).
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad hated Esa (as)

I am posting an interesting quotation from  “”Seeratul mahdi””, part three,  page no 640.

The Quote
(701) Stated to me by Munshi Abdul Aziz ojalvi in writing, that Molvi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi filed a criminal case in Gurdas Pur court against hazrat sb (MGAQ) in 1901. At that time Huzur was residing at the house of Khan Sahab Ali Muhammad pensioner, near masjid Hajjaman. This humble self, Mian Jamaluddin, Imamuddin and Kheruddin of Seekhwan were with him and rest of the friends were housed in some other place.

One day huzur got ill with diarrhoea. Huzur had to go to the toilet at short intervals whole night. Every Time when huzur stand up for toilet this humble self (Munshi Abdul Aziz) would stand and put lota (toilet water pot) in the toilet for huzur. Huzur would insist not to bother and keep sleeping. This continued for whole night.

Next morning huzur called us and said Massih nazzirite (jesus christ) when in trouble called his companions to wake up but none of them woke up to help him. On the contrary i kept asking my friends to sleep but they did not sleep. Then hazrat sb appreciated me by name very much for my efforts at night.

Author (mirza bashiruddin Mehmood) says that the saying of masih nazzirite that a tree is recognised by its fruits, is right. So every unbiased has to admit that the sweet fruits created by mirza sb,could not be created by jesus christ. (Nauzubillah). Hazrat sb created a jamat of millions that can sacrifice their lives on him. Whereas jesus christ pbuh nauzubillah, could not control a party of 12 persons, and one of them got him pbuh arrested for meagre sum of Rs 30/- only.

The scan work

Obviously, MGA hated Esa (As)…this is the proof.

Hurmat Bibi, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s first wife

Hurmat Bibi was born and raised in a village north of Hoshiarpur named Aima. She was the daughter of Mirza Jami‘at Baig, and thus MGA’s maternal cousin (See ROR of June-1939). MGA went to Aima many times in his youth. MGA married her in roughly 1853–1856 (see Dard page 38)(and Dr. Basharat Ahmad, page 35). She was the mother of Mirza Sultan Ahmad and Mirza Fazl Ahmad, MGA would call her Pajjay dee ma. MGA officially divorced her in 1892, she seems to have moved out at that point and moved next door with MGA’s cousins. She did not join Ahmadiyyat ever. Her death is unknown. MGA’s brother, Mirza Ghulam Qadir’s wife also had the same exact name. We have also posted some scans which seem to assert that she had mental problems. She had a brother named Mirza Ali Sher Baig, his daughter (izzat bibi) married Hurmat’s son, Mirza Fazl Ahmad, in the 1870’s in a cousin marriage.

Who is Mirza Ali Sher Baig?

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Batalvi calls Mirza Ghulam Ahmad a drunkard (1894)

Batalvi grew up with MGA and knew him well, he defended MGA all the time, however, in late 1890, MGA began calling himself as the Messiah and Batalvi was forced to abandon him.

The Quote

Maulawi Muhammad Husain of Batala wrote in the Isha‘atus-Sannah(Vol. 16). :

“”””Bhangar, makkar, fareibi, mal‘un, a‘war dajjal, abdud-darahim waddananir, jiska ilham ihtilam hai, bei-haya, bhangiyu􀄔 aur bazari shuhdu􀄔 ka sargaruh, daku, khu􀄔reiz, jis ki jama‘at badma‘sh, badkirdar,zani, sharabi, i.e., ‘raving drunkard, intriguer, swindler, accursed, the oneeyed Dajjal, slave of silver and gold, whose revelation is nothing but a seminal discharge, shameless, the ring-leader of sweepers and streetvagabonds, dacoit, murderer whose followers are scoundrels, villains, adulterers, and drunkards’. “”””

See Dard, Life of Ahmad, online edition,, page 575

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The sweepers of Qadian–1886

MGA’s cousin, Mirza Imam Din was  also was a leader of a small religion in Qadian, it was the poorest rank of beggars, the sweeper community. These were traditionally Hindu’s of the lowest caste, who were stuck doing a job wherein cleaning excrement was daily. Nonetheless, Mirza Imam Din seems to have tried to raise these people out of their plight. Whatever his motivations were or weren’t, its inconclusive what his real intentions were. The sweepers were also mentioned in the ROR of Dec-1939. The sweepers of Qadian are mentioned in the ROR of Jan-1943 by Sayyid Zayn al ‘Abidin Waliullah Shah as he describes his first impression of Qadian, and he saw the sweepers first, this was in 1903.
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Mirza Imam ud Din, the cousin of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1835-1904)

Mirza Imam Din seems to have been just 5 years older than MGA, we estimate 5 years, that is based on the court case of 1865, the pension story and the fact that his daughter (his only surviving child, Khurshid Begum) was married to MGA’s son (Mirza Sultan Ahmad) in roughly 1883. In 1857, many men from the Mirza family from Qadian helped the British led by Mirza Ghulam Murtaza, the uncle of Mirza Imam ud Din and brother of Muhyuddin, even Mirza Ghulam Kadir participated heavily. However, only Mirza Ghulam Murtaza was given pension. This caused considerable turmoil in the family, since MGA’s father (Murtaza) was depriving his nephews of an earned pension. Thus from 1858 to 1865, only Mirza Ghulam Murtaza was given pension. He had 4 siblings in total as recorded in Dard, (see page 74), his brothers were Mirza Nizam Din and Kamal Din, and his sisters had the same name, Hurmat Bibi and Umar-un-Nissa. Hurmat Bibi was married to Mirza Ghulam Qadir (MGA’s brother) these were the children of Mirza Ghulam Muhyuddin, who was the brother of MGA’s father, so these were MGA’s first cousins.  Mirza Ghulam Muhyuddin (MGA’s paternal uncle) died in 1866, just a few months after the famous settlement of 1865, thus, this might have been a premeditated murder. Nevertheless, these were real close relations of MGA. In fact, in Indian culture, and even Islamic culture, MGA and Mirza Imam Din were brothers, not cousins. In 1865, many men from the Mirza family seem to have sued MGA’s father and won. There was a huge settlement of 1865 which included lots of MGA’s cousins and uncles as beneficiaries of a new pension. Then we have the famous pension story wherein MGA squandered his father’s pension with Mirza Imam Ud Din in tow.  This must have been just after the settlement of 1865, thus this also proves that MGA was in Sialkot from 1865 to 1869. Dard tells us that Mirza Imam ud Din tried to kill Mirza Ghulam Murtaza many times, thus proving that there was considerable ill will between these families.  When Mirza Ghulam Murtaza died in 1876, in that same year or close to it, the extended family sued MGA’s brother and won, this case seems to have ran for 6-7 years. The shock struck MGA’s brother so hard that he died suddenly and at barely 50+ years old (1883). Mirza Sultan Ahmad, Mirza Imam ud Din’s soon to be son-in-law completed the payments to Mirza Imam ud Din, thus concluding this entire scenario in 1883, Mirza Sultan Ahmad was the family representative to the British government, there were no other Mirza’s employed by the British Government by 1883. By 1886, Mirza Imam Din became the spiritual leader of the “sweepers” they considered him the the second coming of Lal Beg, it seemed like an age wherein “non-profits” or “peerism” was a booming business, nonetheless, his religion was called “the-sweepers” and they were mistakenly considered as Ahmadis by the British Government and Dr. Griswold, who wrote the first independent study on Ahmadiyya. By 1888, MGA started another controversy in the family as he requested Mirza Ahmad Baig’s daughter for marriage (Muhammadi Begum) in exchange for the land rights of MGA’s cousin (Mirza Ghulam Hussain), who had been missing for 25 years, he was married to the older sister of Mirza Ahmad Baig.  Also, remember, MGA’s only surviving eldest sister was also married to an older brother of Mirza Ahmad Baig, she also sided with the rest of the family in opposing this marriage.

Mirza Imam ud Din died in 1904. His only surviving child, a daughter, was married to Mirza Sultan Ahmad in roughly in the 1883. They had 2 children, Mirza Aziz Ahmad and Mirza Rashid Ahmad. MGA essentially terrorized his cousins (See Dard, page 717) tells us that all of MGA’s relatives eventually became Ahmadi…however, this is unverified…and most likely a lie. In 1888..MGA was publishing revelation after revelation which seem to indicate that all of his cousins would die and their progenies would be cut off (see Tadkirah, 2009 edition, online, page 198–onwards). He is mentioned in the ROR of Aug-1939 and Oct-1939.
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